3 stars are born and Nikki B shows us why we don’t need Ade

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Well when I saw the starting line up I said ‘Oh no, Eboue and Denilson’ there was no Diaby, no Cesc and Eboue slots into his new role as defensive midfield, how many chances does this guy get?

Well he didn’t disappoint, as he was well, disappointing! As usual… Why we don’t just use him as back up to Sagna is beyond me, Denilson had a better game, but he’s not ready I’m afraid.

Nasri looked better than Hleb straight off, but the revelations were Wilshere, Vela and Nikki big balls, simply awesome, Clichy just gets better and better, Theo looks sharp as a tack as did Robin and Ramsey, but Ade was hopeless, usual first touch and always offside, what do they talk about in training?

Djourou partnered Gallas and that looked OK, Hoyte – not good enough, but Hoyte the younger could be a good bet for the future, Randall and Lansbury need another year in the stiffs but the passage of play was sweet Arsenal, and if we get a defensive midfielder and a center back I can see us scooping the lot this coming season, I really can, these kids are fantastic, but we need a couple of older heads in there and quick.

With another £7 mil coming our way for Bentley, plus the Hleb and Diarra dosh, minus the £12mill for Nasri and the £5mil for Ramsey we should have at least £32 million left to spend, that could still get us Veloso, Alonso or Barry plus Zapata or Kompany, really that’s all we need.

I didn’t even mention the salaries we’ve saved from the big earners, that would add up to a few bob.

I was really, really impressed.

All that and a weekend fest on it’s way, have a great day Grovers and a hopeful one, with the Bentley deal happening and the team returning, it could be moving day.

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  1. finestcuts

    Pedro, the Polish government suck…….lies and propaganda…………they are just self serving liars…..it’s best to just live your life and have nothing to do with them, don’t ask anything of them…..that’s the best way…

    I reckon Wenger may be saving Diaby for the honour….and testing out his back up for the time being….

  2. finestcuts

    I’ve made my final adjustments to my fantasy football team, I don’t think I’ll change it, none of these lads will leave their teams.

  3. finestcuts

    Pat to be honest i thnik Bentley will score a lot of goals for the spuds….he is actually a good winger even though i think the lad has an attitude….to tired to play for England? That is pathetic…..he should be playing air guitar for being called up…..such a doughnut

  4. Pedro

    Diaby is taking the middle, I am sure of it!

    Finest, you could replace Polish with British, American… they are all the same!

    I have to revisit my fantasy team…

    Vela looked good yesterday didn’t he… I fancy Wilshire to come strong by the end of the year! Did Barazite feature yesterday?

  5. finestcuts

    Yup…..there are no good governments out there are there?
    Maybe on some other planet, but not on this one.

  6. finestcuts

    All you fantasy football players….why are you not playing trophy manager…I am in the middle of building a super team, just been promoted and fighting for the title again!

  7. david

    “This means the world to me, because Spurs were the first club I used to watch as a kid,” Bentley said. “Gazza was my favourite player when I was growing up. The first shirt I ever got was a Tottenham one with his name on the back.

    Weird that the FA didn’t put names on the back of shirts until the 93-94 season..
    Gazza was a Lazio player then..

  8. ethangunner


    his mental mind set will put him back ?
    FUCK !
    the only reason he shined last season was bendtner was too young and
    wasn’t seasoned enough , had 75 % less time on the field, never got enough of the ball due to ade’s arrogance when he was on it , and every other cunt was injured ! .. Ade was very fortuitous last year and thats the point ive always tried to make ! His lack of skill will hold him back nothing else…
    and at 24 he is far from the finished article that he should be by now !

    believe what you want but if you cannot judge a class player or a shit player
    you can only be making excuses.. because you are usually one of the brighter ones !

  9. ethangunner


    “We are not as short of strikers as people thought,” he told the club’s official website.

    “We have Vela, who has integrated well into the team, and Bendtner was a force at the end of last season. He will confirm that again this year.

    “In all the areas in total we are perhaps one player short. But up front we don’t need anyone.”

    in all areas we are 1 man down .. midfield ? – defense ? goalkeeping ?

    i currently concur .. i would say that if ade goes, we need a top class replacement , lets hope he does , but any prospective employer wouldn’t think much of his 1st 1/2 half against Stuttgart .. His price will only decrease this season .. 2-3 weeks ago was the perfect chance for wenger to make the steal of the century !

    And before anyone starts (pat7) he has had 2 international games .
    and looks just as Sharp at being offside and coughing up possession
    as ever ! also in both internationals he was held scoreless !
    and 24 goals in 34+ matches means better than a goal every 2nd game !
    but when you consider 2 hat tricks against the worst EPL team on record
    and 3 + penalties (2 created by hleb) 1 by theo .. his actual free play scoring ratio is more like 1 in 3 games ..

    and yes he should have scored more because as a team he was our GO TO
    man last season .. he missed way too many .. and thats largely due too poor touch on the ball !
    But our team focused passing to him on just about every occasion .
    His wasteful touch cost us last season ..

    i still think he will be sold however .
    someone will offer the $$$$ and wenger wont say no this time !!!
    But the selling price will be less fairy tail like i’m sure ..

  10. ethangunner

    Also pat

    nasri wont play on the right
    thats theo’s spot ..

    it will be more like

    sanga- toure-gallas-clichy
    theo/eboue- cesc- denilson/jack – nasri/rosicky/vela
    ade – rvp/vela

    nikyb-eboue-denilson/jack – nasri/rosicky- fab2

    you have no chance in wenger dropping either gallas or toure
    so get it out of your head now it simply aint going to fucking happen !
    he wont drop eboue ! so you think in a month of sundays he will
    drop toure ????

    right or wrong thats wengers mindset !

  11. ethangunner

    i did leave out ramsay and (smackya) bitchup

    and thats because i dont think either are ready ..
    they might feature in the end ( like diarra )

  12. ethangunner

    Pedro Says:
    July 31, 2008 at 11:05 pm

    Diaby is taking the middle, I am sure of it!

    i doubt it pedro .. Im sure he will feature more however..
    but i think denilson from the amount of time he’s had pre-season on the pitch is wengers
    1st pick .. it still could come true however for you , as denilson has hardly set his pre-season on fire .. but diaby is an attacking midfielder by nature .. he is used when you employ real right/left midfielders and push thru the center to attack … the only way i can see him playing regularly is if he is converted to a winger .. or cesc is injured ..

    Arsene will go with a central midfielder and defensive midfielder in the center of the park , he always has done . . and unless your suggesting he looks like PV04 so thats good enough .. then ill agree with you 🙂

    he could be used in a 4-5-1 however !

  13. ethangunner

    rico every day is a good day for a signing !

    will it happen ? with Bischoff signing just recently i do doubt it ..

  14. ethangunner

    wenger came out 2 days ago and said he has enough strike options ..
    i think the reasoning behind it is maybe he feels ade is staying ..
    also Bischoff can play right midfield ! which then leaves theo free to become a striker once again..

    it wouldn’t surprise me to see Bischoff be our 1st choice RW by the end of this season !

  15. ethangunner


    The Brazilian, 59, said his squad is strong enough to challenge for the Premier League, the FA Cup, Carling Cup and Champions League.

    “We have four competitions this season and I’ll try to win all four,” he said.

    “It will be very difficult but we have the team for it, we have the players for it. Chelsea have also given me everything I have wanted.”

  16. Patrick7

    Good morning Grovers. Whitish knuckle day then with the draw and new signing day?

    Ethan – fair points on Ade but I think he’ll improve this season partly because AW may use Bendtner more ad give him time off to improve those weaknesses. Nic has shown an improvement and we’ll see this weekend how Ade will respond.

  17. Patrick7

    Ethan – you sound more positive this morning and are making much better arguments. Does that mean it’s cooler there or have you kept off the demon drink? You know it’s a depressant don’t you – one of the reasons I rarely touch the stuff.

    Hey, maybe that’s why I’m an optimist compared with the Peroni drinking mob on here!

  18. Patrick7

    The continual offsides ARE a problem as is his first touch but that at times is good so THAT problems seems to be focus. He must be a quick thinker though as he couldn’t talk that fast otherwise?

    He WAS knacked late last season when there weren’t any alternatives presumably. Even Flam had to be taken off at half time in one game (my son tells me) because his legs had gone.

    He IS very quick, big, heavy, awkward and creates openings for himself and others by the fact that he draws players to him as they know the threat he poses.

    Did Nic look a bit quicker to you the other night?

  19. ethangunner

    i dont drink pat7 .. well not at home and definitely not alone ..
    im just the other side of
    failure .. ive resigned myself to not worry about things i cannot affect the outcome of !
    and besides 95% of people want ade to leave ! and most agree with me as far as his
    style of play is concerned .. it took a while for most to come around .. Ive stated my cases as has pat .. and most here … little point in harping on about how far off the mark we are .
    I think if most people are honest with themselves they know precisely were the club is placed …

    but i disagree with your ade concept . I think if ade plays less he will end up with senderos confidence ! We have better talent coming thru .. and when dudu returns
    it could even be vela and dudu … similar players , but both can finish as can RVP .

  20. Patrick7

    I’m pleased at your change of stance – it’s healthier!

    Agreed on the better talent coming through but if he is different as apart from THOSE weaknesses he could be awesome. Perhaps the new French striker (if he puts on some weight) will be better but only Drogba is similar currently.

  21. ethangunner

    he continual offsides ARE a problem as is his first touch but that at times is good so THAT problems seems to be focus. He must be a quick thinker though as he couldn’t talk that fast otherwise?
    1. more like inconsistency . but his inconsistency seems to be pretty consistent
    if you ask me .. 🙂

    He WAS knacked late last season when there weren’t any alternatives presumably. Even Flam had to be taken off at half time in one game (my son tells me) because his legs had gone.
    2. He wanted to play patrick .. remember when arsene was talking about dropping him .?
    he was sub’d by bendtner one time during his goal drought period and the look he gave after knowing he was sub’d off was one of shock and disbelief .. I never doubt his natural fitness .. and sure wenger not buying in the jan window was a bad move.. but
    10 games goaless is pretty unforgivable .. especially when you think of the amount of chances the arsenal midfield generate per game .. its a biblical sin !

    He IS very quick, big, heavy, awkward and creates openings for himself and others by the fact that he draws players to him as they know the threat he poses.
    2. I think the other way around he attracts defenders because 95% of the time they can dispossess him !
    Did Nic look a bit quicker to you the other night?

    3. just a different partner who will play interchange with him ( the old 1 – 2 )
    its a bit hard to judge nik when the previous season his strike partner never wanted to pass to him .. like it or not those are the facts patrick .. pretty hard to judge a player when his strike partner every time will try and go it alone .. or get dispossessed prior to making a run .. it doesnt leave too many chances left for others to score does it ??

  22. patthegooner

    Ha Ha

    On the Untouchables DVD Bentley says he was an Arsenal fan as a kid and sat on the North Bank watching Bergkamp.

    Not many kids would have survived in my school wearing a Gazza shirt one day and a Bergkamp one the next.

    But in a personal Interview how about this

    I’m a Manchester United fan. My dad originally got me watching them and the way they played. Eric Cantona was there at the time – I loved him, him and Gazza. The first match I ever saw was Tottenham versus Wimbledon when Gazza first came down to London. Lineker was there too, but for me Cantona was the true hero. He used to step on the pitch and there’d just be this aura around him. Opposing players used to back off him. His all-round ability was something else – he could do magical things. At times he’d just wander through the game doing nothing and then all of a sudden he’d pop up and score a wonderful goal. I’d always try to model myself on him, imitate the surprise element to his game. What I try to do on the pitch is similar to Eric’s old role – I create, I score and I entertain the crowd.


    What A COCK

    I will post this again on todays post no one can miss this

  23. ethangunner


    ade just doesn’t have the skill set to front arsenal .
    a technical quick passing side .. he is always exposed
    by having poor positioning on the field . when we break he is always certainly
    offside .. and thats something you just cannot get right quickly if its not in your blood..

    its like telling Pavarotti to be the new lead singer to AC DC ! 🙂
    ade just hasnt got the skill set to play wenger ball ..
    and thats it in a nut shell ..

    Also flamini should get tired , you do a lot of running playing in the midfield .
    you dont run half as much in defense or attack .. for either defenders or attackers there are no excuses .. plus other top strikers in the league can play 38 games and not go off the boil ..

  24. rico01

    pat – it is pratts like him that him that keep the rivalry well and truely alive…

    i hope we well and truely tonk them

  25. ethangunner

    more like its pratts like him that get unfairly treated ..
    hleb – flamini – freddie – diarra -Jeremie even gilberto all recently have nothing good to say about us and the way we get rid of them and conduct ourself as a club… i think you have to start asking yourself why ???