The Emperor’s new clothes.

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I have just watched the worst game I can remember in years, played by some players that wouldn’t get in my pub team, with the most inept substitutions I think I have ever, ever seen.

So, you think we have good enough players do you Mr Wenger? Maybe you should read the above book before it’s too late.

It was written by Hans Christian Andersen and has many parallels with what I am seeing happening at my beloved Arsenal.

Yes, my Arsenal, that I and many others have supported since childhood and have helped fund most of my adult life, with hard earned money.

How dare you not buy proper players that can grace the Arsenal shirt. I hope you will refund all those poor sods that went to Craven Cottage their admission money, use the players salaries, they didn’t earn it.

That’s all I have to say, I’m completely lost for words I’m afraid.

Have a nice holiday Grovers, I won’t, Arsene Wenger and the team he has faith in put paid to that.

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  1. Patrick7

    David – Vela wasn’t on the bench maybe because of the midweek match; perhaps Ade/RVP and Vela – as NB & Vela on what we’ve seen aren’t good as an opening pair although perhaps that depends on the supplyline which we don’t have currently!!!

    Signings PLEASE!

  2. patthegooner

    I think this is the problem we have P7

    Everyone is complacent, lets face if fit Almunia, Sagna, Toure, Gallas, Clichy, Nasri, Eboue, Cesc, Rosicky Ade and RVP all know they will definately get a game.

    I am with you on RVP, I think he has been awful. I cant stand TT but at least he has had a shot on target. His set pieces were atrocious yesterday, once was bad, twice was awful but to not let someone else have a crack at the 3rd attempt was piss poor. I dont even understand how these players are picked on reputation, honestly WTF has RVP really done for us…..Fuck All

    We have a squad full of dead man shoes, players that have been promoted from within because we have sold the better players that they were understudies to and you can include RVP, TT, Theo, Eboue, Denilson/Diaby in that. The only players to have turned out better are Cesc and Clichy.

  3. Dial Square

    Arsene has shown a stubborn streak in having a principle of not offering over 30s more than a one year contract. This policy has seen our team weakened by the early departures of Vieira, Henry, Wiltord, Pires, Gilberto. Players like Edu, Hleb, Flamini can point to this policy and justifably say where is the clubs loyalty when they reach 30. The final straw must be the loss of model professional and all round good egg Gilberto. and the desperate signing of Silvestre, a player with a questionable fitness record at the age of 31 on a two year contract. I think this policy has been futile and damaging to the club. Since the cull of older players has really kicked in the team has gone backwards. I fear it is too late to salvage anything from this situation and it will take several years to achieve success once this policy has been jettisoned.

  4. Patrick7

    Goughy – individually you’re right but on last year’s form we outplayed them in MF so as a unit we’re OK. It’s our defence that needed sorting but now we’ve the Flamster to replace, not just with someone who is more skillful but also has his tenacity and leadership qualities IMO.

  5. stevie

    Song looks right pissed, I could not believe it when he brought him on at centre back when it was obvious to the whole world we were struggling at centre midfield. Unblieveable shit tactics & poor selection.

  6. patthegooner

    Goughy , Hounddog I sort of agree with both of you

    It is laughable when you compare the CURRENT standing of our midfield against the others

    But potentially 3 of our 4 could get a game in the other teams,

    Cesc would always get a game, Nasri potentially could be a great player and when fit and if he could stay fit I think Rosicky could as well. Denilson would not get a game for the Orient on yesterdays performance.

    but that is the problem, its all ifs buts and maybes. As it stands only Cesc is the only Midfield player in the entire Arsenal Squad that is good enough and fit enough in my opinion.

  7. goonermichael

    something else to cheer you up. If portsmouth get a point against the mancs tomorrow the spuds will be in the relegatione zone.

  8. hounddog

    goughy. Hello again. I think you are misunderstanding me as I am definitly not getting hot under the collar as you put it. I just do not agree with you that’s all.

  9. patthegooner

    Before the Twente game I thought we could get away with just a DM but to be honest from what I have seen from Theo and the Strikers, I think we need a Winger and a Striker as well

    If the rumour earlier about SWP comes true then there is my singer but I think i am in dreamland about the Striker. I just hope that the DM that comes in and SWP if he comes start giving RVP and TT chances they just cant miss.

  10. choy

    well patt… our strikers need to get 3-4 chances before scoring or unless its an empty goal.. so we really don’t know?

    when was the last time rvp scored for arsenal? i think it was derby away!!!!

  11. hounddog

    Patthegooner. I think Dennilson is a far better player than we give credit for. Yes he was pants yesterday. However when he has a quality player alongside him such as Fabregas then he is a total different player. The problem is that he and Eboue side by side could never be expected to run the midfield. When everyone is fit we have a good midfield but we must find a player to replace the work rate of Flamini.

  12. kelsey

    just had a look round all the papers and it looks likely that djorou is off to rennes on loan,can’t make that one out.

    I disagree about RVP to an extent.he was a far better player before his latest crop of injuries and maybe just maybe some of our players just aren’t playing to the system that the boss installs to all of our teams from first to youth.Eboue is only affective at RB and theo is no winger,diaby is not a left mid field player and the combinaton of any three from two of ade,rvp and bedtner just isn’t working.

    vela was carrying an injury in the midweek game that’s why he wasn’t on the bench

  13. Big Raddy

    We needed the wake up call. Both the players and the management. Surely AW will see the gaping holes in the squad, and will hopefully realise that to have team of Arsenal’s staure resting entirely on the shoulders of a 20 year old,is a nonsense. We need backup and we need it fast.

  14. patthegooner

    Sorry Hounddog

    A good player would be able to fill that gap regardless of who he is put in with. He would at the very least shine above his partner.

    Denilson did neither and his performance yesterday showed that he is not ready for 1st team action. Certainly not ready to play alongside Cesc. What would we do if Cesc had to be subbed early, would we have to take Denilson off as well as he cant play alongside shit players.

    You say it was because Eboue was in there, but for me eboue was a lot better than Denilson yesterday.

    As for RVP, he has not impressed me at all since he came back from injury. How long do we have to put it down as regaining fitness and form before we just have to say he is not a World Class Striker.

  15. raif

    just got back from Wacthing HellBoy2 pritty good step from part 1 i say.

    and i also heard Kompany had a blinder in his first game of the season.
    i feel even more sick now that we missed out on him.

    and who do we have?? F’ing All and some bloke called Bitch Slap.

    we need to get real. the club has big ambitions, but there nothing but a medioka team top of the table team who is used to kick start young players football carriers.

  16. goonermichael

    Pat I totally agre aith you about rvp for arsenal but he’s been good for holland. Raif would you recommend hellboy2? I’ve not seen the first one but the trailer looked good

  17. goonermichael

    1810: “I just loved it. I loved it. I’ve only trained once, today I played and didn’t even know everyone’s name. But it was a lot of fun.”
    Man City’s new signing Vincent Kompany

    This is from the bbc website.

    Apparently he played well with people he’s hardly met. Our team looked like they’d never met yasterday

  18. hounddog

    patthegooner. Well of course that is a good point that you raise but I still feel he is much better than we give him credit for. As I said, he was pants yesterday and he and Eboue together can not be expected to run the midfield. As for RVP he is only as good as the service he gets and lets be honest neither he or Adebayor got much service yesterday! Did you see RVP’s goal the other week for Holland? I am not going to make any excuses for him but it is only the 2nd game of the season he can’t just pick up from where he left off and it does not help matters to come back into a team that is not peaking.

  19. raif

    goonermichael –

    you dont really have to watch Hellboy 1 to get the 2nd movie as there 2 separate storys.

    but Yes i would recommend Hellboy 2.

    one i will NOT recommend is MUMMY 3. what a waste of my time and money when i saw it in the cinema.

    i wished i went and saw The Dark Knight Again instead, witch i will do actully lol

  20. SkandiBird

    I was at the gym yesyerday afternoon and in my mind we were already 2-0 ahead thinking that it will be at leaat 4-0 to Arsenal, reality then hit me when I returned home and Sky Sports said Fulham 1-0. I am still soo bloooody depressed, added to that I work with a load of Fulham/ Chelsea supporters. Is it true….. I’ve just read on the BBC web site that Arsene is ”no closer to a signing’??? Does that mean he isn’t buying anyone after all that mid week toying with media and fans!!!!!!!!!!!!! One minute wer’e linked with Barry, then Alonso, Inler and now, no-one… what is going on? Does anyone know, are we buying before 1/9/08? Chewing the carpet as I write this//// I am now seriously considering whether to go to the FC Twente game or not (due to work next day and a very very long travelling time involved to and from the Emirates, i.e. l ate night). God, I am dreading the home game against Newcastle.

  21. goonermichael

    Raif I go to the cinema twice a year I’ve seen wanted which was good and I want to see batman (which I usually hate) and hellboy will make it at least three this year. About the football I’m starting to feel a bit more positive now. Hopefully the alarm bells have sounded for everyone at the club like they have for us. We need to keep JD and buy a dm and I think the chances will come for our stikers with a stronger midfeild. If Ade can’t score then drop him and play nikki and vela. I’ve got Β£100 on us finishing above the bindippers and I still think I’m going to win that bet.

  22. raif

    SkandiBird – i know what u mean mate.

    thats why im only going to the weekend games this season i cant be arsed going to the Week day games as going To and From the Emirates to were i live is to much of a mission, and being on a journey home after watching any kind of performance i did on saturday would surly make me wanna Jump infront of a Bus insted of geting on one.

  23. raif

    goonermichael –

    for all of our Sakes i hope u win the bet haha. and i want us to keep JD aswell. he should get the same kinda chances as Big Phill did.

    and ADE should have been droped from day one. he should be working for his place back for as im boverd.

    as for the movies. u must see Dark Knight. best movie of 2008 in my book. bloody amazing.

  24. Stu

    Arsene needs to keep JD and pair him with PS for now. I know Phil is injured but when he is fit and gets a run in the team he always performes well. Toure isn’t fit enough to start and Gallas is , let me put it this way, a huge cunt. The goal yesterday was mostly down to his inability to defend properly. Why are we the only “top 4” team with a horrible defence.

    vdSar,Vidic& Rio- Cech,JT&Carvalho- Reina,Carra& Agger. The common factor there is this:
    *A top class keeper
    *defenders that work very well together
    *1ball winner and 1 ball player
    *at least 1 leader from the three

    Almunia: a soft spaniard who just doesn’t cut the mustard here “nd choice at celta vigo) nuf said there
    Gallas: a cunt more concerned about his shit hair and not getting hurt(see yesterday)

    FACT: almunia, gallas & toure dont work

    WISH LIST: new keeper,defender &midfielder

  25. goonermichael

    Stu that (let me put it this way, a huge cunt) nearly made me piss myself. Very funny. sadly, true as well.

  26. SkandiBird

    raif – you know what, I don’t care about the journey anymore, my love for the Arse is too strong, I am going on Wednesday; hope you’ll make the journey as well. (don’t ask me how, suddenly I feel really kinda confident about the rest of the season)

    Geoff (and not forgetting Pedro), I think your blog is brill; I’ve recommended it to loads of work mates, considering I work in a Chelsea strong hold (West London) there are 16 (!!!!!) Arsenal supporters in the building I work in, and they all like your blog as well, so there you are, loads more fans boys.

  27. Bren

    Yesterday was needed, as much as we hate to lose any game.

    Wenger and his staff would have to have their heads well and truely up their asses not to realise how pissed off we all are, and to know that the squad we have is simply not good enough.

    Personally, I think Wenger has’nt got the balls to spend big. His present way of doing things is much safer for his LEGACY.

    At a minimum, I believe we need to sign Alonso – or Cesc is going to start really thinking about returning to Spain. Poor Cesc, imagine how he feels about playing another year with donuts like Eboue and Dennilson.

    Would anyone blame him for leaving ? Not me for one. A player like Cesc deserves to be at a club with ambition. That aint Arsenal at the moment.

  28. goonermichael

    Bren If Wenger carries on not spending he won’t really have a legacy. I don’t think he needs to spend big just spend. we’ve been out spent by Fulham ffs.

  29. raif

    if we do well this season and maybe win a Cup Competition or even finish top 3. then Cesc will stay.

    but if we dont win anything and not get CL football. then Cesc will wanna leave.
    i dont think he will stay at the club waiting for the glory days to start.
    and if wenger was to leave he will take Cesc with him were ever he goes.
    thats what i think

  30. charybdis1966

    I thought that if I left commenting on the debacle at the Cottage I’d feel slightly less nauseous about our long term future, but what happened yesterday still hurts like hell.

    I only listened to the match on the radio and even allowing for the anti-Arsenal BBC bias it was obvious three quarters of the team were underperforming or having an outright stinker of a match(Denilson especially).

    I get the feeling we got away with the West Brom result as we got an early goal and the res tof the game was easier as West Brom had to come out and attack to try for the equaliser. Once it was the other way round – and against a non-promoted side – we looked ordinary. The concensus was that we failed to keep possession and suffered from an lack of desire to win the 50/50’s or chase lost causes – basically complacency and a failure to take the opposition seriously.

    The question next is – aside from what sort of response are we going to get on Wednesday – will Wenger renege on his promise to have another player in before the FC Twente game, as alluded to week or so ago ? I have cold feeling in the pit of my stomach that he’ll make us wait till deadline day before we get our DM -or worse still that we’ll have no one else to join our threadbare and sub standard squad.

    It’s very hard to find any positives from yesterday and had it not been for the Spuds loosing at home I would have been even more hurt and pissed off than I am.

  31. twinstaiye

    Now those smaller team will be thinking – If fullham can do it, they also can do it. They will start going physical on Arsenal

  32. rico01

    If he can score – bloody get him!! πŸ™‚

    Raddy – with you, that wake up call was needed and could prove to be the best thing that could have happened, early in the season, and AW needs to get busy.

    Also, those players should be sat having a good long hard think about themselves – I am glad we didnt sneak a draw – or even a win, otherwise AFC would think all is ok

  33. charybdis1966

    The question is will AFC see it as a kick in the gulags they need to up their game or will they write it off as an aberration.

    Oh dear, I think I’ve just answered my own question. πŸ™

  34. patthegooner

    2 Goals in 31 appearances for Le Mans Rico

    Not exactly Villa or Etoo is he.

    He used to play for Breveren our old feeder club so maybe he was placed there by Arsene in the 1st place.

  35. charybdis1966

    “See” in the metaphysical sense, as Del boy would say.

    I’m going to the FC Twente game and I sense we could get sections of the crowd turning into the Toon army (shortly before fat Walrus face got the chop…”You don’t know what you’re doing !”) if we don’t see a positive response.

  36. rico01

    pat – he could fit in well then!! πŸ˜‰

    However Le Mans probably dont create that many chances………… Actually, nor do we right now!!

    Just saying, there are players out there who want to join us, and of course I still want Villa, and Eto

  37. charybdis1966

    It seems symptomatic of the age we live in that only money will motivate players nowadays – look at Lumpus Lardus Maximus; he only stayed at the phoney russiamn franchise because the gave him 150k/week. He left the Shammers in a shot as soon as they were relegated. (Joe Cole at least stayed and doesn’t celebrate when he scores a goal against his old club – but he’s a rarity).

    Sadly, Wenger will be stubborn and persist with his youth experiment.

    This season is going to be a bumpy and painful ride.

  38. El Tel

    Fulham also signed a goalkeeper. I said a long time back no matter how good our team are if we can’t stop letting in goals 1 shot 1 goal as per usual then forget it.

    Why do guys choose Toure over Gallas, Toure has never been a CB and we let these kind of goals in since he has played there. Gallas did ok with JD.

    The problem at the back is the keeper or lack of and Toure.

    The forwards are not good enough to score more than 1 per match which would be needed for us to win.

    AW best friends are Greedy bollocks, Eboooooooe and Kolo. Give RVP a stint on the bench too until he decides he wants to put some effort in.

  39. patthegooner

    Yeah he probably would Rico

    But i too dream of a time that we are celebrating a signing like Villa or Etoo, Sadly it wont come in this managers time at the club.

    Chary, I dont think it will be far off, I read on another blog that it was quite heated in the away section on Saturday, and Wenger took some abuse as did the players.

  40. Seb

    Hi, been away since friday, but I’m glad tbh, Pedro had the right idea fucking off to Reading this weekend -.-

    Where we are differing from last year is that our creative play is failing so fast that the defensive side of the team are coming under far more pressure. Hleb for all his dithering and over-elaboration at least kept the attack going, same with Tomas when fit, Cesc obviously is keep-ball master; Denilson and Walcott couldn’t keep a fire going in a forest. Nasri – fine, Eboue – did the DM part of his job fine, Theo and Denilson – piss poor.

    We are not putting the opposition on the back foot, therefore we are not creating as many good chances, and we are coming under more pressure, giving us less time to attack, and so it goes on. Theo is a complete passenger with zero mental strength and no balls. Denilson is a beach player with again no balls and no leadership qualities, crucial to play creative midfield, you have to take control, grab a game by the scruff of the neck and fucking change it. Diaby has the mindset to do this, he has shown it in the past, but of course he’s crocked like everyone else. If one area of the team starts crumbling then the other areas start to get nervy and panicky and try to do more than they are meant to. Our creative play has to improve FAST.

    Gallas was culpable for the goal, but he should not play with Kolo again. Kolo showed his one ability in that game, recovery, when he managed to nick the ball off Zamora in the box. When it comes to set-pieces or aerial balls he makes Gallas look like a god.

    Robin is such a sublime player that it’s hard to criticise him, but at the moment nothing is coming off for him in this side. Ade is a shadow of the player he was and that is worrying in itself, seeing how inefficient he was last season.

    Nasri must be wondering where the team he watched on TV last season has gone to and whether he signed for Spurs by mistake.

  41. El Tel

    Alonso would be a great addition to the squad but he would not be the answer to our midfield woes. We need a Frings or Schweinsteiger type of player and we need a Joe Cole type player (Jack). We also need a keeper.

    Apparently the Chavs got battered today but the keeper did his job and they nicked a win.

  42. patthegooner

    El Tel,

    Agree with you that it should have been Djourou and Gallas on Saturday, but I do think we lacked leadership on that pitch on saturday. I think we lack leaders all over the pitch and Gallas needs to work even harder to keep everyone motivated. He was a headless chicken for that corner and I wonder how much of that was down to worrying about what everyone else was doing.

    I hate to keep referencing them but take Chelsea, anyone from Terry, Carvalho, Lumpard, Ballack, Essien could captain their side.

    and both Liverpool and Man Ure also seem to have more leaders on the pitch.

    I had to watch the highlights again earlier and looked more at the positions of the players rather than the ball. We were all over the place and had no shape at all. It really was amateurish.

  43. gazzap

    seriously look at our spine. Almunia, he is OK but with a dodgy defence in front of him he needs to be the best in the world, which he aint. Toure and Gallas – good individually but put them together and you have perhaps one of the weakest CB pairings in the PL, then Eboue, Denilson. these guys are average players. even ona good day these 2 players would not dominate any PL away game. you can only get away with using average players for so long before you are found out and yesterday wenger was found out big time and I have no sympathy for him – its his error and he should pay for his error. If he sticks with these midfielders whenever Cesc is missing, then Arsenal will win the square root of fuck all this season.
    The current situation is totally unacceptable. fans who pay as much as we do do not deserve to see Eboue and Denilson as a midfield pairing.
    Song and Ramsey would seriously have done better yesterday, but in reality wenger needs to get the cheque book out and should have done long long ago.
    He keeps on about how much money he has to spend…is he just trying to piss the fans off?

  44. charybdis1966

    Pathe, I hesitate to get too worked up about calling for Wenger’s head after just 2 games (3 if you include the away leg of the Champions League qualifier) but he must wake up to what’s happening around him. He always talks about the need for stability but he let 3 CM’s leave, 2 of which were first choivce players, and he’s only replaced one of them, and that’s with a 21 year old with no Prmeier League experience.

    So he failed to keep the team together and the heart and guts of our mid field shows a gaping maw.

    We all know how his “reassuring 2-3 signings” promise went.

    I wish he’d just admit he hasn’t been given the cash by the board because I can’t believe he can’t see the need for quality (and not potential) replacements to be drafted in asap.

    Yes Rico, pain and pleasure and two very similar emotions and we’ll get plenty of both following our team.

    As a wise man once said, “the bigger the front the bigger the back” – once we’ve experienced the highs of the Invincibles and the doubles of 97/98 and 01/02, the desolation of seasons 05/06 to 07/08 and to date will hurt that much more had it not been for the good times that seem so long ago. Sob.

  45. patthegooner

    I wouldnt say Chelsea got battered, They got a goal and then played in 2nd gear.

    I think even if Wigan had scored, Chavski would have upped their game. did get a bit nervy in the last five though.

  46. El Tel

    Good points Seb

    I have been waiting to see RVP one of my favourites do the business for years now and to date he hasn’t done it. When he is good yes he is sublime but DB10 was good when he was bad.

  47. gazzap

    If Djourou is sold I will feel tempted to post my season ticket back to AW. Has this man lost his fucking mind? I am speechless that JD is even being talked about being sold. he is the only centre back who has performed since July.

  48. El Tel

    Thanks Pat

    I wouldn’t know as I gave up on anything other than Arsenal a couple years back. I heard Bruce on MUTV (SSN) say they had four good chances and Cech saved them. He also said that they outplayed Chavski.

    Fat Phil said Chavski played poorly. They won though so it don’t matter.

    Get Etooe or the Hunter plus Given for Big Phil and Alonso and Inler or the like.

    Grow balls Arsen and drop your mates.

  49. El Tel


    You are right mate, he signed a Mancscum cunt so he could sell one of the kids he has been hyping up the past 3 years.

    Maybe JD went beserk on Saturday when he learned he was 6th choice now after the great Manager subbed Kolo who shouldn’t have played for Song.

    Total bollocks.

  50. patthegooner

    Agree with that Gazzap,

    Djourou has been a revelation this year already, and what reward does he get. crapsinceanc toure gets his place back, and crapsincethedawnoftime Song jumps the queue ahead of him (Sorry I know some like Song, but I think it is a fine example of how we have been brainwashed into accepting average players).

    And Chary, I will call for Wengers head if things dont happen this year, it is the last chance saloon for me, you cant continue to live off past glories, playing out a crazy youth experiment under no pressure from the board, it would not be accepted anywhere else so why do we accept it.

  51. Big Raddy

    Nice one Chary…. ” the bigger the front, the bigger the back”.

    How is it this doesn’t apply to ManU ?

  52. rico01

    Come on guys – lets think about this – AW is a prat if he thinks bring Cesc into that shower of S***e yesterday will change anything – Cesc needs a ‘big boy’ alongside him to allow him to play his game – (mind you, so do i :oops:)

    Tonorrow we will get Alonso – and now I really believe there will be another, 2 in this week……………………………. !!

  53. charybdis1966

    Pathe – I’m not so sure I won’t be calling for Wenger’s exit come mid September if he doesn’t deliver the required signings.

    Big Raddy – I think the Manskummers have got more “front” so it’ll take longer for the “back” to show up.

  54. El Tel

    There was a comment today about the banner and how the Stewards will be busy. Most Stewards are Gooners and would help with the banner but the Club who make the shitty decisions on these things would stop it happening.

  55. Big Raddy

    Had Cesc played we would have won. No question at all in my mind. The problem was the midfield did not have enough guile to create chances for the frontmen.

    But, the brilliance of Cesc hides the underlying malaise, which is that the squad just isn’t strong enough. However, te return to fitness of the missing 6/7 will change our season

  56. patthegooner

    I think it will be verbal El Tel, Arsenal would never allow a banner criticising the institution.

    Unless we start gelling soon it will happen though and it would not surprise me to hear some money and signing related chants on Wednesday

    I think we should start signing songs for the players we want/need.

    How about singing Alonso’s name for starters, and maybe a bit of

    One David Villa or we want Samuel Etoo we want Samuel Etoo

    Definately need to be singing Djourou’s name as I will be gutted if he goes.

  57. El Tel


    I am upset because I believe we could have beat Fulham with the players he has available right now.

    Wenger got done tactically as he has been done many times before. Kolo could have been the muscle in the middle of the park even if temporary.

    He should have left the CB’s alone from last game and he should have dumped Theo/Dennilson after 30 minutes if they were shit.

    I remember him putting Hartson on once a few years back then taking him off again. What happened to his balls?

  58. patthegooner

    Right that is me, I am off to watch Fever Pitch for the 1,200,001st time to cheer myself up.

    If we havent got a breaking news banner on Sky Sports News by this time tomorrow stating we have signed a decent player, I am going to have to watch it again.

  59. El Tel


    Someone earlier suggested a protest banner which I agree with but they kinda had a go at the Stewards. Not all but most Stewards are true Gooners like all us Grovers.


    You are right mate but chanting on Wednesday may be to late I think as the window is closing by the hour.

  60. Big Raddy

    Agree ET. Particularly about the midfield yesterday. After 20 mins, our MF’s were being bossed by a geriatric, and a Savage lookalike. As you say, change things quickly, get Song on, Denilson off. Play RvP deeper and push Theo central, playing off Ade.

    It’s not rocket science. Fulham had giants at CB, and Theo’s pace could have trobled them.

    Sadly, AW has lost his sense of adventure

  61. El Tel

    I think we played Sunderland and they had nine men. They just kept booting the ball into touch at all times, it was a wierd match. Peter Reid was the Manager so it may not have been Sunderland.

  62. El Tel


    Wenger surprised me as he didn’t have 5 forwards on to chase the game. Remember the days when Big Tone went CF if we were in trouble in the old days.

  63. Big Raddy

    I think it is too early to panic, particularly as things will change with a fit squad.

    But where was the fighting spirit?

    Night All…… I have an exam tomorrow, so need to be fresh after such a depressing weekend.

  64. El Tel

    You are right BR it is to early to panic but we lost a guarateed 3 points.

    Sleep well mate and good luck with the exam.

  65. rico01

    El Tel – what are you suggesting….. πŸ™‚ Talking of which, didnt Beckham do GB Team credit today……….. Ahhhhhhhhh πŸ˜‰

    And with that, I am off to dream of Golden Balls 😳

    Nite all, be safe and heres to a signing tomorrow

    I reckon it will be ……. Alonso and the Swiss guy πŸ˜‰

  66. david

    No worries Rico .. I wouldn’t want you to miss it, you should suffer like the rest of us..

    nite rico and all….

  67. doublegooner

    Is everyone confident any signings will actually be made before 1st ?

    With the odd exception there has been so much outcry on all the blogs, wonder whether this is filtering back to the club & if so I’d think they’d be really shocked. They’ve all become complacent.

  68. charybdis1966

    Well Double, I’d like to think that AFC actually bother to garner some feedback from fan-blogs, but I think they pretty much ignore all opinion, deeming it to be onthing more than adolescent caterwauling for signings for the sake of signings. This overlooks the fact that there is a lot of informed opinion from Arsenal fans who feel the club have lost sight of what they are there for – football; and not to be a property company.

  69. Geoff

    Hi all back in England again! Skandibird, thanks for the kind words and make sure you go on Wednesday, Rico, I’m still waiting for the signing of David Villa you promised!

    I hope to god he gets someone, Toulalon, Cana or even Alonso, but you all know I’ve been screaming for Kompany, what a wanker not getting him, and he’s grinning from ear to ear that he surprised us with Silvestre like he just got Kaka! he really is a sad bastard.

  70. doublegooner


    I think what is happening now is unlike anything before. Wenger’s reactions yesterday wer uncharacteristic/ anger & maybe even some panic.

    The know when something is not right, now many Arsene faithfull are worrying & questioning.

  71. charybdis1966

    Double – were they reactions, of anger and panic from Wenger, to the on field calamity or the away supports anger ?

  72. charybdis1966

    Hmmmm. that would make more senses as he’s used to abuse from away grounds (the paedo chants etc..). While I feel sorry for him having to put upwith the abuse he gets. especially from Spuds/Chavs & manksummers he should understand our frustrations are borne out of genuine concern for what’s happening to our club. He still has the power to stop things deteriorating further if only he’d stop being stubborn about his transfer policy and get an assistant with some tactical nous for starters.

  73. doublegooner

    We look like we can concede to anyone, home or away. His next two games could witness the first real boos.

    Right thats me done today. cya

  74. ethangunner

    ReVELAtion Says:
    August 24, 2008 at 6:06 pm

    i’m gonna have to agree to disagree on the strikers at current… There was no service and granted the top two aren’t quite bergkamp and henry πŸ˜‰ (u like that) but i can’t lay the blame at their door for that defeat…

    they had enough chances , fulham got 1 chance and they took it
    not 8- 9 chances and muffed em all !

    our strikers are not quality .. ade has long term problems which people LOVE to ignore ! and RVP has been more injured than playing the last 2 years not good enough im afraid !

    Not good enough for a club like us ! we should be converting to a goal every 3 chances minimum !

    but most LESSER clubs get 1 chance and take it !!!

    you know im right !

  75. ethangunner

    doublegooner Says:
    August 25, 2008 at 12:49 am

    We look like we can concede to anyone, home or away.

    yes of course we do .. for the billionth time ill say it again ..
    we are an attacking team .. of course when pushing forward you will give them chances .. you cant all be down one end scoring and still have a rock solid defense .. either clichy is forward or sagna ..

    you have 2 choices .. either become rock tight at the back (chevski last season ) and play boring defensive football , or play attacking wenger ball football and score more than the opposition !

    and for the 2nd one to take place you need clinical strikers !

  76. ethangunner

    doublegooner …… continued

    and the problem with the 1st one is if you play defensive boring football !
    you going to need to convert your 2-3 chances a game clinically in order to win and keep a clean sheet !

    we are incapable of playing like chevski . so the 2nd option is the only option .
    and if you go with that option we need better strikers ! and midfielders who create like hleb .. and cesc .. neither of which are playing ..

    we play attacking football sooner or later you guys will have to realize you cannot play the style of football and remain rock tight at the back ..

    pretty logical thinking really …

    like they say’ the best form of defense’, is attack !


    but you have to try and get a balance which we not are delivering toure and gallas just wont work id throw in silvest and song to try something new.

  78. ethangunner

    Also in RVP defense i will say he is like a tropical plant !
    in the right conditions he can blossom !

    the partnership with ade doesnt work … its like snow currently !
    wenger needs to come up with a better combination this season ..
    once its been hi-lighted things might work better …

    but he is to blame .. for not experimenting ! for just blindly going with his delusional choices of what he deems to be the best 2 strikers in his team..

    he needs to find the BEST PARTNERSHIP ..

    like flamini – hleb and cesc .. sure individually there are better players in the world , but as a unit last season they worked very very well together !

    wenger lost all chance of silverware this season when he let flamini and hleb go !

    and those are the facts ..


    we are also missing a bit of magic upfront van p is the one who we all thought would provide it but he has not we should be looking at a berbatov type player who could provide this van p and ade are just goal scores on occasions

  80. ethangunner


    johan gallas worked fine ..
    it just proves to me again toure gallas combo dont work !
    and ade – RVP dont work …

    will wenger change ? experiement ??

    NO !

  81. ethangunner

    well yes any class (striker ) player .. who has proven that at another club and have been doing it for years ..

    berbatov – eto’o – villa

    ade got lucky last year sitting infront of the spice boys ..
    they provided chance after chance !

    they were like a production line last season ..
    it seems those days are numbered ! so ade will have to make the chances for himself !!! and RVP ..

    and thats fucking impossible !


    i dont know what is going on with gallas when we first got him i thought him and toure would be solid but they just have not hit it off.

  83. ethangunner

    its more a matter of personalities i think …
    like cesc said buy alonso and give him the arm band ! ?

    what does that tell you about gallas as captain !?

    and you know cesc has played 45 minutes all season !
    i dont expect much of him when he finally does return !

    gone will be the days of pretty flowing football !
    unless wenger gets a technician in who has class about him ….
    eboue – denilson isnt the way forward currently ..


    thats just it we have no one to come in and replace cesc when he is injured we could of went for deco or even v.d.v but no wenger reckons he has got it all worked out.All the great things wenger has done for this club are srapidly going down the drain i realy dont know why he has to be so stubborn there is no need for it.

  85. dev

    I dont understand why some of u still think that RVP is a class player. what has he ever done to deserve that, yes of course he scored one or two blinders against mediocre teams like charlton… so what..he is being around 4-5 years and we r still waiting for him to explode. the guys is so one footed, pl defenders have sorted him out long time ago…he dissapears in big games and never ever have i seen him change a game when he comes in as a sub. just because he swivels a lot doesnt make him a Bergkamp…there must be an end product…and dnt tell me he is a team player…he is is a striker and his job is to score goals!!!!! …and its a myth that he performs for Holland…its always in meaningless friendlies that he does well but again disappears in proper tournaments

  86. ethangunner

    i like the cut of jack wilshere , i think he should of featured during fulham !
    another wenger mistake . he did well against sevilla – ajax – and just about every time he was on the pitch pre season ….
    Sure i would have my reservations in starting jack Vs’ chevski ..
    but for fulham he would have given us a cesc dimension to our play ..

    not sure why wenger stunts these kids when he had the perfect opportunity to
    bring him on when things were going pear shaped .. you would have lost nothing by giving ourselves more options ! trying something to get us out of jail !

    im sorry wengers reign has to be over shortly .. he has given the club some good historic accolades .. but like all good leaders , they should know when there time is over … without dein he is not the leader
    he used to be .. and its no co incidence that when dein left so did wengers success !

    As for dein selling his shares for those who cannot grasp 1 ounce of the business world , he did it to get on board with the financial backing of a rich partner with clout !..

    im sure he had every intention of getting more shares with his proceeds to raise red and white holdings share base up to take over proportions , but the current board feared it and locked all available shares …

    i commend deins stance , i would have done the same to lock in a partner in business !! i hope one day he will return and raise the level
    of our club once more ! if he is kept out for much longer i fear the rift will be to great !

    the current board are riding the gravy train that is so obvious !
    would you sell a business when its the most profitable its ever been ?
    this board of directors need to change there stance on football and get involved !

    they are happy to make money and let our great football club slip !
    lets see what actions they take if we lose C.L football !

    i think that is the only time we will see them invest !
    i think in some ways it would be nice to loss 5 – nil to twente

  87. gnarleygeorge9

    I’m amazed that Big Johan is going out on loan. WTF is going on. Or is it the poxy media @ it again.

  88. ethangunner

    well Setanta are reporting it , you’d think they would have good sources linked to the club and all ???!
    and the worrying thing is its not only a loan deal George, its with a view to a
    permanent move … the clause will favor Rennes , and we all know he’s good value so whats the chance of them not making it permanent !??

    wenger is killing off everything we have !
    sorry i think he is really losing the plot !

    bring in adams !
    ( he’s been making some noise recently ! )
    do you think he knows something πŸ™‚ ?

  89. ethangunner

    ON JOHAN ….The Switzerland international struggled to be part of Arsene Wenger’s plans in the past, and his displays during pre-season friendlies, against FC Twente and West Bromwich Albion, failed to impress his manager.

    failed to impress his manager????
    failed to impress his manager??????????

    fuck ! ade and has been playing so good he gets a triple your money deal ?
    lets flamini go ?
    thinks bert is better than silverstre ?
    doesnt stop hleb from leaving either /??

    theres this small player named ronaldo that wanted to leave also ?
    and a striker named berbatov who has been wanting to go too !
    barry ? alonso ??

    we dont even try and tempt our good players to stay !!!!
    oh sorry thats a lie … we gave ade the cash he wants !

  90. gnarleygeorge9


    “view to a permanent move”? & also Phil could go? Now I am confused about policy, especially with our new 31 y o getting a 2 year deal, but Gilberto can’t get one & Pires, etc are just let go for a similar senario. What is going on πŸ˜‰

  91. kelsey

    Geoff,good morning,hope you had a good flight(where you anywhere near me in Spain)

    Only one candidate foe CHUMP OF THE WEEK OUR BELOVED MANAGER,no one else gets near him for this prestigious honour.

  92. Seb

    Two midfield signings this week, that’s my prediction.

    If JD goes out on loan, he will end up leaving us for good imo.

  93. kelsey

    Striker Emmanuel Adebayor has said that the team’s loss against Fulham was a


    We can’t think we are untouchable. We saw that as soon as we don’t play together, as soon as we don’t put our spirit together, we can lose.

    Just found this quote by money bags.

  94. ikon

    i though djourou would be in defense along side gallas… but i guess that shouting on gallas against wba did him in and he is getting what wenger thinks he deserves… but ffs what about the team wenger. Song is very good but still djourou is better than gallas surely. he needs to put up specs again, different type of specs.

  95. gnarleygeorge9


    I thought the shouting @ Billy G was great. It showed he wa switched on. Also he shouted just as much as Almunia did @ Gallas so why is he not dropped πŸ˜‰

  96. Seb

    Well, at least the ladies beat Liverpool 11-2!

    Five goals for Kelly Smith. We would be better off bringing her in for Adebayor at the moment.

  97. kingsley

    why cant we sign alonso 13m and inler 7 m? why not! we have the money…we need the players…. then we cold do this


    sagna, toure, gallas, clichy
    nasri alonso fabregas walcott

    subs fabianski, silvestre, rvp, bendtner, wilshire, rosicky, jd.

  98. GunnerShabz


    i agree, lets buy both….. we need in my opinion 2 more players in midfield, wenger says he does not want pressure on the youngsters i.e. ramsey, wilshire, denilson

    so why dont he buy inler and alonso and they can learn off them and slowly breed them in

    at the moment, from the top 4 i know a lot of teams think they can get a result against arsenal, we seen it from wba and fulham…..

    before teams use to get beaten in the tunnel, now we just nothing

  99. kingsley

    you cannot take to the field again any team with a midfield consisting of denilson, eboue and walcott. these palyers are not good enough. none of them would get near our rivals subs bench……how the mighty have fallen