Coq-au-vin signs up! Factual round-up for the moaners…

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OK Grovers, my hot tip of yesterday didn’t come to fruition …yet.

Don’t give up on it regardless of what you read in the red tops, if he was going to Liverpool, I would have thought he would be gone by now.

Still as a way of making up for the sin of speculation, today I will give the two angry commenters of yesterday what they want, a factual post, with no speculation in it.

We’ll see if you like it and if it’s a success I will do it with more regularity and be like and some of the other blogs, it’s your call Grovers, so here it is.

Arsenal signed a French 17 year old called Coquelin and thinks he will be good, Lyon and Nantes were also after him.

Aaron Ramsey could be the answer to our central midfield woes, even though he is only 17, Wenger thinks he can do the job this season.

We haven’t bought Gareth Barry, Miguel Veloso or Xabi Alonso.

We won’t be buying a center back as Arsene Wenger believes we’re okay in that area, so no Richards, Lescott, Kompany or Zapata.

Arsene Wenger doesn’t want to KILL the youngsters by bringing in new and established stars, so we won’t be bringing in new and established stars. Killing Gilberto and Pires was okay though as they had reached 30 years of age and when you get to that age you smell like wet newspaper and it upsets the kids.

Arsenal will have sold more players than we bought, like last year so we will again have a budget surplus.

Season tickets unfortunately have gone up due to market forces and the cost of the new stadium we moved to in order to compete with the big boys, so hard luck, and please keep spending.

Robin Van Persie is injured again, but we are renegotiating his contract to keep him at the Emirates, so please don’t worry and keep them crossed he can manage 3 consecutive pre-season games.

I didn’t mention Rosicky though as by the time he’s fit he’ll be 30 and we’ll sell him.

One question that was asked but no answer was forthcoming was …if we can lose Hleb and Flamini and not replace them, why did we have them in the first place?

Please don’t forget to buy the new away kit as soon as possible, continue to hate Usmanov and Dein but you can like Kroenke, he signed the lock down and will now do what he’s told.

We owe everything to Arsene Wenger, we were a small club before he arrived and don’t forget, we are Emirates cup and Amsterdam trophy holders and we are determined to keep them in our otherwise empty silverware cabinet.

I hope you all found this informative and respectful, I hope you enjoy watching the game on Setanta sports or Arsenal TV today, we could win if our teams parents allow them out to play today, are they allowed competitive football at 17? I don’t know what the rule is!

None of this was meant to sound sarcastic by the way, I am only reporting the facts. Okay, okay, the Rosicky one was down to me, the rest was straight out of

Have a great day Grovers, tomorrow the season begins and we will have a school report, sorry I meant a match report!

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  1. Jimbo


    The problem with Arsenal is Wenger’s total disregard for the present – we’re in a constant state of flux, because he’s more interested in developing young players than bringing in any silverware.

  2. ReVELAtion

    i agree that randall is crap geoff… He’ll be loaned out again this season.. Wilshire has always been earmakred as something special.. Coq-au-vin? How did he play?

    Barazite will start in the reserves and make 1st team appearances after jan if he pushes on…

    GMR, sympathy aside Simspon isn’t good enough either.. I’d like him to make it being a local lad and arsenal fan et alll… But Vela, Bentdner, Ed, Theo, Adebayor, Van Persie means there is no space at st team level whatsoever…

  3. Gunnar

    I’m not defending or attacking Wenger. I just don’t see how the annual Barnet match proves anything at all – positive or negative. I’m not attacking the blog either. I just want to see a bit of sanity.

  4. Patrick7

    The pundits on Arsenal TV said Coquelin was responsible for closing down and tackling in the 2nd half and changed the impetus of the game. Didn’t look that great on the ball but most looked like they were playing their first game…. it was!

  5. Jimbo

    This has nothing to do with the Barnet match, it’s Wenger’s continual insistence that he has to make the same mistakes every year, over and over again.

    This summer has proved that his plan when we embarked on the post-Vieira Arsenal has been an abject failure – what’s he going to do about it? Well, it would seem like the answer to that is ‘nothing’.

    I don’t rate Wenger any more – he’s finished as a manager.

  6. ethangunner

    simpson … was ok pat …
    he looked more positive than theo ..
    i think theo needs to stay on the wing …
    but pretty hard to say who was class with barnet being a 2nd division team …
    We need to preform better , i dont care if it is the 1st game of the year …
    they had 11 players and so did we ..

    ramsay did look to be MoM …
    Barnets free kick was a blinder .. other than that ho hum ..
    Get out the check book and sell half of the dead wood !

    david !
    denilson says he’s Up for it .. Not me ! i mainly said we wont get barry ..
    thats my main point !!! And denilson will need to step up or be sold !
    one things for sure ramsay looks more class than denilson ..

  7. ReVELAtion

    Gunnar basically Arsene get’s to have a ood look at youth players before deciding what one’s to take with him to austria to train and play with 1st team.. That’s all the training before and game against barnet signify…

  8. patthegooner


    What the hell are you guys on’

    and I should not take offence

    well sorry buddy, I have watched this groundhogday season for 3 years nows since he started dismantling the Invincibles (At a time he said he was about to embark on a period of Arsenal Domination) and it fucks me off, sorry if you are happy with how things are

    I am not happy one little bit, we have been stripped bare over 3 summer and it sucks

    And until Wenger comes out and does something about it, I will voice my displeasure at what is going on.

    We are not competing for the Fa Youth Cup, we are playing as supposedly one of the favorites for the premiership title and can you honestly say as things stand we have any chance of winning that?

  9. GMR

    Gunnar, this game against Barnet will be the only chance some of those youngsters get to show Arsene what they can do. In that first half the team was pathetic, now I don’t pay any attention to the fact that Sagna & Clichy etc weren’t particularly fussed because they are proven players, most of the others aren’t.

    If they can’t even be bothered to put effort in to show their boss & fans what they can do, then they shouldn’t be at Arsenal.

  10. patthegooner

    Geoff is that what he said

    he’s in the market for new players if the right players come along.

    I could not be bothered to stay on Arsenal TV, there were some half-wits calling in.

  11. GMR

    Geoff, the trouble is there aren’t many BOGOF offers around these days. Of course he says he’s looking for players, but by declaring he has money to spend & also saying he doesn’t want to ‘kill’ the young players it suggests he won’t buy!!

  12. ethangunner


    that is the most stupid statement ive heard ‘it proves nothing ‘?!
    we played sagna – clichy- alumina-hoyte-theo-bendtner-ramsay-denilson
    7 of the arsenal 1st team and was down by 1 nil at the half ! against a 2nd division team…

    the team unity of the reserves saved our bacon !
    they had 11 players and so did we ! NO EXCUSES !

    we played poorly and 1st signs confirm we lack experience AGAIN …
    you need to get a set of eyes mate ..

  13. patthegooner

    So if the right players give him the nudge we will buy them

    How about actually managing a football team, recognising we are short on experience and players in certain positions and buying to fill those gaps, identify what is needed, make an offer and actually be a football manager instead of being the Chief Financial Officer

  14. Geoff

    He did Pat, indeed he did! Perry Groves thinks he’ll bring in a centerback. There was nothing on show today that says we have one either.

  15. AJG

    I hope simpson gets a chance, wilshere looked good (especially for his age), Ramsay could probably walk into our first team now, coquelin did well for first match, our reserve team players played better than our 1st teamers and without a good playmaker to play Walcott through he is either isolated or hustled off the ball, needs a bit more time on the wing where he will get more of the ball and can run at people

  16. patthegooner

    From today

    I think we need


    I think Theo needs another season on the wing

  17. israeli gunner

    Gelbs,well said,you express perfectly my opinions,but with amuch better English!!!!
    To be onest,you sound much more clever then wanger and the board!!!
    We the arsenal supporters MUST do something in order to save our club.
    I started my humble part by flying to London,going to the Emirates,and expressing the above opinions,infront of some arsenal staff,and Charly george,,,and ending my membership in the club’s tv(i don’t want to give my money,to the fat cant of the board!!!

  18. david

    Wenger said Ramsey looked tired, was his seat facing the pitch.

    Ethan give Denilson till Jan if he dosn’t improve out him..

  19. Geoff

    Welcome back Israeli gunner, it’s been a while, did you lose your computer or not pay your internet bill?

  20. GMR

    David, he always comes up with crap like that, its his way of saying he won’t be in the team. Denilson was awful & certainly not the answer, thats not based on one game either but based on the fact he was rubbish last season when he played.

  21. patthegooner

    David our season could be over in January

    I will despair if we start the season with Denilson playing alongside Cesc.

  22. patthegooner

    Just read on another site that Crude chants regarding TT25 were sung at the game, does anyone know if this is true and what were they?

  23. Rohit

    Watch and download the goals from the barnet v arsenal friendly match here

    btw thanks for adding my blog in ur blog roll 🙂

  24. AJG

    We could do with 3/4- CB the rest of the top 4 have at least 3 good ones
    DM – at least it looks like wenger is looking for an experienced one (rumours of Alonso, Barry enquiry
    CF – we need someone who can create something themselves out of nothing when we have a lot of possession but aren’t doing anything with it- look at Torres and Drogba, tevez, Rooney they have all saved their team so many times
    Maybe a GK- Almunia didn’t look that comfortable

  25. Patrick7

    Perry Grove (good name that!) said AW will be focussing on a CB & striker. Sounds good to me! Another might be a DFM/GK so we live in hope and anticipation!

  26. patthegooner

    Do you know when you hear something on the Radio, and you think I should have a sneaky bet on that,

    Well on Wednesday Paddy Power offered a refund on any bets on Harrington to win the Open if he pulled out injured. At the time (The day before) he did not even look like starting so his odds drifted out to 40-1

    He is now the equal leader with a day to go………Bollocks

  27. patthegooner

    Bad news Guys, although I remember him saying this about Hleb

    “Adebayor is under contract,” Wenger told Sky Sports News. “We expect him to turn up on Monday and practice with us.”

    “Of course,” he replied when asked if Adebayor will be with Arsenal at the start of the new Premier League season.

    Wenger has lost Alexander Hleb although the French tactician was anticipating his exit to Barcelona by admitting they planned on signing Samir Nasri as his replacement some time ago.

    “He had an opportunity to leave. He’s done three years. I’d loved him to stay but on the other hand he was in a strong position,” he continued.

    “We had to accept that and we anticipated that by bringing Nasri in. So that was planned for a long, long time ago.”

    Arsenal have snapped up Aaron Ramsey from Cardiff this summer and Wenger has confirmed he is looking to add to his squad prior to the transfer window closing.

    He said: “Yes you can expect signings. I don’t know where and how many, but we’re in the market. If there’s a good opportunity we’ll take it.”

  28. MH

    Although not exactly a priority, but I am not convinced by Almunia, I think a GK is needed as well as CB to challenge both Gallas and Toure (I think they are getting too comfortable) and a DFM to replace Flamster, and if Ade goes then maybe a striker.
    That is what is so frustrating, I dont think anyone here realy wants 10 signings, the squad is just 3/4 players away from being perfect, I am living in the hope that AW is doing something behind the scene. Without this hope I will go into severe depression

  29. patthegooner

    Geoff did any of the Grovers go today

    I am interested in the crude TT25 Chants

    I would love to know if that was the general opinion across all the gooners there

  30. Geoff

    Yes Pedro and Bud went so I’m sure they’ll let us know Pat.

    So why was Hleb in a strong position then? fuck, does he talk out of his arse, why didn’t the reporter say, oh interesting Arsene, why’s that then?

    Hleb had two years, Ade had three, how are any of them in a strong position?

  31. Arsenaldo

    your right MH-if I was a manager my first priority would be top-top class goallie , as IMO its 40% of the team. IM afraid Almunia is not top goalkeeper and never will be.

  32. insidealbania

    A little birdy told me that AW was here in Albania looking at some of the youths at KF Tirana. Too bad he did not see much of them because they were on a school trip to LegoLand Albania.

  33. patthegooner

    Maybe Hleb had some incriminating photos of Wenger with Eboue

    It will tie in with how we allowed him to play RM all Season

  34. AndyB

    Geoff – just read todays post…….. ha ha ha, brilliant!
    The reason I love this site is because its honest, funny and your opinions generally reflect what we are all thinking, and if its not we can say so in the coments section, and our points are generally aknowledged. So, if anybody doesn’t want that, why don’t they fuck off and read something else, somewhere else!

    Fair play, and keep up the good work and when the season starts proper, I, and I’m sure a few others, will form an orderly queue at a bar somewhere before/ after a game and buy you and pedro a pint

  35. Geoff

    Arsenaldo Wenger said that wasn’t possible, he said it could take a year to do that and he wouldn’t be playing in that year.

    AndyB I’m glad you like it and will hold you to that beer!

    Catch you all a bit later.

  36. patthegooner

    I have just been around a few of the better known blogs and on some of them, you would not even realise we played a game of football today

    And they are usually the people that slate us when we complain

  37. AndyB

    pat – i must have 25 afc blogs in my favorites, but theres only Le Grove and allgooneredup that I ever read, but the latter is only updated every few days so falls well short of this.

  38. AndyB

    thought Simpson took his goal well today, and Ramsey, Wilshire and Barazite looked promising. We still need a couple of big signings though

  39. patthegooner

    Regarding Hleb


    “Adebayor is under contract, it’s a completely different position to Hleb,” Wenger told reporters.


    Arsene Wenger insists there is “nothing” in reports that Alexander Hleb is set to follow Mathieu Flamini out of Arsenal. Nikolai Shpilevski, the Belarus midfielder’s agent, was this morning quoted claiming the 27-year-old “is leaving” the Emirates Stadium this summer, with Inter Milan strongly linked as a possible destination.

    The Arsenal manager has previously reacted angrily to rumoured interest from the Italians, even claiming he might report them for tapping up the former Stuttgart player. But he insisted today that there was no reason to suspect that Hleb would not be playing for the club next season.

    “You cannot stop people talking but at the moment there is nothing [to discuss],” Wenger said. “I believe that usually all the players want to stay, and I expect this team to say ‘let’s make a pact together, come back next year and win’.

    “That’s what I expect them to do and my priority is to keep the team together, add what I think can help us to even be better and then see from there.”

    He said: “I am confident of keeping Hleb. Nobody goes. It’s that simple. It’s about what is good for the club.”

    Yet suddenly he is in a strong position

  40. patthegooner

    Andy B

    I have roughly the same but solely post here now. Agree with Simpson’s goal but he was pretty anonymous apart from that, I would put him out on loan to a Premiership side,

    Barazite looks to me like he already has the physique to compete at top level, maybe a squad player with a period in the reserves and CC experience

    Ramsey and Wilshire stood out a mile for me, despite their age they are the youngsters that we should be looking at bringing through. They could both be 1st Squad players especially with 7 subs this season

    But we still need some much needed experience in the squad

    and with out it we are merely wannabees

  41. patthegooner

    Arsene Wenger has said he is “certain” he will sign at least one more player before the start of the season.

    And the Arsenal manager reiterated his belief that Emmanuel Adebayor will remain at the club, despite AC Milan and Barcelona tracking the striker.

    “Adebayor is a player of Arsenal. I am very confident he will stay,” Wenger told BBC London.

    On the possibility of signings, Wenger added that he would make “two maximum but one certainly”.

    Wenger has seen midfielders Mathieu Flamini, Alexander Hleb and Gilberto leave Arsenal for AC Milan, Barcelona and Panathinaikos respectively this summer, while Samir Nasri and Aaron Ramsey have arrived from Marseille and Cardiff.

    606: DEBATE
    Sell Adebayor to Barca or Milan and buy Santa Cruz and Sergio Aguero

    Ramsey made his debut for Arsenal as they won 2-1 at Barnet in a pre-season friendly on Saturday, with Jay Simpson and Dutch youngster Nacer Barazite scoring in the second half to cancel out Kenny Gillet’s strike for the hosts.

    And speaking after the match, Wenger hinted that 17-year-old Ramsey and the squad’s other young players could play a key role next season.

    “Ramsey did OK. He looked a bit tired because he works very hard, of course it’s a big change for him, but he did OK,” stated Wenger.

    “He is in the plans like all the players today. It depends on the performances and their quality and you could see that some young players could be very close to the first team.

    “We had two departures (last week) but two players came in so, number wise, we are level.”

    Arsenal have been linked with a number of players this summer, notably Aston Villa captain Gareth Barry and Zenit St Petersburg’s Russian playmaker Andrei Arshavin.

  42. david

    What about this quote?

    Wenger said: “For me, nobody goes and it’s as simple as that. Ninety eight per cent of this team will be here next season and the two per cent have already gone. I am confident of keeping Hleb.

  43. patthegooner

    2 Departures Hleb and Gilberto

    2 In

    Ramsey and Nasri

    What about what we were lacking last season Arsene and what about Flamini and Jens

    For fuck sake

    Ok 2 is the bare minimum of players coming in but if this includes Bischoff then sorry but your time is up

    We need World Class replacements not some guy that spent a season out injured and only ever featured once in a friendly for Werder Bremen

  44. patthegooner

    David fair one

    98% my arse we lost Hleb anf Flamini which for me is 22% lost from the 1st team

    Of the Squad we lost Hleb, Gilberto, Jens, Diarra and Flamini which is about 33% of the 1st team including subs

  45. Pedro

    Well, back from the game and if anything is apparent it is the fact we need a new centre mid!

    Some distinctly average performances against shite opposition.

    I’ll have the full match report and some extras for you tomorrow!

    Have a good one Grovers!

    (Wilshere is pure class!)

  46. TT

    And Gilberto is not a loss. Neither are Hleb and Lehmann. The only loss this summer has been Flamini. We were always going to sell Gilberto and Lehmann. In Hleb, we signed a more than adequate replacement in nasri.

    Now we need a defensive midfielder and possibly a winger. A center back would not be too bad.

  47. Geoff

    Yeah he always gets his figuures wrong doesn’t he? we lost 2 so we’re level, I thought he did economics.

    He always leaves Diarra out of his figures and if you remember last August we all said we needed 2-3 more players.

    So on that basis we’re still 3 players short at the very least, 1 centerback, 1 defensive miidfielder and a forward, but after today add a goalie, because Almunia isn’t good enough.

  48. BB

    didnt see the 1st half .. so cant comment on Ramsey

    but let me tell you .. with Wilshere, we have one of the top top prospects in Europe
    best technical English player since Gascoigne .. absolutely top class

    and before somebody starts accusing me of wearing the wrong type of glasses, I am not English ..

    why though we bother with the likes of Rui Fonte, .. I dont know ..

  49. Pedro

    BB… he was amazing… but tiny!

    The stand out performer…

    I liked Rodgers, Barazite and Ramsey (He wasn’t brilliant, but ok…).

  50. TT

    What I love about this site is it’s well written and the Grovers are ace.

    I can accept that there is always a darker side to things but going to the lengths of saying sack Wenger is way too harsh.

  51. Pedro

    Some people say sack him, some people say we should keep him… the beauty of this site and the grovers is we debate it out…

    And for the record… the authors have never said sack him.

  52. patthegooner

    I think ramsey stood out because the regular 1st teamers were shit

    was the Anti TT chants across all the fans or just a Minority

  53. Pedro

    It was a chant going on in the terrace part of the stand.

    So the hardcore I guess…

    It didn’t go on for long though…

  54. patthegooner

    TT that is such a lame comment

    We have already posted our thoughts on Wilshire, Ramsey, Barazite ETC

    Get a life you fucking Mong

  55. BB

    Barazite looks like he is ready for the 1st team .. we shouldnt put him in the reserves any longer .. he needs to play now ..otherwise we will waste another career..

    Pedro .. he looks tiny, doesnt he?? but he knows how to win balls despite his size


    geoff remember not only is it saturday but round our way the schools have closed for the summer holidays……..

  57. david

    Geoff I like the way you don’t just remove the comments you tell them, and in a way that if you met them in the street you would say it straight face to face “fuck off”

  58. patthegooner

    Thing is TT

    We have not won anything in a few years, and when you ask yourself why, you have to ignore Wenger’s god like status

    We are in the same boat as Liverpool if not worse. People quite rightly want answers as to why that is, and if their opinion includes questioning the Managers position then so be it. If that includes them questioning Wengers existence as Arsenal Manager then it is as a consequence of Arsene’s actions and their opinion and they are entitled to it

    It is not harsh it is an opinion

  59. patthegooner

    I am off to watch London Masters

    I did not mean the offence TT, calling you a mong is out of order but please tell me why people should not even be considering Wengers position.

  60. david

    Pat, In fairness someone did say Wenger should be assasinated, Wengers position should always be questioned (keep him on his toes) but let keep it vertical.

  61. patthegooner


    Honestly If we sign a couple of players I will be ok, but the last few years have unfortunately laid a precedent for me, What Wenger says does not always happen,

    1 Player is not enough, we are short of experience big time and for 2 is the minimum, I personally think we could do with 3-4. They dont all have to be World Class, but they must be able to do a a job NOW not in 2-3 seasons time and that is what worries me. Wenger says at least one. What if that is Bischoff? no offence against him I am sure he is a talent but we need now now later

  62. finestcuts


    “If you don’t show respect to other clubs, football is moving in the wrong way. You cannot come out like [president Ramon] Calderon has done at Real Madrid with Manchester United and tell them you cannot stop a player from leaving.”

    Wenger is in the process of negotiations, Arsenal will not become a club which taps up players.

  63. andy c

    i caught the game on setanta and must say i was impressed by wilshere in the second half, he seems quite strong for his small stature and gets straight back up after a challenge to fight for the ball, complete opposite to the le cunt eboue!
    I had heard a lot of good things about henri lansbury yet he seemed quite poor, perhaps just rusty? everyone in the first half bar Ramsey was poor come to think of it

  64. patthegooner

    Andy C

    Agree I was looking forward to Lansbury but he did dissapoint

    It is not gospel but I heard he has a bit of a lad about town attitude, likes clubbing a lot

  65. patthegooner

    Masters Update

    Arsenal 0 Spuds 0 FT

    Fuck pleased I watched this shit

    Need a Watford Spuds Bore draw for a Penalty shoot out for the final

  66. patthegooner

    Wilshire has the world at his feet though

    That is the best youth talent I have seen for a long long time and not one that has been bought in

    Hope he has a level head

  67. rico01

    I know todays game was really hard to watch, but the second half was a great deal better –

    Barazite, Wilshere, Rogers, Simpson, Steer and even Rue Fonte on occassions showed they have a great chance next season –

    Barazite, Wilshere and Simpson are IMHO ready for the first team, maybe not the ‘big games’ but definately against the ‘lesser’ sides (no disrespect meant)

    Ramsey shone in the first half, but was that because the others were Shite ??
    Coq-au- vin (love that name Geoff) was not too bad, a good pre-season of hard work, and I think he could surprise us.

    Gavin Hoyte is better than his brother, and he is a few years younger, if he continues to get better, I also think has a good chance at our club. In fact the defence in general were a lot more together in the second half

    I was amazed and so pleased to hear AW say he is looking to buy, and i think that will be what we are all shouting out for, CH and DM

    Denilson showed today just how weak he is – he is no DM
    Randall – he needs to realise he is not a star, and stop poncing around as if he is one..
    I would have liked to have seen Sunu play today, i know he is only 17, but would have been interesting… IMHO

    So, as much as I think AW has been a bit of a plonker, I am going to give him a break for two weeks – if no signings,

    ‘Off with his head’ – 😉

  68. andy c

    as wilshere is 16-17? he shouldnt be out on the town! he needs to follow walcott and keep a low profile and take his chances as on todays performance he must at least be on the bench for the cc games if not starting

  69. rico01

    pat – i have been saying that too about our up and coming – just wish they were all a few years older. Sadly though, because AW thinks the same, he is not buying big time, if only he realised they need just a couple more seasons, and we need NOW!!

  70. rico01

    I have heard that about Lansbury too, many times, if it is true, AW will get rid of him…
    He is a fool, you only get one chance and he needs to knuckle down…

  71. andy c

    Randall “poncing around” brilliant rico, your not wrong though, perhaps the armband went to his head? whats the odds on him being out with lansbury?

  72. gunnerfever

    Gunners to recruit elder statesman
    by Tom Adams, 19 July 2008

    Arsène Wenger has told he is ready to buck his well-established trend and recruit an experienced figure this summer, but the Arsenal boss is also certain that the recent departures of high-profile players will not curb his side’s ambition in the coming months.

    It has been a difficult summer for Gunners fans as the club have already seen Jens Lehmann, Mathieu Flamini, Alexander Hleb and Gilberto Silva leave North London, with Emmanuel Adebayor’s future still in doubt despite Wenger’s protestations to the contrary.

    With youngsters Samir Nasri and Aaron Ramsey the only arrivals to date, there is certainly a question mark over whether Arsenal are ready to challenge their rivals for the league title, particularly given Chelsea and Manchester United are chasing players of the calibre of Kaka and Dimitar Berbatov.

    Wenger remains a master operator in the transfer market and his success in developing young talent is legendary, but it appears the Frenchman is now ready to sign arguably his first well-established player since William Gallas in 2006 – with reports naming the likes of Gareth Barry and Torsten Frings as potential targets.

    “We lost players with experience of course,” said Wenger following his side’s 2-1 win over Barnet at Underhill on Saturday.

    “But we can still bring in players with experience and don’t forget that last year, since the first of January, Van Persie has missed nearly six months, Rosicky has missed four or five months and Eduardo has missed four or five months, they will all be back.”

    When asked by whether Gunners fans can expect to see a more mature player arriving at Emirates Stadium, Wenger replied: “What do you call old? Yes 25 [and over] is very old at Arsenal! We can get one player with experience, yes.”

    On his summer recruitment plans, the three-time Premier League winner added: “It could happen [a new signing], yes, one, maybe two maximum, but one certainly.

    “I cannot give you any names but we still think to bring one player in.”

    Despite losing Hleb to Barcelona and Gilberto to Panathinaikos in the last week alone, Wenger remains convinced by the quality and depth of his squad as he seeks to end a run of three consecutive seasons without a trophy.

    “Very much confident [Arsenal can recover from those losses],” Wenger continued.

    “We lost two good players but we bought two players and we have good young players coming through.

    “We don’t live in an ideal world. Flamini was at the end of his contract, Gilberto I gave him the opportunity to leave because he was 32 and [was offered] a three-year contract and that was in a strong position.

    “There is an attraction to join Arsenal, believe me, because we have more demands than players who want to leave us and I think Flamini was free to leave last year and nobody cared about it, you know.

    “He had a good season and then he left. But he was free to go last year and that is part of football.”

  73. david

    When asked by whether Gunners fans can expect to see a more mature player arriving at Emirates Stadium, Wenger replied: “What do you call old? Yes 25 [and over] is very old at Arsenal! We can get one player with experience, yes.”

    So the weak squad has less players than last season…

  74. patthegooner

    It will be a shame if Lansbury and Randall ruin their careers thru being party boys

    They should enjoy themsleves but they have a talent and should take advantage of it and not just by pulling girls and getting drunk

    For me that is why Wenger chooses foreign stars all the time,

    Wilshire though really needs to keep his head, the others are special but he is really top drawer. I saw a bit of him last season and have always been impressed. He really can be our Joe Cole but a lot better.

    Ramsey is also a great future signing and maybe both him and Wilshire will make the extended 7 man bench this year.

    But we still need more experience though

    Wenger saying there will be at least one helps but I think we need another two over that,

    I base that on the fact I only consider RVP and Rosciky as bit part players given their proneness to injury

  75. raif

    hello lads.

    Good post nice and factual with a hint of AKB. HAHAHAHA!!!

    did we win today?? and is there anything new to report.

  76. patthegooner

    Raif 2-1 Arsenal but it was not pretty

    1st team players were pretty poor

    Ramsey and Wilshire really stood out

    Barazite and Simpson were good too

    Wenger has said he will buy at least one more player which is two less than I think we need

  77. raif

    patthegooner –

    thank for letting me now mate. what postion did Ramsey & Wilshire play?
    and did the TogoTwat get a run out?

  78. choy

    haha.. he is really taking the piss!!!

    “There is an attraction to join Arsenal, believe me, because we have more demands than players who want to leave us and I think Flamini was free to leave last year and nobody cared about it, you know.”

    nite all.. happy sunday!!!

  79. andy c

    Raif – The togo Twat is not back in training yet and so did not surface, ramsey played cm with denilson who was pretty poor, wilshere played right wing/mid for the second half and looked tasty everytime he got on the ball

  80. patthegooner

    Ramsey played CM but in more of an attacking role, denilson played the Flamini role and was pretty average

    Not sure where Wilshire was playing as we subbed 11 players at half time, he seemed to have a free role but was quality,

    MOTM for me

  81. raif

    excellent. sounds good for them 2. im looking forword to seeing the, play at the emirates this season.

    and given the fact there british so that should shut the midea up for a bit.
    as i dont like the fact everyone is blaming arsenal for the england team beaing shit,
    and the factd theres not much REAL GOOD english tallent in the Prem

    its a grass roots issue not a arsenal issue

  82. patthegooner

    Ramsey looked really composed, especially as it was his debut. On camera he looked quite nervous before but as soon as he go the ball at his feet he was pretty good. He is no holding midfielder but certainly a cover for Fabregas and maybe his replacement if the current lack of silverware continues

    As for Wilshire, you would not believe he was so young. You have to remember it was Barnet not Barcelona so hopefully he will play some of the Emirates/Ajax games to see where he really is. Very Promising though

  83. david

    We all forgot to ask Pedro DID MADD TURN UP?? with his boots..

    The grass on the pitch looked at bit long, does the groundsman need a goat?

  84. Gunner8


    It was the Adebayooor Adebayoor we offered him 60 grand but the fucker wants more… …I still prefer his dad washes elephands and his mothers a whoare

    The new Eddy chant was great though yaaar

    Almunia was cack and can’t believe he us our no.1

    Bendtner was disinterested and Denilson, Lansbury, J.Hoyte, crap

    Ramsey was soso

    First half players were Nordtveit, Clichy, Traore and Sagna

    Couldn’t believe the reserves of the reserves played better but Gavin, Rogers, Simpson and Wilshire seemed OK

    Pissed that for 20 quid we did not even get to see Diaby and co. it’s the least AW could do to field a decent side

    night night

  85. Evo in OZ

    On the possibility of signings, Wenger added that he would make “two maximum but one certainly”.

  86. stevie

    For me Ramsey is that good hes good enough for the first team but then hes probably not gona pkay next to Cesc cos they are similar players

  87. gunnerfever

    skysportsnews says that barca are targetting william gallas and are ready to spend upto 8mill pounds and ade said he would stay only if he was offered 100k a week lol that funny cunt doesnt know his arse has a contract already.

  88. finestcuts

    Rico’s already under starter’s orders….
    We were warned that if Gallas had the armband taken away that he’d probably move on……plenty to discuss on that note in the next post.