Is he from Togo or Zimbabwe? delusional twit.

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Adebayor seems to think he’s worth as much money as Thierry Henry for some strange reason, he compares himself with Arsenal’s record goalscorer, the man who regularly netted 30 plus goal a season, the man who never missed a chance, the double footballer of the year, the man who will end up as Arsenal’s best ever player, and this delusional, greedy dimwiited twit from Togo thinks he’s on the same level – Jesuuuus!

Bit like someone who thinks he just won an election in Zimbabwe, mentally ill, delusional or a bit of both?

Arsene, you came out and said what you should have done, so well done for digging your heels in, but take the money or put the disrespectful, ungrateful nobody in the reserves for a season.

He will undermine team spirit, teach him a lesson and Bendtner will be twice the player next season, and on that note, he’s very quiet isn’t he? I bet he’s loving this!

Finally boss, you need to know we will never forgive him for this, never. He is finished with the fans.

Other news now as I really can’t stand talking about this ingrate anymore, Huntelaar has now told Ajax he won’t sign a contract and rumours abound, but I can’t see us going for him, I would prefer him to Santa Cruz but he’s not the big bugger he’d be replacing is he? Eto’o is a great goalscorer but the question is why are Barca letting him go and Gomez, who freely scores in Germany is being touted but hasn’t shone in the Euros, so I’m not so sure about him either, not a lot to get excited about then.

I read on the blog that the Ben Arfa deal hasn’t been done yet, anyone for him? It would explain why we haven’t signed Nasri yet, wouldn’t it?

Tonight is the last night of the Euros and a final chance to see the great Cesc Fabregas triump over the mechanical Germans, I hope he has a blinder because we need something to cheer about after listening to the ravings of a nutter all week, also this marks the start of real Arsenal business, or it should, if we don’t have our new signings in place by pre season I think we’ll be missing a trick or two.

It seems the money issues are coming home to roost with news that Liverpool and Madrid have to sell before they can buy, so maybe the Barry deal is not yet done? Man City though are doing a Chelsea, and Chelsea are about to do a Chelsea, so we need to have all of our squad in place soon.

Happy Domingo Grovers, tomorrow it begins in ernest.

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  1. david

    Not bad Pedro, not as good as against Russia. He seems to have to look for the ball more the further up the pitch he is, instead of it coming to him..
    He looked pissed of when he was subbed but happy with a winners medal..

  2. Pedro

    Not bad then… at least he isn’t injured and we don’t have a depressed Cesc for next year!

    How long before Madrid come knocking?

  3. Angry Loner


    You answered your own question fella.

    I would love Eto’o at Arsenal, but it won’t happen.


  4. david

    Just about to turn off .. Angry I said we need a biggish name (heard of) not big but I would take any one of the big names..
    How have I answered my own question?

  5. Angry Loner


    Wot drugs you on?


    So, you talking about plaYERS LIKE Santa Cruz, Veloso type signings then?

    Im talking about 23-25 year old players who have got experience that i aint necessarily heard of.

    Oh and i aint got a clue about what I said about you answering your own question! I think it was from the fact the reason i say we dont need big name signings is cos they just won’t happen will they?

    Although, my mum’s hairdressers’s brother in law’s baby sitters neighbours uncle drives a cab and he said he dropped Eto’o off at the Grove last night.

  6. ethangunner

    straight from

    Arsenal are in talks with German side Werder Bremen for their 21 year old versatile midfielder Amaury Bischoff, according to French website

    The Gunners contacted Bremen six months ago to ask about the highly rated Frenchman, but have since moved for his services. The player himself says a deal has been agreed, and he will travel to London tomorrow to undertake a medical examination before putting pen-to-paper.

    Bischoff was interviewed about the move, and says is just waiting for the boss to return from the European Championships before completing the transfer.

    “There are some details left to finalize, and then we wait for Arsene Wenger to return from Switzerland.”

    “I hope to sign within the next days”

  7. ethangunner

    so there you go , nasri – bischoff as our flamini – hleb replacements ..

    it looks more finalized than anything else ive read to date …
    I suppose all this ade business once the dust has settled could
    spell out if we need a top flight striker or not !

    its looking good so far , as far as ade leaving is concerned i mean !
    wenger seems to think hleb and ade are staying , whilst i would like hleb to stay
    as he has got good touch , i cant say the same about ade !
    the 1st touch of a rapist with delusional money demands to boot !!

    He has really painted himself into a corner with these outrageous statements .
    As for goal keepers alumina is wearing the no. 1 shirt .. so i suppose that speaks for itself !

    Id like to see a defender added as much as the next man but i really cant see wenger not opting with gallas and toure next season , i know it falls away after that , backup like lahm or richards would be nice … but i suppose that all depends on the budget !

    Has wenger came out and said what the budget really is ???
    has anyone ?????

    it would be easier to work out who we are getting if we knew the season budget wenger is playing with ! but as ever the fans are treated like mushrooms !

  8. ethangunner

    going to bangkok tomorrow lads to meet a old friend of mine , going to live it up for a week
    or so at the sleazy wine bars .. keep flying the flag …

    and oh pedro – geoff work work lads … i just wrote a single blog on ACLF ! i bet you that yogi prick doesnt air it !!! pat told me to go there and have a read ! It will show you how he censors his site ! and how he DIDNT censor it with keeping all the comment on le grove on there !

    he never removed the trash that was said about us ! he just used an excuse he was out whilst it was written . but never erased the crap once he got home !

    funny that !

    im sure my comment although it contains no swearing will not be aired !
    proving what a nazi prick he is !

  9. Ja_Gunner

    There was one reason I did not want Spain to win…and that reason is Luis Aragones.

    Didnt he make racist statements about Henry during the 2006 World cup.?

  10. ethangunner

    No spain has to much emerging talent to not be close in there somewhere at the end ..
    sergio ramos is a reasonable player .. definitely flamboyant going forward , a bit patchy in defense but against kluse , you can be forgiven …
    They definitely missed villa he is such a match winning 1 man army !
    very much like TH14 in commanding the front line …
    Him not being there last night was a bit worrying !
    but torres has some class ! great touch … couldnt imagine ade having timing like that !
    torres drogba ronaldo are the grade of players we are up against !
    to compare them with ade is like comparing kung fu panda to mike tyson !

    yes they might lose drogba , but they will replace him with villa or similar !
    get with the program arsene !

    as for bischoff evo , i think is wengers age of signing ! 21 …. young with talent ..
    you aint going to see much better than that i fear !
    more untested frenchmen !!!

    ho hum !

  11. gnarleygeorge9

    Ethan have a nice time in Bangers. Make sure the only thing you “catch” from the sleazy wine bars is a taxi home.

  12. Evo in OZ

    yes, you wouldnt want to catch anything else!

    by this time next week i would presume we’ve signed 1-2 players more at least! other than ramsey

  13. ethangunner


    the hands height and voice is still the best indicator .. also the elastic bands around there balls is a bit of a giveaway also ! :)

    but dont worry .. im sure unless i get too maggoted i wont be going down that road :)
    even with a female :)

    and i lived in bangers for 5 years … i know where NOT to hang out !
    ( or what to hang out & where :) ) it will be twilight soi cowboy followed by nana nights !
    some great brit pubs in the area also , just a shame the euros have finished ! and

    SPAIN WON !!!!

    This time in Thailand is time of the year when the weather is getting more milder
    (a straight 30 degrees!)
    when my long term buddies come out for a visit .. nov / dec is the best time ..
    weather is hot during the day , mild at night .. perfect stuff !