Rezzers Ratings – My top 3 for the first team

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Morning Grovers!

Here are my thoughts after getting involved in some VIP treatment at Barnet yesterday!

Here was the first half team:

Sagna – Nordtveit – J.Hoyte – Clichy (c)
Lansbury – Denilson – Ramsey – Traore
Walcott – Bendtner

Key Players:

Nordveit: First thing to note is that he is very classy on the ball, he makes a lot of time for himself and he defends quite stylishly. The second thing that strikes you is that he is tiny in build… he needs to put on another 10kg before he can be considered as a serious option in defence because he will get eaten alive by Drogba and Co.

Lansbury: I was looking forward to seeing this chap playing… he certainly looks the part, but that was as far as it went yesterday. His control wasn’t particularly tight and he didn’t really get involved with the play which was a shame.

Ramsey: Ok, I didn’t think he set the world alight but I liked what I saw. He is quite a big boy and he loves to get stuck in. He has vision as well… he was spraying passes round with ease. I think he may need some ‘Arsenal’ beaten into him… a lot of his passes were in the long ball shape of things… but regardless, he looked special.

Just before I move over to the second half… It is worth mentioning that Justin Hoyte looks like he has bulked up a bit over the summer… I thought he had a pretty solid performance.

Ogogo – G.Hoyte – Rodgers – Steer
Wilshere – Randall (c) – Coquelin – Barazite
Simpson – Fonte

The second half was spent mainly going… ‘Who’, ‘Where is he from’… ‘Is that Robert Pires?’

Key Players:

Rodgers: Like Like Like! He is big, composed and he likes to bomb forward. I’ve heard many good things about this lad and it would be nice if a youth teamer from England could break into the first team! Let us hope this man can do it!

Randall: Ok, I think I have my new player no one else likes, but I do! His passing was a bit crap yesterday, but I thought the fact he kept going back for more was reassuring. He is tall, elegant and I see a lot of potential in him… I really think he could be good for us and I’d take him over Eboue any day of the week!

Coquelin: This guy didn’t show up on the team sheet, so we did wonder who the hell this imposter was… but overall he was pretty good. He was strong in the tackle and comfortable with the short pass. Clearly the best million Euro’s we spent last week!

Bobby Pires: If you want me to tell you the name of a player who will be spending more time on the first team bench than anyone else next year, I’d say Barazite. He is big old lump, he is skillful, he loves a shot and he managed to bang on in yesterday. He looks good and he looks ready.

Jack Wilshere: Ok… important thing to remember, he is only 16. Does that stop me telling you that the boy is a flipping class act? No way! He is a little genius on the ball… he makes space out of nothing, he is tough, he has crazy skills and vision and he is all ours! This boy is breaking through like cesc… he is going to be shit hot, so believe the hype because I’ve never seen a 16 year old play like that before. I think he set up 2 of the goals (Started the moves) yesterday… I couldn’t tell though because I couldn’t see the Barnet Jumbotron from our seat?

So all in all, it was a good day, and there is some food for thought heading into the new season.

Wenger needs signings though… the kids ain’t ready by a long shot, but it is nice to know that my childrens future Arsenal viewing has been preserved!

Tune in later for a pictorial update… and the shock news of Mandingo Aloiscious Dkembe Dkembe!

Happy Sunday

*red indicates first team likelihood.

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  1. Olli3


    to read the article!!
    Nice analysis! Surprised Eboue didnt play yesterday! we would have been literally killed though if we did… Saw that Barnet goal, it looked a cracker!! What#s the bet Wenger tries to buy him?

    Nah, why get him.. we already have a free kick taker!

    Shame he’s always injured…

  2. Pedro

    The hangover I have is so powerful… if only I could bottle this dark force that is clouding me this morning!

    Anyway… Finest… what did you think of the game?

    I have some awesome pics, but I can’t access them! What a gut wrencher… I can get them later though!

  3. finestcuts

    Nice write up, good going, especially on a hangover…..!
    I tuned in for the second half and I thought it was very good for youth level, we can’t judge the Barnet game by our normal standards, overall we need re-inforcements but movement was fluid enough, it was a bit jittery because Barent were closing down pretty well overall, but the young boys put two past them. Certainly not a comfofrtable win, but I didn’t expect one, and it was a win nonetheless. It’s good we have games like this for the team and management/coaching staff to learn from.

  4. finestcuts

    Adebayor is going in on Monday to cause a row……….Gallas won’t want to give anyone else the chance to wear that armband now he thinks it’s his….so we could expect to gain a player at the expense of losing one. Possibly 2 for 2.
    Prime suspects, Adebayor and Gallas replaced.

  5. Gooner

    Wilshere is unbelievable, I live about 300m from Underhill and I could hear the cheers for the goals, I thought more Arsenal fans were present than Barnet fans! We have toprotect Wilshere cos he will be one of the best and a class English player! You don’t hear that quite often lol.

  6. parlane

    i’m a bit worried that the “one certainly” will turn out to be bischoff.
    has anything actually been reported about him coming other than from himself?

  7. Niraj

    i would not mind gallas going at all….. he is not at his best…
    buying an exp defender to replace gallas will be right thing

    i believe, the one confirm signing that arsene is taking about is arshavin….

  8. finestcuts

    I’m guessing the word you’re looking for is hunch. I wouldn’t necessarily call it wierd logic……..or twisted logic………but even that kind sometimes yields results!

  9. finestcuts

    I’m guessing yesterdays alcohol has turned into this mornings alco-hell for some, sleep it off and don’t eat any ice cream or orange juice!

  10. Niraj

    i hope it does,

    i cannot buy that nasri will be able to carry on from helb, just not now.

    feels arsene will try diaby/denilson to partner cesc and go for arshavin, a hunch as you guessed it.

  11. raif

    morning grovers.

    hopfully the pre-season matches should give us a idea whos ready to step up into the first team.

    but im still hoping for 2 more signings. in what postions wenger will get them is another idea.

  12. raif


    ill be suprised if we get Arshavin, Bcos wenger rised questions about his fittnes and his abilty to handle 3 games in a week.

    and we all know how wenger likes his team to be super fit. run for 90 mins and still be running.

    not unless that was wengers way of sending a message to arshavin saying get fitter?

  13. finestcuts

    Niraj, i think he could be because Nasri had a similar number of appearances for Marseille as Hleb had for Arsenal.

    Our other options for left wing are:
    Traore, he didn’t do badly in the reserves or in the last few games of the season.
    Diaby, played as a left winger but that’s not his preferred position.
    Walcott…..which would mean Eboue on right wing.
    I’d stick Nasri straight in, that’s what we paid 12 million for right?

  14. patthegooner

    As someone mentioned earlier, my worry is also that the one is Bischoff

    God please no

    I think we need more than two as well. The premiership allow 7 subs on the bench this season and we need to fill the gaps. From yesterday

    Nordveillt is not ready to step up to play CB, so either need one or he has faith in big Phil

    1st team lesson one Monday morning: How to charge down a free-kick.

    Neither Denilson or Coq au Vin are ready to replace Flamini, Diarra, and Gilberto (In my mind we need two players in that position to come in)

    Wilshire is going to be better than Joe Cole by a long way.

    I wonder if Wenger MP took any notice of the Anti-TT25 chants, will that affect his position on keeping him.

    I dont believe the Gallas stories, I am sure that if he was part of Barca’s plans then it would have been discussed last week when Pleb left. However it would not surprise me if he went to PSG. Wenger MP laid a precedent last week with his reasoning for letting Gilberto go because of age and that we could not offer a better contract to him, Surely Gallas will also fit into this.

    With Eduardo out for bit longer, Ade Dissilusioned, Theo and nic still in-experienced, RVP Injured does anyone else think we need another striker?

    I would like a CB, CM, FW

  15. Niraj

    i am not sure raif if wenger meant that in exact terms…..
    he was all praise for arshavin before raising a doubt on his fitness…

    the only thing i dont like about him is his likeness towards barca

  16. finestcuts

    Not only that, Asrshavins heart is red and blue, and we know from experience what happens to our players if that’s the case. One good season for us and he’d be shouting from the rooftops that he’s not getting paid enough, that he’s a slave…………we need someone who is happy to play for Arsenal, not just because his favourite club won’t pay his transfer fee. Barca rate him at 12 million,and we’re not the types to splash cash, especially on senior players.

  17. patthegooner

    Definately Finest

    We didn’t buy Nasri to sit on the bench, get him straight in, if he is the French Squad he is good enough to play top flight football,,,,,,,,and he is better than our other options Traore (Please no more experiments Arsene) and Eboue

  18. gnarleygeorge9

    Barazite does resemble Pires. I thought it was file footage when I saw the highlights. Anyway, Geoff, if you are there, what chance the Shark for the British Open?

  19. raif


    exactlly my point i was making last week. that is why i dont want us to sign him.
    One good season will see him want to jump ship in a heart beat, if barca come sniffing.

    and im sure wenger would suspect that aswell.

  20. patthegooner

    Undecided on Arseshaving

    At his age it is unlikely that Barca would take him on following a contract at Arsenal (he would be pushing 30) however if we can get him on the cheap and he makes a difference next season, even if Barca did come in after one year, we are likely to make a sizeable profit.

    I think the other thing is we know he likes Barca and wants to play for them so there is nothing shady going on like Hleb, Flamini and Ade did by declaring undying love for the club and then fucking off.

  21. finestcuts

    I cannot see Gazprom writing off their star player and Russia’s favourite at a discount, there would be uproar.

  22. Niraj

    12 mil is big amount i know, and nasri is a quality.
    starting him straight into first team will be risky….

    other options you mentioned were traore….not sure at all, just like vela
    diaby can but i would rather prefer him to partner csec in the center…

    and the worst case scenario, Eboue….

  23. rico01

    Hello All, great review Pedro,

    Sadly. I thought Randall was poor, for me he had the attitude of a ‘super star’ and the skill of a Sunday League player. (IMHO)

    I also thought Rue Fonte showed some glimpses of a decent player, and in time me reckons he could be good.

    Second half was so much better for viewing, Wilshere, Barazite , Simpson shone, and I think his name is Remi Steer – he wasnt too bad either.

    Does anyone else think Gavin Hoyte has a better chance than his brother, again I think so, and Rodgers looked like he had been playing for AFC for a few seasons – I enjoyed the second half, having ranted on since Christmas about how good are reserves are, I thought they did themselves proud in the end.

    Ramsey – did he look good because everyone else in the first half were poor, I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt, hopefully we will se him again on Tuesday, and then I will don my judges hat….

    This is only my opinion and I wont be offended if you all disagree 😉

  24. finestcuts

    Adebayor could get himself a disciplinary so it wouldn’t be worth keeping him….
    or he could sit down on the pitch and fold his arms to force a substitution, he needs to prove he wants to play first…

  25. Niraj

    booing your own player is the worst thing you can do as a fan….

    whatever the case may be…

    ofcourse he cannot expect the same welcome or cheering if he scores……

  26. gnarleygeorge9


    At least that chant “give him the ball’ should stop, which is a step in the right diresction.

  27. AFC53

    I watched the game yesterday and was impressed with Wilshere & Ramsey I thought both of them have great potential & both have the same skill as Cesc of being able to get time on the ball even when there is none.

    With every positive there follows a negative I have read this morning that Ade wants 100k a week and that Barca also want Gallas!!!

    Personally I would sell both for 25m and buy :

    Zapate or Albiol Commanding CB 10m
    Richards CB/RB 10m
    Drenthe DM 8m
    Santa Cruz CF 10m



  28. finestcuts

    Who says Adebayor will earn a chance to play, if he comes storming into training on Monday, acting disruptive in training or in any other way, why would he be given the opportunity….we can’t assume that he’ll win his fight for a place on the team with a bad attitude.

  29. gnarleygeorge9

    True, I reckon Theo should start up front, besides I’ve got him in my……whoops. Almost gave it away 🙂

  30. raif

    ill Boo Him.. they cant treat the club and fans asif there mugs.

    look at the Utd fans they Bood Rio for not signing his contract. soon as he got Bood he signed the next day. and everything was back to normal. so that says it all.

  31. Niraj

    finest, i dont feel adebayor will do all that….

    he knows that there are not many takers for him left in the market and if he continues to behave that way…..he will end up warming the benches ( stadium benches i mean)

    also arsene has indirectly told he will be there with us….

  32. finestcuts

    Niraj, i think you’re right, but second guessing Adebayor’s conduct towards Arsenal after stating that nothing less than 100,000 a week is good enough for him is not something we can do, hopefully he’ll drop his stupid demands and respect not just the club, but also his fellow players.

    We all thought Adebayor was commited to Arsenal before the start of the transfer window, but a few weeks into it his tongue started hanging out when Milan started flattering him.

  33. Geoff

    Gnarley I’m back for a while, first of all Norman has a punchers chance in the Open, the wind levels them all.

    I thought Randall was at best ordinary and not a patch on Muamba who got dumped, I also think he looks arrogant like Lansbury, who in turn reminded me of Bentley, fuck he even looked like him.

    Ramsey and Wilshere looked great prospects but Bendtner reminded me why I preferred Ade last year.

    Which brings me nicely onto that twat, I will without a doubt boo him, regardless of what he does, he’s had it in my eyes.

  34. Niraj

    yes finest those are stupid demands….hope he comes back to sense and reality..

    hopes he takes U turn and reutrns to arsenal without those senseless demands..
    we definitely need him…

    am not one of his fan but if he can repeat last years performance nothing better then that…

  35. gnarleygeorge9

    Cheers Geoff,

    I might stay up & watch the first couple of holes. Its unbelievable that a 53 year old is in such a position going into the final round.

  36. stevie

    It doesnt matter if the other people around Ramsey didnt perform he was still a class act. It didnt make him look a better player cos he was that good. Wiltshire & Barazite were class. Looking forward to the next games, theres one tuesday isnt there?

  37. finestcuts


    “A year and a half ago, you looked at him and you thought there were a few things missing. But there’s not much missing now,” Keegan hailed the match-winner in the absence of Wenger doing so. “He’s taken over the mantle of Thierry Henry. I didn’t think anyone could do that, but he’s doing it – in his own way.”

    Keegan would be interested.

  38. Geoff

    Gnarley he’s 53 not 103! My golf gets better the older I get, it’s not a fitness thing, it’s about 18 holes, that’s all he has left, providing he doesn’t choke like he did in 1996 he really ought to win.

  39. Geoff

    Gnarley, I want to play it! I just went through each hole, what a great looking course!

    I heard there were a shed load of nasty snakes in Tasmania though, so if I do it, it will be in a buggy!

  40. gnarleygeorge9

    No worries Geoff. Apparently they are about to start constructing an airport there, so you can land your private jet on course. Give us a hoy when you are down.

  41. david

    Morning all looking forward to the pics of Pedro with MADD..

    I don’t know if Newcastle would pay Ade that money because.

    They were told that Owen’s new offer, in line with an across-the-board reduction in player salaries, would be around £80,000-a-week.
    To help offset the cut in pay, Owen will be offered potential bonuses to bring his new package closer to his current deal.

    but if Man U get Berbatov!?

    If Owen turns down Newcastle’s offer, he will be allowed to leave for around £5m, with Manchester United monitoring the situation.

  42. finestcuts

    David, the fact that Owen isn’t being offered the same deal as he previously was could pave the way for Adebayor, they could offer Adebayor Owen’s previous deal.
    Adebayor for Owen part-ex could be a potential solution, we’d get an experienced Premier League player, and for 5m that could be the kind of solution to keep us competitive. Surely Owen would rather 70k from Arsenal than 80k from Newcastle.

  43. finestcuts

    If Manyoo get Berbatov, Owen would be the new Saha, plus he’d be joining a former sworn enemy so nope, I don’t think Owen would be up for that.

  44. ethangunner

    Gee it would be nice too talk about football wouldn’t it !

    But my thoughts on the game last night is that ramsay has slipped under the radar !
    Why ? because we ‘sigh’ ! every time wenger buys a 17 year old now .. But this youngster
    is a wayne rooney and a theo Walcott .. He is blessed with skill at an early age ..
    Some potential already showing output !!!!

    He will easily slip into the 1st team .. sharp passing .. confident going forward .. Not only sharp passing, accurate sharp passing!!! .. Yes im ready to count him as a 1st teamer ..
    Simpson is a man who took me by surprise also .. every year i see the name and think WhoTF is he ?
    best attacking player of the night ..

    Remember its 2nd division barnet .. not good enough from the regulars !
    it only shows me the bench still isnt strong enough
    and we need a goalie !!!
    i think alumina has lost the purple patch form of last season ..

    bring back jens 🙂

  45. david

    If we got enough money for Ade we could afford to give Owen a signing on bonus to up his wages and Champions league football, job done.

    Bendtner next to Owen still gives us height, but Owen loves a provider like Heskey.
    (if I was Newcastle I would sign him to play next to Owen)

  46. Bud


    What is with all the (copies below) script I get up at top of posting. Should there be a picture???

  47. chris

    only caught teh last 30 mins but it was entertaining,

    your headline on IE has a load of html code present it might look ok on firefox

  48. david

    He sure can score with a bit of service, just looked on Wiki.. Owen is still only 28, he has only won 2 league cups and a FA cup which is a shame really and considering the clubs he has been with.

    The only thing he has his stables oop norf somewhere would he do the travelling?

  49. patthegooner

    Have we even been linked with Owen David?

    Seriously I cant see Owen being the answer, he is too similar to Eduardo in style and to RVP in Injuries.

    I just think Owen is paid on past reputation, he is still a good player but not one that i would like to see at Arsenal. Etoo is the man for me

    But apart from that, I just get the feeling Ade is staying. Unless Kaka goes to Chelsea and sets off a Transfer merry go round, then no one wants him, His Ago means he would not go to Man City or Newcastle, I know he is a money grabber but he also believes he should be playing in the best team in the world.

    No one wants TT25 out of Arsenal more than me (Well Maybe Ethan) but I just dont see it happening, Wenger is too stuborn to listen to the paying public

  50. chris

    Owen is still to sit down and talk with Newcastle boss Sam Allardyce about his future

    one thing very wrong with that eurosport report,

  51. david

    Chris Pat said “ever” ..
    I didn’t say it was new!

    Finest made a point at 11.12 and we were discussing it.

  52. patthegooner

    I actually said Even been linked not ever been linked

    Owen will be a name that will be linked if we manage to ship TT out

    But I think we would have bought him when he left Madrid if we were interested, Owen relies on pace and he is starting to lose that, he is also more interested in his life outside football and I can see him retiring pretty early.

    As I said any potential purchaser of Owen will be paying him based on his Liverpool career. I can see him going to a club like Man City or Villa but not an Arsenal or Man Ure.

  53. raif


    dont make me laugh. his past it and lost all his speed. he wpuld be just another player to keep RVP and risicky in the treatment room

    also since he got injurd i heard somthing about him having to change his Running Style,

    i never new there was more then one style on how to run.

  54. rico01

    Owen is no longer a player we want or need, surely. is day has been and gone, otherwise why would he be a a club like Newcastle – and that is not being disrespectful to them, Newcastle are not the team they used to be – Fat Sam made wure of that…

    Tomorrow I think a lot could happen, Ade stuff could become interesting, and I am so looking forward to the next 2-3 weeks, we are going to have a lot to blog about.

    And, I cannot wait to read Geoff and Pedro’s posts, they will be busy, especiall when they welcome in David Villa………… 😉

  55. finestcuts

    Raif, but who says Owen would automatically be first pick if he joined?RVP and Bendtner up front, Eduardo back soon, Carlos Vela…..he’d need to fight for his place on the team and we already have goalscorers, but getting a relatively cheap, Premier league experienced proven international would more than adequately keep things ticking along.

    Adebayor has shown dis-respect and looks likely to continue this kind of attitude on Monday, this is what Wenger previously said about disrespect:

    Bendtner’s goal ratio in his first EPL season was very good, the lad is going to shine in the upcoming season, mark my words. I’ve been scratching around for the article on regarding Bendtner by Wenger saying he is ready to make the step up. It was near the end of the last season.

  56. ReVELAtion

    Judging from yesterday’s action and watching the full replay on arsenal tv I’d say Barazite, Ramsey & Wilshire all have a chance of making the bench in the 1st team suad for next season…

    Don’t agree about randall pedro.. I’m with Rico on the fact he reminds me of david bentley and has an air of arrogance about him which is not justified…

    Steer, Rodgers, Simpson & Coq-au-vin were the best of the rest after that…

    Fonte, Hoyte, Nordviet & Traore just need to get their heads down and continue to work hard.. There’s potential there…

    Ogogo & J. Hoyte may as well just be sent on loan or sold… Ogogo has zero technique and Hoyte bless him is never going to cut it at the highest level, but supporting the team I hope he can prove me wrong..

    Denilson, Bentdner & theo were *****.. I hope it’s just ring rust in the case of bendtner.. Theo is never going to be a centre forward.. Definantly more effective on the wings…

    Denilson is still in my opinion only going to get carling cup games and the odd start in the FA cup.. He isn’t ready, strong enough nor have the defensive dicispline to start along side cesc… It’ll be Diaby if anyone as i’ve stated since day 1 of the denilson for cm bandwagon…

    Wenger’s interview was interesting.. We will be signing someone.. Who? only he knows i suppose.. Adebayor is staying then? Not happy about that and still think he might just skip training on monday 😉 But the whole summer will turn into a hunt for a striker and centre midfielder…

    After 1 game of seeing the kids, you can see that there is some talent there (if you haven’t seen any of them before). It’s only the 1st game and how well some of these kids do in the emirates cup against very decent opposition will give myself and you more indication of whether or not they are ready to muck in with the big boys on a regular basis…

    Shame we never got to see Vela yesterday though 🙁

    Oh… and whoever said theo should start up front or has him upfront for their dream team is most definantly having a laugh… Whatever you’re on i’ll have some an all 😉

  57. Ja_Gunner

    I believe that since Rosicky will not be ready for August, it seems Nasri will slot right in to left wing. I think based on his performance Barazite should be the back up left winger for Nasri until Rosicky is back. Then again Vela could be used for that spot as well.

    On the right, it should be Theo, however Simpson has made a good case for himself and I think he should be given a chance, so he and Theo should be competing for that spot.

    Eboue, in my opinion should be the CC and FA cup right back and also used to give Sagna a rest against the lower sides in the league. Eboue has played very well at right back..not right wing, so definitely I think the right wing should be left for Theo and Simpson to run.

  58. Ja_Gunner

    I was thinking about a change in formation the other day but maybe it was too drastic. I think using conventional 4-4-2 , I think we should start the season like this





  59. Ja_Gunner

    Song and Senderos would be the back up centre backs so far.

    Djourou should be competing with Diaby and Denilson for the DM role.
    (Brazil once had the R’s now we have the 3 D’s competing for the DM role)

    He is very big and could be good protection for our smaller defenders.

    I am not sure about Fran Merida’s progress but I think he and Ramsey should be the ones to give Cesc much needed rest.

    I know Diaby is somehwat attack minded, but I think against most teams he can do the job. However in tight games where we use 4-5-1.

    We use Denilson or Djourou to the Gilberto role and sit in front of the defense which would free up Cesc and Diaby.

    The 4-5-1 could look like this.






  60. rico01

    reVela – Spot on in my view………… future is bright, just need to sort our the present…. do that AW and we fans will get off your back

    Ade – Tosser, but i think hes stayin….

  61. ReVELAtion

    Wenger will make 1 more signing in my opinion.. 2 maximum (if someone else leaves)… Could be gallas if you believe the sunday mirror, could be Adebayor if he continues with the silly comments.. I’ll reserve judgement on Adebayor when he returns to training and see his attitude on the pitch… Still don’t want him playing for us but I can live with it, provided he’s commited and signs a new contract..

    Squad looks threadbare and based on things we’ll go with a squad of 25 for the season (not including Carling cup & meaningless friendlies/end of season games)

    Almunia (Fabianksi) – Not alot trust Almunia, but seaman thinks he’s alright… Not ideal, but unless we can sign Casillas, Buffon, Cech or Frey there is no point in ditching him as he is as good as anything below that….

    Sagna (Eboue) – Obvious choices.. Eboue is preffered over a Toure conversion and was part of the record setting defense in the champ’s league run a couple of seasons back.. Not a right winger, but justified his inclusion over Walcott based on the stages of their development at the beginning of last season.

    Clichy (Traore/???) – Cover accross the back 4 is needed as Traore is not the answer at current, but Gallas can cover if Clichy gets injured.

    Gallas (Senderos) – Phil is best mates with cesc, a good personality for the squad and has experience.. just needs to take it to the next level.. He’s not quite in last chance saloon, but knows if he is going to continue at arsenal strides must be made forward in his game…

    Toure (Song) – Song looked good down the back end of last season.. F-ing off the to olmypics hasn’t washed well, but wouldn’t have gone without Wenger’s blessing. As Djourou and J. Hoyte are also considered 1st teamers, it isn’t that much of a risk as he’ll be back with the squad just after the season opener…

    Assessment: A player who can play accross the back 4 or a Centre back is needed…


    Rosicky (Theo) – Theo isn’t ready to start 40+ games just yet, but his involvement will be more consistant than that of last season.. Has a chance to make the posisiton his own before Rosicky recovers from injury and is expected to excell by the fans… Being english also means he is a firm fan favourite..

    Cesc (Denilson/Ramsey) – Based on what i’ve seen last season and yesterday Denilson is not a Cesc pasrtner, but may prove to be a good replacement if/when Cesc needs a rest.. Denilson will be more involved again, with Ramsey flitting in.. Both will mainly make appearances in the Carling Cup, early FA Cup and matches against weak opposition after champion’s league games midweek.

    Diaby (???/Coq-au-vin) – Struggling here and a replacment is needed to fill the gap left by the departed Flamini & Gilberto.. I wouldn’t begrudge Diaby being given a go as he has played in important matches and has developed his concentration and distribution asppects well… Still needs more time honestly and having a 17 y/o as an option for cover is top4 suicide… Either someone expensive will come in to play next to Cesc or another option will come in to bolster the number’s if Diaby get’s the nod.

    Nasri (Barazite/Vela) – Nasri is apparently the “hleb” alternative according to Arsene.. So expect him to be thrust straight into the lime light… Has experience at the top level for someone of only 21.. Will be a bit special in my opinion, but needs time to bed in with the rest.. barazite has shown on numerous occassions he is ready to step up and will get his chance throughout the carling cup and make appearances on the bench in the league… Vela is another option, but is earmarked as a centre forward and looks better when asked to play there just as Theo looks better on the flanks…

    Assessment: We have alot of options still if you include Wilshire, Lansbury & Randall.. But i doubt whether Randall will see the 1st team as a starter, plus there is a gaping whole experience wise in the centre of the park.. Someone is needed to take the onus off cesc, that is certain… Wenger just has to ask him (cesc) “who do you want to play next to you this season”


    Van Persie (Bentdner) – If he can avoid injury there is no doubt VP is a world beater on his day.. But that i a BIG IF… Needs to show he is over his injury nightmare and do what he does best.. Bentdner has a very, very good ratio of goals to starts and look’s good against opposition not of the highest quality.. At 19/20 he has the right ingredients to push on, but he mustn’t lack patience.. His time will come…

    Adebayor (Eduardo/Vela) – As much as hate to say it Adebayor’s form last season was something of a suprise.. Getting too big for his boots though has upset a great deal of fans.. He will have to win them back in quite some style.. Always a threat, but doesn’t look like a team player on the pitch regardless of his interviews post match… There will be questions over Eduardo’s fitness/mental strength, but if he can come back to anything close to what we saw 5 months into last season it’ll be like having a 20million pound new signing… Vela has looked tasty upfront for mexico and will do a more then adequte job in standing in for ed when/if he regains full fitness…

    Assessment: Simpson and Fonte aren’t close to a sniff yet, but again patience is a virtue held by very few… Fonte is further away than Simspon, but they can put their case forward to the boss during pre season and in the reserve matches.. Also remember Theo can play upfront according to the boss, but I think he won’t be able to cut it as a striker… Definantly a case of 1 in 1 out at the moment… In good stead up front to be honest

    Additional squad options:

    G. Hoyte (defense)
    J. Hoyte (defense)
    Nordviet (defense)
    Steer (defense)
    Rodger (defense)
    Randall (midfield)
    Lansbury (midfield)
    wilshire (midfield)
    Fonte (forward)

    A few of the players above will go out on loan (excetion of wilshire).. 1 or 2 will be sold (randall, J. Hoyte, Djorou) the rest will stay and try to impress via the reserves and u-18’s…

    Not all that bad really guys.. A CM and a CB and we’ll be ready for the season…


  62. chemoss

    I really like ur site but u maybe u need to start watchin the reserves a tad bit more – Barazite, Merida & Fonte are headed for loans at Salamanca & Sociedad, Randall & Gibbs to Norwich and Wenger doesn’t rate Simpson so he’ll be sold. Lansbury is a DM so he played out of position!

  63. mjc

    I still believe we should sign Zhirkov. Would provide cover for Clichy and give us an extra width (especially for CL games), eg:


    Clichy Gallas Toure Sagna


    Zhirkov Rosicky Fabregas Nasri