Gordon Brown turns a blind eye to celebrity crooks…

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Only in England right? How many times have we heard that, in the days when we give benefits to people who openly hate our country, we also have become a haven for rich people that have mysteriously left their own countries and parked their vast sums of cash in our football clubs, no names, no pack drill.

However, I do find it amazingly hypocritical that this government bans smoking except if it’s in their pub, gives me a revenue inspection which goes back 14 years (I didn’t think that was allowed) because I didn’t have enough receipts attached to expenses (even though MP’s don’t have to attach expenses) and allows these people in when they know their money is dodgy and all because it brings a bizarre kind of celebrity.

Now Taxin who  hasn’t paid his tax in, has jumped bail and come back to the safety of Manchester. If that were me, Gordon Brown would have me on the next plane back, remember the Natwest 4 and the computer hacker kid?

It makes me sick that certain teams have become successful because they keep buying anyone that moves, even though their clubs make no money, and they have 3 players in each position, one club that’s well known pays £63 million a year in interest alone, if that were a business it would be classed as running knowingly insolvent and be in the shitter, not with football though, that’s different, that’s celebrity.

In life we all have to pay tax, even if you are poor, you still pay tax, any exceptions? Yes, MP’s who get tax free expenses and hugely rich footballers who get tax free testimonials as they have such short careers, bless!

How is that possible? They earn Gazillions and still get a million or so tax free, what complete hypocrisy, but that’s celebrity England for you.

However the cloud with the silver lining here is Shittywhatra has had his assets frozen so will be cutting back big time or selling up, either way we should get in there quick and buy some of his crown jewels before someone else does.

Richards and Johnson would be a good start. Corluka maybe? Anyway it’s nice to see Gordon being so hard on the people that are ruining our game by driving up prices and salaries to a level where we don’t expect football teams to make money anymore, well any team except Arsenal! We have to make money on account that we never spend any and we charge so much to go to games, drink beer and eat pies!

Anyway I thought I’d get that out of my system, seeing people screwing with our national game and being feted for it gets to me a little and that’s one reason we should never, ever sell up, but unless we start bringing in some trophies, all the new kids coming into football looking to support someone, will go elsewhere and some big fat billionaire will arrive from nowhere and pick up a debt free club for bugger all, then sell it back to itself like the Glazers did, and we’ll be in debt anyway, so be warned Arsenal, buy what the fans want and the team needs now, we are just two sandwiches short of a picnic, so there’s still time.


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  1. dennisdamenace

    Hey guys, do you think Wenger & co know how angry we are at the moment, or more to the point do you think Wenger & co fucking care??

  2. jules



  3. Odub

    We’ve all renews STs , memberships, ans shelled out on the new strip sp what do they care?

    All they can hear is chi ching as the cash registers keep filloing up with our hard earned dosh!!

  4. dennisdamenace

    Isn’t it uncanny that before all season tickets, memberships etc are renewed we get AW talking the talk about signings, and how we’ll all be reassured at what we see. Then, we all renew and cough up millions only to be dissapointed/let down/lied to yet again……..

  5. jules

    well fuck it

    some one has my season ticket and i use a silver membership i have.

    will only be booking games that are not on tv from now untill some re investment in the squad takes place .

    guys , compare this to 2004 , henry , bergy , pires , freddie , sol ,keown , vieira,
    lauren , cole , jens , wiltord . FUCKING WINNERS . SOLID , MENTALLY TOUGH .CLASS


  6. Pedro


    I had a shocker today… no internet access!

    What’s been going down?

    I heard Cesc is injured… and Hoyte is off to boro!

    Poor old Wenger eh? He doesn’t even have the excuse of the transfer window for having a a small squad!

  7. Odub

    Not in the last couple of years DDM. loads of my mates do, but just cant be bothred with all the aggro involved.

    Where do you go over there?

  8. jules

    same here ddm . im 41 , been going since i was 14 and i just feel shit .
    i would almost go as far as to say being ripped of by something you love which is a bad feeling .

  9. Odub

    Jules it’s on now, apparently barazite scored both, I missed them, but we’re playing well according to the commentator. Simpson’s captaining the team, and 2nd half’s just kicked off.

  10. dennisdamenace

    Well i got a few good reviews of a place called The Brixton Bar & Grill on Atlantic Road, supposed to play the Soul and Funk on Friday’s and Saturday’s. So, we all popped along on Saturday night, they ran out of Bacardi 8 year old after two rounds, then ran out of Havana Club 7 year old after another couple of rounds, then ran outta standard Bacardi as well……….fuck me!! To cap off a perfect night i had a mini-row with ‘DJ’, if that’s what you call a numpty with an MP3 player and a laptop, fuckwit………

  11. Odub


    Cant be arsed with the whole finding somewhere to park and then all the bloody youngsters with attitude problems. I’d end up lamping one of them and getting into even more trouble! Which is why I end up going out further up the M25/M23.

    I’m only in my late 30’s and I feel old in most of those places half the time anyway!

  12. Odub

    3-0 Simpson

    jules just caught on mate!

    A bit slow tonight as still brewing with murderous rage after the crap we’ve had to read/see today!

    Get this, the commentator just said ‘One of arsene wenger’s ways of finding out how good a reserve or youth player is, is to play him out of position in the first team!!’


  13. Matt

    Odub – It was me who said i don’t Ramsey playing that much this season….

    And i still think he wont, when Cesc, Diaby and Denilson are fit, and if AW buys Inler (or whoever).

    Lets hope he proves to us tomorrow that he should be considered week in week out….. fingers crossed

  14. Odub

    Nite jules,

    currently on my 3rd glass of californian red as we speak!!

    It’s official supporting the arse will drive you to drink!! lol! 🙂

  15. Trindle

    So are we officially at the point where Wenger turns to the first team squad during practice and says “right, quick practice match lads … oh, we can’t”?
    Are any other EPL squads in such a sorry state?

    Un-fucking-believable – and the comments about season tickets, promises and lies are spot on.

  16. charybdis1966

    I can see the Hotyte moving happening as he’s been out on loan in that part of the country before so they probably still have the flat he had when he was with the Mackems.

    Also his WAG is a geordie so she’ll no doubt find that convenient.

    Of course any fee will be swallowed up into the Bermuda triangle that is our transfer fund.

  17. Odub

    I wonder what the moods like on all the AKB blogs…

    Can’t beat a bit of ranting and non arse related chat like we’ve got on here though.

  18. Pedro

    haha! Nice one Arsene… your players couldn’t even be bothered to wait till the window closed before getting crocked!

  19. Pedro

    Who can be bothered to read them?

    Actually… that is a lie… I read a couple yesterday…. and they are panicking!

    Remember all that:

    ‘Why are you panicking, we’re only 2 days into the window’

    Well, its disappeared and they are starting to lose the faith as well!

  20. Pedro

    Manuel ALMUNIA
    Lukasz FABIANSKI
    Bacary SAGNA
    William GALLAS
    Gael CLICHY
    Justin HOYTE
    Johan DJOUROU
    Aaron RAMSEY
    Kieran GIBBS
    Theo WALCOTT
    Emmanuel EBOUE
    Mark RANDALL
    Emmanuel ADEBAYOR
    Robin VAN PERSIE
    Nicklas BENDTNER
    Carlos VELA

    So who starts in midfield? It’s gotta be JD and Denilson right?

  21. Big Raddy

    I’m on the Carlsberg. tonight. I find that they taste better after the 4th bottle, though strangely I have found that they taste worse after 8 or 9.

    Weird stuff Carlsberg !

  22. Paulinho

    Wenger seems to be slating Ramsay every other week.

    He’s basically said he needs to improve defensively, technique-wise, and his positioning on the pitch, and hasn’t got the skills to play on the wing.

    So the question remains, why the feck did you buy him Arsene?

  23. dennisdamenace

    choy – can you imagine going into an EPL game against ManUre with that line up, God fucking help us!!!

  24. Pedro

    I like the crap joke he told as well!

    Not funny Arsene…

    He may as well have said…

    ‘We’re fucked… hahaha!’

    We’ll do them though… and then the AKB’s will feel vindicated…

  25. Odub

    I repeat that oft asked question…why the fuck cant Eboue be one of the injured for a change?!!!!

    And how the hell have we managed to crock cesc after just a week back?!!!

  26. Big Raddy

    Come on lads… we are going to hammer this bunch of Dutch tosh, with or without a midfield.

    Our forward line will get us through. Walcott will tear their defence apart.

    All for one etc etc

  27. Big Raddy

    Nice jokes Paulnho and Trindle.

    I think it is time to progress onto the hard stuff. A large scotch will fortify me, and help me imbue you guys with some confidence.

  28. choy

    DDM we did go with a similar lineup at OT.. FA cup.. we got hammered.. i think it was a better line up than this!!!

  29. rico01

    Hello Gooners, not much time – gutted about our squad for Twente game, but I would play


    Sagna Gallas Djourou Clichy


    Eboue Ramsey Randall Theo


  30. Odub

    I’m with Big R, time to switch, I’ve got the choice of bells or peroni….

    Bells it is!!

    Yeah Trindle, I wish he’d stay down for good for a change.

  31. Big Raddy

    Interesting Rico. You would play Randall and not RvP.

    Having missed pre-season, I don’t know much about Randall’s form. Has he been playing well? Or are you being defensive, hoping to escape with a draw and win at the Emirates.

  32. patthegooner

    Odub you said earlier

    We’ve all renews STs , memberships, ans shelled out on the new strip sp what do they care?

    Well I Didnt buddy, I took the decision just over a month ago not to spend a fucking penny towards the Arsenal Stadium Mystery until things change. No Membership Renewal, Strip, Burger and Chips, Beer, nothing.

    As things stand, I can see this being the 1st year that fans will vote with their feet at the Emirates and I expect that certain low key PL fixtures will fail to sell out.

    The Club need to start being honest. If it is their remit to maintain a squad capable of a top four position but not realistically challenge until the debt is cleared, then they need to be honest, as it is extremely unfair to charge the most expensive ticket in town to be duped.

    They have to get tough with Wenger too, they are giving him a free reign to continue his experiment, but he needs to be treated on the results of his last season, and the longer the potless seasons continue the more the pressure should be on to produce results.

    I am not convinced by the problems surrounding a Take Over. Arsenal are a big enough attraction in World Football, that even if a billionaire did cash in, there would be another one waiting in the wings. Currently we are a big club being run by a small club board and they seem clueless as to how to market the Arsenal Brand to generate the income that attracts and pays for the players we that pay to watch.

    Honestly If this were a Sofa Company I would complain to Watchdog

  33. Paulinho

    Eboue is a unique player.

    He adds defensive balance to our team but yet he also manages to act as a defensive midfielder for the opposition. He breaks up both our attacks and theirs!

    Someday, maybe, the genius of Emmanuel Eboue will be appreciated. Until then, enjoy this lad while we can. We won’t see someone of his ilk ever again.

  34. Trindle

    Lager -Whisky combo … cocktail hour at Le Grove.

    RVP will definitely play, he stayed in Holland after the Amsterdam tournament.

  35. patthegooner

    I heard RVP sprained his wrist picking up the Ajax Trophy.

    It has been so long since an Arsenal Player picked one up, the Muscles in that area of the arm were under-developed and not strong enough, He is out for 3 Months

  36. Odub


    I hope we never have the pleasue of having another player of his ilk at the grove again!


    I wish I could stay away but I cant. I even subscribed to setanta so I can watch our two reserve teams even more!

  37. Pedro

    Pat… that is a hardcore stance!

    I hope you loaned the ticket… those badboys don’t come up that often and I go to Arsenal with a bunch of guys who regretted binning their tickets after Zaragoza.

    Wenger wont get it wrong tomorrow… I promise you! Sods law says it wont go wrong until the transfer window closes…

    I think we’ll be alright this year, it’s not even blind faith… I really think we have a good team!

  38. Big Raddy

    Excellent stuff Pat. Though my addiction overcomes my distaste for the dishonesty of the AFC management.. So… I pay.

    I agree entirely about the need for transparency within the club. They are not a Sofa company, they are a club that engenders a passion that no other busieness can compete with. My week can be determined by the effectiveness of my team, and that is true for millions of fans. That this devotion is abused by greedy businessmen milking their cash-cow is morally unacceptable. But sadly, morality is no longer part of the Arsenal Way.

    After all how much harm would it do if AW stated that he has no money and will develop the team through his judicious use of the youngsters? I would still go to watch the fantastic entertainment on offer. And my expectations would be adjusted accordingly.

    That said, no football club is fair to it’s supporters. We get abused in a way that only London Transport can compete with. At least we have a team that plays great football, unlike that sorry bunch of lard arses at the Bridge

  39. Trindle

    Choy – well he wouldn’t be our first Dutchman to avoid travelling! Most of our first team squad had to return because they couldn’t be left in Amsterdam without parental supervision.

  40. patthegooner

    Pedro, Its only red I have given up

    I have been a red member nearly since it started. I dont live near London and despite them claiming to the Contrary, Friends of mine that live closer and joined after me are now silver even though I went to more games, so giving up the Membership is not really going to hinder me much.

    Once things change I will either sign up again, jump in on Corporate or use my friends Silver Membership when they don’t use them.

    Dont get me wrong I am confident we still have the team to comfortably finish in the top 4, but it is the frustration at the lack of ambition to invest in the Squad to push on and win it. Given that we are still in the Black on transfers since Wengers Arrival, we really should be in a position where that cash available was spent and we should be a dominant force in the the World Game, We certainly have the potential for it.

  41. Pedro

    Raddy… I think the problem Wenger has is that he has money but wants to persist with his youth policy. I don’t think the Arsenal board expected profit so soon…

    He has come out and near enough said he has the money but wants to go with the kids… fair play, but their should be consequences for failure in my mind, becuase the fans deserve better if they are expected to continue to fork out.

    World Class ticket prices should equal world class players on the pitch.

    This is not an experiment!

  42. Trindle

    Big Raddy – well said Sir.

    They are not stupid, they know exactly what they are doing. They play on our devotion. I gave up smoking in May … no problem – a couple of years ago I gave up drinking (ok, it was only for a week) but I can’t give up Arsenal for one second.

  43. Big Raddy

    Totally agree Pedro. We desperately need an established World Class player, if we are to maintain our media prominence. The big bucks come from foreign standing, and sadly we are lagging behind in that department. Arsenal are huge over here and constantly in the news, entirely thanks to Nic B.

  44. patthegooner

    Excellent stuff yourself Big Raddy

    You are right, if it is true that there is no cash and Wenger stated that, I think the Fans and Media would be praising what Wenger has achieved with no funds.

    But I just dont believe it, How can Fulham, Bolton, and West Brom spend well in excess of 10m and yet us with 60,000 sell outs and a club that generates more match day revenue than any other club on the planet not have a pot to piss in.

    I am not sure how Football Finances work but could it be that they know the Red and White takeover is inevitable and dont want to spend their money for nothing. If so I wish they would just fuck off now.

  45. Paulinho

    I was thinking that with Bendtner being their best prospect for a while that Arsenal would be big in Denmark.

  46. Pedro

    I compare Arsenal to being addicted to smoking… discovering blogging was like I just upgraded from smoking fags to smoking crack…

    Asking me to quit Arsenal would be like asking Amy Winehouse to go t-total at a Rolling stones after party…

  47. Big Raddy

    Me too Trindle.

    In my life I have left behind women, homes, pets, parents, friends, bands, fags, even dope. But I have never stopped loving my team. I am as stupid about them now as I was when I was a kid, and I don’t expect that to ever change.

    And we will hammer Twente….

  48. Pedro

    Raddy, I think Nikki B is going to be brilliant this year…

    Arsene scoffs at inflated transfer fee’s and forgets the money you make back in merchandising on great players…

    Outside Cesc… we don’t really have many marketable players do we?

    Theo might come good and Wilshire could be a shirt shifter… but bar that, we don’t have many appealing players…

  49. patthegooner

    The media draw of Arsenal must be affected. It would certainly explain why we get dumped to ITV2 on Champions League Nights. Although there Football is not as attractive the other big 4 clubs are more attractive to the TV audiences.

    Just out of interest guys, how many of this current Squad would get into the Invincibles 1st 11.

    I would say 4, Toure (As he was there) Sagna, Clichy and Cesc. Does anyone disagree with that?

    I think that is the best way to explain how our team has been stripped and de-valued since!!!!!

  50. Big Raddy

    Paulinho. Aggers is Denmark’s best player as we will see this season. AW really messed up when he let him go to the Scouse.

    Needless to say MU are the biggest team out here. If I see another imbecile with AIG written across their fat ugly chests ………

  51. Pedro


    Sagna, Clichy, RvP, Toure, Cesc… and Jack Wilshire becuase he is the best player ever and he is going to save our season.

  52. rico01

    Bollox, we have a bloody power cut, keeps on and off 🙁

    Very short and sweet answer choy and BigR, but yep, no RvP for me, but only in this game where our squad is so thin. He plays from his heart and could easily get injured….

    Defence is OK, Up front Ade will will be ok, with Theo supporting when the opportunity arises, cant see Twente bombarding our goal, so for me, keep a clean sheet, grab a
    2 goal lead to take to THOF – Bobs your Uncle….. 🙂

  53. patthegooner

    You are right Pedro we have no one Marketable out side of Cesc. And to be honest Cesc does not really break into the the top level of Marketability just yet.

    As for Arsenal, I am not giving up on them guys, otherwise I would not be on here, I just refuse to pay any more money that might find its way into the Club as I dont believe they are investing it wisely. The only funding that might even get back to the pub is the pint I drink in the local pub that pays towards the landlords dodgy european satelite feed.

  54. Trindle

    Glass raised Big Raddy – that’s a very familiar set!

    I have belief in our players (well, most of them) – I know we are two, maybe three short of an awesome squad but agree we’l get past Twente. I just hope that a win is not used to paper over the need for experience in the middle.

    Pedro, I think that a full year of a fit RVP would give us another marketable name. And Vela for the Ladies.

  55. Big Raddy

    So, we all agree that we are short 2 or 3 players to be an EPL winning team

    Personally, I would go for Essien, Vidic and Torres. Job done !

  56. Pedro

    ‘Figures released by the IEA later in the day showed the sharpest drop in demand for US crude oil in 26 years, sending the price of oil down to $113 a barrel’

    Happy fucking days…

  57. patthegooner

    If you merge the two


    Sagna Toure Campbell Clichy

    Ljungberg, Vieira, Cesc, Pires

    Bergkamp Henry

    That is one hell of a team, I know a few of them are past it, but that is where Wenger has failed, especially when it comes to Pires and Ljungberg. Hopefully Nasri is the answer but for me to date Rosicky (Due to Fitness) Hleb (Due to Goalless) Reyes (Due to Homesickeness) and Eboue (Due to Crapness) have not come close.

    We should have moved on and over the last 4 years that team should have progressed onwards and upwards.

  58. Big Raddy

    And please God let the dollar continue to rise, dragging the £ with it. The low exchange rates are killing me…… I may have to get a job !

  59. patthegooner

    For me we need Silva, Alonso and Etoo

    I am happy at the back, I still think Djorou is the Answer.

    I say Silva as the Eboue Experiment continues.

  60. Big Raddy

    I’m out. Thanks for the banter guys.

    See ya tomorrow when we will show Twente what a ridiculous decision they made appointing the Umbrella Man

  61. Trindle

    Pedro, Benitez has confirmed that Alonso is playing tomorrow – he’ll be CL cuptied – so better get him quick!

    Last night, I watched a re-run of our 2006 CC semi (home 2nd leg) against the spuds. Rosicknote was electric and Denilson looked the business.

  62. patthegooner

    ha ha

    See you tomorrow Raddy.

    Lets hope we win by 5 freak own goals so it does not paper over the cracks

  63. patthegooner

    So thats Alonso out, and I think that means that Liverpool have ended their interest in Barry. Either that or the Fat Spanish Waiter is bluffing no personality O’neill to drop his price b4 tomorrow night.

  64. Trindle

    BBC report this evening:

    The Spaniard has confirmed that midfielder Xabi Alonso will play.

    That could mean the Spaniard will then be cup-tied in the competition and worth a lot less than the fee Liverpool may want for him.

    Perhaps that makes an 11th hour rescue bid for Barry still on – with Hoyte as a makeweight if he hasn’t been sold yet?

  65. ReVELAtion

    There may be trouble ahead… Bu whilst there’s Wenger & Hill-Wood & France… let’s face the music and dance…

  66. Trindle

    Pedro, this is a family blog … I couldn’t possibly say what I’d do with TT (if the cover was in first!)


    well here we go , we should still turn over twente tommorow but this situation with players is starting to really get me pissed off ,
    Rico you seem to think two new players in on thursday , i bloody hope so , because its vital that we win the next two games can you imagine THE WBA players and management redaing our injury list and thinking we might have a chance of getting something on saturday ,
    which means tommorow and saturday we all get to see the worst player i have seen in the last 10 years continue his amazing run in the first 11,EBUSLESS
    FUCKING HELL AW sort this out we need new faces a.s.ap. because although like Pedro I think JW will be a legend , We are crying out for some experience even more now ,its vital that we get off to a good start in The EPL , because we know that injuries to certain first teamers will happen sooner rather than later,
    Tommorow night Gallas you better start being a captain and get these boys through this game .
    greedybayor, rvsicknote, theo, you all need to step up in the next few days…

  68. ReVELAtion

    What seemed like a formality 48hrs ago has turned into a dangerous tie.. Even their players have mooted confidence through the press in the last 12 hours. We in all honesty should crush this team… I’m not so confident.. i’d take a 1-1 at this moment and, that is the irony in this whole transfer/squad depth lunacy. We shouldn’t have to resort to a:

    player who not 8 months ago returned from birmingham after having a number of stinkers only to be dropped down the back end of last season…

    a player whose best monets have cme in the carling cup…

    a 17 year old who’s “experience” is bit part cameo’s for a struggling championship club…

    This is Arsenal FFS… Wenger’s experiment is wearing fast… The fans are losing all trust… With our relatively easy start we expect to be flying.. Anything less and the fans claws and media daggers come out…

    In all honesty everyone knows eboue is back up to sagna at best.. Hoyte is not good enough.. Ramsey shouldn’t play anything other then reserves untill at least christmas and Denilson should flit in for Cesc on occassions such as this with the ade of Cesc’s confirmed partner, not a 17 y-o kid with no top flight experience…

    What the hell randall and gibbs, 2 players on loan at norwich and up untill now haven’t even had a sniff of a subs bench in the EPL, are doing in a champions league squad beggars belief…

    Wenger has just said he expects these kids to beat twente…. His squad smacks of desperation and for the prices we pay for tickets we should expect and get better…

    It’s all on very thin ice here… What mustn’t happen is we lose the will to support whoever we put out in an arsenal shirt no matter the situation..

    Even mourinho is having a go… it’s us (the team, fans, manager) against them (everyone else) right now… Wenger do us all a favour and don’t leave us open to critisism from all angles because you wouldn’t pay over the odds slightly for players the squad quite clearly needs… Get these deals sorted out right now! A CM and a winger are essential purchases…

    P.S Can cameroon hurry up and get knocked out of the olympics please!

  69. Pedro

    Evening Si… I am going to get all AKB on everyone… we’ll be fine, just trust the boss for a day, and I think you’ll be pleased.

    The children are on good form, they’ve played a whole bunch of games together over the last month and they’ve beaten some decent teams.

    Tomorrow will be a breeze… but I wouldn’t fancy a season with a squad like this…!

    Good night Grovers!

  70. choy

    simon… a good way to end the night… tomorrow we kick off the 08-09 campaign..

    the long wait is over.. which was made easier by this fantastic place for gooners…

    night all.. see ya lads tomorrow!!!

  71. rico01

    Evening Pedro – Bloody power cuts on and off, SEB, get it fixed before KO tomorrow,
    going to bid farewell and goodnight while I can

    Grovers, bollox to all the shite the media, press and Andy ‘scum bag’ Gray says,
    Two players in and we will be awesome, the right two players I mean……

    All is bright, Come on AW – get it right again!!

    Nite Nite Guys

    🙂 X

  72. Trindle

    Simon, for me Gallas has got to start acting like a defender first.

    AW, in defence of his young squad for tomorrow …

    “If you are a good football player you are a good football player whether it’s in the Champions League or in another game,” added Wenger.

    “When you have the ball you make an intelligent decision.

    “If you play against your friends on the beach or in a big game it’s exactly the same – if you are a good player you are a good player.”

    Beach indeed – let’s pray we don’t finish all washed up!

    Night Grovers


    Wenger has said he hopes too bring in a player this week or by the end of the transfer deadline quote from the guardian

  74. ethangunner

    just reading a article in the sun its scary really


    i agree ,arsenal’s previous 4 seasons are close but no cigar !
    and i think as un kind as it is to lose against twente might
    open up some wallets in the arsenal board room !

    Spurs whipped us 5 -1 last time .. beaten ! comprehensively ..
    and since that time ramos has cut the dead wood added modric -dos santos
    and IMO should keep hold of berbatov ! I know every year they make a claim too be top 4 .. but this season just could be the one for them !

    Fuck id like to give arsene a good fucking shake ! Buy some quality before its too late !!!
    you didnt listen to me in december .. and he’s not listening now !
    and why is 7 players injured ? and ade still can play !!

    fucking typical !

  75. El Tel

    We will need to score 3 goals to win. Lets see my mate Coco the fucking clown stand up and earn his corn. Hardly anyone predicts a clean sheet for us here anymore and we know Wenger has lost the plot when he says we have 2 world class keepers.

    I go for 3-2 to us with Ade scoring 2 and Nikki B coming on and netting the winner.

    You probably won’t see this but hi Big Raddy, you are one of the guys who’s comments i like reading the most.

    Eboue will be our DM for the Twente match and Sir Alf will do Cescs job with Dennilson next to him. RVP and Ade will be up front and Theo will go up the left side in a withdrawn winger mode like he did V Ajax.