New Ade Song – Meet your new CM – Whose made the cut?

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Morning Grovers!

So, a bit of a crap result yesterday, but in my eyes, plenty of food for thought.

So here it goes.

I made the stupid mistake of saying:

‘You know what, Eboue could work well in the holding role… he is fast, he has a good touch and he defends well’

Why did I say that? Blogger Geoff barracked me the whole game after that… His touch was great, but it is clear he can’t pass, he can’t cross and he certainly can’t release the ball with any sort of haste. What was frustrating yesterday is that he was clearly having a bad game but the play was still all going through him…

Denilson backed up my assertions that he is not ready to take a permanent residence in the central midfield role. If that position was up for grabs, I would have spent the summer bulking up… Denilson clearly didn’t fancy that and as a result, I don’t think he’ll be ready this year. Can anyone tell me what he does? PLEASE!

Gibbs will make a great understudy to Clichy… he didn’t stand out yesterday, but he did everything that was asked of him. The same cannot be said of Hoyte, I am not a big fan of the North London boy and yesterday was just more of last season again.

Samir Nasri is going to take a while to bed in… he look out of his depth yesterday, so don’t expect miracles from him this year people.

Adebayor has got a new song, every time he gets the ball, the fans shout ‘Kannnnuuuuuu’… or was that Boooo? I was a bit shocked by it really… you don’t expect the mexican wave brigade to get on a players back… but if they are doing it, it means that the majority of fans have not forgiven him. I’ll no doubt be reading other sites slating the ‘plastic fans’ for doing that… but let me tell them, they forked out to see that match yesterday… plastic fans they are not.

The last of what I didn’t like… Lansburys hair cut. I am 24… I think that qualifies me to still be ‘down with the kids’… So I am going to say that hair cut is attention seeking and it makes us all think you are going to be another Bentley… Shave it off Henri!

Now onto what I liked…

Rambo… he was good. I like his touch, I like the fact that he has a shot and I like the fact he is quite big for a kid. He held his own against an experienced team. The boy Jack also played well, Geoff described him as a mini Hleb with a shot… he is kind of pug faced as well… he has a look on his face like he is about to miss a bus or something? Great volley over the shoulder in the first half though…

JD and Willy G looked solid when they partnered up… it looks like there is future for our Swiss bridesmaid… he is massive, solid and he played well yesterday.

Nikki B played well again… I love his touch, vision and his overall team play. If he doesn’t have the ball, he drops deep and links in with players. He is quite the contrast to Adebayor and it was good to see him get another run out for the firsts.

Diaby looked every inch our new CM yesterday… he tracked back when required, he showed skill and class on the ball and he cut out the sloppy play of last season out. I am confident that if he can stay fit, he will do well for us this year. If I were a betting man, I’d say our new midfielder is going to be one who can play accross the whole midfield (not just the middle)… that is why Barry is appealing I guess.

So overall, we played in the Arsenal way. The second half was a little bit better than the first, and Juventus got away with a poor lino decision.  Don’t read to much into the result and look to the postives… today I have no doubt the big guns will be unleashed and we’ll see a more clinical beast and get a better insight into what Wenger is going to do this year!

Oh… did anyone wonder why we didn’t bit for Chillieni last year? That is the beast defender I was talking about at the start of the summer!

Happy blogging Grovers, enjoy the game!

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  1. Evo in Oz

    it was certainly a strange old game. i dont think juve troubled us in any sense of the word as we had plenty of the ball, however we didnt do much with the ball that we had!

  2. Gavbert Hemonica

    Did not think Denilson had such a bad game ? I defend Eboue but his passing let the side down Yesterday.

    Team played OK, great at times – outpacing Juve

    Agree about bad hair style – Arsene needs to get scissors out !

    Wilshire is exciting and cool under the spotlight.

    Ramsey looks neat and I cannot believe he is only 17

    Up Gunners

  3. Plastic Mac

    I cant believe you would make judgement calls on what players are capable of, or will do this season based on one pre season friendly.

  4. Plastic Mac

    Eboue’s uselessness is obvious for akll to see and is based on all last season. But Denilson? I thought he was OK and has been so mfar in other games.

    Likelwise Nasri too.

  5. Truth

    Nice balanced view, one where, thankfully, you are not calling for Arsene’s head. I’ve read some stuff online over the last few hours and IMO some of he comments have been disgraceful. One such comment referred to Arsene as a c**t.

  6. Pedro

    Plastic Mac, that is what Arsene is doing… using the pre-season to see who can stay, and who can go out on loan.

    I wonder if we’ll see Lansbury today? I am interested to see where traore ends up playing today… out wide or at full back…?

  7. ethangunner

    Gavbert – mac

    i agree denilson played ok .. and its pretty hard to judge anyone in the DM role when cesc isnt on the pitch !

    Diaby looked ok also but again that is going forward.. i didn’t think to much of him defensively in fact i think he disappeared defensively . I would go Ramsey before
    any other currently .. But the reality is someone needs to be purchased !

    Like a barry or yaya .. ANYONE .. but wenger needs an experienced campaigner
    much past saying that there is no point to speculate who that DM will be …
    but it sure as hell hopefully wont be eboue !!!

    thou im sure wenger will persist with him there !!!
    Just get rid of Eboue please .. !!!!

    and senderos .. and ade while your at it !
    replace them with some real players and we should fair much better this season..

  8. arsenalviper(col)

    I actually thought denilson was quite improved yday – not the be all and end all but defo did ok, he had a very impressive move in the 2nd half where ramsey lost the ball, denilson ran half the pitch and very quickly and legally inserted his body between the ball and juve player, i liked it anyway.

    bendetner was very good to, he can play ball, good touch works really hard and will always look up to see if a player is in a better position.
    For all the talk of him being so cocky and unliked in the dressing room i really feel the other players should watch just how much work he does.
    linking up, tracking back he could become a world class act, i genuinely believe that. he does more for this team then alot of others ade, walcott.

    Basically im saying he does more then wats asked of a forward – i feel he knows that it will be noticed if he plays a key role in a goal creation, rather then an attempt to go for the more unlikely glory shot.
    And if no other better option is likely- he’ll have a good crack

  9. jules

    eboue looks great untill his end result , that is the problem , there is no end product .
    i did,nt think i would say this but diaby looked great in the midfield , not as casual as usual . we still need to buy as he is injury prone , djourou looked good and BIG which is what we need . wilshire looks a great prospect . ramsey too but again this is a friendly . can not read too much into this . stiil need a signing or two for me

  10. ethangunner

    traore will be a bit of both i think pedro wing back – winger .. to the left ..
    its a good role for him .. backup for clichy and can inject a bit of pace on the wings ..
    he needs some regular games however .. i think a loan to a lower EPL team this season could do him the world of good !

  11. Evo in Oz

    agreed on eboue, he just needs shooting practice. he made it to the box and for some reason i thought he;d scored, then i realise the ball had gone wide into the side net

  12. jules

    i don,t mind keeping eboue as cover for r b and no more , i would take some money for hoyte , i can not see him getting many games so sell him or use him to lure barry .

    a concern i have is if almunia is injured , don,t think this fabianski has the expirience for cl or prem big games , looks shaky .


    eboue was consistent ,consistently shit, PLEASE AW STOP PICKING HIM !

  14. Pedro

    Eboue looks great until he needs to make a pass or a cross or a shot…

    That is a pretty big chunk of his game missing!

    Simon, if you want to boo, and you’ve paid your money… how can you be criticised? It is your right to do as you please.

    I’ve just had some guy bitching at Geoff’s post… moaning about plastic fans and his IP is based past Leeds! It is so easy for people who never pay to see the game to criticise people who actually invest their time, money and energy to see the team week in week out.

    Ethan… I think he Traore is going to be integral to Arsene’s plans this year… everyone at Arsenal love him!

  15. arsenalviper(col)


    i agree with you on bendtner and walcott, my worry is that him and v persie overlap in key areas and skills, and a fit v persie could never be let out the team – i reckon that a fit v persie could even be better then TH14!!! Really – i think he could be amazing – but will we ever see it??

    Walcott – i worrry for him, i hope it happens but i have my doubts, far to indecisive – its a area his improving on but not very quickly – i reckon its this season or never.
    we all want him to exceed –

  16. ethangunner

    Traore still has a few elements missing from his game , confidence being one of them ,
    he didnt jump out like jack did anyhow … i think a loan period to a team who would give him 30 games+ this season would be good for him .. Regardless arsene needs to loan out about 4 or 5 of them i think ..

    Personally i think boo’ing is general bad sportsmanship even if it is ade 🙂
    a blogs a place you can bitch but , when your out at the ground with the opposition looking at you , i think its important
    to get behind the team .. Being a judus doesn’t help anyone ..
    complain to your own fans … but to be a cunt in public is only doing damage …

  17. Pedro

    Mesh… Ramsey.

    I wasn’t to sure about the booing, but if that is how they feel… and they don’t blog… how else do they vent their feelings?

    Ade knew it was coming didn’t he… he looked very sheepish on the pitch. I thought he play ok and he went close.

    I don’t think you can hold a grudge to long with Ade… he went about getting a new contract in the wrong way… but fat Frank has done it, Ronaldo has done it and so did Stevie G a couple of years back. Robinho is even at it!

    It’s the way football works these days.

    What says more about a club… that they can keep their best players, or they can make a stand?

  18. Wrighty7

    Morning all!


    Anyway, good post mate.

    I really like the look of the boy Jack. He didn’t look fazed at all and he did a superb tackle of Nedved showing no respect whatsoeva! Cushty stuff!

    How about the offside goal?………