Joe Cole for Adebayor?

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I’m reading that the Chavs are ready to come in for Adebayor, good, if they have £15million and Joe Cole I’d do a deal in a heartbeat. Bring it on.

Wenger has to play hardball with any team that wants our good players, he needs to say,

‘Okay, well give us one of yours,’

and as pre season starts very soon he needs to do it fast so these guys bed in.

So Barca have Messi and YaYa, Milan have … err …no-one, so screw them, Bayern have Ribery? the Chavs have Cole, but other than that let him rot in the stiffs, enough said on him so I’ll swiftly move on.

We are being linked with Werder Bremen rub-a-dub Amaury Bischoff who is highly rated (apparently) but can’t get into the Bremen side, he is being kept out by Frings though, but if he was such a prospect, why are they selling him?

I know we said that about Sagna but with such an abundence of exciting young talent, why do we need another one? Why can’t we use Lansbury, Diaby, Randall or Ramsey?

I’m not sure about Denilson, hopefully he’ll step up this season, Song is seen as a centreback so I’m guessing he’s the reason we haven’t bought one.

Wenger says he looks at the players mentality as well as their talent. So what happened to Flamini, Hleb and Adebayor then?

Get your cheque book out Arsene, this is getting tedious. Cesc had a quiet night but I think he was marked by 10 players so it was understandable, but he got his medal and we’ll have a happy bunny this season.

Great to see the cheating chav ballack get nothing, just like his overpaid chav mates at chav land, so all in all a great night for all of us that so hate the chavs.

I expect the boss to be back at work today and things will begin to happen, I’m up for anything but Obefemi Martins, so please, please don’t let that be true.

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  1. Pedro

    If you give any of our strikers a decent run… they have the ability to score goals.

    Ade played every game he was fit last year… if we’d have afforded a 20 year old Nik B those games, he would score at least 20 in my opinion.

    Eduardo was certainly on his way to scoring 20.

  2. El Tel

    Just entered the bar with no time yo read all the blogs guys so if i say something wierd then sorry.

    If Ade goes to them shit cunts down the road lets take these players. Alex, Essien, Any of their Keepers and maybe Joe Cole. Other than that they can fuck off and we keep the Cunt.

    Chavs just signed Deco. I don’t think this is a good move personally but we will see. Would people have been pleased if we got him.

    They didn’t take long doing the deal either did they. Maybe Hleb can go to Barca now and we can take Etoo or Goofy.

  3. El Tel

    Does anyone think we could nick Berbatov from the scummers ? would it make us happy ? would it piss the neanderthals off ?

  4. patthegooner

    Its not about the quality its about quantity

    If we only went into the season with Nic, RVP and Eduardo then there no room for suspensions, dip in forms, or injuries.

    I know we have Theo but if Theo is going up front it means Eboue is playing RM,

    I am personally a believer in having 5 strikers if you want to compete on all levels

    Take a look at our bench towards the end of the season when RVP and Eduardo were injured. It would not have frightened the dog and duck.

  5. david

    If Ade goes, we need to replace in my opinion if only until Dudu gets better, and Bendtner or Theo prove themselves.
    We cannot rely on RVP not only does he get injured he has off games.
    If we don’t sign another striker I feel this is the worst strikeforce under Wenger..

  6. Angry Loner

    Can’t stand Deco; Rat faced snide cunt of a man!

    He signed a 2 and a half year deal according to the radio???

    Whats that all about?

  7. El Tel

    Pat we had a great finish to the season we won our last four in a row, just before that when Ade lost form and was shattered we had problems.

    I believe it was more to do with Officials than our forward line and AW poor decisions. Poo were scared when Theo ran at them and he and Bendtner would probably have wanted the season to carry on.

    5 strikers are all well and good but unless you are the Chavs who can afford to pay 100k for superstars to get blistered arses then what we have is all we will get.

  8. El Tel


    Hope you feel better today.

    Have to agree I don’t like the wanker either and not because he went to them numbnuts

  9. El Tel


    I agree with you at last.

    RVP is awesome one minute and dissapears the next. He has been with us a long time so should be more consistent by now.

  10. eastcamp

    Deco is a typical Chelsea signing: big name but best years behind him.
    Would like someone with his experience though (but at DM or CB)..

  11. choy

    el tel… 5 eboues of course…

    what a dancing session they would have if any of them scored a goal!!!!!


  12. El Tel

    Hi Choy

    Thats very funny but very true. The nutter would score loads if he thoght he could do thst Zulu thingy afterwards. Maybe you are on to something there pal.

    Let AW know, sell Ade and let Eboooeeee be the lone dancer. The prick will score 50 next year.

  13. david

    El tel, just so we don’t agree too much, I would like to question our great end to the season Reading, Derby, Everton (h) and Sunderland well you know!!

  14. El Tel


    I would play him anywhere mate and im being serious, Goofy would light up the Prem like no other with that smile and those breathtaking skills.

    If it was like the old days at school when everyone lined up to be picked ol Goofy would be 1st choice every time for everyone.

  15. eastcamp

    But it’s now at 73..
    Nearly seven complete teams…
    Luckily we won’t be signing Mertesacker ! 😉

  16. El Tel


    We must learn that a win is a win. We dropped points to Boro, Brum,Villa you get my meaning mate. In the Prem apart from 3 other teams we should see anything other than a win against the rest as a failure. I bet that whinno at Mancscum does.

  17. El Tel

    Got to get ready for work people, enjoy the rest of the night. I will try to be last one to comment this morning. It will be me and any other night shifters V the Southern Hemisphere. I will do my best. Rico is obviously an earlybird, is she top of the the 1st blogger stats?

  18. patthegooner

    El Tel

    by Quality, I meant I am happy with the quality we have as strikers

    I still think if Ade goes he needs replacing

    Nasri would be Hlebs replacement, and we havent even replaced Flamini. Vela is an unknown quantity and another gamble on youth

    We moaned a lot last season about depth to the squad, Ade needs replacing

    And that is before even addressing the missing links last season.

  19. choy

    i do not think nasri is hleb’s replacement!!

    he is an addition…

    we need another winger, DM and CB… plus maybe a striker if ade leaves!!!

  20. Pedro

    I admire your confidence Eastcamp!

    Pat… I’ve kind of given up talking about what I want…

    I want a flamini replacement, a quality centreback, another wide player… + Hleb and Ade to stay.

    Wenger wont do it though… will he?

    He panics if he has more than one quality player in a position… look at Diarra.

    2 world class players in each position is something we can only dream of… how about 1 world class player in 3 positions.

  21. patthegooner

    We can but dream hey Pedro

    For me I would take Ade and Hleb out

    Nasri, another Winger/striker, CM, CB and a Pure Striker

    Is Bishoff the Flamini Replacement?

    I am sort of hoping it will all start this week, but I have a horrible feeling that Ade and Hleb will be another Ashley Cole and both drag on until the last week of the Transfer window giving us no time to replace

  22. SFO Gooner

    watching lehmann yesterday, was like his arsenal career flashing back. Great saves here and there. When one on one with Torres, he could not get there in time. Unlike the CL final luckily he did not bring him down. I think he is (was) an above average keeper.

    But he is no iker casillas. The way casillas punched away a corner almost to the other end of the pitch and was commanding on high balls, made me realize that Almunia is another above-average keeper.

    Almunia will never become a casillas. I wonder if with a world class keeper we would have won something last season.

  23. Pedro

    Almunia catches crosses… I am much more impressed with that as an ability.

    Cassilas is superb though… but there was a time when the madrid fans wanted him out.

    Pat… if we are to sell Ade and Hleb… it needs to happen now. None of this will he wont he all summer. I can’t deal with it again.

  24. SFO Gooner

    I remember torres saying it is easier to score in the PL since the goalkeepers rush out of their line all the time. Both lehmann yesterday and almunia do that a lot. while casillas/buffon seem to have a uncanny sense on when to stay put and when to rush out and narrow the angle on the striker.

    Pedro, I seem to remember almunia rushing out of his line a lot and conceding simple tap ins last season.

  25. DINGO

    For me it has to be Hunteller, Silva, Senna & to really stir it up Lets go for Lescott.

    If the all come to the prem i’ll be putting them in my fantasy
    football team (lescotts already in 1st draft)

    The windows is now open so lets get some fresh air in & get rid of those stale smells(ade,Helb)

  26. Pedro

    Well, I don’t now… I was being idealistic.

    Actually, I keep forgetting what he said… denial perhaps?

    The same with Hleb… Ideally you want to keep both, realistically, the fans wont allow it…

    What fools they’ve both been…

    I don’t remember to many of those SFO? I thought he was solid this season and most goals were conceded due to poor defending.

  27. finestcuts

    Pedro, they both lack respect for Arsenal, it’s a privilege for them to play for the club, we shouldn’t have to roll out the red carpet anytime one of them start playing up.

  28. Pedro

    “That Arshavin is a top-level talent is beyond doubt,”

    “The only issue is related to the fact that the leading leagues in the world mean you must be at the highest level of physical readiness throughout the season.”

    “Can he show his full potential every three days that happens every season the same in England and Spain?”

    “In the semi-final meeting with the Spaniards, in which Arshavin looked to be exhausted, has forced me to ask this question.”

    Cherio to Arshavin dream everyone!

    Well said finest.

  29. finestcuts

    But Wenger is right, it’s a danger sign, at 27 it could be too late for the fella to learn to cope with high pressure.

  30. Paulinho

    Keeping Hleb is far more important than keeping that talentless lanky twat Adebayor.

    Fabregas loves playing with Hleb. He’s said about three times now! He’s come out and said he never gets enough credit and he’s one on of the top five players in thr world, or at least has the potential to be.

    Whatever makes Cesc happy should be priority. He knows better than anybody what a useless cunt Adebayor is. He’s been mixing it with Torres and Villa for the last three weeks. He’s not stupid.

  31. DINGO

    Just read Carlos Vela has returned home for Holiday after sorting out flat in the Same apartment block as Dos Santos (the scums new boy) Lets hope its the flat above NO ONE could live with A Scum Bastard above you it would really lower the tone of the neighbourhood

  32. Angry Loner

    Ronaldinho is my number one dream signing this close season.

    Would absolutely love it if he came and he’s gettable too.

    Ade & Hleb for Eto’o & Ronaldinho!

    Hmmmmm, bery likely Im sure!


  33. finestcuts

    What about attitude, by allowing yourself to be treated like you’re inferior it sets a precedent for others to do so thinking they can get away with it without further consequence. They must be brought into line for what they’ve done.

  34. DINGO


    Every one says silly things when they 21
    I once said “We’ll never win this at anfield” But Micky Thomas proved me wrong

  35. Paulinho

    Wenger says that about Arshavin but if it was some African 18 year old that thought process wouldn’t come into his head. Double standards from Wenger. He should just admit his ego is too large to buy recognised players.

  36. Pedro

    Once a bitch… always a bitch.

    I know that is a distasteful way to talk about Wenger… but it’s not far off.

    Mourinho doesn’t get it, Fergie doesn’t get it and Rafa doesn’t get it.

    We lose a key player almost every year and it is not acceptable…

    Football is all about perception and if fans perceive you to be weak… the chances are the players do as well.

    Being fair and diplomatic gets you no where in football… like you said finest, it’s about attitude and we don’t carry the attitude of a big club.

    Maybe a new owner will instill a bit of balls…

  37. raif

    i just steped in from work and i know im late but Deco’s signd for Chelsea.
    So we all know what that means lads?? HELB DEAL to Barca immanent

  38. Pedro

    Zenit St Petersburg’s backers are ready to make a sensational offer for Barcelona star Lionel Messi.

    Russian energy group, Gazprom, financially support Zenit and RIA Nowosti says they’ve discussed in recent days the prospect of splashing out on Argie ace Messi.

    Gazprom are willing to put £18 million towards signing Messi, with Zenit including Andrei Arshavin in their offer to bring the total bid in the region of £30 million.

    Funny, a bit childish… but funny all the same.

    We should leak stories like that about clubs who disrupt our players…

  39. patthegooner

    What on earth was Steve Sidwell thinking when he joined them

    I know you should be confident in your own ability, but seriously he was never going to get a game there

    As for Zenit and Messi

    It will never happen, reminds me of the Spuds going for Zidane and Etoo

  40. patthegooner

    I am so hooked in on Newsnow for Arsenal, I miss who anyone else buys and sells.

    Pleased about that, I hate Fat Frank

  41. choy

    i know this is outrageous but me and rico were talking about it earlier.. wish we could sell ade and get essien!!!!

  42. patthegooner

    As in Essien the worldly respected tough tackling midfielder. The one who can score some screamers and is full of premiership experience and is a born winner.

    Why would we want him when we can get a unknown kid from Werder Bremen who is injury prone, has no premier league experience, cant decide whether he is French or Portuguese but hey he is free!!!!!!!

    That is no real disrespect on young Bischoff, I did not mean it, I was mocking our transfer dealings of replacing experience with youth

  43. Angry Loner

    What exactly should Wenger be doing Pedro?

    Calling Ade a cunt in public?

    Telling the media after A~de said he was gonna meet him, that NO he wasnt gonna bother coz he’d already seen him, kinda put him in his place, telling the media he aint for sale, telling milan to fuck off.

    What more do you think he could do?

  44. Angry Loner

    That Bischoff aint even a defensive midfielder. he’s yet another attacking CM!
    Hope that one’s bullshit as I just do not see how him spending 3 years in Bremen without anyone noticing he was an effin monster!

  45. patthegooner

    Angry Loner

    At this stage I think Wenger has got his response spot on

    As long as he does maximise the transfer fee and sell them

    and as long as he spends that transfer fee

    and as long as it does not drag into the final hours of the transfer window.

    Lets get it done soon, before those arseholes disrupt any harmony at the training ground.

  46. raif

    Let me just Remind you Lads that Yes we get linkd to alot of players in the Footballing World but remember they are Nothing More then Smoke Screens to hide who we are REALLY AFTER!!

    the reason for this is..

    1. Wenger likes to do things in secret so other clubs dont try to out bid us.
    “Cough Cough Chelski” they did it with Essien, SWP, Sidwell, so on

    2. Like to avoid a Bidding War.



    & So On


  47. El Tel

    Ha Ha Ha

    Looks like nobodies on the Night scene except me. All the Southern Hemisphere guys must be at a BBQ, only joking guys.

    If I am last on Geoff and you actually read this in the morning then please sneak me in at No. 1. You see I will never be able to do it because I am very often sleeping then and Rico is probably faster at writing than me.

    Just for fun I am thinking nof writing the longest fucking rant of all time but no one will read it not even AngryLoner.

  48. RassHenry

    Its not right at all for that piece of shitte (Ade) go to Chel$ea or any other BPL side. I think if we loose a striker then we need to replace a striker, tho. Pato is world class why not Wenger swap Ade for Pato + 10m with Milan. Or maybe a straight swap for Eto’o or Messi with Barca. Its make sense, i guess. I just don’t want Wenger to buy a substandard useless striker like Guiza, Gomez, Martins or whoever fuck for a replacement.

  49. El Tel

    My hatred for Mancscum goes back to the early Bryan Robson days when the likes of him and Remi Moses started to use violence against our boys, then they started to be successful after years and years of shittiness.

    They hired a Jock manager who had success at Aberdeen Angus, the guy left there after drinking them dry. The Mancscum became very cocky and started to build close relationships with all of the Poo’s former allies.

    The Jock cunt was a very clever man and he got into the media guys by threatening to kill them if they crossed him, he then moved onto the Officials, men in Black or what I call the forces of evil.

    Over the years they won more and more, England skipper followed by England skipper. They were unbookable and got away with football atrocities.

    Years went by before a Penalty was given against them at Fortress McDonalds now known as the Theatre of Screams. It seems that nobody dared entertheir penalty area and if they did the forces of darkness intervened.

    They played excuisite football hitting defence to attack at rapier speed and with the minimum of passes, they punted up the wings where they had the bestest fastest wingers who beat the shit defender and smashed the ball across the box where they had lethal centre forwards launching in. This tactic is still used to this day and nobody has been able to stop them.

    Any decent player who dared take them on were met by legendary players like the Neville Bro’s, Bruce and pallister, the evil Stam and the all conquering rio who by the way never failed a drug test in his life.

    But before any decent player got to the defenders of the realm they were met by the midfielders, these guys were supremely talented they passed the ball very quickly and accurately got forward at great pace to link with the forwards and hacked the fuck out of anybody who dared go past them. The greatest midfielder they ever had was the gentle Irish Leprauchaun by the name of Keane closely followed by the one they call Scholes.

    Today the Mancscum have changed slightly and with the pace of the modern game they are now using the midfielders further up the park, players like The mad Rooney who can swear bite and elbow his way into the danger zone, If antone attempts to stop this guy he will pretend he got hit and go to ground, the best bit though is left for their bestest evr player, well since best, Giggs and Cantona anyway. Now this fella is a revelation. He shoots headers the ball takes the piss out of defenders with his ball juggling skills and best of all if anyone can get within 2 feet of him he can produce a dive worthy of any Olympic gold.

    The Manager well he is the General of all Generals, his soldiers go to battle fully prepared all 14 of them, they do what he says to the letter or they die.

    Next up are the Spuds

    They grace the field to the tune of Glory Glory ……… ……. This is incredibly funny as they are rarely glorius. They play the best football so say their fans and winning isn’t everything. They are always looking to get into the top four and never dream of getting 1st place.

    They waste money even more so than the Ruski at their real nearest rivals by signing players like Bent for Millions. Every year they do this and every year they get the same result.

    They are annual losers and count the carling cup as their priority, they had a fantastic season last year as they won the prize they cherish so much.

    They do sometimes sign gems like Gazza who’s brain was fried after playing for them and Klinsman who was near the end of his greatness and really must be wondering why in his old age. They had the cunt of all cunts with the name of a kids toy playing for them. This Arsenal hating tosser played for both the teams i personally despise.

    They have the most intelligent and friendly fans on planet earth, they call themselves Yiddos and they love smashing up the disgusting Highbury and the crappy Emirates.
    They are so unhappy with visiting places of great splendour as they are used to dwelling in a sewer.

    The Chavs

    New kids on the block, not much to say about these wannabees, little in History and classless. A team run by the biggest gangsters ever seen in football.

    They will never be happy as they sold there souls to the beast for a couple of years of over achievement.

    The Poo

    Nothing but thieves who had a rich History untill Mancscum took all their clients, from Bolton to Sunderland Blackburn to Boro, all these teams lay down and die for thier Northern Bretheren. Money exchanging hands for the glory of the game.

    The fans are lauded as the best ever and they have had legends like Souness, Smith, Rush and Keegan. Dalglish and the great Ray Kennedy.

    Englands greatest ever team.

    They all hate Arsenal because we are southern softies who don’t mind taking what they believe is only for them. Arsenal the team with haters in every part of this land. We have no allies anywhere, all teams fight to kill the dreadsed Arsenal. We have had average players like.

    George, Brady, Vieira, DB10, Th14, Bobby Pires, Overmars the list goes on.
    We play boring football and are known as lucky Arsenal. We cheat and are vicious one minute and don’t like it up us the next.

    All teams and the media talk about ways to stop Arsenal is this a compliment or just plain cheating. Never has anyone said this is how to stop the Mancscum or the Chavs because they defend the cause and that is to smash Arsenal.

    History: Never relegated from the top flight with the longest unbroken reign in the top flight. Inventing of the shirt number by our visionary Manager Sir Herbert Chapman. A tem who’s empire was halted by a world war. first team on radio and first team on tv. Films about the Club and not just a mention in a film. Cups in almost all decades since the 20’s. The History is endless and is envied by almost all except the Northern butchers who want to slay us.

    Finishing work now guys so I will stop now.

    Nobody will read this and I don’t blame them but I want to be last on this Blog.

    Bye all.

  50. ikon

    …. ??!!@#

    the more we play a solo striker the more chances of him putting i 30 alone than a 15 goal tally for two upfront team. Hop vela dudu and walcott fight it out for the striking positions. I think vela will play more often than walcott.

  51. finestcuts

    LOL, this is what todays topic will be about.

    You really don’t like the rest of ’em do you Tel?

  52. gnarleygeorge9

    I tell you, I’m well & truely knacked @ the moment due to work, but its surprising how the boys/girl(s) @ Le grove can perk things up. I look forward to the post Geoff.

  53. Just Stick It In !

    oh boy! another unknown signed up (if the reports are true!)


    most of us have waited long enough to see some silverware coming to the grove.

    all this while i practically watched Cesc grow up to be a man, who is going to step up to the plate next season to bring this club forward?

    i’d say CESC FOR CAPTAIN!