This guy is the headcase we need / Song, is he the CB?

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So mad, he even attacks his own shirt...

So mad, he even attacks his own shirt...

So after seeing that clip on Cana yesterday I’m convinced he’s what we need, tougher and more determined than Barry, Veloso, De La Red and Alonso, I’ve re thought, we don’t need skill in there, we have that in abundance, what we need is a nutter, someone who wins tackles like he does, heads the ball like he does and has a pathological desperation to win the ball, he’s the one, I have totally changed my mind.

Stuart Robson, the Richard Keys of Arsenal TV got his come uppance yesterday, a fan said,

‘How can you be a pundit when you said last week you’re not an Arsenal fan?’

Robson wanted to die! Then this guy said what happens when West Ham get their own channel, will you go there then? Ha, ha, ha! Robson then went onto say that maybe Wenger’s not after a centerback because he thinks he has that already in Song, interesting.

His choice for defensive midfield was Inler.

Gibbs last night looked every bit as good as Traore, he played at left back and was very, very impressive, as was Wilshere, Ramsey, Simpson, Barazite, Walcott, Vela, Watt and Djourou.

Theo should be used as a winger, like Bobby, instinctive with a shot, he’s too small to lead the line, but will be an awesome winger, him right and Nasri left. We are again being linked with Robert Green, I have to say I really like Fabianski, but he’s way too young to be a first choice keeper, Green wouldn’t settle for being second string so unless he (or Given) was brought in as numero uno, then I would keep what we have, Mannone is just not good enough.

I still think we need a centre back, Djourou will make it and if Phil cuts out his wild lashes he might make it as well, but we still ship too many goals for my liking, Wenger needs to bring in a defensive coach and listen to him, we have a need for a big sod like Vidic, either that or bring in Cana to stop them getting that far, or at least make them fear getting that far.

The boss has already said he won’t take the Carling cup seriously, well I don’t see the point in keep blooding the youngsters only to see them lose at the final hurdle, it’s not a pissing contest is it, I mean what are we saying, our kids are better than yours? What does that prove?

For me we should want to win everything we go in for, the spuds winning the Carling last year was a joke, that was ours to lose and we of course, did, I would sooner go out in the first game than suffer that humiliation again, same with the FA Cup, but again, I see no reason we can’t go for them all, like the chavs and the mancs do.

I’m not sure what last night achieved, save our youth team beat Huddersfield, and your point is? We should have played more first teamers.

Tomorrow will see the emergence of the first eleven with Cesc back to orchestrate proceedings, let’s just hope we avoid injuries and beat Ajax, after all FC Twenty beat them to set up the match with us, so it will serve as a benchmark if nothing else.

Have a great day today Grovers, tomorrow we dine in hell.

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  1. Pierre

    look at this quote, is this textbook AKB? (from online gooner)

    “Diarra, Flamini and Gilberto have left since last season, none has been replaced by an experienced, proven ball winner” but before they came none were “experienced” apart from Gilberto but even he didnt have any experience playing in Europe. I have faith in Arsene with whatever he thinks is right. If he finds the right player he will buy him, if he thinks Diaby is good enough so do I.”

  2. Pierre

    thats the sort of posts you get on other bloggs, as different from le grove as a mixed grill is fron a quorn lynda mccartney lezzie burger! (le grove bring the mixed grill of course)

  3. DB10

    Arsene Wenger is class but it’s annoying when people think he can’t make a mistake cos he has made plenty.

    “If he thinks Diaby is good enough so do I” Why not make your own mind up and have a fucking opinion! lol

  4. Jason

    I liked this – ACLF

    ‘For me success is measured in steady uninterrupted progress. That’s what we’ve seen in the last 3 seasons. That’s what I hope to see unbroken this season.

    So if we won the FA cup, finished 2nd in the league with no collapse in the spring like the last 2 seasons, and reached at least the QF, preferably the SF of the CL — for me that would be progress.’

    Like a person who can run a mile in 20minutes thinks they are a success if they can run it the next month in 19minutes 59 seconds.

    If your idea of success is marginal improvement every year, you are not a very ambitous person.

    First is everything, second is nothing.

  5. El Tel

    AW is already telling us he is going to make a fuck up by saying he needs an experienced Midfielder and then not getting one.

    This man is really Mystic Meg isn’t he.

  6. Jason

    El Tel, I think he will purchase, but I don’t believe it will be Liverpools Spanish general.

    It can’t be an unknown either, he needs experience.

    I don’t think anyone in the premiership has what it takes? Well, within price range.

  7. El Tel

    Our great Manager 🙂 thinks we are all fools for listening to his excuses before they happen. If he thinks we can’t win the lot he shouldn’t be there.

    Make it work Wenger or give someone else a chance to do so.

  8. Pierre

    Amsterdam tournament starts tomorrow, lets sign somebody before then! or at least, before next wednesday when we face mcclowns men in CL qualifier.

  9. choy

    while making a profit el tel? i don’t think anyone else can do that!!

    but having said that arsene is not a manager..

    he is an accountant for AFC first and then a manager!!!

  10. El Tel


    You are right buddy but we are not skint mate, we should be able to buy anyone. When you go into the ground it looks sensational and when working there this weekend I saw awe in the faces of people coming in and heard comments like Wow and this Stadium is the best.

    Not all these people are Gooners either. We have the best Stadium and it needs a soul

  11. Mark C

    Just saw Villa are after Young from Boro for about 4 mill

    They can have Hoyte for 3.5 mill and a bag of chips.

    Wenger do the deal.

  12. Matt

    I wonder how many sites that are reporting on Cana today are off the back of you guys discussing it yesterday and today? 😉

  13. dennisdamenace

    Greetings from the land o’ free beer…………

    Benayoun’s off is he, Benitez is becoming more of a clown the more money he’s given…..

  14. david

    Another signing…….Jonas Rasmussen has signed pro forms with Arsenal.
    The 17 year-old Danish winger has signed a long-term contract with the Gunners after joining the club’s academy setup last year

  15. Odub


    There’s life out there after all!!!

    And you bring news of a signing…. well sort of!!

    Again I repeat, I have a feeling AW’s not buying anyone else.

  16. ReVELAtion

    Afternoon all…

    The Cana link started way back in June after someone had edited his Wikpedia page.. The media got wind of it, but it died pretty quickly… The rumour mill started on BBc’sd 606 website…

    I’ve seen cana a few times and he’s an animal… Known as The Legionaire by supporters.. He can also play and is the foil in CM Cesc needs…

    We don’t play with a DM (why do half of you keep going on about 1) and he is a CM destroyer type that’ll allow Cesc to play his natural game…

    The reason Flamini had such an impact and has become the hardest to replace… cesc took all the plaudits, but Flamini’s work didn’t go unotcied by the fans. It’s the reason why we are fretting so much over a replacement and a little peeved he didn’t see fit to stay…

    Alonso, Barry & Moutinho are non starters… They don’t compliment Cesc as they are of equal folly in certain aspects…

    Veluso & Inler are also my other top candidates after Cana…

    And with cana mooted around the 6-9m mark.. It has Wenger written all over it!

    Geoff lol @ the 15 euro all u can drink post 😀

  17. david

    Not much life anywhere Odub …
    Fenebache don’t want Alonso… Gerrard injured so they might keep Alonso…Benayoun could fund Barry deal… Middles want Hoyte to replace Young…

  18. chris

    Liverpool’s Xabi Alonso has been linked with the Turkish giants Fenerbahce ever since his transfer to Juventus fell through over a month ago.

    It was widely reported that his ex-international coach Luis Aragones wanted him to join him in Turkey and were involved in talks with Liverpool, but today Fenerbahce have decided to set the record straight.

    They totally reject that they have been in any negotiations with Liverpool for the midfielder, and slammed all the rumours as just media speculation.

    The statement read: “For a while now, there are reports in the press saying our club is after Xabi Alonso and that even a deal has been reached upon his transfer,” it said.

    “Today, a lot of newspapers published news that we were negotiating with Liverpool and that we had a tactical strategy of bargaining. These reports are not true. Our club has no intention on transferring Xabi Alonso.”

  19. ethangunner


    “After that, the FA Cup, but we will never go seriously for the Carling Cup, again this year we will have the same philosophy on the Carling Cup.

  20. Odub

    Just seen it mate. Cheers.

    Out next year, looks good doesnt it?!

    Nothing happening in the world of the Arse, other than more signings for kindergarten dept!

  21. gazzap

    Liverpool are stupid. Benayoun is a better player than Barry. I thought Banyoun had a fantastic season for Pool, so why would they sell him to get Barry? Rafa must really rate Barry. Good for us!!

    I read the quote from Cana that said he wants out of Marseille. and for £6m to get a hard man like that would be a top piece of business. I wonder if wily wenger can pull this one off? we all know how much wenger likes to deal this French clubs!

  22. Gooner07


    Bang on mate.

    If we don’t get Cana, Real or Milan would. Couldn’t be more arsed about the ignorant bunch. They can’t distinguish a hinny from an equine.

  23. El Tel


    Very funny about the pen taker for Fulham but the trick is this guy could earn them an extra couple of pens this season with his diving.

  24. Geoff

    Nice picture choy, it looks like he’s carrying Nasri!

    ReVELAtion you’re the only person that spotted I was a real brit abroad, cheers mate!

  25. Odub

    I keep losing my connection on wi-fi on this poxy train I’m travelling on! How shit are these things?!!!!

    So do we now think we’ve got no chance of getting either Barry or Alonso?

    Hate to say it but I doubt we were ever even considering them! I’m sure there’s an equivalent teenager knocking about somewhere, ah yes….Ramsey!

  26. Pedro

    If we signed him, we could write headlines like…

    I cana believe he scored that goal…
    Lorik opens a cana whoop ass on the Chavs
    something to do with Canapé’s…

    It would be a pun fest!

    Lets be honest though… he will never sign someone we suggest!

  27. dennisdamenace

    A Big club like us reduced to hoping that a bunch of youngsters will come good for us, every fucking year, what was the reason for leaving Highbury again???

  28. El Tel


    Do you think spending 13 Mill on the pen taker is good value mate, I would not get excited about having him in our squad.

  29. Pedro

    El Tel, he is very quick and he can finish… he is good for 18 goals a year, which is much better than they have now.

    £10.8 mill is steep though…

  30. El Tel

    Funny Pedro

    I was thinking along them lines too. Cana have 120 K per week Boss Cana Cana.

    Sounds like the whinno one when he speaks shit.

  31. Odub

    El Tel,

    Johnson’s never been anymore than an average epl striker, he’s moved from a half decent outfit to a team that’s going to be fighting relegation. Says a lot about how good he is doesnt it.

    And before anyone starts saying he’s and England international…. so are Darren bent, Jermaine Jenas and Wes brown! Nuff said.

  32. El Tel


    Be honest buddy would Johnson make you feel happy. He reminds me of the red haired one who fucked over the Shammers.

  33. Odub


    You havent seen the folks I hang around with!!! I wouldnt touch them full stop!!! Even a hand shake is out of the question!! 😉

  34. El Tel

    We have Englands best player since Gazza, how ironic would that be when Jack becomes an England regular in 2009. He will be sold to Real for 200 Mill and the winker will be thrown in as PX

  35. Pedro

    I wouldn’t want him at Arsenal, but I’d be pleased with him if I was a fulham fan… anything beats Brian McBride!

    El Tel, I reckon Ade will be worth £30mill by the end of this year…!

  36. Pedro

    El Tel, the great thing about Wilshire is I think he is a gooner… so we probably wont get too much of the ‘It is my dream to play for…’.

    English players are too dim to pick up a second language!

  37. El Tel

    When I saw Cesc first play I said I thought he was the best kid I have seen for us since Brady.

    Aftyer seeing Jack Willshere I said I think he will be better than Cesc. Lets hope he keeps his feet on the ground and mixes with the likes of Theo instead of the likes of Pennant.

  38. Odub

    lol Pedro!!

    I think that’s the point I was trying to make yesterday,english players are happy playing for a top 4 team here (apart from the cnut brigade – cashley and bentley honorary members) as oppossed to travelling the continent.

  39. Gooner07

    Actually I think Theo is Pennant with pace. Speaking of Wilshere, now he could be some player. Brady-esque indeed.

  40. Pedro

    El Tel, I think when you have his talent, you can go to any club in the country… I am pretty sure that coming from Luton, he is a gooner… who else would a boy of 16 support! At ten, we were the best around for him!

  41. charybdis1966

    I first heard about Cesc from Justin’s dad – he said he recknoed he wouild be fast tracked into the first team after he saw him play in the reserves.

    All the other kids in the reserves called him Cesc even back then.

    The plonker commentator in the game where he scored his first goal called him “Fabrice Fabregas” – must have been Richard Keys.

  42. El Tel


    Honestly mate I saw Cesc strutting around the park mugging so called Pro players and making things look so easy. We all know now what the lad is about. I think Jack is on a par if not better, maybe because Jack plays a bit further forward than Cesc and makes things happen in dangerous places. He always finds space isn’t fazed as we saw against Real with that fantastic skill down the wing. And he does track back.

    I meant off the field regarding Theo and Pennant as I agree on the pitch Theo is a fast version of Pennant.

  43. El Tel

    It would be a crying shame if Jack was to turn out like the muppet Gazza and even the King of Chavs Rooney. Would be nice to see him behave like DB10 or Th14 even.

  44. El Tel


    Cesc looked like he had played for years when he first started and Wenger got rid of PV4 knowing what Cesc could do. Yes they are different styles but PV4 maybe was causing problems. It was him who advised Cuntley to take the cash.

  45. charybdis1966

    pennant unfortunately had all the worst apsects of being a big time charley. couldn’t be bothered to woek on his skills and look after himself physically – he’d rather party all the time and persistently get involved in drink driving. That’s a good way to further your career Jermaine.

  46. Odub

    Chaps I’m about to pull into KingsX, have a good one and we’ll reconviene in the morning!!!

    ENJOY!! 🙂

  47. Gooner07

    I got peeved reading/listening to that muppet bentley hyping up Gascoigne, and also the press keep doing about rooney, the fucking pikey! When the true underrated genius of English football was le tissier in gazza era. Or even Scholes of the later generation. And I think Wilshere is like the aforementioned players, who are technically brilliant, and hopefully be loyal to the club. English team is a lottery, it’s all about the impact. Very few players of good ability have

  48. Gooner07

    I got peeved reading/listening to that muppet bentley hyping up Gascoigne, and also the press keep doing about rooney, the fucking pikey! When the true underrated genius of English football was le tissier in gazza era. Or even Scholes of the later generation. And I think Wilshere is like the aforementioned players, who are technically brilliant, and hopefully be loyal to the club. English team is a lottery, it’s all about the impact. Very few players of good ability have done the job at international level. Actually, couldn’t be arsed if jack fails for the national side. He looks to be an Englishman born for Wengerball.

  49. charybdis1966

    Hope you waved at Le Grove as the train went past, Odub.

    I took that journey while they were building it and I saw it take shape from 2004 onwards. Still miss Highbury and I will do for some time.

  50. david

    I thought Jack came from Stevenage, same as Lewis Hamilton..
    Stevenage is mainly Arsenal as most of the residents came out of Noth london in the fifties and sixties..

  51. Goonerman

    Went to the Armoury today bought a real smooth Polo shirt with an Arsenal cannon on the front for £25. Went to the car and got a f…g £60 parking ticket. I paid £2 for a parking ticket but parked the car on the wrong side of the road. I had it on a Residential bay rather than on the other side of the road where the ticket machine was. Bastards!!

    Saw the Parking Attendant slap on the ticket and asked him if he had to give me a ticket, as he had seen that I had paid and displayed. ‘ I am only doing my job’ the c…nt says. I told him he should act like a Human being and to get a life.


    Expensive Arsenal Polo Shirt!!

  52. choy

    since its atlmost friday.. and i am shit bored .. and we ain’t signing or selling nobody.. here’s a stupid joke:

    This fellow is looking to buy a saw to cut down some trees in his back yard. He goes to a chainsaw shop and asks about various chainsaws. The dealer tells him, “Look, I have a lot of models, but why don’t you save yourself a lot of time and aggravation and get the top-of-the-line model. This chainsaw will cut a hundred cords of wood for you in one day.”

    So, the man takes the chainsaw home and begins working on the trees. After cutting for several hours and only cutting two cords, he decides to quit. He thinks there is something wrong with the chainsaw. “How can I cut for hours and only cut two cords?” the man asks himself. “I will begin first thing in the morning and cut all day,” the man tells himself. So, the next morning the man gets up at 4 am in the morning and cuts and cuts, and cuts till nightfall, and still he only manages to cut five cords.

    The man is convinced this is a bad saw. “The dealer told me it would cut one hundred cords of wood in a day, no problem. I will take this saw back to the dealer,” the man says to himself.

    The very next day the man brings the saw back to the dealer and explains the problem. The dealer, baffled by the man’s claim, removes the chainsaw from the case. The dealer says, “Hmm, it looks fine.”

    Then the dealer starts the chainsaw, to which the man responds, “What’s that noise?

  53. Luca

    That cana bloke is a right fruitcake, exactly what we need, someone fucking mental , big, strong and would take no shit….cmon arsene stop playing your your bollocks and sign him !

  54. gooner32

    we need experience fuck all these fringe players no good lets stop pretending and go and got quality or another season of no joy maybe the mickey mouse cup with the kids ? i am a season ticket holder and have been for years let shut up everyone buy 1 qaulity midfielder and a defender and watch us go !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. david

    Benitez has just stated he dosn’t want to sell Kuyt or Benayoun, but never mentioned Alonso..
    Fenebache have stated they don’t want Alonso..
    So where is Alonso heading??

  56. thor

    Imagine this guy protecting Cesc and Nasri! He’s all testosterone! Every single supporter world wide will hate him! Haha, bring him on, Wenger!

  57. Avendesorax

    What a great looking player, take no prisoners, clean everything out, the ball, the man, the turf, goal posts!!!

    Love it!!!!!!!

  58. Pedro

    … and Pedro bags the 400! Woooo Hoooo!

    Choy, you mean he could be a cana madness…?

    If only we were all in charge of Arsenal eh?

  59. Geoff

    I don’t drink red wine, it erases my memory, makes me aggressive and I fall asleep in restaurants, two bottles of red does me I’m afraid, I Cana do anything after drinking it!

  60. Naidra

    I think Cana is the best choice in the market. Experienced, cheap and perfect ballwiner.
    A ty insidealbania robt ku i ki ti qifsha.

  61. ReVELAtion

    in answer to an earlier question Jack Wilshire is a chelsea fan, hence why some silly website made up the 30k a week pro contract when he turns 17 story… Anyone with any sense would have laughed that off…

  62. bradley

    bollocks to cana. how many of those tackles were worse than ‘tiny’s on eduardo. the guy should be playing a different sport and i’m not even sure it involves a ball. give me flamini over that guy, any day of the week. you really think we could get him? for cheap? from MARSEILLE, who were dickheads over nasri, who we stole flamini from, and who are captained by this player?

    forget cana. good thing too, imho.

  63. jlp

    nice read fellas .I kinda on the fence on this Cana thing..

    he isn’t as good as all the other players we have been linked to but he definitely has more of a ‘thug’ vibe to him and as stated we have been missing that .

    i have only seen him a few times and nothing stood out but he does his job not much more(from what i saw) but at least he does his job.

    Perhaps they should bring him in if only to scare the shit outta eboue in training

  64. ethangunner

    unlike some clubs who cant keep there players ! (us)

    some clubs get tough,and get results ..

    ‘Cristiano Ronaldo says he will stay at Manchester United for one more year.’

    i suppose thats the difference between winning something and not ..
    you can create leverage if you are a winning club .. its a bargaining chip.
    a motivation for any club to say WHY LEAVE ? we are winners ..

    that is why we need to get back to winning ways .. or cesc will be leaving on the lemon
    express , speaking of which Valencia are resigning villa on a long term deal !

    seems like we missed that train also ! oh joy .. we have ade thou ! right ??!

  65. ethangunner

    just some news flashes ..

    West Ham are poised to sign French defender Gael Givet.-where were you on that one arsene ?

    Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson is ready to give up on signing Dimitar Berbatov.

    Didier Drogba will stay at Chelsea because nobody wants to sign him.

    Spartak Moscow striker Quincy Owusu-Abeyie has agreed a season-long loan deal at Birmingham.

    Harry Redknapp has been told he must offload some of Portsmouth’s highly-paid players before he can make any more signings.

    Andrei Arshavin has gone on strike and refused to play in a cup tie for Zenit St Petersburg in a simmering dispute that seems to have left Tottenham’s hopes of signing him in tatters.

    Manchester City boss Mark Hughes has brushed aside speculation that Thaksin Shinawatra is poised to sell his stake in the club.

    hmmm wonder why ?!
    hahaha ! for those that dont know taksin put land in his wifes name and then paid naff all for it .fraud claims . the court the other day in thailand sentenced his wife to a minimum 3 year jail term … even if england harour a criminal .. it seems he was stupid enough to let his wife be the fall guy/girl .. the way it works in thailand however is if you have the money and pay silly amounts she wont have to do the time .. but the guy must need cash !… or she will be in the can ! the cana 🙂

    it also looks like robinho is going to make the move to chevski !

    everything else is quiet .. so lets hope arsene is tip toeing around making a last minute deal …

  66. PolishGoon

    You’ve just heard of him, eh?
    I watch like 6 leagues, so I’ve known who this fellow was when he still played for PSG 3-4 seasons ago.

    I’ve ALWAYS wanted this ALbanian nutcase to join Arsenal. He is NOT a dirty play, but a very determined, tough-tackling, engine in the midfield.

    He hasn’t gotten a red card for 2 years now, or at least I can’t recall any incident.

    I would love CR to be going up against Cana.

    And he does have a good range of passing, a powerful shot, and some skill on the ball.

    Please Arsene, get him!
    I think we’ll see another transfer in late August, to tell you the truth.

    Anyone doubting cana’s ability needs to take their head out of their ass. A simple YouTube clip doesn’t show what he’s actually like.

    If anything, this guy is more of a “Gattuso” than Flamini, judging by the rough tackling.

    We should go for it. Every OM player we’ve had has been great/good for us.

    Nasri(soon to be, hopefully)

    Today, we play Ajax, who have good ole Bergkamp as their assistant manager.

    3-1 to the Arse

    3-2 if J. Hoyte plays(hehe)

  67. seb

    Just something I checked a minute ago, Cana HAS been sent off in Ligue 1, three times actually, all playing for PSG. Here are his stats, the numbers are Games, Goals, Yellows, Reds:

    2007/2008 Olympique de Marseille Ligue 1 34 2 11 0
    2006/2007 Olympique de Marseille Ligue 1 33 2 8 0
    2005/2006 Olympique de Marseille Ligue 1 28 1 13 0
    2005/2006 Paris Saint-Germain Ligue 1 2 0 2 0
    2004/2005 Paris Saint-Germain Ligue 1 32 1 10 1
    2003/2004 Paris Saint-Germain Ligue 1 32 1 11 2
    2002/2003 Paris Saint-Germain Ligue 1 3 0 1 0

    So basically the guy collects bookings for a hobby, how none of those 32 yellows at l’OM never turned into a red is beyond me, but it’s only a matter of time.

    Seems we are genuinely in for Inler, this link is in German but it has his agent saying that he has met AW and had a very positive conversation…

  68. PolishGoon

    Seb, I’m new to this site.

    You’re awesome.ha

    Thanks for the link.

    Inler was my #2 choice. You watch Serie A? Wenger should have bid the 15 million for Zapata. Guy is 21, rock solid- A more athletic version of Vidic.