We can sign Barry and receive £1.5 million for nothing.

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We got £5.5mil for Diarra, £7mil for Bentley, £2mil for Muamba, £1mil for Gilberto and would get £4mil for Hoyte. That means Barry minus that lot would give us a surplus of £1.5 million.

The transfer budget that Edelman said was £75mil, Wenger later said it was only £25 mil.

Well, it reads like this – we got £12mil for Hleb, spent £5mil on Ramsey and Nasri cost us £12mil. So on that basis we still have £20 million left from that, so in my simple world we could have Barry, lose Hoyte and still have £21.5 million in the bank.

So Arsenal please explain this to us here at Le Grove as we’re a little puzzled, cry skint by all means, but this is worked out on what you told us.

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  1. david

    Wenger with a Ruud Gullit wig on too..

    Tomorrows squad..
    Nacer BARAZITE
    Kyle BARTLEY
    Johan DJOUROU
    Lukasz FABIANSKI (GK)
    Rui FONTE
    Emmanuel FRIMPONG
    Kieran GIBBS
    Gavin HOYTE
    Justin HOYTE
    Henri LANSBURY
    Vito MANNONE (GK)
    Havard NORDTVEIT
    Aaron RAMSEY
    Mark RANDALL
    Theo WALCOTT
    Sanchez WATT
    Carlos VELA

  2. eduard...0

    ha ha ugly XI pierre….yep ribery, even if you didnt have that awful looking scar you would still be one ugly fucking rat boy!

  3. Odub

    Tempting Pierre but no!!! lol

    DDM you booked your flights yet fella?

    Was awayfor the weekend so didnt see any Emirates games, I have however heard all the news re Young Jack, what a star!

    Also saw the TT badge kissing….Here comes that nausea again…

  4. dennisdamenace

    Odub – You old mongrel, where’s your Avatar??

    Went to book them today, but we might be rearranging by one day, so i stopped , just in time, why?

  5. Odub

    DDM – Couldnt be arsed with logging on to WP as heading out in a sec.

    I only just found out that no one flys direct to NY from Gatwick! So we can either do a stop over in a different state in NY and then change or go from Heathrow!
    Hate Heathrow so stop over it is!

  6. Pierre

    chadwick makes the team leaving 2 MF places to fill. ronaldinho as AM anybody?

    I keep getting logged out of WordPress and cant be arsed to keep signing in, this is the genuine pierre here minus girl with jugs.

  7. dennisdamenace

    Odub – I’d put Chadwick in goal, coz he looks like he’s been stopping things with his face already………

  8. dennisdamenace

    Odub – I found that out today as well, ridiculous!

    However, i then did a search for city breaks and found a few packages that had Virgin flying direct from Gatwick, but to Newark not JFK…….

  9. Odub

    And leading the defence would have to be that Faye chap that used to play for Bolton and is now with the geordies… My goodness is that guy Fugly!

  10. Pierre

    David, if Beardsley went out on the town with Rooney, Beardsley would get all the attention from the ladies!

  11. Pierre

    the ugly united manager has to be none other than Steve Bruce !!!!

    he’s been bobbing for apples in a cement mixer 😉

  12. Odub


    US Air, Delta both do a stop over in ATL and North Carolina respectively. only problem is it adds 2 hours to yhe trip. Either way I’d rather that than go to Heathrow.

    Newark’s too far from main land NY, JFK’s better.

  13. dennisdamenace

    Odub – If it were over a week’s worth of holiday i’d change, but as it’s only a short stay we’ll probably go through Heath fucking Row……..

  14. Odub

    Agree with Tom, has to be Ian Dowie, with Gerry Francis as his assistant…..just because of that ridiculous barnet, and the cnut’s still got it!!!!

    DDM, I feel your pain, I refuse to use that dump!

  15. dennisdamenace

    Fuck me Stuart Houston must’ve fallen outta the ugly tree and hit every fucking branch on the way down!

  16. choy

    what do you guys reckon the team would be for tomorrow?

    justin nordveit djorou gibbs

    barazite/theo ramsey randall wilshere

    vela simpson

  17. dennisdamenace

    choy – I reckon most everyone that started against RM will be benched or rested for the Huddersfield game……….

  18. Odub

    Not booked yet DDM, doing it tonight. Will let you know though.

    Have a good one chaps, off to the boozer…Business meeting 😉

  19. choy

    sfo i believe he has a habit of scoring on his debut.. we all know what happens next.. btw where did he play?

  20. sfo_gunner

    not sure what position he played. I think it was a friendly in usa with chivas. iniesta fed him a thro’ ball and he finished one on one with the goalkeeper.

  21. ethangunner


    re-install windows xp .. but dont Fdisk the hard drive ..
    all the shite on your desk top and in my docs will be GONE but your C: should remain in tact ..

    but what a cunt of a file to delete 🙂

  22. rico01

    dennis – you wont believe this, the ‘better’ half agrees, Custard it is.. for the female

    Ruhbarb now will be the male……………… 😉

    What is about you men, and sticking together…..

  23. rico01

    Huddersfield Town away – Squad announced
    Huddersfield v Arsenal
    The Galpharm Stadium
    Wed, Aug 6, 2008, 7pm

    The Arsenal squad has now been announced for Wednesday night’s away friendly with Huddersfield Town. The 20-man squad is as follows…

    Nacer BARAZITE
    Kyle BARTLEY
    Johan DJOUROU
    Lukasz FABIANSKI (GK)
    Rui FONTE
    Emmanuel FRIMPONG
    Kieran GIBBS
    Gavin HOYTE
    Justin HOYTE
    Henri LANSBURY
    Vito MANNONE (GK)
    Havard NORDTVEIT
    Aaron RAMSEY
    Mark RANDALL
    Theo WALCOTT
    Sanchez WATT
    Carlos VELA

  24. rico01

    choy – like your way of thinking, because like Geoff, I sure as heck dont understand how he gets a game (sad though he has not improved)

    Saw E-Thomas play a few reserve games last season, will be interesting to see whar you all think, I thought he looked good, pretty much on par with Rogers, maybe CC and one season away… 😉

  25. Arsenal Tom

    wenger likes hoyte for some reason, maybe cos he’s loyal and english and seems to set a good example to the other youngsters

  26. cnfidentgooner

    if we are not buying a Dm, then Song/Diaby/Dennilson can share the role. Wenger’s jibe about Song not capable of doing 60+ games is a usual enger bullshit. No DM plays all games. Song was better than Essien in ANC so WEnger has not got it right. We waste that guy playing him at CB. He is better than Flam, can head the ball better and can win balls better.

  27. rico01

    pat, but that sadly is football players of today, if we get him, and as with all our other good players, Trophies keep players, if we start doing that again, maybe they would be less of a reason to want to move.

    Also, winning brings in more money and subsequently better wages, not that anyone of them can justify not being happy with what thaye are paid..

  28. jules


    same reason he plays eboue i guess !! Don,t get it myself !

    Geoff , any gossip on possible signings from this members thing today ??

    or general ?

  29. patthegooner


    I think this is why it is a good idea to buy Alonso. He seems to be a little bit less of a Mercenary

  30. rico01

    pat – but do we want a player who is less mercenary, or a player to win us trophies…?

    I know which i would rather.

    Also, there are different kinds of a player

    TT – well need I say more,
    Ronnie the Wanker, just won the EPL and CL but still wants to go….. Albeit for now he is staying..!

    Henry – had his private life not taken such a tumble, I am sure he would have stayed.

    I would rather Yaya, every day of the week, but do we really need a player who Liverpool want to sell – why do they want to sell….

  31. david

    Rico, I was told that now Liverpool have signed Keane, Gerrard will then be either dropped back to his central position or if Alonso plays Gerrard would be moved to the right hand side midfield out of his fav position.,,
    And they are skint if they buy Barry…

  32. patthegooner


    I think Alonso has won a lot more than Inler.

    Alonso is a Winner and is in my opinion a far better option. Inler is unproven and had no premier league experience.

  33. patthegooner

    I can see what will happen

    Barry will go to Liverpool

    Alonso will go to Fenerbache as we will not enter a bidding war, subsequently Wenger will say he was interested in the player however not at that price so we will go into the season as is.

  34. patthegooner

    It will be a real shame if we dont show the ambition and get Alonso.

    I was talking to a good friend of mine who is a hardened life long season ticket holding Liverpool fan. I asked him why they even want Barry when they have Gerrard, Mascherano, Lucas and Alonso, He said that he really rates Alonso but he does not suit the Liverpool style of football (Hence why they want Barry). He also hopes that Alonso goes abroad as he would be dynamite alongside Cesc at the Emirates.

  35. Pedro

    It would be a shame… he seems perfect.

    Don’t get your hopes up Pat. Mind you, sometimes the speculation is spot on… the tabs were on Nasri from the start and they were on the money with Ramsey.

    £18million isn’t a huge amount for a decent player… one who is just about to enter his prime and one that has winner written all over him.

    Barry isn’t that player though… no champions league experience, 28 and a bit slow… we might as well sign Gattuso if we are going to go old.

  36. Neal

    The 75 Million would also be used for players contracts so although Nasri cost 12 million his wages would come out of that aswell so if his wage was 6 million over 4-5 years that would be 18 million. The transfer kitty would also be used to extend existing players contracts so a player like ade for instance has just extended his contract at £70000 a week over the next 4 years which is 13.4 million so you see the transfer budget can get eaten up very easily hope this has helped explain the transfer budget.

  37. Pedro

    Neal, if you sign a 4 year deal, you get paid over 4 years… so the wages Nasri gets this year will be taken out of the budget… but not over 4 years.

    Ade has doubled his wages… so an extra £35k has gone onto the wage bill… but Berto, Lehmann, Flamini, and Hleb have all left… so that freed up a lot of spare cash.

    So technically, we should still have a load of spare money.

  38. choy

    neal.. wenger has the money .. he said it himself..

    whether he will spend it or not .. that is the question!

  39. rico01

    How old is Alonso anyone, I thought he was similar to Barry but I think I could be wrong, but if he is that good, why oh why are the ‘pool letting him go??

  40. Pedro


    My season ticket holding scouse boss reckons he has gone off the boil becuase rafa has been trying to turn him into a Barry…

  41. Goonerman

    Started to read Perry Groves’ book from the ST package i received the other day. Seems a good read; a few stories later on about massage parlours and racing round the M25 againt Tony Adams.

    Good read, stopped for a pause!

  42. Neal

    Wenger said himself any trasfer budget would also be there to extend players contracts so this money is there for this reason also !!

  43. Pedro

    I know he did Neal… but I’ve just told you where we got the money from to boost Ade’s pay.

    That doesn’t explain where the £70milllion went does it?

  44. rico01

    All this beats me, its simple, we need a mldfielder = Kust go get one 😉

    Im done Grovers

    Be good, and be safe 🙂

  45. Danish Gooner

    Easily explained.The 25 mil was to cover improved contracts and transfer money .Several of the 25 mil have been used on improved contracts Song,Sagna,clichy and Ade have received improved contracts and that money comes from the pot of 25 mil.

  46. choy

    we have money end of.. if he wants to spend i’m sure he can..

    if he doesn’t want to well then there is nothing else anyone can do or say…

    up the ARSE… night all..

    tomorrow we visit huddersfield….

    vela ela ela eh eh ela ela ela!!!

  47. gnarleygeorge9


    I take your point, but also i feel you shouldn’t get so up tight about Adebayor, coz its message received. We all reckon he’s carried on badly as you say but I just think that sometimes people get this blog confused with “vent your spleen” instead of moving with the flow. Sure sometimes, like me, we get side tracked by other things. I mean I hate the Australian labor party,why would you elect baboons to run an economy. see there I go off again on some other issue.

    Anyway, mate, as long as we are cool, I will continue to read your views as before, coz you are obviously passionate about The Club and have plenty to offer on Le Grove

  48. ethangunner


    you said earlier you see things in diaby that others dont , well it seems i feel the same way about TT . the only difference is people seem to ignore class – touch – team chemistry when you scored 24 last year , people forget a 10 game goalless stint or the fact he is an egotistical wanker . the fact he hates nikb and wont pass to him .. or so greedy to show boat he actually lets chance after chance go begging .. why do i see it as a problem yet most of you ignore it ????

    correct me if im wrong but i think this is holding the team back !
    we lost the EPL last year because of him , where as a lot of you would say it was because of him we got close .. I think this year will prove me right .. unless he improves .

    Maybe my fault is im comparing him to TH14 and DB10 as far as class that ive come accustom too associating with arsenal fc , but sorry i dont want to lower my standards anymore , like the rest of you seem ok in doing .. that is the difference between 4th spot and 1st/2nd spot to me … ! all these little things add up !

    we have had trouble getting goals the past few seasons regardless of what the stats tell you . its obvious that chances Vs goals is a really poor conversion ! we get results in the last 10 minutes because of it ..
    everything from the 1 pass too many period , to the ade offside’s – loss of possession
    the hleb failure to shoot .. eboue who has never scored from all his missed shots he’s tried .. wingers not pulling there weight ..etc the list goes on ..

    Everything points to having a better ratio of success if we had a clinical striker !
    A class striker .. thats my thinking in a nutshell !

    I think the odds this season of ade making my line in the sand are really against him .
    the stats you quote are not shabby , but they are the difference between winning and losing , the difference between 3rd and 1st .. isnt that what we are trying to achieve ?

    also if we were 2nd in the league for scoring why did chevski beat us in the standings ?
    further proof that stats do lie !

    pat says i will never be proved wrong on this issue , but i really would like too be proved wrong ! i want to understand why ade is so fucking great ?

    but the truth is if he was so great he would have left the club by now !
    it confirms his average status too me ! He is average .. nothing more nothing less and we deserve better ..

  49. ethangunner


    read above ..
    that spells out my mindset quite clearly ..
    Its hard to ignore the topic … gnarley, especially if you have so many people
    praising the cunt ! are people so quick to forget TH14 as the class we expect ?????

    i agree the ALP is crap , the labour party for WA
    is great !!!!but federally i take your point .. he seems to be at the cricket
    and in other countries more than sorting out the running of Australia.. But here we talk about arsenal .thats why we are here to read about everything arsenal ..
    And at 90 k per week … ade doesnt represent value ..
    ade leaving – ade being boo’ed
    i cant ignore the topics! .. gnarley

    Im sure villa would be happy on 90k a week !
    would you rather have villa or ade ?!
    an international that cant score against swaziland , or an international who was top scorer of the EUROS and plays well off cesc ! ?
    1 striker that wanted to come to arsenal as a preference – or the other who tried his best to leave for more money ?..

    then you have pilarks praising ade .. after he has done a shit on our doorstep and rang the bell !

    he still hasnt scored from the 2 pre season games .in over 160 minutes on the pitch. he has had a double your money pay rise .. i know i would be trying to get a bag full of goals to justify it .

    yet he keeps falling into the offside position … he keeps coughing up possession …
    but the more he seems to do it the more we love him !!!
    please explain !!!

    frustrating ..

  50. gnarleygeorge9


    Football agents are, IMO, the biggest blight on the game. They have no club loyalty, & appear to continually sow seeds of doubt in there “money makers” minds that they can do better else where. All so they can line their own pockets. The sooner these parasites are controlled by Football in general, i.e, the tail stops wagging the dog, the sooner players loyalties, in general, are allowed to shine through.

    Footnote: I don’t think Ade is the sharpest tool in the shed, & I bet his agent has been the real arsehole in this saga, & Ade isn’t smart enough to see through this.

  51. joe

    this is what I think, While other manager need to sell in order to buy a new player, for us is to sell to pay players increment salary. Eg. Cesc and Ade… possibility to sign Barry is very slim. I read it somewhere that those 25m is not only for transfer but for player’s salary as well…

  52. ReVELAtion

    “but the truth is if he was so great he would have left the club by now !
    it confirms his average status too me ! He is average .. nothing more nothing less and we deserve better ..”

    He would have left the club if he was so great? he is average, we deserve better? Not mking much sense in the rant i’m afraid..

  53. Ja_Gunner

    This season I think we will surpass Man U and Chelsea.

    Chelsea has new coach so possibly change of style /philosophy etc.

    Man U will start the season without ronaldo and Rooney.

    But just when you thought the coast was clear, I think Liverpool will sneak in, somehow, I hate to say it but…their defense is usually solid and if Torres and Keane click then that is a guaranteed 40-50 goals between them.

    We have some work to do keep the scousers out of things.
    They just might become real contenders this year, I really hope not though.

  54. ReVELAtion

    scousers will finish 4th… Keane and torres is a decent partnership, but their defense especially the full backs have big question marks hanging over them… Chelsea have looked very, very good in pre season… They are the 1’s to fear…

    As for the manc’s they will always be there or there abouts… regardless of whether or not rooney and ronaldo are fit forthe season opener…

    If we can get a good start we’ll be up there…

  55. ethangunner


    what doesnt make sence ?

    if he was TOP CLASS he would have left our club as more clubs would have been interested in him (other than AC) and therefore bid on him .. meaning he would have got what he wanted instead of being deluded that he is better than he is !
    if he is as really as good as half of you say , enough clubs would of wanted him !!!!
    what dont you understand ?

    and in my opinion he is an average striker , the likes of crouch or kanu …
    Not a drogba or an eto’o – rudd – villa – torres , this club needs a name like the previous 5 ive mentioned .. he makes far to many fundamental errors to achieve elite status !

    you see George , i cant just say my piece then move on !

  56. ethangunner

    I agree George mr 20% will always plant seeds into players minds to get a better deal .
    but thats human nature .. even in our own lives we wait until the time is right to ask for a pay rise .. But to blame them ‘only’, is a mistake , everybody wants a better deal, you , me everyone .. and ade doesn’t help his situation when he comes out and says from his own mouth ..

    ‘ you only move for money ‘

    then within days AC have made a bid on him ..
    he is smarter than you give him credit for ! kiss the badge , preform for the crowd ,
    he has even said ill win you all back ! ..

    if that isnt a self admission that he is trying to win favor back for favors sake i dont know what is ..

    but it is interesting isnt it !!

    but more depressing is arsene has given him his 90 k a week ..

  57. ReVELAtion

    don’t include me in the ‘they’…

    I never have rated him and to be honest with flamini & hleb they were the three that impressed me most last season.. As they weren’t expected to produce the performances they did for us… 2 have left one has gotten an increase to 80k a week after publically courting suitors..

    It’s left a bad taste in my mouth, but facts are this is how the game has become.. Ronaldo, Lampard, Keane, Hleb, Barry etc.. have all “apparently” made comments attributed to them saying they wish to play elsewhere, want more money, opportunity of a lifetime….

    Loyalty is a very, very rare commodity these days…

    But he’s here so instead of venting all this hatred onto someone, who let’s be honest, really isn’t worth it is pointless… I’m starting to gain some optimism for the season ahead and if we can just pull of a cm masterstroke, it’ll be even better….

    I’ll be routing for the boys and hope he can justify that new contract, because he’s put himself in a situation where he has to.. To the fans, the manager, his team mates, the media and himself….

    If he can, we’ll clean up.. if he doesn’t… Oh dear….

  58. ReVELAtion


    They are already 10m in the red and are going to spend another 60? If they sell berbatov for around 28m, that is still a very risky expeniture which, would obviously require champions league football.. They will be very dissapointed to give an honest opinion…

    But they won’t get villa.. Milito or pavylchenko for around the 12-15m mark will be more their actual bag…

    Still risky though…..

    Till 2morrow’s post…

  59. Kim

    The money we’ve made on players has loooong been in some directors pocket, we have none! and will never land any bigname player again, atleast not for many years!

  60. ethangunner


    It’s left a bad taste in my mouth, but facts are this is how the game has become.. Ronaldo, Lampard, Keane, Hleb, Barry etc.. have all “apparently” made comments attributed to them saying they wish to play elsewhere, want more money

    yes but it is board line delusional to include ade amongst those names .
    those names have been doing it season after season in the EPL .. not a 1 season pony ..
    (well apart from hleb but again he is an arsenal player) and one that is probably scared of the over 30’s policy also .. plus i could forgive anyone wanting to play for barca ..

    if you were a footballer .. you , i …would !!! join barca too !
    its the pinnacle of any footballers aspirations …

    but im not venting .. i was returning my side of the case to pedro ..
    im not happy wenger has folded and given into ade ..
    he is a gamble .. a big gamble this season .. his skills arent the best and we had a chance to get someone like villa but wages and buying him was an issue ..
    i would of preferred wenger to give him 50 k , and say if you can prove to me it wasnt a fluke this season ill give you your demands ! if not fuck off and for 90 k a week we could of got villa or eto’o .. a proven striker who isnt just a flash in the pan ..

    i think it makes sense .. im pinning my hopes on jack anyhow 🙂

  61. ArsenalKenya


    EMMANUEL ADEBAYOR last night agreed a new four-year double-your-money deal with Arsenal.

    SunSport reported last week the striker was staying at the Emirates — but had not decided for how long.

    But the details have been thrashed out and the Togo star, 24, will extend his deal by one year until 2012.

    A Gunners source said: “The length of the new deal was hugely important to the club and Manu. Everything was sorted out quickly.”

    Adebayor bagged 30 goals last season but was booed by fans in recent friendlies after months of speculation.

    He will now pocket about £80,000 a week after boss Arsene Wenger was forced to offer him the mega-deal to KO interest from AC Milan and Barcelona.

  62. ethangunner

    yes kenya i know shite news huh !
    thats david villa money right there ..
    he signed prior to the Ecup ..

  63. Gooner07

    Hi Ethan. I see your point wrt Ade. In an ideal world, AW should bench him, and play someone who actually complements our style with RVP. Ade is a toss in our style of play, he rarely controls with good touch, and scores. His shooting again isn’t all that accurate. you see a lot of work by Theo, Cesc, hleb, Sagna, Dudu, RVP and others to see him score. But our strikers like titi, DB, etc actually do a lot more by both scoring and assists. Ade is only about scoring, and he is selfish. He passes to only RVP of all other strikers, maybe because he is eldest, haha. In any case, Ade has given a bit of physical presence that we lack, and hence I’d keep him. But he is still not the first choice striker for ARsenal. Eduardo is, and Vela after some experience could be the other. Bendtner in couple more years would be that choice as well. As they have a good finishing, and can also pass better than Ade. However, this Madrid game proves how Ade flatters to decieve. He’s either great on the day, but only if he bothers to. He doesn’t have the 100% drive, and committment like say a George Weah. If he gets that consistency, he will be great for us.

  64. Gooner07

    Anyone feel benitez’s aping Wenger? He gets young players, but got no guts to play them. He wants to play central players on the wings (babel, kuyt, benayoun, etc) and like Arsene, wants to use his fullbacks to get the width for crosses. PRoblem is the spanish git doesn’t quite get the balance, and the skill set right. He has got a big waste of space. He is too defensive, and would not see the aforementioned tactic working yet.

  65. Gooner07

    Yes, the press have been farcical. But let’s not underestimate Ramos. He’s getting quality players. Their goal keeper Gomes will probably save 10-20 points on hiw own. He is that good. His defense would be more confident, and can hold the line better. Modric-Dos Santos are skillfull, and I think Bent-Berbatov would be a good pair. Overall, their team on paper looks promising. But we have to wait and see if they’ve got enough to reach 5th or 6th. That’s their highest realistically. But I know the press wants us to believe their doom and gloom of north london flip-flop. LOL

  66. Gooner07

    I think we shouldn’t let Ade sign the contract, the board should extend it after aug 31, and see how he fares for first three months til oct. If he isn’t all that good (again), then I think he will eventually lose his place to other three strikers. And his high contract demands will not be met. Personally, I don’t think it should be more than 60k.

  67. Gooner07


    Couple of good interview.

    RVP – Frank as ever, and sounds optimistic.

    Sagna – Don’t we just love him? Top class player, modern professional, and blonde messiah. Not just sounds optimistic, but his bodylanguage, and the language (yes, he speaks good english) is superb!

  68. Gooner07

    Although I think Inler would be a right buy if Wenger sees that way. I am not sure it’s authentic news. The agent is furbishing such stores in press me thinks.

  69. Gooner07

    “Alonso is a Winner and is in my opinion a far better option. Inler is unproven and had no premier league experience.”

    PAt, I agree with this. Inler is just starting to show his class, and has been one of the best CM in Serie A, which is a tough league too.

  70. Gooner07

    Pierre says “i posted up here earlier that rooney has the pox and will miss the start of the season, but cos i put a link in the message i think it went into moderation. Rooney now has a goatee, he looks even uglirt than ever, which i thought was impossible”


  71. Gooner07

    Pedro, nice post on Ade. My estimation ranges from yours to Ethan’s. As I said, I’d keep him in bench, and would come on if the first rate pair didn’t work.

  72. Gooner07

    “The transfer budget that Edelman said was £75mil, Wenger later said it was only £25 mil.”

    No wonder Edelman got sacked by the board. LOL. “The Arsenal stadium mystery”!

  73. MorrowsBrokenArm

    If we are so skint…seems Fredie is now a free agent with 6mil in his back pocket as pay off from the Hammers. We get him free, pay him a quater of what he was on at the Hammers….just for old times sake, lets sign him back. He might be worth half a dozen goals over the season. Not the worst squad player to have.

    ..i realise it wouldn’t happen, but feck it, i’d be happy to see him back.

  74. MorrowsBrokenArm

    Agreed, nice clips. I watch this and suddenly not so worried about buying another CM….got to remind myself he’s only 16…i was smoking in the school toilets when i was that age…

  75. Gooner07

    And Theo’s interview after Real game:


    Special focus on how he says “lot of hard work”, and “Step up”. that’s what you want to hear from players. Good one Walcott!

    I always slate Theo, becuase I think he is a one-trick pony. Wouldn’t be so fucking great if he proves me wrong!

  76. ethangunner


    my problem with ade is he is inconsistent as shit ..
    10 goals without scoring , a good bulk of the goals he did score was against shite teams .
    take the 8 to 10 goals he got from teams that got relegated and being penalty taker and his ratio is dwarfed .
    another reason why the stats lie ..

    Up front is where the goals are scored and good teams have people like ronaldo – rooney – (yes yes i know but they will not be injured forever and if ronaldo goes you can bet your life red nose wont buy a 16 year old to replace him ! )
    anelka torres possibly robinho .. berbatov .. even middlesboro has a top class striker .
    we are relying on a inconsistent striker who has shite skills and can go missing for 10 games at a time and a sick note in RVP ..

    and goon7 im with you ,i would have never agreed to his wage demands .wait and see what this season brings 1st , meet him half way , give him a better goal bonus maybe..
    it makes flaminis leaving a joke ! he wanted money and they didnt give it too him .
    yet a black mailer like ade can line his pockets ..

    and experience scores goals – you cannot manufacturer a great goal scorer, he either is one or he isnt .. how many teams have nurchered a top rate striker from 16 onwards who is still at the same club ? Not many you need to buy that sort of class .. all the top teams do it .. it makes you see how lucky we got with TH14 coming good !
    torres- villa – berba eto’o drogba didnt come up thru the youth ranks they were top shelf before they came to there clubs ….

  77. Joel