Nasri not yet, Silva maybe but what about Sneijeder?

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Arsenals Press officer for the last month…

The has, he hasn’t he Nasri saga is so boring now it’s boring, if that makes sense. What is it that takes so long? It’s like mental torture being an Arsenal fan, why doesn’t the Arsenal management team say something, Wenger was quick to say he wasn’t after a defender?

Milan seem to have conceded defeat in their pursuit of Ade,

“If a player is at the end of his contract, then his wishes are important but if he has a while to go on his contract and the club who own him say no, then it’s no. At the moment it is no. When a club says their player is indispensable, there is not a lot that can be done.”

Galliani claimed that Italian teams can’t offer half of what English clubs can… makes you wonder what how they snared Flamini?

Reports that we are looking at Silva the Spanish winger, is this another wait for Hleb to jump? Again Wenger should move to quell these stories or end them by selling the said offenders.

If Ronaldo goes to Madrid, reports are they’ll have to sell up to six players, we should move for Sneijeder now, let him know we want him, not Robinho, he turned us down twice and I feel he’ll go in an exchange deal for Ronaldo.

Interesting that none of the young ‘uns have been given squad numbers save Ramsay, I think Theo should get number 8 but as he hasn’t I suspect Nasri is coming and will.

The only good thing about this window is you lot, yes the Grovers, the comments section contiinues to keep all our spirits up so well done the team, see you on there, if we get any news I will re-post.

Have a great day!



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  1. Big Raddy

    DDM, that is a very handy skill to have.

    Daily Mail, …. My mother used to read it. Says it all.

    Rico, thanks for the wishes. I am still here for a couple of days, enjoying Le Grove. I will miss it and my friends on here. (God, that sounds like I am Jonny NoMates – I’m not. Really I’m not !!)

  2. choy

    pretty decent.. we get the usual foreign ones like budweiser.. fosters.. heinekken.. carlsberg…

    but i like the indian made Kingfisher… searched for peroni.. but to no avail!!!

  3. Big Raddy

    Bloody hell, we are an International crew this evening.

    Which part of India , Choy. And how do you get to see the games? I was over there a couple of years ago for a few months, and found it impossible to watch the games. I guess you use P2P.

  4. choy

    Am actually half chinese!!!

    well southern India… bangalore.. you people might have heard of it…

    we have espn and star sports.. they usually show 99% of the games.. otherwise.. p2p which i really detest!!!

  5. dennisdamenace

    The Daily Mail is a proper Arsenal hating rag, mainly coz most of the sports ‘writers’ are either Chav or Spudz supporting fuckwits!

  6. Big Raddy

    Pigs in Berks, Rico? Sounds a bit like ‘The Good Life’. I really fancied Felicity Kendall when I was a lad.

    Kingfisher…. a fine brew. Magnificent with a hot curry

  7. rico01

    dennis – not quite, but best I say no more about that… Sluff – dodgy, surely not…….. tee hee

  8. dennisdamenace

    Choy – you don’t work for that IT outfit based in Bagalore that does all of RBS’s IT do you?

  9. stevie

    dennisdamenance, lol cheers but I think I may try staying away from the world for the time at glasto…….will just have lots of catching up when I get back!

  10. Raif

    just a quick thought.

    we have ment to have done the Deal with Nesri and Wenger said he Hoped he would sign before Euro 08

    then we get told by Wenger he hopes he will sign after the Euro’s
    (this then makes us all think the Nesri camp was holding out for a bigger deal if he Shines at the Euro’s)

    and now since Fance got booted out Nesri’s camp seem to be Extremely eager to announce the deal as done.

    dose that strke anyone else as Odd?

  11. SFO Gooner


    I think a lot of this has to do with the fact that wenger is not on good terms with nasri’s agent.(who was involved with fixing games and cheating monaco). So both sides are playing ‘hardball’ with each other.

    Probably nasri got fed up with this and announced it himself!.

  12. Chipo

    Gael Clichy- what a hero:

    I told my agents that I did not want to talk about anything because my goal was to stay at Arsenal.

    “I knew that there were two or three clubs interested in me but they did not tell me the names.

    “I know that there were all the big Italian clubs but these are not things that interest me.

    “In my head it was always clear: I wanted to stay at Arsenal so I did not have to look any further or to wonder who wanted me.

    “It happened fairly quickly, at the end of the season I told them what I wanted, they were in agreement and the coach supported me.

    “I gave them a guarantee of confidence. I am super happy. I hope that we can continue like this for another few years.

    “It is just an extension of two years, so it binds me to the club for four years, so if I go to the end of my contract, it will be eight years that I will be at Arsenal.

    “If everything goes well, I hope I can fulfil my contract. Once again, I really think that we can do great things with this team.

    “That’s why I wanted to stay there in order to help my club to move forward and start winning trophies this year.”

    Refreshing to hear.

  13. ethangunner


    HAHA ?

    chipo ..
    Yes good to hear that talk ! but you know i always feel a bit twitchy about clichy 🙂
    when anyone says that they are are STAYING at arsenal recently in a public tabloid
    statement it usually starts the leaving process of the said player !!!

    at least we can see who PHW’s thumb was when he could count it on 1 hand !
    Hears to hoping

    The narsi deal is all but done , it should be very, very close now ..
    BBC have got the link on the webpage ..

    they usually break with the news 1st as soon as its 100% official ..

  14. gunner_fever


    😀 thats close to 35£ million isnt it and wenger wants 19£ million for hleb lol so we would have made a profit of 54£ million selling of these puppets whose balls are controlled by their agents………well thats ecstaticaly fine by me …….for once wenger youve truly grown a pair down there.

    54£ mill

    david villa 22£ mill

    david silva 13£ mill

    yaya toure 8£ mill

    joleon lescott 8£ mill

    sum total = 51£ mill

    and left with 3£ mill to shove it up the boards tight arse and keep them happy as well.

    i am not gona talk about the supposed 25£ mill we had out of which we bought nasri 13£ mill and arron ramsey 5£ mill so that makes it 18£……..the remaining amount wenger might need to offer new contracts to those who are good enough to stay and are loyal.

  15. gunner_fever

    35£ mill for ade and 19£ mill for hleb that makes it 54 £ mill

    so heres the list;

    david villa 22£ mill

    david silva 13£ mill

    yaya toure 8£ mill

    joleon lescott 8£ mill
    sum total = 51£ mill

    and we are still left with 3£ mill change to shove it up the boards tight arse and keep them happy.(i give a fuck about keeping the board happy but wenger does)

    now that would solve all our current problems except for the goalkeeper ……..sorry almunia has already been given the no.1 so i cant imagine us making any signings in that department.

    id be happy with all those purchases for sure 😛

    happy dreaming grovers.