3 stars are born and Nikki B shows us why we don’t need Ade

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Well when I saw the starting line up I said ‘Oh no, Eboue and Denilson’ there was no Diaby, no Cesc and Eboue slots into his new role as defensive midfield, how many chances does this guy get?

Well he didn’t disappoint, as he was well, disappointing! As usual… Why we don’t just use him as back up to Sagna is beyond me, Denilson had a better game, but he’s not ready I’m afraid.

Nasri looked better than Hleb straight off, but the revelations were Wilshere, Vela and Nikki big balls, simply awesome, Clichy just gets better and better, Theo looks sharp as a tack as did Robin and Ramsey, but Ade was hopeless, usual first touch and always offside, what do they talk about in training?

Djourou partnered Gallas and that looked OK, Hoyte – not good enough, but Hoyte the younger could be a good bet for the future, Randall and Lansbury need another year in the stiffs but the passage of play was sweet Arsenal, and if we get a defensive midfielder and a center back I can see us scooping the lot this coming season, I really can, these kids are fantastic, but we need a couple of older heads in there and quick.

With another £7 mil coming our way for Bentley, plus the Hleb and Diarra dosh, minus the £12mill for Nasri and the £5mil for Ramsey we should have at least £32 million left to spend, that could still get us Veloso, Alonso or Barry plus Zapata or Kompany, really that’s all we need.

I didn’t even mention the salaries we’ve saved from the big earners, that would add up to a few bob.

I was really, really impressed.

All that and a weekend fest on it’s way, have a great day Grovers and a hopeful one, with the Bentley deal happening and the team returning, it could be moving day.

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  1. ReVELAtion

    richards.. for 10m.. I can’t take you seriously now after that….

    Zapata would cost upwards of 12… Yaya the same.. Drenthe’s valuation is probably about right…

  2. rico01

    Bud – yep 3 down, Colly is having a mare, he dropped McKenzie in the slips, easy catch by his standards

    We can only let Eboue or Big Phil go, IF they are replaced with better players,

  3. AFC53

    Someone is only worth what your prepared to pay for them…

    Case & point with Henry 16m same price as Bent?????

    Who knows what Richards would cost at the end of the day if we made a good offer with him being a gooner whos knows????

  4. manu eboue

    i know a lot of you people dont have faith in me, am i bothered? YES i am. I could have an attitude that so long i’m racking my dollars and my family is happy, nothing else matters. BUT no, thats not who i am. my manager knows i’m the first choice right winger and any other players will gonna struggle to get in the first team, not their fault but because i’m determined to keep my place in the team. i dont usually do this but i think this usual criticism is getting to me now!!!! i love my club, i love you my fans but please show some respect on me and i will always respect you. I understand people have different opinions, thats ok, but please be polite or at least offer constructive criticism. I made mistakes, i admit, but day and night i’m working hard to change my weaknesses. My manager knows i’m available when he needs me, and i’m prepared to play in any position he asks me to play. I’m just working hard on my fitness like everyone else, and am hoping that we will win trophies this season. thank you

  5. mark c

    Barry was valued at 18 mill, as Liverpool wanted 10 mill for Carson.

    They sold him for 3 mill.

    Villa were pee’ed off by this.

    He is worth 10 mill maybe 12 mill.

    2 Hoyte’s and 8 mill would be good business.

  6. niraj

    Mark c, why do you want to sell both the hoyte borthers?

    give j. hoye + cash….
    but i have a feeling liverpool will get Barry at any cost, and the rumoures are that rafa now have cash provided by hicks to buy barry

  7. niraj

    and on people saying nikk B is better then ade…..

    all i can say is let him complete 1 full season and then we can compare them…
    i am not one of ade fans, but he scored for us last season……
    and at the momment i rate him more then bendtner….

  8. kunlegooner

    I say buy Barry now. Liverpool and Villa dont need him anymore. Buy now, the lower the demand, the lower the price!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our usual buy term?

  9. niraj

    i am not sure if MON will lower barry’s price….

    let bindippers have him….for 18…

    and get alonso from them…

  10. Dr Whiff

    Look what Paul Mersons said….

    Emmanuel Adebayor has been hitting the headlines with wage demands and talk of a move to AC Milan? What do you make of it?

    Paul Merson: Well he’s not worth it is he?

  11. choy

    niraj.. bendtner is his first year with almost half ade’s appearances scored almost half as much as him…

    you want to give him a full season… bring it on i say!!

  12. niraj


    have seen both of them play, ade is not a good striker and nikki is not better then him..

    Flashback- If only bendtner had remembered he is a striker and not a defender, fabregas could have scored against liverpool and we would have been in cl semis…

  13. rico01


    Guys – I just went on the Northampton Chronicle & Echo site, as I am bored, and immediately got redirected to a dodgy site – my computer security intercepted the redirectioon, blocked it and told me that the page could cause serios damage to my PC etc

    Just thought I would let you all know

  14. Geoff

    Hey Manu if you want respect and you love your club as you say you do, my opinion of you has changed, however can you now fuck right off please, thanks, oh and leave your shirt out for washing, we’ll find a home for it!

  15. rooster1108

    I don’t normally feel the need to comment, you lot crack me up at the best of times but FFS – don’t buy David Villa, he’s another Wiltord, seriously that’s who he reminds me of. Quick feet, turns in circles, not big enough. I’d rather buy Berbatov even if he is not the quickest.
    If Eboue starts a game at CM for us this season in the Prem then he really has got something on the Boss.
    Happy with our striking lot tbh.
    One solid prem seasoned campaigner in at CM.
    One CB unless we seriously think Phil’s errors are gone and Djorou really can step up.

    Happy with Veloso and Mexes myself.

  16. choy


    flashback.. if only ade had passed to bendtner against birmingham…

    flashback.. if only ade had converted several chances against man u at OT..

    flashback.. if only ade had converted the great chance at Anfield (hleb’s through ball)..

    there are many ifs and buts.. but lets see this season who is the better striker…

    also FACT: Bendtner has more total assists than ADE last season.

  17. niraj


    we all know ade is not a great striker but the fact that he scored 30 goals last season, he was one of those surprise package alongside, sagna, flami, helb because of whom we were leading the charts till feb…

    all i am saying is we have just seen the flashes of nikki….let him play 1 full season and then we can compare both….
    am sure he will get plaenty of chances this season….

  18. niraj


    thanks but he is not….am sure nikki B is not ur fav striker???

    i was hopeing we would sell ade to barca or ac….and buy santacruz as replacement, but all seems dead now.

    and the fact that arsene has balls to still continue with Eboue, i cant see him benching ade…

  19. rico01

    Lehman – Bless him, he loves to wind up other clubs, but I think he is right…..

    I think if Nik plays up front with Vela or RvP – he will get better and better
    Play him with Ade, and I think he will go into his shell – Coz Ade is a cnut

  20. choy

    niraj my fav striker is eduardo but sadly he is injured.. i like bendtner too.. and vela is looking quite sharp as well…

    the thing is Arsenal are a team and ade’s celebrations.. his demand for wages.. his EGO.. is a bit too much for my liking!!!

  21. niraj


    ade was hardly liked by fans even after scoring 30 last season and now after his behaviour this summer…there wont be any…..

    its damn irritating that arsene has hold on to him and we will forcibly have to see him in arsenal jersy this season…

  22. choy

    yeah well… lets see… have another 2 weeks to go!!!

    it seems rovers are after pennant!! more money to the arsenal stadium mystery?

  23. patthegooner

    I think Pennants sell on happened from Brum to Liverpool

    I think Harper is the next Stadium Mystery top up fee

  24. rico01

    pat – i didnt get to the site, thankfully the pc security took over – we have two lap tops, and a few months ago, one of them was hacked into, but have since changed security, and thankfully this time it worked…

    Just wanted to warn others, the headline is about one of our midfielders, but guess it was about bischoff

  25. niraj

    @manu re2:31

    First choice winger my ass…. i would not let you play for my society team…
    just remember that you are a clown and you make people laugh and thast the sole reason you are in the team…

    prove urself on the field and EARN respect, dont go blogging and begging for the respect…

  26. david

    What are the chances of Arsenal selling Biscoff for more money than the Spuds sell Bentley for??

    Eboue…I don’t support a player who dives and prays to his god when he is booked.

  27. El Tel

    I have a brainwave that will anger the people we hate most. Sell Ade to anyone who will give us 15 million for him then go down the road and buy Berba for 25 million. It will cost us about 10 Million for Berba as we will have got 15 for the first person we hate, we already have 5 Million form the Neanderthals down the road and we can use the remainder on wages. It will also piss of the most hated of all the whino from Mancscum

  28. El Tel

    Doesn’t that thick cunt Bentley sound awful. MUTV (SSN) are showing the mad cunt Gazza’s goal against us in the semi. What this has to do with Bentley I don’t know, what scummy cunts. I will switch to Big Brother which will be more interesting than that crap.

  29. El Tel

    Cheers Niraj but I am just like you and the other Gooners mate. I have no idea what goes on in the world of Football. It’s easy to make comments buddy.

    I mean would Berba fit into the Arsenal ethos?

  30. El Tel


    Agree buddy, Bendys goal was the Mutts and so was Velas these two suit each other well, and thats why Bendy looks far better than last year.

    It looks like they could be a fearsome duo and although the TT was poor it was his first game and he doesn’t seem to link up with anyone. I wonder why.

    I now hate Ade but not for his football just as a person. I hope Wenger bins him.

  31. niraj

    Tereze, i watched videos for goals of our friendlies….
    and i could see nikky B has been giving wonderfull assist/ Through balls lately…which was miisng from him last year…

  32. patthegooner

    Look at the highlights on the link just above and at 2.09 you can clearly see Justin Hoyte wearing no 31 so unless it is Djorou in a Hoyte shirt it did happen

    Thank Fuck for that, I thought I was going Mad

    Oh and Brian the Gooner at 11:28 with this comment

    How can anybody who thought they saw Justin Hoyte playing be taken seriously.

    Pretty fucking seriously as it actually happened

  33. Geoff

    Pat I even mentioned Justin in the post, so I was convinced too, Arsenal.com always get it wrong as do arsenalTV, Bud must have read arsenal.com

  34. choy

    here pat:

    Arsenal: Almunia (Fabianski 46) – Sagna (G. Hoyte 78), Djourou (J. Hoyte 46), Gallas, Clichy – Walcott (Randall 78), Eboué (Ramsey 61), Denilson (Lansbury 86), Nasri (Wilshere 61) – van Persie (Vela 46 (Simpson 86)), Adebayor (Bendtner 46)

  35. Geoff

    Niraj, you asked me!

    El Tel I played in Spain and I’m somewhere between 9 and 14, whichever game comes out but my official is 14 as I don’t play in any comps.

    But if I play a 5, I don’t take strokes.

  36. patthegooner

    Not Angry

    Just thought I was going crazy

    Just shows what a non-event his 2nd half performance was though eh

  37. Maryland Gunner

    The process is pretty serious:

    1. Become Premium Arsenal America Membership (1 for each person you are buying a ticket for)
    2. Register on BigSoccer.com and AA
    3. When the time comes, request the tickets
    4. Must have $100 in Pay Pal to make sure you have the moolah for the game
    5. If selected, you then pay within 24 hours
    6. Within 24 hours you must e-mail your travel itinerary
    7. Pick up tickets game day, and must have AA Membership Card

    My blood time is also O+, and I am allegeric to queche. Hopefully I am a candidate . . .

  38. Geoff

    We often have Grovers on here selling their tickets at face value Maryland, let us know when you need them for and we’ll put it on a notice board that we haven’t yet made, but we will, send Pedro your details and requested games.

    We did put an ad on for our Grovers with a big ticket company, but they were expensive so we tin tacked them

  39. TREZE13

    will it be worth going to a champs league qualifier? might have to get on the phone the moment tickets go on sale

  40. Pedro

    Maryland, that does sound like a headache and a half!

    Like Geoff said, we do get spare tickets that come up…

    I’ll sort out the new page over the weekend.

  41. Pedro

    I would guess tickets will be more freely available through fans this year… with everyone feeling the pinch, I would expect people to try and get a bit of dough back on their tickets.

    Treze, there are some good team in the champs league qualifier… Athletico are in there!

    I wouldn’t fancy them…

  42. Maryland Gunner

    I am trying to get 3 tickets (Wife, Brother, and Myself). Since I am making the trek over to London, I am wanting to see two games. I was trying to see the following:

    West Ham – Away
    Spuds – Home


    Man Ure – Home
    Villa – Home

    I read on BigSoccer that there might not be any away tickets available through Arsenal America. The other challenge is that I am requesting 3 tickets.


  43. Maryland Gunner

    Patthegonner . . . no, you don’t have to be in the UK. But you do have to buy a membership for every ticket you want to purchase (If you want to get 3 tickets for one game).

  44. TREZE13

    well i ordered mine a while back still havent got my card in the post if thats what your asing if it isnt then sorry for wasting the last 4 seconds of your life

  45. choy

    treze.. a year means from august to may right or is it a calendar year…

    hope the gods shine on me this year!!!

  46. patthegooner

    I would go for the 3x Red Membership then, at least it is in your hands then to book the seats at Arsenal.com

    From the games you listed, I think your best bet is the Villa game.

  47. patthegooner


    Red Membership is easily available

    You just register and throw your £30 into the Stadium Mystery. Arsenal dont seem to have a limit on Red Members.

  48. choy

    lol.. treze… no i meant.. do you have to just sign up.. enter your credit card info and voila! or.. waiting list and all that just for the red membership?

  49. Pedro

    That would be risky business unless you were looking at tickets for the first carling cup game.

    You can get tickets from the exchanges around London, you whack a deposit down at Tottenham court road, pay for your ticket… return it after and get your cash back.

    Apparently the program sellers are at it as well…

  50. Maryland Gunner

    TREZE . . . well, that takes care of that option. So, looks like my eggs are in the Arsenal America basket. Since I have never been through the AA process, this is more of a learn as I go along process. Not ideal, but it is what it is.

  51. finestcuts

    Good evening all. It has just dawned on me….Wenger said we are going to make one signing for definite…..and it’s been done, it’s Biscoff. Other than that I’m beginning to believe in Wenger’s play the youth mantra, I was very impressed with Wilshere, Vela et all. We’ve got Diaby, we can stick Ramsey and Wilshere in there if needed, I am not that worried. Our 10-2 win shows us the mental strength of the team, the self belief and non-stop trying to get forward attaitude. Nasri looked great, they’re all fantastically skilled players.

    Adebayor….I predict the guys demise and that he’ll be overtaken by the youth ie. Bendner, Vela and Eduardo when he’s back. So nope I don’t believe we’re getting another DMC, Wenger wanted to show us we can put Eboue there if we’re absolutely desperate.

    Gallas is deteriorating……we need someone to take him on, I think the armband should be won not just given to a player because he’s senior. We all know our star player is Fabregas, all the players look up to him, he’s an intelligent lad as well, he can lead the team. Giving Gallas the armband is a sign of intent to play him every week.

    Gallas more than ever needs to fight for his place in the team. I’ll reserve judgement on Djourou…..hopefully Wenger will give him a few more chances. Diaby and Senderos’ abscence have been conspicuou…..but then again Fabregas hasn’t been around either. The one extra player we could really do with is a star defender, I don’t want us to have to rely on Gallas.

    Jack Wilshere is good enough….so he’s old enough, he needs to be given a first team number to compete with the other lads, Wenger’s right about not putting anyone in front of this lad, he’s ready to play….wait till he gets to Fabregases age!

  52. goonerjay

    AHOY AMIGOS….Long time no blog.

    Been really busy the last couple of weeks guys with the company deciding to move buildings an all (inconsiderate wankers) so sorry if anyone has missed my Friday jokes, if not… fuck ya 😉

    Good article as always Geoff. I have watched the previous 3 pre-season games and after last night i breathed a sigh of relief that maybe we aren’t doomed after all. But what i have noticed is that even with Willie G at the back we still look like a group of Paedophiles in an old peoples home at the back… lost in other words!!!

    The one good thing i have got out of the last couple of games though is that this Vela kid id going to be something special. great goal and assist last night, took his chances brilliantly on Monday and has shown a good array of vission and passing to go with his pace, skill and finishing and look sstrong on the ball too. We still need a CB though

  53. goonerjay

    Not bad Choy… other than doing too much work and not enough le-groving.

    Off home now… hopefully be about in the morning though… starting to miss the banter with you lot

  54. finestcuts

    I was considering having Bentley on my fantasy football team….but he got chucked out today because he said he had Tottenham in his heart…..I had to completely re-evalue my team because of that….and I blieve I’ve actually made it better….Bentleys a spud………we’re getting paid…..all good.

    Bentley going on about how Arsenal is not the be all and end all, it’s not mate but you were never going to make it at Arsenal being a spud lover….other spuds are there as mercs, they’re looking to move onto better clubs, not you Bentley, you’re not doing it just cos you need a job….

  55. TJ

    We got the most creative midfielders on god’s green earth but i fear all will be in vain due to Ade’s inability to watch the feckin’ line! Anyone else got that fear?

    P.S. If we sell anyone i pray its the TT. Forget getting a CB or DM….we sell Ade and i’m more confident than ever before. Bud….i was hating the prick when he was having a purple patch last year too. If i had known about this great blog then i would have been 100% behind you mate.

  56. Goonerman

    Ade about 15/1 to be top goalscorer Premiership; attractive odds.

    half the odds at Ladbrokes etc!!!

  57. finestcuts

    Yeah but Goonerman, all the betting shop champions are gonna have a go on that one, Ladbrokes punters don’t look at prices like they should…
    He was the Prem’s top goalscorer last season, but can he do it again? There are better strikers than him out there…much much better..
    Are you tempted at 15/1 Goonerman?

  58. finestcuts

    Yes Choy, top scoring striker I mean….and Ronaldo is out because of his operation…..making Adebayor favourite. But bookies like to hoodwink punters with false favourites.

    Brazil were favourites to win the World cup.
    Germany were favourites to win the Euro.
    How many favourites lose in horse races everyday.
    It’s all about finding the dark horse…the outsider…
    I reckon it will be one of those contending for the golden boot, but not Adebayor the bookies favourite……
    The layers at Ladbrokes are being sneaky with this one….

  59. Howard


    I think last season was Ade’s 3rd. The first he scored 4 (he came in January), the 2nd 12 and the 3rd 30. Nik scored 9 last season from the bench and some very critical ones like against Spurs, pool and Villa. 6 of Ade’s were against Derby and a lot of his goals were tap ins.

    So let’s wait for the 3rd season before we compare the two. Comparing his 2nd season with Ade’s 3rd will not be fair.

  60. patthegooner


    I had Bentley as well and like you am now looking for his replacement.

    It is my last 8m to spend and I am struggling

  61. patthegooner

    The back ups won again tonight beating R&D 2-0

    What I dont get it is Lansbury who is looking average gets to play with the big boys whilst Barazite who looks a lot closer to the 1st team is banging them in for the back ups.

    They play a similar role, I would swap them

  62. Geoff

    Thats impossible unless you buy them from scalpers, and that’s illegal, if you want to pay through the nose you should try Ticketmasters, they always do packages that include lunch, though Arsenal do those as well.

  63. Geoff

    David, it’s beginning to look like….

    So we need a centerback and or a defensive midfielder, so what about Velosa?

  64. finestcuts

    Yup Veloso could still be a possibility, young, a gem and plays in more than one position…..that’s what Wenger wants, not players who can’t adapt, but players who can do other jobs if called upon. Jagielka would be a Wenger type signing.

  65. patthegooner

    Got it wrong the other day, these are the teams we could be drawn against tomorrow

    Atlético Madrid (Sp), Sheriff Tiraspol (Moldova) or Sparta Prague (Cz), Drogheda United (Ire) or Dynamo Kiev (Ukr), Levski Sofia (Bul), Slavia Prague (Cz), Galatasaray (Tur), Inter Baku (Azerbaijan) or Partizan Belgrade (Serbia), Vitória Guimarães (Por), NK Domzale (Slovenia) or Dynamo Zagreb (Cro), Beitar Jerusalem (Isr) or Wisla Krakow (Pol), Standard Liège (Bel), FC Twente (Neth), Tampere United (Fin) or Artmedia Bratislava (Slovakia), AaB Aalborg (Den) or FK Modrica (Bosnia), SK Brann (Nor) or FK Ventspils (Lat), Anorthosis Famagusta (Cyp) or Rapid Vienna (Austria).

  66. finestcuts

    Good luck goonerman if you do have a flutter….there is so much talent out there that Adebayor won’t find it that easy….remember he was on his own for a while last season, we’ve got no excuse not to play 4-4-2 this season, no more 4-4-1-1 .

  67. patthegooner

    Just been looking around the Blogs

    There is a rumour going around that we are going to sign Neri Cardozo from Boca Juniors within the next few days

    Also rumours that Veloso met Wenger in Austria

    Think they are both bollocks myself

  68. patthegooner

    This is the Cardozo Runour (Does he even exist?)

    Arsenal should complete the signing of Argentine midfielder Neri Cardozo after our South American scouts recommended the player dubbed the new ‘ Messi ‘ to Arsene Wenger.

    Neri Cardozo, who currently plays for Boca Juniors, will move to Arsenal for a fee of $9.4 million (£4.7 million) with a further $1.5 million added on depending on contracts and appearences.

    Neri Cardozo told Argentine Sport Station ” To move to Europe has always been my dream. Arsenal is a fine club with fine young players and I cannot wait to break into the first team and the fellow Arsenal players. I have given my best here to Boca Juniors and they will always stick with me in my heart”.

    “This would be the first time leaving home as I have always been living with my parents. But Arsenal is the right choice for me”.

    Cardozo who was also wanted by Chelsea and FC Barcelona, will fly out to London when Arsenal return from their tour in Germany to sign a professional contract with the Gunners and should be revealed with the 96 hours. (4 days)

    Sounds like a complete wind up to me

  69. finestcuts

    Pat I’m in Warsaw, just a train ride away from me,a Czech or Slovak team would also suit me nicely. Lets wait for the draw…..if it’s Wisla Krakow there’s no excuse for you lot not to come with beer cheaper than Coca Cola.

  70. patthegooner

    Would be a good trip and I can go to those as it will not be pouring more funds into the Arsenal Stadium Mystery.

    I am maintaining my non-Arsenal-funding stance until Wenger fulfills his promise of Reassuring me, which I hope he hurries up with as I like the new away shirt.

  71. Pedro

    Finest, I thought Krakow was amazing!

    I went to the salt mines, Auschwitz and to some cheaper than cheap bars!

    Good times!

    The new away shirt is nice Pat, but not as nice as Nikki B’s first touch and his performance the other night. That assist was great and the goal was as well… he is going to be brilliant this year!

  72. finestcuts

    Yeah Krakow is beautiful……it didn’t get bombed to smitherines during the war so the commies didn’t have much of a chance to implement their council flat ideas of architecture *they did on the outskirts though).

    I haven’t been to Auschwitz (Oświęcim)……to be honest I’d rather not go, I personally know a concentration camp survivor, she is sharp as nails and has told me everything I need to know about those places.

    I haven’t personally visited the salt mines but I know they’re a work of art.

    Ideally I’d play Legia Warsaw, stick Fabianski in goal to really piss them off….and win 10-0! But they’ve been banned from Europe because of a pitch invasion, haha.

  73. choy

    pat i read the same thing on young guns!!!

    cardozo is 5.8 or so.. a midfielder it seems… and almost 22.. looks like a wenger signing.. but i think he is more offensive then defensive!!!

  74. patthegooner

    I hope so Pedro cause I honestly think Ade is on another planet,

    His mental mind set is going to put him back a season. There are still gaps in my mind but I would like to see when everyone is back fit.


    Sagna GAP Gallas Clichy

    Nasri Cesc GAP Rosicky

    RVP Nic

    Bench: Fab, Eduardo, Theo, Diaby, Toure, Ade, Wilshire

    This is the frustrating thing, if we could fill those two gaps we would be right up there.

  75. Pedro

    Auschwitz was a pretty harsh experience… I’ve never been to a place as morbid… the taylorisation of death; you just can’t imagine how people took part.

    The salt mines were pretty crazy… salt used to be more valuable than silver, so the miners used to rake it in!

    I read that the Polish government kept all the property stolen from the poles by the Nazi’s… harsh!

    Anyway… any news on our next midfield dynamo?

  76. finestcuts

    Ade hasn’t won the right to play in the next game, Vela and Bendtner have….RVP on the bench should we need some late impact.