3 stars are born and Nikki B shows us why we don’t need Ade

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Well when I saw the starting line up I said ‘Oh no, Eboue and Denilson’ there was no Diaby, no Cesc and Eboue slots into his new role as defensive midfield, how many chances does this guy get?

Well he didn’t disappoint, as he was well, disappointing! As usual… Why we don’t just use him as back up to Sagna is beyond me, Denilson had a better game, but he’s not ready I’m afraid.

Nasri looked better than Hleb straight off, but the revelations were Wilshere, Vela and Nikki big balls, simply awesome, Clichy just gets better and better, Theo looks sharp as a tack as did Robin and Ramsey, but Ade was hopeless, usual first touch and always offside, what do they talk about in training?

Djourou partnered Gallas and that looked OK, Hoyte – not good enough, but Hoyte the younger could be a good bet for the future, Randall and Lansbury need another year in the stiffs but the passage of play was sweet Arsenal, and if we get a defensive midfielder and a center back I can see us scooping the lot this coming season, I really can, these kids are fantastic, but we need a couple of older heads in there and quick.

With another £7 mil coming our way for Bentley, plus the Hleb and Diarra dosh, minus the £12mill for Nasri and the £5mil for Ramsey we should have at least £32 million left to spend, that could still get us Veloso, Alonso or Barry plus Zapata or Kompany, really that’s all we need.

I didn’t even mention the salaries we’ve saved from the big earners, that would add up to a few bob.

I was really, really impressed.

All that and a weekend fest on it’s way, have a great day Grovers and a hopeful one, with the Bentley deal happening and the team returning, it could be moving day.

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  1. Geoff

    No1 good so did I, and the commentators said his name too, after half time, arsenal.com are always wrong.

  2. dennisdamenace

    inside – absolutely fella, a little humility wouldn’t go amiss with that fuckwit……….

  3. GunnerDominate

    To start things of i AM not Eboue biggest fan but i see what he adds.
    Al ot of people seem to have this disproportionate confidence in Eboue footballing skills. The problem lies with the fact that some of his antics are overshadowing his footballing capabilities as he has many strengths as a footballer but his final ball at the moment is not up to scratch which can be said for clichy because for the amount of times clichy gets in great position how many goals or assist has he got but we dont hammer him because he is a defender just as EBoue was so to expect him to light up in midfield in his 1st season in that position is expecting to much.

    The major strength that alot of people seem to forget is that Eboue within the ARSENAL team is one of the biggest personalties within the squad as if you have ARSENAL TV you will see litrally every single ARSENAL player calling Eboue the “Joker of the team” or as Toure says “Helps you forget missing your family abit when your away”.

    So my point is that a great side is not made just of the best footballers but attitudes and personalities which Eb.oue is

  4. rico01

    according to the AFC – online tv, they said he was taken straight to changing rooms, not sure if he came out again either – probably crabs – woops i mean cramp or something…

  5. Pedro

    Gunnerdominate… lets get Gervais in there to replace him then?

    He his a fatty, but he could probably do a similar job to Eboue!

    Jokes aside, that was why we hung onto Wiltord.

  6. ethangunner

    I think i said nikb would advance quicker this season and surpass ade ? didnt i say that ?!
    i think he’s proved me right .. well done Bendtner !

    The problem i can see from this match is if any potential ade buyers were watching his current game they would be wondering why they should even offer 5 million for ade!

    and earlier i did say move eboue to striker as he has played every other position on the pitch .. well i was wrong .. he hasnt played defensive midfield before .. but he should also never play there again either ..

    get rid of the dead wood arsene , cut some wages and bring in 2 players to re-balance the wage status quo ! id rather see 2 quality players join and 4 or 5 dead woods fuck off !

  7. Patrick7

    I thought the Barry move out was dead but ‘the Sun says’ that there’s still a possibility of him moving to US as he wants CL football. O’Neill wants Hoyte and he’s given Liverpool the snub he’ll love so……………………………………….

  8. dennisdamenace

    rico – shame on you girl, a man on an Arsenal contract wouldn’t have crabs, he’d have lobster!!

  9. rico01

    inside, i saw that a while ago, and i loved the bit about spurs, his smile when he said – i ave nefer lost against tottenum…. love him 😉

  10. david

    Good Morning:

    Ade only played in a world cup qualification game two weeks ago, so how is he rusty?

    We heve longer lay offs mid season when we get knocked out of the FA cup..

  11. rico01

    dennis – now best i dont comment further as some may take offence, and the blog police will be out again….. but no doubt Bac has big feet….. and yes, a lobster would be more fitting 😉

  12. gnarleygeorge9


    Sorry it took so long, It was just after he lost wasn’t it?

    The school of thought down here with all the road cyclists, & there are a heap of them these days, is that Cadel might have done better in a stronger team. Anyway, 2nd two years running isn’t too bad. Cheers mate

  13. Geoff

    I tell you what I did see, that twat Robson admitting he didn’t support Arsenal, Perry Groves looked horrified, those two agree on fuck all.

    Why doesn’t Robson fuck off to West Ham? because they don’t want him that’s why, the creep has no pride.

    I love Perry, he says we need a monster center back.

  14. Patrick7

    Let’s see by the start of the season Ethan! I’ve already posted my defence of Ade.

    Must be hard to stomach for you last night’s match. These kids will do us proud IF we get the defence tightened up. Come on, admit you jumped out your chair twice like I did last night! My missus told me to quieten down despite the fact the nearest neighbour’s about 200 yards away………….LOL.

  15. brian the gooner

    How can anybody who thought they saw Justin Hoyte playing be taken seriously.
    The commentary on Arsenal TV was absolutely dreadful.Glad they only do friendlies live.
    The saying that his second touch is a tackle is just perfect for Bendtner.
    Eboue was perfectly adequate and too many people had decided to slag him before the game.
    How these same people can praise Nasri also smells of pre conditioning.I’m sure he will be a very good signing but people are looking to praise him regardless and criticise Eboue regardless.
    Just a few thoughts.

  16. mark c

    Where was Diaby as well?

    I thought he was going to replace Flamini.

    Not bothered by Senderos.

    Kenyan, I have heard of the Greek CB. Best to ask J Sanderson about him.

    Looking forward to the Emirates Cup now and one more signing.

  17. Patrick7

    Gnarley – Do you agree about his cadence being too slow? Mind you his team was weak or maybe they got blasted by the cheat/s.

  18. patthegooner


    Seriously it must be similar to a UFO sighting as loads of us say we saw him

    I am still convinced he replaced Djorou. does anyone have a link to watch it again, I need to see the 2nd half.

    It sticks out as the commentators mentioned Djorou in the 2nd half but the close up looked like Hoyte

  19. Patrick7

    It was funny seeing Ade trip but no funnier than watching Nic let the ball go under his feet TWICE in his first (I think) game.

  20. gnarleygeorge9

    You’d have to think that big Santa Claus was involved if Aston Villa give Arsenal Barry for Hoyte plus,say, £7,000,000 😀

  21. Pedro

    Team Nikki B:


    Team Ade:

    South A

    Team Eboue:

    Inside Albania

  22. JiggaRome (aka ThatArsenalGuy)

    Brian i totally agree. I think eboue did a good job in central mid. Had a few of his usuall stupid moments, but as a whole he played ok. Nasri showed he can dribble and shield the bal wel whilst always lookign for th ekiller pass but will get better the more he trains with us.

    NIkki B did well and Vela is impressing me more than any other(although I have been a fanboy ever since I saw him embarrass Sergio Ramos for 90 minutes.)

    Wilshire is looking extra confident and I’m sure he gave the boss a headache for next season regarding his development.

    All in all a good pre season match and sets us up for a great weekendahead.

  23. JiggaRome (aka ThatArsenalGuy)

    also i have to admit the commentary was so annoying , i actually wanted to hear andy gray’s mumblings again .

  24. gnarleygeorge9

    …..speaking of £7million, can’t wait for the clash of egos between Jenas & Bentley. Spuds must be crazy??? Imagine the bitch fight there.

  25. JiggaRome (aka ThatArsenalGuy)

    Another thing i noticed, was djourous willingess to go steamign in for a few of the headers and challenges. I think he’s seen what we lack in @ CB and is trying to adapt his game to fill that void. No nonsense hard tackling hard heading. He wasnt quite there yesterday but i could see what he was trying to do

  26. Patrick7

    Ha Ha Pedro! That’s a bit harsh. I was only being fair to a guy that scored 30 for us last season, played his heart and legs out for us ‘last man standing’ comes to mind and maybe he dried up cos he was nacked last year but there was nobody left (in AW’s eyes) to replace him. He seemed to try to make a more unselfish contribution last night IMHO!

    Bendtner hasn’t his pace or strength currently but he’s developing all the time and my bet is he’ll come on for our ‘surge’ in the last 20-30′ like last year with Vela (or Theo).

  27. South African Gooner

    Like P7, I do not agree with what Ade did over the last couple of months, but writing him off after his first pre-season game is short sighted. I read a comment that said Ade is always offside. That is simply not true. Last season, he was caught offside 66 times in 36 games (check the stats). That’s an average of just under two offsides a game. If you look at it that way its not that bad, especially given the fact that he played as a lone striker for most of the season.

    I hope Bendtner’s form continues into the new season and I would have no problem with him being picked ahead of Ade. If it makes the team better then yeah, Bendtner should start. Can’t wait to see the boys play again! Up the arse!

  28. Patrick7

    Jigga – didn’t mind him going for the headers (agreed on that point) but thought he sold himself in the tackle too readily and left us exposed at times…………….similar to Eboue when he played RB.

  29. insidealbania

    hahahaha Pedro , I have to say things today seem to be more cheerful which is what we deserve after a long frustrating summer.

    Lets just hope AW buys a decent player that will really have us partying

  30. Jermaine Jenas

    Bentley the Spurs shower room is not big enough for the both of us. So suck off, I mean go away now!!!!

  31. dennisdamenace

    P7 – Nikki B looked strong enough holding off the defender to score his goal last night fella……..

  32. dennisdamenace

    david – seriously though, he plays with the air of someone who thinks he’s to big and to important to be told/coached………..add to that the fact he has the first touch of a rapist……

  33. ReVELAtion

    Afternoon all….

    Well that was a breatrh of fresh air last night… Lifted the doom and gloom a bit i can imagine.. After the rants about bischoff’s signing… He is on a 1yr cntract to assess his fitness, not 1st team signing so chiiiiiiiiiiiill winstan… That was a very decent performance against a decent team who are a week ahead in their preperations and at home with a new stadium name…

    Wilshire just keeps on suprising me… I agree with the comment he needs to be around the 1st team, but he needs reserve games to mature a little bit.. At 16, to be playing against the hatchett men of the lesser prem sides could see him end up like owen…

    Ramsey has the ring of paul scholes about him… Here, there, everywhere…

    I always knew Vela would do well up top.. For mexico he has always looked dangerous…

    Nikki B reminds me more and more of ibrahimovic… A big personality, with big talent…

    Can’t say too much about adebayor… he was useless, but was his 1st game back…

    Hoyte is not a centre back, not good enough at right back.. Sorry Justin… Gavin’s not better, nor do i think he will reach a high standard… Sorry lads…

    Simpson is going to Norwich i’ve heard along with gibbs… Randall is a grey area, but he needs another season in the stiffs or a loan out… Lansbury just needs more playing time in the u-18’s and reserves to improve…

    Rico, your having a laugh if you think Djourou should start ahead of big phil…. He did o.k, nothing more…

    Nasri & Van persie looked like they were getting there condition wise… Denilson is the obvious sub for cesc when he needs a breather…

    Eboue at CM was another Wenger wind up.. He did o.k there, but he is nothing more than Bak’s cover… Eboue though is an integral part of the squad as he is versatile and very, very much liked by the players… You don’t sell the loyal ones who the guys like having around…

    I thought bischoff would sign today as we had a friendly last night, so i got it wrong… Next signing will be monday 😉

    7m from the bentley deal 🙂 cheers Daniel oh and Harper has a similar clause so i’m awaiting the green light from boro to add to our funds…

    Happy days at the moment 🙂

  34. rico01

    I am sad, I am not in any team……. 🙁

    dennis, i am told by the better half it is the weight behind it… 😉 Enuff of that naughtiness

    I think Nik and Vela have clicked, Theo and Nasri getting the crosses in, all looks pretty promising – RvP added to them – tasty….
    If Ade stays, I think the first game he should come on as sub, let the reaction to him happen, and then let it be, hard as that maybe for fans who feel cheated by the knob

  35. Geoff

    66 times South African probably could have been another 30 goals if he knew the offside rule, he could have had two last night.

    We may have played a poor side on Monday but we scored 10 goals, with Ade there I doubt we’d have got half of those, stats prove nothing mate, ask Ray the stat man.

  36. goonermichael

    Just read bentley say “we can finish top four” “you saw what ramos did last year” That was finish 11th wasn’t it? He’s on his way to sectioning already

  37. gazzap

    what makes me laugh is that I have read the spurs fans comments and the media comments saying that Arsenal will seething about this move of Bentley. Well I have been round all the Arsenal blogs and only about 1 in every 100 comments is about the little twat! the fact we dont care will wind them up even more £7m cool ones coming our way – cheers spurs that pays for our top class summer signing!!
    What a waste of money.
    someone said above spurs are only £4m down this summer – can anyone itemise that for me?

  38. Bud

    Lets not waste our breath on Bentley. Lets be realistic here for a minute…….. he may get one more year as the countries great hope on the right wing, but does anyone think for a moment that he will be anything other than yesterdays forgotten man as soon as Wilshere has a year under his belt ?!!!!

    Wilshere is as good as any young kid I have ever seen and reminds me very much of Messi. Bentley reminds me of a very poor mans version of Beckham. He can cross and that is it, apart from that he is an average player !

  39. ReVELAtion

    Rci we’ll just have to agree to disagree again then 😉

    To be honest a 5th place finish for spurs isn’t beyond them season… They’ll make up on the 37 point margin and that’ll be a start.. Their signings are getting better, but losing keane the captain is a big blow for them… The right forwards and they’ll do o.k.. Bent has also looked decent, albeit against lowly chapionship material… But they’re not ones to fear just yet… Their back line is still piss poor… Gomes is flappy at the modest of times and is on a par with an in form robinson at best…

    Dr whiff good call.. They’re are too many fabregas 4 shirts… I’m getting vela on the away one this sat… The home will be nasri or van persie, but i’m awaiting the next signing before making a final decision…

  40. rico01

    gazzap – it was itemised on SSN’s earlier – i cant remember exactly but keane got them 18M and they have sold 5/6 other players.

  41. rico01

    CL draw tomorrow, I reckon we will get either A. Madrid, Galatttaaasssratsy
    or either of the Prague sides ….. A. Madrid, is Reyes not there, would be good to knock them out….

  42. ReVELAtion

    Spurs ins:

    Modric 16.5m
    Gomes (undisclosed) 7m
    Bostock 700k
    Bentley 15m rising to 17m
    Dos Santos 4.7m

    Total: 45.9m


    Robinson 3.5m
    Keane 20.3m
    Malbranque 6m
    Cerny Free
    Forecast 500k
    Taino (undisclosed) 3m
    Chimbonda (undisclosed) 3m

    Total: 36.3

    Less than a 10m loss isn’t bad but if they lose berbatov for around the 25m mark and bring in 2 strikers and obvious cover for their low numbers, they are gonna have to finish in the european places… It’s a risk, but they are capable..

  43. kenyan gooner

    Bud if a player is recruited by le gaffer and does not perform(bently)Then he is just shit!Wenger is the best coach.DB10 too i hope.Just a que.whoz better than the other Bently or Pennant?

  44. ReVELAtion

    It doesn’t matter who we get Rico… We will crush them! Although, i’d prefer to avoid athletico and galatasary.. Tricky away ties those and we do have a habit of not keeping clean sheets these days..

  45. lc

    What kind of Arsenal blog are you running?
    As I think your jugment on Eboue is wrong. I think he had a decent game. Ade did well, if you take account of circumstance surounding his relation with the fans and the coach.
    I think it is unfair to dismiss anything Eboue does on your blog. I don’t think you are helping the Arsenal cause by beeing too cynical.

  46. rico01

    lc – If Ade has a problem he has brought it all upon himself, he has been a pratt, and deserves what ever abuse he gets at the start at the season (imho) And his play last night looked second class…..

    Eboue – what sticks with me about his performance is the fine pass to the wing, sadly it was six yards behind the player and went out for a throw to the oppo.

  47. ReVELAtion

    rico, sky had facundo sava as a 1st team squad member aswell as they’ve put bischoff in the 1st team… I’ll go with what I know after snooping around and not with what i’m told by rupert murdoch’s plaything….

  48. insidealbania

    Ic, Ade deserves everything he gets. NUFF SAID

    Eboue, as you can see there are those who have defended him here today. We cant all agree on everything otherwise football would be boring and there would be no point in blogs.

  49. ReVELAtion

    Let’s nip these eboue and phil hatreds in the bud… Basically they play for the team i support.. They are not the best there is but for reasons i can’t be arsed to go into i like them.. They do their best when representing my team and i like to see that… They give me the hope that they can improve and do well for my club… I’ll let the mananger decide when they aren’t good enough and sells them on.. For now, i’ll get behind them…

  50. no1 goon

    brian no offence but how can you make a statment like that when your completley wrong?
    how can you know anything when justin did play!
    think and know your facts before you make stupid comments.

  51. rico01

    T13 – i dont think there is, its just eboue and ade, i will join you though so thats two in team vela

  52. Geoff

    Ic – Pedro didn’t write the blog, I did. Unless you have a visual problem its obvious what kind of a blog we run, but to help you out here I’ll tell you, it’s an Arsenal one.

    If you don’t agree with me, don’t agree, that’s fine, but don’t tell me not to dismiss anything Eboue does as unfair, it’s my opinion, if you don’t like that, go somewhere else or may I suggest you go to the trouble of writing your own, then you can deal with people like you, every day.

    A word of advice though, if you sing Eboue’s praises, no fucker will read it.

  53. patthegooner

    I would not underestimate the Spuds this year. I think they have done pretty well in the Transfer market. All i would say is there is not a lot else after the 1st 11. 20m for Keane was excellent Buisness,

    Apparently Arseshaving and Pavlyuchenko are still to come in, but Berbatov who has not featured at all in pre-season is off.

    I dont think they will nick 4th but they are definately headed in the right direction, and it will only take another summer or two of similar dealings to be right up there.

  54. patthegooner

    Superb Insidealbania

    I think Wenger also goes to them clubs and Eboue caught him on the way out, hence why he still plays.

  55. Geoff

    Pat every year the spuds are getting closer, but the closest they got was 5th, I honestly can’t remember the last time they finished above us, I can however remember when they last won a league, 48 years ago.

    Every year they spend loads, Modric I think will be like Hleb, Keane and Defoe, huge errors getting shot of the two goalscores, replacing Robinson with…Robinson, no sorry I can’t see it.

  56. patthegooner

    So who do you think put that 50% sell on clause in BENTleys contract.

    DD by any chance?

    Great work whoever did it

  57. Evo in Oz

    struth im a bit late on tonight as my local had a locals night with free booze from 6pm-8pm so me and the mrs and another couple partook in a few sherberts after work!

    great result against z germans…nikki big nuts and vela will be the ducks nuts!

  58. Bud

    And Geoff, don’t forget the fact that are also a bunch of bad smelling cunts……. that’s not to be overlooked !!!!!!!!

  59. patthegooner

    Anyone else think we should try and loan Jay Simpson to another Premier League team (Hull Maybe) to see if he really has what it takes to make it in the Premiership.

    Cant see him getting his Arsenal chance by staying in the stiffs

  60. kunlegooner

    Local radio stations reported this morning that Barry will, against all expectations still play for Villa next season. This is because Liverpool are no longer interested him as they had already wasted their money on Keane. Villa on the other hand are no more interested in the guy having publicly acknowleged the fact he prefers play for Liverpool. Can anyone tell Wenger to use this opportunity to sign barry. Barry is still better than this unknown and unheared of Bischoff and should be cheaper now. The lower the demand, the lower price!

  61. Geoff

    Got that right Bud!

    Pat, they also had a sell on clause in Muamba’s contract, I think he does it with all the kids, it’s like an insurance policy.

  62. Evo in Oz

    i hope slowly all the nikki b knockers will come around to the way of thinking that he does actually have skill and pace and will be a good player!

    bring it on!

  63. rico01

    Bud, and add to that, women are allowed on to give their view, albeit ReV never agrees with me 😉

    What ever next:)

  64. jimmyfingers

    lc, Eboue is rubbish. R-U-B-B-I-S-H

    Lets pray Wenger isn’t looking at him as an option in the middle of the park. We simply have to sign someone, unless Song, Diaby or Denilson properly step up

  65. ethangunner


    i think ill join ‘team Jack’ !
    i think he is far advanced on cesc by the same age !
    he’s always looking for that thru ball !
    Gets himself free in the box !
    Wenger needs to give him some EPL starts this season ..
    he would look good along side cesc ..

    We don’t have a worthy DM worth there weight in salt so fuck it ..
    play only 4 at the back and become more attacking ..
    we cant have defensive midfielders and wingers too !
    fuck we would be a complete team then !

    theo is all pace still .. i was hoping the no. 14 shirt might of inspired him
    he makes a good winger .. just needs some control ..

    ade was woeful ! … not sure what you mean by rusty ?
    he played 2 internationals in 4 weeks ..
    if anything he played better than usual ! only 3 offsides in 1 half !
    and actually tried to assist RVP !
    still every ball he got possession of he lost , but i seem to remember him going
    scoreless for 11 games around February .. don’t think he was too rusty then either ..
    Keep offering up all these excuses pat and ill start to think your a AKB 🙂

    ( only kidding mate ! )

    Pat loved vela and nikyB’s partnership .. they looked far more penetrating than
    RVP and ade combo in the 1st half ! so you admit it !
    the touch was good and ade could only hope to have touch like bends did on the 2nd goal !

  66. insidealbania

    Pat, loaning Simpson to a Prem team is a very good option, but he needs to go to a team that gives him playing time, so that might be hard to find, but Hull/Stoke would be very good

  67. gazzap

    spurs wont threaten the top 4 but are a genuine threat of beating us for once. they very nearly beat us in the league last season and did so in the CC. I hate losing to them. as long as we take at least 4 points off them in the league I can be satisfied.

    Arsenal’s concern is the defence. thats DM and CB still. we have conceded stupid goals in every single pre-season game so far. many of which have been down to poor defensive midfield work not protecting the back 4.

  68. rico01

    I thought last night was the best i have seen him – Ade and he clearly dont get on. He obviously has a good understanding with Vela already, could prove to be a deadly partnership –

    Roll on Saturday

  69. Evo in Oz

    roll on Saturday indeed!

    im off to the sack to dream about a clean sweep in the emirates cup!

    ciao for now all!

  70. mark c

    Geoff, that is spot on.

    We did not get any money from Sidwell as he went on a free. If Reading would have sold him for a profit we would have made money.

    I think we made 2 mill out of Muamba when he went to Bolton, and could get a further 2 mill if Harper goes to Boro, even though he has been at Reading for over 5 years.

    You have to remember players like Pennant, Bentley and Sidwell were all good players.

    Wenger would have kept them, but they wanted to leave for first team football.

    He sells them cheap, 2 or 3 mill, and then if the club that bought them make a profit we benefit, it is kind of like a shared liability, as we are selling good players on the cheap.

    So for all the doom merchants who were dissing the acadamy system we have at Arsenal saying it wastes money, I guess you were all wrong.

    Form an ordely line to say you were wrong !!!

  71. Bud

    Evo – Me & Pedro always loved Bender Big Bollocks. And in fact, I even believe Geoff liked him more than the Togo Cock, but could be getting mixed up ther !

    I actually started the official Adewanker hate club mid last season and called him a lazy twat who believed his own hype who took too many chances to score (check back to some of the first ever blogs on this site – it is in writing for all to see and Pedro & Geoff will back me up as they had to stop people wanting to kill me by reasoning my points of view !!!!!!) and I was hung out to dry by most………

    Anyway…. JUSTICE, the bloke is a Cock and it was in fact him who caused Bender to be an outcast with his headbutt antics……… probably felt threatened, so di a bit of schoolboy tactics to turn everyone against our Danish !!!!!!!!!!

  72. Bud

    It is amazing though. My hate for that Togo Twat has softened my detest for Eboue, not a lot, but it is definately more muffled !!!

  73. AFC53

    Anybody got any suggestions what CB we should be going for????

    Personally I think Mellberg would have been a good aquisition as he was a good man marker, tough in the tackle, cheap, had PL experience I think he would have been good alongside Kolo for a couple of years.

  74. ArsenalKenya

    “Asked about the fact he began his professional career with Spurs’ north London rivals Arsenal, Bentley said: ‘That’s in the past, I grew up through the Arsenal youth team but it’s not a problem for me, all my heart is at Tottenham and all my passion will be tunnelled into doing well for Tottenham.”


    They will not even be amongst the top 6 teams….

    Can Wenger sign Veloso once and for all now that he has the Bentley Cash plus a few pounds from our transfer kitty.

  75. Pedro

    Bud does not lie… he was saying Ade was lazy mid way through his purple patch…

    IC, what Geoff said… if you love Eboue, go and start an Eboue fan club… Geoff told it as he saw it, and it was a fair shout judging by what everyone else said.

  76. mark c

    re simpson, the comment Wenger makes about strikers does not seem to include Simpson or Barazite for that matter.

  77. TheDudeAbides

    Vela and Clichy were our best performers in a good effort last night. The only thing stopping Clichy being World Class is his starsign……
    The only concern was the lack of protection for the back 4 as gazzap mentions.
    If Eboue is the answer in midfield then god knows what question was. His only place in this squad is cover for Sagna.
    The away strip looks good as well – makes up for the mess they’ve made with the home one.
    Red Shirt with White sleeves …for fucks sake Nike it’s not rocket science

  78. gazzap

    I would like to see a poll of gooners, which Arsenal player would you most like to be sold out of Eboue and Senderos. would be close I think.

  79. ethangunner

    gomez wasn’t bad either ..
    he definitely looked quite a good prospect ..
    he didnt get much support thou !
    but he seemed comfortable trying to do it alone !


    yes he looks class going forward but still lets people get inside him in defense i think it happened in the 16th minute last night .. almost a Birmingham/gallas repeat .. he is only 23 and will get better defensively .

  80. jimmyfingers

    I like the cut of Senderos’ jib so not him. Eboue is wanker, lets sell him, but as Bud points out, Ade most of all, particularly if some Italian mugs are prepared to stump up 30mill

  81. Geoff

    Hey, here’s a though chums, I thought Bentley said he wanted Champions league football, is he going to the spuds because he can wait a few years, or so he can pop down the road to the Grove and watch it live there?

  82. ReVELAtion

    mark c barazite is going to spain on loan where as simpson is going to norwich.. Whether or not it’s a loan is yet to be finalised…

    I’d like to see neither sold @ gazzup.. I’m not on the phil and eboue bashing bandwagon.. I’d rather adebayor fucked off then the pair of them…

  83. ArsenalKenya

    Eboue will supplement Sagna and Big Phil will step in for Gallas or Toure ……

    They will still step up their game…..

    Remember Big Phil in the AC Milan game and Eboue in the CL final against Barca…They were both awesome….

  84. ReVELAtion

    the british players don’t do themselves any favours do they… Bently really should have gone to spain, germany or italy to play for a champions league/uefa side… Saying that though only a english team would allow themselves to get mugged 17m for a player who has not experience in europe and on the continent is worth about 8m at best…

  85. AFC53

    I still believe is senderos worked with someone about his concentration he would be good id have him in my side over Gallas everyday as least hes commited.

  86. TheDudeAbides

    I agree that Clichy is better going forward than back. However the way the team plays can leave him exposed occasionally. For me he is head and shoulders the best LB in the prem – and although he made a major mistake at Birmingham the replays proved it wasn’t a pen. He made mistakes towards the end of last season because he was asked to play virtually every game unlike his counterparts in the top 4… also defensive postioning can be taught.
    I’d keep Senderos over Eboue, although neither of them are first team material.

  87. rico01

    Anyone watching the cricket – Jimmy ‘the gooner’ Anderson has just taken one of the best catches ever – FM!

  88. dennisdamenace

    If i had to pick one player i’d like to be sold on it would have to be the Togo Tosser, even at a cut-down rate. At least Eboue (and i don’t believe i’m praising him here) and Senderos have never done anything other than want to play, unlike that ungrateful, two faced fuckwit from Togo……….

  89. ethangunner


    i do agree ! eboue does offer more help to sagna in defense !
    but id still prefer to see theo develop on the wing ..
    you have to admit he has more potential ..

    and it cant be either or ..

    i think thats why the attacking team always used to attack down our left flank
    and put huge pressure on clichy , nasri seemed to be a big help defensively .
    so i hope that trend will tighten up the defense !

  90. ReVELAtion

    afc53 that comment is likely to start off one big silly debate…

    Gallas is a world class defender, end of story.. A wrold class captain? Remains to be seen… Phil looks very, very good on occassions, but does lack that bit of concentration.. He is a top squad member to have filling in for the 1st choice pairing and as he is still yet to reach a defenders prime, he is improving nicely…

    Eboue as cover for bak is the best right back/cover partnership in european football… Can also act emergency cover on the right or in any other position accross the midfield.. That is VITAL! He is not everyones cup of tea, but he’s a tryer and i like that about him when players represent the club.. If he’s sold, then will I deem he was not good enough.. Plus he’s a good squad personality, so i’m having none of it…

  91. mark c

    I thought the reason why Arshavin is moving is because he wants CL football.

    Perhaps these players dont seem to understand who they are moving to.

    A team that has never played in the CL, and never won the EPL.

    I am sure there was a good quote about Modric as well regarding playing CL football.

  92. AFC53

    Gallas world class…. in his own head the best CB in the world as for Eboue hes only good for cover at RB theres no way he should play in midfield at all

    Gallas = Mardy git 6m
    Ade = Greedy bas**rd 24m

    Sell all for 30m


    Albiol/Zapate 10m
    Richards 10m
    Yaya/Drenthe 10m