Arsene Wenger or Howard Hughes? Legends play Champ Manager!

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Let me explain, you are all thinking Arsene has lost the plot and we should be employing Gus Hiddink right? And that his intransigence at being abroad commentating instead of dealing with club issues is the equivalent of Nero fiddling whilst Rome burned.


And Adebayor and Hleb must be respected if they want to leave for more money and what we want doesn’t count for shit as we’re just stupid sheep like fans.


That he said we didn’t need a centerback was the worlds biggest denial since the naked emperor paraded his birthday suit, well let me tell you why you’re all wrong.


Arsenal, the official magazine has listed 10 potential transfer targets, amongst them are Akinfeev, Van der Vaart and Ruben de la Red.


The three wise men Charlie George, Kenny Sansom and Lee Dixon have all said that Wenger has spoken of a new centerback as a priority and have named Richard Dunne and Micah Richards as targets.


Charlie even went on to say we should never have let Diarra go, so all you AKB’s out there, go and buy the Arsenal magazine, June issue and burn it, because three of my all time heroes agree with Le Grove.


Now surely the Official Arsenal magazine is like and isn’t allowed to say anything without the managers say so? So it must be true, eh?


So we all agree that we need to sign at least 3 players, make an example of Hleb and Ade and stick them in the stiffs, sign Micah Richards and tell Howard Hughes that he doesn’t own our club, we do, and we are fed up with selling our crown jewels and buying babies.


It’s time to step up Arsene, no wonder Nasri hasn’t signed, he doesn’t know how many players we’ll have by the time he gets here.


Stand up to players and other clubs boss, we need you to act like the Arsenal manager and not a recluse that builds shitty aircraft that take forever and never get finished.


Don’t be a Goose, be a leader, a strong one that doesn’t take shit from all the big clubs and all the players you nurtured.


For those who haven’t a clue what I mean, the Goose was the worlds most expensive seaplane built by the worlds maddest man, it took forever, it cost billions and was never used, sound familiar?


Happy domingo Grovers, Pedro’s birthday comments were memorable yesterday, let’s hope the boss reads this. It’s last chance saloon this week to sign some decent players. 

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  1. Geoff

    It certainly looks that way, why can’t the Senderos’s want out instead of the Helb’s and Ade’s?

  2. 5am

    Up with Gus Hiddink should be Carlos Qeuiroz if the manager decides to take the French job after Domenech gets sacked – that way he’d be reunited with Diarra too!

  3. The Arsenal FC, not Arsène FC.

    BigRaddy, I know you were talking about the win against AC, but they are still bigger than us due to their silverware, and 5CL’s is very impressive.
    Enough about those bin-dippers though, making me feel all sicky inside just typing about them.

    Huddersfield Town for sure, in fact chelsea are not in the top 20.

  4. The Arsenal FC, not Arsène FC.

    Senderos is on a cushy number, he aint going no-where, and who would want him if he were to go ?
    Ade and Hleb though know they can earn more money at another club.

    Our wage-structure has got to be changed.

    Not rocket science to see that when we had our big earners in the team…Sol, RP, TH, PV, etc., we were bloody well near Untouchable, and now we are running after the ‘promising youngsters’.

  5. GMR

    Us fans are always told by AKB’s that we should just wait & see what happens & that the transfer window is open until the end of August. Then come mid season when its all going horrible wrong again & we dare to suggest that Wenger should have bought players all the AKB’s come out saying how easy it is to say that with hindsight.

    Do these people ever realise how ridculous they sound??

    We’ve been waiting for Wenger to keep his word for the past 3 years, isn’t about time he was forced to keep his word?? He treats the fans as mugs, just look at his recent Q&A session with the shareholders, he sat there & lied through his teeth about what he was doing. He has since said he would sign 3 players, that we would be reassured & that he would do that in 3 weeks, again nothing happened. I can accept that maybe 1 of the deals was more difficult than he thought to complete, I suppose its even possible that two of them went wrong, but all three?? I don’t think so.

  6. Geoff

    How are AC Milan able go after Arshavin and pay Ade £80k a week? where do they get all their money, they aren’t even in the Champions league.

  7. dan,

    that wasnt really what i was trying to say, more that they have to answer aload of questions every month and if every answer concurred exactly with what the manager said it would be pretty suspect at best

    for my opinion richards and dunne have been made out by all the paper hype to be more than they are, there is no way in a million years that richards is worth 15 to 20 million, he obviously is a beast of a man and has alot of pace and is good in the air but his positioning alot of times last season was suspect at best and his pace helped him out of alot of mistakes, dunne wouldnt be a bad buy if we could get him for the tiny fees that are knocking about in the papers but hes hardly world class and was considered a bit rubbish a few years ago so he hasnt been so good for all that long.

    But with that being said he could be just what we need, good in the air, experienced cheap and knows the premier league, wouldnt be completely outraged if he was on the bench if gallas and toure were playing well and hes old enough that it doesnt necessarily mean we have to get rid of promising youngsters due to him being 23 24 and them having no way of getting a chance in the team for ages..

    sort of player that does no harm either way really, same sort of thing i can see us doing for a third choice keeper, wether we like it or not it seems almunia (who i thought had a solid enough season last year, not the sort of keeper who stand out but he didnt really make any massive clangers either) is going to be number one, after getting his new contract etc, much like he did with poom if he doesnt see vito mannone as an adequate third choice hell probably bring in an older keeper for a free or small fee and theyll perhaps battle with fabianski for the second choice spot

  8. david

    Spurs seem to do better than us (spending wise) in the transfer window and they make a profit.
    Never been in the Champions league and hopfully never will..

  9. dan,

    to be fair gmr we have signed 2 players and nasri is virtually in the bag, wether you consider yourself reassured by ramsey coquelin and nasri is a different matter though!

  10. The Arsenal FC, not Arsène FC.

    dan: WORD. Don’t know what GMR is moaning about. That’s 3 signings right there.

  11. GMR

    Nasri hasn’t signed & the longer it goes on the less likely it looks.

    I don’t consider Ramsey or Coquelin signings, clearly they aren’t for the first team.

  12. GunnersUnitedFC

    looks like we’re not gonna be signing many players.

    “I brought my cheque-book (to Euro 2008) but, having looked at the prices, I’ve realised it isn’t big enough,” Wenger – who is also hoping to keep hold of Alexander Hleb – said in the Sunday Mirror.

    “But I will use my cheque-book first to keep the players I already have.”,19528,11661_3722269,00.html

  13. dan,

    spurs are proof that spending big sums doesnt always buy success like chelseas,

    bent got about 4 goals for 16 million, zokora made a big show of saying hed turned us down 12m for him how glad are we now that he did!

    kp boateng? adel taarabt who some of their deluded fans reckon is better than fabregas cant even get a start and just falls over alot when he gets off the bench,

    thank god they havent sacked commoli yet!

    i know he had some success, berbatov for example, but his flops outnumber the good ones at least 3 -1

    and lets not forget modric has done nothing in the prem yet and they paid nearly twice the original asking price for him (9M) hed already said hed rather go to spain than england so clearly he wasnt considered worth it by the spanish clubs.

  14. GMR

    Gunnersunited, I’ve just read that article as well. What a joke, talk about letting us all down again!! Hope the season tickets are going to be reduced accordingly!!

  15. dan,

    im not saying they were what we were hoping for when it was said or that theyre particularly reassuring (though if man u wanted ramsey that badly then he cant be bad, though completely unproven…) but he basically has signed 3 players, hopefully there are at least another 3 to come or our squad will have less numbers and less experience than last year

  16. david

    But the point is they have spent the money , they have less income, and they still make a profit.

    Our revenue is far higher than theres so where is our money going??

  17. dan,

    gmr: nasri is over here having a medical, its been confirmed by the marseille chairman, the arsenal press office seem to take weekends off the lazy fuckers so expect it to be announced next week assuming hes passed

  18. GMR

    Come off it, there isn’t a fan anywhere that would be reassured by those signings & if thats who he was talking about then he is clearly taking the piss & deserves the boot immediately.

  19. GMR

    dan, Papa Diouf didn’t confirm that at all. You are being misled by articles on websites & newspapers that have taken his quotes out of context. Anyway he was supposedly having a medical on thursday so its got to be the worlds longest one if its still going on.

    Go look at the Marseille website, there is absolutely no news about Nasri’s transfer at all. From all accounts the only thing missing from Samir joining is his signature, that would also be backed up by the players comments of being 99% sure of joining Arsenal. It seems to me he is clearly having second thoughts & thats why I doubt it’ll happen.

  20. dan,

    the nasri signing is hopefully a good one, ferguson and man u wanted ramsey enough for him to be in a rage about it and their fans to have some serious sour grapes at him not signing. i dont think their what anyone expected from the way the manager talked (and he does seem to be doing alot more talking this summer than normal) but i still dont reckon its worth getting that pissed about until at least the end of pre season, im not saying akb but the way agents are now , making little press comments trying to get a bit more money here and there, some deals take alot longer than the 2 clubs and even the player might like , no really major transfers have gone through as the players are all either at the euros concentrating on their tournament, playing south american world cup qualifiers or on their holidays

  21. david

    Nasri wants more money, Wenger confirmed it when he said about the French league clubs pay as much as the premiership now and with the Euro stronger now the we are not as attractive..

  22. The Arsenal FC, not Arsène FC.

    GMR: Think that nasri was all but signed, but then another offer came in that has made him stop and think.
    Also with this talk of players leaving he might be dubious about the promises AW might have given him re. wage increases.

  23. Gelbs

    Total cunt that Wenger. “My cheque book isn’t big enough.” Of course it isn’t Arsene. What do you expect to get for 3 million pounds? Fucking cunt. Had no intentions of ever purchasing anyone decent. If we have no money to spend, maybe the cunt should put Arsenal first before him. Tell the board to slash his whopping 3.5 million a year down to 500k in order to spend on players. His wages should match those of a Coca-Cola Championship manager. Seeing as he only buys unheard of shits and crappy youth players. “Yes we couldn’t keep hold of Adebayor, or Hleb and Flamini for that matter, instead, we are bringing on Sunu and Freeman and Vela next season. Fantastic potential. And when we lose it be because we lacked maturity…..” Then we will have to appoint a new manager. What a fucking cunt.

  24. dan,

    so your willing to believe that pape dioufs comments could have been taken out of context by the media but not wengers? after all the only comment about him not singing a centre back was taken from PART of an answer to a question about a specific player for example?

    of course the player hasnt officially signed but no one else has come out and said theyve made an offer nevermind having one accepted, and the only club supposedly competing is atletico

  25. gooner 4 lyf

    has any1 thought that maybe aresenal want to anounce all there signings at the same time jus a thought we may be waiting to anounce every1 at the same time

  26. dan,

    and according to the board the loan would still be payable even if we were in a worst case, to get relegated and attendance falls to 20k, so if the payments are that low it shouldnt really be affecting transfers

  27. Gelbs

    If Arsenal’s loan is at a fixed rate for 23 years, then surely they are only paying off a small amount (for example 2.5 million a month) which takes it well over 24 million a year. Times that by 23 and you have over 500 million. So the small amount is what Arsenal make ALONE in a single home game. And we have no money eh? What total shit.

  28. Geoff

    It’s depressing, why don’t we sell Cesc and Robin and pay off some more debt, that way we wouldn’t expect to win anything.

  29. david

    Fizman should stand next Wenger and say “we have a budget of £75million for transfers am I a liar”

  30. Just Stick It In !

    yoo hoo geoff, quite a write up eh? excellent!

    remember last season when arsene did not sign anyone proven? look where it got us.

    but however i am being optimistic here… cesc, clichy, sagna & ade(if he IS staying) will have one year’s experience under their belts, which is positive i reckon.

    having said that, we still DO need to make a significant signing/s(?) to make a statement that we really mean business next season.

  31. LeGrover

    everything is shit,
    arsene wenger is a cunt,
    arsenal are tight, we need big signings.

    i was playing fm2007 and affelay is brilliant, lets get him,
    also lets get ariel ortega he is the best in fifa 98,

    and lets get mattheus sammer he was good in sensible soccer. come on arsenal splash some cash!!!!

  32. GMR

    dan, I know Papa Diouf’s words were twisted, its not about believing it or not. Never once did he confirm that Nasri was having a medical or that he was in London. Anyway that side of things is irrelevant because I believe that whole deal is complete except for the most important part…..Nasri’s signature. It’s him who isn’t signing & I believe thats because he has doubts about joining us.

    I’ve never heard Wenger say he was going to sign a cb so I don’t understand what you’re saying. He did however say he would sign a player that could deal with long balls down the middle & he said that in the Q&A session so I know 100% he said it. I’m not having ago at Wenger because he hasn’t bought a certain player I’m annoyed because he hasn’t bought anyone (I refuse to believe Ramsey was one that would reassure us). Now Wenger is suggesting he won’t be buying anyone (he won’t say that outright but anyone with an unbiased mind knows what he means) & that he needs his money to keep the squad together, to me thats pathetic.

  33. dan,

    if we lose aload of players dont replace properly and then win nothing again next season we will probably lose cesc and rvp anyway, i thought last season after losing henry ljungberg (though a shadow of his former self) and others that we did well to challenge and it was most importantly an improvement on the last season.

    we could perhaps have done with another winger or a more aerially capable cb but at the end of the day the january windw wasnt used as it was expected van persie and rosicky would be fit again and no one knew eduardo was going to break his leg or that kolo was going to lose his mind after the acn.

    if this season we dont make many signings or adequate replacements and go backwards then it is definetly time to start questioning the managers position

    but it is no coincidence that 2 of the most successful clubs over the last decade in english football have had the same manager for the whole time.

  34. dan,

    fair enough geoff but saying you want anyone to die particularly someone from the club your supposed to support over a game of football is ridiculous

  35. david

    We also had two centre backs at the ANC and Djourou came back from Birmingham injured.
    When Woodgate became available Wenger was way off the pace and embaressed us with a late bid!

  36. Just Stick It In !

    david, i do really want arsene to sign someone who can set the bpl alight but at the same time hope & pray last season’s experience would do cesc etc some good.

  37. david

    Cesc has lost his two best friends at Arsenal because we won nothing .

    What good did this season do for him to stay at arsenal?

  38. rico01

    Nasri – he is not ours to include in our signings, and in any case, he is not much better than Ramsey IMHO – still a kid and unproven… Even when he did get five minutes at Euro, did he really shine????

    Sooner a player bigger, stronger and with more experience, the latter especially….

    Now I have said that – what the bet he signs soon!!!

    Answers on a postcard please!!!

  39. dan,

    rico, did any of the french team shine? the answer is completely no, yet we know at least half of those players are or were world class, he gt 15 minutes at a time in a team that was as a whole underperforming

  40. dan,

    so to say that with champions league and 4 years french league experience ad international caps hes no better than a 17 year old with 22 championship appearances is a bit of a poor comparison?

  41. Just Stick It In !

    i don’t expect cesc to jump ship just because flamoney & pleb did.

    give the boy some credit but if arsene does that’s a different story altogether!

  42. A

    rico ramsey is a nobody, not even had a cap for wales. Nasri has played at the top level for marseille in the french league, starring for two years, and getting young player of the year, as well as getting a fair few french caps. There’s a massive difference between the two

  43. Geoff

    The thing is if a player says he wants to go Wenger lets them, so if Cesc sees no signings and no silverware why would he stay?

  44. GMR

    It won’t just be cesc. You can add rvp, clichy & sagna to that list. Never fear though I’m sure there are a couple of 14 years olds that can fill the void!!

    I just think we’re all being too hard on Arsene & the board now. I think they should put up the ticket price 100% to help cover all the debts & I don’t think we should sign anyone for the next 23 years. Who cares about trophies its the taking part that counts!!

  45. Just Stick It In !

    is there any way that we could make cesc thinks he is the saviour that the club has been waiting for? if we manage that, i don’t see any reason he has to move.

  46. Big Raddy

    Geoff, you know I am a mild mannered man. But Dan’s response to Gelbs was perfectly justified. He just got in before I did !!

    Does anyone really imagine that AW doesn’t do all HE believes is best to win the EPL ? That you do not agree with his policy is part of the great debate, but to say what Gelbs said was completely unaccaeptable. Emotions running high or not.

  47. rico01

    dan & A – honest, you will see from my previous posts, I am desperate for Nasri to sign, its the likes of Ramsey that frustrate – yes he has potential, but in 2-3 years we might benefit from that, we need now!

  48. dan,

    well said BR anyways im off, been interesting posting on here this morning and seeing what people whos opinions in general are roughly the other side of the coin to mine (though not in regard to all things and issues i should say) had to say

  49. jules

    have you just read this from wenger , i bought my cheque but realise its not big enough crap . i cannot believe this shit excuse , how pathetic . in other words . dont get your hopes up . i have had enough of this . very different from the fans will be happy with what they see . i am so pissed of with this . how embarrasing .

  50. jules

    i mean one of the best managers in the world “did not realise “, what a fucking stupid statement , JESUS !!!!!

  51. david

    He might have nad a glint i his eye when he said that jules,

    It may have been a tougue in cheek remark to all the players we have been linked with and the cost quoted..

  52. LeGrover

    why isnt his cheque book big enough
    hes a cunt
    a liar
    i hate him
    sack the board, we need money or we will be left behind
    sack them all
    lets buy people, we need to spend 200m to catch up

  53. jules

    well ive had enough tounge in cheek for now , so was the defence needs attention , 2/3 big signings in the next 2 weeks and the fans will be happy with what they see tounge in chhek too ?? I guess so .

  54. ethangunner


    you are obviously mocking us !
    go find an AKB site that suits you !
    your a stupid little man !!!!

  55. jules

    just an admission that we can not compete with others in the transfer market .

    had enough , have a nice sunday all , sunshine , couple of beers i think .

  56. david

    Go to the box marked silly season at the top jules, all i am saying is Wenger has seen us linked to all those players and PERHAPS made a cheap jibe about the chequebook not being big enough.

    Do you really see Wenger walking into the Russian and French training camps with a cheque book in his hand. I’d rather he was at Arsenal dealing with the situation and had a holiday during a Enland /carling Cup week when all the signings have been made (hoping) and the season is underway..

  57. finestcuts

    I have to agree with Raddy, Gelbs post is an absolute disgrace, it’s pureile, it’s vile and utterly indefensible, it’s absolutely disgusting.

    If you don’t like a person, make your points clear but using a patronising and foul tone speaks volumes about the author. Learn some manners and decency,
    or perhaps that is something you can neither comprehend nor appreciate.

  58. Geoff

    Sorry guys, I let him on in good faith, he had his 15 minutes, he’s done now, Raddy you’re right I’ll edit the comment.

  59. Confidentgoner

    The Russians were very impressive lastnight inspired by Asravin. We can see RVP’s limitations as a midfielder. He did not threaten enough and failed to offer defensive cover. I hope the RVP fans here can dissect his performance in that role properly. I wonder why Basten dropped Arjan Robben who could have provided wing threats from the left. The Dutch coach perhaps was over confident in this match and has paid dearly for a stupid strategy.

    Back to Arsenal. Our options for a promising 09 season are getting narrower. With AW admitting he has a limited budget to strengthen his squad, it is a hopeless case for him to hope to keep his existing players with his shoe string wage structure. That is like saying that I have no money but hope to keep one of the best looking mistress in the world! It is clear that Ade, Hleb are unsettled. Why? Because their Mr. 20% and the players want more money that we cannot afford. I am pretty sure that gunners will say that well we have Nasri, and we can buy adequate replacements for Ade. Sure, but after after one season the replacements will want more money bigger than the wage structure and you go down the same vicious route. And I still think that Nasri is still not a done deal.

    With these developments, I think a guided sale of Arsenal FC to a reputable investor is what we are going to get soon. It is inevitable and we need the cash injection to keep staying among the best in the premiership and in the world.

    Up the Arse!

  60. A

    Rico can make a big difference now, he’ll be much better than the likes of diaby playing left mid right now. It will most likely be a year or so before we see the best of him, I expect him to be like Pires in those terms.

    Vela scored again for Mexico last night, nice goal too, he’ll prob take a while to settle though as well

    You’re right david, yet another throwaway comment that the media have taken and tried to make a story out of, and some numpties always bite and take it as fact! It was him joking about with his commentary buddy, not an interview or press conference about transfers!

  61. A

    confident robben was injured. I didn’t think VP was found wanting defensively, that’s actually the one area in which I was very surprised and impressed with him, he got back and stopped crosses/counters time and time again, in the first half especially defensively he was very good. His overall performance was pretty average though, then again the whole dutch performance was very average. I think he’s going to come back at the start of next season and after a good pre-season he’ll show he’s one of if not the best forward in the prem

  62. Geoff

    I hope you’re right A, but he should be addressing the Arsenal fans, he is after all our manager and spokesman, the only way anyone gets any news is from these sites.

  63. david

    If Arsenal swap with barca say Ade / Eto’o or Hleb/Yaya, does that mean Mr 20% gets as much commision as if we sold them on a cash deal to Milan??

  64. A

    Arsene has said he doesn’t want to sell Ade and Hleb, and that he hopes to do the Nasri deal after the Euros (whether he meant after France knocked out or the tournament is ambiguous), and that’s that. He hasn’t said anything else because nothing has actually changed. Just because sites choose to ignore his comments doesn’t mean he should repeat them weekly when nothing has changed. Rumours about Ade’s happiness don’t constitute anything actually changing.

  65. Geoff

    Ok A you’re right, there’s not much point in me writing again until we have a match on, then whatever Wenger says afterwards, I’ll write about.

    Sorry for my constant speculating and irritation.

  66. A

    No, that’s the point – the fans can speculate and gossip-monger and such like all they want, it’s fun. But the problems come when fans take gossip and speculation as fact, as well as the fact they complain that Wenger and won’t join in with the gossiping!

  67. Geoff

    That’s why Wenger should open his mouth, that or sue the newspapers, but if the comments are true he needs to fine the player and tell us so we don’t have a shit summer.

  68. norway-gunner

    totally agree that wenger should stop wasting time and monye signing 17 year olds who either never play and go to championchip clubs where they become stars and later score crucial goals against arsenal, or develop like cesc and leave for next to nothing to barca… Sign players like Sergio Ramos, Akinfeev and david villa. Also to all the fans: stop talking about flamini replacement!! we have gilberto who had flam’s place to begin with, we have denilson who for me is a player who deserves to be cesc partner in midfield every game, the kid has it all, tackles everything and never stops working, We have song who showed great promise, and don’t forget diaby who could be next viera if he learns to play the ball after winning a tackle and stop losing it all the time, he has the agility to become a great viera. We don’t need more french teenagers to sit on the bench, we need to keep the players we have, and develop some english talent like lansbury and randall, because we all know that the stupi 6+5 rule is going to be enforced sooner or later, or just after next england fiasco in a tournament. Also sell almunia, the guy is not good enough for a stature club like arsenal. Akinfeev would be a good replacement, ommanding his area, good at one-on-ones, brave, young and he is the first choice for russia despite being only 21!!!

  69. A

    The only reason the newspapers do it is because they know they can get away with it. Half the time it’s agents/clubs who give them the untrue stories to generate interest/increase value/negotiate new contracts etc. Transfer gossip is not incriminating, as it doesn’t actually attack people extensively etc, noone would ever take libel action against a newspaper as a result. The players are allowed to feel unsure about their future, what they want to do etc, you couldn’t fine them for it! It isn’t a crime for someone to want to move somewhere else, and neither hleb nor ade has even said they want to leave, so what could they get fined for?!
    arsene commented on the hleb situation when the agent reports first came out, along with the lies about him being able to buy out his contract, and put that straight, why should he have to continuously repeat himself especially when everyone just ignores what he says because its more fun, and more profitable (in the media’s case) to do so, and continue to gossip

  70. patthegooner

    A, I think there is a difference this time with Ade and Hleb

    I that now the Braca link is too strong to be put down as speculation. I think we are talking to them and are looking to get best price if they are to go

    I think wenger wants them to stay but privately he realises that for some reason they both want to play elsewhere and will get as much cash out of it as possible.

    I dont expect Wenger to come out repeatedly to comment on speculation, but when a potential major story arrises like now (Remember the last comments from Wenger were to do with Ade and Hleb to the Milan Clubs) then they should be publicly rubishing and when they dont it only leads me to believe that we are letting them go.

    I think what I am currently fucked off about is that we had a better than expected season, and my morale was up, Wenger then came out with the keep the team together and add the final pieces to the puzzle, and supposedly we were going to be re-assured about that within 2-3 weeks.

    Great I thought, finally for the first time in 4 years I would enjoy the summer and genuinely feel positive about our chances next year. suddenly Flamini has gone, Hleb and Ade are unsettled and we have bought a 17 yr old……….AGAIN

    I know the transfer window is still open, but in my mind you can only make the best of the transfer window if you buy prior to pre-season starting, otherwise it is like a kid missing the first 2 months of school, they are then playing catch up.

    In the transfer market we always seem to be playing one step forward 3 steps back and it fucks me off.

  71. Confidentgoner


    I hope he does. What I do not get is a sense of urgency within the AFC to sign on dependable quality. They may perhaps be doing it behind close doors and no announcements mean they have had no success. Our fingers are still crossed.

  72. Big Raddy

    There seems to be an impression that we have a divine right to players. Yet we all know nothing is going to happen until after the Euro’s.
    Agents, players andclubs are all jostling to get the best deals. No-one is stupid enough to take the first offer, while there is the possibility of a higher bid from elsewhere.

    Fortunately , if Real really do get Ronaldo, then their budget is spent. But, it leaves MU in pole position to sign Arshavin. If Drogba goes to Milan, the Chavs have got to find a replacement – Villa.

    It isn’t as simple as a wish list.


    apart from sisgning another 17 year old ,No NEW SIGNINGS,by that i mean the super class players that our manager promised we would have on board in 2- 3 wekks remember that statement,BOSS!!
    IT SEEMS TO ME THAT ADE will go and we will make a tidy profit,if his comments reported are true about Milan Are True I say FUCK HIM!!!
    Message to you have had one good season ,thats all ,you arrogant cunt!!!!!

    One thing though I am realy getting pissed of with the way Wenger handles the media,
    Think of the last three years apart from sagna, who have we bought that was a ready made premiership player from day one ?
    He looked ,woeful,slow ,cumbersome and couldnt cope with the swedish long ball game ,so lets hope he dosent show up at the grove,
    and finally why is wenger their anyway he can see all the players from every angle sat in his own armchiar, YES I FORGOT HIS GETTING PAID TO WORK FOR FRENCH TV, like he needs the money His priority IS ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB ,He should be aware of that .
    I have said in the past that this season is make or break for le boss , i really hope that he makes me eat my words of critisim next season ,,

  74. Geoff

    Raddy no one is waiting for the Mancs to go first, we ask, they sell or they don’t, we move on.

    We should have bought before the Euros any businessman will tell you that.And Wenger said 2 to 3 weeks, I didn’t, he did. Now he says nothing, it’s boring, the same happened last year.

  75. rico01

    Meanwhile, back in Gotham City…………………….

    Nothing bloomin changes – However, I have faith in our manager, he will buy

    Ben Arfa

    And the boy from the McDonalds Advert

    Oh – and we sell Ade and Hleb

    Everyone OK with our new squad??

  76. rico01

    Thank you Geoff, I thought you might…

    I have promised not to be a Grumpy old woman, so I am now being positive….


  77. A

    Latest rumours is that we’ve had an offer rejected for diego, and also rumours that wolfsberg interested in hleb now, would be a great exchange imo

  78. patthegooner

    What do you reckon tonight then guys

    Being selfish, I want Italy to win so Cesc can get on his holidays and be fresh as possible for the start of next season

    Also dreaming, maybe once Villa, De La Red, Silva etc are not longer commited to the cause, maybe Arsene will bounce a couple of cheques

  79. A

    why was diego stuff bantered about? i hadn’t seen any rumours about him recently, not sure how i missed that. He’d be a fantastic signing, and can imagine he’ll want to leave wolfsberg to go to a big club sooner rather than later

  80. A

    In terms of tonight I really hope spain click rather than italy boring them into submission. As Cesc’s barely played he shouldn’t be tired from the tournament, and would be nice for him to arrive at pre-season fresh having now played much at the Euro’s, but on a high from coming on as sub and banging in the winner in the last minute against Germany in the final!

  81. Confidentgoner


    Lets not slate players if they feel they can earn more. It is perfectly human. The whole mistake started from not trying to retain Flamini for just 5000 ponds a week. That was what caused us to loose Flamini to Milan, not really because he wanted to move to ‘Milan.

    Players are like consultants and they see the way their colleagues are getting on and go on to their own conclusions. I think personally the board have been looking at some wrong statistics like salary paid out between teams, forgetting that AFC has a large youth squad and that makes our wage bill seem to rise to the top bracket.

  82. rico01

    Italy to win tonight for me – then Russia to beat them to get to the final…..

    Im for Russia to win the Euros

  83. A

    Yeah the one that plays for portugeusa or whatever they’re called, though i think thats just bringing back the claims in january by the club that we’d offered for him. I saw rumours today that we’d had a bid rejected for the midfielder diego, and as there was talk about wolfsberg throwing their hat in the ring for hleb, i absent mindedly thought there could be some truth in it if was an exchange. However obviously werder bremen and wolfsberg are different clubs so probably complete bollocks!

  84. rico01

    Treze13 – thats who was bantered about yesterday, the 21 year old who we have bid for, is AW going back with a better offer?

  85. rico01

    Hey guys,

    My other half is a Gooner as you know, but probably only because i am, however for the first time he has come out and said, and probably due to the wine induced coma, that AW is on borrowed time and the club need to put the money in the mouth of the man who keeps saying we can win everything!!!!

    Flickin Heck, I am dumb founded, it speaks!!!!!! 🙂

  86. rico01

    Oh well, I shall just talk to me, what a dreadful game of football this is!!

    Dum de Dum, de Dum de Dum, Dum de Dum de Dum – Ooh, is that the Archers…………………………;)

  87. Abdenor

    Evening Rico

    What happened to yesterday’s optimism, some people are going way over the top, this how i see things…….

    Chelsea will go through a major rebuilding exercise next season (too many ins & Outs) , i can’t see them winning the league.

    Quite frankly whatever happens, I don’t see Liverpool being crown champions under the fat bearded spanish waiter’ leadership.

    Man U might loose Ronaldo and will have to go to Japan in december to compete for world club championship…… it’ll be a though season for them i reckon.

    AW will sell Hleb and Ade, purchase a top notch centre back, a world class defensive midfielder , David Villa & Arshavin!

    End result = Champions 😀

  88. Abdenor

    The game is yet to take off……….. maybe it’ll open up in the 2nd half like the Russia game last night.

  89. rico01

    Evening Ab – is this De – ja -vue, so simple so right, and with them on board, i would be happy… Ab, I am not allowed to be grumpy, BigR has told me off today….. 😉

    Poor game though?

  90. rico01

    Villa does not look so good tonight so far, maybe a bit of magic later…., but I want the Spanish to lose so cesc has a good holibobs – also, my hubby says he wants them to lose because they still Bull Fight – thats good enough for me too…..

  91. Abdenor

    Some of the comments were a bit distastefull, AW will prove them wrong and no………… i am not an AKB!

    Luca Toni is a waste of space, his finishing is woefull to say the least!

  92. Ja_Gunner

    This referee is af*****ckin idiot.

    Italy will be “lucky” in a major tournament once again.

    Three fouls by Italy not called…..

  93. Abdenor

    What are the odds on Cesc coming on in the 2nd half and scoring the winner, his goal scoring record against the italians is v.good (Juventus & Milan).

    I can’t stand the italians either Ja_Gunner, i want them out!

  94. rico01

    Ab – your view on the mighty boss…………… I just so hope you are right, I always used to believe in him and I want to again. This has to be the transfer season he gets it right again, he did it from 1996 – 2005, he can and surely will regain that cheeky cunning way in the transfer market…… if he does, then I for one will be so so happy…..

    Dont forget, i still think Villa is ours already……

  95. Abdenor

    I am with you Rico on Villa, he’s in the bag!………….. AW has no choice but to get it right as the pressure is on!
    I reckon he’ll deliver, he’s at his best when put under pressure.

  96. rico01

    Fabregas, his vision could be the thing that Spain miss right now, they need a precision pass, and Cesc can do that so very well..

    Torres is not having a good game… Dreadful pass!

  97. Ja_Gunner

    Come on Spain…..

    Even if Spain go all the way, Cesc wont be tired he is being used a super sub, playing less than 45 mins per game, he wont be tired.

    Get those cheating boring Italians out!!!!!!

    hey dont deserve all this success with the type of uninspiring football they play.

  98. Ja_Gunner

    Spain have to realise that they have to take advantage of counterattacks, they cant use their normal slow build up against the Italian 10 men behind the ball crap.

    They have attack with more pace , Villa and Torres both keep on running into heavy traffic with no where to go.

    They dont seem to be learning as the game goes on, they keep doing the same things. They have to change it up somehwat.

  99. Abdenor

    I second that Ja -…. Italy are really an awful team to watch, i don’t want to see anymore of them, they’re boring us to death!

  100. rico01

    Hey Ab – Villa has been poor tinight, maybe a few million has been knocked off his price now, JaG – both teams are cheating at the moment…

  101. rico01

    Ab. I think it has too, but i guess its only you and me who think that……

    cesc is playing well, he is running things in midfield

  102. Abdenor

    Haha…… Luca Toni is playing for Spain apparently……. i read that earlier Rico, they hard ball tactics me thinks.

  103. GMR

    This game has just convinced me further how much I really wouldn’t want Wenger to waste money on Villa. There are far better strikers out there & I don’t think he’d really add much to what we already have.

  104. GMR

    I’m not basing it on one game though, I’ve been saying all along that I didn’t want Villa its just this game has brought it home even more. We know Torres is an exceptional player & he is a proven premier league player.