Arsene Wenger or Howard Hughes? Legends play Champ Manager!

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Let me explain, you are all thinking Arsene has lost the plot and we should be employing Gus Hiddink right? And that his intransigence at being abroad commentating instead of dealing with club issues is the equivalent of Nero fiddling whilst Rome burned.


And Adebayor and Hleb must be respected if they want to leave for more money and what we want doesn’t count for shit as we’re just stupid sheep like fans.


That he said we didn’t need a centerback was the worlds biggest denial since the naked emperor paraded his birthday suit, well let me tell you why you’re all wrong.


Arsenal, the official magazine has listed 10 potential transfer targets, amongst them are Akinfeev, Van der Vaart and Ruben de la Red.


The three wise men Charlie George, Kenny Sansom and Lee Dixon have all said that Wenger has spoken of a new centerback as a priority and have named Richard Dunne and Micah Richards as targets.


Charlie even went on to say we should never have let Diarra go, so all you AKB’s out there, go and buy the Arsenal magazine, June issue and burn it, because three of my all time heroes agree with Le Grove.


Now surely the Official Arsenal magazine is like and isn’t allowed to say anything without the managers say so? So it must be true, eh?


So we all agree that we need to sign at least 3 players, make an example of Hleb and Ade and stick them in the stiffs, sign Micah Richards and tell Howard Hughes that he doesn’t own our club, we do, and we are fed up with selling our crown jewels and buying babies.


It’s time to step up Arsene, no wonder Nasri hasn’t signed, he doesn’t know how many players we’ll have by the time he gets here.


Stand up to players and other clubs boss, we need you to act like the Arsenal manager and not a recluse that builds shitty aircraft that take forever and never get finished.


Don’t be a Goose, be a leader, a strong one that doesn’t take shit from all the big clubs and all the players you nurtured.


For those who haven’t a clue what I mean, the Goose was the worlds most expensive seaplane built by the worlds maddest man, it took forever, it cost billions and was never used, sound familiar?


Happy domingo Grovers, Pedro’s birthday comments were memorable yesterday, let’s hope the boss reads this. It’s last chance saloon this week to sign some decent players. 

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  1. rico01

    GMR – the game in general is Shite!! I wouldnt judge any players worth in this match..

    Arshavin to Barca……….. yes repeating myself, why why why……….

  2. GMR

    I didn’t see those games as I was away, but lets be honest whether you like them or not Italy are a major step up from Russia or Sweden.

    rico, as I said I’m not judging him on this game, I’ve seen plenty of him this past season for Valencia & I really don’t think much of him.

  3. Abdenor

    They won’t need him Rico, They want Hleb, have the twin midgets and Deco!

    Where’s he going to fit in?

  4. TREZE13

    WOO WENGER IS IN THE CROWD………..could only mean one thing WERE SIGNING DAVID VILLA WOOOO………………………..sigh its so hard to be optimistic lately 🙁

  5. maqitlarge

    If Arshavin wants to go to Barca he should play for Arsenal first. That way they’ll notice him…

  6. Abdenor

    Fair enough mate but there will be huge question mark over his fitness……. sure he’s a better striker but will be a gamble imo.

  7. Ja_Gunner

    Oh how I hate Italy.

    10 men behind the ball the whole game with just a couple counterattacks.

    Right now they want to go to penalties. They dont have the balls to try to win it.

  8. Ja_Gunner

    Cheaters!!!!!! The Italians keep holding up the game.


    I agree with Andy Gray, this ref is letting Italy get away with murder.

  9. Ja_Gunner


  10. Ja_Gunner

    Spain deserve this one!!!!

    Go home you cowardly Italians.

    They didnt even try to win the game in extra time.

    I hate them!!!!!!!!!1

  11. Ja_Gunner

    Hey the group of death is DEAD!!!!!!!!!

    If Holland and France are home..then certainly Italy didnt deserve to
    go any further.

  12. Confidentgoner

    Cesc did hold his head to score that penalty. Well done !

    Villa was really not impressive and Tores did not have a good game. Not sure if Villa can give prem defenders a hard time as Ade does. There is more to Ade than people give him credit for.. Ask Terry. or Rio Ferdinand.

    Eduardo is a better striker than Villa. Ashravin for me anyday!

  13. paul81

    I wish i wasn’t in moderation. The more you look at fabregas the more you realise what a captain he could be.

  14. Ja_Gunner

    Even though Ade isnt the best technically.

    His size and work rate make up for it…….Rio and John Terry fear him. I think the reason why he misses so much is because he always puts himself in good opposed to Torres who can be nowhere in a match and then pop and score his only chance.

    So I say for the sake of stability we should keep Ade…he should get a chance to prove that the season was not a fluke.

    If he fails along the way next season then he could simply be benched. I dont think Bendter is a good replacement for Ade because even tho he is bigger than Ade he does not use his body the same way, he is more a finesse player so for ppl who say they are same type of player because of their similar size…they are wrong.

    We cant afford to lose 3 first team players. Flamini is gone and I think we should let Hleb go and bring in Arshavin as replacement, Nasri for the future and give Cesc a break.

    We would therefore retain 9 first team players which gives us some stabilty.

  15. Ja_Gunner

    Nasri is for the future and to give Cesc some rest.

    If Diaby can improve the defensive part of his game then he should be the one to take over for Flamini.

    Maybe we could use him in more open games(against weaker teams) and then use a more defensive minded player(Gilberto) for tight games until Diaby or someone else takes over full time.

  16. Ja_Gunner

    I think getting rid of Hleb for Arshavin is a no brainer, we could use Hlebs fee to get him…

    Then again I am not Arsene nor the board… I have no idea what they are thinking.

    I know Arsene may not like Arshavins age 27…. but thats the reason we should get him because he will make an immediate impact..until Nasri and the rest mature.

  17. patthegooner

    I would like Arse-shavin and Nasri, it will give us the ability to rotate and options on the bench that we have been missing,

  18. patthegooner

    Right I am off to my bed

    Hoping for a good week in the Transfer Market 🙂

    Lets see where we are this time next week

  19. Confidentgoner

    Good points Ja-Gunner.

    As it stands now Ade is our best striker. Am not talking about potential here but am basing on past performance. To loose him will be a big step back. How many strikers can play the lone striker role? Not many..We should get Ashravin, plus 1 CBs and one DM who will share duties with Diaby.

    Gilberto may sadly have to be dropped.

  20. A

    ja nasri will play out wide, he’s signed to share the roaming playmaker role with hleb and rosicky. Arshavin’s age is what worries me. It isn’t a players age that means he has to adapt to the premiership, it’s how different the league is from most other leagues. Especially the russian league, which is incredibly different to the prem. Arshavin would sign at 27/28, and not settle into the prem until 28/29/30. That’s too late IMO to be a good asset for the money he’d cost. Confident i disagree about ade – VP is our best striker in my opinion.

  21. MeM

    My input for today will be to tell everyone that Eto’o is not a World Class striker and is infact more crocked than Rosicky and Van persie. He has an awful temperment and has an ego that not even the great Arsene Wenger could curb. He will demand a starting place even if he is off form. Cry and go on strike. He will disrupt the team spirit and will overall have a negative impact on the team.

    David Villa and Arshavin is the way to go.

  22. MeM

    A – Van persie is our best striker but Arshavin would not take two years to adapt. Thats just rubbish. Torres took three days, Eduardo three months.

  23. gnarleygeorge9

    gnarleygeorge9 says:June 22, 2008, 9.11 a.m

    “Your legendary amarda got shat on by Drakey, just come to terms with it, The English have looked down on you ever since”.

    I appologise to the Spanish with this call. This young 21st century version has been well crafted, @ with the ability to bring on a player like Cesc just shows the quality Spain has. GG9 was a pratt.

    Anyway, moving on. How great an advertisement for The Arsenal. Come all you stars who might want to play with the 21st century North London supremos. Look @ the star quality The Gunners have in mid field. SIGN UP! SIGN UP! Oh, & Ade, don’t leave.

  24. ethangunner

    SPAIN !!

    I knew i should of put some money on it !
    dam ! too late now id never get the odds !

    patthegooner Says:
    June 22, 2008 at 3:23 pm

    Good to see you have a rant !
    At least your getting with the program .
    I would go to far as saying our club is in crisis !
    Too many players leaving the 1st 11 for it not too affect our game this season !
    loosing hleb and flamini is a real kick in the nuts , even though you all might not think of them as productive , they were the foundation for ade to look good !

    Not sure why you give him the credit ! , he needed the lost players to make it past the defense as ade couldnt get past a single defender with the ball at his feet !
    I tried to remember someone he beat ! A la TH14 ?! and i cant think of a single time all season ! he relied on theo and hleb , mainly cesc to slot the passes in to the 6 yard box !

    Hate him or not , ade + hleb flamini jens diarra etc .. are a lot of experience to loose when your trying to keep the team together pat !!! I hope we get some serious replacements , id even say nasri isn’t tested ! he didn’t hardly feature in France’s team , which tells me HE STILL ISNT READY , not compared to the likes who we saw on the pitch malouda , ribbery etc … Im sure there are good things to come from him , but at 1st he might be ordinary !!! And definitely not in the starting 11 surely ?

    Its going to be another year of disappointment !

    Ground hog day !!!

  25. gnarleygeorge9

    Footnote re Arshavin.

    The thing about Guus is he gets his teams super fit, & is big on being totally organised. Different plans for different situations. He is a Dutch Master when it comes to tactics.

    Which brings me to Arshavin. It is my opinion that the reason for his skyrocketing to star status is due to Guus, not Dick Ardvaak. So if he were to go to Barca, he would be treated as just another cog in their wheel. If Arshavin came to The Emirates, a football genius like AW would continue Arshavins development (hope I don’t sound too AKB, but AW does know his footy). After this tournament, Guus will lose interest with Russia, & Arshavin could just disappear into football oblivion.

    So Arshavin and/or your agent. Do you want the money or become an imortal. @ Arsenal you can have both, @ Barca you will be treated as just another player.

  26. rico01

    morning all,

    if we are to believe The Sun newspaper, Nasri will finally end his transfer saga and sign today/tomorrow and then off for a 3 week holiday prior to pre-season, and we are holding out for 32M for Ade.

    Dont want to see players leave, but 32M?? Just think what AW could do with that…
    He would buy a whole new team,

    How would we spend the money??

  27. rico01

    gnarley, apparently Arshavin wants to go to Barca, seems everyone does.

    I think it is because of the pubs/clubs etc, at THOF Aw does not allow that kind of behaviour, are Ade and Hleb party animals??

  28. gnarleygeorge9


    That was the first time I had a good look @ Villa. To me he looks comparable to Eduardo, so we have that spot filled. But Ade’s don’t come round that often. I’m still not convinced about Nick B to be able to carry the necessary load to win the Title this coming season. Later in his career maybe, but not now.

  29. rico01

    gnarley – i think the problem is, Villa burst into Euros with his 3 goals against Russia, and we all went WOW get him, but I agree he is similar to Dudu – and he hasnt got a lot of pace. I am not convinced about Nik either but got shouted at earlier on in the year when I expressed that. he did well in Championship, but hasnt quite sparked in EPL.
    What we need is another Ian Wright, nose for goal and scores. If Ade goes, it will be a shame because he could become a hero at Arsenal, I just think his weaknesses will be exposed at somewhere like Barca – but Hleb, well I think his agent has left him no choice but to leave..

  30. gnarleygeorge9

    Is there a post today? I thought I saw somewhere that Geoff might not do one until the season proper.

  31. Geoff

    Have no fear Gnarley, it was in response to being told not to listen to gossip, just fact, I’m writing as we speak, so to speak!

  32. MeM

    I see this as our team next season. And our squad. Im free for a bit. i can waste my time…




    Van Persie/Bendtner
    Vela/Eduardo/New Striker

    I cannot see us signing Villa. I would love it, but he will not come to us I feel. After him, there is nobody realistically who is better than the ones we have. I really rate Vela so I would not be surprised to see him and Van Persie starting up fornt in pre season. The guy could break Henry’s goal scoring record and I am very convinced on that. if he stays until he is 32, he will be a true Legend.

  33. Joshwaaa

    Nasri has signed!!! Go on every website except (lol) where theres a quote from the now offline, which is nasri’s official website 🙂