Prophetic words or the ramblings of a mad professor?

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Arsene Wenger said,

‘In life you need to be patient to get to the very top. Don’t forget some players don’t start to win until they’re 28 or 29 and we’ve many players under 25.’

Okay, so does that mean another 4 or 5 year wait? What about all the 17 year olds we have, does that mean they will have to wait until the 28 or 29 year olds have reached 30? That will be a long wait wouldn’t it, and we know how patient our players are don’t we Diarra, Muamba and Bentley!

So will someone care to explain to me what he means? It’s very like Cantona speak with seagulls etc.

As far as I’m concerned winning is everything, silverware is everything and if players like Clichy and Cesc don’t win something, they won’t wait forever.

The thing is, we are almost there and if he makes a few great signings we’ll clean up, if he doesn’t we’ll have another year of hope and disappointment.

I think we all hope that we now sell Ade, he’ll be finished with the fans, he’s a greedy ingrate and best gone, swap him plus cash for whoever we fancy or get the max and buy someone else.

Keep Hleb because he is a good provider, Nasri in will give him a toe up the arse and may make him a better player.

Also selling the greedy one would give us enough spare cash for a solid defensive midfielder like Veloso.

Another boring day in prospect but at least we all have fun.

See you in the comments section Grovers!

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  1. jules


  2. Patrick7

    David – I might be wrong but besides the technical/fitness training don’t you think the B team play the A team even in reduced formats? How else can AW decide who is better in any position and who works best together. Sure there’s no substitute for the real thing but…………

  3. Patrick7

    Arsenal Tom – Thanks for that. I looked in at NewsNow and obviously jumped to the wrong conclusion. Yes, that was yesterday’s news…..oops! Maybe he’s top 10 though?

  4. GMR

    Maybe we should change the subject & ask if a bloke that by his own admission has won 3 ‘worthwhile’ trophies in 12 years & asks for a pay rise to sign a new contract despite the fact that he has just had his worst two years at the club & constantly whines about a lack of money is as loyal as people make out??

  5. GMR

    Sorry can I retract that last comment as I understand we cannot comment about Wenger on this site, apparently it offends the simpletons!!

    Moving on, I see Sevilla are claiming they have turned down a bid for Diego Capel from the spuds!! Its amazing how they can afford to sign so many players, yet such a well run club as ours is always broke.

  6. TH14's Sense of Arrogance


    1. He has the worst 1st touch for a supposed ‘top striker’ I have ever seen, the number of times a great pass ricochets off his big leg about 30 yards away is frightening

    2. He scores goals, which is great, but he misses a fucking butcher’s bucket full too. He has had more one on one chances than anyone this season and has scored less than 50%

    3. He cannot, and will not, learn the fucking offside rule! Again, the number of times his lack of sense has cost us a fantastic chance because the fucking piss stick is offside is disgusting

    4. He dances with Eboue…which basically means I have to watch two people i jigging about like morons. The only time i would like to see this from either of them is whilst they are electrocuted.

    5. He chokes at major moments – header vs Milan, one on one at Wigan, Birmingham game….

    6. He is a massive cunt who somehow thinks he deserves parity with Thierry Henry in terms of wages. He has had one averagely good season at the top level and thinks he is worth 100k a week. TH14 did that for 6 seasons straight you greedy fuck knuckle.

    7. He spouts bullshit like – Madrid would need 100m to buy me, I would keep Eto’o and Henry on the bench, Barca will pay 50m for me etc etc. Shut up you melt. You’re worth about 18m tops.

    8. He has a terrible attitude and nutted one of our own players during an embarrassing enough game for the fans. Made us look like a bunch of animals. Nikki B is better than him anyway.

    9. He is an Arsenal player, one of the most privileged players in world football, playing at a huge club in front of huge crowds with the best players in the world under an amazing manager and gets paid a fuck load to do it and has the audacity to suggest he has the chance to move to ‘one of the biggest clubs in the world’. Newsflash cunt, you’re at one of them. You should be kissing the turf like TH14.

    10. He has shown utter disrespect to the fans and got massively above himself like the shit fuck that he is.

  7. charybdis1966

    I agree Adebayor’s attitude sucks at times but the fact that Cnuts like Terry and Ferdinand admit they hate playing against him the most should be worth something.

    Imagine the smile on Terry’s imbecilic face when/if he finds out he won’t be facing up to Adebayor anymore ?

  8. Patrick7

    GMR – You’re on a wind up! If you’re seriuos I stated earlier why AW’s the manager of the moment ……..the best!

  9. Angry Loner


    Wow! You just cant let it go can you?

    What a sensitive flower you must be. How pathetic must you be to hold a grudge against a complete stranger on an effin football blog?


  10. Arsenal Tom

    GMR… i read that to, their owner has issued a law suit against ramos for breach of contract! he said he wont sell him to tottenham to spite ramos

    was nice to see that liverpool want keane and man poo want berba… maybe we wont have the thinest squad next year afer all!!!

  11. Patrick7

    Angry – Don’t get sucked in. It’s a bit quiet at the mo’ hence the wind up (I trust) and I’m off soon to make use of the cooler time of day!

  12. GMR

    Choy, I like the FA cup but Wenger wasn’t too complimentary about it.

    Angry Loner, Can you please stop addressing me!! If you feel my comment relates to you then thats something you need to deal with yourself. Quite clearly I was making a general reference to the simpletons who cannot have anything said against Wenger. As you said you are a complete stranger so I don’t know how you feel about Arsene, its not for me to guess whether you like him or not. You seem to want to comment on everything I say which is really quite pathetic. You started this morning because of some comment I made which had nothing to do with you, then again when I made a point about Clichy & now once again you’ve seen fit to respond to something that had nothing to do with you. Your beginning to sound like some sort of lunatic.

    Patrick7, I must have missed that comment. If you think Wenger is great fair play, I think he is way off that & far, far away from being the best.

  13. TJ

    Afternoon guys, once again good article!

    Agree about Adebarndoor, we should sell him for a profit then buy Huntelaar & Nasri with the cash. I just wish Eboue would follow his lead & try to leave!

    Jules, no need to SHOUT buddy (& thanks again for the Wimbledon tickets yesterday)!

  14. TH14's Sense of Arrogance

    Things that excite me this season:

    Vela, Walcott ready to blow, Cesc coming back buzzing and knowing he is the man, clichy, Wilshere, Ramsey, Eduardo, the prospect of perhaps a fit RVP for once, Nasri and perhaps Senna/Amauri and of course Adebayor fucking off.

    I want to see us sign a top striker if he does go though…..eto’o gets my vote still….a genuine th14 replacement.

  15. Dolphin Head

    Where do i find Mrs Eduardo? Was there a link somewhere? And by the way why do all the hot chicks keep losing at Wimbledon – now Vaidisova is out – will have to stick to WAGs

  16. Angry Loner


    How dare I comment on a football blog??? Sheesh, I thought we had let things go, thats why i had the temerity to comment on the Clichy thing. But in your twisted mind, it was a dig, as I assumed the one referring to ‘simplrtons’ you made.

    Hahahahaha! Effin funny as fuck.

    ‘Can you please stop addressing you’

    Wow! I didnt think it was possible to flounce about on a blog in a stroppy teenage tantrum.

    You learn something every day.

    That was the last time BTW.

  17. Paulinho

    I knew Ade was a complete slimeball from the moment I saw him and way he latched on to Thierry when he joined. Look at him back in 2006 season, he cuts a pathetic figure running after Henry every time he scored a goal. Like a nerdy, dweeby teenager trying to join the jocks at a yank high school.

    He reminds me of one of those troublesome kids that quieten down when they go into a stranger’s house but then start up again when they feel settled. That’s what he’s doing now, he thinks he owns the place now and we’re seeing the tosser that caused so much grief at Metz and Monaco.

  18. SFO Gooner

    “I have heard that Arsenal are interested in him,” Cygan told RMC radio station. “That proves how good he is, as they rarely make mistakes.

    LOL. Didn’t Arsenal make a mistake with Cygan himself?

  19. Paulinho

    Eduardo was boning her up the ass on Rio beach. Only joking, it was just him and his wife and kid taking a few Hello magazine style photos. All very cosy.

  20. GMR

    Angry, As I said the comment wasn’t related to you.

    The Clichy comment you made was clearly sarcastic & twisted for whatever reason. I wasn’t giving Clichy grief at all merely pointing out that people cannot slate Ade for something & pretend the situation with Clichy is any different when nobody knows the facts of it. Clichy’s agents linked him with Roma & Juventus in much the same way as Ade’s have with Barca & Milan, of course Clichy wanted to stay but would he have been so keen had the terms that he wanted (or told his agent he wanted) not been agreed?? Maybe then we’d have heard more about it through the press like we have with Ade.

    i was asking you not to keep addressing me for a very obvious reason. Its boring now from both sides. I have no problem with you disagreeing with me just do so in a normal manner please. Every comment you make which is directed at me is sarcastic, just go re-read your own comments & you’ll see that. No matter what I say you appear to have an issue with, not just under this article either but under several others as well. I don’t like Wenger at all so my opinion will clearly come across like that.

    Seriously I’m far past being a teenager, although it would be nice to go back for a few days to those years, it would also save me a fortune as my mum would still be paying for my season ticket!!

    Hopefully we can put this whole situation behind us now!!

    I will apologise if you thought my comment was directed at you, obviously it has come across like that but it was not.

  21. Wrighty7

    Evening all!

    Just got home and read the post. Must say it was a top top read.

    I completely understand and think the part about us almost being there and if we made a few signings we’d clean up is spot on!

  22. Angry Loner


    Fair enough fella. Thats fine with me.

    And, seriously, thats me; being sarcastic, aint just towards you, thats what EVERYONE gets! Honestly.

    Im sorry too, for going off on one.

    Was that a beautiful moment or what?

  23. Patrick7

    GMR – Out of interest, who do you think could have achieved all that AW has up to today with next to no money available? Or would you still prefer to be in Highbury with the lower gate money sliding down the scale as the Nouveau Riche come in? Or would you support a sell-out to the Fat Oligarth?

    I’ve supported AFC since ’61/62 when I moved from the Kings Cross/Russell Square area to North London and with out a doubt AW is giving me more excitement, far better football and the vision that ‘tomorrow’ we may have it all; even to be bigger than ManUre, Liverpool, Real Madrid & all that (even if we can’t win as many CL trophies in the current higher competition climate)!

  24. GMR

    Very beautiful, but not as beautiful as Eduardo’s wife. She was definately listed as g/f in the sun picture though!!

  25. GMR

    Patrick7, you’re kidding yourself if you think Wenger has had no money to spend. If he hadn’t agreed to pay unproven kids such ludicrous amounts then the budget would have been much higher as the spuds are proving. They spend millions each summer despite the fact they have never been in the CL & they don’t do it with debt mountains either, you can view the accounts to prove that. They are doing all this in a stadium that is smaller than Highbury.

    I wouldn’t ever want Arsenal to sell to Usmanov but I am in favour of Kroenke. He offers a massive sporting pedigree & his right hand man Jeff Plush is a massive gooner & always has been. To my mind the current board are just in it for the money, well certainly some of them are but whilst Kroenke would have the same motives I’m absolutely convinced he would reinvest in the team which has been proven at all his sports teams. The people that slag off DD for ‘selling out’ don’t utter a word against PHW despite the fact he inherited his shares & sold them within days of getting them & gleefully announced how DD was wasting his money. At least DD was enough of a fan to risk his money in something that may never have worked.

    Its a pointless exercise giving you names, nobody knows who would or wouldn’t have been successful, but look at David Moyes at Everton, he’s working on a much, much smaller budget & fighting against 4 very wealthy teams. Wenger only had Ferguson to contend with. I’ll give Arsene all the credit in the world for his business mind & what he has done on that side of things but it’s the football side I care about!!

  26. Paulinho

    The frustration with Wenger is that he does so much good work but alot of it is compromised by his stubborn streak and blind spots. Every team he has had at Arsenal has had some idiot that shoudn’t have adorned the shirt. Nelson Vivas, Diawara, Stephanovs, and now Senderos, Eboue. The problems is that whereas before Wenger would shift these players on sharpish, he now makes a point of keeping them just to prove a point. What point he is trying to prove is beyond me. That he can win things with shit players?

  27. Angry Loner

    Right, now it seems that Bischoff can play in the centre and on the right of midfield.

    U haVEn’t seen him play one second (neither have the Bremen fans), have no clue how good he is, if he has any talent..

    BUT I am saying here now, he is 100 times BETTER then Eboue!!!!

  28. Pedro

    Evening all,

    Is there anyway that this new guy has any chance of slotting in?

    3 seasons and one first team appearance…

    Typical fucking Arsenal.

    I’ve read people saying stuff like…

    ‘Remember the last time we unearthed an unknown player from a club… he was a french chap… went by the name of PV04’

    What sort of a cunt even makes the comparison of transfers?

    We are a monster club, with monster finances and we are acting like Bolton in the transfer market.

    Unlike a lot of fans, I don’t get off on watching Wenger persist with a player for 3 years just so he can say ‘I told you so’.

    Ramsey, Nasri and Bitchoff… fucking magic Arsene… Big players indeed.

  29. Pedro

    I think they missed a ‘2’ of the front of that 8.

    If Cech is worth Β£31mill, I can’t see Casillas being worth under half.

  30. Patrick7

    GMR/ Paulinho – Fair points! I couldn’t agree more about some of his decisions: Cygan, Senderos & Eboue seem to me to be/have been accidents waiting to happen but he kept faith with others and they proved themselves in the end e.g. Flamini, Ade; maybe Eboue might work out. He must see something in training to have so much faith!

    Agreed: he seems to pay the kids too much but is he thinking ahead by getting so many good English players (see Young Guns re. professional signings) to counter the ‘too many foreigners rule’.

    Can’t comment on the board as I’ve not got your knowledge GMR. I’ve only got into the blogs recently due to my fanatical son and it’s definitely catching……………I was too busy at my own sports at top level!

  31. Geoff

    Also Viera was a sub for AC Milan not Werder Bremen! I think Nasri will be great early, Ramsay I have hope so in the end, but Bitch chops, Werder Bremen have no idea!

    I’m off for a while, catch you all later.

  32. Angry Loner

    Bishcoff and Vieira. There is no comparison.

    Maybe this Bisch will be a gem, if he ever playes for us. Apparently yhe can play right wing, so back up to, erm, whoever the reserve right minger is. At least he’s on a free.

  33. choy

    the thing is we will pay him 12-15k a week.. why could that not have to gone to the adebayor or flamini fund?

  34. Pedro

    And the rest… I think they get Β£25k as the minimum if they sign from abroad.

    I just don’t get the signing? I know he will be ok in the end… but what happened to big players? He is not a big player… nor is ramsey.

    Nasri… well, he’ll be good straight away but even with the squad we have now, we are still 2 players down.

  35. david

    Patrick , Rioch left 75% of the 98 double side to Wenger not a bad base. Not many managers get that head start at a club.

    The team needed about the same amount of tweeks as this one and we will be winning again!!!

  36. alex

    If Chelsea are really in for Robinho then it kind of makes me nervous. Not that they are gonna have a better team but the defference between other top four clubs and us is they usually saign the players they are linked with. we need to sign someone fast because Nasri has had time after the euro to sign. and Ade needs to make up his mind because all he is doing is wasting time for us to get a replacement.

    hopefully bischoff will be good because we were so close last year i cant see us throwing games away again so im hopefull.

  37. Angry Loner

    Im still clinging to the hope that Bischoff is just bigging himself up, coz Werder dont want him and he’s a free agent. Wouldn’t be the 1st time a player has used Arsenal to try and engineer a new club or better deal.

    I am chuffed we have got Ramsey as he obviously is a huge talent.

    But if sometime next season we are told that we couldnt go for, say Eto’o, Villa, Silva coz we were a few mill short then ……….. Actually dont wanna think like that, yet!

  38. Patrick7

    David – Agreed on that one! In between we’ve had the ‘invincibles’ and we only lost 3 last year in the EPL. We’ve got to start better this year and seal the games early. No more late in the match with a single goal advantage but our defence must be sorted one way or the other! AW seems to have a weakness there; not as bad as Keegan though! Perhaps it’s his concentration on all the various systems & techniques, he misses the stuff right in front of his nose………..Eboue for instance……………I’d love him to have a brilliant season for us this year!

  39. Wrighty7

    Too right Geoff, we are sooooooo close, we could smash the Premiership with a couple of players added to what we have.

    I’ve just wrote a piece on my blog about Cesc putting Hleb and Adeabyor to shame and cannot believe the first comment! I’m out-raged!

    I think the blokes a Spud in disguise!



  41. Pedro

    So… thirty percent of people have dormant MRSA up there nose. Interesting… more interesting than Bitchoff.

    Who thinks we’ll win the league next year?

    I hope so… I think if we keep Ade an Hleb… we could make the jump.

    The target is 90 points right?

    I hope Eddy comes back stronger than before… he is mentally tough, I just hope he is tough enough to get over the mental side of the injury!

  42. david

    Also we used to play on the break with Overmars and Anelka now we compress teams and they hit us on the break making our CB’s look crap..

    I don’t think Theo fits in the arsenal team very well at the moment because he needs space to run into that isn’t there.

    He scores and makes his best chances against the bigger teams that need to attack us when they are one down like Milan and Liverpool..

  43. choy

    nice write up wrighty.. it rhymes doesn’t it…!!!

    well.. i guess all fans are in that state of mind where we were going to be reassured… and well we haven’t been… so i wouldn’t take it personally….

  44. Wrighty7

    Pedro mate,

    I’ve no doubt that we can win the league, but only if we strengthen the squad with a couple of players.

    We have the best match day squad in the Premiership in my eyes, we only suffer when these players are injured or suspended.

    If the squad was deeper then Chelski, ManUre and Liverpants wouldn’t be able to cope with us.

  45. choy

    playing possession based football against the likes of the lesser teams( with no disrespect) is definitely not working…

  46. Pedro

    The guy asked us to put a link in for him tomorrow… can’t knock a guy for trying can you!

    Wrighty, you should link him!

    You are right though… we have a great starting 11… but we may have lost 3 players! What is that going to do to us?

    Nasri will take 6 months… Bitchoff is a contender for Le List already… Ramsey is a kid!

  47. finestcuts

    BBK, do you know something the rest of us don’t about the quality of these players?
    I’d rather trust the Arsenal scouts who see them train everyday, they’re putting their money where their mouths are.

  48. Wrighty7

    And that guy is a trier!

    It’s alright Pedro, I’ve just decided we don’t need those three players.

    Lets play with eight in a new 4-2-1 system.

    It will cause havoc and will reinvent football as we know it. Teams will be terrifyed to come to the Emirates with this new super formation we have.


    Pedro great point about arsenal not acting like a big club,
    THE POINT UNFORTUNATLY IS WENGER CANT HANDLE SUPERSTARS THAT ARE READY MADE , THATS WHY WE DONT GO IN FOR THE ESSIENS, ECT, WHEN THEY COME AVAILABLE , I WOULD LIKE TO SWAP JUDAS BAYOR FOR ETO and go for Villa as well what a pairing that would be but we end up getting linked to reserves from werder bremen,

  50. rico01

    GMR and Angry -If I lived near the two of you, I would get you together in the pub, buy you a couple of beers and bang your heads together –

    Not everyone loves Wenger, and this site gives anyone the opportunity to express that, and likewise the declaration of love for him can also be expressed…

    But come on you old buggers, both go and listen to John Lennon singing Imagine, none of what goes on at AFC is worth the animosity between any of us –

    GMR, even I have forgotton that numpties comments about me being like Mugabe, if I keep it with me, its only me that stays upset… and its not worth it

    Get over it guys and move on….. please, even if its only for a sad old girl out here


  51. El Tel

    For Bischoff remember Alberto Mendes. The Multi national all action midfielder who went on to be an Arsenal legend. This is so similar it is freaky.

  52. rico01

    Sorry guys – i was stuck on 5pm comments, computer froze, either that or the wine has been consumed far too much!!!

    Glad all is ok πŸ˜‰

  53. AndyB

    Keep Hleb??????? Geoff? Did he hit you with his rubber mallet, or whatever it was???
    Get rid now, THERE IS NO ROOM FOR BILLY BIGSPUDS AT THE ARSENAL. So show him the door or the reserves bench along with that other greedy wanker Adewantmore! Sorry Geoff but you are wrong this time, if they make noises fuck them off ASAP, dont let them unsettle the team with their wantaway chitchat, the tossers!

  54. chris

    rico i doubt your husband would appreciate you offering to take not one but two gentlemen to a pub?

  55. rico01

    chris – he would have to come with me, i am not sure i would be big enough to cope with the two of them, and will do anything for a beer or two… πŸ˜‰

  56. rico01

    choy – no you nana, i meant your fav sad old girl on this site! I think im the only one……… πŸ™‚ I was being cheeky you old tinker!! I thought it was a ‘sweet’ comment you made, me I just made it worse……

  57. Pedro

    Not meaning to sound sexist… but Rico has a footballing brain more impressive than most mens!

    I am friends with a girl who used to play under 16’s England… she’s not a patch on your Rico!

    You certainly are the resident lady on Le Grove! There are a few others… but none as prolific!

    Le Groves first lady if you will?

  58. rico01

    Andy – do you think i spend too much time on here, do i need therapy??

    chris, thanks and in that case, i feel flattered by your remarks choy – tee hee!!!! πŸ˜‰

  59. AndyB

    No not at all Rico, in fact as Pedro said, your footy knowledge would put many a man in my local to shame. You’re just always 1st on, and last off, but it is not a criticism.
    In fact I am jealous as I work all day and don’t get on till after 6 at the earliest most days

  60. Angry Loner


    Love the sentiments!

    All we well, we’ve been thru mediation and Relate and are going to make another go of things, for the sake of the kids, anyways!

  61. Pedro

    Thank god my boss is a gooner!

    I work from home mostly… so my excuse is I have no one to talk to…

    Glad to hear that Angry!

  62. raif

    AndyB im the same. i either miss the mornings or the evenings. so a larg Chunk of Le Grove Comments are missed as they happen.

    boo to work.

    With that being said. i seriously thought that there would have been a domino effect in the transfers, Fat Frank to Inter. Deco to Chavs. = Helb to Barca

    but hasnt happend yet

  63. rico01


    I am stunned, and thank you for your kind views.

    But you and Geoff have to take great credit for running such a fab site, one that does not judge – you two and all the fellow Grovers have never made me feel unwelcome, or rebuffed my views.

    I guess I truely am a woman in a mans world… as far as Le Grove goes…… But I am not made to feel like that, thank you

    I just love footie, played since I was 13yrs until my late 30s – and have supported AFC since I was about 12/13yrs old – then it was my life, and to a degree it still is. We lose, I dont sleep, we win, I still dont sleep – Love it!

    Thank you again Pedro, I am taking a bow πŸ˜‰

  64. AndyB

    oh I see chris – good. Couldnt work in an office/ from home, would be at least as bad as you lot. I get enough grief from the mrs for my evening sesions

  65. rico01

    Angry – that was bloody funny, i loved it…

    may i suggest you both renew your vows………….;)

  66. eastcamp

    Saw this on the Setanta forum. Thought it was funny.
    “Adebayor!!!, Adebayorrrrr!. Packs (sic) his bags, and show him the door. “

  67. raif

    Rico – “Here Here”

    totally agree, and the Mrs Knows to live me well alone when we have lost. not to mention i dont by the papers the day after either.

    after that Liverpool game in the CL i was like that for almost a Month.
    same thing when DuDu got injurd. was like it had happen to a Family member

    sound sad to say but i guess i just love my team that much

  68. Pedro

    The non-prejudicial side to the site is fantastic… it’s a testament to the people who blog on here really. It wouldn’t even be entertained… I guess that is why no one has even bothered to try… except once (Odub’s first day on incidentally!)… but that cunt got banned pretty sharpish.

    You are just like me Rico! When we lose it devastates my week… when we win, it improves it ten fold!

    Funny song East Camp! Nothing for the silly season list?

    I just read Barca have offered Β£11mill for Sau Paulo midfielder… Hernanes…

    I think Hlebs move to Barca is a pipe dream!

    Hey everyone… worst thing a non football supporting partner can say…?

    ‘Cheer up, it’s only a game…’

  69. eastcamp

    No new names..maybe we will actually sign someone ?! πŸ˜‰
    But I hope it will be someone bigger than Bischoff !!

  70. AndyB

    Yes, an ex of mine said the old “its only a game” thing after that flukey fucking goal from that spuds fucking wanker in the cup winners cup final. Hence ex!

  71. Pedro

    My Girlfriend pulled that line after the Chelsea game… She dragged me to Loewstoft so I had to watch it in a pub full of inbreds… inbred mancs, chavs and scousers… and she pulled that line…

    It wasn’t a pleasant evening after that.

  72. raif

    AndyB- You Finished with her for that??

    Everyone I say give this man MEDAL.

    as im sure we have all felt the same when our partners say somthing along them lines lol

  73. Pedro

    Anyway… I am off now!

    Before anyway says they are from Lowestoft… I know it is nice, but I was in a creepy little village just outside… It was like the extras green room for ‘the hills have eyes’.

    Great day today Grovers!

    Till tomorrow!

  74. AndyB

    Mind you I did get her to phone 118500, or whatever the fuck they were called at the time, at half time to get the number of a new chinese takeaway called “hongkong foodies” (that obviously didnt exist), and pissed myself laughing until the afore mentioned flukey fucking spud incident

  75. Angry Loner

    I am beginning to believe that Hleb WILL be staying, better get used to it!

    Apparently we want Β£35 million for Ade (according to Setanta) So Milan are out the running!

    For that, I’d expect Eto’o and yaya, or Eto’o and Ronaldinho (shit that would be the steal of the millenium!)

    Laters y’all!

  76. AndyB

    No Raif, if I am honest, she dumped me for being a complete and utter drunken bastard who has more passion for arsenal in my little finger than i had in the whole of my body for her…
    fair enough

  77. raif

    AndyB – well mate at least u got ur heart in the right place.

    the amount of rows iv had with my Other Half for Picking Arsenal over her First lol

  78. AndyB

    Yeah tell me about it, I got 2 tickets for Bucharest CL away game and took a fellow gooner instead of mrs! oops
    fucking brilliant it was!!

  79. rico01

    Well fine Grovers, wine has got the better of me and bed is calling…… πŸ˜‰

    Nite nite all, for those who sleep, sweet dreams

    For those who are at work, quick day for you all

    Til tomorrow πŸ™‚

  80. AndyB

    And we got married on a spuds derby game, and she got the arse when i dissapeared in the pub next door for 2 hours! Bloody cheek! Still we won 3-0 fantastic

  81. AndyB

    Would be cool to meet up in the pub before a game next season, think Pedro an Geoff deserve a pint or 2 for all their hard work, what do you reckon Grovers? Perhaps I should ask the question a little earlier another day when more people are on

  82. raif

    That would be a Good Idea. thoese of us who can get to the games and so on. should have a Pint Before the game. thats could be a laugh,

    i can just imagine it. the comments Before the game

    “guys ill be at the _____ Pub ill be wearing a arsenal shirt. see you soon


  83. AndyB

    That was my next line Raif, ha ha. Dosen’t have to be a match day, could just meet up and get them pissed, they deserve it, its a great site

  84. patthegooner

    Its started,

    Arsenal reject 24m bid for Ade from Barca

    Click on the link for more

    Just make sure you sell him Arsene

    One line in there makes me feel sick to the stomach

    β€œSince the beginning, there has been a love story between Adebayor and Arsenal and his relationship with Wenger is based on trust and respect,”

    No in fact I lie like a hairy pig, there are other that make me sick too

    β€œEmmanuel is a man of heart, not of money. He is not greedy. He is a kid from the street, has sensibilities and is humble. If this was a money problem, then he would have asked to leave. I know that Arsenal’s political position is that they don’t pay high salaries.”


  85. Rico01

    Morning All, the day has begun, stillness everywhere, anyone feel today will be the day we sign………………….

    Joey Barton, the player with EPL experience, has a bit of fight in him, and has vowed never to go nears Bars again!!

    Happy Days πŸ™‚

  86. MorrowsBrokenArm

    What worries me about all this talk, is that we are all being distracted from the only true issue of the summer, the issue that really will make or break next season. A class, experienced central Defender!

    Ade was fantastic last year, but if he goes we’ll be ok, Smudger Smith, Wrighty, Henry. We surived the loss of them all and we’ll still get goals without Ade. Thanks for a great season, don’t want to be here anymore, we bid you farewell…now go.

    Hleb, this time last year we all wanted him out. Again, you had a great season, thanks for the memories, now go. It annoys me the fuss being bade about these fella’s. They don’t want to be there, so go. As good as Hleb was last year he only netted a few goals, I personally have every confidence he can be replaced.

    We are being linked with players left, right, and centre….but i’m not hearing any world class centre backs being mentioned. We need a rock, a big bugger, a Vidic, a Terry, that bald bugger the Kop signed at Christmas. Lets forget about Pinky and Perky and start worrying about a League title run in, in the hands of Almunia and Senderos

  87. GMR

    Today’s the day that Nasri is supposedly going to sign. This is the last time I’ll actually believe this deal is going to happen, should today come & go without Nasri’s picture & announcement going up on then I believe the deal has collapsed for reasons we’ll probably never know.

    Every possible reason for him not signing (& there is one hell of a list) has now been removed, the final one with the confirmation last night that Lyon & Marseille had come to a conclusion with Ben Arfa joining l’om.

  88. Rico01

    gnarley, i am going to try, but busy day for me, and i must try and stay away from this blogging….:(

    Bet I dont though………….

  89. dennisdamenace

    Mornin All,

    Anyone fancy a sweepstake as to when put anything up about Nasri???

  90. Pedro

    I think I’ve read the a post everyday for the last month saying Nasri is signing today…

    I am not even getting my hopes up… I’ve just accepted the deal is in the bag.

    I am interested to know why no one else is in for him?

    Have you read the Ade Agent stuff… vom inducing or what?

    ‘It’s not about money…’

    Take a pay cut then! haha!

  91. dennisdamenace

    Pedro – The reason that no one else has come in for Nasri could go some way to explaining my source telling me last week that the deal was done BEFORE the Euros, but for a couple of ‘technicalities’ couldn’t be announced, assuming he’s right then if the deal was actually done no one else could get him…………

  92. GMR

    Pedro, who’s to say no-one else is in for Nasri?? It may also be that everyone knew he was going to Arsenal so didn’t bother.

    As I said though this is the last day I have any hope for the deal. His official website has an interview which they were going to put up on 1st July but they since changed that to early July. The Ben Arfa deal clearly had an effect on the whole situation & then there was the fact Marseille wanted the cash in this football tax year. All those situations have now been resolved so there shouldn’t be anything holding the deal up. I can never accept a player as being ours until they officially sign.

    The reports a week ago stated he had claimed he was joining us on 2nd July, so if it doesn’t happen then clearly there’s a problem they can’t get over.

  93. gnarleygeorge9

    I watched some replays of Ronaldo, etc in Euros. The slightest touch & bingo they are down in pain. That Oily thing spends plenty of time whimping, looking for a free kick, etc. But Ade, from memory never goes down like a big blouse. Anyway, just thought I’d share that πŸ˜‰

  94. dennisdamenace

    And as for the Togo Tosser, i always had my doubt about him being good enough for us, regardless of the 30 goals, he reminded me of a Wiltord, scores a few goals but looks totally outta place in the team and the way they play.

    But, now i’ve gone from a middle-of-the-raoder where he’s concerned to someone who cannot stand the thought of him playing for us now. I’m not one to boo a player playing in the red and white as i always try and get behind the team and believe that they are actually trying to do their best, even Eboue (!). But, this piece of shit is a sly calculating cunt and who is obviously using Arsenal to whore himself a better deal, so i for one will not be supporting him while he plays for us, and i hope that Barca come back with an improved offer for the glorified Sunday League player………

  95. Patrick7

    Dennis – C’mon Ade bears no resemblance to Wiltord. Be fair he has scored loads.

    I see AW is playing high stakes poker with a winning hand. Turning down Β£24/25M knowing Laporta has to make a signing by the 6th. Β£30 M might swing it: a case of heads you win, tails you win also. For Β£30M we can replace and re-invest. If not, we can keep him to spearhead our current attackers for another season.