Do you remember the first time you did it?

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Ok Barry, Toure, and Cana are all cup tied, so that’s them out, that leaves Inler, Veloso and late to the game Toulalan, we’ll find out next week, nothing we can do so I thought we’d all take a trip down memory lane instead.

Do you remember the first time you saw your beloved Arsenal live?

I was born in Bethnal Green, around the time I was 4 the Krays has started to build their empire and my mum decided a kid with my personality should not be brought up in such an environment, so in her wisdom we all moved to the suburb of East Ham. Which incidentally was 10 times as bad and where the Krays ended up anyway!

The point of this story is Bethnal Green is 2.5 miles from Arsenal and West Ham is about 8, so my local team was the Arsenal, so I was always an Arsenal man.

I lived in the shadow of Upton Park though, so used to go to many of their games and saw the likes of Moore, Peters, Hurst and Clyde Best at their peaks, so it wasn’t all bad, but Arsenal were my true love.

Highbury was a long way to go in those days at my age, it was like going to Cornwall now.

Then one day the double winning side arrived in their yellow shirts and I was off. South bank here I come, in those days you arrived on the day and got your ticket, mine was in the home supporters end, it was poised at 1-1 when up pops Charlie George and hammers in the winner, I couldn’t contain myself and screamed ‘well done Charlie’ or something, I was at the back and got kicked all the way down by the grateful hammers fans wanting me to get a view from the pitch.

There that was my first time, can you remember yours?

Have a great day today Grovers, tomorrow it begins and today I go on a speed awareness course so I’ll be away for a few hours understanding why speeding is not cool.

Sure I will!

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  1. david

    Sorry Geoff I meant get through the League stages until after the break (november- feb ) , then after that being cup tied is lifted I think..

  2. Big Raddy

    I still don’t get it Choy . How can you be 4 hours 25 mins ahead of GMT. I thought international time woks in increments of an hour

  3. goonermichael

    I agree Rico. This is our time. I’m off home now catch you all later. Let’s spank the baggies tomorrow

  4. rico01

    Grovers, I have had a great day blogging, simple but very funny, thank you all….

    Off out now, so catch up tomorrow, You all be safe, and sleep well

    Nite Nite 😎

  5. jlp

    good read fellas
    first match was sadly a 1-0 w vs blackburn april 99 and i do not remember a thing except DB10 scored
    thinkin about Le bosses comments “we will do whatever it takes to win”
    everything but spend money that is u prick and buy us some insurance where needed
    wtf is that. not satisfying the worried in me at all .
    something like him saying really, really arrogantly…
    ” look , just look at our squad and you show me one weakness ,one area where we are light”
    then slaps a reporter to add some excitement to it all
    now that i could get behind
    the other shit is obvious as its just stating their job

  6. patthegooner

    Where did you hear that Paulinho

    Does not surprise me, I thought it sounded a bit like Agent talk trying to get him a new improved deal

  7. patthegooner

    Odd choice of words from Wenger this evening

    ‘Big signings reassure the supporters but performances are better,’ added Wenger.

    ‘If there was a player for £30m and it meant we would win the title, I would do it.


    Guy is getting that senile he must of forgot what he said back in May

  8. patthegooner

    Its a horrible thing to say, because Arsene is the best manager we have ever had, and I personally dont think anyone else could come in and manage the squad he has built,

    But I dread him opening his mouth at the moment, his words always really nause me.

  9. patthegooner

    It does Seb and I will be right behind them once they take the field, but sorry

    Wengers choice of words baffle me, especially in the current climate.

    And I just dont feel all that confident going into the season.

  10. patthegooner

    Did he say who might actually come then Paulinho.

    Surely from our list it is now down to Veloso

    Maybe Vieira wasnt a bad call after all.

  11. patthegooner

    Not sure on Alonso

    I thought the rule was you cant play CL for two clubs in the same season

    However you can play Uefa cup prelims for one club and then CL knockout stage for another in the same season.

    So if you go by that Alonso and Toure are out of the question.

    If it isnt true I dont think they are the answer anyway, if we get a group of death, we are risking it big time with Diaby and Denilson.

  12. patthegooner

    I just cant understand why Villa and Liverpool would have cup tied their players if they were seriously still being considered for transfer, they would be spiting themselves on the Transfer Fee.

  13. Paulinho

    Wenger said today that being cup-tied brings down the price of a player. We all know he likes a bargain.

    I think Alonso playing the qualifier would only rule him out for the group stage, but I’m not certain.

    Wenger probably thinks we could cope without him for the group stages.

  14. patthegooner

    And fair play to Wenger if that is what he is doing

    But surely Benitez wouldnt be that fucking stupid to devalue his player, unless his anger is borne out of the board selling the player above his head

  15. patthegooner

    Yep Alonso, Toure and Cana are all cup tied for the entire competition. However if they want to join Spurs they can play for them in later stages of the UEFA Cup 🙂

    17.07 Excluding the three rounds of the UEFA Intertoto Cup and the UEFA Super
    Cup, and subject to paragraph 17.18 below, a player may not play UEFA
    club competition matches for more than one competing club in the course of
    the same season. A substitute player who is not fielded is entitled to play for
    another club competing in the same season’s UEFA club competitions,
    provided that he is registered with the UEFA administration in accordance
    with the present Regulations.

    One player from the above quota of three who has played UEFA club
    competition matches for another competing club in the current season may
    exceptionally be registered, provided that the player has not been fielded:
    − in the same competition for another club
    − for another club that is currently in the same competition.
    Furthermore, if the player’s new club is playing in the UEFA Cup, his former
    club must not have played in the UEFA Cup at any point in the current

  16. Paulinho

    Bollox. Not Alonso’s biggest fan but I was warming to the idea.

    Veloso’s has gone a bit downhill in the last year.

    Annan maybe?

    Wenger will buy someone good. He rarely screws up these kind of signings.

  17. patthegooner

    Lets hope so

    I dont mind the thought of bringing Annan in but as cover not as the answer to the problem. We need someone who will slot straight in and make a contribution and we seem to be running out of contenders.

    I reckon Alonso was Wengers 1st choice but it was always going to be based on Liverpool signing Barry.

  18. Paulinho

    I don’t know why Wenger leaves it so late all the time. It’s as if he wants to wait till the season starts to see exactly how much we are in the shit in terms of a certain position. Common sense should have told him ages ago we needed a live body in central midfield for the pre-season. Now any player brought in will have to be eased in slowly and points may be lost with a Denilson or Ramsey in there during that process.

  19. patthegooner

    Arsène Wenger argues that his prudent transfer policy has created a more united, harmonious team spirit at the Club.

    We are nearing the end of the summer transfer window and, yet again, it seems that Arsenal will have been the most frugal of the top clubs in England. The Frenchman has consistently stated his concern that every side should live within their means and attempt to balance their books. He has promised one more signing and has money available but, he believes, Arsenal’s reliance on emerging young talent from inside the Club has given his squad collective character.

    “Basically, we balance the budget in the way we run the Club,” he said. “I have the money available to buy the players, but we go into the competition with that target. I think every manager should do this.

    “We have gone three or four years into a different policy [of bringing on our own players] which we have to see through.

    “But I am convinced we have opted for stability with young players, who have spirit of our game, the spirit of our Club.

    “And I believe we will show we are more united and that we have the needed belief to be successful. That should be one of the advantages we have in this.”


  20. patthegooner

    “I think you always want to buy the players at the right price,” said Wenger. “When you want to move a club forward, as I think I have done here in the last 10 years, some investment is needed. Not only to buy players but to spot players when they are not necessarily stars. The quality of a manager is as well to develop players.

    “Big signings reassure the fans, but performances are better.

    “[For example] when we bought Adebayor who was thinking that he is a great player? We bought him for what you can call at the time a reasonable price.

    “But it is not necessarily linked with the price of the players, it is linked with the how well the player develops, how good he becomes, and then you assess the situation of the player once he plays. I am able to make signings at high prices but you have to have a cohesion as well in the way you buy.

    “Manchester United are in the £20-30 million bracket of the market, Chelsea are in an unlimited bracket, and we have to be in our own bracket – reasonable, but shrewd.

    “Of course I have made mistakes. There are players I should have done, but none at £30m.”

    The manager was asked directly about a couple of rising stars he had been heavily linked with but did not sign – French winger Ribery and lethal Dutch striker Klaas-Jan Huntelaar. Did he seriously try to sign them?

    “Ribery yes, Huntelaar no,” the manager replied succinctly. “With Ribery, we had top class players in that position – Rosicky and Hleb.

    “So yes I have missed out on a couple of players [in the past]. But frankly it hurts too much to tell you.”

    Talk about rub our noses in it

  21. patthegooner

    on the Above

    1st Point: his “Big signings reassure the fans, but performances are better.” Really has pissed me off. How about Results are more important than Performances and Big Signings help deliver the results

    2nd Point: Ribery, We may have had Hleb and Rosicky but we knew Rosicky would be out by October and we have no cover and ended up playing Diaby LW. If we had bought Ribery, I am in no doubt we would have won the League.

    3rd Point: It hurts too much, you are fucking dam right it does Arsene so how about actually putting your ego aside and actually buy one of these players, as it looks like the 08/09 miss was Alonso.

    4th Point: Adebayor. All very well buying and developing, but when you are doing that with 50% of the starting 11, you are going to come unstuck, we need now players not 2011 players.

  22. gnarleygeorge9

    FINALLY!!!! The day has arrived 😆

    On behalf of all those unable to be in Blighty during the off season, I’d like to thank Geoff & Pedro, & the other informative comments by fellow Grovers for getting us through the down time.

    Anyway, its on should be Arsenal 2-0 WBA.

  23. patthegooner

    Right I guess it is prediction time

    I think we will finish 3rd, about 10 points off the pace.

    Get to the CL Qtr Finals

    CC Semi-finals (as usual)

    FA Cup Qtr Finals

    I bet RVP plays less than 15 PL Games

    But once fit Rosicky’s Injury woes will be behind him, he will play at least 20

    TT will be our top goal scorer with about 20 PL goals, he will score more than 30 in all competitions.

    TT and Eduardo will be our 1st choice strikers by the end of the season

    Eboue will finally be resigned to a starting position on the bench

    Djorou and Gallas will be 1st choice defenders

    And following a minor injury to Almuia, Fabianski will become our new number one

    Sagna, Clichy, Cesc, and TT will be in the Premier league team of the season

    Theo will have a slightly better goal tally but still not set the world alight

    Wilshire will break into the 1st team by the end of the season and at least one newspaper will dub him the new “Joe Cole”

    Despite being already without a load of injured players, Wenger will not sign anyone in January

    Chelsea will win the Premier League, Man Ure 2nd, Liverpool 4th

    Portsmouth will win the Carling Cup

    Liverpool will Spawn the CL

    Man Ure will win the FA Cup

    The Spuds will come 5th

    Blackburn, Stoke and Hull will be relegated.

  24. gnarleygeorge9

    Watched Wenger on Setanta press conference. He had the look of going a step further & becoming CHAMPIONS. Chamone!!!!!!!

  25. patthegooner

    Nor me,

    Despite feeling less confident about this season than any other in Wengers reign, there is still nothing like the 1st day of the Season, Finally decent TV on a Sunday, and midweek CL Games

  26. gnarleygeorge9


    I bet you were in Goldfingers 😛 or in the heart of King Street last night 😳 Why, coz there was no footy in Melbourne for you to see

  27. ethangunner


    i think we will finish around 4th again , possibly 5th if the spurs war machine delivers .
    i think it will depend more on them than us this year .. they have the signings and the manager now , something in previous years they didn’t .. like i said forget the past BS …
    because to many parameters have changed about spurs in the past 12 months ..

    10-12 points off the pace sound about right ..
    i predict an early exit from C.L football also ..

    Bring on the kids this year arsene ! give them the experience they need !
    i don’t want any bullshit excuses the season after ! so go crazy with you master plan ..

    make it work !!!!

    We will be there somewhere around the top .. of course we wont get relegated
    only a brave man would try and be so accurate this early in the season as to were we will finish .. but i didnt see too much to be happy about pre season …
    and if that is a sign … well i want to stay in the realm of realism ,thats all ill say !..

    our midfield is a worry .. our goal keepers could be and you know what i think of the striker situation .. i hope these things evolve into a tightly ran and oiled machine ..

    currently there are in need of maintainance

  28. El Tel

    João Paulo
    Personal information
    Full name João Paulo Andrade
    Date of birth
    Place of birth Leiria, Portugal
    Height 1.80 m
    Playing position Defender/Defensive Midfielder
    Club information
    Current club FC Porto
    Number 14
    Senior clubs1
    Years Club App (Gls)*
    2006-current União Leiria
    U. Tomar (on loan)
    União Leiria
    Sporting CP
    União Leiria
    FC Porto 0 (0)

    36 (3)
    6 (0)
    95 (13)
    3 (0)

    1 Senior club appearances and goals
    counted for the domestic league only and
    correct as of July 2006.
    * Appearances (Goals)
    João Paulo Andrade (born June 6, 1981, in Porto de Mós, Leiria, Portugal) is a Portuguese football centre-back, who can also play the defensive midfielder role.

    He started as a youngster at União de Tomar, and later – 2001/02 season – went on to play at UD Leiria, on the Portuguese SuperLiga, where he established himself as regular starter and one of the most consistent members of the squad. Meanwhile, he was called up several times to the Portuguese U-21 National Football Team.

    While in Leiria, he was also awarded the captain’s armband. In the final months of 2002/03 he was loaned to Sporting CP.

    After having performed the last two seasons in great shape, he was tipped to be transferred to one of the Portuguese greats. In June 2006, FC Porto agreed his transfer.

    During the preseason, he suffered a major injury that kept out of action for several months. He is the third or fourth option for central defender at the northern side.

    Hi Guys, this is one of the players we have been talking to, his contract is being negotiated and Ken Friar was the person doing the deal. There was another who is Brazilian but I was talking to my source on the car phone and forgot the details.

  29. El Tel

    G’Day Gnarley, I am in the garage mate. Got to getsome shut eye soon though as I have to be at the Stadium at 9.30.

    I hope my my source is right about the Porto player. Sounds about right Defender cum Midfielder who has been injured recently. He could be the answer. would be good to see Alonso too but she didn’t mention him.

    Hope Geoff or Pedro see this and talk about it later today, I don’t know the player but others might. Wonder if he will make us all happy?

  30. ethangunner

    yes paying for my cable subscription today .. gulp !
    like wenger no point in signing up before you need too !
    its only WBA right ?

    whats the scoop on Andrade El tel ?
    if we signed him id be happy as a pig in shit !

  31. Seb

    I can’t believe AW actually said this to the press, but it’s quoted so he must have!

    “…but according to rumours, both are concerned that Arsenal have not been punching their weight in the transfer market this summer. Wenger’s reply? Do not believe the rumours. Adebayor has signed a lucrative new deal and Fàbregas is not about to leave.

    “The job of the media is to imagine the worst and the job of the manager is to imagine the best, so there is always a difference,” Wenger said. “If I go into a season and say, ‘For f**k’s sake, if we don’t win anything, they will all leave,’ we are already beaten.” ”

    Is this a sign of a new era – a shouty sweary AW??

  32. Geoff

    Morning all and thanks for the thought Gnarley, as you said, today is the day we’ve all been waiting for, no more guessing this is it, let’s hope our football will do the talking and give Pedro and I a rest!

    4 nil today.

  33. Seb

    4-2 for me, WBA were the Arsenal of the Championship last season, and with our shaky defence they will be worth a goal or two. But class will win out.

  34. Geoff

    Today’s post touches on that Seb, but you’re wrong today my friend, for today will be 4 nil to the Arsenal, I was told in a dream.

  35. Seb

    ooh you tease, went straight to the home page to see said post! nothing yet though…

    And what else happened in this dream, don’t tell me, you scored a hattrick :rollseyes:

  36. Geoff

    No the post is done but then I send it to Pedro for formatting, way to technical for me Seb!

    This dream was an in the groove spanking from the Arsenal, if it’s as good as that today, you’ll be happy and glad of the tease!

    I expect Pedro (when he wakes up) will post around 9am GMT.

  37. gnarleygeorge9

    Afternoon/morning Geoff

    Geoff if your dream is true, we should be top of the league.

    Anyway, while you were dreaming, GB won gold/world record in the pool in Bejing 😡

  38. kingsley

    geoff, there will be an exclusive in the sunday mirror naming the mystery midfield player that we are trying to sign. the article is written by steve stammers who as you probably know has good connections at arsenal.

  39. gnarleygeorge9


    Its obvious that Mr Wenger does read Le Grove. Now he is using the word Fcuk in this comments. Next he’ll be using smileys.