Arshavin says ‘come and get me… please!’

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There was a lot of talk yesterday on the shites (sorry I meant sites) that Arshavin wants to play for Arsenal, all from his agent I have to add, but it beats the ‘I want to leave stories from the other two greedy ingrates, and is the best news since David Villa said something similar.

Will Arsene act on it? I doubt it, but we can fantasise and play football manager for a day or so.

I think Arsh would work, and I think Barry would work as well. The majority of you yesterday said (Barry) he’s big buddies with Gerrard and he is expensive, but I don’t see what being mates with Gerrard has to do with it frankly, also with all these others, such as YaYa, Bitchslap, Arshavin and Nasri – they would all take a year or so to get used to the EPL, Barry would not and for me that has to be worth a few million more.

If Hoyte were part of that deal he would probably cost around 12 mil, around what we will get for Hleb, so what’s the big deal?

Arshavin and Santa Cruz would be a good swap for Ade so if we did that, we would be stronger than last term, add Vela, Rosicky, Ramsey and RVP we would have the extra players we so desperately needed last season, so in all we would be a better side.

Any less and we would not have moved and have the added problem of bedding in, Ade took 2 seasons and Hleb 3 don’t forget.

So Ade, Hleb and Flamini out Nasri, Ramsey, Arshavin, Barry and Santa Cruz in, deep, deep joy! (I didn’t mention Jens, no point)

Don’t beleive the Eto’o stories, good as he is, he’s another Ade ego and Robin crock, and as you all know we have enough in those departments already.

If you did that today Arsene, I for one would stop bleating and really fancy our chances against the free spending Chavs, Mancs, scousers and spuds. Didn’t mention City as I think they need a lot more than they have.

If Wenger thinks we have financial problems now, then dropping out of the top four is unthinkable, so get the cheque book out, we’re a football team, not an estate agency.

Have another hopeful day Grovers, only four more to go!

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  1. raif

    Pedro – i was also thinking that aswell, but we wont find out till the season starts or if somone is silly enouth to utter there name on the comments.

    i call for a MOTION. anyone from this point to name a spud in there team be band from commenting on le-grove for a day,

    all in favour say ” I ”

    all against say ” AKB “

  2. London

    I have never done a fantasy football before. My concern is that you have to wish players of chelsea and manu well. Is that right?

  3. Pedro

    Shame on you Pat!

    Raif… ‘aye’!

    It would be pretty funny if Merida went… at least we wouldn’t be upset… I’ve only seen him twice!

    If we can get twenty for this league, I will be pleased!

    Pat… I read Milan haven’t bid yet?

  4. Pedro

    London… think of it like betting against Arsenal at a cup final… if you lose, at least you have some reward!

    I was quite happy to lose my £50 at cardiff!

  5. patthegooner

    That is a problem London

    So I only have 2 Liverpool players and 2 Arsenal players out of the top four teams

  6. Geoff

    If I did it I would have to pick 11 Arsenal players, you guessed, no Eboue and Senderos got sold.

    When I said 11 I assumed by then we’ll have signed Barry.

  7. patthegooner

    It is on SSN at the moment that Ronaldinho is in talks with AC Milan this evening. I think the only problem is they offered 12 and Man City are offering 25. But he is not too keen on going to City

    I hope they can convince him, if he goes to City it still leaves Barca and AC in the hunt for TT25

  8. London

    Ronaldinho will simply refuse to go to Manchester. It also shows that Greedybayor was just used as bait to reduce Goofy’s wages.

  9. Pedro

    Good spin London… what a mug.

    I read yesterday that he has had no offers for him!

    How embarrassing for him!

  10. patthegooner

    Problem is we end up with a Striker that has alienated the fans, whose morale is low and will probably cause mayhem in the dressing room,

    I would like to think it would be the kick up the arse he needs but I fear his ego is too big for that.

    I just pray Barca come back in for him. All I can think is thats why Hleb is taking so long, maybe they want the funds in place to do a joint deal

  11. Geoff

    I reckon that neither of them want them and bugger all offers have been made, let the bastards grovel, put Nasri and Bendtner ahead of them both.

    i would still buy Santa Cruz though, fuck him.

  12. GMR

    Geoff, did you see that rule though that first team players have to play in 10% of the competitive fixtures or they can tear up their contract!! It means at times he’d have to play regardless!!

  13. GMR

    I think Arsenal have stuffed themselves with Ade, they asked for a ridiculous amount & said they didn’t want to sell, then when AC Milan lost interest they got worried dropped the price & told AC Milan they did want to sell. Now AC Milan are going for Ronaldinho & Barca probably weren’t ever that interested, they just named him when all that Laporta stuff was going on.

    I can see us being stuck with Ade & Hleb at this rate!!

  14. GMR

    We play about 50-60 competitve games a season so he’d have to play in 5 or 6 of them. Not a great deal is it, but he could affect the outcome in a negative way!!

  15. Geoff

    No, I believe they asked how much, we said £30mil and they said fuck off he’s not that good.

    I don’t believe we put the price down, he’s too valuable to us for that shit.

  16. gunnerfever

    if alonso stays and it highly looks like he will as there wont be any buyers the way pool value him and the hatred o’niell has towards benitez i have a genuine feeling arsenal might be the fore runners in trying to snatch a deal for barry and about barry having his heart set on a move to pool its simply because liverpool were the only club that were after him and were the only club who could offer champions league football although they wouldnt guarantee him first team place and we could do that both.

    i remember how arshavin had his heart set on a move to barca and when they denied being after him he has his heart set on arsenal now.

  17. ethangunner

    have some faith in the wenger sales engine ! ..
    ade will be sold .. and at a reasonable profit ..
    Ronaldinho is going to the ManC’s
    taksin can afford him ..

    Ac will be back on the hunt for him ..
    But i know he isnt that good .. and lets face it ….
    if we are left holding the bag im sure people will be stoning the cunt …

    its a win – win scenario for me pat 🙂

    12 teams now pedro .. went for the cruz – torrez combo !
    cesc/kranjar in the middle and the arsenal wingbacks !

    even to anthony stokes as my jnr striker !

    so what happens now
    can we swap players every week ?
    i hope not 🙂

  18. GMR

    Geoff, they know Ade will be a liability for us next season especially as his attitude will be so piss poor. I reckon they have dropped the asking price from 30 million to something like 24 million & would accept around 20 million for him.

    They need him out & it appears they can’t sign anyone else until Hleb & Ade have gone, probably why they cannot firm up the interest in Barry!!

  19. Trinidad_Gunner

    ethan, you can make one transfer per week for free

    every transfer after that, you have to pay with 4 points i think.

  20. Trinidad_Gunner

    I also have cesc and kranjcar in the middle, but torres-ade-benjani up front, with the plan to swap ade with roque or villa, whoever we bring in !

  21. gunnerfever

    GMR do you think ade will still have a piss poor attitude when he is in for a rude and embarassing shock that no clubs have as yet bid for him and if that remains the case when the transfer window closes…..the shameless togocunt ade would be the first one along with his agent to claim how his love affair for arsenal has never gone broke and he will always love the fans and the club and is looking forward for a great season blah blah blah.

    to be very honest i highly doubt wenger and the board would ever bring down the asking price for ade as they have never admitted in public or private that they want to sell ade unlike how barca have made it public they are willing to sell eto and goofy.

  22. choy

    the trick i learnt with these fantasy games is that you need firepower up front.. cause you get most points for scoring goals.. so keep less defenders and more attacking players!!!

    tip of the day!!!

    no 4-5-1 please!!!

  23. London


    I don’t think the club have stuffed themselves. I think they have known all along that he was never going to go to Milan. As much as Milan has been using the press we should not underestimate Arsenal’s ability to do so as well. This would explain the letter that offered Greedybayor at half price, they knew that it would be made public and by doing so they ensured that Greedy couldn’t say that the club made it impossible for him to move because of an outrageously high price on him. My guess is that the club will renegotiate his wages (within reason) and in return he will extend his contract. That’s the club happy, as far as I am concerned he is going to have to score a hat trick against the spuds to get my support again.

  24. Pedro


    Heated this morning… regarding allegiance to Arsenal or the club.
    This arvo it has been mainly fantasy football and Dkembe Dkembe talk.

  25. finestcuts

    Right….I’ve chosen my team, due to transfers/ pre-season injuries etc. I may need to change my selection. Would I choose a spud? Only if it benefits the team, I bought Cerny on the cheap last season which freed up some cash to spend elsewhere, it’s all about building a team that I believe stands the best chance of getting points, or saves me money so I can improve other areas of the team. The fact that you may not like a player or the team he plays for is no excuse not to pick him, the aim is to win and we should all keep to that spirit.

  26. GMR

    Well Ronaldinho is off to AC Milan. Apparently the legal department at Milan have confirmed they have drawn up the contracts etc & Galliani is in Barca at the moment. Thats end of story for Ade with Milan, so Barca is his only hope & I doubt they ever really wanted him!!

    We’ll be stuck with him.

  27. patthegooner

    Not good eh GMR

    I think Man City could offer 100m and not get him. I guess Ronaldinho just does not want to go there.

    Lets pray that Barca now have the funds for both Hleb and TT. I think we will know by the end of the week whether or not it will happen especially now it is a one horse race.

  28. finestcuts

    How about launching Le Grove a few minutes after 0900 to give all the F5 crew an equal chance to hit the top spot.

  29. finestcuts

    I wish I could go but unfortunately I won’t be able to make it, I’ll do my best to get myself over to the Emirates at some point during the season, it’s a must do.

  30. Pedro

    I will post at 0900 tomorrow… everyone knows then!

    I’ve just amended my team… The spirit is great, I have belief in the boys

  31. London


    Greedybayor and even worse his agent have both been naive and immature over the dealings with the Italian’s, the country that produced Machiavelli. Next time and you know there is going to be a next time Greedy and his agent might be a bit more respectful of Arsenal.

    We are left with someone who is capable of scoring 30 goals in the EPL, it could be worse.

  32. Pedro

    Greedybayor… that is a superb nick name.

    I don’t understand what he is going to do now.

    No one is interested enough to bid… so he has not leverage with his contract negotiations.

    What do Arsenal do?

    Offer him £20k extra and make him sign for 5 years… or leave it?

  33. London


    They do exactly what you say offer him £20k extra and extend his three years contract to 5 the club will regard it as good business. It’s now a question of motivating him for the coming season.

  34. Wrighty7

    I’ll tell you Pedro,

    Fine him 4 years wages and let him rot in the reserves!!!!

    Laters all, I’m off to watch Hancock……

    Keep it Goonerish…………………

  35. finestcuts

    Interesting point of view on Arshavin from Keenos, there is plenty to ponder over and I Wenger is not the type of manager who would sign a Johnny 2 good games and does his research thoroughly before deciding to write the numbers on the transfer cheque………
    I think the unaninmous view of Arsenal fans about Eboue is, we don’t want him playing on the wing, a defensive right midfielder is not at all appealing to us, and he does little if anything to improve the team. Eboue can do the aerobics classes at the local community centre.

  36. finestcuts

    Eboue helped us to the Champions League final at right back, the Eboue right wing experiment has to come to a close.

  37. finestcuts

    Yeah Luton are in dire straits, they blew the whistle about transfer bungs and were found to be knee deep in the mess themselves….

  38. finestcuts

    They don’t stand a chance, their best will not want to stay on a sinking ship, and they won’t be ale to attract any quality. I’ve gotta go…seeya tomorrow.

  39. Moe

    I think the more players we have the tougher the competition gets to start a match. Look at Flamini for example, couldn’t get ahead of Gilberto so he worked for it and became better. So hopefully arsene would sign players judged on their talents as well as their characters because i dont want a starting eleven that all want to leave for milan/barca.

    I can’t judge Barry as i haven’t seen that much of him but he did look good for England. I guess ppl aren’t excited because they’re used to arsenal buying exotic players. but the fact of the matter is, he’s experienced and it would help when my scouse, mancs and chav mates ask me “Yeah, well how many English players does your team have?”

    Peace x

  40. rico01

    Hello All,

    This is my team, until we sign Villa, Silva and Bischoff







  41. rico01

    Bridge has just signed a new contract with the russians – maybe Cashley days are soon over, is he off to join Jose at Inter,,,,, ??

  42. gunnerfever

    this is from a member on arsenal-mania and he says we are sure to sign GARETH BARRY;

    this is what he said;

    [quote] i have never been the type of fan to claim to have inside info but I do have a bit of news. I emailed Shaun Custis today from The Sun to ask him about how strong Arsenal’s interest in Barry was. He replied to me saying we are def in for him and Arsenal held talks with his agent today. Shaun Custis is the editor and I’m inclined to believe him as he was spot on with the story on Saturday that we approached Villa over Barry. Very interesting.[/quote]

  43. patthegooner

    I think the Barry situation could be dependant on a few things

    1) If we match whatever Liverpool offer or if Liverpool meet Villa’s asking price, who will Gareth choose in a straight choice
    2) Does Alonso’s failed move to Juventus mean that they do not have the space or money to buy Barry

    I am not sure on either, it may take a Ramseyesque sell from Wenger to convince him.

    But I think we have a few things going in our favour

    1) Barry will be 1st choice at Arsenal, no Alonso or Mascherano to compete with
    2) O’Neill hates Liverpool for the way they tapped up the player
    3) They want Hoyte
    4) They have just bid for David Bentley. If that came off we would stand to make money from the deal in a sell on fee, we could use this as bargaining chip to lower the price they ultimately pay Blackburn.

  44. patthegooner

    I know but a Month ago he said he only wanted a CL team so you never know

    They did confirm today that the Spuds have not even bid for him yet

  45. patthegooner


    Ethan we need you to focus your “Ethan Knows” attention to Barcelona

    Ronaldinho looks like he is off to AC Milan. I bet Thaksin is one pissed off mother fucker.

    It is official on their website

    AC Milan and FC Barcelona have reached an agreement for the transfer of Ronaldinho to the Rossoneri’s club. Tomorrow the player will be in Milan for the medical and to sign the contract which will tie him to Milan until June 30th 2011.

    The rumoured amount is 14.6m now if you had told me even 6 months ago that Ronaldinho was going for that much, I would have said you have the wrong Ronaldinho. That is surely worth a gamble even if he has been out of form

    So where does this leave TT

    AC said it was one or other, I hope they are either lying or Barca use the cash as part payement for the fucking prick.

    Getting that Ade is staying feeling, please dont let it be

  46. ethangunner


    Liverpool were supposedly spending 50 large this transfer window ,i think they will find the money for barry .. I think barry will only join us if he works it out he will get a game every week ! (which he will !) He is rumored to be stevie G’s love child , i think the friendship might have a lot to do with barry’s choices – also wages, none favor the ARSE … i wouldnt rate the rumor too highly ! Its a better chance than villa thou it seems !!

    But you have to applaud Geoff for getting the arsene selections right !

    Dont WORRY about ade.. He will be sold !
    even reyes who wasn’t happy wasn’t left in the reserves he was loaned until a suitable home could be found … Im sure someone will step up and buy the useless log !
    Just not at the ludicrous prices once being thrown around ..

    Some people might say well he’s better off staying .. NO HE ISNT !
    the damage has been done .. he is at the end of his rope ..
    he wont preform for us now ..( it was questionable from me if he even did before 🙂 )
    Its just our other GREAT 10 players who made the cunt look good !
    santa cruz or villa is a must purchase or we will flounder this season ..

    Oh god fantasy football requires attention every week ?!
    oh shite ..
    thankx 4 the info Trinidad !!!
    least you let me know what im in for !


  47. ethangunner

    Pat again dont worry the ade saga will have a happy $$$ ending …
    he wants out there will be some other mug who will make a bid ..

    even if its man shity !
    I think AC are just playing hard to get …
    you cant want a player that badly only to turn around and say FUCK IT …
    wenger will have to drop the price , but we should still get enough cash to replace him with the likes of santa cruz … and some cash left over …

    it would be a step in the right direction anyhow cruz has far better touch , he would
    be a 30 + goal scorer in front of our midfield

  48. ethangunner

    AC have got the money for both ade and …. 14mil for horseface !

    shit , and then everyone says wenger is a bargain hunter ..
    where were you on that one dipshit ?!
    could you imagine if we got horseface ..!?
    we could have swapped hleb for him !!!

    good bargaining wenger !!!!

    a straight swap could have been the go !
    even more likely now that hleb will go quickly ..
    hlebs end is near now mark my words !

  49. Ja_Gunner

    If Ronaldinho was signed in the 15mil region, why didnt we go after him?

    We could have offered him Champions League!!!!

    Now he will have to try to resurrect his career in the UEFA cup.

    His shirt sales would repay his transfer fee, and we could have offered him 80k-100k.

    Oh well he has gone to Italy, I dont like the Italian league.

  50. ethangunner


    thats my point .
    and they are obviously getting hleb as his replacement
    a swap deal with no money changing hands would have been ideal
    now we just have to hunt around for a top class midfielder ….

    madness !

  51. ethangunner

    PHW is a fuckin joke !

    Is this an admission of how much he knows about the footballing side of AFC ??..
    we know more about these 2 players mentioned than him ! did he watch the Euros?
    or a single FA cup game last season ??? If i was him i wouldnt leave home before watching at least 1 or 2 games with these players on show ….

    Hill-Wood is excited by the potential of Arsenal’s latest recruits ahead of the new season.

    He said: “I don’t know a great deal!, but it doesn’t terribly matter what I think. The man who matters is Arsene Wenger and he has very high hopes for both of them.

    “They are pretty young and Arsene believes they can be pretty fine players. Nasri is a bit more advanced than Ramsey, who is 17.
    (Thank you for pointing that out Einstein ! )

    “Samir has played at the top level and is an established player already. They are two very exciting prospects and they will strengthen the squad in a big way.”

  52. dennisdamenace

    Mornin Grovers,

    I’m starting to think that AW’s transfers are taking so long because he’s trying to sell players like Hleb in exchange for other players rather than getting a cash deal. The reason for this being that once cash hits the club it dissapears!

  53. ethangunner


    barry to aston villa
    is ade to arsenal ..

    both have gone public and are want aways …
    you can add santa cruz and berbatov to that list also !

  54. ethangunner

    personally i dont know why we dont sell half our shitty players and get them both ..
    we could do worse than cruz and berbatov up top …

    And you are 100% correct .. we sell hleb then we get DM – ade, and then another striker ..

    maybe a goalie also.. but its not for money reasons.. i feel , i think wenger thinks he already has enough in his squad .. maybe if we kept hleb and ade we wouldn’t see another signing this summer …..

    maybe a cheap experienced goalie .. i read somewhere wenger wants another option to keep almunia on his toes .. but almunia will still be 1st choice until fab2 comes on board !

  55. dennisdamenace

    egunner, what that does say is that the’pool deal for Barry must be a helluva way off, otherwise O’Neil wouldn’t have him near the squad…….

  56. patthegooner

    We find a lot more out about Ade today

    If Ronaldinho has a press conference at Milan, I am sure they will ask them if they will continue to pursue TT

    If they don’t, I would seriously brace yourself for the possibility that he may end up staying. It would be dependant on Barca getting rid of Etoo and firming up their interest. If they cant get rid of Etoo, I would be surprised if they still bought him. A swap deal there might be the only option, but does Arsene want Etoo

    TT is a bit different from Reyes. Reyes was genuinely homesick and we could have sold him to pretty much any Spanish team

    TT on the other hand is not only greedy, but his mis-guided ego will demand that he plays for one the biggest clubs in Europe, I would be surprised if he would consider a move to anywhere other than AC, Inter, Barca, Real, Man Ure or Chelsea.

    As for Hleb, I guess he has to fill the boots of Ronaldinho, which bear in mind he once knocked on Wengers door to say he felt he was not good enough to play for Arsenal is a hard pair of shoes to fill. Not only that but from memory a lot of TH14’s frustrations we aimed towards Hleb towards the end of his time at the club.

    So for me I think Hleb will leave now in the coming hours if not days, but for Ade I hope we can get rid of him, but unless Milan can afford both or unless Barca get rid of Etoo, I think he may be disgusting me by pulling on an Arsenal shirt once again.

  57. patthegooner

    Sorry that should read were aimed towards Hleb towards the end of his time at the club.

    Only just woke up

  58. patthegooner


    If Liverpool had 50m to spend, I think they would have wrapped up Barry by now, especially as they offloaded Crouch in the last few days.

    The speculation in the UK is that Liverpool do not have anywhere near that amount and are also in a sell to buy situation. I think they were banking on selling Alonso to fund it as the Times believe that Liverpool do not have enough to buy both Keane and Barry, and keane is now the priority given Alonso’s position.

    I still think Liverpool are favorites for his signature, but if we pulled our finger out we could take advantage of the situation, convince him and take him to Arsenal.

  59. Bud

    All of you lot sitting wacking your refresh buttons, with your finger balanced above the number 1 on you keyboard……… well I am starting a new Fad………….. LAST !