Adebayor. …not the sharpest tool in the box is he?

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So after a month of rumour and speculation Adebayor finally came out and said what we all wanted to hear, that he was staying, then in the same interview he said many other clubs were after him and he will decide where he goes next week. He’ll decide!!!

Many have been upset by this behaviour, indeed many are just plain angry, what he did was to raise everyones hopes, then dash them in the next breath, Togonator or Togotwat?

I’m going for the bit that ended in twat so here’s my view, I think he’s easily led, why? Because he has never had to learn how to behave or what to say to an adoring public, that he doesn’t really understand what a contract means, he really isn’t that bright, I also think the interviewer led him to say what he said, that said I don’t want to see the greedy arrogant tosser in an Arsenal shirt again, I would like to see Arsene stop pandering to these mercenaries and send out a message.

Ade had one good season in a team that created more chances than any other, see what he’s like at another team, he wasn’t that impressive at Monaco was he? How many of you got excited when we signed him?

Cesc loves the club and tells us he’s staying, Ade and Hleb clearly don’t, so should either rot in the stiffs or be sold for the max and be done with it.

I had enough of them, bring in someone that would want to play for the Arsenal, go after Micah Richards, he supports the Arsenal, he would love it if we bought him and so would we.

Yesterdays behaviour was cruel and uneccessary and even if he stays I will never like him again, or Hleb.

Onto better and happier news, Theo has been given the untouchable number 14, fantastic news, if anyone can do that proud, it’s Theo, I really, really rate this kid and think he will be a revelation this season, I hope Thierry comes out and says something, that would be a nice touch.

So just when we thought the speculation would stop, it begins again. This does nothing other than make our club look stupid and when rotten apples do that, they have to be discarded before it affects the whole barrel.

However he will need to bring in better or the team will be affected and I really don’t want another season like we just had, so I hope the boss has something in mind other than Ramsey.

Gilberto is a legend and should be kept, at the end of the season I think he was back to his best, but his loyalty is appreciated and should be rewarded. It seems to be a rarity these days at the Arsenal.

David Dein pops up again to say we need Usmanov’s money and we’re being left behind by the top 3 and Tottenham because we don’t or won’t spend, I wonder what his best mate Wenger says to him when they go out for a couple of pints.


DD – ‘Arsene you need to spend £70 million on star players’

AW – ‘No I don’t’

That would be a short and interesting conversation wouldn’t it?

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  1. Evo in OZ

    cheers gnarely.

    thoughts on wenger is he will continue youth policy…Kanu jnr will stay, kleb will go! nasri will sign this week, then 1-2 more will sign in the next few weeks!

  2. Raif

    yeah i was just reading that. Bloody stupid i say. hurry up and sell him get it over and done with. other wise we wont hear the end of it till the season starts

  3. gnarleygeorge9

    What goodies does Barca have to offer? Messi, mmmmmm he would be nice. I know The Club does its transferring on the quiet, but that does not mean we the fans have to do the same. So its official. Messi is required @ Emirates Stadium. We want him.

  4. Raif

    i read somewere we looked intothe possibliy of getting messi but it would have been impossible to a work permit for him. it was about the same time when the club founf out about Fabregas

  5. ricardo

    Get Rid of Ade NOW!
    Nothing but trouble – and more to come in January – and then again next summer!
    Hes just a twat – let him become the new Gilardino at AC. (Count how many chances they create for him)
    Keep Hleb. At least he keeps out of the media – he may wish to try something new (don’t we all sometimes) but if the boss can turn him back round for another season – take it.
    I think he is a really good player.
    Bendtner and Vela up front with Nasri Hleb Diaby and Berti in midfield (Rosick-note and RVP in the treatment room).
    I hope Gallas works out and has a great season alongside Kolo with Bertie in front of them

  6. ricardo

    I’m going to regret that post – Fabregas in midfield with Bertie!
    I’m in HK and it is too early in the morning!
    Fab to score the winning goal tonight past Mad Jens!

  7. gnarleygeorge9

    Actually Raif, with Cesc I don’t know whether we actually need him in an attacking midfield role, but as a centre forward running @ the backs, or coming @ them from the wing. He’s like the energizer bunny.

  8. ethangunner


    i agree with you mate ! i know human nature is to better yourself ,suck in the bucks whilst they are there for the taking , but like pat said you do no favors, bullshitting to the fans , it would have been better if he came out and said arsenal aren’t giving me the pay rise i’m after , so my hands are tied , I need a contact that reflects my playing skills …
    ( $4.50 per hour :) if you ask me ! )

    Instead he bullshits to the fans that he is current GOD of Arsenal and is going no where !
    rest easy disciples….. Im staying …
    NO COMMENT ! is all the cunt needed to say … least he wouldnt burn his bridges !

    Hes a ‘show man’ thru and thru ! kissing the badge ! thumping the chest ! Like i said he didnt have me fooled !

    And pat , its not petty , you don’t understand how hard it is to listen to people saying ade is great when i can see he clearly isnt , i dont want to sound like a broken record
    but he is so ‘UN arsenal like’ in his playing style ,its hard to watch ..
    im not whining for nothing , im complaining because i want the cunt out ,always have done and i cant see why arsene just cant ‘see him for what he is’ !
    But by not paying him a cesc style wage my mind is appeased !

    Like i said months ago ! Common sense will prevail !

    Fuck let barca have him , he will fail 100% and be the ‘signing scam of the century ‘
    he needs a solid midfield providing him with an enormous amount of opportunity’s per match , just to score 1 goal !!!! he wont get that at barca ..
    no cunt is that Ego – free and selfless there, they wont give him a 2nd chance !
    He will be warming the bench !!! thats my playing prediction future for ade !!
    10 goals a season !!! impact sub for long balls , which 9 out 10 times he fucks up anyhow !

    with you 100% brother !!!
    sell ade ,keep hleb !

  9. Evo in OZ

    Arsenal will sign Oguzhan Ozyakup from AZ Alkmaar when the midfielder turns 16 in September. (The Times)

  10. ethangunner

    when he turns 16? so he might be playing in the 1st team by 2014 !???

    fucking hopeless ! i have a real problem when wenger makes signings like this !
    he wont even be at the helm when this kid starts to bare fruit …
    lets hope he doesn’t develop a drinking problem … :)
    or get home sick
    or likes the night clubs too much !
    or isnt happy with his wage structure !
    or is unhappy with all the competition !!!

    Oguzhan Ozyakup?? WTF ?
    (WHO THE #UCK?)

  11. Evo in OZ

    i have no idea who he is, its just a rumour!

    i want us to sign goufran (caen) and whoever the fuck else we can get!

  12. Gooner07

    ” I’ll Play Like Henry When I’m Paid Like Henry” – AdeBYEor

    hahahahaha.. Some statement you nasty piece of work. You’ll never ever lace his boots.

    Guys, I see Wenger selling the fucker, and then sticking to Vela, Bendtner and RVP. Eduardo returns after injury, and that’s it. Walcott could also play there if wanted.

  13. Gooner07

    Its amusing the press keeps tabs on our players, and don’t care to spew a single rumour of spurs’ Berbatov, and the likes. Morons!

  14. gnarleygeorge9

    Through my drunken haze last night i seem to recall Gunner fever mentioning that Real Madrid are living beyond their means, & that they will have to offload players, i.e Wesley Sneijder anyone??

  15. gnarleygeorge9

    I’ve still got an almost full bottle of the Captain Morgan regular, but, I don’t think I shall tonight. I think yesterday was a knee jerk reaction to Richmond losing. I had to just block it out.

  16. gunner_fever

    thats right gnarley i did say that as i heard from their very own real madrid tv presenter that they have to offload some players due to their loan increments and also to support the wages real madrid have promised c.ronaldo if he signs.

    wesley sneijder as of now is just a rumour guys take it with a grain of salt….but if it does happen arent we all gona be happy or what. :)

  17. gunner_fever

    yes he does gnarls and he surely does add that magic to the squad and also scores from freekicks and scores goals unlike hleb……..he sure would be a direct replacement for hleb and a better one to be honest.

  18. gnarleygeorge9

    scoring from free kicks, since TH14 left, & with RVP11 out, has dried up. A set piece goal here & there would be invaluable.

  19. gnarleygeorge9

    Hey G fever what was that strikers name that used to play for Arsenal, um oh I know Adebayor thats right :)

  20. gunner_fever

    when he was at monaco he did the same and as soon as he heard arsenal are out to get him he did his best to secure a move here and then with his own country togo he went on a strike saying he wouldnt play until their wages increased and he was suspended for a long time and now with arsenal this skunk sniffs more money outa richer clubs and goes on to try and create a hostile feeling so the fans and the club can just wish he can be sold.

    he surely will be sold the cunt.

  21. gnarleygeorge9

    Has Geoff been coaching Le Boss on how to be firm about wayward contracted players. Or does his new tough stance mean that Le Boss actually does read Le Grove?

    He’s under contract and that’s quite simple. I can tell you as manager of Arsenal I’m not worried,” said the Frenchman.

    “Of course I expect him to be at Arsenal next season – he’s under contract.”

  22. gnarleygeorge9

    The avatar?
    1. Go to
    2. Open an account(remember whatever name you give yourself stays, so don’t use your real one!)
    3.Go to ‘Users'(far right two tabs tab in the dashboard)
    4. Click your new user name, then upload an avatar. You can use any pic you want.

    Thse are Pedro’s instructions, so talk to him if you need more help. Good luck

  23. gunner_fever

    i really hope mr.wenger does read le grove coz here there aint no blind curtain thrown at your face and made to believe at what the bloggers have to say like in other blogs whereas in here we sure can have an opinion and not get one.

    when wenger said “I can tell you as manager of Arsenal im not worried” it shows that this man has finaly grown a pair of nuts and what he intends to say is being the manager of a club like arsenal fc we are not gona be bullied by any club or player…even if its our own player trying to hold us ransom like adebyewhore.

    finaly things are hopefully gona change at arsenal fc and players will realise that this club will not take any shit from them and their agents anymore.

  24. finestcuts

    Adebayor is trying to mug us, you’re not Henry Adebayor, and it took him a while to get paid what you’re hoping for and he did much more for the team than you ever will, time to call for a taxi Adebayor.

  25. gunnerfever

    lol you bet it is gnarls….i realy did want to get a pic coz it looked better and on par with the regular posters here. 😀

  26. gunnerfever

    ben arfa will be nasri’s replacement for marseille and nasri i realy do hope is not a direct replacement to hleb as i would realy prefer a genuine winger with an instinct to score goals ala bobby pires the legend.

  27. gnarleygeorge9

    Portsmouth are planning a shock move for ex-Leeds United star Harry Kewell.
    The Liverpool foward is available on a free, after rejecting a reduced-wages offer at Anfield.

    Aussie international Kewell has also been linked with Roma but would prefer to stay in the Premier League.

    Pompey manager Harry Redknapp wants to team him up with Kop striker Peter Crouch

  28. Evo in Oz

    kewell would be a typical redknapp signing!

    the marseille deal for ben arfa didnt go ahead apparently

  29. gunnerfever

    evo june 30th is the last date to register the players for them and thats what lyon want and so hopefully today or tomorow the ben arfa deal will go through as all has been agreed including a medical and all that remains is some tax formalities that marseille are stuck with and the deal is 100% sure to go through and once they have ben arfa the nasri signing will be concluded as the same is the case here with arsenal and nasri has already succesfully completed the said medical.

  30. Jon

    The guy is an idiot!!! I bet Helb loves him. He is managing to sneek out the door while Adebaysnore is making such an arse hole of himself!!! Rot is the hell that is the Barcelona team. Look what they did to Overmars, Petit and Henry’s careers!!!

  31. Richard Goh

    Well said, get rid of these idiots (Ade-do-a-thing & Help), get a good price for him, bring in new players who wants to play for us. I know we can never stop anyone but at least they sud be grateful for what the club done for their career. Thanks and congrats to Cesc.

  32. noel reynolds

    he is as thick as shit, poor sod. he is so stupid that he thinks it is acceptable to be advised to give 1 interview at quarter past 12 declaring your undying love for arsenal and then an hour later give 1 saying the virtual opposite.

    he is thick because you only have to look at the amount of times he was offside last seaon. fuck me, ive seen people in my pub team have a better understanding than him of the complexities of the offside rule. i can’t remember a more blatant offside than when we played newcastle away last season and he was at least 2 yards in front of rosicky and still had the nerve to berate tomas for not passing the ball to him.

    he is thick because in his negative arsenal interview he started referring to himself in the 3rd person.

    he is thick because he believes he is on a par with henry.

    he is thick because he thinks the grass is always greener outside ashburton grove.

    ship him out. end of.

  33. ed atom

    Has Arsene Wenger lost his passion and ambition? I mean, does he really want to win the champions league at least one time in his managerial career?

    I really can’t understand Wenger sometimes you know……Barca want Ade and Hleb, so why don’t we do a swap deal which will see Ronaldinho and some cash coming Arsenal’s way, and Ade going the other, then use the sale of Hleb and the surplus cash from the Ade sale to finance a deal for David Villa or Hunterlaar.

    Surely that combination will be more potent than anything in Europe today, and can guarantee Arsenal the double at the very least next season.