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Yes, you guessed it Grovers, Arsenal looked to have won the race for Plymouth Argyle’s 15 year old Aaron Spear!

The next Wayne Rooney apparently…

Fantastic news to start the week with, I know you’ve all been sweating on this one, hot on the heels of Cardiff centre back ‘Rambo’ Ramsey, Wenger’s gone and done it again! There’s a song there!

At this rate we look to have the league title sown up by 2018, not long to wait, but bad luck for any of you in your forties, you may not live long enough to see it.

Yes I am being a little facetious, but with Rui Fonte looking like he won’t be staying and Van Den Berg already on his way it does get a little tiresome signing all these kids that never go on and make it. You can be patient if it happens, but all this hope and then it doesn’t is a tad boring.

Having to read that Bentley is demanding European football probably means he’ll become a chav or a spud and he’s only 23 but he could have and should have been an Arsenal star, he wasn’t potential, he was good, yes I know he had an ego, but so did Henry and look what he did for us.

I still think we have enough in the squad to make an impact but this relentless stream of youngsters that never make it, to me is getting pointless, if we saved the salaries and transfers costs of say 4 of them and bought an established star, it would probably cost the same.

We have more than enough forwards, though you may want to swap one for Benzema or Villa, we have more than enough midfield players though again you may want to bring in an out and out winger, we even have enough defensive midfielders given we have Song, Gilberto and Djourou there, but we may wish to swap one and bring in a YaYa a Barry or a Veloso, but whatever your view we are woefully short of class at centerback.

You see it, the press see it and we see it, unfortunately the boss doesn’t. I said yesterday we need a Richards or a Lescott, we still do today, they’re English so Wenger could and should move now, before the Euro’s end and the big spenders start to make their moves afterwards.

I really feel that’s all we need to win all before us, regardless of what Scolari and his Russian billions do, sign them now before the pre season begins, Richards is a Gooner, he’ll team up with Kolo and be unstoppable, do it now, today, before someone like Rednose buys him to replace ‘Deliverance’ star Gary Neville.

(After he interfered with Ramsey, he’ll be gone soon)

Please Arsene, it’s all we need, Gallas has proved to the world he can’t cut the mustard, mentally or otherwise, not anymore, Thuram is way too old and Senderos is just not good enough.

You aren’t perfect, Stepanovs, Cygan and Senderos prove that, bring in Adams, let him sort them out, but put a stake in the ground now and show the fans you mean business, heck I would take Meretsecker or Zapata over anything we have and I’m sure the team would too.

I’ve been positive all weekend, I’ve even been called a closet AKB, I hope this post puts the record straight and regains my self respect.

Let’s see some action this week boss, we’re almost there!

Have a great week Grovers, the force is strong.

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  1. rico01

    Geoff – agree with you, how did he pass a medical??

    Sadly though I dont think any team would take a risk on him now, but I think it is only recovery time from the op, he and his medical team have said that his problems should finally be behind him. Lets hope they are right. He has so much talent and we need him next season for sure.

    ‘Fresh’ reports this afternoon linking us to both Villa and Turkey’s Arda – I would be quite happy with both….

  2. rico01

    Sat watching the Cech game again – Love it…….. Couldnt happen to a nicer keeper!!!!!!

    Arda is not too bad….

  3. rico01

    Im sorry Pedro, at 2-1 he fluffs a cross, wraps the ball in Birthday paper and hands it to the Turks…. The goal was gift wrapped…
    Then they lost 3-2 – and on their way home………………

  4. J.Sanderson

    Well Geoff, he is a real honest boy and his agent is for once a nice bloke too.

    He spent two hours talk with Newcastle and Dennis Wise and they convinced him to go there, but then Arsenal stepped in, and now he is not sure. About 5 other teams are after him, he is taking some time to decide which option.

    I have been telling him all about Arsenal.. just in a friendly manner of course.. and i would say we are now front runners for him. Although i am his friend i will say there are some flaws to his game, but he is a poacher similar to Torres, always alive to danger and a really strong fucker!

    all the best

  5. rico01

    Geoff – a few of the Turkish team looked good – i won’t even try to spell their names, gutsy and never gave up, just the attitude we need at AFC

  6. J.Sanderson

    That picture is a really nasty one, he looks more like Torres than Rooney.

    No problem guys, if i get any more news or anything i will let you know.

    btw i found out today Oguzhan Ozyakup the Dutch kid we signed… well Arsenal found his parents jobs in London as well as housing.. fantastic touch i thought

  7. david

    Send the Arsenal first class private Jet down to Exeter airport, what goes on in there we don’t know but we always get a signature..

  8. goonerjay

    Arsenalmad… Wenger said last week that Ramsey can play right across the nidfield and Defence and that he was going to work out what his best position is.

    One thing that is annoying me is these papers keep saying that Nasri is a Flamini replacement… Nasri is as much a DM as Eboue is a RM

  9. dennisdamenace

    Geoff – Re Tickets – especially for “out of towners”, why not run some sort of Grovers ticket exchange service?

  10. Pedro

    Cheers Goonerjay, I think some people have missed the tongue in cheekness of that comment…

    DDM, we advertised some club level tickets a couple of months ago and we’ve put a few people in contact before!

    If anyone has tickets they need to shift next year, we are quite happy to post up adverts in the side bar!

  11. Big Raddy

    GoonerJay We missed you last Friday.

    Re: tickets. If Le Grovers post in advance, I am sure we can finnagle (is there such a word?) a spare or two.

  12. Pedro

    I certainly think there are enough season ticket holders on here now!

    Its amazing what a bugger it is to shift a spare ticket when you get it… no one likes bringing a non-supporter over!

    Maybe I’ll sort a widget for that this year?

    We did miss you… but plenty of the Grovers chipped in with some magic jokes to ease the loss!

  13. GrahamGeorge


    ur right !!

    Hakan Balta and Servet have been outstanding the the back for Turks

    their defense is completely from Galatasaray, maybe that would have helped

    Arda Turan, who got a look in in yesterday’s match is a special talent… he was also man of match vs Swiss

    can be a box to box player with attacking instincts.

  14. Mark C

    there is a ticket xchange via Arsenal dot com

    J Sanderson, you have one of the best site for youth football, did you ever play?

    Let’s hope Wenger finds us a “SAGNA” for DM, unheard of but bloddy good.

  15. Danish Gooner

    I think you are all a bit hypocritical .Remember the days of Vieira and Henry you all screamed for him to bring in some young english talent now that he is doing it you are criticising him heavily for not signing proven players.Every year Wenger has bought young talent but often it has been under the radar and players from the continent.A club that refuses too invest in young talent is slowly going to die.Dont worry he will sign some experienced players but again it will happen under the radar.

  16. goonerjay

    No worries Pedro.

    Sorry Raddy… would have much rather been on here having a laugh with you lot than with the in-laws mate… πŸ™‚

    Yeah not bad Choy… would have been better without the mother in-law but what can you do…. other than hit her over the head with a pick axe and bury her under the patio?

  17. dennisdamenace

    Pedro – Hokay, i’ll check it out, coz sometimes myself and my brother can’t make a game and we’ve got seats (season tickets) together in the Orange Quadrant (in with the noisey bunch) and if it could be co-ordinated i’d rather pass on my season tickeets for the day to fellow Grovers………..

    As a side issue, who the fuck decided on Orange Quadrant etc? Show’s a complete lack of imagination, if they had to use colours, why not Red, White, Blue and Yellow……….after all they are our colours………..mugs!!

  18. Dolphin Head

    Sanderson, where do you get your information – you told the world every detail of Ramsey’s meeting with the Arsenal management down to who accompanied him to the directors executive toilet – and now you are best mates with this Plymouth guy – how is it that you seem to be the best informed site on the web despite your declared age of 17 – are you Arsene in disguise – I can almost make an anagram including “Arsene” out of your name!! Keep the scoops coming……

  19. Big Raddy

    Danish. Bor di i Kobenhavn? (unskyld, jeg har ikee en Dansk tastatur !)

    And I cannot recall anyone screaming for English talent during the PV/TH days. But perhaps you have a better memory than me. I do know that it is easy to lump many differing opinions together and place them under one banner. But, here in Le Grove , there are many different opinions, some want new bigname signings, some want experience, some English, some just promotion from inside the club.

    I agree that the signings will be unexpected…… they always are !

  20. GrahamGeorge

    Big Raddy..

    where are the signings???

    Arsene promised them qucik and coming…but all i can see is a smoking sausage πŸ™‚

  21. Big Raddy

    Goonerjay, I tried that thing with the pickaxe . Two days later she was sitting in the back seat of the car complaining about my driving !! You just can’t kill a m-i-l, they are the Undead.

  22. goonerjay

    GG…. we was asking those questions 2 weeks ago mate and all suffered from mild depression because of it… just best to cross your fingers and live in hope mate

  23. Pedro

    Graham, go to, open an account, and add your avatar in the settings section. It takes a few hours to appear…! If you get any problems, drop me an e-mail and I’ll send you the step by step guide.

    DDM, it’s a great shout… Odub benefited from a couple of tickets last year and we’ll quite happily act as the middle men with phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

    We could end up with quite a gathering outside the Small and Beautiful next year! I’m already excited about the new season.

    My mate who seems to be a bit of clairvoyant when it comes to football reckons Scolari might struggle with the ego’s next year… he is a Scouse and he reckons it is close call between us and united.

    I will second Dolphin head… I don’t know which ladies player J is boning to get his info, but its working! Keep up the good work!

  24. Dolphin Head

    PS The Czech defence were terrible in the last twenty minutes last night (the only part of the match i saw) – I wouldnt take any of them (except Cech) – even worse than the French (with the unfortunate exception of Evra)

  25. GrahamGeorge


    i have been trying for past 3 years..

    but this year, i don’t know why

    i am sensing something terrible, wicked to happen

    * wishes Big Raddy succeeds next time*

  26. goonerjay

    Raddy the bitch wouldn’t get out with the patio’s i lay mate… unless i bury her with a Jack Hammer and the pick axe i killed her with. πŸ™‚

  27. goonerjay

    Spain, Portugal and definately the Dutch have made it a worth while watch Pedro.

    I think it also helps not having to watch our boys doing conversion practice at the end of 120 minutes of piss poor displays

  28. Big Raddy

    Too true Pedro. I put it down to AW’s influence.

    Teams do not seem to be afraid to attack, except the Greeks, which proves a point.

    I even watch the sides I have no interest in. Come on Austria

  29. Pedro

    Who is playing tonight?

    It’s interesting Raddy, I thought we were heading into the era of Allardyce football after 06 and korea… thankfully, flair football is back!

    I think Van Basten is a coach and a half and I am looking forward to seeing what he does at Ajax.

    GrahamGeorge… I think he went to Juve?

  30. goonerjay

    Pedro i’m looking forward to Van Basten at Ajax… so he can train DB10 so he can come back to THOF and be Wengers successor

  31. GrahamGeorge

    Mellberg would have been a decent cover at the back- IF AW doesnot think he needs a first team CB

  32. Pedro

    I think we are going to have to suffer Song and Senderos as back up next year.

    Gallas is having another shocker isn’t he… a player with nothing left to do other than rake it in?

    I hope not…

    Goonerjay, exactly what I was thinking! Bring back the Iceman!

  33. gooner 4 lyf

    goonerjay i would like to see big tony adams as head manager and bergkamp as his assistant i reckon that would be a mega team then bring Vieira, Henry and Keown into the coaching staff after they got there badges.

  34. Big Raddy


    Any chance you can write in English. I am sure you are making some good points, but I can’t understand them….

  35. GrahamGeorge

    in my opinion, in 3-4 years Arsenal must find their own identity, fire Wenger if he does not go on his won, bring in Van Basten/DB as manager

    its becoming too much of Arsenal = Arsene

    it wasn’t that πŸ™‚

    *swigs another*

  36. goonerjay

    gooner 4 lyf… personally mate i would rather DB10 as the head henchoz… his style of play would be more attacking whereas TA6 would probably take us back to 1-0 Arsenal… not that that is a bad thing but i would rather DB’s flair.

    I think we could do with getting TA6 in now to sort our defence out

  37. dennisdamenace

    Hasn’t DB10 stated he’s not interested in management, but wants to coach?

    ideal then, TA as manager, with DB10 as his first team coach………..

  38. Big Raddy

    No way is TA , AFC manager material, at least not for some time to come. He needs to be manager of an EPL club first, and if succesful then he can come.

    But, The Dutch connection looks ideal for us. It makes sense to get some type of pre-2011 agreement with MvB. Though Bilic is looking class as well.

  39. dennisdamenace

    IMHO, i think TH14 would end up being like Glenda Hoddle if he went into management, not being able to relate to players who couldn’t do what he was once able to do! Couple that with the fact that he was such a naff skipper too, which i hasten to add was not his fault, more the fault of AW appointing him skipper……..

  40. Big Raddy

    I read that Lumpard is likely to leave the Chavs. Sadly, they will be a better team without him. I think they will get rid of a swathe of players: Makalele, SWP, Sidwell, a few right backs, Drogba, Kalou, Lamps, etc etc.

    Would we want any of them?

    Personnally, I would take that horrible nam Terry, Essien and Carvalho.

    Do you think they will improve under Big Phil?

  41. david

    If Wenger gets it right and signs some good players this could be the year to step up.

    Liverpool are skint..

    Chelsea new manager with half a new first team..

    and Man U if this is true!!


  42. Big Raddy

    I agree DDM, TH is not management material. A man who so easily goes into a sulk, is not going to cut it at the top.

    Of recent players, PV is most likely. A fine leader of men, a man who exudes class, and a real fighter. Plus he is intelligent and open to new ideas.

  43. patthegooner

    Bit torn on this Hleb thing

    Firstly I don’t want to see him in an Arsenal Shirt again. I think his actions are disgraceful , and even if it was Mr 10% that was causing all the waves, then he should have sacked him.

    But I think it is quite funny to see the mighty Barcelona throw their toys out the pram because they are not getting something their own way.

    Well done for doing that Arsenal, but please sell him to someone.

  44. Abdenor

    Pat – Hleb can fuck off , he’s not good to us……… I agree with Rico, having watched every match of Euro 08 , i’d say Arda Turan of Turkey has been the most impressive player so far with Villa of course, he’s Pires & Ljunberg rolled into one ( not kidding ) !

    I am sure one of the big boys will nick him soon, hope it’ll be us .

  45. dennisdamenace

    Big R – I couldn’t agree more, Paddy exudes leadership and class, top player, top bloke, top class…….What’s you thoughts on Pires for management/coaching?

  46. Big Raddy

    I thought about Pires and rejected him. Not sure why, I guess I am not sure he has the right temperament. I don’t see him as a leader.

    But what do I know…. I was one of the people who was pissed of when Wenger signed ! ‘Wenger who? Why couldn’t we get Big Ron’ ? Seems laughable now !

  47. rico01

    Hello All

    Yep I am back having completed all my chores, cooked and eaten dinner and all the ‘stuff’ ready to wash – in the dishwasher….

    AW – Go and buy the two defenders from Galatassary – and book Gallas into the local Primary School – those two and Kolo would be good, and hard to beat. Almunia would think Christmas had come early……………………………

    Abdenor – why is it we so often agree, is it Great Minds, or Fools never differ…???

  48. Geoff

    Good day today Grovers! I do like the German national anthem, so did Hitler so what do I know.

    Come on Austria!

  49. Big Raddy

    Rico, I cannot agree about Hleb. He was great throughout almost all of last season. When Mozart was with him instead of that oaf Eboue, he looked twice the player.

    As to the non-transfer. What has actually happened.? If we take out the dross fed to us by the gutter press, what is left? Has Hleb said that he wants to leave THOF. Has he said he wants more money? Not as far as I can see. He ha openly stated that he greatly admires AW.

    The rest is agent-speak. A man who has his own agenda. However, I think that if Hleb was a real man, he would clarify the situation nad sack his agent. Then if AW wants to get rid of him, so be it.

    ANR wrote a fine piece a couple of days ago, that agreed with yor point of view. It remains to be seen how this pans out. But I am happy if he goes and happy if he stays.

  50. choy

    big raddy.. but he also hasn’t said.. i love this club.. i want to stay here forever!!!

    give me a new deal now!!! hahah

  51. dennisdamenace

    He also said he can’t take noisy London, but he loves it inside The Emirates coz it’s nice and quiet…………………….ha ha ha!!

  52. rico01

    Hleb employs his agent, not the other way around – When H;eb first saw all the ‘quotes’ from his agent, he should have nipped it in the bud, if he planned on staying…

    He didnt and he doesnt, and now no ‘big club’ wants him either so he is stuffed…

    I have always said he is a good player, but he lacks goals, he lacks commitment and together with his agent he has let our club down – IMHO

  53. Pedro

    Raddy, I wouldn’t be fussed either way with Hleb.

    I would prefer he stayed and Nasri had to compete for his position! Imagine that… competition for places?

    My big issue with Hleb is he is a luxury player we can’t afford to carry.

    We need goals from midfield… if you don’t offer goals, you need to offer assists, if you don’t offer assists… you are effectively Cesc’s servant. So Hleb assists Cesc… Flamini also assisted Cesc and Eboue does nothing! Rosicky just doesn’t play enough… and when he does, I am never in awe.

    Hleb’s deficiency’s are highlighted by the lack of goals from everyone else… they either need to start scoring, or need to be moved on!

    If he goes and he is adequately replaced, I’d be ok…

  54. rico01

    Pedro & Raddy – please dont think I am being obstinate, before before all this shite with Hleb and his agent and Mr Whippy, I used to write here defending him because I have always thought he is just something else with the ball at his feet…. And up until the latter stage of this season, the Milan stuff, the Murty slap – i would have continued in such vain.

    But he has let AFC down, let me down and I can not forgive him. H eknew the agenda his agent had, and was happy to let us fans read all the crap written. We, the hand that feeds him… That is what I can not now forgive – and I am sorry if that offends anyone.

    If I were male, and had talent in football I would thank the Lord for being able to play, let alone for such a prestigious club, with a bloody good salary. After all, there is only so much money we can all spend………….
    He has been treated like Royalty, but has treated our club and us fans like Servants!!! I was going to say Slaves, but didnt want to offend anyone

  55. MeM

    Hey guys, not been on for a while.

    Ive been thinking. Gelson fernandes and Nigel de Jong (more so) must surely be on Wenger’s wishlist? Both are awesome at that defensive midfield role.

  56. Pedro

    Rico, you didn’t offend me, I agree with your sentiments! It is very hard to defend his actions, he has let the club, Wenger and the fans down and I am not fussed where he goes. It is interesting that no one is interested in tying him down to a deal!

    MeM, I haven’t seen either of those play?

    Who are their clubs?

  57. MeM


    New CB or Toure/Djourou

    de Jong/Diaby/Gilberto
    Nasri/Rosicky (only because of the injuries) /Traore

    Van Persie/Eduardo/Vela

  58. Geoff

    You won’t offend anyone Rico, slaves come in all race and all colours, in fact if you got caught trying to escape from Napoleonic prisoner of war camps you were sentenced to slavery on their galleys in the med, for life, which wasn’t long when you got that.

  59. rico01

    Pedro – thanks, and yes, if he was as good as his agent tells us, why havent Barca snapped him up – or any other club…. Speaks volumes for me..

  60. MeM

    Another DM I could see us signing is Toulalan of Lyon. They have just signed Makoun (pile of crap) and he may well leave.

  61. Big Raddy

    I am not offended, just love a bit of banter ! IMO Hleb brings cohesion to the team. It is true that the stats don’t look as though he adds to the team (assists + goals), but anyone with eyes can see what a fine player he is. If he goes and Nasri comes… fine.

    Fernandes (Swiss) doesn’t look strong enough to me. But de Jong (Dutch) looks really good. Plays for Hamburg, 23 yo, but is only 5′ 8″.

  62. rico01

    I am pleased for Makoun – I was so sure AW would sign him….. he is on my ‘predicted list’ of signings which thankfully I got wrong and can now cross off….

  63. rico01

    Oi Raddy – you old bugger… Banter, Hleb Good – what are you drinking, I want some…………………………………………………. Hee Hee

  64. Pedro

    We could still sign tevez… his loan is up soon!

    Liverpool are looking to sign diarra… why? I like Mascharano!

    I don’t know how Veloso played last night?

    How bad was that Gomez miss?

    I’d like to sign Podolski… we were after him before Munich got him!

  65. MeM

    Fernandes is a rough diamond. He could be really good. He just needs to work on the speed of his passing and his use of strength.

  66. rico01

    Out now guys – sleep tight, and look forward to a new signing tomorrow…………………..

    His name is Harry Potter – rumour has it he is Magic………

  67. maqitlarge

    Boruc. Would we? Could we? Cos we effing well should. He’s the kind of GK that makes a difference in a championship race.

    Just thought I’d throw that out there.

  68. MeM

    Veloso was poor. I don’t want to keep harping on about it but Fernandes had him in his pocket. If moutinho, Deco and Ronaldo were playing I could make a better judgement.

  69. Pedro

    How many holding midfielders are massive though?

    Gattuso, Flamini, Mascharano, Makelele…

    Most of them are small!

  70. Ja_Gunner

    It is said that Rosicky may not be ready for the beginning of the season. Maybe thats why we have all these links with left winger/strikers.

    Arda Turan
    David Silva
    Lukas podolski

    But hey what about buying David Villa and then using Vela as a left winger for a year or two. I mean if Van persie gets injured again then we will be short a striker and we will rue the day we turned Villa down.

    Especially since we might not want to risk Eduardo too much too early.

  71. Big Raddy

    PV4, Toure (YY), Essien, Mikel Obi.? .

    Tevez…. very nice.

    Could L’pool be about to lose not only Alonso, but also one of their big players?

    Take Stevie G out the team and they are FA (oh, and Torres)

  72. MeM

    Anyone listen to Adrian Durham and Wrighty on talksport? They are total cunts to Arsenal.

    Durham is totally anti-Arsenal and therefore a bigger cunt but Wrighty does not do anywhere near enough sticking up for us.

  73. maqitlarge

    I used to work at talksport. I can tell you that the whole company dislikes the Arsenal. From top to bottom. Its deep in their fabric. The presenters who show a more balanced view are not full time there, they do other work, in the real world. Or beeky, whose a professional journo.
    Their job is to wind people up and get them calling and texting in, which they make money out of.
    They make special efforts to wind up gooners and it shames me when some take the bait. We should ignore them. Who needs talksport when theres the interweb?
    Still, i went to Germany 06 for free, so not all bad.

  74. Pedro

    MeM, I feel your pain… when you are stuck in the car for any period of time… you’ve listened to 5 cd’s of music, you’ve listened to a bit of music radio… then you do it, switch on to Wrighty and Durham.

    One day Wrighty will realise he is being strung along by Durham.

    I would love to sit in on a production meeting at talk sport!

    How badly can we annoy people today?

    Maqitlarge, did you ever have the pleasure?

    They never get articulate people calling in do they?

    Do you think Kolo imagines he can take Freekicks like ballack?

  75. maqitlarge

    You would of thought they would have improved as they’re recently got hold of Moz Dee, who used to be the PD at FiveLive. But I think he actually “gets” the audience so has the presenters knuckles taped to the floor so they can relate to the average listener more readily.

    Never had that “pleaseure” Pedro. But I know they go out of their way to piss people off. It makes them money. Imagine getting paid everytime you narked someone. Eboue owes me about Β£8m and counting!

    Nah, they call screen so no chance of intelligence. Its no on brand.

  76. finestcuts

    Just finished watching the Poland Croatia game….only Boruc was good for Poland (we don’t need a keeper by the way, Almunia is good)…..they didn’t deserve to go through and I’m glad the torture is over, now I can join the neutrals. I hope Holland do well, I loved their style against France.

  77. 5am

    Why this constant knocking of Gallas? Can’t see that Toure was better any better with his dip in form round the African Cup……

  78. ethangunner

    i agree 5 am , toure knocked us out of the C.L this season !
    and made just as many blunders if not more !
    however the 1st half of the season they both played well .
    And wenger wont replace them , he wont replace ade who looks
    10 x worse up front, so no chance at the back REPLACEMENTS!

    senderos played just as bad/good as toure towards the end of the season
    ,in fact when toure went right back , i think senderos and gallas played the best combo at that time together !

    everyone should be more concerned with quality up front !
    ade going missing for 11 games ! and our walking wounded to partner him!
    Some people are just blinded by the obvious !

    Ade had a good start and middle to he season !
    he never really scored much after december !
    In fact he was a dead weight after december !
    with a shitty 5 months , yet people think gallas is worse for 1 crap game here and there !

    the best defense is a good offense !
    Ill tell you now , with the poor(ade) – inexperienced (BENDS)- injured (RVP,DUDU)strikers we have
    ,its far more of a concern than AT the ‘back’ this season!
    People listen too much to wenger !


  79. James Bartram

    pleh, internet has been shitty all day and only just fixed itself!

    anyone read that we are linked with podolski? with bayern interested in hleb, could there be a straight swap deal forming? i like that idea! =D

    and to pedro’s earlier comment, i kinda do fancy croatia as an outside chance. thought that the cech republic might go through though so who knows… the croatians look pretty good though, rather dudu was in there side, but then they are “doing it for him” =D

  80. gnarleygeorge9


    In the seasons under AW that The Arsenal won the League, when the main striker/goal scorer went off the boil, someone else seamed to come good with the goals, i.e Anelka in ’98 after DB10 started earlier, FL8 after TH14 in 2002, & Pires & DB10 after TH14 went a bit off the boil in the Invincilbes year.

    Last season when your old mate Ade & FF4 started going off the boil(scoring), Eduardo looked like he was going to be the man, then ofcourse the rest is history. But inview of that you say, we would certainly need “confirmed” back up if he goes off again.

    The moral to this story? I don’t think anyone in todays game will go through a season without having an off period, apart from Ronny but gee he scored some penalties, or Dixie Deans and Clive Allen in the “old” days. So I’m willing to give Ade, The Togo Termite, the chance to score 40 goals next season.

  81. gnarleygeorge9

    ….actually I think Clive Allen scored a lot of cup goals in ’86 so maybe discount him on this list.

  82. Ja_Gunner

    I agree that all strikers no matter how good they are go through dry spells.

    Eduardo I feel would have definitely picked up the slack but Birmingham put an end to that. Van Persie was also out so there was no one who could score.

    I feel maybe Wenger should have tried Theo in a more attacking role in that period, I dont think we had anything to lose by doing so. Ade having any partner in that period probably would have helped the situation.

    Ronaldo just had an extremely good year never to be repeated again.(I hope)

    In fact someone pointed out some time ago on a blog( I dont remember if its this one) that Ronaldo scored 14 tap ins and scored no less than six penalties.
    So therefore he scored 20 “gift” goals so to speak. (If these stats are correct).

    Not even Ade had so many of those!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. gnarleygeorge9

    Just watched Setanta news. The ronaldo thing with Real won’t go away, & Inter’s number one target is Lampard, apparently.

  84. iqwoo

    You guys watched Germany’s match last night? Podolski was great but he seems tired though. I’ll be glad if we swapped this guy for Hleb, he knows how to shoot.

  85. dennisdamenace

    Morning all,

    According to the BBC Sports Website, Real have escaped punishment from FIFA over their pursuit of Ronaldo!

    Now don’t get me wrong, i loathe ManUre like everyone else, and what goes around comes around, but c’mon ffs, it’s obvious that not only does the Spanish govenment look after Real’s interests, but so do FIFA by the look of this.

    On a closer to home note this action, or lack of it, will have dire consequences for us, particularly as this so-called big (pikie) club chases our players with alarming regularity……..

  86. gnarleygeorge9

    DDM, I agree with what you say. But one thing they will never be able to do is leave that 2nd rate league they dominate & join the world famous EPL.

  87. dennisdamenace

    GG9 – True fella, i think i loathe RM and Barca for their antics as much as i loathe The Chavs and ManUre…………….classless outfits.

  88. ikon

    comlpetely agree to your point about Ade and defense.

    A bit of hard practice sessions with the defenders we have would do wonders for our lacklusture defense which let down only in the later stages of the season… toure coming completely tired from ACN… and breaking off the nice little partnership between gallas and senderos…. it was more instability than lack of ability.

    Whereas those 1-0 scorelines which could have been 2-0 or 3-0 but due to missed sitters proved crucial…. it always instills confidence in your defense when you got 2-0 lead….. and missing sitters like ade did sometimes…. would send the confidence shattering down…. coz the defense know they cannot afford to let another one in with that sort of finishing from their side…. its nothing but pressure from your own side.

    Still we have to compete on ALL 4 fronts… and for that we need to add first team players to our squad…. a CB is a must …so is a CDM, vela i think will do great in a striking role… and hopefuly dudu can be back before november… thts when we are going to need him the most i think.

    But its going to be more exciting than ever….
    it isnt impossible that in thefirst 12 games at least chelsea, manu and us have the same no. of wins and draws… and NO LOSSES… gonna be very very tough this time.

  89. supagoona

    anyone else watching Euro08

    France 0 – 1 Italy

    Ribery injured
    Ribery off, Nasri On
    Penalty to Italy
    Abidal Sent Off
    Pirlo Penalty
    Nasri Off!!!!B something something On

    Oh dear πŸ™