Half price my arse, say something Arsene!

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So being an Arsenal fan in the summer continues to be torturous, reading the morning papers is depressing.

The Spuds are in for Arse shavin and Luis Garcia and all we have to look forward to is reading that Song is off to the Olympics in August, that’s repaying Wenger’s faith and he’s not even in the team yet, get rid of him, he has Ade written all over him, twice in one year!

Yesterday we were after Barry and I was on cloud 9, today we’re giving Ade away at half price, I wish the boss would come out and say it’s all bollocks, it seems to me that agents and players are running football these days, why on earth would we say £35 mil one minute and £16 the next? it’s too stupid for words, it makes my blood boil that we just sit there and say nothing, say something Arsenal, we are having the piss ripped out of us as fans.

Adebayor is allowing it and should be sold or left to rot, we have to make a stand against these arrogant pricks, we have to. Ronaldo thinks he’s a slave, someone ought to make him read a book on slavery, the moron probably can’t read though, who do these twats think they are?

We’ll have to wait until next week to see who we are finally going to sign, but we have to do it before pre-season otherwise I doubt it will happen and pre-season begins next week.

Okay onto a bit of sillyness now, yesterday we had a few ding dongs, a few of you made up but a few came on and wanted to continue, well doing that just makes it unpleasant for others and will ultimately stop the majority coming on, don’t forget our mantra ‘have an opinion not get one’ and calling people names is not on.

So if it continues I’ll have to edit the offenders and if that doesn’t stop it, I’ll have to moderate in order to protect the integrity of the site and the majority of Grovers.

You know who you are and you are all good people, I don’t want this site to be like the other moronic ones, we are getting between 4 and 500 comments a day and that’s more than anyone, I don’t want that to stop, because if it does Pedro and I will ride into the sunset.

We don’t spend all our time doing this to get in between the few that want a tear up, if that’s what you want send us your email addresses and we’ll send them to your adversaries and you can rip each other in private

So come on Grovers, let’s get back on track, have a happy Domingo!


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  1. ethangunner

    the only way i can see us getting more players is as geoff says …

    make money/player deals with ade /hleb !
    ill take anything at the moment ..
    with wengers latest statement it is a design for a mediocre future,
    gambling on success is the reason for all my concerns !!!
    its obvious with number allocations and the amount of young guys in the squad already that we are not going to get 1/2 the players we want !!!!!!

  2. Gooner07

    Pedro says,
    “All footballer are big heads!”
    Oh yes, Nasri has a big head as well. (thought I’d inform fellow Gooners)

  3. Geoff

    No I think he has an ugly one, well he does when he smiles anyway!

    You’re right Ethan, he’ll only buy when he sells, but he gets off on making money from transfers, so he’ll only buy cheaper, ho hum.

  4. AndyB

    yes they do all have big heads, Id have a fucking big head aswell if I earnt £30k + a week!
    All I am saying is there is no need to be a complete tosser about it, look at The Cesc, Toure, Clichy to name but a few. Loaded, yes, big headed, probably, think they are better than all their piers, NO! Thats the difference.
    Look at Raul and Guti, werent they left out of the spanish squad for being a couple of huge ego nob heads?

  5. BB

    ethan.. you know how Wenger sells himself to the football world.. as the number coach for spotting and developing talent
    so he gets all the early phone calls for the youngsters and pays slightly over the top..remember Benitez having a go at him by saying that Wenger is paying a fortune for young upcoming talent .. me thinks thats where our wages go
    AFC seems more like a flat structured developing platform than a trophy winning machine
    this has to stop ..
    now one thing on the Ade debate .. and especially versus TH14.. the latter was a ood and multidimensional player .. he was fast, could dribble and was able to contribute to the game
    Ade by contrast is a monodimensional player .. good in the air, strong with the back to the goal and a box type player .. and thats it .. no more, no less .. he plays to his strengths and was very successful last season ..
    I can easily see why an Italian club would want him .. Italians like Ade type forwards
    there is no need for speed as the whole game is played out like chess ..
    look at Vieri/Toni etc ..
    plus Ade seems to be a robust beast .. he gets hardly injured ..
    does this make him AFC material?? .. maybe not, but then he fulfilled his mission to his ab

  6. BB

    ethan.. you know how Wenger sells himself to the football world.. as the number coach for spotting and developing talent
    so he gets all the early phone calls for the youngsters and pays slightly over the top..remember Benitez having a go at him by saying that Wenger is paying a fortune for young upcoming talent .. me thinks thats where our wages go
    AFC seems more like a flat structured developing platform than a trophy winning machine
    this has to stop ..
    now one thing on the Ade debate .. and especially versus TH14.. the latter was a ood and multidimensional player .. he was fast, could dribble and was able to contribute to the game
    Ade by contrast is a monodimensional player .. good in the air, strong with the back to the goal and a box type player .. and thats it .. no more, no less .. he plays to his strengths and was very successful last season ..
    I can easily see why an Italian club would want him .. Italians like Ade type forwards
    there is no need for speed as the whole game is played out like chess ..
    look at Vieri/Toni etc ..
    plus Ade seems to be a robust beast .. he gets hardly injured ..
    does this make him AFC material?? .. maybe not, but then he fulfilled his mission to his ability last season

  7. Paulie

    Song chooses the olympics over Arsenal. What is it with Wenger and the mentality of players he has. Is there no fucking loyalty whatsoever to Arsenal from these cunts. These players treat us with contempt and use us to further their careers, Wenger is the reason for this. The players constantly see each other getting away with taking the piss so now theres not even an attempt to be seen to do the right thing. Its unreal the way things are happening at Arsenal

  8. GOONA

    After reading he had to come off with an injury in a charity match yesterday as much as I love RVP I feel it’s going to be the same old story over and over again this season, so when addy bye bye departs methinks the boss should buy 2 strikers and not one, because I don’t think we’ll see much of RVP this season, and even when he does play you can’t enjoy the game because one is terrified everytime the lad is tackled. Not his fault as he can’t help it, but 9 times out of 10 when a player is injury prone it will always be the same. Saha, Bellamy, Lundburg are typical examples and even in cricket Flintoff who’s fit at the moment but I wonder how long that’ll last?…

  9. Geoff

    Hey R3DD3R thanks for reading the blog and I’m glad you enjoy it, but I think someone who is as smart as you are should fuck off and read another blog, muppet.

  10. MeM

    Im in the Benzema camp to be honest but that is very unrealistic. If we had to get anyone it would be Huntelaar or nobody at all and move theo up front and sign another winger.

    Pedro – Roque played for Bayern (who have a closer style to us) and was dismal. He plays for a club that suits him and scored lots. His strike rate was far worse that Ade’s.

    I would rather Arsenal change style to a more passing and running game than crosses and long balls like we did with ade last season. A bit like the 97/98 team did.

  11. GOONA

    Just to add to my last contribution I hope like all gooners that i’m wrong and that R.V.P and Rosicky remain fit this year but ???????????????

  12. Geoff

    MeM you have a writing style similar to another blogger called Tom Clancey, how weird! still not to worry, I like Benzema too.

  13. El Tel

    Geoff and Guys please accept an appology from me. I appologised to GMR yesterday.

    I love this site so much it takes up far to much of my time, carry on Geoff/Pedro you seem to be great epople and you started something to good to think about pulling the plug because of a few disagreements.

    We are all Gooners and this id the only place to talk Arsenal.

  14. Geoff

    El Tel no need, we’re all mates on here, well raif except that R3DD3R who was telling us we were all twats for believing the press, and so on, condescending cunt, and he reads our site telling us he likes it.

    If we shouldn’t read the press, why does he read us! he missed that one though.

    The thing is we’re no different to the Sun with speculation, we all like to debate, people like him just pick holes.

  15. tommigooner70

    Easy boys,
    I don’t normally post on a weekend – and I’m keeping it that way -so thought I would have my shout on your site.


    We all know (or I would like to think we do by now) that the agent who said Ade is going for half price works for himself and AC Milan – he doesn’t represent Adebayaaawn. Of course it’s bollocks that we have slashed the price, what does he think this is – the DFS mid summer sales? Adebayaawn is not for sale – end of story. So we’re hardly going to slash the price, why would we? I don’t think Wenger or Arsenal should speak up about this – that agents comments do not need justifying and should be treated with contempt not a press conference. Let the agent spout off – he’s only making an arse of himself. Yes it’s frustrating all this is happening but if the club is going to counter claim any or all comments by agents we’d be here all week. Let them take the higher ground.

    But like I said boys – stop stressing about this – you’ve already said the agents comments are bollocks – which they are!

  16. Paulinho

    I think people take posts a tad too seriously. I find Ethangunner uses a mock dramatic tone which does tend to cloud over the fact he speaks an awful lot of sense when it comes to footballing matters. His finger is on the pulse. Maybe a tad personal at times but his opinions are one of the reasons I frequent here. His opinion is organic and totally correlates with mine. Probably why I brush over the inflammatory tone!

  17. Geoff

    R3DD3R you won’t get on, if you want to comment on a site where people work hard to write a piece, have the manners not to criticise it or it’s audience.

    We get between 4 and 500 comments everyday from like minded people, I protect them from people like you, there are plenty of sites out there where you can leave acidic comments, not this one though.

    If you want to leave a sensible non confrontational comment, you can come on, if you don’t you can’t.

    Don’t keep sending in what you are though it just gets binned.

  18. dan

    dont really see a problem with song going to the olympics, so his country have asked him to go and he wants to represent his country, hes hardly the highest profile footbaler to ever want to do that? babel ronaldinho so on, so should we not sign ronaldinho as hes stated he wants to play in te olympics whichever team hes playing for when they start?

    hes not going to be a first 11 starter and hell only miss the first 2 gamesif he does go soits not a big deal at all, city have just paid 19m for jo whos never played in the prem and could do with the pre season to gel with his new team and get used tothe pace, that could be a problem for them, unless gallas and toure both get injured in the first game of the season we wont miss song for 2 games

  19. Chris

    A friend of mine told me that Adebayor was a good player but a shyte person. He was told this now very apparent bit of information by Shabani Nonda who played with him at Monaco.

    I don’t think Ade will be sold, but the repercussions of him not being sold aren’t too great, if his attitude is anything to go by!

  20. raif

    you’ll be suprised how many people get there internet feelings hurt or take things to personal on places like this. its the same for me on a website im on. tomany people want to spread hate Bcos they have the security of sitting else were on there computers.

    thats why i respect anyone who puts them self out there for the masses to come to gether “so to speak”

  21. Paulinho

    Angry Loner, he’s bang on with alot of the things he says in terms of how we play and who is more important to our style of play than others.

  22. Chris


    I totally agree about Song. He’s not that important in the grand scheme of things.

    I hope Wenger limits Song’s CB experimentation to the Carling anyway.

  23. ethangunner

    thanks paulinho ..

    people like BB pat etc also know me for that ..
    and know im fair and just ! (pats a bit of a back stabber thou 🙂 )

    i didnt think i sound inflammatory ! more like irritated that the club doesnt react faster to the matter at hand !
    i do however have no tollerance for ade fans especially now my thoughts have been confirmed about his loyalty !
    i said he had you all fooled with his BS speeches to the sun !
    i guess some people cant handle a know it all how is actually right !!!

    and wenger selling ade is only justification to me that wenger didnt rate him enough to adopt the same mentality has does with cesc or red nose with ronaldo !

  24. david

    It’s pleasant on here today..

    Is it only Song and the Brazilians going to the Olympics?
    The African players all love to represent their country, I’m sure Toure and Ade would go if they are picked, perhaps that’s a problem with the Ade transfer..

  25. Just Stick It In !

    dare i say there is no more signing coming in?

    i hope i’m wrong but i reckon arsene gonna go along this line… bleed the youngsters and hope for the best.

    if that happens god knows, even the tea lady might also hand in a transfer request.

  26. patthegooner

    Just noticed another paragraph in that story about RVP Injured

    Emmanuel Adebayor was the second Arsenal player to of been selected in the squad. He surprisingly didn’t fly to Munich though, with the frontman’s future at the club yet to be sorted just quite yet.

    Does anyone know if it is true that TT25 was supposed to have played in that Charity match yesterday…

  27. rico01

    Good Afternoon Grovers…….. Great article Geoff in many ways..

    You know who you are out there, you know those of you who love your Peroni Beer, Well I dont know you all personally, but


    Last night I decided to remind myself of the crisp taste of the Peroni…….

    Today, I am still being reminded of how stupid that idea was, and I blame you all

    I have a rotten head, a dicky tummy and its your fault!! Bastards!! 😉
    Especially you Pedro 🙂

  28. patthegooner

    I will take that in gest Ethan, I am no backstabber,

    You state that by selling Ade, it justifys your argument that Wenger does not rate him

    How come the same is not true in the Hleb situation? Does he not rate him either?

    For me that is flawed. I am sure Arsene would like to keep both but unfortunately both have acted in such a way that it has become almost impossible to keep them at Arsenal, and unfortunately due to our finincial position we are unable to let them rot in the reserves de-valuing.

    Cesc is completely different, he has not made any vibes towards wanting to leave the club so can be relied on, respected and treated in whole different way

    If anything Wenger seems to be trying harder to keep Ade than Hleb by having such a high valuation. Does this mean he rates him?

  29. Patrick7

    Surely Song will have spoken to AW before making himself available for the Olympics?

    Does that mean that AW sees he’s got the CB positions covered (where he sees Song’s future)?

    If Senderos, Djourou and Nordveldt are the only others available in his absence, it looks like we’re starting the season as we left the last one. I hope that’s not the case and he’s buying some talented experience at the moment!

  30. patthegooner

    Maybe he is starting with Senderos and Gallas

    And playing Toure in CM alongside Cesc

    Nothing will surprise me after the Shambles that was the Eboue Experiment

  31. Patrick7

    Thinking about it again, Song’s experience at the Olympics might outweigh what he would gain in the early part of the season on the bench or not involved at all if AW doesn’t see him as a first team player still!

  32. Geoff

    So Patrick, why doesn’t Wenger tell us that on Arsenal.com, isn’t that his job? to keep the fan based informed?

  33. Patrick7


    Is your boy going to come good today in the mountains? He’s kept his powder dry at the mo’.

  34. raif

    Just Stick It In

    ohh sorry mate i thought u said me haha

    i honestly have no idea what he was doing as he was walking into the changing room screaming his head off.

    but you would think a little bit of professional behavior would have been exercised

  35. Patrick7

    As someone said earlier, GMR I think, the PR side need a rocket up their Arse to get up to date and get on top of the situation. What they kick out at the moment is so boring the only time it’s worth visiting is when a new player has signed…………………… or to listen to the match if you haven’t got Sky like me and one of the radio stations I can pick up (in France) isn’t covering the match.

  36. Patrick7


    Just watched the AGM speech. Ethan must be getting to AW cos he mentioned him ‘the fan in Thailand’, maybe he’ll sell Ade now and buy who was it…………………?

  37. ethangunner

    where do you want to go ??
    shopping ? beer drinking with a mix of naked ladies ?
    sun and beaches ?
    off the beaten track ?!
    also id prefer you to keep the sarcasm to yourself !
    re : July 13, 2008 at 2:39 pm

    its not a flawed, hleb wants to go ! regardless of money , HE WANTS OUT ..END OF !
    yet ade im sure initally wanted to stay but wenger didnt rate him enough to warrant a pay rise !

    2 totally differing reasons for both parties ..

    cesc is not different at all ! clubs have made advances towards him ..
    it will be only a matter of time until he wares down !
    i would say NEXT season if we end up cup-less again !
    if you cant heed the warning signs we wont keep our players ..
    besides im sure cesc is waiting for villa to arrive !
    like alot of us reserving judgment until the end of the transfer period !..

  38. Patrick7

    What did you find that made you move there? I would want to stay fit as an ex-elite athlete like yourself (speed skating, marathons and triathlon in my case) so yoga, (proper)massage and bodywork, ayurvedic stuff would interest me plus of course the monks and their phenomenal talents; sun and beaches would be good also.

    Sorry about the sarcasm but name a dozen countries off the top of your head when living in Europe and Thailand doesn’t come to mind.

  39. patthegooner

    I agree with you on Cesc

    Cesc will be off unless we can start to match his ambitions, but at the moment he is showing respect and loyalty to the club so the situation is very different than that of Hleb and TT25.

    And sorry both Hleb and Ade are moving for money. I do not buy these unhappy in the city stories, he has been tapped up and offered more money, Inter did the initial damage and now barca are taking advantage of the situation



    Apparently he loves London in one of those articles.

    As far as I am concerned we are best rid of both of them

  40. AFC53

    Why would we go after Eto’o hes overpaid and will come in and not bother working for the team 3 seasons ago he would have been a great signing but now why bother.

    We need players who are hungry for sucess not wanting to ride a gravy train for the next few years.

  41. ethangunner


    ade wouldn’t need to move for money if wenger rated him enough to increase his salary,FACT !
    where as hleb said he didn’t like the UK ! .. plus ade says you only move for money meaning if wenger for filled his salary ambitions ade would stay … He has stated he didnt want to go anywhere .. and i think he was telling the truth .. but if your boss says no way your getting 120k a week then you have too go elsewhere !

    but like you said best be rid of them both !
    I hear you say hleb now states he likes London ! sure if you believe that !
    personally if you’ve traveled the world i wouldn’t want to live in a cold climate either …
    give me spain any day !!! london – spain -london -spain !

    fuck its a no brainer !

  42. ethangunner


    i came to Thailand because we used to have a boys bash here every year after sporting commitments ..

    in the end i wanted to be here more than australia !
    so i did it ..

    Australia is cold for 4- 5 months of the year ..
    and the highest tax paying nation in asia ! and some say the world !
    why would you want to be subjected to that ?!
    great weather every day always 30 + degrees
    beers and food are dirt cheap .. and the general cost of living ..

    its also very americanized here .. and plenty of imported goods
    so you dont miss anything ! i can get vegemite here FFS 🙂 !
    and the main reason , just had enough of western women !
    (sorry to all the women that read this ! )


  43. patthegooner

    I dont believe it but the cock said it himself,

    I remember it at the time but I cant find his words, but the skylink include quotes from his agent saying how happy Hleb was in London

    I think both Ade and Hleb were happy until they tapped up. The other clubs and agents have done a fine job in unsettling both players.

    Unfortunately Arsenal have to mop up the mess, which will be especially annoying if we cant offload them.

  44. ethangunner


    hleb is ‘getting on’ also ! 27 …
    & he knows arsene’s over 30 policy …
    why stay in a place that will not give you an extension past 1 year when your over 30 !?
    if you were hleb would you stay at a firm that treated you badly and age discriminated you after 30 years old !

    is hlebs motivation success or security ??!?!
    he’s moving for success too ! as he is getting on in years also !
    Not a straight money move ..
    you never put yourself in other peoples shoes !

  45. Geoff

    I don’t think Wenger would pay Ade more Ethan as he’d have every player asking for a rise, I think his view is ‘you’ve only just agreed a contract, you greedy, stupid cunt’

    I’d like to do a few courses in Thailand, I heard they’re dirt cheap and really nice.

  46. ethangunner

    theres no motivation for any player to hang around once your contract winds down and your in or around that 30 bracket .. seeing – pires – freddie – sol – lauren – bert (soon)
    and moving on , almost PUSHED !!!
    what incentive would hleb have for staying …

    not to mention he probably wants some medals !!!

  47. patthegooner

    Its not about shoes it is about honesty

    I have no problems in Gilberto’s reasons for going, as he is honest

    Nor do I have problems in Hleb going for the reasons you state if he had stated them

    But I do have a problem with players saying they love London and Arsenal one minute yet completely change their mind the next.

    Both Hleb and Ade have done that and in my opinion I am happy for both to leave.

    They are both replaceable

  48. ethangunner

    i reckon he offered hleb more .. to stay i mean .. (arsene)
    but for the above reasons , im sure hleb wants some glory !
    money will be more than he is on currently , but i think wenger knows the solid
    player he is and would have tried to bribe him to stay with more $$$ already ….
    some disagree with me ! so i wont dwell on it !
    but pedro showed us Hlebs stats yesterday ..

    and they aren’t shabby !
    you can understand why barca are interested , and he would complement barca as they have plenty of goal scorers already ! he would be in there to do a job , just like he did for AFC !

  49. GMR

    Ethan, Is Perth cold for 4-5 months a year as I’ve seriously considered moving there on a couple of occasions & still could.

    Re your argument over Hleb & Adebayor I think you’re wrong. Hleb wants out for money, he comes from a cold climate himself so thats not an issue & he stated something about 2 of the 10 best clubs wanting him & being prepared to pay him more money!! That tells you it all in my book. If Wenger was that bothered about him he’d have given him an increase but like in the case of Flamini & Ade he wasn’t prepared to do it. Infact Wenger allowed Hleb’s contract to run down without bothering to renew it. Ade & Hleb are no better than each other & the sooner they go & are replaced the better.

    I agree with you about the dead wood. I’ve been wishing Wenger would lose all those players for years but it never happens.

  50. patthegooner

    Dont get me wrong I wish Hleb luck, his actions have not been as crude as TT25’s but I still think his publicised reasoning in it is bollocks and I wish he had been more honest. If he came out (in fact at the moment if any Arsenal player) came out and said, I feel I need to move on to win trophies (especially at his age) then I would not have a problem with it at all.

    He will have his work cut out over there, and bear in mind that he did not exactly get along with Thierry, I am not sure on whether he has improved enough to wow the Barca faithful who will not put up with his goal contribution if things are not going well.

  51. ethangunner

    i never heard ade say he hates AFC or the fans ..
    his move is money based 100%.. he is a merc , pure and simple ..
    he said why would he leave Africa if it wasn’t to make money ..
    where ever he lays his hat thats his home ! ( providing the bucks are there )

    i think hlebs move is for glory myself .. thats my personal feeling ..
    or why not go back to bayern! ? he had the offer !!!
    he loved germany or so he stated !
    i think barca equals success for him ..

  52. ethangunner


    he’s down as a striker !
    in senanta


    yes perth gets cold about may – june- july – august ..
    september has a spring feel to it cold nights – warm days … pleasant … and the weather is unbearable during december to feb.
    38-40 degrees dry and day after day of pounding arid heat ! no need for your christmas pud mate ! or a roaring fire !

    i know i cant sway you with the hleb debate .. cant win don’t try 🙂
    but i think hleb moved due to london and arsenal over 30’s policies !

    and personally after seeing every player of around 30 being discarded by arsene i dont fucking blame him ! id be on the look out for a new warmer home myself !

  53. Patrick7

    I see we’re linked with Aguero, supposed to be worth £35M, that’s one to be put on the linked players who won’t come to us based on that price unless they’ll take Hleb in equal exchange!

  54. ethangunner

    geoff thats tasmania mate !
    perth dont have sheep !

    perth has the biggest population of English of any city in AU !
    so be careful of the facts !
    well the biggest pro -rata ratio of English !

  55. ethangunner


    35 million

    no chance !

    ok trivia …
    and i dont know this ….

    what is arsene’s highest price he has ever paid for 1 player !!!!!!!????

    anyone ???

  56. Geoff

    I know they have sheep in Tasmania but they still shag ’em in Perth don’t they? I thought they imported them!

  57. ethangunner

    i dont know what you want patrick ?
    drugs ? naked women ? touristy BS ..
    average beaches ! (better than english beaches not as good as aussie beaches)
    rest and relaxation .. great hotels good shopping ..

    me personally i only drink when i go out clubbing .. or gogo baring 🙂
    i want to keep the fun .. fun ! and business ,business !

    i spose what im trying to say is i want to right myself off when i go out ..

  58. GMR

    I haven’t completely decided yet, but I always thought Perth had good weather thats why I’d head there. I’m aware that places like Sydney have more to do but thats not a worry for me. I’ll see though as I definately won’t be staying in England for much longer, I want to see some sunshine before I die!!

    Ethan, neither of us will convince the other about Hleb or Ade, but the truth is we’re in agreement that both should f*** off now. We do need new players in though or we’ll be f***ed. I don’t want to hear how such & such a kid might step up, because they rarely ever do!!

  59. ethangunner

    13 mil

    so that give’s us a huge indicator of the players we will get in …if at all !
    sagna style buys at most !
    no chance of arsene signing someone like villa,thats totally out of character
    we can be assured of no huge eto’o style signings either…
    based on that data !

    yes patrick all i could remember was hleb for 10.3 mil …its been that long !!!
    and thought reyes was a lot also , if nasri was 12.5 mil .. thats arsene done !!!

    and people wonder why im frustrated !
    spurs have spent 50 mil already ..
    i hate our turtle urgency !

  60. ethangunner

    that alright rico sympathy passes !


    im in total agreeable with you kids stepping up statement .
    that process is too long winded and isnt viable for our club currently when we need
    experience like … yesterday !!! last season even 🙂

    try brisbane ! (queensland Australia )
    always great weather there !

  61. dennisedamenace

    Well i’d glady swap a couple or three of our so-called wonderkids for a couple or three overpriced, overhyped primadonnas in the mould of Torres, Essien, Ferdinand……..

  62. ethangunner


    i hear ya , but we both live on ground zero and know
    wenger just doesn’t pay for established ( really good ) players 🙂

    people say yes ethan’s a morbid depressing sole !
    .. thats only cause i know arsene…and i knew that he never has spent over 16 mil for someone and we need too ! ..
    but as Geoff rightly put me straight .. 13 mil ! was the max .. that was over 6 years ago too !
    theo and vela might surprise us .(nasri even ) . but past that , theres little to throw a party about !

  63. GMR

    I’d rather Wenger got rid of some of the kids & got the wage bill down to reflect the reality of our current first team. For all we rave about Cesc does he deserve 60-70k a week when he hasn’t won a trophy at Arsenal?? Thats not to say he shouldn’t get that wage but maybe it should all be based on bonuses, spurs have a bigger first team squad than us & pay around 30 million less per season in wages!! Liverpool pay 15 million less per season.

    Wenger should start concentrating on the first team, because this excuse that he doesn’t want to hamper the youth can go on forever. Each year a new batch of youngsters will come through so when will be the time to buy experience??

  64. GMR

    Ethan, I made the point the other day that all Wenger’s success has been based on GG’s defence (all but 1 title) & he hasn’t won a single trophy with completely own squad. Our last success was the FA cup & DB10 was involved with that.

    Would Wenger have had any success at all without TA & DB etc? I have serious doubts that he would, but people ignore facts they don’t like!!

  65. dennisedamenace

    egunner – i hear you too fella, but you know Wenger’s (or is really the Arsenal money men’s policy) of fielding untried, inexperienced, cheap players hasn’t worked so far, and another season of ‘close, but no cigar’ will result in serious pressure on both the board and Wenger…..

  66. Wrighty7

    Afternoon all!

    Man, I feel rough. went to a 60th birthday party last night and drunk my weight in Budweiser’s!

    Am I paying for it now or what, I can bearly see the screen or type!

    Good post again mateys.

    I got in last night and was furious in my pissed state when I read that the Ade price could be halved.

    That would be typical Arsenal. I was proud that it seemed we were sticking to our guns when Barca and Milan were sniffing around and it’s been thrown back in our faces.

    I think its time the board swallowed their pride and got David Dein back on board. We can’t negoiate shit without him. At least he loves Arsenal and Le Boss would be happy.

  67. david

    I don’t see how David Dean does love Arsenal if he did why didn’t he keep his shares so he could stay on the board of Directors?

    He could have sold some of his shares if he needed the money but he is a money grabber like Ade..

  68. Patrick7

    Come on lads don’t go negative again: we missed out in the CL final 2006 by 15 minutes with 10 men from very early on and last year ran out of legs through injuries, constant bad draws (leading to more injuries) and a run of bad refereeing decisions.

    Now we’ve got to replace Flam, Hleb & Ade as the latter look certain to leave improve the defence, which may be integral with Flam’s replacement and bring in 2-3 extras. I suspect the ‘dead wood’ may be at the end of their contract by the end of this season as surely their time is up to produce by then and the first kids will be ready to employ by then.

    Who’s the new buy/s this week then?

  69. Geoff

    Hi Wrighty, hi Dennis, as I said the half price story is bollocks, but like you I can’t understand why they think Ade is so good, boy they’re going to get a fucking king size shock.

    GMR there is a great golf resort in Perth called the Vines, it’s on my list of courses to play along with Royal Melbourne.

    As Ethan said Brisbane is a great year round climate, it’s the same as Miami.

  70. Geoff

    David I said the same thing, that’s why I don’t think DD is very bright, the minute he sold them, he kissed the Arsenal ownership goodbye, I really like him, but what a twat!!!

  71. raif

    Oh My God, are u serious.?? im shocked to hear that.

    and if it is him then all i have to say about that is, that his a complete Arse Clown.

  72. raif

    on another note. i would just like to say, im sick and fucking tired of reading these storys

    about 32 year old Martins of Newcastle Utd. it really winds me up that that almost daily

    we hear somthing about it.. i would so love it if Wenger just came out and said

    “we dont want Martins” but then again since when does wenger come out and say any

    thing about signings and rumors

  73. GMR

    Raif, that article is written by a guy who was 11 years old when DB10 joined Arsenal & I seriously doubt he remembers anything about it or what was written in the media. Everything the bloke writes is from books, not from knowledge & whilst thats not always a bad thing it is when you’re trying to preach to people like he does.

    Bergkamp rejected Barcelona to join us not Real Madrid as he has claimed!!

  74. TREZE13

    guys, now were linked with sergio aguero hes about 17 but a great player i’ve seen him play a few times now and i was VERY impressed only thing is i can’t see Atletico letting him go.

  75. patthegooner

    I think Sergio Aguero is a bit older than 17, but top player

    Doubt we are interested though, I dont think we have spent 35M on the 1st 11 let alone one player

    Probably the Agent being a cock trying to engineer a move, as he has spent his cut of the 20m Euros Atletico spent on him in the first place.

    My bet is, we will constantly be linked with him for next couple of years, Arsene will publicly state his admiration for his desire and skills and commitment. It will then be announced that Atletico will cash in, we will all get excited about signing him. but Liverpool will buy him and we will sign some unknown Lithuanian who has banged in 112 goals in 42 appearences in the Lithuanian Sunday League.

  76. Wrighty7

    Dein was pretty much forced out of Arsenal. Lets not forget he was in favour of Stan Kronke taking over and the rest of the board didn’t like that.

    He feels Arsenal need to move on with the times and spend some money, isn’t that what we want? (to spend some money)

    When he left he sold his shares to that fat Russian bloke in the hope that he could launch that take-over and be chairman. I suppose thats why he sold his shares.

    At the end of the day he was naive to sell his shares but he DOES love Arsenal and probably only did what he felt is best for the club.

  77. patthegooner

    I dont know Wrighty

    Is Dein not fucked now with his involvment in Red and White, I liked him but given the boards reluctance to talk to Usmanov, they would surely be crazy to bite the bullet and invite him back

    I think they actually rather enjoy where Dein is now. But it must really nark DD that after losing his position through Kroenke it now looks like the Board are inviting him to join them,

    But of course I want us to spend Money though,

  78. TREZE13

    his finishing is very eduardish but i think he might be a little faster than dudu, Eduardo is my favourite player right now though so i would prefer him over aguero but if i could havfe any player i want at arsenal it would be Aguero,Villa or Casillas

  79. patthegooner


    I would love to hang a massive white sheet at the Emirates saying


  80. patthegooner

    Does anyone else still click on Caughtoffside links even though they are fucking annoying and 100% re-hashed shit

    Can’t stop myself, I am clutching at straws to find the next signing that I might not already have read about on Sportingo, or Tribal Football or an actual factual and news breaking decent site

  81. Wrighty7

    Dein has fucked himself mate by getting involved with Usmanov.

    But I think at the time Dein felt that it was the only way he could get Arsenal taken over after the Kronke fiasco.

    I wish in a way that Dein would resign from Red and White, resolve his differences with the board and take up his old role with the club as an employee.

    Its obvious Le Boss needs help with signing players and Dein was, and is, good at negoiating deals.

  82. TREZE13

    What exactly was dein’s role at the club wrighty im not really in tune with the behind the scenes stuff?

  83. patthegooner

    Didn’t say I wanted to sell out David

    But I do want us to spend a little more on class rather than kindergarten. Wenger has admited himself he does not want to spend as it may hamper a kids progress. Bollox, we have to get the balance right and at the moment it isnt

    As for Chelsea, they are truly fucked once Abramovich gets bored,

  84. Wrighty7


    Dein was a director and vice-chairman.

    He was pretty much in charge of football matters at the club dealing with transfer and contracts. He also had good contacts and got us in G14.

    Just what Arsenal need right now really!!!

    Kiss and make up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. david

    I didn’t say you did Pat I wanted that answer back from you..

    Dein could have had more influence if he stayed where he was, but he never wanted the Emirates he wanted to rent Wembley, I am not sure the supporters would have been happy in the direction he wanted the club to go..
    He seems to be liked just because he chose Wenger after a chance meeting and a meal from a few years before.

    Even Wenger has said foreign ownership of EPL clubs is wrrong so how it would have worked I don’t know..

    And yea just spend the money that our financial results suggest we have and get rid of some of the dead wood as GMR has suggested..

  86. TREZE13

    lol. so haven’t we had the common sense to replace him or something?…..seems like it would be a priority from a business and footballing point of view.

  87. david

    There was talk of Karen Brady, some chap from Fulham and the head of the football league to do the transfer part of Deins job but we are still waiting..

  88. Wrighty7

    We haven’t as of yet mate. But I think Arsenal are trying especially as Edelman has now left as well.

    Thats why I think that Dein and the board should just settle their differences and Dein should come back.

    It probably won’t happen thoughh. In fact it wont.

  89. TREZE13

    someone else is going to get a director of football and then in a few years wenger will tell us just how close he was to employing him.

  90. Pedro

    Evening all!

    What’s been going on?

    Wrighty… new avatar I see! I thought someone was pretending to be you when it ended up in moderation earlier!

    Any news?

  91. Wrighty7

    Yeah mate I write the Wrighty7 blog but enjoy coming on here. Pedro and Geoff have created a great site.

    Hi Pedro, there is only one Wrighty7 my son!!!


    Great player, Wenger type as well. £35m? No chance!!!

  92. Pedro

    I thought so! Treze, click his name and it’ll take you over there!

    I was pretty sure they signed him for £15+mill last year, so I can’t imagine us being in the running?

    Why do we always fail to pick up on these south Americans? (Vela aside…)

    So we go on tour soon… still no movement… boring…zzzz!

  93. gunner_fever

    lol there is news that wenger is planing a triple swoop on premier league trio gareth barry,oba martens,niko kranjcar

    to be brutaly honest none of those 3 will be at arsenal next season coz wenger feels it would ruin the development of the young players coming through but we can expect atleast 3 more players at arsenal if at all ade and kleb leave.

  94. TREZE13

    i think it would be a nice touch if we revealed 1 new player at each friendliy until the start of the season but then i would wake up and cry

  95. raif

    GMR –

    about the DB10 artical. i wasnt saying any thing about the person who typed it
    i was only pointing out a peice about a player that we all loved.

    i totally agree about what you and others had said about him. Bcos somone else has pointed out that he was the one that was chating Rubbish to all of us on here..
    so in that respect his a utter Knob.

    and about thr artical its self i found it lacking detail. he would sum up a season in 5 lines.

    i do understand i said it was intresting but i said that before reading it.
    my first thought was posting it on here for everyone else to read aswell.
    after all isint any thing about DB10 intresting?

    thanks GMR. 🙂

  96. david

    I read his article too raif and he said arsenal were in crisis in 1995, Four years after being Division 1 champions, 2 years after winning the FA cup, 2 years after winning the League cup, 1 year after winning the Cup winners cup and the same year as we lost in the final..

    We haven’t won anything at all for 4 years where are we now?

  97. Pedro

    Evening Rico!

    It’s been hard to get myself off the site lately… so I thought I’d take a day off!

    See you all tomorrow!


  98. david

    He also said Dennis Bergkamp was named after Dennis Law, it is true but the Dennis in Law is spelt Denis.. Bergkamps parents got it a bit wrong I thought anyone who knew anything about DB10 would know that..

  99. GMR


    As you point out it’s always great to read things about DB10 & I really miss that guy playing for Arsenal.

    I did read through parts of the article but I just have a serious dislike for the author, he is a petty know-all. He continually slags this site off in various blog comments.

    My issue is that he preaches on like he knows what he’s talking about, when he doesn’t. We can all go look at the history of Arsenal & tell stories from the 30’s etc but the fact is none of us are an authority on that because none of us were there. He was 5 years old when Arsenal beat Liverpool at Anfield yet he’ll state what a wonderful moment it was, like he’d actually know!!