Big Phil shocker (The real big Phil)

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Big Phil's reaction to finding out Kolo had Malaria.

Big Phil's reaction to finding out Kolo had Malaria.

So Newcastle have put a bid in for Philippe Senderos, thank god for that you may be saying, but I’m not so sure, why you may ask? Well I think another likeable squad member going again will cause more problems for the team than it will solve.

I would swap Phil for a Big Mac and a diet coke in a heartbeat normally, but Wenger won’t bring in a Zapata, he’ll promote a Rogers and centre backs don’t really get good until they’re at least 25, so maybe this season is Big Phils.

I know I’ve been his biggest critic over the years but if they want to sell someone, sell Eboue and Adebayor at least Phil is a nice guy and very loyal.

Still it was the Daily Mail! Didn’t they also say RVP was away to Juventus?

The Fabregas to Madrid story is not worth a comment, so we’ll leave it there, but the Moses story won’t go away, but I can’t get excited by another long term prospect, so I won’t.

Cesc did go public yesterday by saying that we need experience in midfield so let’s hope his dad, Arsene, listens, but we’re running out of time as I’m convinced he will buy this week, it serves no purpose to wait until the end of the window.

At least we can look forward to a game tomorrow and then they start coming thick and fast.

Have a great day Grovers and if you go to church, pray for a signing that’s old enough to drink.

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  1. Patrick7

    Pat – It is worrying but honest. Ronaldo was the difference this year for ManUre. If we don’t win something this year it will be time for him to move on; he wants to win something. He’s kept the faith in AW and if he lets him down (and us) what can you expect? There are still flaws in his performances to be ironed out and if AW can work on those and get the final elements of his squad together we’ll have a great season.
    If not despite the fact I believe we have the players now to replace him we’ll have to do without.

    If that means Cesc or both well we’ll have to wait and see but I’m confident. AW’s smile at that last interview better not have been WIND!!!!!!

  2. rico01

    I dont believe a word of what has been writted, that is not Cesc’s style.

    He has the utmost respect for AW, and just wouldnt do that – imho

  3. rico01

    Bloody Marca Newspaper – owned by RM – this is their way yet again to try and undermine our club –

  4. Patrick7

    This week Choy ( cross fingers, toes…..).

    Can’t see Ade being offered that much after his summer escapades. I can see an expensive escape clause perhaps if we want to keep him just in case for next year and to make sure he doesn’t jump ship as the season starts!

  5. patthegooner

    I think he has talked to Marca but it may be that he has answered leading questions.

    If true I honestly wont blame him, by the time he retires, Cesc should have a Wiki page full of honours and at the moment it does not look like he will get them at Arsenal. His two best mates have left the club in the Summer and all he is seeing is kids coming into replace him, and unless those kids are as good as Cesc then he will feel about as reassured as I do.

    Hopefully this is the kick up the arse that the Board and Manager needs to actually put some investment in the club and not just in adding more Burger stalls to rip us off.

    Cesc must look at the team sheats for the Likes of Real and Barca and think I am as good as them, I should be playing alongside them. Its not just about balancing the books and Wengers net profit and Ego from transfers. We have to match these players ambitions. If Cesc does go, just watch the floodgates.

    The thing is, if we bought the class players that IMO would really turn us into genuine title contenders, then if we did lose it, it would be fair enough, we would have tried everything to win the Title but ultimately another Club was too good for us. At least you have done everything possible to match the players ambitions.

    But if we repeat last season and dont buy those players, then regardless of whether you finish 1 point or 20 points behind, you have lost it due to lack of ambition and the question marks will always remain about not having adequate squad depth and that will always have an affect on the better players like Cesc.

  6. El Tel


    Sorry mate I had visitors.

    You see things very similar to myself regarding the team I do think Flamini worked well for the team and will be hard to replace but only because I think Wenger is trying to do it on the cheap.

    There are replacements out there but they are usually other teams important players and they wont sell at our bargain basement level.

    I try to think Manuel will get better but he is already in his 30’s and i doubt he can improve to what we need. Fabianski can be worked with but can we wait 3 years for him to blossom.

    My outsider to be part of the squad this year will be Lansbury and I think we may find a winger in Traore that could surprise many.

  7. rico01

    El Tel, Barazite for me on the surprise front, and i hope Wilshere gets a chance in the CC –

    Clichy really raves about Traore, so maybe you will be right…

    And the other day Pedro wondered how many of us thought Eboue might shine… Mmee

  8. choy

    well said pat…

    a player of cesc’s talent deserves all the worldly accolades…

    he deserves to play with the world’s best!!

  9. El Tel

    Sorry guys it was dwad quiet before the visitors showed up im not being rude.

    GMR, Ethan Big Raddy,Steve are you all on holidays we need you over here.

    I love Cesc Fabrigas but I bet Wenger has already done a deal with him and he goes next year, apparently Sir Alf is similar in style and Merida looks good too plus Willshere could be our sensation along with Traore.

    Things look exciting but a bit X Files (the unknown). I doubt Cesc will go to Madrid as he is a Catalan I believe but if he does lets take Snjeider and Robinho in PX

  10. rico01

    I agree, but this club of ours should be getting the best to play alongside him, not him having to look elsewhere – Argh – so frustrating

  11. El Tel


    I saw that too and think it would be good business to swap Senderos for Given. I actually said this last night at about 2 am what about this for a swap. A dream that could come true or is it that easy for Journos to make up shit like that.

  12. rico01

    El Tel – 2am….. blimey, thats early šŸ˜‰

    cant believe you want to let Phillipe go…. šŸ˜‰

  13. El Tel


    The best thing AW can do to put Cescs mind at rest is sign Villa as you predicted. He would see that we want him to have some say in whats going on at our Club.

    Is it true that Cescs best friend is in fact Senderos and not the scummy traitors who ran for the dough.

    If Phillip is Cescs mate then we must keep him, maybe thats the reason Wenger really got the hump with the Board.

  14. El Tel


    I was still up because I usually work nights, just got back from a break and couldn’t sleep.

    was chatting to Evo and Gnarley from down under. Saw the news saying Barcodes want Phillipe and put 2 and 2 together.

    I am a Senderos fan and don’t want him to go but we need a keeper.

    Having a break will be back after the film war of the worlds. Haven’t seen it before.

  15. Pedro

    Evening all!

    I’ve been out and about today, and it is so bloody hot in my house I can’t sit and blog today!

    I will be on all day tomorrow, so I’ll catch up with you all then!

    There is a rumour that it’s someone’s Birthday tomorrow…

    Anyway! Have a great night Grovers!

    Happy blogging!

  16. rico01

    Spot On El Tel,

    And that is why i have always thought villa will come to us, i know many say he is like Dudu, but Dudu wont be fit for a while yet, and i really dont think Nik will step up, but i hope i am wrong.

    I dont know about Cesc’s mates at the club, but I think Philippe is very popular with all the players. I dont think AW will let him go, he has said he rates him….

  17. rico01

    Can anyone help, this is driving me mad………….

    Who sang War of the Worlds song about people coming from Mars?

  18. charybdis1966

    You guys want to listen to the Jeff Lyne version of War of the worlds – but then I’m one of those old enough to remember that version.

    Justin Hayward – better off with Nik Heyward !

  19. gunnerfever

    Arsenal playmaker Cesc Fabregas has not ruled out a move to Real Madrid – but will have at least one more season with the Gunners.

    The player, a product of the Barcelona youth academy, told Spanish sports daily Marca: “I didn’t tell Ramon Calderon no.

    “I told him that now wasn’t the time to go to Madrid.

    “That you are wanted by Madrid, one of the biggest teams in history, is important.”
    Fabregas added: “To be four seasons without winning any titles would be too much for me. Real Madrid are the favourites to win La Liga this year.”

    And he believes Ronaldo would prove a success at Madrid.

    “The league and the Champions League that United won this season was because of Cristiano,” he continued.

    “At Madrid he would help them win titles.”

    for link check skysports football section.

  20. Patrick7

    El Tel – We do think alike. Both watched War of the Worlds and think Traore will make a left winger not a LB for the foreseeable future anyway! I’m off to bed now. We’ll see what the news brings tomorrow and look at the match.

    Night all.

  21. charybdis1966

    You guys want to try the Jeff Lyne version of War of the Worlds – I was forced to listen to that at school so I don’t see why the next generation should get off lightly.

    Justin Hayward – better off with Nick Heyward !

  22. Pedro

    Akb’s… put this in your pipe and smoke it:

    “To be four seasons without winning any titles would be too much for me. Real Madrid are the favourites to win La Liga this year.”

    Even fab is sick of it…

  23. charybdis1966

    Blimey, looks like my posts are coming up out of order and delayed.

    Weird, anyhoo I have hopes for Swiss Tony to excel this year -but of course his job would be that much easier if we had a DM to cut out the long balls over the middle and above our diddy midfiled.

    I agree with some earlier opninio that Swiss t/ony is Cesc’s best mate- add to that to their common Spnaish ancestry (I believe Phils dad is spanish) and to sell him to the northern monkery bar codes would really piss Cesc off.

  24. Pedro

    Chary, not sure if it is the Proxy you are using?

    They are going straight to spam?

    Cesc is giving us one more year Raif… brilltastic!

    I must see the Dark Knight… I’ve heard too many good things!

  25. raif

    Pedro are u on face book? iv come across somone called Pedro. but there could be a Million other Pedro’s so i thought id ask

  26. Pedro

    I am raif… but not under Pedro!

    My identity is hidden unless you get down the Small and Beautiful before match day!

    I don’t want to get punched from behind at a game because I blocked someone!

    I’m off… early start tomorrow!

    Have a good night everyone!

  27. raif

    we all know Cesc will leave us at some point. all i want us to do is win somthing. we have ZERO braging rights,

    also hope we get shit loads of cash for him if possible.

    as for the dark knight im going to see it again at some point. really really good step up from the last one. but keeps the same Dark Tone.

    Heath was amazing as the Joker

  28. charybdis1966

    Hi Pedro, no I’m only on the proxy during weekdays – but am used to being spammed, sob !

    I don’t really believe the quotes from Marca (AKA Real Masdrd/Franco’s team media mouthpiece) – in any case he’s a proud Catalan and would never think of playing for Franco’s team.

  29. charybdis1966

    Anyone else going to theReal game next Sunday ? I was wondering whether to bother with the earlier match or not as I’ll have the 2 boys in tow and I doubbt whether they’d sit still through 2 games.