Nasri not yet, Silva maybe but what about Sneijeder?

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Arsenals Press officer for the last month…

The has, he hasn’t he Nasri saga is so boring now it’s boring, if that makes sense. What is it that takes so long? It’s like mental torture being an Arsenal fan, why doesn’t the Arsenal management team say something, Wenger was quick to say he wasn’t after a defender?

Milan seem to have conceded defeat in their pursuit of Ade,

“If a player is at the end of his contract, then his wishes are important but if he has a while to go on his contract and the club who own him say no, then it’s no. At the moment it is no. When a club says their player is indispensable, there is not a lot that can be done.”

Galliani claimed that Italian teams can’t offer half of what English clubs can… makes you wonder what how they snared Flamini?

Reports that we are looking at Silva the Spanish winger, is this another wait for Hleb to jump? Again Wenger should move to quell these stories or end them by selling the said offenders.

If Ronaldo goes to Madrid, reports are they’ll have to sell up to six players, we should move for Sneijeder now, let him know we want him, not Robinho, he turned us down twice and I feel he’ll go in an exchange deal for Ronaldo.

Interesting that none of the young ‘uns have been given squad numbers save Ramsay, I think Theo should get number 8 but as he hasn’t I suspect Nasri is coming and will.

The only good thing about this window is you lot, yes the Grovers, the comments section contiinues to keep all our spirits up so well done the team, see you on there, if we get any news I will re-post.

Have a great day!



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  1. chris

    ethan are u in cognito?
    its a handy utlity david, it will be spread very quickly though so get it while its new!

  2. Ray Gooner

    the most funny rumour i’ve seen this summer was Ranieri of Juventus saying he wanted Clichy, he said: “we could buy him”…
    1 day later Clichy signed a new contract with Arsenal…
    made me laugh…

  3. Highbury Squirrel

    I’m quite disappointed if its true that Wenger has only recently discovered Arshavin.

    I would like to believe he is having us on, because Steve Rowleys scouting network is renowned world wide.

    If we are going for 14 year old Ghanaian and Vietnamese kids then how can we not know about 27 yr old Arshavin, double russian player of the season!? The man who caused havoc to England’s defence in October 2007.

    If all of us humble blog posters knew about him how can most of the top club managers in the world suddenly be surprised about him!? It doesn’t make sense, are we that smart or are managers that stupid?

  4. Big Raddy

    Come on fella’s. We all know deep down that Villa, Arsewipe, Benzema , etc etc are pipe dreams. AW has stated many times that his priority is to keep the existing squad and add a couple more.

    However much we may disagree, that is his stated intention. I think there will be one more signing after Nasri. A replacement for Flamini, and even then I am not sure about that. As many have said, we have GS, Denilson, Diaby , Song, Djourou to play there.

  5. chris

    [ Friday, January 18, 2008]
    from HS

    Arsène Wenger has scotched suggestions he was about to sign a couple of Russian players.

    Experienced Zenit St Petersburg striker Andrei Arshavin and 17-year-old Torpedo Moscow defender Vyacheslav Dmitriev were linked with a move to Emirates Stadium in the media.

    However, at his press conference on Friday, Wenger ruled out a swoop in January.

    “Somebody called me last night about Dimitrivev and I like Arshavin but no,” he said.

    [ Friday, January 18, 2008]

  6. Saint Mostly (M.V.B.)

    Forget all this talk about Nsri (Who, Where & when ) Arsenal need player like Wesley Sneidjer a total footballer . Class is Klass and right now that’s what the Gunners need more of players that read a game and think on therefeet before a pass or a move. At Central D we need a commander like the old Tony Adams or Sol Campbell day days . May be that player could be Pepe or Wheater or Sergi Ramos who are big , strong and make the defence against ezxcellent strikers look easy. So AW has shopping to buy for real Wingers both sides a experince middy and a strong calculating Central D. ( I here M & S have a sell 😉 😉 Ha ha ha…)

  7. gnarleygeorge9

    Big Raddy

    When it comes to the round ball game I support:-

    1. The Arsenal, 2. Australia 3. England or Scotland due to my heritage.

  8. Ray Gooner

    the Nasri deal will be announced when Wenger gets back from the Euro’s!

    Wenger always want to be present when the player is announced!

    So expect to wait for the deal until the beggining of July…

    And don’t be surprised if another player (who still is playing in the Euro’s) is announced at the same time…

  9. Pedro

    That isn’t a banned word anymore… don’t use the really bad ones though! You know… the M word and the C word… haha!

  10. chris

    hahaha i have broken your system pedro, hacking genuis me, where is DDM when i need him!

    choy are you on i want to ask you something?

  11. Pedro

    Wenger hasn’t only just discovered Arshavin… he played against us twice a couple of seasons back for CSKA and he was highly rated then!

    No players slip the Arsene net…

  12. gnarleygeorge9

    SAMIR NASRI is not an Arsenal player just yet despite claims on the France midfielder’s website that his move from Marseille was complete.

    Nasri, who turns 21 later this week, is expected to join the Gunners at some stage in the next week but his agent Jean-Pierre Bernes insisted last night the reports on the midfielder’s site of a done deal were “premature”.

    Bernes said: “Nothing has been finalised. It is premature to announce this. Discussions are continuing between the two clubs and the player.”

    The Gunners, in line with their usual policy, have made no official comment but the France internationalist has long been a target of manager Arsene Wenger.

    The posting on Nasri’s website claimed the player had signed a four-year deal.

    I reckon Nasri is definitely coming. Can we move on to our next signing then.

  13. Saint Mostly (M.V.B.)

    Who else apart from me thinks our Goal keeping situ an’t to great as well ? Arsenal need to buy a good Goal keeper to .

  14. chris

    Still, makes more sense than Jose Mourinho, the Internazionale manager who’s cut his holiday to skedaddle to London and personally broker the transfer of Frank Lampard, who, of course, wasn’t even good enough to make it to Euro 2008. And while he’s in town, Mourinho will try to annoy Arsène Wenger for old time’s sake, and Carlos Ancelotti for next season’s sake, by making a bid for Emmanuel Adebayor.

    Wenger is considering replacing the Togolese striker with Lyon phenomenon Karim Benzema even though paying around £40m would provoke a potentially ruinous identity crisis in the Arsenal manager.

  15. chris

    Once the £15.8 million (the figure quotes on Nasri’s site) signing is confirmed, Wenger’s policy of signing the top young talent from around Europe, and particularly France, would be continued.

    It has been a turbulent summer for Arsenal so far with numerous key players linked with moves away from the Emirates Stadium. However, the signing of Nasri will add to the addition of Welsh starlet Aaron Ramsey as next season’s squad begins to take shape. must, however, add a note of caution. Within an hour of this statement being relased by Nasri’s website, a Marseille spokesperson insisted that the deal was “not done and dusted.” It appears some fine details remain to be sorted, with Arsenal having offered 13m thus far.

  16. Pedro

    No raddy… players slip the Arsenal net because they cost more than 50p… but Wenger knows about all of them.

    Imagine the players we’d have if he was a little bit more free spending.

    Eto’o, Tevez, Ibrahimovic, Ribery, Horse face, Stam, Wesley S, Essien, Makelele…

    All followed… all gazzumped.

  17. Highbury Squirrel

    Pedro, I don’t think he has ever played for CSKA. He has spent his entire career at Zenith.

    Fair enough, Wenger knew about him, but how come we didn’t know how good he was!? His price will have rocketed by now.

  18. Highbury Squirrel

    Pedro, he has never played for CSKA. He has spent his entire career at Zenith.

    Fair enough, Wenger knew about him, but how come we didn’t know how good he was!? His price will have rocketed by now.

  19. Ray Gooner

    the only players Wenger has signed that at the time were already “Big Names” is Marc Overmars, Emmanuel Petit, Sol Campbell, Robert Pires, Jens Lehmann, Tomas Rosicky & William Gallas…
    That’s 7 players total in 12 seasons!
    All other players were not that well known (incl. the likes of Anelka, Vieira, Freddie, Henry, van Persie, Cesc, Clichy, Touré & Sagna to name a few).

    So maybe we’re all hoping for a bit much…regarding “Big Names” that is…

    Villa, Yaya, Silva & Arshavin are all Big Names but they won’t all come…
    Yaya in a swap deal and maybe one of the others (hopefully Villa) is about the most we could wish for…

  20. chris

    this is why!
    Tottenham Hotspur is making Russian left-sided midfielder Andrey Arshavin a transfer target in January (08)

  21. Pedro

    How could I forget that one?

    We have the greatest team of nearly signings in the Prem.

    Quite an achievmemt you’ll agree!

  22. Highbury Squirrel

    I would love for Yaya to join but i doubt it will happen. I remember quotes made by Wenger regarding african players, he said he has to think twice before signing them because of the effect the ANC has on the team, this season Kolos form was badly affected by the ANC, could we afford to lose 2 first teamers to it next time round?

  23. Big Raddy

    Chris, this summer the Spuds has been targetting


    Same old Same old. And they will still by sweet FA at the end of the summer,

    Modric ? It says everything about him that he signed for them and not a big team.
    Santos? If he was so great why did Barca move im out so quickly ?

  24. Ray Gooner

    Ramsey were with Wenger at the Euro’s finalizing the deal, and the deal was snapped up under the nose of Sir Alex Ferguson so Wenger had to move quick on that one! That’s the only reason i think. Maybe Ramsey will be present when Nasri is announced also!

    I can see it now, Wenger posing for pictures surrounded by Ramsey, Nasri & Villa!

    I can see the big grin on his face already…

  25. mjc

    I heard (down the pub from a geezer who professes to know about these things and is often quite wrong) that Nasri is an addition to the squad and that if we have to replace Hleb it will be with Tranquillo Barnetta. I’d never heard of him either, but there you go.

  26. gnarleygeorge9

    Highbury Sqizz, come to think of it Kolo could be like a new signing if he has a great pre season, coz he was never the same after the ANC .

  27. Ray Gooner

    i agree about Wiltord but Suker was a one season signing (not one to build on) so i didn’t count him! and Reyes…well…

  28. Big Raddy

    GG. PLus a fit RvP and (maybe) Mozart.

    A more confident Diaby. A bulked up Denilson. A more mature Walcott. A quicker Bendtner. The exciting Vela.

    The future is bright.

    As we have mostly said, a tweaking, nothing more.. Nasri plus one other.

  29. Ray Gooner

    but we can all agree that Wenger’s best signings are mostly the ones that we didn’t know that much about when they came here, right?

  30. gnarleygeorge9

    I just with the season was starting this Saturday, I really do. How many more sleeps is it though till the WBA game? June 24th -August 16th. 53 sleeps I think. Hurry up!!!!

  31. Uncle Sea-Legs

    Good point Saint Mostly… (imposter..?)
    You sound like one of my disciples!!! I’m currently preaching the word of Calculated Goonerism (copyright)…

    I’m thinking AW should put a little coin behind a move for a couple of aggressive-minded wingers (Young, Milner or Downing even..!). Players that CAN go both wide on the opposing fullback or cut inside to actually shoot with purpose!!!
    (More importantly, players WITH PREM experience!!!)
    Add a Powerhouse CB (Samba maybe..?). Oh, and relegate the self-obsessed Willy Gallas ASAP!

  32. Ray Gooner

    after the World Cup 1998 Wenger signed Kanu
    after the Euro’s 2000 Wenger signed Pirés & Wiltord
    after the World Cup 2002 Wenger signed Gilberto Silva
    after the Euro 2004 Wenger signed van Persie
    after the World Cup 2006 Wenger signed Tomas Rosicky
    after the Euro 2008 hopefully Wenger will buy Nasri & Villa…

  33. Ray Gooner

    the Rosicky deal was really for me out of the blue, i never had a clue!
    Maybe this time it will be Pavluchenko….

  34. gnarleygeorge9

    Cristiano Ronaldo will sign for Real Madrid on July 7, it was reported in Spain today.

    And club sources have told Spanish newspaper Marca that Manchester United ‘will be forced to accept’ the Portuguese winger’s transfer before Thursday this week.

    A story posted on Marca’s website this morning claims: “Madrid will announce the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo on July 7th.

    I know its not about The arsenal, but there is a bit in this storey for everyone 🙂

  35. rico01

    Afternoon All

    finest, have just read your comments from hours ago now, great read, and spot on views – I am also excited about this coming season, and that will be the case even if we are dissapointed with any players bought in – I love the club and love watching them, so to do that and not be excited would tell me its time to follow Netball….

    Setanta/AFC have increased the TV hours (forgive me if this has already been discussed, but i didnt see it) – will this bring us in a bit more money? And I believe the pre-season friendlies are being shown live, so that will be a bonus.

    Anyone see the i/v eith Paul Ince on SSN’s – very funny

    Chairmen was talking to the paps, and saying how good it was that Incy was there at a club not fighting a relegation battle each season….

    Incy – Not yet anyway…????…. Chuckle, he was funny, I quite like him

  36. Ray Gooner

    The Arsenal team to win us trophies in 2010/2011

    Sagna – Touré – Song – Clichy
    Ramsey – Yaya – Cesc – Nasri
    Walcott – Bendtner

  37. rico01

    gnarley – that paper says that they ‘hope to sign him by the 7th July’ because RM are off on a team building trip to ……………………. Portugal – pre-season training

  38. gnarleygeorge9

    My beef with getting Setanta, & I told them so, was having too much Manuretv, Barca & chelskitv & not enough Arsenal. Does this mean that Setanta will have say Arsenal TV?

  39. rico01

    Ray, I remember the Thomas transfer, I knew nothing either until the Czec coach spilled the beans when he flew over for his medical…

    I think that has been the problem, he should have taken a plane, as he has been knackered ever since 🙂

  40. rico01

    gnarley – AFC have had their own channel since Jan 08, 5-11pm weekdays, but they have just extended the hours 4.30pm – 0200 weekdays and then a few hours Sunday evenings. AND the channel is free as part of Setanta – which cost 9.99 a month

    You do get to see all the reserve/youth/ladies matches on the channel. The reserves this year are going to be live matches.

  41. gnarleygeorge9

    We haven’t had those sort of goodies on our Setanta, but, hey, maybe we’ll get more AFC this coming season.

    Speaking of Setanta & its past masters darts tournaments, whats happened to Jocky Wilson:)

  42. rico01

    gnarley – according to Wik, just for you

    Wilson never actually announced his retirement from darts; he just faded from the scene following the 1995 World Matchplay.

    Jocky had been a heavy drinker and his lifestyle contributed to the onset of diabetes in 1995. For ten years during his darts career he had a house in Wallsend to cut down on travel expenses, but he left that to return to his hown town of Kirkcaldy. Within two years, he was declared bankrupt, and now survives on disability allowance, living in a one-bedroom flat back on the council estate where he grew up, becoming a recluse in the process.

    In 1996, shortly after his retirement, he said, “I don’t want anyone feeling sorry for me. There’s only one person to blame for the situation I’m in, and that’s me.”

  43. Ray Gooner

    just talked to one of my friends who had talked to someone, who had talked to someone, who had talked to someone who had heard of someone that had talked to someone who really knows after being best friend with someone who’s been dating a close friend of someone who talked with Wenger and he said we have signed Nasri and will sign Villa, Yaya & Arshavin as well!
    It’s all done deals according to my source…!!!

  44. pıʌɐp .

    Rico do you remember the guff TOTP made when they put a picture of Jocky behind Dexy’s when they were singing Jackie Wilson said?

  45. rico01

    david – yes, and some dj was talking about it the other day on a local station, how stupid were they…..

  46. Pedro

    “Arshavin? I won’t invent anything if I say he has been the revelation of the tournament,” said Wenger in L’Equipe.

    “His way to make a difference against his opponents is absolutely amazing. That is the mark of great players.

    “The rumoured contact with Arsenal? As usual (there is speculation), but I’ve never met him.”

    Interesting… not a complete denial!

  47. michael

    Arsenal have to talk to some kind of stock market before they make an anouncement. Look what happened to Manu with Ramsey they looked a right bunch of cunts. Hopefully Hleb can fuck off now and we can buy another one (Villa, Arshavin, whoever)

  48. GMR

    Pedro, you sure Wenger wasn’t misquoted. Maybe he said he’s after great ‘payers’ so that he gets more money next time he does some commentary work!!

  49. Dolphin Head

    They dont have to talk to the stock market before they announce something – but as the shares are traded they do have to announce things which are true – none of the Man U bollocks over Ramsey (which also made them look pretty stupid!!)

  50. Geoff

    GMR he thinks Senderos and Eboue are great players so don’t hold your breath! Arse shavin for Hleb would be a start, but that’s a replacement not a much needed addition.

  51. michael

    I thought they had to inform the market they traded on before the make anything official. But then again I only read it on another blog!

  52. Arsenal Tom

    damn right as well! if we get £15m id be over the moon!

    we should sign ashley young with the cash or he’ll end up at man utd in a year or 2

  53. choy

    lets see who buys ice cream man now.. how come inter are not taking him as that’s where he first intended to go isn’t it?

  54. gunner_fever

    choy_kwok back then mancini wanted hleb and now since mourinho is taking over he has considered better options than hlebcream.

  55. chris

    Dear Ashley cole,

    you are a cunt….please see below

    Gael Clichy has explained how he had no hesitation in penning a new long-term deal with Arsenal.

    After another excellent season at Emirates Stadium, left-back Clichy had reportedly attracted the attentions of Serie A giants Roma and Juventus.

    However, the 22-year-old France international ended the speculation surrounding his future by inking a new contract, which expires in 2012, last week.

    And Clichy has revealed that he always had his heart on extending his time at Arsenal, despite the rumoured interest from abroad.

    “To be honest, I saw it in the newspapers,” Clichy told “I told my agents that I did not want to talk about anything because my goal was to stay at Arsenal.


    “I knew that there were two or three clubs interested in me but they did not tell me the names.

    “I know that there were all the big Italian clubs but these are not things that interest me.

    “In my head it was always clear: I wanted to stay at Arsenal so I did not have to look any further or to wonder who wanted me.

    “It happened fairly quickly, at the end of the season I told them what I wanted, they were in agreement and the coach supported me.

    “I gave them a guarantee of confidence. I am super happy. I hope that we can continue like this for another few years.


    “It is just an extension of two years, so it binds me to the club for four years, so if I go to the end of my contract, it will be eight years that I will be at Arsenal.

    “If everything goes well, I hope I can fulfil my contract. Once again, I really think that we can do great things with this team.

    “That’s why I wanted to stay there in order to help my club to move forward and start winning trophies this year

  56. GMR

    I can’t believe Arsenal have arranged 9 pre season fixtures & will actually have played 10 games by the time the season kicks off. To me that is ludicrous.

    I’m fully aware that the whole squad play not just the first teamers but that doesn’t prevent injuries as we have seen in the past. To play just over a quarter of a regular season before the league actually starts is beyond me!!

  57. david

    We always play the same friendlies as well in Austria etc..
    Why don’t we play some games in France or Spain and build a name in other countries a bit like Man U in China but without the travelling.
    Then if a young Spanish player sees Arsenal play that may become his dream not just Real Madrid..

  58. Matt

    Well, another day comes and goes, and still no Nasri…

    Boy, this kid better be good after all this….

    I wonder if the problems are that Marseille want all of the transfer fee now, so they can buy Ben Arfa – and we want to stage the payments?(like we normally do!).

  59. arsenal tom

    this has got to be the quietest day since the end of the season!! lets hope its the calm before the wenger transfer storm!!

  60. Geoff

    We can but hope, this’ll help Arsenal to become a worldwide brand, doing fuck all.

    My mate had a meeting at the Emirates today and said it was like a warren, all the meeting rooms were being used, so they make shed loads all year round and can’t be arsed to keep us in the loop.

    I remember when we were a football club first.

  61. dennisdamenace

    Evening Grovers,

    Geoff – sometimes it’s like the football side of things has become a fecking inconvenience to the business side of things……..

  62. GMR

    Choy, no the transfer window is already open, its just players contracts expire on last day of June so thats why the 1st July is known as the day it opens. In other words Arsenal are still paying Flamini until 1st July (what a lovely thought that is).

    If that apology which was posted on Nasri’s site yesterday is correct then the transfer won’t be announced until 1st July which is what l’equipe are reporting as well.

  63. GMR

    Arsenal made 18.3 million from the CL last season & that doesn’t include matchday revenue & gate receipts. We played 6 CL home games (that figure includes the qualifier) & we take 3 million in said gate receipts each game so thats another 18 million.

    So we made more than 36.3 million from the CL alone & this season assuming we get to the same round we’ll make even more as we get a higher percentage of money due to our 3rd place finish in the league.

    When you see the income streams & you know we only have to pay out 20 million each season on our stadium debt you realise just how much money arsenal are coining in.

  64. Trinidad_Gunner

    We’re only requires to pay out 20 Million a year, but do we know how much is being paid?
    I was under the impression that the board is acting like cheap skates so we can pay off the debt by the end of 2009 ?

  65. SFO Gooner

    It is ironic, with all the speculation about adebayor… is celebrating Adebayor Week ..

    Are they really dumb or do they know something ..?

  66. Trinidad_Gunner

    At least there are a few promising signs. Reports that we’re asking Bayern for huge money, and Barca for Yaya + money for Hleb.
    Thats the way to go. Lets see bayern throw Podolski or Sweinsteiger into a deal.

    No respect for Hleb anymore after the Ice cream incident.

  67. dennisdamenace

    Big R – I actually scared myself too, and i’m pretty certain i may have soiled myself a little!

  68. choy

    An aged farmer and his wife were leaning against the edge of their pig-pen when the old woman wistfully recalled that the next week would mark their golden wedding anniversary.

    “Let’s have a party, Homer,” she suggested. “Let’s kill a pig.”

    The farmer scratched his grizzled head. “Gee, Ethel,” he finally answered, “I don’t see why the pig should take the blame for something that happened fifty years ago.”

  69. Big Raddy

    I have a house in North Italy, near the French border. No internet, no TV , no telephone, no newspaper…. great

  70. dennisdamenace

    I’m out here in Brussels at the momnet, staying in an apartment in the Turkish quarter, fuck me it’s gonna go off tomorrow night, if last week was anything to go by, god help me!!

  71. Big Raddy

    I would rather the Germans won, if only for the Galatasary nonsense. Never forgiven the Turks since.

    In fact, I used to go regularly to Turkey for short breaks. Stopped after that though. And strangely enough, the game was in Copenhagen !

  72. rico01

    Evening Everyone – BigR, you must be having us on, or are you just off for AFC therapy……….. 😉

  73. Big Raddy

    Same here in CPH DDM. The police had serious problems, as the Turks (well, a about 50 of them.) got very silly.

  74. Big Raddy

    No Rico. I have been lucky enough to always have a minimum 10 weeks a year holiday !!

    & I am an AFC addict. Been that way since the age of 6. The new season takes me into my 6th decade as a Gooner !!!

    I have tried therapy, been to retreats in India, rehab in California, but I just don’t seem to able to kick this. It is bigger than me !!!

  75. choy

    A drunk phoned police to report that thieves had been in his car. “They’ve stolen the dashboard, the steering wheel, the brake pedal, the radio, and even the accelerator,” he cried out.

    However, before the police investigation could start, the phone rang a second time and the same voice came over the line. “Never mind,” he said with a hiccup, “I got in the back seat by mistake.”

  76. dennisdamenace

    The Turks are fucking bonkers! Just like in Copenhagen, in fact i stopped eating from my local kebab shop coz they had the same colours as Galatasary, got no idea if they support them, just thought bollox to them they’re not getting anymore of my money! In fact one night after a seriously boozie soiree, it was really pissing down with heavy rain, and all my mates were inside this kebeb house ordering food while i stood in the road shouting obscenities at ’em and singing Arsenal songs……….

  77. Big Raddy

    Fine work Choy. Where are you?

    DDM… you really are a monster. Lucky you didn’t get stabbed!

    I know you are not in Stokie, Rico. Which part of England are you? Just so we all know where we are.

  78. dennisdamenace

    Why is that pikie fucking rag, the Daily Mail running a story about us chasing that two-bob forward Guiza? Fucking Daily Mail, i hate that paper as much as i hate tax returns!

  79. dennisdamenace

    Big R – I’m a big fella, but i can run pretty fast, and in different directions at the same time (eh?)………….

  80. rico01

    BigR – you are a real lucky gut having such a long break, all I can say is have a fab time, enjoy the relaxation and when you get back, AFC will signed a few super duper players and we will all be desperate for the start of the season….

    And good for you, you are ahead of me in supporting years, I am only on my 35th Season – but im catching you up….. 😉