Half price my arse, say something Arsene!

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So being an Arsenal fan in the summer continues to be torturous, reading the morning papers is depressing.

The Spuds are in for Arse shavin and Luis Garcia and all we have to look forward to is reading that Song is off to the Olympics in August, that’s repaying Wenger’s faith and he’s not even in the team yet, get rid of him, he has Ade written all over him, twice in one year!

Yesterday we were after Barry and I was on cloud 9, today we’re giving Ade away at half price, I wish the boss would come out and say it’s all bollocks, it seems to me that agents and players are running football these days, why on earth would we say Β£35 mil one minute and Β£16 the next? it’s too stupid for words, it makes my blood boil that we just sit there and say nothing, say something Arsenal, we are having the piss ripped out of us as fans.

Adebayor is allowing it and should be sold or left to rot, we have to make a stand against these arrogant pricks, we have to. Ronaldo thinks he’s a slave, someone ought to make him read a book on slavery, the moron probably can’t read though, who do these twats think they are?

We’ll have to wait until next week to see who we are finally going to sign, but we have to do it before pre-season otherwise I doubt it will happen and pre-season begins next week.

Okay onto a bit of sillyness now, yesterday we had a few ding dongs, a few of you made up but a few came on and wanted to continue, well doing that just makes it unpleasant for others and will ultimately stop the majority coming on, don’t forget our mantra ‘have an opinion not get one’ and calling people names is not on.

So if it continues I’ll have to edit the offenders and if that doesn’t stop it, I’ll have to moderate in order to protect the integrity of the site and the majority of Grovers.

You know who you are and you are all good people, I don’t want this site to be like the other moronic ones, we are getting between 4 and 500 comments a day and that’s more than anyone, I don’t want that to stop, because if it does Pedro and I will ride into the sunset.

We don’t spend all our time doing this to get in between the few that want a tear up, if that’s what you want send us your email addresses and we’ll send them to your adversaries and you can rip each other in private

So come on Grovers, let’s get back on track, have a happy Domingo!


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  1. kill93

    As an Arsenal fan i am sick of hearing bullshit transfer rumours like last season wwas ribery and now its Arshavin..Lets be reasonable Wenger is never going to pay 24 million for a player and not a hope bacause andrei is 27so i will be shocked if we do!

    If we sell Adebayor i can see wenger getting in no-one(not that i agree with it) ! but i believe he will give Walcott a more first team role and vela and bendther coming off the bench…We have 5 strikers if ade-bye-or goes-there is Vela,RVP,Eduardo,Walcott and Bendther and i can see wenger using Nasri as a striker sometime or behing the forward!

    That is what i think…

  2. rico01

    Hi david – head is a lot better thanks, but sadly, we are not near the Thames, but would have loved to have watched the river flow – how calming πŸ™‚

  3. david

    We got a bit caught up in the crossfire yesterday rico..
    I just read through the yesterdays nite shift got a bit lively again, still it does in the pub sometimes..

  4. AndyB

    Evening all.

    I have just watched 03/04 untouchables dvd (again), and it has changed my mind on a few things and confirmed one or two others.

    Even with Ades 24 PL goals last season, he is not a patch on the great TH14, nowhere near, not even nearly. So, Mr AW, sit him down, show him the above dvd, then show him the door.

    I know TH is virtually impossible to replace, but mr AW please try! we dont need another 10 yr old with potential, we need someone with pace, vision, an abundance of skill and a proven goal scoring record. As Geoff said earlier, Eto would fit the bill.

    In short I think Eboue, Senderos, Bendtener, Song and a few others you are simply not good enough, so please mr AW, sort it out now before its too late.

  5. patthegooner

    So what do you reckon, how many to come in and how many to leave this week

    My bet is on 2 in 1 out

    Bischoff and Barry In

    Hleb out

  6. choy

    lol pat… lets say 3 out 4 in… gilb.. hleb and ade out…

    being optimistic here… and saying 4 in!!!

  7. raif


    totally agree with you on that one mate. it seems like his been copying and pasting stuff from Wiki’s and sites like that,

    i was only 7 when arsenal won the league that day. the only thing i remember is watching tony addams lift the cup. on tv. and thats it. the rest is flash’s of my dad and uncles screaming at the tv. and that could be Bcos of the Stroys they have told over the years regarding that day.

    so i humbly keep quite when it comes to matterlike that.

    having said that iv lost my trail of thought and now im babbling on

  8. david

    Andy, I think you are being a little hard on Bendtner as he’s only 20, and Song has improved 10 fold but that mate spot on..

    Choy I am positive today 5. Bishoff, Gourcuff and three more if Hleb and Ade go..

  9. patthegooner

    I would be nice to actually have a vested interest when I watch England play for a change

    I reckon Togotwat will drag this out until the last day of the transfer window. I can see another late night on Newsnow come Aug 31st

  10. TREZE13

    hmm………. 3 out 2 in (kleb,adebyebye and gilberto out) (villa and quaresma in ………..i can dream)

  11. AndyB

    David – I admit song has improved but i dont think Bendtner will ever be that good. I hope I am wrong because I dont think he will be going anywhere. And as I have just watched the likes of TH14 and DB10 in action, lets face it nobody compares to those 2.

  12. raif

    kill93 –

    the thing with ribery was that his best pall was here in TH14. one he was leaving for barca he wasnt going to come.

    plus there was the fact that he wanted to much wages.
    this was clear as glass when he Chose to play for Bayen when before he said he wanted CL football. and we all know Beyan wasnt in the CL. so he clearly went for the money.

    as for ARS-SHAVINGS, he celarly says in a interview that he wants to play for Barca.
    and since barca dont want him now and chelsea now has Deco, the 3rd Chose was arsenal. does wenger really want a player who chooses us last after the other 2 want him.????

    its all agent and media talk to genarate a intrest in the play.
    also to add Wenger stated ARSE-SHAVINGS would strugle in the Prem Bcos of his lack of fittness. and we all know how high most of our players fitness levels are, were one of the fittest in the league.

    maybe it was a wengers way of saying Get Fitter and we may call you

  13. kill93

    Yes i totally agree but you do not know that Wenger came out and said he had no plans in siging ribery!!would of cost us over 15 million!

    The last time wenger spent big money was on reyes and that was a flop,not that nasri is in i hope he will be top quality!

    And i am praying we just dont sign a 15 yr old replacements because i am so sick of hearing ”Arsenal are for the future”!

    Here is another poll for ye,
    Over the next 5 years what do you think will be the most money wenger will spend on A player??
    Id say nasri will top it with 12 million

  14. raif


    15 mill max. if the talent is worth it.

    and thats for next year as i cant see us spending any higher then what we did for Nasri.

    but if we sell ADE and HLEB. then wenger may push the boat as that cash is all from sales. and not from arsenals bank account, but i doubt it

  15. david

    I pasted that in from the heading raif, but looking under the picture you may be right,
    Notice I still never took the piss out of our greatest..

  16. TREZE13

    17 mil on mandingo dkembe dkembe in 3 years once he already signed for atletico……………. hmm sounds suspiciously like aguero doesn’t it

  17. raif

    lol david lol

    ill let u off then hahahaha

    having said that i thought id watch some of his greatest goals.

    ” magical. just pure magical “

  18. Paulie

    just like to congragulate Pedro and Geoff on an excellent blog. Its by far the best site ive come across. Can I just ask you a few questions if you wouldnt mind, how long have you guys been running and where are you based. I used to frequent the gunnerblog site but ive had it with the pathetic clique of about 5 or 6 “Arsene knows” clowns who seem to control the site and anyone who questions or says anything contrary to their views now seem to be removed and possibly banned. Did you know they constantly slate your site despite the fact on any given day you have 3 or 4 times the amount of posts they have and probably 10 times the amount of people posting yet they still think they are superior. Fucking hillarious the delusions they seem to be under. I used to go on and take the piss out of these guys sometimes but ive finally tired of them. Anyways as ive said guys I think you got the best Arsenal site on the web so keep up the good work.

  19. El Tel

    I think Hleb to go tomorrow, and Ade by Thursday. Bertie has already been done I think and will be unveiled by Pana tomorrow.

    My wishes for the week would be.

    The Hunter.
    A keeper.
    Arse Shaver.

  20. ethangunner


    i dont want to keep having to say this but DD sold his shares to his business partner in order to buy more … I think that is blatantly obvious , why the lock down then ????

    to stop krankie ?? No it was to stop red and white co. then a newly formed company
    from a take over bid .. Dein got a business partner involved
    buy selling his shares in good faith , it would be what i would do to get a rich investor on side !
    then he thought i have enough pull in the arsenal community to get another 6-10 % of the shares by other means ..

    The board see’s it coming and signs a lock down check mating dein to 2012 !

    I have no doubt that AFC would be more successful with Dein at the helm ,
    he always wanted the best for arsenal’s continued success , and frankly since dein has left the slow slide south has been ever present ! We used to sign quality when he was partnered with arsene … It makes me wonder if arsene’s success can be attributed to wengers shadow back then …. DD !



  22. ethangunner

    you wouldn’t sell your shares then be appointed director of red and white ..(which he is !)
    what director on the current board at arsenal doesn’t own shares ???

    he sold them with the intention of getting a whole lot more from the money he got for his original 24% proceeds … my guess is he would have at least got another 20% and secured a rich investor as his partner too boot !

    the board shit themselves and demanded a lock down ..
    Dein clearly wanted success on the field ..
    and the board clearly wanted success in the accounts !

    Any fan who purely cares about football on the pitch should demand the return of DD !

  23. ethangunner

    you need over 30% to command a take over, 24 % between them would have never done it
    he definitely in commonsense circles had to buy more ! and fully intended too until the current board got a sniff of what he was trying to achieve .

  24. GMR


    I agree DD is a fan & anybody saying otherwise really doesn’t know his history, its amazing the stick he gets for selling his shares, yet those same people don’t say a word about PHW who sold the shares he inherited days after getting his hands on them. He is a far bigger traitor in my book because the club had been in his families hands for many years.

    DD was a fool though for selling to Usmanov & whilst he’d never admit it I reckon he regrets it now.

    However your argument about the shares doesn’t stack up. DD had 16% of the club & if he had the money he’d have bought the shares that became available which allowed Kroenke to get a 14% holding & the additional 8% that Usmanov has built up. The fact is DD needed a billionnaire because he doesn’t have the money. He is on very thin ice at Red & White holdings, they can get rid of him whenever they like.

    The club miss DD. He was a very powerful figure right throughout the English game, but Arsenal have nobody now & thats why we’re such an easy target for every big european club. We weren’t even invited to that meeting last week between the top european clubs & Uefa. Liverpool, Chelski & Man Utd were though!!

  25. Patrick7

    Interesting info’ GMR. How come we never got an invite? Maybe it was to do with the English players content……………

  26. Geoff

    Thanks Paulie, I’m glad you’re a Grover, the other sites I don’t read so I can’t comment, though I know a lot of Le Grove knockers are out there, it shows they read us, they just can’t get on!

    We are London based and season tickets holders and started the day Wenger signed his contract last September, we breezed through 1,000,000 hits in early July and have had over 70,000 comments, so someone likes us, we like to think of ourselves as a big Arsenal family.

  27. ethangunner


    you know what i mean DD traded in his 16 % for cash
    and was looking to get the 14% from krankie or individual share holders or even bankrupt directors ! by any means possible .. basically…

    yes the lock down put him in a compromising situation but im sure if and when shares are made available in large quants. DD will be buying to make up the difference ..
    and get the magical number required for the re-birth of red and white holdings ..

    i mean the name was pretty specific ! it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to work out
    the motives for constructing of the company to begin with ..

    i just wish the olde farts would sell up and let DD + someone with some cash reserves take over.

    At the moment it feels like arsenal is a car that not so long ago used to be new and shiny .. but with neglect and not regular servicing the car that is arsenal is driven into the ground .. and abused ..
    the passengers that is hill-wood fizman etc use and abuse the car , it gets there fat asses around but no money comes from there pockets to keep the once luxury car
    serviced and maintained !

    If it keeps going this way it will be a one way ticket to the wreckers !