43 year Nigerian coming + Le Grove 1 million hits old today!

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OK still no news on the Ade, Hleb, Nasri, Velosa, Santa Cruz, Villa, YaYa, Silva, Richards, Eto’o, Huntelaar or Gareth Barry front, but the news you’ve all been dreading is surfacing again, yes you guessed, we’re keen on one Obefemi Martins, who even at 43 years old, still excites Wenger.

Please let this be one of those ‘we’re close to signing Robinho’ rumours, that has no chance of happening, why is it that we all want a Villa, Huntelaar or Eto’o but we know if he’s in for anyone it will be another troublesome African than sulks and talks about playing for another club all the time.

‘Arsenal is a big club that everyone wants to play for. I am thrilled and it will be nice to play for such a team’ the 23-year-old told The Sun. …Oh bollocks!

Now I’m not against Africans, Kolo is fantastic, I think Yaya would do us some good but every two years they go to the ACN just like Kolo did and cause us problems with their form on their return.

Some are also called Eboue and I won’t go there.

So stick to Europeans, or at least latino’s whose Copa Cup only gets played when our boys are building sandcastles and eating ice cream, bad analogy I know!

Onto other more interesting and far less worrying news is us, Le-Grove, it doesn’t seem that long ago when we launched with the news that we had tied Wenger down to a new and improved contract, we have met many friends since writing our witty ditto’s and debated much over the last 10 months, having our very own Arsenal family has been awesome, having someone to share the burden of being an Arsenal fan with has been a wonderful thing.

Since we wrote that first post we have found out that what the boss doesn’t spend on players gets split between the stadium mortgage and his pension fund.

Well it’s the only explanation we can find! So if it’s not true, please don’t sue us!

Anyway, sometime today will be our 1,000,000th hit, we will try and find out who that will be and of course our customery Ferrari 360 Modena will be speedily on it’s way to that lucky blogger.

We seriously thank you for blogging on our humble site and value your company, you make this site what it is – light hearted, tongue in cheek, but always Arsenal and always friendly.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. GMR

    As Wenger pointed out the excuse that the ACN can’t be moved due to the weather is crap. Just go & have a look how many African world cup qualifiers were played over the past month to prove that is nonsense.

  2. Pedro

    AndyB… well played on the Peroni… I hope they put it in those tall glasses… they remind me of the world cup!

    Good shout Chris… if you are getting Le Grove done, make it cryptic or something! haha!

  3. TREZE13

    Oh ok thanks, better be up at 6am on the arsenal website everyday checking when tickets do finally go on sale to us red members then.

  4. AndyB

    Treze – sorry to piss on your fireTreze but I have kicked myself every year since giving up my ticket registration membership, sorry.
    On the plus side I am really excited about the silver membership in a years time, and with a bit of luck my mrs will of fucked off with the milkman or someone by then and I’ll be able to join the travel club aswell!!!!

    Pedro – yes, tall thin world cup glass that had been in the freezer, perfect!

  5. TREZE13

    lol. Stupid to assum this could be anytime in the next 10 years but i just joined the season ticket waiting list too, how long do you think it will be before i get a chance at one im guessing a good 25 years

  6. patthegooner

    well said GMR

    the onus is on the African countries

    Move to the summer or we will not buy as many African Players as we would like to

    Floodlights and weather is a bullshit excuse

    I have live all over the globe and you can play football in the evenings if it is too hot

  7. edlass

    maybe they’re trying to help THE AGED by having the cup games during the chilly season. Hardly surprising given how old some players really are:))

  8. gazzap

    you may not have to wait that long. it will depend on how mant trophies Arsenal win. when we are winning no one gives up their tickets and everyone is happy to stump up over a grand for the season. when we are not doing so well a lot of people dont want to pay the money. I bet when they drop off the list they feel like idiots when Arsenal win something the following season. you have to keep the faith. at least it weedles out the glory hunters. In the end surely only the die hards will remain?? right now the stadium has too many part-time fans with more money than feeling.

  9. TREZE13

    totally agree with the mroe money than feeling statement you made, do you know how many tickets i can buy at a time at red level?

  10. Geoff

    Guys at one home match last year the sky reporter borrowed his mates waiting list certificate, he was number 54,000 something or the other.

    One more year of winning nothing should see a few drop off though. When Sky bring out there TV seasons they’ll be a few more drop off as well.

    Sometimes Grovers have spares for games, always ask on here a few days before, you can email us and if people have spares, we can put you together.

    Finally why would it matter if it’s hot in the summer in Africa, if you lived there you’d be used to it wouldn’t you? it’s a lot hotter in South East Asia I can tell you.

    Next week I’m going to be a shirt and get Le Grove put on, I’ll take a picture for you all!

    You won’t have to worry about the AKB’s though as none of them are over 14.

  11. Geoff

    Because sometimes they have 3 seasons but only have 2 going, or other times their mates can’t make the midweek games and so on.

  12. twinstaiye


  13. Geoff

    Well here’s a surprise, I don’t write this for you and your friends in Nigeria, it’s not expensive because I don’t get paid to run this site and the last person I or most Grovers want to see at Arsenal is Obefemi Martins, so go somewhere else if you don’t have a sense of humour.

    We do.

  14. MorrowsBrokenArm

    Sorry Geoff, looks like you’re going to loose that bottomless pit of money you make on here…bugger. Cancel that Mansion purchase you had lined up mate.

  15. Geoff

    Thanks MBA I’m going to lose all those advertisers and all those stand up bloggers from places that always tell the truth!

    All three of those upright people completely missed the point today about Martins, I don’t give a rats arse how old he is, I just don’t want him, I guess where they come from humour isn’t high on the list.

    I’m just glad we have no French people on here with what we said about Flamini, fuck we’d have been called some names.

    We can’t have anyone from Swiitzerland on either.

  16. Paulie

    Agree 100% Geoff, i dont want to see Martins at arsenal, hes no fucking good so thats the only reason. I dont think Arsenes got the ability to convince top class ready made players to jion us despite all the spin and bullshit that surrounds him, thats blatently obvious, so im beginning to worry that mabey Martins is an obtainable target for Wenger seeing as hes fucked up with everybody else. Who remembers the 3 week promise he made us over 2 months ago, how come the Arsene knows brigade convieniently forget that one. As you guys pionted out before, Arsene may be a great coach but hes not a great manager. I think now we can say he “WAS” a great coach. Keep up the excellent blog guys.

  17. El Tel


    You may have to ban me after this but who the fuck are these arseholes having a pop at you. They can fuck right off and read the Spuds site or even worse the Mancscum.

    I hope AW doesn’t sign that tosser Martins, how can you trust the guy. He seems like another Ade to me taking the dough and running. I see 1 good season with us and he will fuck back off to Italy. He is probably in his 30’s as if anyone really cared, and I hate the fucking race card being played at every opportunity.

  18. El Tel

    Oh by the way I would love to see Etooe or Goofy in our colours just in case i get reported by the do gooders brigade.

  19. El Tel

    AW must be having a tough time finding the promised star players as he is looking at the Shammers Mark Noble. Maybe Noble can be the new Fat Wank, all i know is he could be ok but he won’t inspire the fans who need a boost.

  20. MorrowsBrokenArm

    I have given up on the hope of the big name striker, Eto would be great but it don’t look likley now. Not fussed about the goof boy though, plus they aren’t going to break the precious wage structure for him. I see Huntleer has come out and expressed how great it would be to play for Utd! Crouch has signed for Pompey…..it really is coming down to Obe Martins/Santa Cruz…..if either sign i’ll give them a fair shot…but please no…i’d rather we buy no more strikers in that case and buy a fecking defender / goalkeeper which is more of a need for us.

  21. El Tel

    Hi Evo

    How do you know tgis mate. I fucking hope you are right, but i believe the Mancscum will gat him.

    I hope you are right.

  22. El Tel

    Yeh Evo mate, in the garage, off work tonight but can’t sleep just yet. What you up to Fella.

    MBA I am with you there Pal. A great Keeper for me is priority.

  23. Evo in Oz

    hey el tel, i dont actually know, im just sick of talking about martins and i want it to end, so im starting up another conversation!

    I just woke up, having an iced coffee and watching fox spors news!

  24. MorrowsBrokenArm

    All the Ade/Hleb talk took everyones attention off the defence issues. we’re going to start next season with Kolo/Gallas/Senderos/Djoure as our defence and back up for the whole season. Im fine with Kolo…but the rest…mmmm…not a title winning line up for me. Sure they’ll have good games here and there, but over the whole season I am not confident. As for Almuina, I have to say I am not and never have been so sure about him. Try this…Van de sar, Chech, Casillas, Buffon, Almunia. He just doesn’t fit that list does he.?

  25. Pedro

    twinstaiye, get a fucking sense of humour…

    320+ comments on a Saturday would suggest that it wasn’t an expensive mistake and that 99.9% of the Grovers got it…

    Bring on Sunday!

    Mark Noble rubbishes Arsenal rumour… glad to hear it Marky boy… we think you’re a cunt.

    Till tomorrow!

    Happy blogging!

  26. El Tel

    We could still give Bendtner the chance i suppose. This will be contoversial but here goes.

    How about we go after the Hunter and use RVP as bait, MVB loves RVP and i would bet he will go for it.

  27. El Tel


    I am Almunia Coco the fucking Spanish waiter clowns biggest admirer mate and I think this is the person who will fuck our season and end AW reign. Glad Pedro is signing off as he loves Coco and he will have me sorted. Joking Pedro me ol mate 🙂


    Have they spoken about us and the Hunter on Fox news?

  28. MorrowsBrokenArm

    sounds good to me, the dutch connection could work. I’m all for starting with the currrent striking roster if we cant get a class act in. Even if we get 30mil for Ade i’d rather that money went somewhere else in the team than buy a striker for the sake of it.

    I also just read Arshvans agent saying that the Chelsea interest has dropped, and i don’t believe Barca really want him either. He could be there for the takin…but to be honest, i’d never heard of him until the Euros, he had 2 good games and suddenly was the Russian Maradona. I don’t know enough about him, but i think he’s gettable….not for 20mil plus though, wouldn’t want to pay that. Lets stick with Wardo, Beendtner, theo and Vela alongside RVP. They’ll get goals between em.

  29. MorrowsBrokenArm

    I don’t kno why, Almunia just doesn’t seem like a towering No.1 He makes some good saves…but i don’t think the defence trust him.

    As for huntleer, i’ve scowered the sports pages and am yet to see our name and Huntleer together in the same article. I think AW will go for Obe/Santa cruz because they are gettable.

  30. El Tel


    I had heard of Arshevin from the end of this season as he had an enormous season with Zenit. What I said during the Euro’s was how come he is 27 and nobody had heard of him and also do Russians settle in the Prem?

    I think AW can make him even better but then he will just fuck off to Barca anyway.

    Too many ifs and buts for me with Arse shaver.

  31. MorrowsBrokenArm

    For the sake of throwing out a new name to the mix, if Madrid get Ronaldo, lets have a crack at Sneijder. Heck, Ronaldo or not lets have a go anyway, or go double dutch. Huntler and Sneijder…see you Ade/Hleb (im starting to think Hleb is gonna be left with no transfer, Jose took over at inter and thing went quiet there, and Barca signed Alves for a boat load, are busting a nut seemingly for Ade…..mabes Laporta saw that signing the Ice Cream lover was not the vote winning signing he needed).

  32. MorrowsBrokenArm

    MMM, true, can’t think of a lot of Russians who star in the PL. But I can see Arshvain having no worries, he’s fit young lad, those Russians can handle themselves.

  33. MorrowsBrokenArm

    Hunter is clearly ready to get out of Holland and take the next step in his carear….question is who wants him. Come on AW, go for it mate.

  34. El Tel

    I fear you are right mate about the striker targets, Cruz would be my choice from the 2.

    I don’t think I have seen many of Coco’s saves where I thought wow that was fantastic. He is a tv keeper and makes saves look good. He has let in some easy ones for me like a few free kicks and some near post efforts.

    If people want to defend the free kicks he conceded last year I would say this. He is the Guvnor at free kick situations he lines up his wall, the guy is Gigantic and makes the goal look small yet the target ishit and its a goal.

    He doesn’t dominate his area and he causes confusion. I blame him for the Pen at Brum as I believe he called Clichy to let it run, of course I cant prove it but just who did shout to Clichy as he had been to good to just let that ball be nicked off him so easily. He went walkabout against the Mancscum at home and the Boro goal at home by Aliadiere was just bollocks in my opinion.

  35. El Tel

    Fellas i know the red nosed prick was linked with the Hunter yonks ago and thats why i started to check his Stats.

    He has an awesome record and would score for fun for them or us. If he supports them then it will be difficult but look what happened to Alf Ramsey, he chose us instead.

  36. MorrowsBrokenArm

    Yep, a team needs a great keeper to win the league and big Al don’t fit the bill in my opinion. Sadly AW is clearly in no hurry to sign keepers. I don’t know much about the Polish boy at no.2, but he’s still pretty young.

    Like i said before, all this ade/hleb talk seems to have distracted a lot of people from our true weaknesess. Season aint far away and i see no change happening at the back.

    Interesting theory on the Brum Penalty…it would explain why Glichy (player of the season) made such an error. I think there was a second gunman in the grassy nol calling out. Clichy we forgive you.

  37. Pedro

    Just quickly before I hit bedforshire…

    We can harp on about the need for a world class keeper… but in my eyes there are only 3 out there:


    We don’t have a chance with any of them!

    Big Al does a good job…

    Lets hope Fab can takeover after this season…

    Night all!

  38. MorrowsBrokenArm

    “Several potential buyers are involved as clubs sell their players. Arshavin’s future may be dependent on conversations about [Alexander] Hleb, [Emmanuel] Adebayor, Cristiano Ronaldo and others.”

    This is from the agent, so who knows whats really going on. But another reason to sort out all this Ade/Hleb nonsense so we can move on and get our buying under way and put our new team together.

  39. El Tel

    Night Pedro


    They were all getable and better than what we have. If you can’t have the best go for the next best thing and don’t be hampered by an average stand in.

  40. MorrowsBrokenArm

    I think Jussi was a good option. I’m pretty sure his contract was winding down as well until he just resigned afew months back. We could get him so easily for a good price. Wouldv’e created real competition for the No1 jersey. Given wouldv’e been good as well. There are definetly options out there, not world class per say, but quality keepers. At the moment if anything happens to Almunia there os no back up…ok thats unfair, Fabinski could be brilliant, but he’s unknown??? Last season shouldv’e shown us that we need qulaity back up as the season wears on..injuries, loss of form etc. We could still go for Jussi, he’s a good bloomin keeper

  41. El Tel

    If AW has a list of strikers to choose from i would like the strikers we have been linked with to come in the following order.

    The Hunter
    Santa Cruz

  42. El Tel

    Jussi signed an extension a couple of weeks ago and i believe he was waiting for someone like us to go for him. AW has no idea when it comes to Keepers.

    I think Jens was quality but that apart his record is very average.

    another whose name i can’t remember.
    Big Dave was inherited.

  43. El Tel

    AW also has an iffy record when buying CB’s

    Grimandi, he came as a CB and was moved to midfield
    The Horse, he came as CB and moved to RB
    He played Vivas at CB

    There have been some good uns in there too though like Sol, Kolo,possibly Gallas

  44. MorrowsBrokenArm

    Hunter, Vila, the only ones that real get me…..and for some weird reason the more i thought about the crouch signing the less it worried me. In some weird universe i think Crouch would do a decent job, the guy always scores goals, he just needs a run in the team he plays for. Looks like he’s signed sealed delivered to Pompey.

    I see last week Villa stated he wanted to say at valencia for many years, and had no interest in moving anywhere, nice to see a loyal striker in todays game.

    Ade isn’t gone yet? Isn’t the vote of no confidence this weekend for Laporta? If he goes (he seems like one of those blokes who’ll always survive though) is the Ade bid still on the table. The Togo wonder could be lining up for arsenal yet. Would love to be there for that first game Hleb/Ade run out for Arsenal. Wonder who gets the most boos?

  45. GMR

    gg, we’re a selling club (according to Wenger) so cross anyone that costs more than a couple of million off the transfer list.

  46. gnarleygeorge9

    I just watched “Fever Pitch”, & the new away strip is pretty close. It is the same Yellow. Oh! nostalgia, its gets ya 🙂

  47. John

    When other clubs are paying reasonable money to the players why arsenal is being low pay masters?

    The reason why cesc fabregas is still in the team is he has got GBP 85000 a week while Adebayor and Hleb only GBP 35000 a week.

    Arsenal have to increase the wages or else can’t hold any player and the team will be relegated.