Back in for Barry? Song in squad.

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So, the Barry story refuses to go away, and reading between the lines it seems that the Alonso deal won’t happen so he’s rekindled his interest in Barry, he hasn’t ruled him out and said he’s a player he’s looking at and being cup tied isn’t a problem.

What he didn’t do is say NO, so that must mean he’s still going to sign someone, so that’s good, however I can’t work out why it takes so long to work out who you want and go and buy him.

Apparently the reason the Alonso deal didn’t happen is even though the player agreed terms, we only offered Liverpool £10mil, if that’s true, how devastating is that for the player? Why do we always do bargain basement? That’s why we only ever get our second choice player and not the one we wanted.

Song is back in the squad for our trip to Fulham so I’m guessing he’ll be playing in the midfield role as Djourou didn’t get dissed so should keep his place, I won’t mind that as Cesc will soon be back so it will be a short lived thing.

It seems that most of you were happy with the Silvestre move, so although Traore has gone to Portsmouth – our second team, we have a much stronger squad which can only be good news for the coming season, who he plays is his headache, at least we’re not drafting in a 9 year old prospect at the back, they will all be solid alternatives.

Manuel is being considered as an England keeper as he’s qualified now, but I’m still not convinced of him in goal for Arsenal, I can’t really see him ahead of what we currently have in the England squad, so we’ll stay out of that debate.

Arsene had that look in his eye at yesterday’s press conference, so that leads me to believe something’s about to happen, I was dissappointed that Vincent Kompany went to ManCity as he is a player I rate, but I suppose drafting in Silvestre for those tight last 20 minutes in games where conceding is not an option, may be the more sensible ploy, after all Adams and Keown weren’t exactly spring chickens were they?

He did say he would have this new midfield player in for the Twente game, so that means today, not that the boss has ever not stuck to a deadline, but it would be a nice way to end the week, don’t you think?

Have a great Friday Grovers.

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  1. finestcuts

    Yeah no probs Choy, I was thinking, erm….why are you telling me that….don’t worry about getting your eyes checked….I need to wear contact lenses or glasses… world would be a hazy mist without them.

  2. ethangunner

    a come and get me plea!

    I want to join Chelsea – Robinho
    Brazil forward Robinho is determined to leave Real Madrid and sign for Chelsea.

  3. kelsey

    now we have a catch 22 situation with adebayor,which comes as no surprise.wenger could have sold him not for 30 but for 20 million,and now if he has a good season his ego will get even bigger and he will demand more or be off,but if his goal tally and overall performances dip he wont be worth half that amount at the end of the season.a no win situation for the club either way.

  4. ethangunner

    a bit of both we were voting 🙂

    kelsey ..
    i agree … i just read santa cruz re-signed .. it would have been nice to get him plus another striker (villa ) for just ade’s price alone ! , wenger is pretty stupid really for not
    letting him go and getting the cash plus really make the front line solid this season .. i mean we are now paying pretty good wages to an unskilled shit player .. its not often wenger really misses the mark in overrating a player ..

    i really dont know what a man like wenger see’s in a player like ade ..
    he is everything wenger and his training doesn’t stand for ! !

    the chance to get huntalaar/villa/arshavin and cruz .. and really get some force upfront to be reckoned with ..

  5. treze13

    goonermicheal, if your reading sorry for getting your hopes up lol.

    joe, really is it trustable? (dont care if it’s a word or not im on holiday :p)

  6. choy

    looks like traore is going to start for pompey against man u.. thats a great debut for him!!! he’s going to surely deliver great crosses for crouch!!

  7. &%^$^#$

    Anybody else notice the Arsenal TV online server which streams Arsenal TV Live is unavailable? It’s been unavailable all day.

  8. treze13

    i’m here too and yeah great debut for Traore i just hope he doesn’t get TOO comfortable there and not come back

  9. treze13

    lol yeah true but i think hes a good player with a great future he really had better come back and we better not sell him

  10. choy

    we just gave him a contract extension so i would like to think that we’d sell him soon…

    so treze my man.. did you make updates to your fantasy team?

  11. treze13

    nope my teams staying the same until fabregas comes back then hes coming on for bendtner and being given the captains armband, what about you choy?

  12. treze13

    lol choy not yet i can’t even play right now i just need a hobby for the rainy days all 364 of them in london

  13. choy

    i just dropped essien and put on nasri.. and TT is the captain.. if he doesn’t score then i’ll gonna bring in another striker!!

  14. Trindle

    Choy makes a good point – how many Gooners have sen Inler play? I haven’t. AW does surprise us with some good signings – but he also infuriates with his blinkered vision both in th transfer market and also with very poor use of substitutes. But he knows best, as so many websites tell me!

  15. raif

    i trust wengers judgment when it comes to players. as its been good more times then wrong i would say. all apart from defenders. as every single defender his paid a transfer fee for has been either rubbish and just avrage. the rest was either a convert or a a freebie.

    but inler could be just what we need but None of us will know this, not untill we actully see him play and so on. thats way everyone wants EPL proven above any thing esle. thats why most of the people here would Choose Inler last after Alonso , And Barry

  16. Trindle

    Must admit, I would rather see Alonso or Barry alongside Cesc – But that’s mainly down to ignorance on my part, not having seen Inler play. Whilst the perfect football side of me wants to marry up Cesc and Alonso, I can’t help feeling that we need an enforcer rather than a similar (albeit not as good) playmaker.

  17. ethangunner


    my 1st one was a 200$ essex .. but anything with a
    rosewood fretboard or a Squier Stratocaster with a maple fretboard and single-coil pickups will do nicely ..

    the amp is more important .. in all honesty ! just dont spend too much
    and be impressed in the shop when you try it out !!!