Wenger calls bluffs, €40mil for pinky €23mil for perky

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So pay up or bugger off is the message from born again Arsene Wenger, he’s finally shown his hand which says ‘show us your money’. Good for him, if we get it we could go after anyone we want, imagine!

We are hot on the heels of Silva the Spanish winger, Nasri’s gone cold and that would leave a hole for a proven goalscorer, but what if he doesn’t? That’s my fear, he sold Henry (He left a year today) and Freddie last season and neither were replaced, with Vela coming in and Eduardo coming back, what if he feels we have enough, don’t forget Eduardo wasn’t signed as an Henry replacement, groundhog day anyone?

Good news was to hear Cesc saying he’s going nowhere and the same from Gael Clichy, how refreshing to hear that some of our players want to stay, so on that note Adebayor and Hleb can just go, get what we can and replace them with quality, effective goalscorers, so maybe Arshavin, Silva, Diego, Diogo but please reconsider the centerback situation boss, we really need a quality stopper as Gallas has had it and Senderos isn’t good enough, surely you can see what us and the rest of the footballing world can.

Finally I would really turn the screw with Barca and Milan and say if you want our players we want yours, try it for christs sake, do unto others, they have players we covet, they don’t have the money so take hardball to the next level.

Another good day on the comments section Grovers, at least we all know what to do even if ‘you know who doesn’t’ …or does he?

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  1. rico01

    Whats a HAB please Pedro, sorry for being thick,

    Count me in for the tenner… whip you boys arses……………. 😉

  2. Raif

    Germany know that turkey are dangerous going late on in the game. so Germany will Sit Back now. so we should see a Turkish wave of attacks. and German Counter attacks

  3. davoody


    Yeah .. its great….

    I celebrated his Pen like i was Spanish. Wife thought i was nuts….

    Got lost in the moment , quite embarrassing really.

  4. davoody

    OMG! Turkey again……

    You can’t help think this is gonna be 2004 (Greece) all over again.

    What was Jens doing???

  5. Pedro

    It hurts to see a great keepers demise… it’s like watching Seaman in his last world cup… but maybe worse…

  6. rico01

    I learned that saying from Le Grove, and get told off at home if the children are around…………….. you are so bad… 😉

  7. Pedro

    This has been the best international tournament in 15 years! It’s been brilliant!

    Who needs quota’s? Just good players and bold managers!

  8. david

    Pedre that should be HOB (husband or boyfriend) I’m sure for rico!

    Where’s El Tel he has been saying Almunia gets beaten at his near post and Lehmann should have been no1 last season!!

  9. rico01

    Well, that was a good game and credit to the Turks, they were robbed

    So one half of my prediction are through, sadly for Cesc, Russia will join them tomorrow

  10. davoody

    Same old Same old Same old….

    Germany will no doubt win this tourno now……

    They won’t play that bad in the final……

    I can just hope that Spain reach the final and Cescy Boy puts one pass his old mate Jens. … ok maybe two….

  11. Pedro

    Anyone feeling Russia vs Germany… in Austria?

    It’s going to happen isn’t it!

    Guus Hiddink winning his first international trophy…

    I want Spain though… and Cesc! Come on Spain!

  12. Raif


    i am Really Proud of my boys. we should be going into extra time tho. Never Mind

    but i always said Our Defenders are some times to Sloppy. and not enough Cutting edge up front.

  13. rico01

    David, how do you know I do not have a husband and a boyfriend…………… No wonder I am always tired 😉

  14. rico01

    Pedro – This lttle girlie suggested Russia v Germany a few days ago, Russia at that time were 50-1 to beat Holland and I was tempted but never did – Bollox!

    My winners are Russia – just a hunch IMHO!

  15. Pedro

    Question before I go…

    If you are the German coach, do you drop Lehmann for the final?

    I’ll be interested to read your comments later!

  16. maqitlarge

    BR – I will do tomorrow. Difficult to call. Russia are a differnt team with Arshavin (as we would be). I’ve got ancestors from both countries but Cesc definitely pulls the heart in. I’ll see wat the head says tomorrow.

  17. Pedro

    Rico… I remember…!

    You’re a contender for the fantasy football… that is for sure!

    Have a good one everybody!

  18. davoody

    Blimey Pedro….

    Who is the reserve goaly… ?

    Could you imagine Jens if that happened.

    The Headline could only be bettered if it read

    “Shock Call up for Alumina to the German squad having found out that he once bought a Schnitzel for lunch so he qualifies.”

  19. maqitlarge

    Germany won’t win. Not with those CBs. Just have to close teh FBs and let the CB waste possession.

  20. Pedro

    Arsenal’s Emmanuel Adebayor is “80 per cent” a Milan player, according to his agent Vincenzo Morabito.

    The Togo international has been named as their number one transfer target and after an initial offer was rejected, it seems the process is in full swing.

    “Arsenal are looking for Adebayor’s replacement. Until that search is over, the negotiations won’t reach the final stage, but I am fairly optimistic,” revealed Morabito on television show Studio Sport.

    “What are the chances of Adebayor coming to Milan? I’d say today we are between 70 and 80 per cent.”

    It is believed the Rossoneri are just £3m away from sealing a deal with Arsenal, as they have proposed £28m compared to the £31m asking price.

    Barcelona had an offer rejected earlier this month, but Milan have the crucial consensus of the player, who has reportedly demanded a transfer to San Siro.

  21. davoody

    If arsenal are looking for Ade’s replacement…. guess that means Villa is not already in the bag. 🙁

  22. Paulinho

    Arshavin and Hleb would be perfect with Nasri in reserve if either isn’t doing the biz.

    I’m just as excited by Adebayor’s possible departure as well. Might classy right-footed technical striker, which we do not have at the moment.

  23. david

    I know we don’t support Arsenal PLC, but that is good buisness.
    We just have to hope we become a football club again ASAP.

  24. Arsenaldo

    I would get the russsian chap POgrebniak-he is as good as Arshavin and Pavlu4enko but got injured before Euros so his price is still not inflated . He was veeery good for Zenit this year

  25. ikon

    its gonna be russia vs germany in finals…. gut feeling

    russia 2 germany 0
    pavlychenko,arshavin score

    fitting end to a great tournament.

    I bet we will sign doigo, arshavin and zapata from the money ade makes for us..

    good man ade isnt he 😀

  26. Geoff

    Spain will beat Russia for me, Adebayor is dissappointing, I would like to know why he and Hleb really want to go.

    Fuck them, greedy disrespectful cunts, as always, we buy them and they’re shit, have one good year and then they cash in.

  27. GoonerJim

    £120,000 per weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek? Ade you are a greedy, disloyal mercenary who plays for his “back pocket!” Fuck off out the club and take Hleb with you. YOU, FlaMONEY & HLEB have joined Cashley Coles exclusive club of disloyal CUNTS CLUB. We only want players who have the HEART to play for us!

  28. GMR

    Wengers words that are in the Mirror today have really worried me:

    Barcelona aim to strip both Emmanuel Adebayor and Alex Hleb from his Gunners squad, and former Arsenal keeper David Seaman suggested yesterday the club could be on the verge of a crisis.

    The Frenchman insisted: “I am enjoying being here more because if I was in London I’d be much more confronted with that problem. Here I have a little distance from that. I know that a lot has been written, but I’m very calm because I don’t know why I should be nervous!

    That is a clear case of burying your head in the sand, he wants to be away from London because he doesn’t want to have to deal with serious club issues. I’m seriously worried about our clubs future if this is the attitude of our supposed leader!!

  29. rico01

    GMR – Im no AKB – but I can understand what he means, all the paps would be in his face, and we are fed up with the saga, so would anyone.

    Ade/Hleb I believe are out of the UK too, so what could be solved. If they are about money then I think old Fizzyman deals with that anyway..

    He is probably waiting for the Euros to finish, both cnuts to get back to the club, and then I would love to be a fly on the wall..

    Crouch ? Now that worries me more than AW being at the Euros…

  30. Big Raddy

    He is being ironic GMR. We all know AW lives and breathes the club. He means he is happy to be away from the fantasy rumour mill that is English paper talk. He is in Switzerland not Outer Mongolia.

    If anything, he is saying that here is nothing for him to worry about. And he is right. If Ade goes for huge money, many of us wll be very happy, and for one of us (Ethan), it will make our summer. And Hleb? How many people have written about his ‘end-product’? If we can sell them, we should. We have the replacements, and two more signing will give us a great squad.

    And Seamo/The Mirror ….. who cares?

  31. GMR

    rico, its only a problem if all the speculation is true.

    Wenger doesn’t talk to the press in this country anyway, other than the press conferences he’s obliged to do.

    That comment to me suggest he doesn’t want to have to deal with the problem & whilst he’s away he doesn’t have to. Sorry but I don’t want such a weak person being in charge.

    In the independant they seem to suggest & must have got it from Wenger that the Nasri deal won’t happen until he steps in, which it appears he’s in no rush to do. They also mention his ‘joke’ that he has no money, well that joke may have been funny the first time but hearing it for about the 50th time is tedious.

  32. GMR

    BR- you’re having a laugh aren’t you, do you seriously think we have the replacements in our current squad for Hleb & Adebayor & that our only problem is that we need two more signings?? Have you actually looked at our squad??

  33. Pedro

    Odub… what are your thoughts on the Fantasy league? We might spice it up with a wager?

    Crouch… are you flipping kidding? I think he is underrated… but is he capable of 30 goals? I doubt it… I think that is just paper talk…. I hope… I pray…

    Sign someone world class!

    Can you believe milan are going to pay £31mill? That is mental… it sounds like this bidding war is based more on pride! Ade is not worth that!

    Silva and Villa… that is what I am talking about!

  34. Pedro

    He used to play for Barca I think?

    That game for keepers was the polar opposite to the Spain vs Italy game. I’d love Casillas or Buffon!