Adios to Ade, bienvenido to new superstar! Captaincy Change?

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Barca have apparently increased their offer for want-a-way, mentally ill and deluded footballer Adebayor, if this is true then I expect the revolving door will will begin revolving, Ade out, Eto’o in, why? I think Wenger has had enough and he has always admired Eto’o (He publicly stated that he was tempted to sign him last year), with so many forwards at Arsenal, fitness may not be such an issue as he could rotate them.


Fot those of you that say Ade would be a huge loss, let’s not forget how many times last season he went missing and we said he should have been dropped, much the same as the previous season with Henry.


Did anyone notice Cesc as the centre piece in the new kit picture yesterday? I wonder if that means he’ll be captain next season? I’ll go for that, I think it would secure him at the club and I think he’ll grow into it and flourish.


Santa Cruz is also a possibility and I’m not anti that either, Eto’o is the big name though, we could never have afforded him 2 years ago, how can Barca value Ade at £30million? Take their money Arsenal, they’re mugs! But sign Eto’o first, otherwise the price will go up, same with Santa Cruz.


I think we’ll keep Hleb and sign Nasri, but we still need another and I would favour a winger, and he would be Silva.


What I would really like is a centre back and you Grovers keep asking for Richards, but we won’t sign one so forget it.


It’s the only thing that Mr ‘ditherer’ was firm on, ‘ I won’t sign a center back, you can print that’ so I really would be surprised, I suspect this seasons out of position center back will be Song, so expect this conversation to rear its ugly head again in December!


This is the last day we have to make a signing until Monday, so keep ’em crossed, it may happen, once the Ade business has happened one way or the other, things will move, but please boss, sign his replacement first this time.


Happy Friday Grovers.

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  1. GMR

    You lot really are bored!! Shouldn’t you all be out enjoying the sunshine??

    Arsenal’s transfer dealings are done!! Nothing more to see here.

  2. Odub

    GMR, one of my non exec directors just popped in with a couple of bottles of some vino called Kanonkop so I’ll stay in doors thank you very much!!

    Damn this is good shit! They should make it law to drink at work every friday!!

  3. chris

    Some managers are suited to big players and big clubs, and some are not. Rioch proved to be a not. Things started well with the summer signings of David Platt and Dennis Bergkamp, although Dein signed the latter without Rioch’s knowledge on the recommendation of… Arsene Wenger.

  4. GMR

    I’ve just heard from my source that Nasri will officially sign on October 22nd, apparently its going to be a birthday surprise for Arsene Wenger from Papa Diouf!!

  5. Geoff

    Pedro, how to fuck a cup, are you kidding!

    Arsene Wengers team selection at Old Trafford, go to the archives and you’ll find I said we’d get hammered and it would destroy our confidence in the league, what happened next???

    That is how you fuck a cup.

    Good call Google.

  6. GMR

    Apparently though my other source in lapland reckons it might actually turn out to be a Christmas present, as the paperwork is taking longer than expected!!

  7. Odub

    GMR I seem to remember you mentioning that you had some sources close to the grove. Any noises being made re ANY signings? Any at all?!

  8. rico01

    Scores on the chores – all done

    half an hour of peace, till i get my red card,

    What do i find you discussing, Circumcised Chavs!!


  9. GMR

    No my friend doesn’t get told things. Its merely his job which brings him into contact with new signings before they’re announced. He does get to hear rumours around the club but 99 times out of 100 they are no more reliable than the stuff you see on the internet.

    I also know a family member of one of the directors & he has f*** all information either!!

  10. Odub

    Well put rico01! 😉

    Cheers GMR, we’ll keep an eye on then!! I’m getting depressed again……..

  11. Paulinho

    I’m actually excited about Vela if Wenger plays him up front and lets him loose. If he sticks him out on left every single time if he shats his pants, then he will just be another Reyes falling on his arse every second.

    That’s what has really irritated me about Wenger these last few years. His eagerness to switch to 4-5-1 every time we have a lead.

  12. Paulinho

    After talking from sources on both sides of the deal, I can bring you exclusive information. Nasri prefers ketchup to HP!

    Nasri will now undergo at two part medical, one at Shenley and other at Shonley. After the results of its completion, Nasri will fly back to France for a well deserved holiday, before repeating the process in three weeks time. After that, he will go on another well deserved holiday before linking up with the squad in early 2011. That’s according to sources on both sides of the deal, ie Pinky and Perky.

  13. tbuzz

    Three explorers are captured by a tribe in the Amazon jungle. The chief is going to punish the intruders. He calls the first explorer to the front of the tribe and asks, ”Death or Booka?!”. Well the explorer doesn’t want to die, so he opts for booka. The tribe starts screaming BOOKA! and dancing around. the cheif then rips the explorers pants off and fucks him in the ass. The cheif calls the second explorer to the front and asks, ”Death or Booka?!”. Well not wanting to die either, he opts for booka. The tribe again starts screaming BOOKA! and dancing around. The cheif rips the second guys pants off and fucks him in the ass. The chief calls the third explorer to the front and asks, ”Death or Booka?!”. Well the third guy has a little more self respect and thinks death would be better than being violated in front of hundreds of tribesman, so he opts for death. The chief turns to the tribe and screams ”DEATH BY BOOKA!”

  14. Pierre

    I also think Vela has got massive potential, lets face it we’re no worse than we were last term, we are better with the few new lads on board (although Flamini is a loss I admit) and once the greedy bastard goes and we get a replacement, we will be laughing. I might be deluding myself with this opinion, but fuck it, its sunny, its friday, I git paid this week and i’m going to get pissed up tonight, so even won’t get me down today!!!

  15. Odub

    Booka!! Good one tbuzz!

    Join the club Pierre, just ploished off my 2nd glass, and I’m sat at work how good is that?!!

  16. TH14's Sense of Arrogance

    I’ve heard rumours of the following:

    Ya ya

    Anyone know anything on these??

  17. TH14's Sense of Arrogance

    Fella on mine who works for sky text me saying ‘Thought you’d wanna know; Aguero, Dentinho, Veloso, Toure. Yaya may be part of Ade deal which is done.’

    I know Aguero is at Ath Madrid and highly rated and obviously know a lot about Yaya but the other two??

  18. Odub

    Really TH14?

    Veloso was mentioned weeks back, but I cant see how any of them bar Yaya would be part of the Ade deal as they dont play for Barca?

  19. TH14's Sense of Arrogance

    Odub, nah bro he meant that Yaya might be part of the deal, not the rest. I was kinda hoping he’d say Eto’o would be ha ha

  20. Odub

    Ok TH14 I’ve just read the post again and realised my last statement looks like the ramblings of a drunk…..which it is!!

    So Yaya + 20 mill for Ade sound about right?

  21. Odub

    Aguero and dirtyho, sorry detinho, dont know a lot about, Veloso is a portugal international reserve, and Yaya is well, Yaya!

  22. TH14's Sense of Arrogance

    That’s what I’m told but then this was the same contact who told me that Reyes was a smokescreen and we were going to sign Robinho. Hmmm. Then up rolls reyes….

  23. Odub

    Cant quite see Barca giving us Eto’o Yaya as part of the deal!!!

    If they did, I would turn up at the Nou Camp next season and just stand outside laughing my head off and pointing at every Barca fan going by!!! And get killed withing 2 seconds!

  24. patthegooner

    Dunne and Taylor have signed new deals at their respective clubs today so you can scrub them off any defensive wishlist

  25. chris


    “Manchester City are reportedly prepared to make Richard Dunne one of the highest paid players in England”

  26. top_gooner_stow

    Anybody got spare tickets for the friendly against Barnet? Every time i rang through to the box office it was engaged! They’re now sold out I believe! :o(

  27. tbuzz

    Finestcuts, how dare we lose out on HARRY Kiwi??? Outrageous!!How could we have overlooked such a fine player like him and he would have fit in for any of the departing players: Lehmon, Fleb,Flamingo,Ade-To-go, or even Gary Lewin??
    Man, Iam ashamed to be a gooner today!!

  28. tbuzz


    Iam off too but here goes………

    As a blonde crawls out of her wrecked car, the local sheriff asks her what happened.

    The blonde began, “It was the strangest thing! I looked up and saw a tree, so I swerved to the right. Then I saw another tree, so I swerved to left. Then there was another tree, and another and another …”

    The sheriff thought for a minute and then said, “Mam … I don’t know how to tell you this, but the only thing even resembling a tree on this road for thirty miles is your air freshener.”

    Have a good weekend all!! 🙂 😉

  29. Odub

    fucking hell!! Have I been drinking that long?! I thought my last post was 2 minutes ago!! lol!!

    Top joke tbuzz!

  30. Odub

    Right I’ve had enough! Havent done any work in 2 hours, have managed to drink a whole bottle of vino while at work, and we still havent signed anyone!!!

    I’m off to Moe’s to continue drinking! Have a good one grovers, and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray we sign someone next weekend!

    Peace out!

  31. abritishman

    Problems, problems, problems what’s a manager suppose to do with superficial stars who can’t even lace up their own damn boots ?
    Highly overpaid individuals who are no better than a child that’s still being breast fed.

    abritishman ……………..


    obviously you don’t know how Wenger operates when you argue that the fitness of Eto’o “won’t be a problem”..
    And Fabregas as captain because he’s centred at a picture? Give me a f***** break.. Might be centres because Arsenal and the marketing people KNOW that fans love him?

  33. raif

    did anyone see sky sports news last night or this morning??

    they showed the opening of the arsenal store for the new realse for the new Home Kit and a few arsenal fans got interviewed about the ADE saga.

    and to my amazment they was saying how they wanted ade to stay and how it would be a big blow for us.. i almost Felt like kicking the screen as i know what i would have liked to have said if i was there that day.

    SKY SPORTS NEWS: “so what do you think of the Speculation surrounding Adebayor?

    ME: me and my online blogging buddys think we should Sell the ungreatfull Cunt!
    & if it is for the reported 30 mill then i would Chew there hand off.

    SPN: but he scored 30 goals for you last season surely you would want to keep a player like that?

    ME: did you hear what i just said for your first question?

    SPN: YES

    ME: Then let that be the Endof it. Get ADE OUT!

  34. Pedro

    obviously you don’t know how Wenger operates when you argue that the fitness of Eto’o “won’t be a problem”..

    Rosicky, Overmars, RvP, Diaby… yeah… fitness is an issue with Wenger.

    As for marketing… please, give it a rest… you know about as much as us regarding the captaincy.. and fuck all about marketing.


  35. Darren

    I dont think he’ll change the captaincy next season & the poster proves it, it has the 2 midfielders, 2 wingers, 2 centre-backs & 2 strikers past & present (Ade for now)together, and the captain looking at the league trophy.
    As for Ade they should take the £30m if that is what is really offered, call me crazy but i think with a run of games & a bit of confidence Bendtner can come good this year.

  36. gnarleygeorge9

    Geoff, when I sent the word press link, it had a larger version of your avatar, with Le Groves post. Now it has changed as I write. Just wanted to set the record straight,