Adebayor stays, oh well, it could have been worse!

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How I hear you say? How could it be worse keeping that ungrateful sack of shite?

Well we could have sold him and bought no-one, and the expectation level of all concerned would have hit the roof, we’d have been saying Villa, Santa Cruz, Huntelaar or Eto’o and got nobody, so at least that didn’t happen.

Also Barcelona didn’t think he was worth the wages he was demanding; join the club Barca, nor do we, now he has to slide back with his tail between his legs like a beaten dog, I hope he gets the treatment now because he deserves it, I also hope we take Barcelona and Milan to task over their part in all of this too.

I just hope he doesn’t unsettle the team with his antics, I can’t see the point in keeping him as it’s obvious he’ll end up leaving and we could have cashed in on him now as next season he’ll be worthless, but it’s good to see the boss stand up to him, like Rednose has too with the greasball, the only cowards out there are the chavs, I mean how can a 29 year old sulky fat boy be worth a 5 year contract and that much money???

Hleb has come out and said he loves Arsene like a father etc, etc, he said nothing about the fans though, he also said that Cesc is his best friend, so why did he go then?

Sadly we are fast becoming Arsene FC, what happened to the days when people were proud to wear the shirt and play for the club, all you seem to hear is ‘I wanted to play under Wenger’ and ‘he is like a father to me’

I’m a little fed up with being treated like a child by our manager, we only find out we’re getting a player on the day, they are always under 18 , we rarely hear press conferences and he never seems to spend our money, still we’ve been here before and you all know how I feel.

I think we play next Tuesday in Austria, I thought the minute we started playing we would all get pumped up, it hasn’t happened yet, still perhaps now that Kolo has malaria we’ll buy a replacement, Zapata, wheater or Lescott? yeah, sure we will.

Have a great day Grovers, at least the sun is shining.

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  1. dennisdamenace

    Good Evening Grovers,

    TH14’s Sense of Arrogance Says:
    July 24, 2008 at 2:23 pm

    Can we just have a moment’s recognition here for Bert?? I think fuck Hleb and Adebayor for a minute and let’s talk about our favourite Brazilian. What a class act, a gentleman and an ambassador for Arsenal Football Club for the last 6 years….the man oozes professionalism and I would like to take this opportunity to wish Gilberto every success in Greece and throughout the closing stages of his fantastic career. Thank you for being such a great part of our club and conducting yourself in a manner of dignity and class both on and off the pitch. Cheers Bert, we’ll miss you.

    Just look at these comments:

    β€˜I feel a bit sad, you know. I like many, many people at Arsenal and it has been fantastic this last six years at the club.’

    β€˜It is fantastic because even though I haven’t played much this year, at this stage [of my career] I have this opportunity to play in another club.

    β€˜It means over the years I have done the job well and people still believe in me.’

    Hear Hear TH14, seriously well said, Good luck Bertie, and thanks for everything.

  2. AndyB

    Did anyone watch the half an hour of TH14 on Arsenal tv last night?
    Made you realise just what a player he is, and how much the greedy wanker Ade is behind him in footballing terms. what a fucking cheek he has for saying he should be on a par, wages wise, with the great man! what a cunt! Perhaps he meant Franny Jeffers when he said that

  3. Pedro

    Well said DDM and TH14!

    Treze, we’ll get you a computer game or something (assuming that is your bag), or something Arsenal that is Le Grove branded…?

    Prizes will be sorted! It depends how flush I am this time next year! My Ocean finance loan over 60 years is doing me over a bit… damn credit crunch!

    Andy, Geoff is in Spain drinking beer no doubt!

    So, when is the next pre season game?

  4. choy

    nope.. i would go for 4-3-3 the more goal scoring opportunities the better.. the less defenders the better!!

  5. finestcuts

    Choy, Midfield is the key, Midfielders get 5 points for a goal as opposed to 4 for a forward, plus they get an extra point for a clean sheet, and don’t forget assists get you 3 points….it reflects the Premier League, the battle in midfield is key.

  6. TREZE13

    k cards on the table ive got

    Van Der Sar



    Torres—Santa Cruz

  7. finestcuts

    In the unlikely event of a dead heat I propose that the winner should be the one with the highest scoring lowest priced player….in the event that they’re the same….the second lowest player and so forth…., and if that doesn’t settle it (assuming both teams are exactly the same……..even more unlikely), go for the fewest transfers made during the season.

  8. finestcuts

    We owe them one Choy, we last drew 2-2 at home against them…..our syndrome of dropping points against the lamest teams.

  9. choy

    finest i don’t think that we’ll have a tie!!!

    but what you propose is nice…

    I think you’re the most well informed!! you should give us weekly tips!

  10. finestcuts

    I don’t think I am Choy….I make mistakes as well, I had an injury crisis last year……lots of nightmares……managed about midtable in the whole league (approx 1 million players joined before the first round deadline, I finished 500,000 something). I sacrificed too much to have Ronnie, he got red carded and i kept him on the bench….when I sold him I invested elsewhere and couldn’t buy him back….but I don’t regret it since because of him I started off with lame shots like Harper and Reo Coker in midfield…everyone has their own take on things. Besides, I might give a bogus tip so I can win. There is an offcial Premier League Pundit who gives his views on good players worth buying….I don’t think I could beat him.

  11. finestcuts

    There won’t be a tie Treze, if there is management can decide on how to deal with it, suggestions above πŸ˜‰
    What makes you so confident eh? There are pitfalls every week, strange things happening, new players emerging, established players getting worse….the season is only partly predictable….that’s football for you. Don’t forget the referee, sometimes he can become the 12 th player…

  12. finestcuts

    Then you’d all blame me if the player doesn’t perform, scour newsnow for info……try to find a hot player that no one suspects will be good but you know will, Wenger style πŸ˜‰

  13. TREZE13

    im not confident……….AT ALL im just hopeful

    my bench isnt so impressive


  14. finestcuts

    My advice to everyone is to read the official rules of the game, get familiar with the software which is very intuitive and will become second nature of the course of the season….can’t wait until the season begins…

  15. Geoff

    Grovers I’m back, a little pissed, but I’m reading the blog, have a great night, I’m off to bed, don’t forget I’m an hour ahead!

  16. Jimbo

    Anyhoo, what’s in the news this morning – another bid for Michael Johnson eh? Not happening. A story about Victor Moses though, and now that IS interesting. From what I’ve seen, I’m not sure he’s a Wenger ‘type’ – a bit too flash, see – but obviously very talented.

    Seems like our sort of signing, I reckon…

  17. rico01

    Morning Grovers. Fab Friday today then, and I hope its a friendly one.. πŸ˜‰

    finest, choy & Pedro

    I love Peroni, its just doesn’t like me, I had such a hangover after a few the other Saturday…. I think it is not good to drink it when feeling very thirsty, I should know better at my age…..

    If I win, I am sure I could manage to glugg it down, sensibly!!!!

    A signing is going to happen today, feel it in my bones

  18. rico01

    Arshavin – we do not want to touch him with a barge pole

    1) He loves Barca and would be a dream move
    2) He would love to go to AFC
    3) His would consider Chelsea
    4) His dream is to go to Barca
    5) He welcomes an offer from the Spuds and would move

    His agent has said all the above, anyone get the feeling no-one ‘really’ wants him at such a stupid price, and the fact that they possibly think he was a ‘one euro wonder’??

  19. gnarleygeorge9

    Evening/Morning Rico

    Pedro must be on Peroni commission. I’m sure he has helped to increase sales world wide. Mind you when chilled, its not bad at all.

  20. Jimbo

    So I see my last post was censored – well, fair enough. I mentioned another poster who got grumpy with me for expressing my views. I shall not again mention he/she who must not be named, but, if I would like to point out that I’ll I’ve done here is argue my case for what I believe about OUR club. If anyone takes exception to that, then so be it, but if I start getting censored for that too, well, I’ll storm off in a huff as well.

    I’ve come to believe better of this place though, so not expecting any issues…

  21. rico01

    Morning ‘charlie gnarley’ sorry, couldnt resist that…….;)

    It was on offer so I decided to re-visit my youth…, fatal error, i am sure its stronger than it used to be, my favorite is Budvar, but again cant have too many!!

    Who we going to sign today gnarley??

  22. Geoff

    Jimbo I censored you because you were being a little provocative, the spat is over and we should move on, the minute the argueing starts the debate stops and people stop coming on.

    So today is a fresh start!

  23. gnarleygeorge9

    Oh! God I don’t know, Rico, but I must say this team building policyis starting to get a bit frustrating. A big signing would be good, & why not a local like Barry.

  24. Jimbo

    Ok Geoff, fair enough. Wasn’t trying to be provocative at all, just light hearted – but I agree, let’s leave it there.

  25. gnarleygeorge9

    Geoff, don’t worry I haven’t forgotten, I just have’t got round to it yet. Are there any of those Le Grove numbered shirts still “up for grabs now”. Sorry I couldn’t resist that old Brian Moore call.

  26. rico01

    Morning Geoff, hows the head?

    Lots of speculation about Moses, just love that name, Johnson and Barry –

    Cant we just get them all…. πŸ˜‰

  27. Geoff

    Rico I don’t get hangovers, that’s the problem! Gnarley I should do some shirts leave that with me.

    Well done Jimbo!

    I’ve done todas post, Pedro is doing the formatting as we speak.