3 stars are born and Nikki B shows us why we don’t need Ade

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Well when I saw the starting line up I said ‘Oh no, Eboue and Denilson’ there was no Diaby, no Cesc and Eboue slots into his new role as defensive midfield, how many chances does this guy get?

Well he didn’t disappoint, as he was well, disappointing! As usual… Why we don’t just use him as back up to Sagna is beyond me, Denilson had a better game, but he’s not ready I’m afraid.

Nasri looked better than Hleb straight off, but the revelations were Wilshere, Vela and Nikki big balls, simply awesome, Clichy just gets better and better, Theo looks sharp as a tack as did Robin and Ramsey, but Ade was hopeless, usual first touch and always offside, what do they talk about in training?

Djourou partnered Gallas and that looked OK, Hoyte – not good enough, but Hoyte the younger could be a good bet for the future, Randall and Lansbury need another year in the stiffs but the passage of play was sweet Arsenal, and if we get a defensive midfielder and a center back I can see us scooping the lot this coming season, I really can, these kids are fantastic, but we need a couple of older heads in there and quick.

With another £7 mil coming our way for Bentley, plus the Hleb and Diarra dosh, minus the £12mill for Nasri and the £5mil for Ramsey we should have at least £32 million left to spend, that could still get us Veloso, Alonso or Barry plus Zapata or Kompany, really that’s all we need.

I didn’t even mention the salaries we’ve saved from the big earners, that would add up to a few bob.

I was really, really impressed.

All that and a weekend fest on it’s way, have a great day Grovers and a hopeful one, with the Bentley deal happening and the team returning, it could be moving day.

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  1. Pedro

    So, Ramso and Wilshere were good again?

    I went out in Kensington last night for the worst meal on record… fucking disgusting and fucking expensive, what a load of old shit… and I missed my teams football training and the Arsenal game!

    What a load of old bollocks…

    Rant over…

    Tell me about the game people… how did Ade look? Embarrassed?

    Eboue in centre mid? ARE YOU KIDDING GEOFF!

    Dear oh dear… try him anywhere till he fits seems to be Arsenes way of thinking…

  2. gnarleygeorge9


    Maybe Eboue is AW’s love child or knows some sneaky stuff about Le Boss. Can I say he could be black mailing him, is that racist?

    Ade moved like Jake the Peg what I saw. Mind you apparently his big bamboo makes him like a tripod if the song is right.

  3. Bud

    I thought Eboue looked alright at Centre mid actually……. and he’s learnt a new trick…. the cunning backheel !!!!!!!

  4. twinstaiye

    Thot you will make a comment on Bischoff, I need your analysis on him. Ade is having his first touch, while Nikki B has already played up to 3 warm ups (I hope am right?). From all I have seen in all our pre-season games, all the goals against us has the fingerprints of the ineptitude of our defenders, so we need someone in the back four as well as a defensive midfielder as you said.

  5. rico01

    That just about sums it up – spot on

    And may I suggest that the fine authors of this site take over the commentary on AFC for the matches. The crap they talk about during the game, and the way they comment on the match is more painful than watching Eboue…..

    Will AW have balls enough to add Wishere to the first team squad – I really hope so. Even if he gets five minutes at the end of half the matches. He needs to around the first team now. He is going to be a world class player, and AFC need to sort out his contract asap.

    Djourou was steady, and I think he should be ahead of Big Phil – the latter though I think may move on – but if he stays, thats two reserve defenders, albeit we would all like a new one..

    Nik is warming on me, but the telling time for me will be at the Emirates and Amsterdam tournaments, strong teams, and if he pops a few in, I will get off his case.

    Ade – subs bench for him if he doesnt get a grip of his game and fast
    Eboue – *****^^$*(*%$%& – yes, that good
    Hoyte – not good enuff

    The rest – they are going to fly this season…. I cannot wait, one big midfielder in and this is our best squad for a while – IMHO

  6. insidealbania

    Morning, everyone, I am feeling much better this morning after last night’s game, but we must keep our feet on the ground. But lets be happy for a change!!!
    As for the three young starlets, I agree with Geoff, I think they were fantastic, and young Jack deserves a seat on the bench this season (Rooney started at 16). I dont agree with you about Eboue I think he did a good job in that position. As for Denilson, it is clear that he is cover for Cesc and will not partner him in midfield.

  7. insidealbania

    Pedro, it was in the middle of the park and completely unexpected, the opostion player was wrong footed and the ball went to one of our players. So it was a success, he must have been practicing hard over the summer

  8. Geoff

    The only thing he did that was successful, was hug his Ivorian mate that played for Stuttgart.

    And he smiled a lot because he knows he can’t be dropped.

  9. rico01

    Im not fussed about Bischoff, he is free so nothing lost there, he has been in the gym having to prove his fitness following an op, so he must have proved he can run a bit!

    I think, according to Young Guns, he was pretty good before his op, and looked to have a good future ahead. I get the impression confidence or lack of it hindered him getting back into his club team on a regular basis – Bet he turns out to be a gem.

    But how many midfielders do we now have???

  10. Patrick7

    Slag off Ade all you like but this was his first game back. He seemed to be playing unselfishly and yes, he was offside several times but he played RVP in for what should have been a goal. He did better than Nic on his first game and was closed down very quickly so that made it difficult for him. Credit where it’s due…………..

    Scintillating football especially from Vela, Nasri, Wilshere and Clichy. Very heartening to boost our spirits. Jens played well but couldn’t keep out everything. Le Boss must be happy but has said he needs one more signing. Veloso……….I hope but maybe Alonso (what’s his tackling like? I can only think of his accurate passing).

    I hope the two of them but that won’t happen.

  11. goonermichael

    Ade was shit, offside all the time. Vela looks really good. Ade will wish he had gone. Rico the commentator on ATV says “you know” twice in every sentence he makes beckham sound eloquent.

  12. eduard...0

    fuck eboue and for that matter fuck ade…. personally i thought walcott looked sharp and whats this? arsenal shooting rather than passing in to the net? we looked alot more incisive. Pedro, where did you eat that was shit in kensington?? should have gone to babylon!

  13. Bud

    Chill Geoff…….. I am having a bit of fun or otherwise known as being Facetious !!!!!

    He wasn’t awful though, but that doesn’t mean I like him now !!!!!

  14. dennisdamenace

    Pedro – I’ve ALWAYS thought Nikki B would be a better all round footballer the TT could ever be………..

  15. Pedro

    Tom Aikens… Avoid at all costs unless you like squid and pork on the same plate…

    This back heel sounds pretty amazing, could Barry do it?

  16. Geoff

    But why Bischoff, why not Randall, lansbury, or anyone else, I just don’t understand why he would buy an overweight injured 21 year old, it sounds like another Mendez to me.

    I’m not convinced with Lansbury or Randall yet, what I mean is at least we know them.

  17. Pedro

    DDM, good man! We have both seen the light… it is up to us to convert the rest!

    Geoff, I think Bud meant good compared to his normal woeful standards!

  18. goonermichael

    Patrick you say it was ade’s first game back but you also praise nasri who was pkaying his first game for us, Ade should have fucked off.

  19. Bud

    I thought Walcott was fecking shit in the first half and it was only after Vela scored that he seemed to wake up……….. it was almost as if he thought shit, the new lad is gonna steal my thunder as being the great young hope !!!!!!

  20. Joe Todd

    Yeah that Bischoff is a bit of a win win situation, he can be good and we got him for free, or he can be bad but we got him for free and maybe sell him for a bit of dosh. I really enjoyed the game, Vela looks quality and Nikki B seems like he’s settled into the first team well. Ade was bollocks, so too was Eboue. Nasri seemed like a bresh of fresh air.. And boy wonder got on the scoresheet!

  21. Bud

    Geoff, I challenge you to the fact that it is a well known worldly fact that Eboue could not physically get worse than he was last season, by proxy of that fact and the fact that he was playing in a new position at his previous graceless standard, he was not that bad, and he did pull off a very attractive backheel !!!!!!

  22. rico01


    probably because he is free and young, thats why i am not fussed about him, i have never seen him play, and like you, would much rather it could be one of our reserve players coming through – but Randall, Lansbury havent show enough quality yet, and I mean yet. Afew more weeks training with the big boys, who knows, they may settle in their heads and stun us all. It must be hard for them to suddenly be in the limelight.
    Hopefully they will play some part this weekend

  23. Joe Todd

    Pedro, Jens was good, he couldn’t really do anything about any of the goals especially Wilshere’s. Almunia didn’t have much to do, looked confident. Did anyone see Fabianski’s header!

  24. charybdis1966

    It looks like Wenger has admitted we are lacking personnel-wise, this from his post match interview:

    “We’re not as short of strikers as people seem to think,” said Wenger following the win over Stuttgart. ”Vela is integrating very well, but we still maybe need to make one signing.

    “In all areas we are still maybe one player short.”

    This has to mena more to come – in addition to Bitchslap.

    Did anyone else notice when they ran the highlights of the Stuttgart game last night on Sultana news they played the post match interview from the Burgenland game again. The muppets !

  25. Bud

    Anyone else think Walcott was fecking useless until after Vela scored and after that turned into a powerful running superfast beast of a player?

  26. dennisdamenace

    Pedro – All the gooners i know, and sit with agree that Nikki B will be a great player, and the only reason the TT got more goals than him last season was he got more starts……..

  27. JohnA

    I thought Eboue did ok in the centre. As for Adebaywhore, he was back to his useless, lazy self. He was constantly offside, shite first touch and kept falling over. I was hoping that I’d never have to see his sorry arse in an Arsenal shirt again. Let him rot in the reserves if we can’t get rid of the tw@t.

  28. Gunnershabz

    thats all we need…

    miqual velaso and cristian zapata and we done….

    jack wilshire is the man, he is like joe cole

  29. Pedro

    Who has seen the outlook fixture list on Arsenal.com?

    Flipping awesome!

    If you have an Apple mac… it updates them if they change!

    Cheers Joe, so what was Wilshere’s goal like?

    DDM, Nikki B is going to be a top player… he gets a load of flak, but people forget his is only a year older than Cesc!

  30. rico01

    C1966 –

    AW wording is interesting – ‘In all areas we are one short’

    When I heard that I thought, Arsene, you are right, we are one player short in all areas,
    so we need
    1 defender
    1 big strong midfielder
    and David Villa


  31. Patrick7

    I’m not going to defend Ade too much but just thought I’d point out the fact that he appeared better to me than Nic was in HIS first game. Difficult to compare Nasri to him as Samir is far more talented and being shorter, co-ordination comes easier, and Nic was playing against much lower level opposition so wasn’t being shut down as quick.

    Don’t think AW said last night he’d buy another player (ArsenalTV) as he wasn’t asked – that’s a surprise but the papers I’ve read and commentaries plus the pundits last night are all saying ONE more and I think AW did say something about Eboue filling in – mind you that could be for Diaby I suppose?

  32. raif

    Nikki Big Balls Bendtner.. im really hoping he steps up this year along with Theo

    Vela looks awsome and iv been eger to see him play for us for 3 years.
    Now the waiting is over

    and i think Wilshere, is going to get more of a run out then some people think.
    expect to see him in the fa-cup and carling cup games

  33. kenyan gooner

    fuckin hell.i misses the game.However i watched the highlights and i must say am more than impressed by vela and nikki B partnership upfront.I must add Nasri looked better(in the highlights) than Hleb.Two shots one on target.Thats like Hlebs record the whole season.Wilshire impressed me too with the coolness of the goal.However am a bit worried about our defence.Sor far we have not managed a clean sheet.In yesterdays goal Djorou looked lost while gallas was concentrating more on the man than the ball.The GK was also wrongly positioned.VFB almost pulled one goal at the last minutes through a corner which exposed our weakness again in dealing with aerial balls.We need a monster of a Defender the comming seaon.I think eboue might actually play along cesc.Note he has defensiver experience

  34. Joe Todd

    Clichy preteneded he was Maradonna for a bit, done two defenders by a cruyff turn, crossed it in to Jack who was unmarked, he chested it down, the ball bounced once and he sent a piledriver of a half volley past the Kaiser, who i must say looked very bitter when Robin tried to chip him.

  35. Bud

    Where was Big Phil last night???

    Was he elsewhere having a medical as part of a player swap?

    Aston Villa perhaps, didn’t they lose there bearded Swedish cnut on a free ?

  36. dennisdamenace

    Geoff – I myself have already got Le Grove No.4 on the back of my new home shirt, and plan to have Mr Humphreys No.11 on the back of the new away shirt……….in honour of RvP’s running style!

  37. insidealbania

    I also liked the fact that Nasri went for a shot from outside the box, as did Clichy and Walcott. This is the variation our football that we need. As for JW he fitted in the team and was playing our style of football as if he has been in the team for a while.

  38. patthegooner

    The problem is that Wenger will still play TT ahead of Bendtner,

    I honestly would take a loss of TT, just get him out of the club, I felt my blood boil every time he touched the ball last night.

    Wenger has also admitted that the Bitchslap signing is a gamble, great just what we need. Why are we gambling when we have 32m to spend???????????

    He has hinted at another signing but I fear that may be our lot. Our CM partnership is

    CESC and EBOUE, fucking fantastic

  39. Patrick7

    Rico – I’m afraid we’ve lost our shot at Villa unless you class him as a MF.

    Fabianski’s header wasn’t bad in the circumstances. He’d raced out of the area to thwart a long pass from Stuttgart and with Gomez I think towering above him diverted the ball to the side, a glancing header they called it! Better than heading it at the player and it ending up behind him!

  40. Gunnershabz

    it does make u think the spuds have signed david bentley

    wanting to sign arshavin and that russian striker….

    and we get amaury bishcoff

  41. raif

    “”But Williams refused to be drawn on any possible aspects of the deal which may involve Spurs’ North London rivals, with some reports stating Arsenal are set to recoup £7m.

    “I am not willing to discuss percentages and sell-on details of monies which may be owed to Arsenal, that’s confidential information,” he added.

    HAHA I LOVE IT. we got 7 mill for this deal. thats why i love the fact Arsene/ Arsenal add a sell on % that gets owed to us every time they get sold.

  42. rico01

    choy – indeed… I wish we would spend it, we are not asking for the world, just two players with age and experience

    credit to the spuds, they have spent 43M
    and sold 39M worth of players…..

  43. no1 goon

    now look ive been slagging off eboue all last season but now it must stop,i thought eboue did well in that role yesterday.
    he cut out all the rubbish and when he does that you must admit eboue has got talent.
    even in his interview before the game he looked more determined.
    i think we should lay off him for awhile and see how he plays before we start lashing him.
    the future’s bright,the future’s arsenal!!!!

  44. Rocka

    Hello. I don’t ever post on here, but wanted to say that Eboue did alright yesterday, and got better as the game went on. Kept it very simple and don’t think gave away the ball once. Exactly what you want from a defensive midfielder.

    And did I miss something – a few people on various blogs have been commenting on J Hoyte, but I am sure as hell he didn’t play last night. G Hoyte came on late Sagna, but not Justin. Can someone confirm?

  45. Gunnershabz

    the spuds are going to be good this year, they made the biggest moves in the transfer window so far

  46. jules

    wenger said certainly one maybe two a week ago , so is bischoff the certainly or the maybe . if he is the certainly signing and thats it , i will be so pissed off

  47. dennisdamenace

    Pedro – I could have my arm twisted young man, i have been know to have the occasional cheekie one or two before the game!!!!

  48. rico01

    Bud – do you think he is off?? Strange he has not played.
    Just hope its a player swap deal, only way we are likely to get someone.
    But wasn’t Newcastle who offered money for him, there is no midfielder/Ch there is there???

  49. Pedro

    DDM, good man! We’ll have a bit of a crowd there this year… we get our Peroni’s from the shop next door now… jumbo size! Then use the table and chairs of the S+B… it’ll be a good crack, especially if August is nice!

    Welcome to Le Grove No 1 Goon and Rocka!

    Bud, you reckon Senderos might be off to Villa?

  50. AFC53

    Morning everyone,

    The future is definately looking rosy I was very impressed with Bendtner,Vela,Wishere Ramsey & Nasri Sagna & Clichy were dependable as usual.

    But…. Gallas & Djorrou would have got murdered by a better team,Eboue one word why??? Ade just get rid.

    apart from that we are in good shape we do need a CB & DM with worldclass qualitys to come in to complete the jigsaw.

    As for Bentley cheers Spurs.

  51. no1 goon

    is the barry deal off with liverpool now?
    i really would like us to sign alonso,i think he would fit in straight away if we sign him!!
    i think this is our year,anyone agree?

  52. gnarleygeorge9

    No 1,

    It could well be 😀 it could well be. Better hurry up & sort out getting my new strip.

  53. kenyan gooner

    Pedro ad rather keep big phil mate.I think hoyte plus cash would be better.Big phil can turn on style when he iz confident. ie.no torrez/drogba or any big name striker

  54. raif

    i think Arsenal are trying to be 10 steps ahead of everyone else and is trying to predict the future.

    listen to the things the board & wenger has said in the past.

    the board talks about the credit crunch, and the Emirates Stadium debt

    wenger speaks of his views that the football bubble will burst along with the inflated transfer market.

    so maybe all this money thats going about will soon be a thing of the past and clubs will have no choice but to rely on their internal sources.

  55. Bud

    Justin Hoyte didn’t come on at all. He was the only unused sub. His brother Gavin came on and played right back !!!!

    It is a possibility about Senderos going, because it was not mentioned he was injured and they went through who else was not playing and why, and he was nowehere near the squad last night !!!!!!!

  56. Will

    I don’t think Bischoff is the one signing Le Boss was talking about. In his post match interview last night he still said that he felt we were one player short. Maybe YaYa is back at the training ground with his brother just waiting to be unveiled. Wishful thinking.

    Anyway, good to see Nikki B, Vela and Wilshire getting the goals last night. Looking forward to Nikki B and Vela in the coming season. Don’t think Wilshire will be featuring too much. Oh and did anyone else think “TAKE THAT YOU GREEDY SHIT!!” when Ade fell over near the start of the match or was it just me?

  57. AFC53

    I think Ade looked last night like Drogba did at times last season like he just didnt care.

    Greedy Bas**rd!!!

  58. Bud

    No1 – Gallas & Djouou sayed on, Sagna went off and Justin Hoyte replaced him and covered at full back….. 200% mate !

  59. kenyan gooner

    please dont sell big phil!I think he has potential.against milan for example he was outstanding.I dont want to regret like the mancs do about Jaab Stam.

  60. Dave Boy

    My theory:

    AW said a few weeks back that he was probably bringing 1 new player in – possibly 2.

    My gut is that Bischoff was the “possible” – depending on him proving his fitness – which he obviously has.

    That leaves the 1 “probable” – here I’m beginning to think this will be a new CB and NOT a CM as everyone initially thought.

    He now has Diaby, Denilson, Ramsey, Bischoff, Song (and Eboue) as options alongside Cesc and I think that comment from AW recently about bringing not bringing players in as they would “kill” the youngsters was a direct reference to the young options we now have in CM.

    Therefore, he’s looking at a new CB – although denying this over Euro2008 (which may have been deliberate to put everybody off the trail).

    Did AW not make several points at the end of the season regarding our defensive naivety in the games v Chelsea/Man U?

    So the question is – is he looking for a 1st choice CB – to replace either Toure/Gallas – or 1st choice backup – ahead of Phil and Johan?

    Does that sound about right?

  61. patthegooner

    The Arsenal site says he didnt but I am convinced he was on for Djorou at half time. I dont remember seeing Djourou in the 2nd half

  62. Bud

    Arsenal Team & Subs used:

    Manuel Almunia (Lukasz Fabianski 45)
    Gael Clichy
    Johan Djourou
    William Gallas
    Bacary Sagna (Gavin Hoyte 78)
    Samir Nasri (Jack Wilshere 61)
    Denilson (Henri Lansbury 85)
    Emmanuel Eboue (Aaron Ramsey 61)
    Theo Walcott (Mark Randall 78)
    Robin Van Persie (Carlos Vela 45) (Jay Simpson 85)
    Emmanuel Adebayor (Nicklas Bendtner 45)

    Subs not used:
    Justin Hoyte

  63. no1 goon

    my eye’s must be seeing things because im sure justin came on for djourou and gavin came on for sagna???

  64. gnarleygeorge9

    Cheers Pedro, I’d better rattle my dags & get it then. Its going to be a big year for the Gooners me thinks.

  65. patthegooner

    maybe we played with 12 in the 2nd half Bud

    Just read this

    Amaury Bischoff, 21, completed his move from Werder Bremen yesterday with one German tabloid proclaiming: ‘Werder nobody signs for Arsenal.’

    That reaction is down to the fact Bischoff’s career has been so badly hit by injuries he played just 16 minutes for Bremen’s first team last season.

    16 mins, Chavski and Man Ure must be feeling that their title ambitions are slipping away

  66. Patrick7

    If we accept that AW’s going to strengthen our defence with ‘one more signing’ do we all accept that we’ve got a good shot at the EPL etc?

  67. gnarleygeorge9

    Theres a good pub here in Launceston called the Gunners Arms & the Licencee is an Arsenal fan, true!!! so I will proudly wear & advertise the Blog when I’m out & about.

  68. Will

    haha kenyan. i couldnt have been the only one that laughed at it! wonder what his reception will be like if he starts on saturday. and to think last season i bought a togo strip with adebayor on it! anyone think cesc and toure will start on saturday?

  69. South African Gooner

    I watched the game last night and I must say Ade and Ebue were not as bad as people here are making out. You can not compare Ade’s perfromance to Nikky B’s. Bendtner has had more games. This was Ade’s first game back. Ade had some good touches, he put RVP through on goal and RVP completely fluffed his lines. Ade also cushioned down a header for Nasri and Nasri put the ball over the bar. If you are going to slate Ade, then slate RVP as well, because he also looked ring rusty.

    Ebue had a decent game, he completed passes and got back to help the defense.

    For me Clichy was the best player on the park, he had pace and power. You could see that he has had a couple of games. Wilshere, Nik B, Vela, Theo and Ramsey also looked good. Nasri was ok and should be the dogs once he gets more games under his belt.

  70. kenyan gooner

    Amaury must be good.He played in the french under 18 & under 21 for portugal.He must be good maybe he was just unlucky n fate brought him to us.

  71. kiv

    You talk like real. Many of them are playing their first game. The youngsters were already playing their 3rd game.

  72. no1 goon

    let them clubs think what they like,while we have arsen they know deep down we are always a danger.
    i tell you now,we will be ruling the football world in 10 years if this carrie’s on.
    what ever wenger does i trust him,im a 100% behind the way arsenal are running our football club and it’s a joy to be a gunner.
    i feel this is the best talented squad we have had and that its only gonna get better.

  73. dennisdamenace

    Gentlemen, J Hoyte was the only substitute NOT to be used last night, check the match report on Arse.com

    I actually commented last night during the game about the fact that Gavin got on before his brother!

  74. Geoff

    South African, we’re slating Ade because he’s a greedy ungrateful cunt, he’s always offside and has the first touch of a sheep shagger, Robin on the other hand isn’t and doesn’t .

  75. Patrick7

    Well said SAG! I defended him earlier. That doesn’t mean I forgive him for his summer whoring but if he strats banging them in again and pulls players to him like a magnet leaving openings for our newer super-shots I’ll be more than happy.

    Notice in all our goals no headers yet!

  76. Chalmers

    if we sell ade and replace him with bendner I bet we will be an average team. if we sell eboue and replace him with walcott we will be so weak and concede loads of goals on the right. Our balance of play will be so bad tha we will struggle to keep the ball the arsenal way. In other words Ade is better that Bendner and Eboue is better than walcott at this point in time. Ade will be great player at arsenal and elsewhere simply because is has the talent and is big and strong. i saw part of the game. walcott was hopeless, bendner good, j hoyte and gallas clueless, midfield avoided for the wings were J wilshere was super, vela had penetration and bendner going deep to get the ball.

  77. kenyan gooner

    no 1 i think you may have an AKB comment in your post.I was also slatting wenger for not buying but it looks like he has a good squad.I hope its also a consistant one.

  78. Pedro

    Ade lovers vs Bendtner lovers

    Hoyte played vs Hoyte was on the bench

    Eboue fans vs everyone!

    It’s hotting up in the forum today!

  79. no1 goon

    why not maybe a few would leave,but how many more talents are arsen and his scouting network gonna find?
    and dont forget the fiancial power we will have aswell to keep this young stars.

  80. kenyan gooner

    has anyone of u heard of Sokratis Papastathopoulos-he is only 20 and is being touted as being as good as Tony Adams

  81. ikon

    that game fuckin made my day… away kit makes even eboue look like a superstar…. wilshere is more than ready for the first team.. i say make hima regular in carling cup and that guy will eat away whoever comes along his way…. he is 16 and i saw a moment where 2 heavily built players couldnt get the ball off him… he is deceptively strong, deceptively fast…. very apparently good.

    Velaaaaaa… man how he reminds me of dudu. one thing i was very happy was that his goal came off his weaker foot from an impossible angle…. and the good natured smile… man he is an out and out winner and team man.

    Clichy.. my man of match… awesome.

    I also thought denilson did ok and eboue also i think doesnt deserve slack on his performance yesterday… he more than once moped up opp attacks…. it wasnt just any team… it was a team which came 2nd in bundesliga…. and we dictated play at least in the 2nd half… man real madrid is the match to watch now.

    Ade…. I dont wanna talk about him.

  82. ikon

    first 3 pre season i was sulking a bit afraid of how we would fare this year…. yesterday just cleared all doubts…. one strong defensive player… we are ready… that too without rosicky or RVP i think we are ready even without them.

  83. insidealbania

    I dislike the cheating Eboue very much, but when he played RB no one could fault him.
    I just think he did not play as bad as some here are saying.
    Would I have him playing CM? hell no!!

  84. rico01

    I thought Ade was dreadful, I am not a Nik fan (at the moment) but he looked more like the deadly striker Ade seems to think he is….

    Vela & Nik – on current performance deserve to be at the start
    RvP – just cant wait to see him this weekend, if he starts with confidence, and bangs in a few goals, he will be awesome this season.

  85. Pedro

    Inside… I must disagree with that statement.

    Arsene Wenger disagreed and signed Sagna becuase Eboue wasn’t up to the job.

    That season we conceded many goals due to his poor positioning… he wasn’t a good right back.

  86. rico01

    Guys, Young Guns extract

    Aaron Ramsey, Justin Hoyte, Gavin Hoyte and Jack Wilshere all came on, and were soon celebrating as Bendtner played a 1-2 with Vela before bullying his way through, and slotting home. 2-1, and Arsenal were looking in fine form