Half price my arse, say something Arsene!

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So being an Arsenal fan in the summer continues to be torturous, reading the morning papers is depressing.

The Spuds are in for Arse shavin and Luis Garcia and all we have to look forward to is reading that Song is off to the Olympics in August, that’s repaying Wenger’s faith and he’s not even in the team yet, get rid of him, he has Ade written all over him, twice in one year!

Yesterday we were after Barry and I was on cloud 9, today we’re giving Ade away at half price, I wish the boss would come out and say it’s all bollocks, it seems to me that agents and players are running football these days, why on earth would we say £35 mil one minute and £16 the next? it’s too stupid for words, it makes my blood boil that we just sit there and say nothing, say something Arsenal, we are having the piss ripped out of us as fans.

Adebayor is allowing it and should be sold or left to rot, we have to make a stand against these arrogant pricks, we have to. Ronaldo thinks he’s a slave, someone ought to make him read a book on slavery, the moron probably can’t read though, who do these twats think they are?

We’ll have to wait until next week to see who we are finally going to sign, but we have to do it before pre-season otherwise I doubt it will happen and pre-season begins next week.

Okay onto a bit of sillyness now, yesterday we had a few ding dongs, a few of you made up but a few came on and wanted to continue, well doing that just makes it unpleasant for others and will ultimately stop the majority coming on, don’t forget our mantra ‘have an opinion not get one’ and calling people names is not on.

So if it continues I’ll have to edit the offenders and if that doesn’t stop it, I’ll have to moderate in order to protect the integrity of the site and the majority of Grovers.

You know who you are and you are all good people, I don’t want this site to be like the other moronic ones, we are getting between 4 and 500 comments a day and that’s more than anyone, I don’t want that to stop, because if it does Pedro and I will ride into the sunset.

We don’t spend all our time doing this to get in between the few that want a tear up, if that’s what you want send us your email addresses and we’ll send them to your adversaries and you can rip each other in private

So come on Grovers, let’s get back on track, have a happy Domingo!


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  1. GunnerShabz


    i feel like shit, every summer we get this transfer crap, am surprised barca and real have started on fabregas, maybe next summer probarly.

    The thing is wenger comes out and says no one is leaving, then next week, that player leaves.

    why cant they just be straight forward, look adebayor wants £120k a week, and he is up for sale for £30m

    at least we know whats going on, as for samir nasri… we signed him, brillant but it did not excite me because it took so long to finalise.

    wenger talks crap, i can remember he goes within 2 weeks, we will have some new players.

    in my opinion we need 5-6 players now, if gilberto, hleb and adebayor leaving…

    we need a strong defensive player and a defender in the list

  2. Geoff

    I don’t think he’s that good Evo, I just wish we’d sign a few, at least spend the £25 he said he had.

  3. Geoff

    Gunnershabz you’re quite right, we need to spend the £25 and spend what we get for Hleb or Ade, thanks GMR.

  4. GunnerShabz

    Mehmut Aurelio, the brazilian turkish player

    on a free transfer similar to marco senna, he would of been good for a few sesons, he now off to betis

  5. Evo in Oz

    he’s good enough….i just hate that we buy no one and man scum buy rooney, tevez, berbatov and every other bastard under the sun! how many class strikers can they get in a team and how many cant we! poo!

    so if the kleb deal is closer, what does everyone think we will get in return? i would prefer 1 or 2 players rather than cash, as we’ll just bank the cash and call it a day!

  6. GunnerShabz


    no one knows how much money we got to spend, £10m, £25 or £60m

    andrei arshavin for hleb
    klass-jan huntelaar for adebayor (i want him to stay)
    cristian zapata for defence
    ruben de la red for the midfield

  7. Patrick7

    Seems like the ‘debate’ of yesterday has not only kept people from commenting yesterday?

    Well said Geoff!

    Read today that the price is back to £24M if that’s true and should go through. Also saw U-tube comparison of Falcao & Santa Cruz which was well done & haven’t changed my mind that either will do but SC is my favorite for the position: simarly skilled but has the edge to play 4-5-1 and is EPL already so should hit the ground running: what we need to get a good start to the season.

    Sad to see Song go to the Olympics just when the questions need to be asked of him. Unfortunate in my book so for me he’s a squad player and I’d have no problems with bringing somebody in in front of him………….new CB & DFM.

  8. GunnerShabz

    bayer leverkusen have bought renato augusto – brillant player

    another player we lost out on is andrea barzagli, similar defender to nesta and he went to#

    Wolfsburg, fucking hell, we need a defender like him and he went for like £8m

  9. GunnerShabz


    do u really see us signing a defender, come on i love big phil but he has been with us for 4-5 years and still has not improved that much.

  10. raif

    Evo i

    im the same mate. i hated the fact man scum got Tevez i was watching him play in his home land for ages and was hoping we would get him.
    same thing with Torres, they would have been amazing with our style of football.

    but all weget is few year down the line were wenger comes out and says

    “yes we looked at them before but we didnt make a bid” or some shit around them lines

    his said it about


    the list is endles

  11. GMR

    I’m watching ‘Where Are They Now’ on sky sports & today its David Hillier featured. He is now a fireman in Avon!!

    I suppose he always was a water carrier!!

  12. stonroy

    Morning all. If this half price crap is true, then the only way that i can see it happening is if they give us two players. The U21 French guy, who’s name escapes me and….Maybe gattuso???

  13. GunnerShabz

    Jeremy Toulonan of lyon would be a good signing
    Ruben De La Red would be an excellent signing

    andrei arshavin, we know what he can do, he can be the kaka of our team

  14. GunnerShabz

    Real Madrid wing-back Royston Drenthe is wanted by a raft of Italian clubs.
    Despite his struggles in Madrid last season, Drenthe attracted an approach from Juventus last week and it’s since emerged that Roma, Cagliari and Genoa have also been in contact for the Holland U21 international.

    For his part, Drenthe is keen to prove himself at Real

    i do really think, a midfield role would be great for him, similar to manu petit, left back turned into central midfielder

  15. patthegooner

    Well Said Geoff

    I and I am sure there were others were not posting on here much yesterday because of the ding dongs and the abusive ping pong. Unfortunately it reminded me of days over on ACLF last summer and I hope it does not continue.

    Abdenor, I hope you dont leave, you have been a top blogger.

    Geoff I also think that this half the valuation talk is a bit confusing

    The problem is we do not really know what it is half of. all we have heard is the fees mentioned in speculation. They mention it is also just over half.

    Did Barca actually make that 25m bid? because that confuses it more. I struggle to believe we would turn that down and accept a bid in the region of 16-20m.

    Some think it because a player is involved but again it is still speculation and names have not been mentioned in this round of gossip.

    I think we are going to end keeping him

  16. GunnerShabz

    yeah raif

    why does he not like to buy the mid-finish article

    like fernando torres, £24m last year seems a bargain to me now

    when david villa was valued at £17m, wenger should of just faxed valencia and said lets do business… he probarly say i knew david villa when he was 16

    david silva, well he is class

  17. GunnerShabz


    valon behrami, right sided player from lazio

    he can play as wing back or attacking midfielder, he is better then eboue,

  18. Evo in Oz

    the Pope has just touched down in Sydney, maybe he’s bringing me fresh faith that we will sign more players than we release

  19. chico

    Listen up boys. I was watching France 98 vs. rest of the world on TV last night. When journalists asked Wenger about Adebayor, Wenger said Milan did not have the money & Adebayor is going nowhere. All these rumours about his price being dropped has been created by his scumbag agent – italian numpty and the press are just having fun with it even though they no that Milan have not made a single concrete offer so far. don’r read the crap in the press – includes s.y, b.c, etc…

  20. midoco

    Aren’t the papers mostly bullshit anyway? This week we had Hleb supposedly attacking Wenger and Fabregas then he came out on his website in explanation. One paper today says there have been no offers for Adebayor and others say we’ll sell him for half price. If Arsenal spent all their time denying of confirming gossip then there’d be no time for football.

  21. Sandman...

    GUNNERSHABZ: They haven’t started on Fabregas for a few reasons really. Despite his tender age he has far more common sense and maturity than both Hleb and Adebayor. He has come out and categorically said that he is not going anywhere, and call the scare mongerers a bunch of pricks unsettling his teammates… including calling the team he has supported all his life a bunch of Catalonian Cunts…

    I’m actually getting fed up at the lack of respect that we as fans are being shown. Our intelligence seems to get insulted at every opportunity. At the AGM with the supporters trust Arsene says “trust me I see them everyday on the training ground”, well we see Eboue every week on the teamsheet and he is SHIT, we see Song play a fantastic few carling cup games as a defensive-mid and slaughter all in his path in the ACN but then he gets played centre back, an area where we supposedly need no bolstering… Are we stupid?

    We lost the title because of poor defending, and when you think about who in those areas i.e. Flamini, Sagna and Clichy you can only really point your finger at the centrebacks… not to mention of course that we were knocked out of the Champs League solely because of our pathetic “number one” Almunia…

    I’m seriously getting worried… Adebayor and Hleb are no real losses BUT Flamini is going to take some replacing, I thought this would be Songs year but know he is fucking off to Beijing at the most important time of the season… WTF is going on at that place!!!

  22. GunnerShabz

    arsenal are the easiest target for the media, because we dont respond and we just let it go…..

    and us fans suffer from it, at least fergie tells them straight

  23. ethangunner

    well said geoff
    anything that stops wankers from barking up my tree im in for it!
    like the motto says have an opinion…. not get one !!!!

    and yesterday i got plenty when I WAS TALKING FOOTBALL !
    others made it personal ! i am a 2nd dan in karate ! and anyone who tells
    me ive lived my life on the bench doesnt appreciate what dedication is to achieve an accolade like that !!
    I represented my state in cricket, karate & basketball , anyone telling me i no know nothing about sports better look at themselves long and hard !

  24. GunnerShabz


    i understand ur pain, we all do

    this fucker of a wenger has too much faith in shit like eboue, senderos

    he needs to toughen up and put pressure on them, buy players and raise competition within the team

  25. Gunnar

    The problem is that if Arsenal come out and deny silly media speculation and refute claims from dodgy characters it would mean 2 things:

    1. That the cretinous agents and hangers-on who come out with this trash are important enough to be engaged with by a club with Arsenal’s class.

    2. That we would be setting a dangerous precedent. We would have to come out every day with denials or the situation will get much worse with silence being accepted even more as proof of a story.

    I’ve had my doubts about how we communicate with the world, but I’m starting to think that it’s for the best. The fans have to be patient

  26. callygooner

    Am I wrong, but isn’t there a guy at Arsenal taking a cheque for running our PR. Surely he’s the first person we should be getting rid of

  27. raif


    exactly thats what im saying. its really silly some times.

    plus the time wecould have got torres he would have been much much cheaper then 24 + mill as there was bonuses plus a player .

  28. ethangunner

    And as for being negative ..

    what the fuck is there to be positive about ?
    spurs getting a shite load of good players ?
    when we have players leaving ?

    I know some of you want to remain positive !?
    but what the fuck is there to be positive about ???
    HONESTLY ???

    we currently are in a worse position than last season !
    thats how it stands currently !
    so forgive me if i aint just a bundle of fucking joy !!!!!!!!

    what have we got to look forward too?
    more youngsters getting a go ???
    we’ve seen how long and protracted that proposition is ?
    other football clubs are buying NOW players ..

    If arsene knows something we dont i suggest he tells us what he is doing
    getting 15- 17 year olds when we have more holes in our squad than a fly screen!

  29. ethangunner

    torres is a huge player but with a price tag around 25 mil ..(27 mil final pricing)
    can you ever see wenger EVER spending money like that .????

    he sells players for that price but its TOTALLY against his grain to buy a player like that .. maybe there lays the problem !

  30. Geoff

    Ethan, we play great football and if he makes the right signings we can win the lot, we have to try and be positive. At least until the transfer window closes.

  31. Sandman...

    Actually I still have faith in Wenger… but I genuinely think that there are serious issues going on in the boardroom. We have lost Dein and Edelman without any replacement… someone is therefore doing three jobs and the club seems to be falling, to a small extent, a phase of mis-managment!!

    I can understand that they must stay quiet over certain things i.e. not denying that we are in serious debt, its obvious that needs to be the perceived state of the club to avoid paying 22 mill for tripe like Shaun-a-wright-twat-Philips.

    Ultimately I agree with Gunnar, its us the fans that seem to hang on every article of NewsNow… Just today tribalfootball reported that we had signe some geezer called Samri or something…

    I just want to see some progress this year and we let our second best player, in my opinion, of last season go on a free, its just unbelievable!!

  32. Evo in Oz

    ethan – the torres deal was done and dusted the other year, we’re not looking to buy him now, but we should have bought him at the time!

  33. LB

    Gunnar, I think you’re the voice of sanity. As frustrating as it is that we are “in the dark”, imagine if you were the one supposed to respond to all this media noise. What do you respond to and what do you not respond to? It never stops and no matter how many times you say the same thing, you are “quoted” saying the opposite the same day without fail. Also, if Arsenal’s shares are publicly traded, they have even more of a responsibility to be as accurate as possible in their communications. It’s not going to change because it is the right way of doing things. You talk too much, sooner or later you end up with your foot in your mouth.

  34. Sandman...

    Also what I cant understand is, if we had paid 22 mill for torres we probably would have won the league… thats 50 mill to start with and then maybe even the CL… if you buy GOOD quality players you win things!

  35. Jacko

    I’m reading quite a few comments that are saying we need an attacking midfielder to replace Hleb; is that not why we have signed Nasri? Or has he been signed as a left sided midfielder? (I thought that was Rambo?) Do we need Arse shaver and Nasri? I would have thought that the priority now has to be a replacement for Flamster doesn’t it?

    Qaulity and experience debate aside for a second I think that numbers wise we have enough attacking options in midfield – sure if Ade leaves we need to replace him but – and I’m not saying anything new here – we suffered last term becuase of our defensive options not becuase of attacking options (albeit I accept the loss of Silva was devastating). I just dont understand why Wenger is not looking for a new Central Defender, it’s beyond me!

  36. Geoff

    Sandman, if we can lose Dein and Edelman and Wenger to the Euros for a month it shows they can’t be that busy, doesn’t it, I couldn’t fuck off for a month from my business, I wouldn’t have one to come back to!

  37. ethangunner


    Atlético Madrid didnt want to part with him ..
    if your suggesting we somehow got him several years ago ,
    it was impossible ! he did an ade ! he wanted to go ..
    he contract was in the last year or so .. and they sold him for maximum dollars

  38. Gunnar

    Cheers Sandman. My advice is to kick the newsnow habit. It does no fan any good. If the story shows up on the good ol’ BBC, it has a shred of truth in it.

    I think we’re our own worst enemy at times. When it looked like Ade was off for 30+ mil, all that a Barca or Milan suit needed to do was come on to an Arsenal blog – read what the fans who see him regularly have to say – and alarm bells would’ve been ringing.

    So there we go, a little less panic. We all agree that the paper usually write bullcrap about us. When we panic we’re giving their blind speculation more oxygen.

  39. Evo in Oz

    ethan – i have no idea what you are talking about?

    Torres is already on Liverpool’s list and has already played 1 season for them, we should have bought him and even more so in hindsight!

    how could we have torres on our list if he signed with liverpool, what is it you are trying to say?


    good post, lets not fight amongst our selves , this would be more ammo for the nothern bias media,
    my thoughts
    sell judas 25,get eto’
    2nd choices, villa or the hunter,

  41. ethangunner

    Geoff Says:
    July 13, 2008 at 9:33 am

    Ethan, we play great football and if he makes the right signings we can win the lot, we have to try and be positive. At least until the transfer window closes.

    how can we be positive when your post is hardly positive ???????
    we as readers follow on from your vibe !

    and not that i disagree with it .. i feel tortured and depressed too !
    when we sign messi – ronaldinho – castellas – mertsacker – lahm – and get villa ill be happy !

    those are steps that would make a club of our stature .. RESTORED !

    having song – eboue -senderos diaby and a choir of youths in the shadows ,its a bit hard to think of blue skys and rainbows !

  42. ethangunner


    stay off the wine mate !!
    if you really have a problem with what im saying re-read it slowly !

  43. patthegooner

    Jacko I agree that Flamini’s replacement has to be the top priority especially with Gilberto supposedly on the way too.

    As for attacking options in midfield. Maybe but question marks remain over a few of those options

    1) Will Ramsey be up to the level required next season, he barely started for Cardiff. he is a talent but maybe hw will come through in the 09/10 season
    2) Will Vela hit the ground running, again I am not so sure, I think we may start to see him in the latter part of the season
    3) Can Rosicky shake his injuries and give us 3/4 of the season rather than 1/4
    4) Is Theo a winger or a striker this year

    For me if Rosicky can stay fit then we probably have enough, especially if Theo remains on the wing for one more season. Rosicky, Nasri, Vela and Theo with maybe Ramsey and god forbid Eboue will see us through. It is certainly stronger than last season.

    And this is without looking at Gibbs, Lansbury and Randall.

    I suppose if you look at that, it is hard to see where Arshaving is going to fit in unless we class him as a second striker

  44. Evo in Oz

    ive read it mate, you are attempting to tell me i some how said we got torres several years ago, how could we have, he plays for liverpool? you need to explain that one!

  45. Geoff

    Ethan, the post isn’t negative, it’s irritated, I’m still positive, I’m just fed up with the manager letting the players and the press ride roughshod all over us.

  46. James Bartram

    hrmm, pity about the tom-foolery yesterday. i wasn’t on and haven’t read through but come on guys, don’t ruin one of my favourite sites!

    on to transfer news, idk what is going on with adebayor jeez! i read that we dropped our price for him last night and didn’t believe it, i still don’t… i think that wenger still wants to keep him. this is why the price was high, and why it’ll stay high. that said though, maybe he’s finally heard the fans and decided to curse the fool!

    song going to the olympics isn’t so flash either. its good for him, but not for us. our opening few games don’t look that bad to me so hopefully we can chill without him, but i’m not overly flash on the guys who’ll step into the position we’re expecting him to occupy for most of this next season.

    all this said though, i think we’ll see another signing this coming week or 2. maybe huntelaar or arshavin. i’m not sure. enough of the trash news though… 😀

  47. ethangunner

    wenger simply wont make the purchases we want because he has too many young players that will just get more stunted if he buys more players ahead of them !!!

    can you guys get it ????

    i would of expected maybe senderos or eboue to be sold ..
    but those players have no homes to go too !
    no one is interested in them !
    or they would have moved on by now ..

    we will get a new striker when ade goes ..
    and hopefully a DM is also a must !!!!

    also maybe a defender ..
    but as far as any of them being earth shattering signings i think
    we are kidding ourselves !

    santa cruz might be the best of the best to come in …
    eto would be good pat .. but not sure if we really want another ACN player ..

  48. Geoff

    We could have got Torres 4 years ago when Reyes begged Wenger to sign him, but Wenger didn’t, the only one that didn’t think he would be a class signing. We all did.

  49. ethangunner

    ok evo

    you said

    Evo in Oz Says:
    July 13, 2008 at 9:28 am

    torres was a bit miss on our behalf!

    I said .. could you have even seen arsene pay 27 million for 1 player !!!!?
    (read it again slowly !!!!! )
    ????????????? thats what liverpoo paid for him !!!!…

    then you come back and say ….

    Evo in Oz Says:
    July 13, 2008 at 9:35 am

    ethan – the torres deal was done and dusted the other year, we’re not looking to buy him now, but we should have bought him at the time!

    YES . im well aware of that i havent been in a comma for the last year !.. and prior to last year you would have never got torres away from athletico not without breaking the bank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ! many teams prior tried !!!!

    so when are you suggesting we bought him ???
    last year ?
    for 27 million ???
    do you know who manages us ???
    do you know for several seasons hleb at 10.3 million is the most weve ever spent on 1 single transfer !
    ade for 10 ….

    somehow you expect wenger to pay 27 million for torres last season ??

    are you for real ??????????????

  50. Evo in Oz

    dude you are killing this site, give it a rest, can you really be assed cutting and pasting everyones comments back in to try to prove some manic point?

    my only comment on the matter is – we should have bought torres! i dont care how much he did or didnt cost, we should have bought him – end of story!

  51. Patrick7

    Gunner – Our good manager/trainer also had faith in Flamini & Ade when fans couldn’t see anything in them and they produced last season. Denilson, Eboue etc have talent but presumably have yet to produce; whether that is immaturity, confidence or something else? He’s too tight on the financial strings to keep paying their wages if he did not believe so maybe this season’s the one.

  52. ethangunner

    Geoff Says:
    July 13, 2008 at 10:00 am

    We could have got Torres 4 years ago when Reyes begged Wenger to sign him, but Wenger didn’t, the only one that didn’t think he would be a class signing. We all did.

    yes but how much would you have had to pay to get him even back then ?

    15 +mil ? athletico knew he was a wanted man …
    weve never spent that kind of money on a player ..
    the problem is wenger .. he wants to get a cheap deal
    and for that he gets a cheap player ..

    i mean other than cesc and theo who have had regular games
    who else has been a success recently ??
    not many .. we need sagna style signings . and more nasri style signings .
    vela could be good also ..
    but i think the day of buying 17 year olds for our club should be over ..
    at least for a while anyway!

  53. ethangunner

    ok yes evo ..
    we should have bought him for 27 million !
    good call i agree with you !

    god i cant see why wenger didnt listen too you ?!?!!


  54. ethangunner

    geoff read it he wanted an explanation !!!
    do i have to re-type it ????????????

    fuck me !!!

    Evo in Oz Says:
    July 13, 2008 at 9:55 am

    ive read it mate, you are attempting to tell me i some how said we got torres several years ago, how could we have, he plays for liverpool? you need to explain that one!

  55. Jamin

    Get over your ‘Torres’ obsession guys. I can remember Chelsea winning the league twice (at least once) with Drogba being a wasteful striker. And we only won the league only twice with Henry who was considered as the best striker in the world between 2002 and 2007. Or did INTER have torres when the won the league last summer?????? not even the highest goal scorer in serie A. The same way you bleat about wenger not signing torres is the same way barca fans talk about letting fabregas go or probably in a few years manure fans nagging about how they missed out on Ramsey because Ferguson couldnt be bothered to meet and persuade im in person. Any my point is simply ‘stop moaning and understand that you can’t have it all’ …….. did it occur to any of you that liverpool won the champions league with players like cisse, baros, dudek, traore, garcia, hyppia etc

  56. patthegooner


    Did any of you read Geoffs comments this morning and of those of us who did not bother contributing much yesterday due to your behaviour

  57. Evo in Oz

    Hey Geoff – sorry – ive taken myself out of the equation and i am cooking dinner!

    Ill just come back on later so everyone can get their comments in!

  58. ethangunner

    Geoff Says:
    July 13, 2008 at 10:34 am

    Ethan, you keep attacking people, it’s not them!

    when ???????????????????????

  59. Pandy

    Also the future isn’t so grim for you lot, you’ve got Eduardo recovering extraordinarily well, Rosicky back, Vela (who I can assure you was top-quality on loan in Spain), now in the team. RvP also looks like he has recovered. As long as you can keep your attack fit you should have no problems. If you sell Adebayor Wenger should ask for Mario Balotelli to be thrown in as well a he is a young and upcoming striker who wouldn’t necessarily require first team football behind the rest of your strikers.

  60. ethangunner

    i simply responded to evo comment of we should have bought torres !

    buy saying can you ever see arsene paying 27 mil ??
    what was so fucking hard to understand ?!?!?
    why is evo being so frustrating

    then you get gunner fever telling me to stick nung- chanku ! up my ass !

    and im attacking people ?????????

    where do you get off ????

  61. Geoff

    Ethan it’s time to drop it, this is a site for everyone to have fun. No more, let’s talk about the Arsenal.

  62. LEON

    the news papers dont run arsenal wenger does, iyou cant go by what papers say they will write what ever they to sell papers, wenger has already stated on t.v that ade is not up for sale and has three years left and he expects him to honour that,and charmain has also stated that. however if ade did turn expressed that he wanted to leave the asking 30 million. for what possible would arsenal drop the price evon if ade wanted leave which he has expressed that ,arsenal are no rush get get of him,they have raeson do drop the price ,the bottom is the y arenot desperete get rid him milan are the ones who aredesperete get ade so they have step ,arsenal dont have drop the price to suite milan.wenger has already stated his case he does need to make any futher comment, wenger does business in a very disrete and private manner he has not got time looking worring about the papers come up with every time.

  63. Pandy

    What was wrong with this (my first comment):
    I am a Spurs fan but I’m not on here to talk bullshit about Arsenal.
    I think Arsenal should take £25m for Adebayor, or say he isn’t going anywhere rather than placing this €45m price tag on him then have the press claiming all manner of things have happened to your asking price. Wenger should categorically state Yes or No to whether he is staying.

    Also, Barzagli is a top class defender and I would have loved to see him mixing it up with our injury-prone CB pairing next season and I really think for £8m he could have improved your defense.

    If Fiorentina hadn’t made it into the CL next season, I think that you would have stood a good chance of getting Sebastien Frey who is a superb goalkeeper. But now I think you should be looking at other top goalies like Artur Boruc, however you missed out on the young Hugo Lloris who ended up at AC Milan (I think).

    As for defensive midfield, both sides of north London also need to strengthen ere and I think Lorik Cana from Olimpique Marseille who is a tough tackling midfielder. Ruben de la Red is also very good but would probably cost a lot more.

    Finally, another deal I would like to go through for Spurs, although we haven’t been linked with him is the aforementioned Valon Behrami who has electric pace and is a dangerous attacking fullback/ right midfielder, a big improvement on Eboue and a cheaper option to Bentley (for Spurs).

  64. Geoff

    OK Leon, so let’s not bother reading newspapers then eh? Wenger by the way manages Arsenal, he doesn’t run, though he thinks he does.

  65. gunner_fever

    good post geoff its true that these agents and playrs are making a mockery of our club and hence we are left with no choice it would be better to sell these players like hleb and adebayor and bring in those players with quality and who would guarantee long term loyalty towards the club we love….i want players who would increase the team morale and provide quality and not just players who come in with a higher price and fuck off to some other rich club when they feel their wages can be tripled.

  66. Pedro

    Morning all!

    Well said Geoff, it doesn’t take two seconds to issue a denial…

    We are so keen on stability in our finances etc… why do they not give a fuck about how stable the ship looks to the fans?

    Any transfer news?

  67. gunner_fever

    eto + 10 mill for adebayor………i think wenger should take it.

    Eto’o + 10 millones = AdebayorTodo apunta a que las negociaciones entre Barça y Arsenal, pese a estar el Milan al acecho, acabarán con el ariete togolés en el Camp Nou.

  68. Angry Loner

    Come on mate! I know its kinda difficult seeing all this tabloid b*llocks and not reacting to it, but seriously! That slimy agent Morabito who happened to mention to an effin ITALIAN TV station Ade was available for half price???

    Who would beleieve that shite?

    The guy is talking out his ass. Has been all summer.

    As for being concerned about the spuds??? Are you for real? have you checked out whats going on there? No strikers, Poyet pissing off, and anyway, who gives a flying f*ck about them?

    What is there to deny?

  69. Angry Loner

    99% of tyhe asrticles that mentioned Morabito’s quotes stated he was Ade’s agent FFS!

    How effin lazy is that? He is acting for Milan! Course he’s gonna wanna try and make out Milan are holding all the aces.

    Shit dam! I hope that spanish bullsh*t about £10 milland Eto’o has some substance to it tho!

  70. Patrick7

    Personally, I’d rather have Santa Cruz (proven) than a possible ‘has been’. If Eto’o joins our sick bay we’ll have lost Ade and possible 30 goals for zilch!

  71. raif

    a few years ago i would have taken Eto’o but the guys got dodgy Knees now.
    and his a wild cannon.

    id rather have Santa Cruz, David Villa, or even The Hunter

  72. Geoff

    I think Wenger should demand Ade sacks his agent, he’s just spreading lies.

    If Ade stays, I hope he gets dropped for all his mouth.

  73. GMR

    patthegooner, I saw that as well. I think we should get rid of RVP he’s a waste of money. No doubt it was a minor knock that’ll rule him out for months!!

  74. Angry Loner

    Obviously Eto’o would have to have some type of erm, medical, as I doubt we’d wanna sign an effin crock now! IF he is fit, I’d take him over Santa Cruz.

    As for the has been thing, he’s ONE YEAR older than Santa Cruz. And I’d be a bit concerned that he’s a one season wonder (like Ade!)

  75. Geoff

    Mem that’s slagging I understand your point but I can’t let a slagger on, come back if you make a football comment, I love to have you on board.

  76. Angry Loner

    RVP is top quality, but when Wenger went into last season thinking he could rely on him AND Rosicky, thats where his thinking was flawed IMO. He needs to realise that they cannot be called on as 1st team regualrs, but a bonus IF availanle.

    If he thought like that last season, he’d have signed at least one other attacking player/winger, which is what we cried out for.

    I love RVP and Roscily, but they cannot keep missing huge chunks of the season. I think that goonertalk piece about RvP was based on ONE poster saying RvP went off after a few minutes, so not much more evidence than that really.

  77. patthegooner

    I just wonder how much of it is in their heads Geoff

    For both RVP and Rosicky, one slight knock and they are out for months

  78. Patrick7

    Angry – If Eto’s knees have gone then he’s a crock, maybe a young one but a crock all the same whereas SC played the EPL and did well for Blackburn last season and would do better with the service he’s get from us.

    As for Ade, he’s got many flaws but starts WITH confidence this season, has the next period to iron out some of thos problems and will improve under Wenger which is why he would rather keep him. If however ‘his mental state’ cannot be corrected then AW will get shot for at least £24M and we’ll replace him.

  79. GMR

    He wouldn’t have gone off really early unless there was more to it.

    The trouble with Wenger is that he won’t sign another player to play ahead of RVP, he basis it on the fact RVP could be fit & therefore he can’t buy a player that could end up surplus to requirements. I know thats true because he said it in the Q&A session. Therefore the only option left is to sell RVP & move on, otherwise we continually run the risk of him missing large chunks of the season.

    Rosicky is hopefully a different case as the medics believe they have found & solved his problem. Sure he may miss the start of the season this time around but thats a small price to pay if he’s fit for the majority of the season!!

  80. Patrick7


    Agree entirely with your thoughts on RVP & Rosicky. If they don’t produce soon they’re not worth hanging on to and would be better to spend their wages on constructive alternatives who will stay fit.

  81. Angry Loner


    Eto’o is a far better player than Santa IMO, but as I already said, it all depends on his fitness.

    I would be concerned that in all his time at Bayern SCruz never scored many goals as he did last year, he’s 26, dlow and I’d be worried he just had a purple patch where everything went in for him last season.

    Idealy Ade would stay, for continuity more than anything, even tho this Sinday Mirror piece has tried to shit stir by saying him staying is now a terrible thing (can’t effin win can we?) But he may improve, but his 1st touch cant tho.

  82. Geoff

    Ethan, you’re in moderation because you keep posting other people comments, you need to get over it, I keep telling you and you keep coming back with more.

    I’ve had a few emails from people not wanting to blog because you keep having a go, the comments you’ve posted are a response to your having a go at everyone.

    You’ll be welcome back when you get back to normal, as I said on todays post, stop the slagging.

    I like you mate, but the slagging has to cease.

  83. patthegooner

    I agree GMR

    If Rosicky and RVP had stayed fit, we would probably have won the league.

    And you are right Wenger must start the season by drawing up his best 11 on a white board and you can bet both RVP and Rosicky are on it. So when you lose that importance for 3/4 of the season it is going to hurt you.

    Angry Loner, you are right you have to class both players as a bonus if they are fit, and get the back up in to play in front of them

    I for one just hope for a season where we do not have to play CM in LW positions, or have to revert to a 4-5-1 as we have no strikers left.

  84. Angry Loner

    Apparently, and this is from ONE person, RVP had a knock BEFORE the match and went off as a precaution!

  85. MeM

    What I will add is that Santa Cruz would be an awful signing because he cannot play the “Arsenal way” He thrives off crosses from the winger and long balls that drop to his feet. We do not play that way.

  86. Angry Loner

    I really really wanna believe Robin can give us a full season, injury free. But I aint too confident.

  87. MeM

    Ade plays with the ball on the floor, he runs through on goal, he can shoot from long range, he bundles the ball into the net. Roque only has heading and a decent (not as good or better than ade) finish.

  88. GMR

    I read an interesting stat yesterday that Arsenal conceded the fewest headed goals in the premier league (3 in total) last season. Shows we don’t need a tall defender like everyone’s been saying but that we do need a strong defender that can cope with the likes of Drogba. Micah Richards would be perfect but there is no chance we could afford him now what with Man City being so rich!!

  89. LEON

    geoph when to arsenal i have it very fustrating when to tranfers wenger is very private manner, i loot at appers as entertainment but i know its never going to happen,if you look at the amount of palyers we have been linked with how many players have gone to arsenal, one nasri thats it, it gets boring looking nontense that they the papers are comming up with, i just feel time for milan put up or shut up, they should make a bit or move on. sorry geoph wenger at news papers i not saying that the fans shouldnt but dont dont always believe what read that all

  90. Pedro

    MeM… Do you think maybe he plays that way because that’s how Blackburn play?

    It is a testament to his game that he can score so many goals in an average team… he is a great player and he has a better all round game compared to Ade.

    Put Ade at Blackburn and he wouldn’t have done as well in my opinion.

  91. Geoff

    Ethan, I’ll remove all the offending quotes, OK, my post of today said enough’s enough, so stop right now and you are welcome back on.

  92. AndyB

    Do we not think Eto has a bigger ego than Ade?
    Personally I think we would do well to avoid signing another big head.

  93. ethangunner


    not many defenders can cope with drogba !
    thats what makes him feared !

    we would have to break the bank to get a TOP class defender
    and you would have to rest either toure or gallas in the process !

    i cant see wenger lining either of them up for sale this season so i think your beating
    a drum that will never be heard !

  94. Pedro

    All footballer are big heads!

    If he has a big head and wants to stay with us… I am fine!

    He is a superb finisher as well…

  95. ethangunner

    a junior defender (below 24 ) is the best you can expect ..
    someone who will take over from gallas within a season or 2 ..
    but im not sure wenger will push gallas out like he has lauren and sol in the past .

  96. ethangunner

    yep im down with eto ..
    anyone with superior finishing and skill that matches arsenal’s style of game is fine by me !

  97. GMR

    Ethan, we need more defenders than we currently have (well maybe not more, just better than the likes of Senderos). Other teams like Man Utd pick up the likes of Vidic for 7 million or so & he is top quality.

    I agree though with Wenger as boss its highly unlikely to happen!!

  98. GMR

    According to the press, spurs want to sell Berbatov & sign Santa Cruz!! What are they bothering to pay scouts for as all they do is go after our targets!!

  99. ethangunner


    id feel more confident if wenger did what i said at the start of this transfer window .. get rid of all the dead wood …
    I know its a harder deal to pick a good defender because most usually are at least 26-27 + before they peak ! So i think its a pretty stupid thing for wenger to buy them so young ..

    with midfielders you can see if they have skills , but defenders need to do there time in the school of hard knocks before you can claim most are great players …

    it will be interesting to see this young norway defender this season …
    see if he is as good as people say he is !

  100. GunnerShabz

    i still think we in the process of signing cristian zapata for £12m

    if reports are true we bidded £9m, am sure we will go for add ons to get udinese to accept our bid

    i be real happy if we bought cristian zapata, powerful defender and thats what we need

  101. AndyB

    wenger has already said he wont buy a defender, and although i wish i didnt, i believe him.
    i think he will sign only 1 or 2 more, a striker if Ade goes,(which i hope he does, the greedy head up his arse wanker), and a Barry type CDM, hopefully actually Barry cos he is class.
    Personally I would like to see Barry, Arse shavin and Silva come in, with “shaggy ooh londons too noisy” and AdeyMcGreedy fucking off!

  102. ethangunner

    Wenger facing dilemma

    Arsene Wenger admits he has the money for more signings but does not want to stifle the young talent at the club.

    The Gunners, who signed Samir Nasri on Friday, have also been linked with further moves for Gareth Barry and Niko Kranjcar in recent weeks.

    But Wenger said: “I can spend but I’m concerned that if I do it may kill the young players coming through. It’s a very sensitive subject.”

  103. GunnerShabz

    cristan zapata, ruben de la red and a quality striker would do for me

    what about happened to ricardo quaresma, no news on him so far, bit quiet

  104. choy

    rvp needs a change in career i think…. table tennis is what he should be playing!!!

    how the hell does arsenal allow him to play all these friendlies?

    goal 4 africa and adebayor wasn’t playing anyway?

    irony isn’t it?

  105. AndyB

    Fair point on Eto Pedro, he is a great finisher and wouldnt fuck up half as many chances as that want away tosspot, and I bet Eto is familiar with the offside rule, which wuld be handy.
    However, I still think his ego would be a problem. Even the great TH14 used to piss me off with his, “you should have passed to me instead” looks he would give anyone who dared to have a shot.

  106. AndyB

    choy – rvp couldnt play table tennis, imagine if one of those ping pong balls hit him, fuck me hed be out for months!

  107. Geoff

    I would take Santa Cruz or Huntelaar over Eto’o, but what about YaYa plus £20 mil, then we can get Santa Cruz or Huntelaar as well?

  108. ethangunner

    so what wenger is saying is all the money from ade and hleb will just disappear into the black hole of arsenal ….