I didn’t see that one coming. LOL.

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Well, well, I got that wrong didn’t I? Why, because I haven’t a clue or because the boss hasn’t a clue? A piece of top management or a sign that he may be losing the plot? Only time will tell, but I for one am not happy, this was one rumour I was not pleased came true.

If we were signing a world class 28 year old defender I would be pleased, we’re not though are we? we’re signing an injury prone has-been the Mancs didn’t want and now the rumours have started that Wenger is going to send Djourou out on loan. Just when he was showing promise.

Signing a player who has hit the dizzying age of 31 is crazy enough, giving him a 2 year deal is hypercritical, esepecially when you didn’t afford the same luxury to Arsenal legends. Don’t tell me for a minute Bobby Pires / Sol Campbell / Gilberto couldn’t have done a job for us for on a 2 year deal.

I’m starting to think xenophobia, we made 5 signings this summer, one Welshman and four from France, and two of those are injury prone, before someone tells me Bitchslap is from Portugal, he’s half French and played for the under 18’s I believe.

So when the boss says he doesn’t look at their passports, I’m not so sure. If he wanted experience at the back he should have signed Dunne, it seems to me 3 out of 5 players on freebies is tight fisted and smacks of doing stuff on the cheap.

Still I may be way wrong on this one and he could be just what we need, it’s just odd that Fergie didn’t, it reeks of West Ham and Freddie to me.

Still Frank McLintock says it’s a good signing so I’ll go along with it, but I don’t think he’s been bought as cover, that’s why he left the Mancs, because he wasn’t getting games.

Why couldn’t we have read that he’d just swooped for Barry or Cana or YaYa, why is it another gamble? I hope we still buy the defensive midfielder we so desperately need, I hope this isn’t it the end of the signings.

I also found out yesterday that LOL didn’t stand for lots of love, so I’ve been reading a lot of comments the wrong way, I thought you were all so caring, still I attach it to today’s heading as I feel it fits… not the love bit, the laugh bit!

Have a great day debating Grovers, I bet this signing has you divided.

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  1. Laughing gooner

    So Silly walked out on Man city yesterday to sign for us, so we got silly and it seems city just agreed fee for Kompany lol who got the better deal ?

  2. ethangunner

    hahaha yes good answer choy

    also on the training pitch !!


    theres a lot of clubs that have got many good players this season
    boro – newcastle – spuds – even bolton have hired well … Elmander looks a good prospect
    i think it would be hard for wengers boys to get a game unless they went to sunderland – hull – stoke etc….

    don’t know why wenger targets middle of the road clubs .. i doubt he would get much more of a run there than playing C.C for us ..

    Dont get me wrong i want as many of them to go on loan as possible ,i’m an advocate of it actually ! but it must be a smart choice .. or it can be a wasted year which can in turn break them !

  3. Big Raddy

    Imagine how excited Silvestre must be today. Escaped from that bunch of effluent, and signed to the greatest club in the world…. at a time when he probably thought he was Pompey bound.

    MS – you have won the Lotto !

  4. raif

    Big Raddy –

    yeah he must be happy, if u saw his Interview he did say

    he said he is “Glad to Have Finally Sign for Arsenal” so maybe his been dieing to come to the club for ages far as we know LOL.

  5. kelsey

    anyone got an update on Liam Brady.sky sports just says he is stable in hospital in ireland,seems a bit vague.

  6. raif

    just a thought.

    do u think Wenger will Move KOLO as a Defensive Midfielder now that we got silvest??

    im sure KOLO used to play there before wenger converted him into a Centre back?

  7. kelsey

    IMO it is too much of a coincidence that the minute we buy silvestre,traore goes out on loan.All preplanned by le boss,hopefully that will end the djorou loan thing.

    I reckon our total expenditure this summer is a big fat zero.If you add up the sale of Hleb,gilberto(unclear the amount)and 5/6 million on Bentley’s move against Ramsey and Nasri and silvestre there can’t be much in it.Bishoff was a free.Am I wrong?

  8. MM

    kelsey we are well up don’t forget £3m for JH. I have a good feeling that we are going to get a big signing on the last day!

  9. Goonerman

    I must admit it was good fun last nite amongst the England chanting and Mexican waves. Very relaxed atmosphere until Lampard was being substituted when quite a few booed. He was anonymous but why pick on him the others were crap as well.

    I must admit Downing and Bentley improved our chances when they on. Beckham is finished, he just can’t run. That doesn’t help when you’re trying to play SOCCER!!

  10. patthegooner

    Oh and we have signed Silvestre but he may not feature on Saturday as he has……………………………….Wait for it

    A muscular problem. Great

  11. kelsey

    oh yes MM forgot about Hoyte,

    I think it could well be alonso as opposed to inler.if you believe what you read he wants out of liverpool,nothing to do with the barry deal

    Seb I doubt song will play,le boss says it takes a week to recover from a long flight to be match fit,but that may be rubbish.beckham does it all the time,but he plays shite.

  12. patthegooner

    Seb I know he is 22 but has been playing at a good level for 5 years. He is certainly a better player than Silvestre and given the choice I would imagine that 90% of this blog would say Kompany. If Silvestre was being bought as cover, I would say good deal, but if he is being bought as our partner to Gallas, then firstly I would prefer Djorou to get a game (after all we dont want to stunt his progression :)) or if we were buying a 1st choice then I would prefer Kompany.

    Seen as you ask what I wanted. I wanted an experienced, ready made class Central Midfielder.

    Remember Wenger said he did not need cover and was not looking to sign a Defender. This is why I now have the belief that this is Wenger all over. He has seen an opportunity to fill his CM gap on the cheap and from within by gambling on the fitness of Silvestre and a position move for Toure. It fucking sucks

    And if it is not Toure then it is Song. You have to be fucking kidding, am I honestly supposed to be reassured by a CM that was 6th choice for this position this time last year and apart from a few good performances in the ANC and the Olympics where the standard is more akin to Division 1, He has probably put in one decent performance in that position for Arsenal and suddenly we are supposed to think that this is our answer to combatting the likes of Chelsea with a line up of Deco, Ballack, Essien, Lampard and possibly Robinho.

    I am sick of this guys, as far as I am concerned if we dont sign that much needed ready made experienced skillful CM player by close of play on September the 1st then Wenger has to accept his head is on the block.

  13. finestcuts

    I’m glad we’re not sticking Silvestre straight in because he has to prove on the training field that he’s worthy of a first team place, besides he’s not at Arsenal to replace Djourou or any of our up and coming and long term players, he’s there to help out as and when needed. Song is back, but hopefully as defensive midfielder, there’s no mention of Djourou.


    Traore on loan is very good news for us, thats why we need Silvestre as a filler…once Traore has a years worth of Premier League experience we can all be more confident about his inclusion in the first team.

  14. Gunnar

    There are a few things wrong with that Pat. But the funniest was:

    “am I honestly supposed to be reassured by a CM that was 6th choice for this position this time last year and apart from a few good performances in the ANC and the Olympics where the standard is more akin to Division 1”

    Song gave an excellent account of himself against Ronaldinho and Robinho the other day. Now I know neither of them are Giles Barnes quality, but it’s still heartening nonetheless.

  15. Gunnar

    I think Wenger has said that Song isn’t the answer. He hasn’t got the stamina to last a whole season there, or something like that. He is excellent cover though.

    With Hoyte and Traore leaving over the last week I’m feeling pretty confident that Silvestre’s just in there for depth – an experienced interim solution until Djourou or Song grab that position by the balls.

    So, I’m quite confident we have a DM coming in and Wenger won’t fill that empty spot from within. If not, then I think it’s a big gamble, but Denilson’s been looking good recently.

  16. finestcuts

    Soon after players start becoming media lovelies their form drops, Beckham, Ronaldinho, Brazilian Ronaldo, they need to stick to focusing on football not being photographed with hot babes for OK magazine…..yes I know i’d probably be tempted as well but those kinds of babes disappear as soon as your form drops…..Fabregas was largin’ it the other day with 2 senioritas but he needs to keep himself out of the media spotlight for his own good, he’s had his Cesc Fabregas show, now lets see the Arsenal winning the title show.

  17. finestcuts

    Pat the Olympics is maximum pressure you’re on the world stage, competing for your country, the cream of youth players from each country taking part…..it’s a major tournament, division 1 footie is played at places like Port Vale in front of ex-coalminers moaning about Margaret Thatcher.

  18. Gunnar

    Obviously Silvestre’s cover for Clichy, as well as Gallas and Toure. Didn’t mention that above.

    I’m just as interested in what happens when/if Rosicky gets back. He seems to be making good progress, despite looking a bit doughy the other day. Provided he gets back to his best, how would the team line up? If Nasri keeps playing the way he did on Saturday then he’ll be undroppable. If you drop Eboue from the right, you lose a bit of bite and physicality (but gain a bit of skill).

    It’s a tough one for me.

  19. Gunnar

    I hope he’s not being literal about that “body”. With Silvestre in the squad the last thing we need is a cadaver protecting him from defensive midfield.

  20. finestcuts

    He’s basically confrming we’re still up for a defensive midfielder….
    Gunnar, Eboue is OK when needed, but Thoeo can score us goals…..play Theo ahead of Eboue. When Rosicky’s back and fully fit, maybe after a game or 2 in reserves to get used to playing Rosicky and Nasri on the wings will be excellent.

  21. finestcuts

    We’ve lost Flamini and Gilberto, Ramsey is at the back of the queue, we need someone at the front…..and this dude has to be top quality, he’s needed in the first team on a regular basis unlike Silvestre who will be needed as often as Traore was.

  22. Gunnar

    Me too Pat. I think it’s important to fill that role. Nobody fits the bill, but I just wanted to say that I wouldn’t consider Wenger’s “head on the block” if he disappointed me and promoted from within.

    Finest – Would Nasri and Rosicky work? I think only if we sign an absolute beast in DM to give some balance to a seriously attack-minded midfield. That’s why it’s so important for me. That midfield would be terrifying.

    In the meantime I’m starting to wonder about Theo. He’s a great impact player, but he’s missed some opportunities to impress lately. At least with Eboue you get some defensive nous.

  23. Paulinho

    Wenger needs another wide player. Nasri and Rosicky are the only decent ones we have. The rest our incompetant or naturally forwards.

  24. finestcuts

    Good points Gunnar, but Arsenal by nature are an attack minded team, would you rather a Pires type or an Eboue type. Theo will get there, and what you’ve stated about the importance of a top quality defensive midfielder is spot on, because we play 4-4-2 diamond we need the best anchor man about, maybe “The Hoover” Senna can still be persuaded…but owing to the critical importance that the anchor man has for Arsenal we can’t afford to be even slightly short in that area…..and we are, if we want to play proper attacking football we need someone to cover behind the wings and Fabregas.

  25. finestcuts

    From that interview another signing is a cert…..I knew it was highly likely but listening to Wenger speak I am convinced he’s already got it organised..

  26. finestcuts

    What happened to Billy Davis is typical of corporate culture……….when I was a teen I was doing some manual labour and I was doing it pretty quickly…..I was told to slow down by the other lads, if they see me working so hard they’ll expect it all the time and when you have an off day they’ll lay into you….it wasn’t Davis’ fault, he got into the Premier League on a shoe string, didn’t have time to build a team capable of staying there……..and without him they wouldn’t have been in the Premier League in the first place.

  27. Big Raddy

    I’d go for Alonso. I believe he would make a great partner for Fab, and as he showed against the Danes, he can score. But either would be great

  28. patthegooner

    I would take either. I was leaning towards Alonso as I think he would link up better with Cesc, but Barry was immense last weekend. Either way it would be Liverpools loss.

  29. YangKamp10

    barry is better at breaking up the play. and is the more physical…I’d go with him. Also has a better goal scoring record

  30. Catford

    I think that the success, or otherwise, of the Silvstre deal will totally depend on his attitude. If he is the sort to spend time helping the youngsters, then it may turn out to be good business. Perhaps AW is aware that he’s got coaching aspirations.
    I’m surprised that Kompany has gone to City, given the turmoil they are in. Can’t say I know enough about him to say whether we should have been in for him, but AW is , according to some sites, a long term admirer.
    Oh well…bring on our midfield assasin and I reckon we’ll be there or there abouts!!

  31. choy

    well said catford… one DM and we’ll be set..

    finest.. i would like to think that the league is the utmost priority… CL is a bonus…

    i want the league!!!!!

  32. cesc

    Wenger says he is going to sign a midfielder. I for one am pretty certain its going to be inler. The fact that wenger went to watch the swiss match is strong indication of his intrest in inler and most importantly, inler is not cup tied.

  33. Catford

    Of all of the DMs we’ve been linked with, I would like us to get Barry. He’d fit straight in and would complement Cesc perfectly. Apparently today AW refused to rule himself out of a deal for the him, so who knows?

  34. choy

    catford i don’t think we’ll get barry… he would cost too much and barry wants to go to liverpool…wenger just takes the press for a ride..

    when was the last time he mentioned his target in the press!

  35. gazzap

    what about that other ghanain chap – Annan. all gone very quiet. sometimes when it goes quiet wenger is at his most dangerous. then there is Appiah who has announced he is free.

    Inler is still the favourite though I would say. Barry is a smokescreen.

  36. jlp

    good day folks and great post

    not feelin this Silvestre signing as some appear to be
    kinda reeks of Le cheapest bargain out there
    not saying he is bad just so many,so many better options out there
    but we might of had to spend over a million and cant have that at the emirates
    no fucking way not at the emirates
    nothing to good for the hands that feed them huh

  37. ReVELAtion

    oooooooo back late… The debate rages on…

    Silvestre was 750k is an proven winner, an experienced body we needed at the back and can cover numerous positions…. Djourou is not going out on loan.. Traore has just headed down to pompey so there you have it… Gibbs should complete his loan move to reading in the next couple also… Why Randall is still here is anyone’s guess….


    That’s plenty of cover… 1 of djourou, big phil or song is in line for the chop come end of the season… Whoever has the stinkers get’s trashed, it really is that simple… Pressure to perform and pressure for places.. How it should be…

    Walcott needs a reminder that he’s playing like a donkey, runs down blind alley’s and makes some exceptionally woeful decisions when faced with the options of pass sideways or drive at an opponent. He has no variety in his game and i predict will end up at some 2-bob club..

    I’m gonna stick £10 on wilshire starting against fulham….

    Wenger will not at this stage of his carear move Toure upto centre mid.. Whoever came up with that idea is, quite frankly, an idiot..

    It’s between Inler, Veluso & Johnson or no-one as far as i’m told….

  38. Evo in Oz

    “I am not sure about Silvestre as he has a little muscular problem, but Song is [in the squad],” said Wenger at his pre-match press conference.

    Samir Nasri is also likely to be involved despite missing the French victory over Sweden in midweek. Apart from that Wenger’s squad is likely to remain the same.

    There was also good news on some of those who missed last week’s season opener, including Cesc Fabregas.

    “Well Cesc is doing very well in training,” said Wenger. ” He won’t be ready for Saturday but has a chance to be ok for Wednesday. We don’t want to gamble on him for one game, we have to be patient.”

    “[Abou] Diaby doesn’t look too far away and hopefully there will be good news on [Tomas] Rosicky in the next two weeks.”

  39. ReVELAtion

    where did mbia’s name crop up from? utter tosh by a player who’s trying to fleece everton for more money…


    god news evo on cesc and i saw bits of the interview regrding barry, song & diaby…

    I can’t see barry’s valuation dipping below 14m with add-ons…

    Still think johnson and inler are safer bets, knowing arsene…. Outside bets de la red and veluso….

    In fact after silvestre i don’t think any1 does….

    **** it we’re siging kaka for 102m euros….

  40. ReVELAtion

    btw, when did LOL mean lots of love…

    Doesn’t it mean laugh out loud? or has it changed recently…. My i’m getting old…

  41. ReVELAtion

    kompany has joined citeh for 13.8m euros… What’s that 8million sterling give or take….

    Good signing for them, not ready for the top4 before any of you bang on about cheapskate arsene.. He’s no better then what we have and have acquired, potential is there though…

    They are going to make a killing on him down the line… Shinawatra is rubbing his hands with glee i bet…

  42. ReVELAtion


    That has top 6 quality all over it, but further forward apart from petrov, johnson when the whole team plays well, the reyes winter hideaway elano & the as yet unknown jo they look short on bodies…

    I think Boro, M. City, Everton, Villa & Newcastle will finish below the top 4 in some order…

    Pompey and west ham will fall away into the bottom half.. Sunderland, bolton, blackburn and spurs will easily avoid danger whilst wigan & fulham are as capable as the three promoted teams to get a string of successive defeats and therefore face a relegation battle…

  43. Evo in Oz

    nah it hasnt changed, geoff was on a different wave length with it…hahahahah

    id prefer the other names ahead of barry, but ill take him nonetheless if he is signed

  44. Geoff

    Dennis morning mate, there’s no such thing as a dodgy pint! Ethan I can’t eat Indian, I don’t like the taste, I love hot and spicy and particularly like Thai, but no ruiby’s for me.

    I just feel optimistic!

  45. ethangunner

    heard we had a 10 million bid for alonso rejected !
    so its onto barry !

    good signs from wenger than he is still on the DM case !!!!

    thank you GOD !!!!

    there has been some faith restored !!!

  46. dennisdamenace

    ethan – i had nine Duvels and a shish kofte last night, and i’m tearing off for Britain at the moment!!

  47. ethangunner

    yes can pretty much get any thai dish i want from around the corner this old lady cooks like a trooper – pad thai – green – red currys – tom yum .. all for 25 b

    or 30 pence a serve !! ! !


  48. dennisdamenace

    Geoff – Good point mate, mind you i’d like to put forward Moretti Italian lager as an awful pint/beer………

  49. dennisdamenace

    Chaps – I have some VERY intersting news about our ‘possible’ last signing, but i’ll wait for the new post………

  50. Odub

    Ethan stop making me jealous!

    My 2nd fav grub in the world is thai green curry with prawns! love it! Only 2nd to aki and salt fish! Is it too early to start talking about grub?!!

    :mr green:


    much appreciated mate, and I think I know who it was too, I wonder what said person’s take would be on AW’s press conference yesterday in which he sort of hinted that Barry might be the last bit of the jigsaw. I am at least glad he admited there’s one more signing on the way.

  51. ethangunner

    its almost 3 pm here ! odub .. theres always somewhere in the world cooking 🙂

    im gone for over 12 hours and all this happens !

    Arsene Wenger confirmed Arsenal’s interest in Aston Villa midfielder Gareth Barry after a move for Xabi Alonso collapsed.

    Alonso had agreed personal terms on a move, but Wenger pulled out after Liverpool said Arsenal’s £10million offer was not enough.

    Barry, also a long-term Liverpool target, has already played for Villa in the UEFA Cup and is ineligible for the Champions League until February.

  52. ethangunner

    seems so …
    i saw initial reports man U released him on a free !
    i think the 750 k was just silly money ..
    the same sort of money that tempted flamini away !

    upfront $$$$$$$$ incentive money .