Nasri not yet, Silva maybe but what about Sneijeder?

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Arsenals Press officer for the last month…

The has, he hasn’t he Nasri saga is so boring now it’s boring, if that makes sense. What is it that takes so long? It’s like mental torture being an Arsenal fan, why doesn’t the Arsenal management team say something, Wenger was quick to say he wasn’t after a defender?

Milan seem to have conceded defeat in their pursuit of Ade,

“If a player is at the end of his contract, then his wishes are important but if he has a while to go on his contract and the club who own him say no, then it’s no. At the moment it is no. When a club says their player is indispensable, there is not a lot that can be done.”

Galliani claimed that Italian teams can’t offer half of what English clubs can… makes you wonder what how they snared Flamini?

Reports that we are looking at Silva the Spanish winger, is this another wait for Hleb to jump? Again Wenger should move to quell these stories or end them by selling the said offenders.

If Ronaldo goes to Madrid, reports are they’ll have to sell up to six players, we should move for Sneijeder now, let him know we want him, not Robinho, he turned us down twice and I feel he’ll go in an exchange deal for Ronaldo.

Interesting that none of the young ‘uns have been given squad numbers save Ramsay, I think Theo should get number 8 but as he hasn’t I suspect Nasri is coming and will.

The only good thing about this window is you lot, yes the Grovers, the comments section contiinues to keep all our spirits up so well done the team, see you on there, if we get any news I will re-post.

Have a great day!



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  1. rico01

    Morning Grovers – Silva would be fab, lets hope this comes to something….

    And Sneijeder would be awesome too, how happy would we all be…

    Remeber I said I had email AW about our signings, well AFC have replied saying my email has been passed to AW’s office…… Guess thats where it will stay then

    Off out – have a good day all 🙂

  2. Spike

    Looks like the kid wanted to update his web site before going on holidays…
    then his agent made him withdraw the statement straight away.

    It looks like Nasri signed but his agent hasn’t yet !!!
    That’s football now.

  3. DC

    Word on the street is that the Samir Nasri story is gonna happen… Apparently, he’s agreed a deal but the small print needs to be finalised… In typical Arsenal fashion, they don’t want to announce anything until everything is complete which is why they asked him and his agent to remove the story from his personal website…


  4. DC

    Sneijder couldn’t play with Fabregas although I think he’s a wonderful player….. And what’s the story on that traiter flamini’s replacement??? Not Gilberto or Denilson??? Maybe Song or Toure???

  5. TA6

    yeah i too would rather sneider than robinho but him an van persie dislike each other, he would be the perfect replacement for flamini if yaya doesnt come in a barca px. i would rather arshavin to silva, i think he would make us more flexible and we could also see a 4-3-3

  6. gunner4life

    samir nasri is done and dusted long ago….

    but one or 2 things bothering me..
    some say ramsey is gonna play as a utility player… sometimes in left back too… i say WHAT?????? I thought he would be a backup for cesc in games against once derby like teams.

    Theo i am afraid isnt gonna make the cut. I seriously think he stands and admires his own runs and finishes too much… and doesnt look at areas where he needs development viz passing defending and close control when not at lightning pace.

    And about CB i really dont know whether we should keep the faith on our young defender nordveit.

    Hope ramsey isnt the CB we are talking about.

  7. MeM

    Diaby is the most likely Flamini replacement, along with Denilson. Gilberto is far past it and (I am assumung Kolo) Toure is what I would call a shit replacement.

  8. choy

    but did you haave the look of the arsenal logo on his website… looked funny.. the cannon one.?

    morning all

  9. stonroy

    You’ve got to love the Italians. In paticular Milan. They put out a faulse quote saying Adebayor wants to move to Milan through one of their servant newspapers. They say it’s Arsenals fault that they don’t want to sell him. How about just admitting that you cannot afford him and Adebayor doesn’t want to play for a team with no CL next year. Ahh Italians, Pimps in Armani. Look great on the outside, peasents on the inner.

  10. MeM

    TA6 – He will not replace Flamini if we were to sign him. That is a stupid remark. Think before you type.

  11. kenyan gooner

    morning guyz.its chilly out here.Theo is a wonderful player and i disagree thet he wil not cut it next season.Infact he will be like a new Theo a theo 14 perhaps?

  12. Spike

    For info from Nasri personal web site.
    Good for your French !

    Nous sommes désolé d’avoir agit précipitamment en annonçant que Samir avait signé avec Arsenal, mais Samir est encore sous contrat avec l’Olympique de Marseille à ce jour.

    Une interview de Samir sera dans les news ici même dès le 1ier juillet


  13. DC

    Gunner4life.. I hope Ramsey becomes backup for Cesc.. I haven’t seen him play, but, have heard that he’s very technical and a great passer… I hope Wenger hasn’t bought him in to play in defence…. Atleast i don’t think so…

    I think we give Theo a chance… He hasn’t really had a decent run in the side… But, has taken some good chances toward the end of the season just past… I really think he’s gonna explore this year…

    And I think we do need a proper centre back… Dare i say it a Terry or Vidic type of player who are gonna throw their head at anything thus complementing the more pacey and athletic toure….

  14. Pedro

    Morning Grovers! I have just read some quotes from Advocaat. He reckons he has some offers from England on the table for Arshavin! I hope one of them is from us!

    What do you think of £20mill on Silva?

    I’d love Wesley… but he will never leave madrid… even as a make weight. How funny are Mardid btw?


    Err… actually… we won’t…

    Cheeky bastards. Expect this next year for Cesc!

  15. stonroy

    I was just watching the community shield match from 2004. I know it’s only a community shield match but it feels so great to watch Arsenal destroy Manure. It brings a tear to the eye to see them on a podium, the great Iceman hoisting some silverware, a smile on their faces. Cesc with that mullet. I really hope I can see us win the league this year, I miss that feeling.

  16. Pedro

    Kenya… is chilly about 24 degrees?

    It’s roasting in Spain… ROASTING!

    I hope you are getting some piss poor weather in the UK…

  17. Pedro

    How funny is this…

    Remember Arse&Nose? Serial rules offender and Le Grove bad mouther?

    Well… he’s been posting under a pseudonym for the past few days thinking we don’t know it’s him. He is being anti Le Grove and he is knocking everyone on here. He thinks he is doing it anonymously… typical AKB…

    Mask your IP address my friend… and stop posting here…

  18. stonroy

    Yeah Evo, it was such a great year this last one. We came so close to greatness, which was painful enough. But I never expected the way we would be treated by the press coming off all that, and if true, this feeling of disloyalty we all feel from certain players. When you watch those games it makes you remember who we are.

  19. TA6

    ignorant MeM – just because you dont agree doesnt make a comment stupid. as i say i dont think sneider will come but if he did he would partner cesc in central midfield, replacing flamini. i dont think theo will start as second fiddle to nasri, samir will be eased in, but that is your opinion and i dont think it is stupid.

  20. kenyan gooner

    yeah pedro!This and july are the coldest months out here.On silva i think he is far better than Hleb.He has a good shot,great run,he has a good left foot and is confident in front of goal.Is it possible to trade hleb for silver then we add villareal a bit of cash?would love that deal.

  21. Evo in Oz

    it will be glory days again my friend, dont you worry, it was so close to call it a great year! i love beating chavski, as we hadnt done it for quite a while, pity cunt eyes wasnt still their manager at the time, it would have been gold for Gallas to rub it in!

  22. stonroy

    It’s funny you bring up Cunt eyes. I reckon he is going to fail miserably at Milan. Nearly all of his starting 11 were brought in by Ranieri. Overrated cunt. I can’t wait to see him fuck off back to Portugal.

  23. stonroy

    Yeah Choy but he will have to pick his team, without the Russian billions. Who knows i hope I am wrong. The though of him calling Wenger a Voyeur makes my blood boil.

  24. Pedro

    Kenyan, he comes on here looking to wind people up… we let him on… he slags us on young guns… we still let him on… the he shows his true colours… they are AKB United colours.

    What an idiot.

    So… when does preseason start? You’d like to think Wenger will have all his transfers completed by then so he can achieve a settled squad? It’s going to be an interesting couple of weeks!

    I read that the Chavs aren’t selling Drogba or Lampard?

  25. Arsenal Tom

    ta6, if we got sneijder he’d play left wing, u couldnt have 2 players that attacking in CM along with our attacking full backs, we wont sign him tho… too high profile.

    whats the general preference….arshavin or silva??

  26. Latest Arsenal News

    Some intresting news coming out of spain this monin, Real Madrid are prepared to pay wateva amount is charged for Ronaldo..thats good news, Y?

    1. Releif for Senderos & Company when we play Man Utd

    2. Real might seriously consida selling robinho to raise the funds, and there is a romour that Arsene wants the player

    3. If Ronaldo goes then Man Utd is dead, that gives a better chance of winning some trophies next season

    isnt this good news Gunners?


  27. Arsenal Tom

    pedro… i think they arent selling lumps and dogshit in the same way we arent selling hleb!!
    even if they arent its a pleasure to watch the rest of our competitors being pestered as well for a change tho!!

  28. chris

    Fabregas, who emerged from the Catalan club’s youth academy, stopped short of urging Adebayor to stay at Arsenal, instead telling his team-mate to make the right decision.

    “Emmanuel is a very good player,” said Fabregas. “There has been a lot of talk about his future and we will see what happens in the next few weeks.

    “It will be his decision and I hope when he makes his choice – it will be the best decision.”

    Fabregas is no stranger to transfer speculation himself but the Spain international has once again pledged his future to Arsenal and manager Arsene Wenger.

    “My future is with Arsenal and I am very happy to stay there,” Fabregas added. “Everyone treats me very well in London and I have no reason to leave.

    “I will never play for a club where I am not comfortable with the manager. It is true that he [Wenger] has helped me a lot and I can only thank him for everything he has done for me.

    “I owe him a lot, but if I want to stay at Arsenal, it is because I have trust in the team and I am comfortable to stay there. I feel very important there and the day that changes will be when I want to have a new club.

    “I don’t know if I will return to Spain. It is very difficult at the moment. I am 21 and have grown as a person in London.

    “I want to continue living here and not risk losing leaving all the things which suit me so well. I feel important at Arsenal and have a lot of responsibilities in the team.

    “I feel we can do very well next year and will try to produce my best form at the start of the season. We want to win the Champions League.”

  29. stonroy

    From Setanta.

    “Emmanuel is a very good player,” said Fabregas. “There has been a lot of talk about his future and we will see what happens in the next few weeks.

    “It will be his decision and I hope when he makes his choice – it will be the best decision.”

    Fabregas is no stranger to transfer speculation himself but the Spain international has once again pledged his future to Arsenal and manager Arsene Wenger.

    “My future is with Arsenal and I am very happy to stay there,” Fabregas added. “Everyone treats me very well in London and I have no reason to leave.

    “I will never play for a club where I am not comfortable with the manager. It is true that he [Wenger] has helped me a lot and I can only thank him for everything he has done for me.

    “I owe him a lot, but if I want to stay at Arsenal, it is because I have trust in the team and I am comfortable to stay there. I feel very important there and the day that changes will be when I want to have a new club.

    “I don’t know if I will return to Spain. It is very difficult at the moment. I am 21 and have grown as a person in London.

    “I want to continue living here and not risk losing leaving all the things which suit me so well. I feel important at Arsenal and have a lot of responsibilities in the team.

    “I feel we can do very well next year and will try to produce my best form at the start of the season. We want to win the Champions League.”

  30. stonroy

    God that boy…Sorry Man is such class. I really hope he is Captain next year. Outta here all. See ya.

  31. Arsenal Tom

    i was just about to post that stonroy & chris!!!

    why the fuck do shitters like hleb wanna leave when cesc whos twice the player WANTS to stay, fuck them… cesc needs to be cloned

  32. Highbury Squirrel

    Hello, great blog!

    Agree with you about real madrid, they will sell to finance the ronaldo deal. It will be hard to get Sneijeder, he has played well for them and was very good in the euro championships, i know him and rvp are best mates so that could help.

  33. Mark C

    Sneider is a great player but who would you prefer him or Arshavin?

    Personally I would go for the Russian.

    Sneider is similar to Fabregas, he is a great player but we have similar players.

    Arshavin is a number 10, a Bergkamp, but one who will get on a plane to play in the CL.

    I know CB’s have been moved to one side, but one of the Russian CB’s and the Croatian CB did not look that bad.

  34. Ray Gooner

    First of all “kenyan gooner” Silva is from Valencia and secondly, Hleb would never go to Valencia…

  35. GunnerPete

    Come on Arsenal stop messing about and end our misery buy signing the following:-

    Hennersey or Kirkland, Ansharvin, Nasri, Santa Cruze, and Chiellini.

    The sell the following to pay for the best squad in the world bar none:-

    Hleb, AdeB, Gallas, Eboue, and possibly Almunia….total out £ £46 mill.

    Total in £ 53 mill…….surely even AFC can stand that sort of shortfall?

    With that lot we would have to buld another cabinet for all the EXTRA trohpies

  36. 5am

    don’t kniow bout you lot but I’m not convinced with Nasri. Apparently he comes off the back of habving injuries and viruses that kept him out the early part of last season, plus there wasn’t much to impress at The Euros. Would rather the money be used for Arshavin….

  37. Highbury Squirrel

    Ray Gooner, I thought Hleb didnt care where he went, he just wanted some peace and quiet away from the ‘noisy’ back streets of Hampstead.

  38. Big Raddy

    Morning All

    That Nasri thing yesterday was a piss off. Just goes to show that it is not only bloggers who jump the gun.

    As to Arshavin or Schneider. I would prefer Schneider (he is younger as well). I disagree that he and Fab couldn’t play together. Fab plays deeper that Wesley.

    That said both players are great, and both would work well at THOF.

  39. Arsenal Tom

    mark… i agree the coratia CB robert kovac looked good to me, he’s at juve tho he’d be hard to get…

    sneijder could play with cesc beacuse the movement would mean they’d interchange but he have to be classed as a winger, i dont think we could have them 2 in CM

  40. 5am

    Pedro – I doubt Arsene’s made an offer for Arshavin as his biggest hint cyet has been he’s not got enough money…..he said he ‘came with his cheque book but found it wasn’t big enough’. What a cheap skate. Wonder what reaction there’d be from the fans if Usmanov said he was ‘buying’ AFC a gift of Arshavin, prior to taking a holding share!

  41. Ray Gooner

    Im just fed up with all speculations about Adebayor & Hleb, in my opinion just load them off to Barca in exchange for Yaya Touré (to replace Flamini) & some big amount of money!
    Then buy David Villa or Lukas Podolski as replacement for Adebayor and come the Nasri signing we have a Hleb Replacement.

    Then we can get Thuram as a player/coach deal. He has great experience and could work as a back-up player in central defence and also could work as an assistant coach for the reserves.

    David Silva would be a great signing but if we get Nasri then i think we don’t need him…and further more he costs too much!

  42. Mark C

    Big raddy, both Fabregas and Schneider want the ball. Fabregas gets the ball and passes is short and wide. If Schneider is further ahead, most of Fabregas’s play will be to him and make us easy to read.

  43. Highbury Squirrel


    Any idea if we are going to improve our defence? It’s all gone quiet on defensive signings.
    That was the main reason we lost out last season, we already have plenty of attacking midfielders.

  44. Arsenal Tom

    5am, i think most people dont want that fat cunt anywhere near our club despite what he brings or buys, ive got a couple of russain colleagues and they regard osmanov as pure scum

  45. davoody

    Morning Grovers……

    Intresting turn of events yesterday evening regarding Nasri.

    I wonder what today will bring…..?

  46. chris

    i find that hard to believe mate, you had the record for consecutive posts in a given day,

    speaking of given, so shay wont be coming to THOF, which is a shame for him, he will never win anything in his time in football

  47. Ray Gooner

    and about the Nasri deal, i think the only reason why it’s dragging out like this is that Wenger wants to be there when we announce the player!
    And with Wenger being in Swiss/Austria watching the Euro’s they will wait for him to come back before they make it official…

    Though he could have traveled back to London now cause the next game isn’t until wednesday…

  48. James Bartram

    i read that nasri said on his own site he’s “as good as signed” or something… dunno why no official announcement though. oh well.

    david silva would be sweet but i’m not so sure, valencia are trying to offload heaps of big players at a premium but i haven’t seen offers for anyone. maybe because alot of them are at the euro’s but maybe there is another reason. i don’t know.

  49. Ray Gooner

    well, chris there has only been speculations so far this summer (not counting Flamini & Lehmann out and Ramsey in which isn’t that exciting to write about) so i’ve just read what you guys have been saying…

    but to ease your worries chris, i will still be here…

  50. chris

    dunne seams to be impresssed with whats now going on in man city so may not be off at all,

    recently it was spurs and pompey, our speculation died down a long time ago,

    good to see u back ray gooner,

  51. Highbury Squirrel

    Mark Hughes will just turn City into a bunch of leg breaking thugs, and paul ince will continue to do the same with blackburn- another tough away game for us lot.

  52. Ray Gooner

    Just to show that i’m back to my own self i’ll give you this:

    Nou Camp – 98,600 (Barcelona)
    Santiago Bernabeu – 87,000 (Real Madrid)
    Giuseppe Meazza – 85,700 (Milan/Inter)
    Luzhniki – 84,745 (Spartak Moscow)
    Olimpico – 82,307 (Roma/Lazio)
    Ataturk – 82,300 (Istanbul Belediyespor)
    Signal Iduna Park – 80,708 (Borussia Dortmund)
    San Paolo – 78,210 (Napoli)
    Old Trafford – 76,212 (Man United)
    Berliner Olympiastadion – 74,176 (Hertha Berlin)
    Olympic Stadium – 66,132 (AEK Athens)
    Allianz Arena – 66,000 (Bayern Munich/1860 Munich)
    Estádio da Luz – 65,000 (Benfica)
    VeltinsArena – 61,524 (Schalke 04)
    Celtic Park – 60,832 (Celtic)

    Then come Arsenal with Emirates Stadium (60,432)

    I’m disappointed with having only the 16th biggest stadium in europe…

  53. Highbury Squirrel

    Ray Gooner , how many of those stadiums are actually in the city.

    I know camp nou is on the outskirts of barcelona. The reason Arsenal couldn’t build bigger is down to planning permission, its already a nightmare for people getting home, holloway road is a rubbish little station that needs major upgrading.

    I know someone who worked on ashburton grove and they told me there is a contingency in place in case we are allowed to increase capacity, but the real problem is getting the council to agree.

  54. Ray Gooner

    Marc Overmars, Emmanuel Petit, Sylvinho, Gio van Bronckhorst, Thierry Henry, Alexander Hleb, Emmanuel Adebayor….when will it stop?

  55. Highbury Squirrel

    Ray Gooner, Barca take our players but they never do that well out there. Wenger sells them at the right time.

    Also we nicked Cesc and Merida from them for next to nothing!
    If their coaching staff kept an eye on their own youth teams instead of the Arsenal first team they would do much better.

  56. andy4

    I would love to see these summer transfers:

    Ramsey – 5m
    Nasri – 13m
    Arshavin – 10m
    Y. Toure – Swap deal for Hleb
    Diogo – 10m

    Eboue (please get rid of him)

    So the team would be:


    Sagna Toure Gallas Clichy

    Nasri Fabregas Toure Rosicky

    Adebayor (RVP) Arshavin

  57. Ray Gooner

    regarding the Euro’s since i’m swedish i must admit Sweden were really poor in this one…
    But if you look at it, 2 teams from our group has made it to the semi finals, that should count for something…
    and all you english guys could say you were beaten by the best team (meaning Russia) cause they look favourites to win it now, don’t they?

  58. doublegooner

    WTF is going on down at N5 ?? Is the Nasri deal stalled because no one now wants that twat Hleb ??

    Whats the betting our squads looks pretty identical when the season starts ?

    Pressure is on Arsene & the board this coming season to produce. The natives won’t except the continued ‘the futures bright’ when we pay the highest season tickets in the world & not investing in the squad.

  59. Ray Gooner

    anyone know how Fran Merida is progressing?

    will he be as good, or even half as good as Cesc?

    i would settle for half as good, cause that would be great as well…

  60. Pedro

    I read that Chris. If Arsenal want to… they can add 20,000 seats to the stadium. They want to wait and see how TV season tickets affect crowds before they take the plunge.

  61. didee

    forget about sneijeder, madrid wont release him in part payment 4 ronaldo not mention a complete sale to arsenal except if we want to give them cesc- God forbid! about silva i tink he is an option in case wenger doesnt sign nasri. i quite understand the frustration of the fans on our transfer status but le boss’ mind is very mysterious, anyway i hope we dont lose out on nasri aleast and if possible get more weapons like arshvin, santa… see ya later

  62. Big Raddy

    I always enjoy your stats Ray. We ScandaGooners love that sort of stuff.

    Strange Merida hasn’t been given a shirt number. Nor the other kids AW said were going to step up. Perhaps things will change leter in the season.

  63. Arsenal Tom

    Ray…from what ive heard around the net, (young guns, loan reports) hes doing well, wengers raves about him ‘special special talent’ etc.

    he scored a couple or goals out in spain last year to, and i think he’ll be with the first team squad carling cup most likely

  64. gnarleygeorge9

    Hi Big raddy, Copenhagen is where you live, does that hippee commune still exist up there. Christania or something like that.

  65. Ray Gooner

    Adebayor out, Villa in

    Hleb out, Nasri in

    Flamini out, Yaya in

    Lehmann out, (don’t need to replace that crazy german guy)

    plus we got Ramsey & Vela to add some youth power…

  66. Highbury Squirrel

    Edu paid some old Portuguese lady to pose as his granny didnt he?

    Rooney wanted to go one further and paid for ‘extras’…

  67. gnarleygeorge9

    They stopped them:( why. I thought they were quite nice. Sort of Amsterdam crossed with Mullumbimbi (northern New South Wales)

  68. Ray Gooner

    the starting 11 should hopefully be this:

    Sagna – K. Touré – Gallas – Clichy
    Walcott – Y.Touré – Cesc – Nasri
    van Persie – Villa

    Our Second 11:

    Hoyte – Thuram – Senderos – Traoré
    Eboué – Gilberto – Diaby – Rosicky
    Bendtner – Eduardo

    Our Third 11:

    Gilbert – Djourou – Song – G. Hoyte
    Ramsey – Denìlson – Merida – Randall
    Freeman – Vela

    Our Fourth 11:
    ….no just kidding


  69. gnarleygeorge9

    Arsenal & Inter In Arshavin Race?
    Arsenal are expected to make a bid for Russian star Andrei Arshavin after his club manager Dick Advocaat confirmed that the Zenit St Petersburg would like to play in England or Spain. However, it is also reported from Italy that Internazionale are in the hunt after Jose Mourinho made contact with the player earlier this year.

    Now I bet we will be taunted by the press with Arshavin might be coming, might not be coming. I can’t take anymore!!!!!

  70. Big Raddy

    Acis is so 70’s Chris !

    And they stopped it because the International Drug Cartels were getting involved and the principle of Christiana as a free and independant state was getting lost under a haze of drugs. You can still score there, but it is far less open.

    More non footie talk…… if you like the Blues, check out Watermelon Slim. Brilliant American electric blues. And very trendy at the moment.

  71. Big Raddy

    Don’t agree Ray. I think he will be at THOF for a few years yet. Surely no-one would pay the money AFC want for him. At present, he is a one season wonder.

  72. chris

    ¿sʞɔɐq ɥsɐlɟ ƃuıʌɐɥ noʎ ǝɹɐ ʎɥʍ ‘ʎppɐɹ ƃıq pıɔɐ ɥʇıʍ ƃuoɹʍ ƃuıɥʇou sı ǝɹǝɥʇ

  73. Ray Gooner

    i still say we will be better without him, in case we get Yaya in exchange & buy Villa for the money we get….

  74. Big Raddy

    Well actually that is not strictly true because Wtaermelon sings a bit like Tom Waits and plays a lapsteel, but he has a superb band.

    Sorry boys, this is a football forum !!

  75. finestcuts

    Good morning all, it’s day 2 of “Adebayor week”. Arsebal want to make it clear that if Adebayor goes, it’s only because he was ripped out of our clutches, and dedicating a whole week to a player is a firm statement of the clubs appreciation.

    Everyone is making wild punts at the moment, about who will come and who will go.
    The squad numbers have been released and the Euros are still taking place, when they’re over the serious business can get started just like when we signed Sagna and Eduardo, they weren’t spur of the moment quick grabs, and we’re certainly not known for doing that much to many peoples disappointment, but I’m glad it’s about quality and who will suit our squad rather than appeasing fans, it means the club is being very careful making sure they don’t just say something under pressure and regret it later.

    Wenger has already made the mistake of assuming that he could dictate terms and conditions within three weeks, so being careful and getting things right is more important than making statements which later need to be retracted and explained.

    Being patient is not a popular option, it doesn’t appeal to the fans impulsive side, prefering instant gratification. It’s the easy option, something we’d all love, tie up the deals, tell us all about it and claim those trophies, matches with other temas being simply a formality against our talent. If only football was such an easy game.

    But it’s not is it, and thats partly why we love it, the competition is fierce, and would you rather be the champion of an easy or a hard game?It’s approximately two months until the campaign re-starts, losing the faith like many did last year and succumbing to the belief that we’re not good enough, that we won’t make the top4 etc. is the easy option, not only that but it dis-regards the quality of the many good players we already have, Arsenal’s record at the Emirates and a whole host of facts and stats which support the case for Arsenal having an excellent chance in the 08/09.

    Please don’t let me or anyone stop you if you have something to say about the club, stand up and be counted, but be prepared to change your mind and admit you were wrong, I am and for the record, I don’t believe we’ll finish anywhere below 3rd with an excellent chance of winning the title.

  76. Ray Gooner

    Regarding the game between Spain & Russia i believe Spain will win it if Cesc is given the chance of starting the game! If (the Racist) Aragones starts with Xavi Russia will win it!
    Russia plays very high up with their defence and Cesc would let off Villa with some magical passes and then it’s all over…
    Xavi isn’t as good as Cesc, it takes too much time with him at the ball…

  77. Arsenal Tom

    wenger on arshavin…

    “Arshavin? I won’t invent anything if I say he has been the revelation of the tournament,” Wenger told L’Equipe.

    “His way to make a difference against adversary is absolutely amazing. That is the mark of great players. A rumoured contact with Arsenal? As usual (there’s speculation), but I’ve never met him.”

  78. Big Raddy

    Which part GG? It is a big place !

    Re: Sp vRus. I would like to see Russia win. They have played the best football in the tournament. Though of course, my heart belongs to Cesc

  79. Ray Gooner

    If the time comes when Clubs, Players, Managers, Agents & News papers all wait for the deal to be final and then print the story then it will be ok…

    And that will happen in some 100 years from now…?

  80. Saint Mostly (M.V.B.)

    On a TOTALLY unrelated note… (considering were going in circles as far as signings go…)
    What the hell is the deal with our squad numbers???? Why so randomly allocated?
    Call me old school but c’mon! Dont Clichy & Sags deserve the traditional 2 & 3 shirts??? Gallas (muppet) still has 10?!!?!?

    Sort it out AW!!!!

  81. Big Raddy

    You a Holland supporter GG?

    Always wanted to go, but never got further south than Sydney. Next time maybe. I hear great things about the place, but it is a long way from the Emirates !

  82. Raif

    hi there Govers.

    back from turkey.

    and watching Arse-Shaven (Arshavin) i would take him over Villa to be honest. i hope we get him but with it being Arsenal i wont holdmy breath at all.

    the Nesri deal is done and dusted i think we will find out in a day or two.

    and if there is 23 Mill on the table for ADE id bite there hand off and drive him there my self while doing a african rain dance at the sam time.