My wish list for Arsene Klaus…

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Looking good!

The news (or rumour today) is that Hleb has agreed a deal with Barca, and that Ade will not be too far behind, I hope it’s true but I have a feeling Ade had really pissed Wenger off and he’ll be going nowhere, if it were my call they would both be gone, it’s not so I’m doing a wish list in the hope the boss may read it and take notice of this fans wishes, so here goes, the list…

I want David Bentley, N’Zogbia and Obefemi Martins, with Pascal Cygan brought back to shore up the defence with big Phil. Give Eboue a pay rise and play him out wide instead of Theo.

OK that was for the AKB’s and to ensure some of you would be throwing up in your shreddies! This is the real list!

David Seaman says 6′ 4″ Almunia is good enough, so that’s good enough for me. Bring in Barry for Flamini and bring Diaby in to deputise, we won’t get Villa as that will cost too much so at 6′ 3″ I would go for Santa Cruz in place of spiderman Adebayor.

Arshavin for Hleb won’t happen so I’ll stick with Nasri and maybe the cameo role from Wilshere as back up.

I would get a centre back but I really can’t see that happening as he came out and said a flat out no.

Maybe big Phil or Djourou will step up, don’t forget centre backs come on late in life and those two are still babies.

I think we have enough forward options in Theo, Vela, Eduardo, RVP and Bendtner so a swap with Ade for the big guy should do it, don’t forget we almost did it last term, the kids are no longer kids, we do have a team spirit and Nasri for me will be a revelation, so three in and three out plus Vela may be enough, but he needs to bring in Barry, who in my opinion will be like having a young Lampard, English and stylish and can tackle.

It would also be nice to watch England with a few Arsenal boys in the team for a change. Also nice to stick one on the scousers too.

O’Neill hates Benitez and really likes Hoyte so it wouldn’t be too expensive, if we can’t get Barry then maybe YaYa for Ade plus cash.

It has to be this week so let’s keep ’em crossed, one more week of this shit and we get to doing match reports again, so get ready.

A big thank you to all you Grovers yesterday who got back on track being mates, so well done, we had twice as many new people as AKB’s so that was neat too, let’s just hope we can do the South Africans today and start the week off on a positive note.

Have a hopeful and fruitful week Grovers, this is the countdown!

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  1. Pedro

    Someone is buying Kaboul? FOR £7MILL!

    If they got Arshavin, Bentley and another striker… you’d have to say they have spent well.

    Still nothing on the defence though?

  2. Wrighty7

    Its on SSN. Ince has confirmed it.

    Remember when Ince said that Bentley would only be sold to a top 4 side, this will test that theory.

    Who reckons Ince will be a good Premiership manager?

    I do……

  3. choy

    i hope that we get ashley young instead.. maybe barry is the smoke screen?

    he is a good replacement for hleb.. young as well…


  4. choy

    raif.. rambo was a killer.. he was a crazy sob… that machine gun scene was the penultimate!!! grotesque to the max!!!

  5. raif

    choy –

    the part i love is when Rambo is with the other merks, and the english guy is giving it all the lip.

    im sitting there thinking u dont know who the fuck ur dealing with LOL

  6. Pedro

    That hurts to hear that Wrighty…

    Bentley has gone to the spuds? Dear oh dear… what an idiot!

    One day they’ll get it right though… they keep chucking money at players, and this year, they are ok…

    Ashley young is super player, but not as good as Agbonlohor… he is so fast!

  7. Wrighty7


    I see your AKB comment of the week is Little Dutch, I’ve had him on my blog. I think he just disagree’s with our sites for the sake of it!

  8. Pedro

    Wrighty, I wanted to comment on your post… but the rage inside me when I read that Goofles comments stopped me.

    He is a 17 year little prick who is on his summer holidays. He is from Bolton… so don’t let him slate you Wrighty, he has probably never been to Arsenal in his life…

    Typical AKB… how dare he say you can’t take your site seriously.

    Sorry, rage over.

  9. Pedro

    Wrighty, he gets about 6 comments a post… that is why he parades round other sites trying to be heard.

  10. finestcuts

    Pedro, Trophy manager is way better than Champ Manager becaue the players are all virtual so you’re not biased towards/against a particular player because he plays for Derby, Chel$ki etc., your job in the game is to buy and sell players, train them, build your stadium facilities etc. I enjoy it because in many ways it represent what I’d love to do in real life, although I am seriously considering taking up an FA course and trying to get involved in the game because I love it, and I hate anything which gives it a bad name or detracts from it. It’s very difficult to get anywhere in the world of football, but I’m one for a challenge, and if you don’t try you can’t win 🙂

  11. Wrighty7

    No worries Pedro!

    I think some people have an agenda with Le Grove and Wrighty7 at times.

    I dunno why…..maybe they feel we shouldn’t get along because we are “rival” blogs.

    I don’t see it as rivalry at all. I think you and Geoff have a great site here and the Le Grovers that post on here are pucker.

    Gooners should be united, not bitching.

  12. raif

    FOOTBALL MANAGER is the GOD of football manager games.

    it was done by the same people that made CHAMP MAN.

    but that company left and went on to make

    FOOTBALL MANAGER. 08 is the latest version out but im waiting for 09 as

    Call of Duty 4 for the Xbox360 is eating up all my time lol

  13. Pedro

    I’ll have a look finest!

    I just started coaching my brothers team… harder than it looks!

    It’s a good crack though, someone suggested the coaching courses, apparently they are pretty good.

    Are you based in Britain?

  14. finestcuts

    I don’t see blogs as being rivals, I see it as reciprocal marketing that the more blogs you’re connected to, the more likely it is that you’ll increase your traffic. Some people like to participate on multiple blogs and some stick to just one (and perhaps their own) but I feel that the widest spectrum of the Arsenal community is represented here. I know the blog is anti-AKB, and it has every right to be so, however they’re probably the only type of fan who are not represented on le-grove.

  15. finestcuts

    I was Pedro, I am a Londoner first, and always will be, but I’m on my travels in Warsaw chasing paper and discovering a different way ofm life, it’s tough being an away boy but it is a valuable learning experience.

  16. Pedro

    Never Wrighty!

    Bollocks to all that! We have mutual respect… I rate you site big time.

    I only read your blog and Young Guns, I don’t need to read any others!

    I got bored of reading all the other sites taking pot shots!

    That is why it pisses me off to read people digging your posts! If you don’t like it, don’t click…

    It’s little man syndrome… if you saw a pick of half the abusers, you’d probably cry with laughter!

  17. Pedro

    Warsaw? How is it?

    I went to Karkow a few months ago… it was a pretty amazing experience… so unexpected.

    The food was great, the people were great and the booze was so cheap!

    What are you doing out there?

    Regarding the AKB thing… pure AKB’s are not welcome… but we have a few Arsene admirers on here… not extremists though!

  18. Wrighty7

    I suppose we have to deal with it Pedro.

    By writing a blog I suppose we are there to be shot at mate…….

    It used to get to me but not anymore

  19. raif

    Wrighty7 –

    dont let it get to u mate. well you dont any more but u know what i mean.

    its the same with me on youtube. u put ur self out there and ur going to get alot of haters

    just tell them to fuck off carry on marching on

  20. Pedro

    At least people are interested enough to post a comment wrighty!

    I’d be more worried if no one was posting!

    We just chop them… now they don’t post!

    Do you get up Arsenal much Wrighty?

    Raif, I can’t believe how many hits those vids get… unbelievable!

  21. finestcuts

    I have great respect for Arsene, and will defend him when he’s in trouble but it’s like this….I don’t believe he is infallible and I would not want to affiliate myself with a brigade where i tow the party line and disconnect myself with other Arsenal fans who have genuine concerns about the club they love, including myself, i don’t believe anyone is unquestionable. I (try to) teach people English, rangin from high roller to regular joes who come along to lessons, so that’s how I currently earn my bread and butter. Of course i don’t teach them the London variety…I stick to Standard English and Received pronunciation in the classroom but I use a more chatty approach when i write because I feel it inappropriate to be too rigid and formal on an Arsenal site (although at times my writing may appear so due to the influence of what I do). I’m nothing like Usmanov, just a regular fella who loves Arsenal!

  22. raif

    Pedro – do u mean videos in genaral? or a specific person or type of videos on there?

    i have to say Youtube has Become one of the biggest online communities.

    nothing like a little bit of E-FAME.

    but ull be suprised to learn that some people has even asked there subcribers to give them money. witch i think is out of order. we call it E-BEGGING,

    im sure if they put half of there creativty to getting a job then they can buy there own stuff.

  23. Pedro

    Brave move! It sounds like you are enjoying it! I don’t think I’d have the patience to teach…

    When I was reading another sites comments a few months ago (ACLF), someone was on there saying you were their favourite commenter on Le Grove! They liked your writing style!

    I am the same with Arsene… he is a great manager, but he has lost himself a bit recently. I don’t mind constructive defence, but making an abusive statement to put your point across is pointless and ‘Arsene knows’ is verging on hero worship… which isn’t healthy!

  24. Pedro

    That’s not a bad return Wrighty! We are looking at setting up a ticket exchange thing on here this year… it’s a nightmare getting rid of spares last minute and a few people have asked… I’ll let you know if any come up!

    Raif, I’ll have a look at your stuff a bit later! Is your name your link? I’ve never really dabbled in youtube…

    I am logging off now chaps!

    Wrighty, Raif, Choy and Finest… enjoy your evening!

    Catch you later!

  25. Wrighty7

    Great idea Pedro. I don’t get ALL 10-12 tickets through the red membership though, sometimes its through friends and contacts.

    Nite mate.

    I’m off too Grovers…….

    Keep it Goonerish………………….

  26. raif

    Night Pedro. i think ill shoot off aswell.

    and yeah my name is my link. my videos is mostly random stuff, but i have a play list at the top of my profile. called Comedy Value Videos. it starts off with the earlyest videos going right to most recent on the later pages. so u can start from either end.
    wacth them if u fancy a laugh.

    and on that note i bid everyone Good night and good morning if ur reading this before the new post.


  27. finestcuts

    Cheers for the big up Wrighty, keep up the good work, I pop along and read your blog as well and enjoy reading your articles.

    The beer is making me drowsy so I better quit for the evening and hope to wake up to some exciting news such as Huntelaar joining……….or maybe Adebayor going to Villa in a swap deal for Barry!


  28. ethangunner


    i think its good you dont get any AKB on here !
    Why? because i think its best to keep it objective ..
    If arsene fucks up .. we should be able to talk about it .. not class it as a voodoo topic!

    and if he does well.. there is enough people on here who respect him and give him credit also.. Freedom of speech !

    AKB are as twisted as gay activists or womens lib’ists ..
    people who can see no wrong in any design they believe in and are just blinkered muppets .

    Arsene is human and sometimes is pretty arrogant .. he makes mistakes , he admits it.
    its a good trait to have sometimes in his line of work, but to have the motto on a blog of
    Have an opinion not get one , the AKB cant keep there mouths shut ..

    like some others i know !
    dont worry there are a few in the closet one’s on here !

    I will say arsenes never really failed us to now .. he’s kept us competitive,
    he has done that thru a transition period of a new stadium .. which i would imagine would have been a bit of a juggle .. He’s been pretty ruthless and sold of all aging players .. some of them loyal … then the board turn around and demand loyalty from
    there young players , pretty hypocritical if you ask me really…

    demand loyalty of your players until they reach 30 , then pull the rug out from under them..
    you wouldn’t be able to say that on an AKB site .. but every word is true !
    Some readers open there eyes to what im saying and some fucking hate me !

    do i care ?
    no 🙂

  29. gunner_fever

    Villa boss O’Neill reveals Arsenal approach for Barry.

    Aston Villa boss Martin O’Neill has confirmed interest from Arsenal for Gareth Barry.
    Liverpool have been battling to settle a fee with Villa for Barry and O’Neill revealed: “Myself and Steve Walford both know Arsene Wenger’s assistant Pat Rice.

    “He phoned Steve to ask how the Liverpool thing had gone and said that they might show an interest.

    “At the end of the conversation Arsenal said ‘that’s fine’ and that they’ll let us know. That is exactly what happened.”