Star signs / Moutinho rumours persist / Why Hoyte?

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First of all the good news, Traore extends his contract, a good bit of news for a talented young star of the future, well done Armand!

The stories of us going after Moutinho are getting stronger but the reasons for it bother me,

‘Without the funds to pay for Sporting’s Miguel Veloso, Arsenal are to study other options, with Moutinho topping the list.’

This was a direct quote from one of the sites I read today but why on earth did I bother to write a piece yesterday if these people can’t be arsed to read it? The quote goes on to say we can’t afford Veloso because we already spent the money on Nasri, no we didn’t moron, that was the Hleb money, we still have the £25 million left, plus all the money from the sell-ons, less the money spent on Ramsey, why can’t these people do a little research? It doesn’t take much does it?

For that reason I still believe we’ll sign either Veloso or Barry, why the scousers haven’t signed him is beyond me, do they want him or don’t they? if they don’t why don’t we move for him?

This is the bit where in October, Wenger will tell us he almost signed him and didn’t, if you almost sign someone it means you wanted them, we need someone so if it’s one of them,  for gods sake sign them now.

I can’t see the point in taking all the kids tonight, what will we learn? given this was a Herbert Chapman ‘thank you’ game we should have at least taken the first team, and if it is so close to the Amsterdam tournament, we should have played it yesterday.

We are taking Justin Hoyte, for what? doesn’t he know by now the lad will never make it at Arsenal, it must be humiliating for the poor sod, being taken up there with the hopefuls, I just don’t see the point.

Good to see Barazite getting a chance, for me Barazite should be getting a squad number. Sadly no Merida, I wonder where he is?

So a night in front of the laptop watching the kids again, still could be worse, why don’t England play all their worthless friendlies in the off season, that way it wouldn’t interfere with the real season.

It was a rhetorical question before any AKB jumps on that one, and talking of AKB’s, we had just the one yesterday and one scouser, I think they must do one of three things – 1) they get fed up, 2) they go back to school or 3) they read the blog and realise that most of what we all say here makes sense, what do you think?

Have a fun day and enjoy the game tonight.

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  1. dennisdamenace

    Pedro – I’m not a PC monkey, i work on the big number crunching (Mainframe/Unix) boxes that big banks use, but can you reboot in Safe Mode?

    If not, reboot from the Windows CD, and that should start you pc, then you can backup your data………

  2. rico01

    choy – do you read into that, one is almost signed?

    He says if everyone is fit at the beginning of the season then we will be ok, but on, he says Thomas not until Sept and Dud – November – possibly..


  3. rico01

    It certainly does, the most positve he has been for a while…. Maybe old Fizzy is bust at the moment and all will be revealed later, or tomorrow morning, before Amsterdam. Would that not just brighten our weekend up a bit…

    So the shining stars tonight, for me

    Little Jack of course

    The others will have to put up with just being very good

  4. Odub

    Cheers choy, as long as he didnt mention mental strength!!

    So I’m thinking this game tonight is basically a reserves and youth team combo. The big boys will be back for the Amsterdam tournament on friday.

    I’ll give it a miss then and wait for friday.

  5. chris

    regarding the pc issue,

    i mentioned it here a couple of months ago with sp3 update for xp, especilaly HP computers but also amd64 chips had issues as well,

  6. Gooner07

    johnm @ August 6, 2008 at 2:20 pm,

    Whoa! If we’re to sign Cana, we will be some force to be reckoned with! As I’ve been saying this forever, Cana/Toulalan are the possible choices. And, Cana is the most aggressive but bang on tackler, which is wahat we need!

  7. dennisdamenace

    Rico – I don’t wanna piss on your chips, but by ‘physically a little bit short’ he probably meant that they weren’t fit enough yet………….

  8. chris

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    When prompted, enter the Administrator’s password for that Windows installation.

    At the command prompt, type “Bootcfg /Rebuild” (without the quotes) and hit enter. Windows will then scan the hard drive, looking for valid Windows installs and startup information.

    The exact verbiage will depend on your setup, but after a few moments you’ll see a prompt that says something like:

    Total Identified Windows Installs: 1
    [1] C:Windows
    Add Installation To Boot List?

    Assuming the information you see is correct, enter “Y” for yes, and Bootcfg will start the process of rebuilding the boot list to include the indicated Windows installation. Along the way, it will repair most “Missing or corrupt HAL.DLL,” “Invalid Boot.Ini,” “Windows could not start…,” and similar errors.

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    But if you wish, or in cases where you suspect a problem with the boot sectors on the hard drive (as with problems in a dual- or multi-boot system that’s become unstable, or where a third-party boot manager may have run amok), you can run Fixboot from the command line (without any parameters) prior to exiting the Recovery Console. This will write a new partition boot sector to the default drive, undoing any changes caused by dual-, multi-, or third-party boot processes. (You can reactivate those alternate boot methods later if you wish, but running Fixboot now simplifies the boot process and removes nonessential boot variables, which in turn helps ensure that the repaired XP installation will have the best chance of successful booting.)

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  9. Patrick7

    Can you see them letting Cana go – he’s captain as well (ideal) – but we had enough trouble getting Nasri!

  10. charybdis1966

    Rico, I hope Wenger doesn’t mean if all are fit – NOT INCLUDING EDDY OR ROSICKNOTE – he won’t buy”.

    He shurely means we’ll get at least one more bod in.

  11. Gooner07

    I watch ligue1. I think after toulalan, he’s the most reliable CDM. And at CB, he also looks a complete natural!

  12. Odub

    Tom, I’d love for that to be true, but as previously stated, I have a feeling he aint buying anyone else. Also see the statement on today which more or less affirms that.

  13. Gooner07

    Everton can’t sign him (it’s a bit like their Moutinho chase, he’s already playing for a glamorous club that’s playing in UCL). We do it now, or he will probably go to Madrid/Juve/Milan/barca, or whichever place he opts to.

  14. insidealbania

    Geof and DDM
    RE: Cana is Albanian and plays for the national team, I wouldnt say he is the David Beckham here but he is not far off in terms of celebrity status. He is a very good player and will probably do well for us but I am not very sure of his attitude. Met him at a charity event here and he seemed full of himself but maybe at Arsenal he will now his place.
    Where did this rumor originate from???

  15. Arsenal Tom

    i think he will odub but i dont think it will be anyone in the press… there is no substance to this what so ever he didnt even say arsenal, or big club in england… dont get carried away lads

  16. Gooner07


    He’s just full of himself, as he considers himself as the king of the castle. He marries Keane’s bully to Cantona’s arrogance. LEt me just say I’m a big big fan of this player, and I think wherever he goes, taht team will do well defensively. He would be as important as Gattusso, and yet, he can also play CB, score incredible goals. Always fit, and ready for fight!

  17. Patrick7

    Shame – he reminded me of Peter Storey (legend) ! He’d have to modify a fair few of those tackles though in today’s atmosphere but animal’s about right! He’d intimidate Drogba!

  18. Geoff

    Buy him, he’s an animal, he can head the ball, win tackles, he’ll get a few reds, but I’d have him, he’s like Flamini on steroids!

  19. Gooner07

    Arsenal Tom,

    I have read an interview of him where he says he knows Wenger, and spoke to him about a possible switch. I’m 100% sure of reading it.

    Guys, we need winners. Tony Adams, Vieira were born winners and leaders. Maybe you will not like Cana’s style, but it works a great deal. Maybe more than roy keane I think. He’s a made of what you call as witches’ brew.

    Again, I say we sign him!

  20. Patrick7

    Gooner – the goals may be incredible but he only scores them about once a season says Wiki. Still to solidify the defence who cares?

  21. Arsenal Tom

    odub… my guess is 24 ish, will have played a few games and knows his job but not somone we’ll have been linked with.

    i also think he’ll pick up another kid/late deal (denilson/diarra deal) before the seasons done

    wishfull thinking i know but i still think we’re a fair bit off man u and chavski, so im hoping the boss agrees

  22. rico01

    dennis – you weren’ pissing on my chips old chap, i was taking the pee out out AW – he always says that kind of stuff!! 😉

    c1966 – he does sound as if he will get one at least – bloody hope so

  23. Gooner07


    Remember Wenger’s words on Vieira in Arsene’11 DVD: “He’s a winner”, and “he always wants to play even when he’s injured”. Cana is all that and much more in terms of his mental strength. He will take care of the squad, and will make Robbie savage or materazzi pee in their panties.

  24. rico01

    Guys – we have got to stop thinking that every decent player we have is going to bugger off – hleb and flamoney went, but what did they really do???

    Anelka apart, we had the best years of nearly all that have left to seek other dreams, and Anelka could have been as good as TH had he have stayed, and he has admitted he made a big mistake leaving us…

    Get the right players, win the trophies again, and players will want to stay.. 🙂

  25. Gooner07


    Yes. Martin tyler once commented after a Vieira goal, “he may not score that many goals, but whenever he does, they are usually very special”. I’m reminded of Cana too. 🙂 He has even scored with a bicycle kick, and has a Cantona celebration after that!

  26. Patrick7

    AW must know a lot about this guy Cana: he’s short of leadership, tough defence, attacking headers (in defence). positivity, not expensive, 25, very experienced…………………..

  27. Arsenal Tom

    this guy is fucking awesome tho, looks like someone sent mad jens into CM… reminds me of 5 a side in dagenham

  28. Gooner07

    His record in Ligue 1 is impeccable in terms of cards for a player of his type. He has NEVER been sent off!

    And yeah, I’m quite excited if there’s some talk of his departure. Wenger would be warming up his hands already. 6M?? 24?? that’s what experience is, as per Wenger.

  29. charybdis1966

    All this talk ofCana has me dreaming of a game where we line up agianst Bolton and we have Cana, Bentdner, Diaby, Adebayor, Senderos Toure lined up against them. All big/muscular guys.

    For once the Northern monkeys could forget about their bully boy tactics and we can figth fire with fire if necessary.

  30. dennisdamenace

    Chary – I’d love to come away from their patch with the 3 points and them complaing about our bully-boy tactics……….Northern Twats……..

  31. Pierre

    he looks good but where did this rumor come from, and how many free kicks can we afford to give away around the 18 yerd box with our current CB’s?

  32. Arsenal Tom


    its more specualtion i think mate cos the guy said he might leave, theres a link above to a small bit on the daily mail website

  33. charybdis1966

    DDM – it would’ve been good to be able to do that when Fat (Walrus-face) Sam was in charge there.
    Him whining about the Arse being “too physical” would have had me grinning ear to ear as Ilong to be able to dish out some of what we routinely take oop north.
    Same goes for the likes of Blackburn and the Manskumers when ole 65% proof nose tells his lot to put the boot in, e.g. the Ugly sisters hatchet job on JAR a few seasons back.

  34. charybdis1966

    Talking of being northern/twat/monkey I was in the McDonalds in Holloway road yesterday after members day when I heard some lancastrian voices behind me. Assuming they were toourists visitng the big smoke I thought nothing of it until I looked round and they were all goons – shirts and bags of purchases from the Armoury.

    Until then I always assumed any northerner would follow one of the many teams to choose from in their locality. I can only guess they’ve chosen to follow the Arse because of our playing style and possibly the lure of some of our stars, past and present.

  35. gunner_fever

    haha just playing around choy and yes ljungberg is a free agent now as a compensation fee of around 6mill was agreed between him and the club.

  36. dennisdamenace

    chary – I couldn’t agree more fella about Fat Sam and his talentless mob.

    And, as for what happened to JAR at ManUre beggers belief that they were permitted to get away with it, can you imagine his and Sky’s reaction if the same treatment were to be dished out to the Greasy Winker at THOF……….

  37. Pierre

    well I’m northern and I support Arsenal (and have done since the late 70’s) because every other c*nt in my class at school supported the bindippers, and I wanted to be different!

  38. charybdis1966

    DDM – those cnuts don’t even try hiding their bias for the Manskummers anymore as it’s so blatant and OTT.

    It’s one of those things that changes me from a reasonable human being to an angry git. The more these things happpen you wonder if the Premier league shouldn’t just hand over the trophy to ole 65% proof nose in August and be done with it.

    Andy Gray and the rest of his cronies would like that.

  39. dennisdamenace

    charry – My absolute no-mark fuckwit favourite on Sky is that hairy retard Richard Keys…………..if i saw him in the street i’d punch him straight on the nose, cunt.

  40. gunner_fever

    Emmanuel Adebayor found himself casted as a near pantomine villain after wanting
    parity with legendary gunner, Thierry Henry. The ‘will-he/ wont-he’ see-saw of emotions grew tiresome, and ‘Greedybayor’,’Adebyewhore’,’Cuntabayor’ chants surfaced in early pre-season games.

    Newspaper reports were premature in suggesting that all had been forgiven with his converted penalty against Real Madrid on Sunday in the Emirates Cup.

    What may be the first step in winning fans over again though, is his signature. The striker wanted a pay-rise, and early reports suggest he has received it. A new deal worth an estimated £80,000 per week may thwart any Catalan or Milanese efforts in chasing the target man.

    One Emirates insider told The Sun: “The length of the deal was important to both the club and to Manu. Everything was sorted out quickly.”

  41. david

    It makes you wonder if someone knew?

    FREDDIE LJUNGBERG has cost West Ham an incredible £500,000 per game.
    The ex-Arsenal star, 31, was released from his bumper £85,000-a-week contract today after just one season at Upton Park.

    He would have cost the Hammers almost £9million over the final two years of his contract.

  42. Arsenal Tom

    hoyte’s a stayer!!!

    The 23-year-old admits his disappointment over that reduction but accepts the quality of the man keeping him out of the side. So this term Hoyte’s policy will be a combination of hard work, patience and seizing his opportunities.

    “This season is a very important season for me,” admitted the England Under-21. “I did not feature much last season which was a big disappointment for me. So obviously I just want to play as many games as I can and hopefully I’ll do that.

    “But I know it is very tough. Bac has come in and done fantastically well. He is a great player. I just have to be very focussed in training and everything I do.

    “Then when I do get a chance I have to show the manager I am as good as Bac so I keep my place.”

  43. charybdis1966

    DDM – Keys fills the Alan Hansen role for SSN (aka ManUre sports). I won’t miss Hansen on Match of the day, all he ever does is run the Arse down and belittle all of our clubs acheivements while creaming himself off about how superb the Mankskumers are. Just what Keys does, really with more empahsis on negativity about us.

  44. LEON

    i feel wenger might look for someone to angcor the midfield just to keep it tiking over but it depends on injuries,we have risisky,nasri,diaby,delison,ramsy,randal,wiltshire,merida and so it depends on injuries so he might evon wate until january,we are desperate for players and we dont lack the quality just a bit in experience, but wenger will not go barry or alonso, i feel he will go for a less profile player versitle player that has great passing range and protect the defence, with wenger vast scouting network he should find someone for the right price 5-10. i kkepon reading we need cd but i feelwenger should give song and dijouro a chance before another defender,dijouro was on loan in january and then was injured so realy got chance to play and song did not play until march but looked very solid and when played at old traford he was excelant so feel he will play huge role this season, i realy dont think wenger is in rush to buy a player it all depend on injuries so it most likely he will waiteuntil janury market unless a bargin comes along

  45. gunner_fever

    The returns of Tomas Rosicky and Eduardo are in a “positive” situation according to Arsène Wenger.

    Although the Croatian striker has had the nastier injury — a fractured leg and open dislocation to his ankle suffered at Birmingham in late February — the Czech midfielder’s hamstring problem has kept him sidelined for longer. Rosicky was last seen in an Arsenal shirt when he limped off after 10 minutes against Newcastle on January 26.

    Both players continued their rehabilitation at Members’ Day on Tuesday. After their session, their manager seemed content with their progress.

    “The situation is positive for both players,” said Wenger. “We believe Tomas could be available in September and Eduardo maybe in November.

    “Also it was good for them to be back in this kind of atmosphere. The players enjoy a day like that.”

  46. Gooner07

    Lansbury will not make it. Randall too, I’m afriad.

    Theo is not good enough for Arsenal style, but he gives another option. Today, it’s been bloody mediocre!

  47. Gunnar

    Not sure what game Gooner7’s been watching. Theo’s looked clever, but it’s been tough because there’s nobody to hold the ball up front. Have to say Randall hasn’t impressed me much – keeps trying spectacular through balls when we just need to keep possession. Good practice this or the young’uns; Huddersfield have looked fit, very motivated and play at a high tempo.

  48. Geoff

    The two forwards are too small to play together, although they’re playing okay, Randall and Lansbury I have now seen on several occasions and I cannot see what Wenger sees in them, well not this year and certainly not ready for the Carling cup.

    The Hoyte bros not for me either but Gibbs, Wilshere and Ramsey look class.

    Fabianski and Djourou are doing okay, bit I would like to see Barazite on for Lansbury and Thomas on for Randall.

    I have to say Randall and Lansbury don’t offer us anything just now, it’s a pity because I’ve read great things about Lansbury.

  49. Gooner07

    Rico and Gunnar,

    Of course, I’m watching Theo shooting on the goal (one just wide, and other straight at goal keeper). I’m not picking on his shooting. But his general link-up, and passing has been poor. Even against league one side, he can’t pick the runs of other players. That’s really sad for the right winger in our team. But again when RVP, CEsc, and others play, they can of course pick him up. Today, he has to show that quality to involve players like Lansbury, etc. So far, every side pass of his has been poor!

  50. Geoff

    Gooner07 Lansbury’s on the right wing Theo’s up front, but you’re right the passing is shocking, from everyone.

  51. Gooner07

    “Gooner07 Lansbury’s on the right wing Theo’s up front, but you’re right the passing is shocking, from everyone.”

    I was referring his side pass attempts (from center to the wings like how our forwards play) to Lansbury. Agreed though about the passing being poor in general. And, also agree regarding Wilshire, and Ramsey.

  52. Odub

    The first half was a mishmash team, 2nd half the kids, based on the 2nd half, we’ve got a half decent Carling Cup team, apart from the goalie.

  53. Geoff

    Goalie is shit, but I think any prem side would hammer us.

    It was great to see that muppet Stuart Robson getting his just desserts from a caller though!

  54. Ja_Gunner

    This season I think we will surpass Man U and Chelsea.

    Chelsea has new coach so possibly change of style /philosophy etc.

    Man U will start the season without ronaldo and Rooney.

    But just when you thought the coast was clear, I think Liverpool will sneak in, somehow, I hate to say it but…their defense is usually solid and if Torres and Keane click then that is a guaranteed 40-50 goals between them.

    We have some work to do keep the scousers out of things.
    They just might become real contenders this year, I really hope not though.

  55. Ja_Gunner

    i mean this team is starting to look good.

    I dont know the Liverpoo defenders that well but look at the rest of the team.
    If they get Barry they can line up like this.






    We have to be careful of them..we should try to get Alonso off them for about 12-13mil even though that means we guarantee them Barry but we should get it over an done with and may the best team win.

  56. Ja_Gunner





    ………….Ade…………Van Persie…….

    With Denilson deputising for Cesc/Diaby/Alonso
    Jay Simpson/Eboue for Walcott
    Bendter and Vela for Ade and Van Persie
    Rosicky when fit coming in for Nasri/Cesc whenever there is the need
    Eduardo as secret weapon up front once fit

  57. Pedro

    Ethan / DDM,

    Fixed the bastard computer in the end… plenty of code and pretending to know what I was doing… thank fuck I rescued it!

    Cheers for you help!

  58. ReVELAtion

    back in…

    Match wasn’t much kop was it…

    Confirmed to me barazite isn’t far away and that randall isn’t good enough…

    Watford are sniffing the top flight for a loan move up top.. Simpson would be perfect for them and good use for us to see what he can do against more decent opposition on a regular basis

    Gibbs has looked tasty at l/b in the 2 games… Might be the start of sumthin’…

    Lansbury hasn’t the pace or nouce to be used on the right of mid… Looked o.k at r/b in one of the friendlies, but i’m starting to lose a bit of faith in him…

    Theo is still erratic at times… He is pushing but the sooner rosicky’s back the better…. I’m glad we have a relativley comfortable start compared to others…

    The 4 games away after the euro weekly games (suggesting we get through) are also a problem.. We can’t afford to rest 3 players and accossit needless draws or defeats with Chelsea and Manchester having very strong squads….

    Cana would be a good buy.. I’ve seen him a couple of times whilst in france at the velodrome.. He is known as Le Legionaire by supporters… An animal.. Like Geoff said earlier, he will get his red’s perhaps, but he can play and doesn’t just sit in front of the back four (why most of you keep banging on about a DM defensive midfielder should realise we don’t play with 1)..

    He is a CM destroyer type cesc needs that complements his style of play… This is why Flamini was such an assett last season and has become the hardest to replace.. Cesc got all the plaudits, but his contribution didn’t go unoticed by the fans.. That’s the reason why we are fretting so much about a replacement and quite annoyed he didn’t see it fit to stay… At the beginning of last season Flamini was “surplus to requirements”

    Alonso, barry & moutinho would just be not complemetary options…

    De la red, Inler & veluso would also be my ideal candidates also…

    And with Cana mooted at a price less than 10m, it has Arsene written all over it…

  59. El Tel

    Geoff/Pedro and guys

    Its a shame its so late and comments don’t get read.

    Didn’t see the youth team beat Huddersfield so no comment.

    Read that Bobby Robson lost the cancer fight and thats sad for me as he was the best England Manager since Sir Alf and Until Sven.

    Hope Wenger gets the midfielder and I would like one more possibly a keeper.

    Had to laugh reading how that fake Llungberg has robbed the Shammers. I never liked the dud Freddie and hated him more than Ethan could ever hate Ade, he played about 7 years and I saw 2 half seasons of good football from him. He played in possibly our best ever team and fed off greats like DB10, Bobby P,TH14, PV4 and the likes of Overmars, Petit, Edu etc. He had poor technique was usually the breakdown of any moves and dived like no other unusually winning free kicks. He had a knack of getting on the end of some sublime passes and notching the odd goal, not as many as people think though. I hated the way fans sang about him for looking like he cared and running around like an headless chicken, he never covered the right back and made them look poor at times. Freddie the most over hyped player in recent history. Nicked dosh off us for a few years and did the same to the Shammers.

  60. ethangunner

    el tel

    i dont hate ade as such .. i dont know the bloke , my venting is more toward fans who accept 2nd best , including the faith of our manager .. sure people say he offers something different .. but what really amazes me is why wenger puts 9 technically gifted passers behind him and yet persists with a clumsy goofy striker who bundles more chances than he buries , its like playing robbie savage along side cesc or something ..

    Plus i admit i miss the clinical finishing of TH14 .. and if he is removed from the arsenal jigsaw puzzle i think we need a striker of a similar shape to replace him ..

    to me ade is a square piece in a round hole !

  61. ethangunner

    ahh come on George tell me you didn’t like that ?

    Pedro .. how did you do it ?
    just over lay a fresh copy over the existing one ?

  62. ikon

    Its really sad to see walcott play like that upfront. He cannot make it there… he has a future and a very good one at the wings. All these years wenger was right in saying that he couldn’t develop his all around ability to complement his speed. And the discredit goes very much to the english media.

    When I see walcott and then look over to gibbs, lansbury, randall in particular… i really am convinced these guys would do more than walcott in the future.

    I think its time for wenger to settle walcott on the wings….. this experimentation has to stop now.

    Vela and nasri both have yet to find their purchase on the pitch. I think simpson can be the most influential player for us this season in whichever competition he plays. Barnsfield and hudd… it was a different match altogethr when he came on. He is really ready for premiership..intelligent runs… great link up play…..yesterday combined very well with barazite.
    If wenger doesn’t give him a new contract i will be disgusted with him to say the least.

    I thought sanchez looks a class apart from the rest too… so does ramsey. Ramsey will play every fa and carling cup game i am sure.

    About the rest not very convincing.

  63. ethangunner


    RE :theo

    it just shows me that potential sometimes is no guarantee , and to be a top striker you must have skill + a killer instinct , like i’ve been claiming he is a top RM player .. and in time may develop further..

    wenger maybe he wants to give theo time as a striker as if you take him out of the equation line up wise,we are light on in strikers .. vela untested dudu has a question mark over his head ..

    that leaves you with ade + nik .. and RVP ,as much as id like to count on him …
    well …

    i feel we will be short again this season in this department .. especially since theo is having trouble against Huddersfield ..

  64. rico01

    Morning all

    ethan – theo

    like you, i dont think he is strong enough yet to be used as a striker, he is an awesome winger, and his pace will out do most defenders, so until he becomes a consistant lethal finisher, i say leave him on the wing – and every EPL game/CL game, he must start – surely..

    Barca have said today they want to sell Eto, and before CL qualifiers, I would love us to get him to buld up our attack force

  65. rico01

    El Tel

    Just been reading about Sir Bobby Robson, sad old story, he has survived 4 bouts of cancer, but has now been diagnosed with a 5th, and of the throat. He has been told there is not much chance for him and to expect the worse..

    Well, he is a strong man, and I for one pray that he defies all odds.
    Good man, and yes, one of the best English Managers we have had…

    Thinking of you and yours Bobby 🙂

  66. Pedro

    Ethan, I got into the repair console, copied the system 32 files to a different area… deleted the old ones… then over wrote the files…

    I can’t believe it worked…

    So Bobby Robson died? That is a shame… he was in the running for the Arsenal job once right?

    Anything else going on today people?

  67. rico01

    Been watching last nights game, just about staying awake 😉

    I know you will all disagree, but I hope Simpson does not go out on loan, if I were AW, I would play him in CC and use him as sub, like he did with Theo…

  68. seb

    good post ReVELAtion, I agree we don’t play with a traditional DM, Flamini was up the other end of the pitch as much as he was breaking up attacks at our own end. That’s why Gilberto didn’t fit our style any more, simply BECAUSE he is a traditional DM – he didn’t have the pace or drive to cover the pitch front to back.

    Cana looks to me like a red-card collector in the Prem – or at the very least, someone that Wenger can say ‘I didn’t see it’ about again 😛

  69. dennisdamenace

    Mornin all.

    Glad you managed to sort out your pc Pedro.

    Crap news about Sir Bobby, excellent manager and person. Would’ve been great for us if he’d joined, always had a good word to say about Arsenal.