Ade refuses to ask for a transfer, there’s a surprise!

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So Arsene and Ade met at pre-season training and Ade refuses to slap in a transfer request, great I hear some of you saying, bollocks I hear from others.

Let me explain why Ade won’t first. If he does, he forfeits his 10% of the transfer fee, which in his case could be as much as £3mil, given that his sole aim is to top up his pension fund to help the poor kids in Togo and buy his mum a bigger house, I don’t expect him to want to lose that, he does however want his salary to reflect his standing in the team.

Here’s an idea, pay him a bonus of say £100,000 a goal, that would be an extra £3 million a year, then dock him say £50,000 for each miss, that would also be £3,000,000 a year, add to that say £50,000 for each pointless offside and that would come to £1,200,000, which out of his current salary of £1,820,000 a year would leave him £620,000, that in turn would leave him on a paltry, yes paltry £12k a week.

So Ade put your skills where your mouth is and let’s see how the season pans out, let’s bring in payments on results, you’ll be the first, if you’re so good, or at least as good as you think you are, you could in theory be the games highest earner, if on the other hand you are as useless as we all think you are, your salary will go down, which will in fact reflect your real standing.

I’m sure if Cesc or Sagna worked on tackles made and assists they would double their salaries.

I still think Barry is coming, Liverpool have put in an offer for Keane, which would end their interest and Sporting have said Velosa is going nowhere, so that leaves YaYa and given he’s African and all the problems that come with the ACN – also the Hleb transfer went through and I feel he would have been part of that if that deal was on, it only leaves Barry.

Unless of course Diaby steps up, I think he can, it’s his injury record that worries me, Denilson is just not good enough so I think Barry is the one.

I just hope it happens sooner rather than later, going to the last day serves no purpose.

I also hope that Merida figures this year, he did look good for Spain, I also would prefer Gibbs to Traore, but I would prefer Silva to either of them, Rogers may step up too, that would be interesting.

A lot to ponder on today, I wonder if Arsenal would consider my play for pay idea?

Have a great day today Grovers, yesterday was a big one, let’s make today bigger!

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  1. paul

    losing one nil lots of pretty football no end product shite central defence hoyte brothers.sound familiar?

  2. goonermichael

    1 nil to the other team. A bad miss after thier goalie dropped the ball and sone comic defending by us since i started watching

  3. patthegooner

    Does Arsene still believe we dont need a CB

    Hoyte is dog shit. I hope this is not 2008/09 Silly Positional Change Experiment

    Excellent finish by Theo though,

    Same as Saturday for me, we are desperately missing some experience. It is like an Arsenal Youth and Reserve team pre-season and not the 1st team

  4. finestcuts

    Bloody hell………the centre backs the Hoyte brothers……why???

    Put Djourou there, anyone but them!

    1-1, back in the game, my blood was boiling…

  5. Geoff

    Pat Hoyte really isn’t good enough, even his brother seems embarrassed! He’s 23 now and too old to break through, sell him and get Barry, I’m off for the second half now.

  6. goonermichael

    That goalkeepers shirt is really embarrasing. looks like something steve strange wore in the 80’s

  7. pires1981

    My god, the hoyte bros. have to go, I’m sure they love Arsenal, but they just aren’t up to quality.

  8. rico01

    FUCK – neighbours have been around with the new born, and ive missed so much..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MRS ANGRY!!!!

  9. raif

    if clichy is playing Center back then that just says were in need of a CB for sure. i know these games are just to get our fitness levels up but come on. we cant be playing wing backs as center backs.

  10. GunnersUnitedFC

    clichy and sagna at centerback. That’s how dire our centerbacks are. Wenger buy a bloody centerback

  11. GunnersUnitedFC

    Vela linked up play alright, but missed a few chances. Still looks unfit and off the pace as do most arsenal players

  12. choy

    i think this week is the last we will see of the hoyte brothers!!!

    as much as they love arsenal.. sad to hear that they just aren’t good enough!!

  13. goonermichael

    who is that with the dodgy mohican? I’ve got a poor feed on my pc and i can’t see who anyone is

  14. YangKamp10

    Lansbury, The reason you cant tell who he is, is becuase he plays with his head down!

    Why run 10 yards at the box then square it to a Hoyte?!?!

  15. GunnersUnitedFC

    some of these arsenal youngsters need to sort their haircuts out. Seniors like gallas and sagna aren’t exactly setting a very good example

  16. goonermichael

    my feed is slowing down. My last client’s nearly ready so that’s my cue to get back to work

  17. GunnersUnitedFC

    I know it’s only a friendly, but it’s a bit embarrassing that we’re struggling to beat a newly premoted hungarian first division team

  18. dennisdamenace

    WTF – Glichy and Sagna playing at CB!!!! What the fuck does that prove apart from the fact that the Hoyte’s aren’t good enough, what is going on with Arsenal????

  19. brendon gunner

    just to add on,
    what a scary bunch of hooligans those home fans are; throwing flaming stuff on to the pitch!

  20. finestcuts

    1-1 Treze, these yong guns look more like the mini water pistols, they’re supposed to be trying to win a place in the first team…so much for that….that what you get when your mind is set on GETTING chances intead of WINNING them.

  21. rico01

    OK Guys – a Girlie take on the game, well the second half, bloody neighbours………..

    I now know why AW buys overseas players,

    Forget the 1st team players for a moment, just how many English youth players were given the opportunity to play, to prove themselves to the manager for next season…… 3,4,5,6,7 – there were many,,,, So just how many put in the effort that Coquelin did……….??????????? 1, maybe 2..

    Wilshere, he is going to be awesome, and that is clear to see
    Simpson – I dont think he is far off being a bloody good striker..

    Randall – Crap
    Lainsbury… How do you judge someone who does little…

    Why do I bother, its just shite!

  22. finestcuts

    Rico, don’t blame their passport, they couldn’t hack it against a bunch of Hungarian Premier League wannabes.

  23. AJG

    The media go on about AW only buying foreigners and point to pennant Bentley sidwell etc but none of them have done that well after leaving arsenal, so AW is desperate to try and bring in some english players to the 1st team, and when he does look how most of them perform. If Hoyte wasn’t English i think Aw would have let him go by now. Also Randall is lazy and too arrogant- Bentley all over again

  24. brendon gunner

    hey rico, you’re a girl too?
    hah, i’m not a regular here so pardon me.
    and i got to agree with you there,
    coquelin was putting alot of effort and looked liked he really cared. Oh and denilson too in my opinion

  25. finestcuts

    Is Denilslon even ready to challenge for a place in the first team? Is Aaron “I’m tired after an hour” Rambo is supposed to help us out if we’re in dire need?

  26. david

    Sagna and Clichy played at centre back to give them an idea of what it’s like said Wenger MP..
    Was it the Hoyte’s were shit??!

  27. dennisdamenace

    As every year goes by our pre-season friendlies become more and more like a school trials camp…..

  28. finestcuts

    I guess you’re all speechless after our first team contenders couldn’t outmuscle the Hull City of Hungary…..nevermind eh….

  29. patthegooner

    Pretty Speechless after that. I dont mind the kids getting the run out, but to end up playing your wing backs as CB’s for the second half must have ruined the gameplan for Arsene. We were lucky to get a draw in the end

    Do we blame the Hoytes for being shite, or do we realise that one of them at least was being played out position.

    No for me blame Wenger, we must have CB’s at under 17, 19 Youth and Reserve level so where were they. Also where is the CB signing Arsene, I hope you realise already that J Hoyte is not a CB and a Eboueesque experiment will be as successful as well……..The Eboue experiment. BUY A FUCKING CB

    Pleased to see Vela though, he looked quite handy, Coq au vin was better, and Ramsey looked ok, great goal by Theo and a great touch by Bendtner.

    Hopefully in a weeks time the next friendly will have more of a 1st team shape to it.

    He has a few days now and I EXPECT the signings to come now, next week will be too busy.

    Finally going back to J Hoyte. Seriously let the lad go, we proved last season that even Sagna was out, we would rather play Toure or Eboue in his position so why have him on the wage bill. He could be a regular at Villa and we may get a needed player in return.

  30. rico01

    finest – please dont think i was judging on passports 😉

    It just seems the young ‘foreign’ players give just that little bit more, not all i know, but i really though Coquelin stood out in the second half.. Anyway, thats good for us, saying that though, I still think Simpson is not far off,

    brendon – get and be a regular, that i think will make two girlies – and this site is all for that, we never get judged on anything other than opinion, and even then its still one opinion against another.. Trust me, this is the best site to have a great debate about what we all love… AFC

  31. rico01

    this is on NN.COM – heres our signings then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Arsenal to bid for £8m teenage star pair: Two players with great potential

    Arsene Wenger is a wily transfer market operator, and it appears that he is more interested in stars of the future rather than big money bids for stars of today. This is highlighted by the story from the source below.

    According to Tuttosport, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has been blown away by the ability of Sebastian Giovinco, and is ready to table a bid for him and fellow Juventus starlet Claudio Marchisio.
    Giovinco is widely regarded as one of the most explosive young talents in Europe currently, and he is being tipped by many experts to be a superstar in the near future.

    The 21-year-old, who is back at Juve after spending last season on loan at Empoli, has hit the news recently due to problems regarding the renewal of his contract.

    This led to reports last week that English trio Arsenal, Manchester United and Liverpool were all ready to take advantage of this confusion and bring the young prodigy to the Premiership.

    Wenger will travel to next month’s Olympic Games specifically to watch Giovinco, and Italy Under-21 team-mate Claudio Marchisio, also of Juventus. (

    Giovinco is already very well-known in his Italian homeland, and has been thought of as a very big star for the future. The attacking midfielder had a good season on loan at Empoli last term, where he was one of the few bright sparks in their ultimately fruitless attempt to avoid relegation to Serie B.

    Juve boss Claudio Ranieri wants him to play a part in his team’s plans this coming season, but the youngster is making wage demands that the board appear unwilling to listen to, so Wenger is very wise to stake a claim in the player. Marchisio is a little more established at the Turin club, and was also a hit at Empoli on loan last term. Both could be available for as little as £8m and would be very astute purchases.

  32. Pablo

    What is plain to see is that we will be steamrollered againt the bigger and more phyical team add to that the lack of experience in the squad and its a recipe for disaster. All our midfielders look small, lightweight and eaily pushed off the ball, there is no one there that looks physical enough to withstand a challenge.

    Coqualine stood out as about the only one putting in some effort along with maybe a few others but the Hoyte brothers looked like a shower of shite. I feel really bad saying this especially as tonights game was just a pre season warm up but I really think Wenger has gone overboard with his emphasis on youth. The worry is when the first team players get injured or suspended our only back-ups are 16,17 & 18 year olds. We no longer have seasoned professionals to step in and take up the slack and I’m afraid it will cost us big.

  33. finestcuts

    Yup, not what we expected tonight, we must do much better in the next game, i know you’re fair Rico, I just don’t think we should say that foreign youngsters are always better than British ones, it’s all a case of who is good enough. We saw glimpses of good individual performances, but not whole match worth, there was certainly some good passing and possesion, but there was so much erratic movement as well, and there wasn’t a match winner out of the lot, nobody to go beyond the level of the game to create or finish off a chance.

    We can’t mess about even in friendllies and see how Gavin and Justin pair off together, or Sagna and Clichy in the middle to give them a feel of things there, that sort of stuff is for reserves games, not for pre-season build up when a winning spirit is supposed to be built, and lads such us Djorou, Nordveit or Senderos could definitely have made more use of the opportunity.

  34. upyercockersombero

    Sources in the UK press have indicated that Fabregas is one of a growing number of Arsenal players disillusioned by the constant selling of players and Arsenal’s inability these days to keep on to their star performers, a mega bid by Real Madrid is expected and Arsenal are preparing to fight to keep their best player, optimism however is low that they can achieve this.

    the worst thing is we cant even disagree with anything written there!!!

    whats happening to our fucking club!!!!!!!

    nothing like out and out panic in the preseason brought on by a bout of the media making mugs out of the fans.

  35. SFO Gooner


    your reference to these juventus starlets reminds me of arturo lupoli. once hailed as one of the brightest talents (even henry had nice things to say about him). In other news today, after failing to live to expectations at arsenal and florentina, lupoli is now at norwich city on loan.

    Wenger in reality is just gambling on these young kids. Talent alone is not enough.

  36. goonermichael

    I just read a quote from Wenger saying Eduardo will be back for the Emirates cup. Great news. Shame about the match though!

  37. raif

    im going to call that one Divine Intervention. i think he was ment to get hit by that truck. i dont think knowone could have guessd any thing like that. unless it was in a movie or somthing.

    and if i am totally honest. i couldnt help but laugh on both of them videos.

    also have u seen the football related hitler videos.?

  38. raif

    lol yeah i likedthat one aswell i saw a recent one about arsenal and the TogoTwat.the ronaldo going to madrid is another fave.

    this video gave me a Laugh,

  39. goonermichael

    That’s really funny. I just watched a spuds one about Wenger on the same page. The dirty scum.

  40. gnarleygeorge9

    Don’t worry about the practice match, whats going on with GMR.

    GMR, & for that matter Abdenor, Big Raddy will be back soon, & normality should resume. Come on fellas the season is only 24 sleeps away, so lets all see it in together.

  41. ikon

    ditto for me alex… i think the decision to hand him the no1 is kinda the decision last time to hand over the captaincy to gallas. Fabianski for me anyday, provided a tall center half is bought… else with toure and gallas and the short stature of fabiansli also.. we would be easy targets from the corners.

    But I still don’t see why randall and lansbury were touted… they have done nothing special…. at times there passinghas been aweful.

    Coqueline has made his mark. think he will fit into the first team for pl matches straight away.

    Vela looked very good on the ball… few mexica touches… he will come good i am sure.

    But pace improved from last time around… even bendtner who is so fond of camping got a tad peripatetic.

    Monday will give us still better signs and hope nasri plays.

  42. Geoff

    So what happened to the night shift, is it a public holiday in Australia and Bankok

    upyercockersombero sorry you had to wait, you and your strange name are now on so welcome.

  43. gnarleygeorge9


    This constant linking of Arsenal players to other clubs is starting to get to me, so I’m attempting to turn a blind eye to it.

    Now “upyer” has said that about Cesc, no wonder everyone is agitated & getting at each other. Are you & GMR still going to meet “The Club”?

    When old Sir Fur-on-tongue starts feeling sorry for us, then we must be going bad.

  44. Geoff

    I’m still waiting gnarley, and after GMR went off yesterday I don’t know, I think he’ll calm down today, read the post and come back, the we can fix a date and ask some questions.