Ade made sacrifices so DON’T be unfair. Oh and 4 nil Arsenal.

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I will start today with the comment made by our leader that Ade made big sacrifices to stay with Arsenal as he was offered far more money to go to Milan and the fans should cut him some slack.

Silly me, I was under the impression he had 3 years left on his contract, so he couldn’t have left to go to Milan, also when we told them how much we wanted, that’s if they wanted to buy him, they said no thanks, so what exactly was the big sacrifice?

Okay that point being swiftly cleared up, I move on to the business in hand, as far as Ade is concerned, he is an Arsenal player, we the fans made a point last week, time to move on and get behind him and the team.

I expect a big win today and a marker to be laid down, Robin and Ade will start, Denilson and Eboue will be in midfield, Nasri and Theo will occupy the wings and the back four will be Sagna, Clichy, Gallas and Djourou, no change in goal.

Though he may spring a surprise and fit Kolo into midfield for either Eboue or Denilson, I think I would welcome that.

With Robin exploding into form this week for Holland, I expect him to be all guns blazing and where better to do it than at Craven Cottage, our old killing field.

Ryder Cup winning captain Bernard Gallacher is a Fulham fan and a great bloke, he always asks for us to go easy on him, so Bernard, please accept my apologies in advance!

I think our defence is shaping up well and Djourou is improving with each game, it will be interesting to see if he develops with captain Billy, language is no problem for Johan as his first language is French.

One thing I will say is, if any of our players don’t perform by half time, replace them, it’s not a slight, that’s why we have 7 subs, don’t wait until it’s too late.

There’s no point in commenting on the transfers because no one knows and it’s gone way past boring so I won’t, apart from this… …you have a week left Arsene, but I sure you know, everyone knows that if anyone knows it’s you.

I hope that’s enough ‘Arsene knows’ for our weekend bloggers.

So I’m going for 4 nil again, no surprise there then eh?

Have a great Saturday Grovers.

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    we are in big trouble this season and wenger has fucked it all up time for him to fuck off i dont think he can really take this team much futher

  2. GunnersUnitedFC

    Eboue was indeed one of the better performers today. It shows how crap we were. This Arsenal team makes me sick. Where are all the AKB’s now.


    in this day an age of football its all about spending big money wenger wont do it and we are suffering

  4. Ja_Gunner

    I was not on the blog yesterday and i was surprised beyond belief that we actually signed Silvestre. Seems a bit hypocritical when we look at his age.

    And also Nasri is a good player but needs to start taking on ppl like he did at Marsielle. I guess he will once he settles properly, but today we lacked someone who could take the game by the scruff of the neck, as I said before only Eboue tried to do it. Everybody else chickened out and back passed.

    Also Song did very well when he came on, he even joined the attack. He looked very good, maybe the olympics was a good tune up for him.

    Bendter came on and totally disappeared. Robin is still not back to his best.

  5. Patrick7

    Haven’t read all of above but one point:

    It’s no good buying Alonso except to try and finish in the top 4. He’s not available for Europe so we’d still be in the same position as we are now. It must be Inler.

    What a crap night and I’ve still got MOTD to see them laughing at us no doubt!

  6. finestcuts

    Eboue gave away possession a few times, he will get stuck in but he’s not a defensive midfielder…..he’s not a midfielder, he just doesn’t have the creativity or the pass, so I’ll disagree with those who think Eboue did well today.

    Ja, Fuller looks fantastic, I saw his goal, lovely chip and finish, he’s Stoke’s key to staying up, I reckon he can get the 10 goals + a few assists needed for a team of Stoke’s calibre. He’s Usain Bolt’s best buddy as well, they’re both sprinters, I guess his best buddy must have inspired him, he just broke a few world records, Ricardo has to show he can keep up and score a goal and he scored a very stylish one indeed. He was one of the key reasons why Stoke are now in the Premier League.

  7. doublegooner


    Everything us ‘doommungers’ have been moaning about showed up today.

    Gallas is no leader, in any other period in the last 15 yrs would never have made the team.

    Poor Denilson, so out of his depth. We can go on.

    WTF was Wenger doing replacing Toure (unless injured or knackered) with Song when we clearly needed either of them in midfield to try & win a tackle.

    RVP & Greedy never stretched themselves.

    Alonso if he’s the one, wont make a blinding bit of difference unless he plays with tough & tall CM leader. Cesc will be knackered after a few games if we dont get that player.

    Any team that wants to battle will take points off us all season. All very well taking the piss out the spuds but we’ve got plenty to worry about, even more when you looked at out bench.

    No one tell me the club aren’t mugging us off.

  8. realgoon

    Almunia – 5 – His positioning is poor when it really matters

    Clichy – 6 – Left exposed by a lack of a midfield
    Gallas – 3 – Our best defender can’t form a partnership with any of the other defenders at the club. He also has no leadership skills. He can only play well as some big Alpha Male Defender’s bitch.
    Toure – 5 – He seems to have lost his earnestness. Still plays ok with Senderos or Djourou.
    Sagna – 5 – Left exposed by a lack of a midfield

    Nasri – 5 – Poor, but best of the four in midfield.
    Denilson – 3 – Lost. Needs to work on being always available for the ball. Also needs to be guided by an old head like Gilberto.
    Eboue – 2 – A few penetrating runs cannot make up for terrible positioning, poor tackling, poor passing and no vision or creativity (no football brain). He is a right wing-back who can’t tackle. Good engine. So what.
    Walcott – 3 – Did almost nothing. Nobody passed to him, though. Should go on loan.

    Van Persie – 5 – He was the only creative player, but his free-kicks were really bad.
    Adebayor – 5 – Needs 5 chances to score. Today he only got 2 or 3. So he didn’t.

    Bendtner – 6 – Only gets 6 because that’s the starting rating.
    Song – 6 – Looked assured. Having played well again in Defensive midfield for Cameroon, used by Wenger as a Central Defender. lists him as a Defender, so he’s a Defender. It is officially more important for Wenger to be proven right over such matters than for Arsenal to win League Points.

    Wenger – 1 – Good management skills ie. tactics, correct substitutions etc. would have won this game against Fulham (fourth from bottm last season).

  9. ReVELAtion

    Everyone’s had their say i take it, so i’ll have mine…

    I had an extended break from work to watch “that”. Unpaid might i add and i can tell you with all honesty right now we can forget about the title… You can’t lose at fulham and expect to be challenging! At least get a draw!! We didn’t even look relativley close to getting 1 and that’s the real jist of the frustration… Over ran in mdifield, by relgation fodder fulham doesn’t bode well for the future… We we’re only missing fabregas and rosicky from what possibly at current is our strongest line up…

    Let’s break it down…

    Gallas is not a fucking captain.. He didn’t inspire his troops and just let Hangeland or whatever his name is run in front of him and stick his boot on a cross into an area we should have defended better…

    Eboue is not, nor will ever be anything ther than a right back and that means back up for sagna.. The whole fucking world can see it, so why can’t arsene.. I’m starting to agree with people who reckon eboue has some kind of information and is blackmailing wenger… That said though it was either him or a 17 y/o welsh kid… We are arsenal and that’s a fucking joke…

    Denilson was absolute shite… Out of his depth, like a geriatric at an electro house rave… I had to fight my corner when i said he wasn’t good enough when the denilson to replace flamini bandwagon rolled into town.. I’m not even slightly amused that i have had the last laugh… Fucking reserve, carling cup player at best…

    Then there’s headless chicken theo walcott… I’m sorry but he hasn’t come on much in three years… Doesn’t influence games from the off and is STILL best used an impact subsitute.. He isn’t going to make it, so throw in wilshire now until rosicky is fit.. I don’t care if he is 16, he’s 16 and better then theo, end of….

    I can’t blame the front 2… They got no service whatsoever… We didn’t even have a shot on target in the 2nd half untill the 80th minute… Against Fulham… They lost to hull last week, jesus!

    The only positive’s is that nasri looks the mutts, clichy and sagna as per and almunia looks like an established no.1… Toure looked sharp after a lay off, but dropping djourou was stupid and cold… It’s time to give will the elbow and make cesc captain.. There i said it… Kolo and senderos has worked in the past and with song and djourou i’ll be glad to see rid of that bluenose cunt who’s heart isn’t in it whatsoever….

    Plus the average age of our bench was 19… I don’t care how young they are, but they haven’t got the quality either. Wenger believes in his own hype and it’s time someone sprinkled some powder on their hand and gave him a reality pimp-slap… Money doesn’t guarentee you titles, but free transfers and 5m signings does not buy you ARSENAL QUALITY acquisitions….

    That was the worst premiership performance i’ve seen since the 3-1 drubbing at the reebok…

    It’s a rant and i don’t care, i’m back in on a saturday night and extremely fucked off… I’ve lent my season ticket to my cousin for the remainder of the season… I’m not even going to watch another game, that is how bad i felt watching that today…. Wenger i’ve backed you all summer after what some called a farce, now it’s turned into 1 and i’m afraid i’ve lost faith on what the team can expect to achieve this season… What i saw doesn’t even look capable of getting into the top 4, let alone winning a trophy…

    Get out of bed early and fucking sign a centre midfielder and right winger u miser!

    Even the scousers who we’re piss poor today managed to get a result…. The only positive i can take from today is that spurs lost again, but that doesn’t quite cover it up….

    End of rant, end of season… You might think that’s being silly two games in, but i’m not prepared to put myself through weeks of hoping we can go to boro and newcastle hoping we can win rather than expecting.. I’ll just get the “how shite the team played” updates from here πŸ˜‰

    Geoff, Pedro.. make sure you go full scale warfare on 2morrow’s post!!!

  10. Jimbo

    Bottom line is, Wenger’s lost the plot, like I’ve been telling you all for a long while.

    I got (temporarily) banned for saying, but this evening you can all clearly see that I’m right.

    I hope the moron goes, because the sooner he does the better off we’ll be.

  11. ethangunner


    you cant blame gallas for not marking a 7 foot giant who’s extension was far greater than gallas’es ! tall men should be marking tall men !

    Goals will happen and to blame gallas is just poor !
    someone said on here a while ago every thing is fine from set plays if tall men mark tall men , mobile men mark mobile men ! its a set play .. a corner ..
    not a field match up . gallas should have never been marking him to begin with .. and probably wasn’t supposed too ..

    And as for full scale warfare .. you mean most of you have finally smelt the coffee ? HOURRAAAYYYYYYY!!!

    FUCK ! …. blinkered by arsenes bullshit ?
    or delusions of grandeur ?

    now is not the time to loose focus ! now is the time to wake up and demand
    better players !!!!!!!!!! while that transfer window gapes open !

    as for players to sign we need a goal scoring beast !
    said it all along !!! wenger you should of sold that bumm!
    and now he is the most well paid non- producing striker in the EPL !

    yet you wouldn’t give flamini a bit more to stay wenger ! !
    or hleb for that matter !

    but bend over and take it from ade thou !!

    we are left will all the crap at the bottom of the barrel players !
    now i hope some of you might appreciate what hleb added to the team !
    the stabling influence he had ..

    our midfield looks lame and our strikers are now exposed for being over paid useless out of their league twats !
    useless Cunts

    and i cant see where a goal would come from with that lot ?!?!!?!

  12. ReVELAtion

    Ethan, i’m gonna have to agree to disagree on the strikers at current… There was no service and granted the top two aren’t quite bergkamp and henry πŸ˜‰ (u like that) but i can’t lay the blame at their door for that defeat…

    The midfield 4 of nasri, eboue, denilson and walcott was the major problem…

    Nasri has shown flashes of his ability and you expect that for 13.5 m… But he is the new boy, adapting to new living conditions, country, language, people… He’ll need 6 mths…

    What’s not acceptable is the player’s he played with today in midfield…

    Denilson has never started anything of note othar then carling cup games and he’s thrust into the 1st prem 11? Wenger has had ages to sort it out,,,, You can’t lose gilberto and flamini and throw in kids at the deep end… They might think they can grab their chance, that they are ready, but the proof is in the pudding (performance).. They aren’t good enough yet and it’s unfair to vent the frustrations on them and their lack of ability. The blame lies solely on the manager and board..

    Like i’ve said before… Eboue as cover for bak is excellent cover and he’s a good squad member… playing him anywhere else shows a lack of squad depth… He did poorly today, but even he must be baffled as to why he’s playing there (in cm) at the moment… I have no doubts why eboue started last season ahead of walcott on the right… He had more experience and done a better rounded job there as theo was still a raw talent that in my opinion offers a good deal of pace and not much else…

    Which brings us onto the english “1”.. He’s supposed to be grabbing this chance, but honestly from the off in games he is shocking… Doesn’t run at players, woeful decision making, dire crosses… It’s clear the wing experiment has gone far enough, but is he actually an arsenal quality striker? If you are honest you’d rather adebayor, van persie, nikki b, eduardo and vela all start up top instead of theo if you take the “english” blinkers off… A loan out is an option that must be looked at… Wilshire looks a better prospect in every way he play’s and see’s the game…. Get him in untill rock is fit again, or better yet spend some cash on a decent right winger… The board and arsene must face up2 the fact that the spanish inquisition is looming large… They have 7 days to halt it….

  13. ReVELAtion

    urgh… I’m so annoyed i don’t even want to leave the house tomorrow… The sunday pap journalists and ex players are going to turn up the “doom and gloom , crisis at the emirates” stories up2 about an 8.5… I don’t even think wenger and the board need to be told their hand has been forced.. If that display doesn’t put them into action, the current board, arsene’s legacy and his bronze statue outside the gates is going by-by…

  14. ethangunner


    they had chances (ade – rvp) ! you know lesser teams against us have only 1 or 2 chances a game and make it count ..

    thats what a striker is .. we watch arsenal so much we forget that other clubs only get 1 or 2 chances a game and they put them away ! ade gets
    4 offsides and 4 chances , one surely SHOULD have been converted against fulham !?

    how about that chance at the 82 minute mark with ade ! right in front ..
    wide by 10 feet ! or a shot straight at the goalie (probly going over )

    no excuses there , like i said lesser teams get less chances against us and make us pay ! how is that explained ? we dont score ?@!

    you cannot blame the defense ! we should of won that game 3 goals clear
    the last time they beat us was like 1987 !!!
    like 19 years ago !
    only 6 times NOW total in history !
    its a huge bench mark to judge progress on ! !
    and we were only short cesc and a debatable rosicky off a full squad line up !

    im with you on being so annoyed thou!!
    fuck its just depressing ~~~~~

  15. ReVELAtion

    hmmm… also, if we couldnt agree on arshavin’s wages then we must’ve agreed the 15-24m with znit.. If that IS true… So where’s the money now then?

    Inler and schweinsteiger… No****** about now. These games grow weary….

    Combined fee of about 17m… You can’t tell me we don’t have that sort of money based on the supposed facts….


    Theo, Simpson, Gibbs & Randall out on loan…

    Toure & Senderos or Gallas & Djouoru… Repeat…. Toure & Senderos or Gallas & Djourou… Oh and throw song into the mix in centre mid and centre back for carling cup and fa cup ties… Also, for injuries, games after cl away games if neccessary and the odd plug during the christmas period….

    Do not play denilson in anything other then the carling cup…. Eboue is cover for sagna and is to be used on the right only in carling cup matches and absolute last resort emergencies…

    Play Vela and nikki b to show that van persie and adebayor are not indispensible…

    Play wilshire in cameo roles like walcott and in carling cup.. Good devlopment strategy, unfortunatly it didn’t work with walcoot because he is primarily a striker…

    I could be arsenal manager πŸ˜‰

  16. ethangunner

    and RVP isnt off the hook either ..
    he should have done better too !

    whatever he had for arsenal 2 seasons ago .. its now gone !

  17. ReVELAtion

    nah, he just needs a kick up the arse… He’s become complacent…

    Vela and nikki b on tuesday, trust me πŸ˜‰

  18. ReVELAtion

    If wenger has any sense left….




    —–Big Balls B–Vela—–

    Bench: Fabianski, Toure, Eboue, Denilson, Adebayor, Van Persie, Walcott

    I think certain players need a reminder of who they play and others just need to get out of the “rabbit in the headlights” moments. Arsene needs to make those signings. Anything less is a failure in my eyes (inler & a affordable right winger eg, schweinsteiger)…

    Toure on in the 60th min…

  19. ethangunner

    i think the back 4 did ok ! toure had a few great tackles .. which were borderline brilliant , borderline scary !
    its hard to look good overall when your team doesn’t score down the other end .
    and that Engerland giant that scored . πŸ™‚ . only was using his natural ability like ade was poorly trying to emulate .. his extension was freakish !
    it dropped for him well , and he got a foot too it ….
    a scrappy goal conceded that we’ve come accustomed too seeing ourselves score in the past .. They were at home and with our poor record away even from last season it was always a chance they could threaten alumina !

    the game plan was always to score more than them !
    we are not a defensive team .. our play is based on attacking and possession .. we will always leave ourselves open at the back , you cant push forward and still have men back too .. thats impossible ..

    the way i see it we either revert to boring defensive football tactics
    or we need better strikers .. that can finish off games !
    thats been my point all along !

  20. ethangunner

    also the X – boro goalie did well , take nothing away from fulham ..
    We showed what experience we had .(very little). and i agree we needed to make
    subs that had an impact …

    instead of sending off theo ..

    after 45 minutes whilst we still have time, swap RVP and Theo around .. give theo time up front ..
    try something …ANYTHING ! .. sub in vela ?.. put on jack for denilson or eboue .
    get something happening .. create a spark !

    take out ade for bends ! (which never happens )
    dont let them play together ! it doesnt work !
    how many times does wenger keep doing it thou ????
    brain dead Cnut !

    nothing different is being attempted !
    wenger is losing it !
    he is a 1 trick pony ..

    trust in ade !
    well you will learn your lesson the hard way ..
    not sure why wenger is so blinkered on the issue !
    its as simple as 1+1 too me !!

  21. kelsey

    I am sorry some of the above comments are quite simply stupid or said in the heat of the moment.I agree that we have not been really convincing since the seconnd half of the villa match last season,and IMO the humilition at old trafford was a complete embarresment,and at that time i thought we would struggle to make the top 4,though i was wrong.the signs have been there for months andd honestly that was the worst allround performance i have seen for a very long time.the signs were there last weel against albion.All you guys saying we should various players out on loan,is not the answer,because we are a smaller squad than last season.we need leadership on the field,which is sadly missing.If chelsea or man u had lost that game by some chance,you know for sure they would come back with a vengence in their next game.Can anyone say with confidence that we will.
    Either spend the money this week mr Weger or just come out and say we are experimenting with mainly youth and I don’t expect anything for the next 3 years,not as quoted this week “we can win the league”

    Geoff hard post for you to put up today.don’t get me wrong this is nothing to do with not supporting the club,it is in fact the complete opposite.Wenger has either completely misjudged the situation,has lied about money available,or is just being stubborn in his belief of players which just aren’t good enough .

  22. Geoff

    Kelsey, he has done all of the above, Denilson is not good enough, Eboue is not good enough, take them out and we can start to build.

    Bringing on Song for Kolo was tactically inept, Wenger has no right not to spend money, he charges enough for us to watch, he is ripping off the fans with his own ego.

    He signed Silvestre and wanted a pat on the back for it! My goodness, he sells Gilberto and brings in someone that is not only injured, but will hamper the development of one of the few kids that has promise, no I think the manager is beginning to believe in his own publicity.

    Time to understand why he has this privileged job on such a huge salary and give the fans what they pay for.

  23. choy

    morning all… i’m still fuckin pissed… its ruined my fuckin day.. that was a dire display for the team that charges the highest prices for the tickets in the league.. even though i don’t get to go for matches it pisses me off that people are getting robbed

    ade and rvp are not working the cunts haven’t score for two matches… drop them.. anyways they will be dropped for TWENTE…

    the midfield is not working as well… eboue and denilson.. where the hell is the defensive player… where is the creative player.. a waste of space.. muprhy raped them yesterday…

    again gallas and toure at the back do not work at all.. how many goals.. some stupid goals at that do we need to concede to figure that out..

    we need great wingers.. theo and nasri will need time and by that time the league would have come and gone….

    it also doesn’t help that since the wingers are pretty shite the fullbacks have to do all the attacking and they caught out sometimes where in we may concede a counter and get fucked again

    and ffs why can’t we move the ball up the pitch??.. we seem to take an eternity to do so.. backwards backwards sideways backwards and there sideways.. where is the fucking one or two touch football. .the rampant counter attacking style.. this fucking passing game is shite.. it is not working it hasn’t been working for 3 fuckin seasons…

    cesc will leave us if he has to play with utter shite team mates… and then who will be laughing!!!!!

    arsene get some sense.. sort this shit out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. MorrowsBrokenArm

    Spare a thought for those of us down under….I got up at 4.20am for that bag of shite. I could almost accept what happened if I thought for a moment AW might take a lesson from it and make changes…alas I know it will not happen….I see Denilson starting a lot of games this season, the continuation of the experiment that is Eboue (who I rate as a RB, but am over his play acting ways…it shames us all) and do not see AW showing the balls to ever drop the likes of Gallas, Almunia, and Ade. Players should not feel their starting place is guarenteed….

    ….ah bugger it….balls to it all.

    I remember a game where Jose Mourinio made 2 subs inside first half hour of a game once because he simply knew his tactics weren’t working. I wish AW would have the conviction to do the same…instead of just waiting for everything to come good. We could all see that we desperatly needed a creative spark in the middle, and Denilson just off the pitch….fuck it anyway.