Barry to sign today and Carson with the loose change.

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That’s my prediction, Gareth Barry will sign today, I had inside information from  a Grover last night that Barry’s agent was at the training ground yesterday and that can only mean one thing, he will sign.

Wenger will offer £12 million plus Justin Hoyte and O’Neill will bite his hand off, everyone wins, we get experience, class and the next England captain, Villa save face and get a replacement right back, and there aren’t that many on the market, so it’s win, win.

Barry has premiership experience and we really need that, we have Nasri, Vela and Bitchslap who have none and Ramsey is just a kid, albeit a good one so this could be the experienced player Wenger was talking about, my guess is, it was always going to be Alonso or Barry, I like Alonso a lot, but he does pick up injuries and Barry doesn’t.

The players need a lift, the fans need a lift and today would be a good day to do it, so Arsene, get your cheque book out.

I watched the Vela and Nasri interviews yesterday and apart from the inability to speak English, I really liked what they said and dare I say it, I’m getting rather excited, I know, I know, two young boys, me getting excited, sounds like worry-o’clock, fear not it’s only football excitement!

If we make this signing I will feel confident for the season, Zapata would be great, but maybe one of these kids he’s selected for the Barnet game can step up, who knows…

Finally I think he’ll do a last minute August deadline day thing, like he did with Gallas and Diarra but you know what, I’d have Carson, a great prospect and Premiership (not Croatia) proven, for £3.5 million, a steal.

Another great day in the comment section ladies and gentleman, boy! What happens when the season kicks off? We are turning from a blog site to a chat room, hey that’s unique, a blogsitechatroom and it rhymes!

Have a great day Grovers, here’s to hope and a fantastic end to the week!

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  1. choy

    fifa will never agree to the 6+5 rule…

    pedro.. in the coming days.. we have like a month to go.. why don’t you do a player profile every day.. and see what’s expected of them.. just a suggestion… instead of joining this transfer hysteria!!!

    since wenger will probably not add any more players.. we have to look at what we’ve got!!!

  2. AndyB

    Micheal – I thought English
    Pedro – yes but they will all fuck off after 1 season in the first team and AW will buy some even younger stars of the future!

  3. choy

    i would have young instead of gabby….

    anyways.. with that am off for the day.. hope to see the game tomorrow.. have a nice weekend grovers…

    theo hatrick tomorrow!!!!

    nite all….

  4. Pedro

    Well, you get your first match review on sunday… I’ll have a better idea then and maybe I can add something!

    The thing is… it is quite hard writing about reserves… because no one really knows much about them…

  5. Wrighty7

    Evening Pedro mate,

    fine thanks matey.

    If I had an open cheque book and could sign any English man it be Micah Richards.

    I reckon he would be immense for Arsenal and hes a Gooners as well which is an added bonus!

  6. MIchael

    I cant go I’m working and I’m a plastic. I’m going to Amsterdam though with my boy’s. Can’t wait.

  7. Pedro

    That sounds like a lot of fun Michael! Stag weekend?

    Corporate a Barnet is probably a ginesters sandwich and a cold beer! haha! Maybe a leather seat!

  8. MIchael

    No my son’s are 17 and 14. my 17 year old say’s “dad can we go to a coffee shop? I want to try the strongest they have to see how it compares to what we get here” we’re going to the Ajax game.

  9. Wrighty7

    Yeah mate, i reckon he’d be fine at Arsenal.

    He’d have focus with us to do well.

    I know I’d change my lifestyle to play for Arsenal!!!!

  10. AndyB

    I went a few seasons ago Pedro and I dont remember seeing any corporate boxes, leather seats, beer or ginsters pasties mate. you never know though they might give you a Big Eat Walkers Cheese and onion!

  11. MIchael

    After I Booked it my daughter say’s “I want to go to Amsterdam” all the prices were double when I went back to book her tickets

  12. Pedro

    I’d change my lifestyle to… I’d buy nice things and live it up a little!

    Andy, I figure it is going to be like Colchester Corporate… kind of like the toilets in club level!

    I’m just kidding… bud is taking me, so I’m sure it’ll be a crack! He’ll get some pics and quotes I reckon!

  13. MIchael

    I should have stayed an extra night and gone to the second game don’t know why I didn’t.. I’ve got them for a week so it’s tha madrid game, members day and Ajax.

  14. MIchael

    I haven’t got a season ticket but it seems like you obviously do. Do you think Ade will get booed? I think we’re stuck with him

  15. AndyB

    Yes Pedro, a good day out and its countdown to the season from now on in.

    Oh and theres loads of pubs in Barnet, one of them’s got to do peroni!

  16. Pedro

    How do you fancy your chances now wrighty! I only thought we’d get 20… there is over 100 now!

    Michael, I felt most Gooners didn’t really like him that much last year… he is going to really struggle to win the hearts and minds of the gooners this year… he really tried to shit on us.

    Did you read Galliani? He said Ade wasn’t very marketable! Amazing turnaround… and barca are after Drogba!

    So badly mugged!

  17. Pedro

    Come on here GMT 1200 and Chris will let you know!

    I’d run from Ade as well… he looks brutal!

    Right… signing off!

    Have a good one Grovers!

  18. Wrighty7

    Still reckon i’m odds on fave Pedro! 😉

    Have a good day tommorow mate,

    I’m off too.

    Laters all…………..

    Keep it Goonerish……………………………….

  19. Pedro

    You are gonna beat me wrighty… i’m a virgin fantasy man!

    How dodgy did that sound!

    Laters for definite now!

  20. MIchael

    myp2p is good for live feeds. I once watched the bucharest away game with no commentry . The one in the pissing rain you could hear the players calling each other. It was a boring game though. Sopcast is usually the best.

  21. El Tel

    I am totally fucked off as Wenger has done exactly what some of you guys predicted and come out with the give youth a chance comment.

    If anyone thinks this will be better than last year then they have a shock coming their way.

    The midfield will get a royal kicking from the gangsters up north and won’t be able to handle it.

    We will not score 3 goals per game and seeing as our keeper lets in at least 1 goal per game it means we will draw many again and probably even lose a few more.

    I really want to be wrong but where last year I predicted pre season we would win the league this year i am very nervous.

    I don’t think he needs to spend millons i just want to see a few experienced guys a keeper and a big time goalscorer.

    David Silva, Villa, Senna, Frings, Barry even Alonso would omly partly help. That cunt Ade looks like he will stay with us now and as much as the Mancscum will be loving keeping their traitor i want ours to just fuck off.

    If anyone says which keeper well how about the guy who the Spuds signed, Green, Carson,Freidel (yes Freidel) Cudicini, the kid at Citeh,Kirkland.I would have taken Schwarzer from Boro as back up but he went to Fulham on a free.

    Wenger sort it out.

  22. MIchael

    I think he’ll sign 2 more. I really don’t think he’s finished. If I’m wrong then I’ll be a bit worried but not shitting myself.

  23. masssbs

    Hi all new to le grove always read it and my uncle BUD! has just set me up an acount so i am looking foward to talking lots of arsenal with you guys snd girls

    Uncle BUD! says that you are a good bunch, but i am only fourteen so he says if you swear to much he is going to get blogger jeff or pedro to block you ……………………………. As if !!!!!!

  24. gnarleygeorge9

    To all those Grovers off to the Big Barnet game, have a great day. Its always quality time being with your mates watching footy/footie. Likewise, me today with Old Scotch F C. Today we play the Paddies, St Pats F C, & I can tell you it could be on duing the game & in the crowd, but we all have a beer after the game 😀

  25. Ja_Gunner

    I know defense is prob but maybe we should play 3-5-2.

    This way you have the CD backed up by a sweeper who could clean things up so to speak if the CDs get it wrong.

    So we would have


    ………………………..New Aggressive CD/Nordveight………………….





    This way Sagna and Clichy act as the true wingers that will not predictably cut back in and narrow the play too often.

    The Bendtner/Nasri/Rocisky role would link the midfield to the attack.
    I put Bendtner there because he seems to have good passing and good ball skills, he does not seem like someone who can lead the line even tho he is very big.

    Eboue can be back up for Sagna. While Traore or even Vela could maybe deputise for Clichy as he is known to tackle up when it is necessary.

  26. ethangunner


    nar we got 690 2 or 3 days ago ! its heating up ..

    I agree Ja ..
    i think we need to change the formation to suit who we have as players now ..

  27. Evo in OZ

    so we have a 3rd signing, another young bloke

    Arsene Wenger has signed his third player of the summer and his second French midfielder with Francis Coquelin joining from third division side Laval.

  28. Eva

    Pedro/George…there have been agents at Emirates Stadium recently, but it is from our firm. We manage Micah Richards, (amongst others) who is looking for a move.

    Thankfully your excellent blog (I am a lifelong Arsenal supporter) is full of intelligent comments, which means agents-firms won’t find this comment. I am too excited to contain myself – I think Micah will be excellent for our club.

    Mum’s the word.

  29. ReVELAtion

    Just got in from work…

    New boy conquelin has replaced vela in the squad for tomorrow’s game…

    same thing happened with ed last season… Just signing some autographs then 😉

  30. Geoff

    Welcome aboard Sam, but gone 12 is way past my bed time and yours, does your dad know you were up that late!

  31. Ad

    Well Scott Carson went to fucking West Brom then, but hey at least he’ll probs be available for even less than £4m when they get relegated next year.
    We’ll probably buy no fucker for the rest of the closed season now.
    Every yeat its disappointment.
    Wenger goes on about how he’s built winning teams out of nothing in the past.
    What a fucking load of shit, he hasn’t put together a side that has capably and deservedly won jack shit for years and years. The FA Cup was a fluke so our last actual victory was the invincible season.
    This will be another barren year of bollock all except Gallas being a whinging cunt and being beaten by Man U and losing the title by a few points. That or we’ll come apart at the seams and end mid table, then nobody will want to sign because at least at other mid table clubs they pay over the odds in wages. We’ll be left filiding average players and ending in an avergae position. We will be the new spuds Goddamit!

  32. Geoff

    Finest, nice video! Saturday night fever on speed, where do you get these from?

    If only were were going to sign Richards eh!

  33. Geoff

    For those of you who like the sharp posts we write you may be disappointed as today sees the dawn of the factual post, going on soon. I’m fed up with upsetting AKB’s with my speculation and shit tips.

  34. GMR

    So Vela’s been pulled from the squad, he must have picked up an injury. I hope out new physio knows what he’s doing as I have a feeling he’ll be very busy this season!!

  35. Geoff

    I am astounded by his obsession with kids, it’s worrying, how many of them make it for fucks sake and how many trophies are we kissing goodbye to? how we will hold onto to the Cesc’s when all we buy is 17 year olds.

  36. GMR

    I don’t know whether the media are just stirring again but apparently he has done an article in the arsenal magazine suggesting that Ramsey will be Cesc’s partner in midfield this year. If that is true we won’t finish top 4!!

  37. Geoff

    Now, now GMR, you’re making the same mistake that I made yesterday, trust Arsene, we were nothing before he came, nothing I tell you.

    He said he was tracking Ramsey all year, my arse, I bet he went after him because the press went on and Fergie was in, fuck if he was that ready he would have played from the start of the FA Cup final.

    How long did Theo take to establish himself, he still hasn’t and Ramsey will go straight in??? is he having a laugh?

  38. Geoff

    Are we the only two up GMR, fucking lightweights, there’s no point in a new and improved post if no bastards up to read it.

  39. finestcuts

    Good morning all, glad you enjoyed the video. I’m a net veteran Geoff, I’ve been using the net since 1996 :O so you come across allsorts of wierd and wonderful info, there is a whole sea of info out there.

  40. ethangunner

    Im so pasted jumping on that band wagon , i said last month we either needed to give wenger the flick before pre season or bite the bullet and see .. well it looks like we picked behind door number 2 ..

    personally , i’m a bit more ruthless if i was in charge he would of stayed in Switzerland ! i think 3+ years is too long without silverware.. and that expired along with my patience last season !

    I know i don’t want to blaspheme and be the anti Christ but i think wenger’s days are numbered , some git got on yesterday and said we need to bring in talent after wengers gone , well that maybe true but the kid that signed yesterday was French and 17 , and not exactly coming from impeccable stock … i think we have enough around the 17- 19 bracket vying for positions !