Gordon Brown turns a blind eye to celebrity crooks…

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Only in England right? How many times have we heard that, in the days when we give benefits to people who openly hate our country, we also have become a haven for rich people that have mysteriously left their own countries and parked their vast sums of cash in our football clubs, no names, no pack drill.

However, I do find it amazingly hypocritical that this government bans smoking except if it’s in their pub, gives me a revenue inspection which goes back 14 years (I didn’t think that was allowed) because I didn’t have enough receipts attached to expenses (even though MP’s don’t have to attach expenses) and allows these people in when they know their money is dodgy and all because it brings a bizarre kind of celebrity.

Now Taxin who  hasn’t paid his tax in, has jumped bail and come back to the safety of Manchester. If that were me, Gordon Brown would have me on the next plane back, remember the Natwest 4 and the computer hacker kid?

It makes me sick that certain teams have become successful because they keep buying anyone that moves, even though their clubs make no money, and they have 3 players in each position, one club that’s well known pays £63 million a year in interest alone, if that were a business it would be classed as running knowingly insolvent and be in the shitter, not with football though, that’s different, that’s celebrity.

In life we all have to pay tax, even if you are poor, you still pay tax, any exceptions? Yes, MP’s who get tax free expenses and hugely rich footballers who get tax free testimonials as they have such short careers, bless!

How is that possible? They earn Gazillions and still get a million or so tax free, what complete hypocrisy, but that’s celebrity England for you.

However the cloud with the silver lining here is Shittywhatra has had his assets frozen so will be cutting back big time or selling up, either way we should get in there quick and buy some of his crown jewels before someone else does.

Richards and Johnson would be a good start. Corluka maybe? Anyway it’s nice to see Gordon being so hard on the people that are ruining our game by driving up prices and salaries to a level where we don’t expect football teams to make money anymore, well any team except Arsenal! We have to make money on account that we never spend any and we charge so much to go to games, drink beer and eat pies!

Anyway I thought I’d get that out of my system, seeing people screwing with our national game and being feted for it gets to me a little and that’s one reason we should never, ever sell up, but unless we start bringing in some trophies, all the new kids coming into football looking to support someone, will go elsewhere and some big fat billionaire will arrive from nowhere and pick up a debt free club for bugger all, then sell it back to itself like the Glazers did, and we’ll be in debt anyway, so be warned Arsenal, buy what the fans want and the team needs now, we are just two sandwiches short of a picnic, so there’s still time.


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  1. dennisdamenace

    I’m in agreement with you Tom. How else could that twat PHW justify his statement about AW not being under any pressure to deliver trophies????

  2. Mark C

    BBC claiming Man U have failed in a bid for David Silva.

    Not sure why they are after another wide man, could Ronaldo be on his way out?

  3. Odub

    Agree chris cnuts the lot of them.

    the chavs started coming to the surface when Ken Bates started splashing the cash, and then got mega gobby when abramobitch came to the fore.

  4. Arsenal Tom

    ddm i agree!!! PHW is whats wrong with this club cos he seems to be in love with arsene the bloke not arsene the manager…

    did u see the thing i posted earleir?? its from the new book ‘the building of a modern super club’ or some bullshit anyway heres a bit of an interview, theres more on an above post…

    Speaking to BBC Business, he says: “The club has massive commercial developments, and in fact they now define the nature of their business as being ‘football and property’.

    football and property…. oh dear… in 5 years it will be property and football


    now that is one team who are really in a false position they think there bigger than what they are fucking chelsea cunts

  6. ReVELAtion

    Afternoon all….

    Missed the last few posts as i’ve been in Denmark…

    Still no signings then? Still, there’s 3 weeks left and i won’t be hitting the panic button again just yet…

    Amsterdam tournament told me nothing I didn’t already know…

    Mourinho needs to concentrate more on his aging serie A giants than our battle for the title… He can’t keep his mouth shut can he and the silent moot for liverpool gave me a giggle as there the only top 4 team left that would take him regardless of what any scouser says…

    Read about Johnson and to be honest anyone half decent would do right now… You can imagine the british media creaming themselves if we had johnson, walcott and wilshire all in midfield for a game and then Ramsey coming on… muwahahahaha!

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s game, but still have this unnerving feeling everytime a team get’s in and around our box.. We have shipped goals to piss poor opposition in pre season. I’m just glad the 1st leg is away!

    Might take a peek at the game tonight against borehamwood if i can… It’s the last pre season reserve game before a few are shipped out on loan…

    Denilson and Cesc isn’t a great partnership, but it’ll have to do for the Twente game at least… It’s spectacularly light weight and would crumble against a prem five man midfield (which most teams play against arsenal)… I just hope the boss has a trick up that long, dark wizards sleeve of his…


    Phw is letting us down in a big way its time we let him know what a cunt he really is and that starts on saturday SACK THE BOARD

  8. charybdis1966

    What get’s about Mankskummers is that 95% have no connnection with Manchester and no right to attach themselves to the club other than the 5 year-olds reasoning of “because they win”.

    I remember the previous owner of the house I now live in was showing me around on the intial viewing and I mentioned the Manskummer posters in one room, to which she said “yes my son’s a manu fan”. Unfortunately I couldn’t help myself and I blurted out “what right has he got to support Man U ?”(as they were from London).

    Not the thing to say when you’re supposed to be trying to woo a vendor (this was in pre credit crunch times), but I can get quite irrational when it comes to things Arsenal.

  9. Arsenal Tom

    i wish there was an opportunity to boo the board without it affecting the team u know?? like if hillwood and fatso fiszman had a little stroll round the ground before or after a game and you could let them know how we feel

  10. ReVELAtion

    It’s funny… Everyone’s a bit twitchy going in to tomorrow’s game and the season opener… Reminds me of last season…

  11. Mark C

    PHW needs others around him.

    There used to be less quotes from him when David Dein was around.

    We need a Chief Exec signed up soon, so we can stop all of the noise from the board.

    Would you listen to lady Nina Bracewell’s views on the club? Thought not.

    Lets get a football person in as a chief exec, and let Wenger worry about putting 11 fit men out there, and PHW worry about Usmanov.


    they have complety fucked this club up from how it was 4-5 years ago you would not of thought that we went thru the whole season unbeaten

  13. Mark C

    Tom, I am not sure how often the board are at games.

    They just own the club a chief exec runs the club day to day.

    Think about what PHW and Fitzman do. They own a club, where they invest money, and dont get much of a return at the end of the day. They employ players who earn more than they do from the club they own.

    You must be really rich or stupid to own a club.

  14. Odub

    Spot on Mark C,
    We’ve lost 2 directors as someone pointed out earlier and not replaced them. No wonder AW says things like ”I’m too busy to sign a midfielder”!! Get someone else to sort transfers out and leave him to get on with managing the team!

  15. Goona P

    Cesc is now injured too?? what the f**k is goin on..

    Does picture of Wenger on arsenal.com annoy anyone as much as me??
    Is he not concerned that our squad contains players like Randall, Hoyte & Eboue…

    No Kolo, Rosicky, Eduardo, Cesc, Diaby, Nasri… what is wrong with arsenals backroom staff that injury list is a joke!!

  16. Mark C

    Odub, i made the same point earlier.

    All the comments about PHW have merit, but he needs people around him, so he does not say the wrong thing.

    I think PHW is following the FA. They said Capello did not need to win the World Cup in 2 years.

  17. Arsenal Tom

    i dont mean anything too drastic just say to them… ‘i hope you know how you make us proper arsenal fans feel… hopeless, and that there constant lack of ambition and actual football interest is whats holding this club back, and killing our spirit before the seasons even started’

  18. Mark C

    oh dear

    Arsène Wenger: ‘We have a big squad at home’
    Arsène Wenger has explained the major absences in his squad for the trip to FC Twente on Wednesday.

    Arsenal are missing five major names and the long-term sidelined Tomas Rosicky and Eduardo.

    It leaves the Frenchman relying on youngsters like Aaron Ramsey and Denilson to inspire his squad to a crucial victory in Holland.

    “We have a big squad at home” said Wenger.

    “Kolo Toure, Philippe Senderos, Cesc Fabregas, Samir Nasri, Abou Diaby, Tomas Rosicky and Eduardo are out.

    “Kolo has a hip muscle problem. Cesc has a hamstring problem, he will be out for the next two games.

    “Abou Diaby (thigh) will be out for a while, we knew that. Philippe Senderos has a scan on his hamstring. He did that today whereas Fabregas did his hamstring yesterday.

    “Samir Nasri (knee/thigh) should be OK for Saturday and so should Kolo Toure”.

    When asked who was likely to come in as a replacement the manager replied “Aaron Ramsey has a good chance to start”.

    Arsenal squad
    Manuel ALMUNIA
    Lukasz FABIANSKI
    Bacary SAGNA
    William GALLAS
    Gael CLICHY
    Justin HOYTE
    Johan DJOUROU
    Aaron RAMSEY
    Kieran GIBBS
    Theo WALCOTT
    Emmanuel EBOUE
    Mark RANDALL
    Emmanuel ADEBAYOR
    Robin VAN PERSIE
    Nicklas BENDTNER
    Carlos VELA

    [Tuesday, August 12, 2008]

  19. Odub

    I would like to review my 2-1 prediction to a draw. 1-1 perhaps….

    And I will get a few drinks to prepare me for the game.

  20. ReVELAtion

    The board debate is a sensitive and difficult issue… It’s quite clear that they are prepared to do anything to keep wenger.. It’s fast become Arsene FC instead of Arsenal..

    There is no pressure on Wenger whatsoever from the men upstairs… Grumblings via games and boards have started to come about, but I don’t think there’ll ever be posters with “sack the board” or “wenger out” at the stadium, I just can’t see that happening… That is down to us the fans to make it known, if we don’t everything remians within their equalibrium…

    The board have always stated that there is money to spend, but that Arsene chooses not to spend it… This is not entirely the case… He has a budget to renew contracts and make player purchases based on what the board give him.. It seems every year we are giving players massive pay hikes to keep them at the club, there fore lowering out expenditure on players…. It’s adouble edged sword, but i’m content in the knowing the club, at this moment, will not run itself on unjustifiable means i.e spurs, chelsea, mancs….

    What does trouble me though is that we are the fifth richest club in the world, have an attendance 2nd only to manchester united, have been in the champions league 9 years on the trot, in the top 4 the same amount of time and have the most expensive tickets in england, no the world…. That lays question marks at the borad and wenger’s door…

    Our stadium isn’t the wembley disaster so where is all the money? Questions have arisen.. Either the board is hoarding the money to invets in other projects or Wenger really has a thing for talented children….. Questions, questions, too many questions and not enough answers…

    Signing 2 players for a total of 30m might go some way to putting it to bed….. I think Wenger with the economics degree likes to see everything in the green…

    I can bet you the next manager would not be able to opperate on arsene’s budget, hence the plea for him to move upstairs when he’s finished as manager…

    A love story that could be about to hit the rocks bore out of the fans frustrations….

  21. Mark C

    wow Fabregas and Senderos injured themselves today and yesterday in training.


    Where is Traore?

    I bet they are going to loan him out. COCK. he needs to be in th efirst team squad.

    Wenger get your cheque book out now.

    A CB, a CH. Better pyhsios, or training pitches. AND a Chief Exec. All by Thursday please.!!!

  22. Odub

    And yet there’s a pic of AW with a big smile on his face as if to say he’s just signed Kaka, Nesta, Gattuso, Buffon and Messi!

  23. dennisdamenace

    Someone needs to put that cunt PHW on the spot and ask him where his priorities are, Arsenal Football Club or the property development company??

    These boardroom cunts have the money to make us to be a real force in world football, but are quite happy letting AW play his experiment with the first team by playing cheaper, lesser versions of some of the great players that have played for us at Highbury……..

    For Henry read Togo Twat.
    For Pires read ………..actually fuck knows, he’s never been replaced…….
    For Dennis read Robin Van Who, always fucking injured.
    For Paddy read fucking Denilson, fucking ridiculous!

    They sit there happy to mug us off at every turn, it’s painfully obvious that they are confident that they can do what they like with the fan base to the point of arrogance, based on the fact that there’s a lengthy waiting list of AKB saps who’ll snap up any loose season tickets.

    Yet, amongst all this it’s truly heartbreaking that for two or maybe three quality signings we could piss this league, but no we’ll struggle on attaining 4th or 3rd and everyone will sing the praises of AW saying what a great job he’s done with so little money and such a small, young squad. But, they are all missing the point, it’s HIS fucking choice, HIS fucking policies, HIS fucking experiment. Someone ask him why he doesn’t add experience to this team and he’ll tell them he doesn’t want to stifle the growth of the young players, WHAT THE FUCK, our first team is now being used to prove youngsters!!!! I had some mug on Le Grove try and tell me that AW was playing Diaby at wide left midfield to improve this left foot as he was totally right-footed, fuck me ragged, what a load of cock, this is Arsenal Football Club, not fucking Clairefontaine!!

    The ONLY way he can justify this policy is to win the EPL this season, otherwise we’re not progressing. But, PHW & Co. will pat AW on the back come the end of another ‘successful’ season when we finish 3rd, 4th,5th etc etc……..

  24. Mark C

    Revalation, sacking Wenger is not the answer.

    If he goes, who will go with him? Fabregas, RVP, Gallas, Toure…

    We would have no one left, just a pile of cash and a stadium.

    However I like everyone on here thinks he should buy, and probably buy 2 players now.

    If it is true that Kompany is unsettled, then go get him, and buy a DM

  25. Odub

    DDM, if I wasnt on the way out the door, I’d have had my rant now.

    But stay tuned tomorrow for the blowing of this gasket!!

    I’m off to get lashed! I need it, after just seeing who we’ve got for tomorrow!!

    Night all, got a feeling it’s going to be a long one.

  26. Mark C

    Odub, totally agree

    BBK – come back and make me laugh.

    DDM – the last 2 seasons before last were unacceptable, I dont think anyone can say anything to that. Last season. We were close. I would prefer to win the EPL or CL. But we were close last season.

    If there was an injured league, we would win it hands down.

    If you include Traore and Song, we must have 10 players missing now.

  27. ReVELAtion

    it’s become commical… Wenger should have made signings to prepare for injuries.. I don’t want to hear comments about killing the kids and what not! It’s pure rubbish.. How are Randall, Gibbs and Hoyte in a champions league squad? It’s ridiculous! and to have just Djourou & Gallas fit as our centre backs!!!!! If we get knocked out I will not be suprised.

    Almunia, Bak, Clichy, Djourou, Gallas, Walcott, Ramsey, Denilson, Eboue, Adebayor & Van Persie must be the starting line up… Now that is fucking 2nd tier premeirship quality…

    You know what? i’m winding myself up.. i’m going out for a bit…

  28. seb

    djourou and gallas doesn’t worry me anywhere near as much as no Cesc does.

    In fact Djourou and Gallas could work better than Toure and Gallas.

    But no Cesc… I don’t know if the kiddies will cope with the pressure. It’s a must win tie.

  29. ReVELAtion

    Mark C i”m not suggesting we should sack wenger at all.. I’m suggesting there IS MONEY and HE SHOULD SPEND IT!!!

  30. Goona P

    im goin to emirates on saturday & i want to see arsenal’s best players not players like Randall & Hoyte??

    will be seriously f**ked off if Cesc does not play against West Brom…

    cant believe i feel like this already & havent even played first game of season proper yet!!! urgghhhh………………..

  31. Mark C

    OK So the best team possible is:


    Sagna Djourou Gallas Clichy

    Van Persie Denilson Ramsey Theo

    Adebayor Bendtner

    It might look a bit weird but we need big men on the pitch, so I have got Bendtner and Adebayor together.

  32. Mark C

    gonna P. Wenger has said Fabregas is out for 2 games.

    You wont see him on Saturday. You will see Ramsey, if he does OK.

    Does anyone know how Song is doing in the Olympics? Is he out yet?

  33. dennisdamenace

    Mark C – We can’t keep saying ‘oh last season we were so close’, we could’ve won it comfortably for a reasonbable investment in the first team, not wasting wages on some fucking crock from Werder Bremen because he ‘might’ work out………None of the lessons from last season have been learnt. We’ll have the same shit this year, all too much pressure on what’s left of our experienced players, having to carry average players like Denilson, Senderos, Hoyte etc etc, these fuckers shouldn’t be antwhere near the Arsenal first team, NOT fucking good enough…………..

  34. seb

    I think AW will choose


    Sagna Djourou Gallas Clichy

    Eboue Denilson Ramsey Walcott

    Van Persie Adebayor

    but he should play Vela left and Walcott right and show some bloody intent. instead of playing Eboue to give us ‘more defensive mentality’ like he always does. if he believes in the quality of these players then pick the best ones!

  35. Arsenal Tom

    fab will be out for more than 2 games…. when does any of our players come back from injury on time!!! we’ve got serious problems now… hope wenger can see this!!!

  36. patthegooner

    This is turning out to be very unfunny

    Wenger needs to sort this fucking squad out as soon as possible.

    If we dont Qualifiy for the CL based on his inability to strengthen the squad when he said he was going to, well enough is enough for me.

    He has admitted that he has got the money so any failings would be down to his incompetence.

    Of those players 5 of them (Toure, Cesc, Diaby, Rosicky, Nasri) are IMO 1st team regulars so this is unnaceptable

    One player short, Try 3 players short, and it is about time someone started asking questions as to why we suffer more than anyone else for injuries. It is too frequent to say it is just unlucky

  37. patthegooner


    You are right, I think that is exactly who Wenger will choose.

    I honestly think that as things stand, this could be his last season in charge.

  38. seb

    The question is, would it actually be better for us as a club if we DON’T qualify…

    Would it just maybe cause the board and/or manager to rethink things slightly?

    Would they realise that depending predominantly on players 23 years old and less is not a sound strategy?

    Doubt it… but something has to make them smell the coffee.

  39. patthegooner

    Mark Randall is in the Squad

    That says it all, he looked out of his depth against Barnet,

    I dont like to criticise the youth but he had a lot of field time in the pre-season games and looked pretty average. Certainly not Premier League or Arsenal Quality.

  40. PolishGoon

    August 20th- international duty

    Gallas, Clichy, and Sagna are going. Lets hope they don’t play.

    Wenger needs to act quick. What if this happens on the last week of the season, when we play Chelsea, United, and a CL opponent(if we get there)?

    We’re not prepared.

    Starting XI for Dutch Spuds:

    Sagna Djourou Gallas Clichy
    Eboue Ramsey Denilson Walcott
    Ade RVP

    Amazing how RVP isn’t injured yet(knock on wood).

  41. Mark C

    we have 10 players out


    Add a keeper to it, and that would make a great team

    We need to get rid of the crocks. It distorts our squad. If you have a squad of 24 and 10 players are out, all of a sudden you have a squad of 14.

    We need a squad of 30 because of our crocks.

    Get rid of Senderos, Hoyte, Diaby, Denilson, and bring in players like Barry and Laursen and you will have a more even squad with players who dont get injured as often.

  42. patthegooner

    Do you know something Seb, I nearly typed that myself

    I agree, You hate to say it and it would ruin my season before it began but I think it would actually slap the right people into action if we got knocked out by Twente.

    But then again Wenger would come out with some more spin as to why we did not get through. I can see it now

    Reporter: So Arsene you have just been knocked out of Europe by a 2nd rate Dutch outfit, how do you feel?

    AW: Well we had a young team out there tonight, who showed great spirit and belief and they are now a day older. We realised that most of players will have homework to do mid-week so we did not feel that this competition was our priority.

  43. Sion De Freitas

    damn, we got a whole bunch of our players injured, this doesn’t sound good. But I’m confident we should still beat Twente. Still, very worried.

  44. seb

    I don’t think we should criticise the young players overly, this seems to be happening a lot. Let’s face it, in any walk of life, in any job, younger employees need time to learn the ropes. If you give them outright responsibility, nine times out of ten they won’t be as successful as someone with experience.

    Our young players have been selected brilliantly, they have potential coming out of their arses, talent oozing from their pores, but ultimately they are raw and inexperienced and get overawed and intimidated and nervous like any kid of their age would. Fuck me they have to look up to Wobbliam Gallas for leadership and support, it’s no wonder we fell apart in the last third of the season.

    There is a balance to be had when using young players, I totally understand the principle and the concept of AW’s plan, but the balance has tipped wildly out of control this summer, and we are very very lightweight now as a squad, twice as much now we have injuries to significant squad members.

    Pardon my language, but for every Scholes Giggs Beckham Butt and Neville, there was a Keane Pallister Irwin Bruce and Cantona. And above all Keane – if you are going to have young midfielders, you HAVE to have an old head in there to keep them in check. We simply do not have that option any more, and I hope to fuck that we sign someone to do that job before the end of the month, otherwise we are right up shit creek.


    Mark c what the hell is going on here no cesc were fucked and the rest nasri already injured same old same old……

  46. charybdis1966

    I wish Wenger would use our current inury crisis as a wake up call(an injury crisis before the league has even kicked off!).

    1. He needs more experienced players
    2. He can’t keep hoping unproven talent will swim when chucked in at the deep end.
    3. He shouldn’t train his players so they are devoid of any muscle that helps avoid impact injuries.
    4. Stop wasting time trying to run a kindergarten acadmey rather than a first team.

    But sadly the day he does that will be the day I defaecate pork and we can all have sausages for life.


    Wenger thinks he is a.f with all these young players coming thru times have changed since then you need big strong players not all these weaklings we seem to posses

  48. seb

    pat – homework 😀 lmao

    it’s getting beyond a joke though really, and this week is going to either make us openmouthed with amazement if they do the job, or it will merely emphasise what grovers have been saying all summer. And I freely admit I was more confident at the end of last season than I am now, but things are just not going the way they are meant to.

  49. Goona P

    wish arsenal.com would remove that annoying pic of wenger grining.. guess hes thinkin bout his bank acct & how hes only manager in world whos not under pressure to win anything!!!!!!?????????????? joke

    was willing to give benefit of the doubt but now im mad again… half the first XI is out injured that is unthinkable heading into first week of season?

    & why the hell is Eboue still an arsenal player!!!! & why the hell have not signed one established player when we were “short” last year & have only lost more established players??????????

    for me most exciting player in pre-season has been Carlos Vela & i bet he wont even play against Twente or West Brom….

    as a life long gooner Wenger has a-lot to prove & quickly… that squad on arsenal.com is not good enough simple as that

  50. Duncan

    Didn’t Wenger say a couple of days ago that he didn’t feel the need to sign anybody, depending on injuries, well now we have more first teamers injuried than fucking playing. are we the only people who care about our beloved Arsenal!! why cant they see we need at least 2 world quality players if not the fucking get rid of them and start again! wouldn’t suprise me to see RVP get injuried carrying his suit caes to the airport and miss half the season again either. FUCKING BUY SOMEONE PLEASE!!!!

  51. goonerjay

    Fab is out injured as well…. fucking marvelous…. and what makes it better is i added him to my fantasy football team today.

    I’m sick to the back teeth of injuries and Wengers piss poor excuses… we are about 5 players short of a quality team WITH DEPTH and 2 short of a quality team. God i hate the transfer window being an Arsenal fan. Good night all

  52. Duncan

    i’ve put cesc in my dreamteam as well, and RVP, well thats me fucked for winnig any money! let the heart rule your head and look what happens

  53. patthegooner

    Wenger is grinning in that picture as he is thinking

    I cant believe I am still getting away with playing such an in-experieced squad whilst charging the most money for the privaledge. He is every Chairmans dream. Well not the Man Ure and Chavski Chairman as they want to win things

    I wonder if his remit every year is too be in the black with transfers, and stay in the top 4. Anything else is a bonus cause thats what it seems like

  54. Geoff

    Wenger is getting close to losing the fans now, last season I was biting my nails he would sign, this season all I care about is signing 3 or 4 players, this morning it was 2 but now we have a shed load of injuries, either his training methods are shit, or his players are, you can’t have it both ways Wenger and Randall is woeful.

  55. Duncan

    agree Pat, thats what i said earlier, does Wenger want to be remebered for being a great footballing manager or a manger who wins things, as you say it seems he is having a little game to prove you can run a “big” club on fuck all, but we don’t win fuck all, not even the worthless cup, fuck me even the shite from down the road can win that!

  56. Big Raddy

    To start the season with this amount of injuries, added to the loss of quality first team players in the summer, is a dreadful situation. Wenger has to look at squad and see what we all do – he is light a DM.

    How can a man who everyone agrees is highly intelligent bury his head so firmly in the sand. “Professor” ? More like Classroom assistant.

    As Seb wrote earlier, we have to allow the youngsters to develop. but if they mess up tomorrow, £20m will go down the swanee, and you can buy one hell of a player for that kind of dough (unless you are THFC )

    Compare our midfield to the other top 4 teams, and we are obviously well short.

  57. seb

    This week could possibly see the dissolution of the AKB, and I speak as a former member. Even if we somehow get two convincing wins you can’t believe that Denilson and Ramsey can carry the team for another 60 games, we are down to the bare bones already and those bones are soft and unformed as yet.

    I can see us being on the receiving end of some crushing defeats this season and I for one am preparing myself for it as of right now. 6th place finish or lower.

  58. patthegooner

    Just think if Wenger had actually managed to keep his squad together

    We would have nothing to worry about as Flamini and Gilberto could have played tomorrow and we would have slept easy,

    Now we have Denilson (Who I personally dont rate) and Ramsey (Who looks promising but not ready yet).

    Wenger has lost the plot, We were only posting at the weekend that any injury to Cesc as things stand is really bad news. Van der Vaart would have been a bargain at 8M.

    This is why I wanted Alonso and Inler, But not to worry, Arsenal Scouts will be prowling the back streets of Krakow and Ljubljana as we speak looking for the next Igor Stepanovs.

  59. seb

    can you imagine what the other teams in the league are thinking looking at our lineup for tomorrow night

    they must be rubbing their fucking hands with glee, and imagining how they will stamp all over our midfield this year

    we are on the edge of a precipice

  60. Geoff

    It’s strange one part of me wants us to crash out of the Champions league so that action will have to be taken, but the other side wants me to see us win 7nil and go to all those cracking games this season.

    He is such a twat, 3 players and we can dominate, stick with these ordinary kids and we’ll end up 6th or worse, how many chances does he need to give them, they’re either shit or injured.

  61. ReVELAtion

    Shall i start conducting the depth breath exercises to release stress?

    It’s quite clear that on paper that squad isn’t champions league quality by any stretch of the imagination… We might be suprised but as charybdis1966 said earlier Wenger cannot keep throwing unproven youngsters in the deep end and expecting them to swim…

    It’s a very, very big game for Djourou, Ramsey & Denilson… One or more (dependent on your assessment of each) are not ready to start such a game. Walcott would have to perform excellently and of course, Eboue would have to avoid having a non productive stinker…

    The squad has now been left exposed but the injuries and it’s clear that thenumbers are an issue… Randall and Gibbs cannot surely be considered champions league qualifier material after not even coming close to a sniff for an EPL game… It reeks of desperation to fill up the numbers….

    Wenger as we know will not be forced into panic buys and if Nasri and Toure can recover for the season opener things might be a little easier… Although with Cesc, Diaby, Bischoff & Rosicky missing from an already numerously low midfield spells problems…e

    Eboue is not a winger and with Nasri and Rosicky not to blessed when it comes to picking up knocks make looks for slim pickings… Then there is Wilshire, but he is only 16!!!

    It’s a case of making the right signings for the right price as has been Arsene’s Philosophy.. But, the right signings at a slightly higher rate surely at this moment must, be the means to justify a cause.

  62. Sion De Freitas

    lol @ 6th, I don’t think it will get to be that bad, but I am very worried at the current situation, given the injuries we have.

    One thing is for sure, and that is if we come through this unscathed, I will be absolutely elated lol.

  63. patthegooner

    Fucking Hell

    That European Scout who was watching Hoyte at the weekend must have watching Djorou thinking it was Hoyte

    Boro have bid for him officially

  64. ethangunner


    i wouldnt blame wenger .. he doesnt counter sign the checks im sure !
    its like anything , if yor bosses tell you not to spend much on stationary
    you use both sides of the post it notes 🙂

    i think wenger is making do with the tools he has !
    rather like me in the garden 🙂

    If you want to shoot a rocket up someone’s ass , id say fire it at the money men !
    Wenger doesn’t have a controlling interest in the club ..
    It is a bit harsh to blame the man ! Likewise im sure the board are incharge of ticket pricing ..

    Wheres BB ?
    i remember bb saying one year he had a letter from the club explaining the reasoning
    for a hike in the ticket prices ..

    it went something like …

    we have raised the ticket prices to ensure the fans that a good quality of player will be on show at future arsenal games ..

    Since that time our standards have got lower and lower .. to when we think a 19 year old player is now all the experience we need ..

    Like i said i firmly blame that doddery old fool PHW !

  65. seb

    Geoff, what if we scrape through against Twente and then you get to go to all those cracking CL games where we get mauled and finish bottom of the group?

    That would probably feel way worse than a run of a few games in the UEFA Cup imo.

  66. patthegooner

    Normally I would Ethan

    But Wenger admitted last week that he has money to spend IF he wants to spend it, but he wont as it will hinder the development of the players coming through.

    So for me he has shouldered the blame for not spending it.

    PHW is a Doddery old fool as well though

  67. Geoff

    Seb too right, the problem is if we have these injuries after a few pre season games what the fuck will we be like after november???

    The writing is on the wall Wenger, take note.

  68. ethangunner

    there you go the season isnt under way yet and you have Toure, Senderos, Fabregas, Nasri, Diaby, Rosicky as well as Eduardo, are all not available for the Gunners as they are injured !

    7 out already and the season wont start for 5 more days …

    Ground hog day .. 🙂

    and too all those who said we cant possibly go another season with the unlucky injury worries . I fart in your general direction ..

  69. Big Raddy

    Ethan…. who to believe?

    PHW has said repeatedly that the Board will give AW the money for any signing he wishes to make.

    AW is the man who makes these decisions, and he appears unwilling to pay the figures quoted for top quality players.

    My feeling is that we will have a new DM before the end of August. But, for me that is not enough. We need to get rid of the deadwood and thereby slim down a squad that is top heavy with ‘nearly men’

  70. Catford

    Arsene must be happy because the longer our injury list gets, the more chance for him to say “It’s like having a new signing” when thay eventually return.
    He gets the chance to use the words “new signing” without spending any money!

  71. seb

    i feel more desperate about our chances than I have done in a long time, and I can’t blame Le Grove for it either

  72. ethangunner


    But Wenger admitted last week that he has money to spend IF he wants to spend it, but he wont as it will hinder the development of the players coming through.

    yeah but you know thats all paper talk bollocks , he is just protecting his employers !
    ( his pay packet )
    we’ve all done it in the corporate world ! – taken one for the team ..

    i mean he said that a few weeks ago also ! and then what did he do???? Get bitchslap on a free !
    .. if you remember i said ..he dont want to affect the youngsters coming thru but will Get a readi made injured midfielder if he is free ! .. He aint got the money !
    Well im sure they have but they just want to mize !

    I feel its leading up to selling the club OFF when wenger retires ! or just prior too !
    float the cash flow make it look like a well oiled prospect ..

    and the second you drive the cunt out of the show room the wheels fall off !

  73. Big Raddy

    Our wish list wasn’t that long…

    A DM, a decent keeper (Fabianski looks the part and I predict he will have the shirt by the end of the season), a Pires replacement and a Vershtarkener CB.

    We got one out of 4.

    And who was the signing that AW said was going to light up the dressing room? Was it Nasri? If so, did it put a smile on Ade/WG/CF/TM’s faces? No … I don’t think so either.

    Wake up AW. Goofy was the man for us , and OK he cost AC a fortune but they have already sold over 50,000 shirts.

    Now get off your arse, and sign a big name player.

  74. ethangunner


    do you really believe PHW ?

    one minute he doesn’t want a yanks money .. the next minute he wants him sitting next to him on the board !
    one minute he demands player loyalty , and says outrageous things like he cannot count loyal players @ AFC on 1 hand !! – morale inspiring or what ?
    He’s lost it !!! old fool !

    you know the thing that gets me is years ago , i was in a similar debate with
    club spending being the issue and i read somewhere PHW was quoted saying …

    wenger is a dream manager , he very seldom spends any money on transfers ,
    he in fact more often than not yields us a return every year .. ever since i read that i always thought he was a tight ass !

    If i was a manager i would come to expect it too !!! 🙂

    but i love the club and want it to do well so i can be a hypocrite and say spend until the coffers are dry 🙂

    PS: lets not even get into talking about DD , who saw us slipping years ago ..
    tried to do something about it and was ousted !!!!
    and guess what??! he was right wasnt he !?

  75. Big Raddy

    We have a new medical team don’t we? Let’s hope they do a better job than Lewin etc.

    Our boys fall over and strain something every week. Our injury situation is totally unacceptable. It shows that our fitness coaches are hopeless. Ship them out.

    And while we are at it, bring in a top defensive coach.

  76. charybdis1966

    Catford – I also hate it when he talks about a returning player being like a new signing. That’s because he subconciously knows that all us goons have forgotten what having a ready(for the first 11) made signing is like and we’ll grasp anything that’ll make us think our squad is not looking thinner than posh spices profile.

    Like Geoff, I have a dark side to me that wants us to get beat in the away leg so that it gives Wenger and/or whoever is responsible for transfers, a swift kick in the cajones.

    Finally, that pic on Arse.com where Wenger inexplicably tells us “we have a big squad at home” is annoying to the point of being provocative. What the hell is the point of telling us we have a big squad at home injured, why the hell is that going to help us out in Holland FFS ?! An outsider might think Wenger’s beyond the popint of caring how it looks and he’s laughing himsel.f silly at the thought of how many “gems he has unearthed”if we do scrape through the qualifiers.

    It’s a enough to make you want to follow some crappy version of sport instead, like the Olympics.

  77. ethangunner

    you know another problem BR- pat

    is that wenger likes to put players in new positions !
    whats the term used ? add another string to their bow !?!

    fuck that ! sagna is a great right back ! get the players to fill the positions !
    dont mize and try and adapt a player .. get one who is ACE at the position your trying to fill…. (certain other teams are winning the league by doing it ! )
    soon eboue will have played every position bar – goalie !

    whats the point ???

    thats the reason ive been saying denilson for weeks ..
    because he is really the only TRUE DM we have left since bert left ..
    diaby was an attacking central midfield player …

    oh and song !!!! song started his career with us as DM also !
    but he might be one who can adapt ! to CD !

    he adapted toure !!! he is the only player who was a success in the past 5 years

    my feeling is since johan has come good partner him with gallas and maybe bring toure along side cesc ..
    well thats if there all ever fit at the same time again


  78. Big Raddy

    I don’t want to harp on, but Eboue is exactly the problem. The fact that he is in the squad means that when we are short due to injuries, he gets a game. Would he play for MU or the Chavs? Of course not.

    We need to get rid of twats like him. And the others who will obviously not be fine players. Let’s face it, if they do develop they fuck off anyway (thanks, Flamster)

  79. ethangunner


    dead right cull the dead wood !

    senderos ! eboue diaby hoyte ..
    those youngsters who have got older but failed to dislodge
    the more experienced players .. as wenger obviously thought they would !

    if you got rid of 3 or 4 of them , you could bring in 2 prefect replacements
    too fill the voids …

    fuck its too simple thou isnt it !!!

  80. goonermichael

    How do our players get injured so much. Nasri came out at the members day (I think) then left straight away. now he’s out for tomorrow. Why does “a couple of days” always end up being weeks or months? I’m worried about tomorrow. Twente are no mugs. If we were to go out then all the savings we’ve made on tranfers will be out the window and we’ll have a really thin squad. And I’ve got a £100 bet we’ll finish above the bindippers.

  81. patthegooner

    Yeah we play Eboue on the Right, and Man Ure look at bringing in Silva to solve their RM problem. Fuck me imagine that Ronaldo one side and Silva the other

    Thank fuck he wants to stay in Spain.

    Just out of interest I wonder how much we potentially lost in Marketing due to the fact that we dont really have a big world wide name at the club? It must be quite a bit. I am not saying Big Name Players guarantee you silverware, but for me the odds are more in favour of it than players like Bischoff and they make you money.

  82. choy

    GM.. he is the shining beacon …

    but the fear is that he will fuck off if he has to endure one more painful year trophyless…… playing with team mates such as hoyte eboue diaby denilson.. when he can join the likes of messi eto henry…………

  83. goonermichael

    I hope that’s not the case. I think we may end up going through a period in the wilderness (which will make us dream of the top 4) if that happens.

  84. ethangunner


    i think a big named player pay for themselves ..
    especially as wengers trend is to never lose money on a player (a la PV04) TH14
    even freddie ! – sell them prior to them devaluing ! yes wenger ive worked you out ! 🙂

    only person i think wenger lost money on was reyes , and that was the start of
    players telling the club i want a move ! wenger started it !!!! jeffers etc too .. but he has more than made up for it with anelka – overmars .. the list of money he has made well outweighs the negatives …

    thats why i cant stand any AKB saying oh we will end up like leeds with your thinking Ethan !
    fuck me ! arsene NEVER loses money on a signing ! how can you fail when wenger sells them prior to them slipping below what he paid for them ?!

    all the time TH14 shirts are cranked out and selling like hot cakes ..

    lets see how well he will move the eboue ones 🙂

  85. ethangunner


    agreed !

    we have one .. and i bet you if someone could find figures for shirt sales
    we would have a better answer ..
    .. but it falls away pretty drastically after cesc thou GM wouldnt you agree ?

    man U or chevski have a bit of choice … dont you think ?

  86. ethangunner


    i think theres only 3 ever made …
    he bought 2 of them and his mum got the other one 🙂

    isnt that right geoff ?

  87. goonermichael

    I totally agree. I remember going to france a while back and seeing a lot of Henry and Pires shirts. Cesc is the only one of that calibre (namewise)

  88. ethangunner

    RE :hoyte

    sounds like a take it or leave it offer for wenger to mull over !
    if you read what boros owners have to say its almost like we’ve put a bid in either they accept it or they dont …

    but wenger has hinted several times OH THERES NO OFFER FOR HOYTE YET !

    its like wenger is doing a bit of free advertising ‘ hoyte for sale ‘

    yes im 90 % sure hoyte will be still in red and white next season
    boros red and white 🙂

  89. patthegooner


    I dont think Cesc is a big name globally. Sure we see his talent in the premiership but he is still someone that is building his reputation.

    However i bet Cesc Shirts are probably double his nearest competition in sales. In fact it would not surprise me if some Ex-players are ahead of the current crop

  90. Odub

    Just got in and seen Steve Gibson (Boro chairman) say theyve made a bid for J Hoyte but havent heard from Arsenal!!

    And what do we do?

    We take him to tomorrow’s game!!

    WTF for?

    We’ve got Sagna and Eboue havent we?! But hey it makes it look like we’ve got a big squad doesnt iy?!

  91. Paulinho

    I always get the impression Wenger loves reeling off injury lists. The way he mentioned Rosicky in the list as well, with all us already knowing he is a quadroplegic, just adds to the feeling that Wenger gets some perverse rush from being ‘a little bit short’ and ‘lacking a little bit experience’.

    This game could make or break Ramsay and co.

    I’m banking on break.

  92. Odub

    Who was it that said yesterday that Ramsey wouldnt be used that much this season?

    He plays tomorrow, in a game that could net us a fair bit of dosh (10-20 mill anyone?)and seeing as Cesc will miss WBA, i bet he plays on saturday!!

    Goody gumdrops!

  93. patthegooner

    I know some AKB will be looking on and saying well how can you moan about not buying enough players and then say that Hoyte should be sold within the same post.

    Well Hoyte is a strange one for me, He can only play RB but whenever Sagna has been out, has Justin got a game, Has he fuck

    We would play Toure and Eboue there before giving him the role. So for me he is an unnecessary burden on the wage bill. I would rather use that allocation towards players who can play in positions we do need.

    As a person I like Hoyte but come on, he is 23 now, he is not going to develop a lot more and even when he does it will not be Arsenal Quality. He has finished his Arsenal Apprenticeship and he is now like a student who continues to flunk his final year so keeps repeating it.

    The move to Boro will be the best thing that can happen to him. Regular games and hopefully a crowd that will appreciate him playing their level of football

  94. Bren

    No signings worthy of the club, and our status in the premiership and Europe.

    A fu-king disgrace.

    Tonight could be the start of a horrible season.

    The injury list is less than encouraging. In a funny way it may shake AW in action if we get turned over tonight which is very possible.

  95. dennisdamenace

    I’d like to change my earlier prediction from 4-0 to The Arse to 0-0 or possibly even 1-0 to the oppo’, and do you know what, Wenger will reap what he fucking sows by not learning from last season…………

  96. dennisdamenace

    Last year’s first team squad was crap compared to the Highbury teams, and this one’s even worse than last year!

  97. Odub

    DDM somehow i hope we struggle tomorrow so he pulls his finger out and gets reinforcements in. And we win the return leg.

    The squad at the mo is a fucking joke!!

    How can you explain Randall, Gibbs and Hoyte making the flight to twente?!!

  98. jules

    evening all

    . well the season has, nt started and cesc, diaby , kolo , senderos and nasri are all out of a champions league game , need i mention rosicky .
    so in we go with denilson who i don,t think is good enough and ramsey though promising has never player a premier let alone c l game .


    Geoff , a part of me is with you in that i alomost would,nt mind going out just to hammer home the point .


  99. dennisdamenace

    Never gonna happen Odub, Wenger will never admit that his darlings weren’t quite good enough we’re stuck with the same old crap, because he’s under no pressure to change.