Lescott or Richards? We would dominate next season.

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Morning all, today I’m not only feeling positive, I’m feeling bullish and almost satisfied, why you may ask? the vultures are circling, Hleb, Adebayor and now Robin Van Persie are being targeted, well…

Last season I can only remember 3 games where we were outplayed, Middlesbrough, ManU and Spurs away and all of them with much depleted squads.

The rest including the Champions league, we not only outplayed most teams, we paralysed them with a brand of football not seen in this country before, and with a very young team.

Next season this young team is older, has played together another year so know where each team mate is likely be and the kids stepping up are better and a few of them are English.

We also have more options such as Traore and Gibbs as wingers and if Nasri is coming in and Hleb stays we’ll have all the trickery any team would kill for.

Adebayor is staying and he’ll be better, Robin will stay fit and become the best front man in Europe, Eduardo will be fit and sharper than ever, then there’s Bendtner, Theo and Vela to come on, so really we don’t need another, the only thing I would see as possible there would be to swap a player with Villa, but I can’t see that happening.

Our midfield is packed now, Rosicky will be amazing next year, Diaby, Cesc, Nasri, Hleb, Gilberto, Gibbs, Randall, Wilshere, Denilson, Lansbury, Ramsey note I didn’t mention Eboue and I’ll come onto that.

Forgive me if I’ve left anyone out but get my drift, we have a lot of talent there now.

Our defence is the area that worries me, that’s where we let ourselves down, I know that I’ll get people saying we only conceded this or that, but the truth is the goals we did concede were soft and unnecessary and it’s here that I would add to the squad, and with players that could allow others to move forward into defensive midfield should we need it.

Sagna with Eboue as back up is great, not Eboue as a winger, Clichy with Gavin Hoyte as back up leaving Traore as a back up winger with Gibbs and Rosicky.

Gallas I think should be replaced as captain by Cesc and become a back up centre back/left back, Kolo should be kept as centre back but like Song gives us an option in midfield.

Senderos like Gallas is not good enough but I would keep Djourou. Bring in Lescott and/or Richards and they will do a job for us that we lack at the back, good in the air and let little past them.

Justin Hoyte I would move on, sadly because I like him, but he’s not good enough to dislodge anyone from this team.

Almunia or Fabianski are fine, not a lot to change there, maybe bring in Given to offer some competition.

So I would sign Nasri and keep Hleb, bring in Lescott and or Richards or someone of that ilk.

We’re not that far off, it’s clear Wenger won’t buy much, but I hope what he does buy we need, we have plenty in midfield, Yaya would be good but we have Diaby and don’t forget you’ve only seen him on the wing.

Villa won’t be coming unless we lose one and I can’t see the boss doing that.

Have a great Domingo Grovers.

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  1. El Tel


    Dear Mr Cech did well on the trophy count this year didn’t he. In fact what the fuck have the Chavs won in the past 2 years, the same as Portsmouth and Spuds. Billions of quids for that nonsense. Cunts.

  2. david

    I don’t think he was taking the piss, Reina believes in what he says, he ia a great tactician..
    ” If we don’t score after 60 mins we will stick Crouch on and hoof long balls up to him”


  3. El Tel

    If Benitez likes our imposter of a keeper why doesn’t he join the masses and bid for him.

    You are right mate he is a knob, a lucky knob.

  4. david

    Cesc, Clichy and Sagna.
    then Toure, Hleb and Ade………….. Almunia
    then RVP, Rosicky. Eduardo, Gallas and Walcott.

    then a gap or a void with perhaps Bendtner .

  5. LEON

    i feel that we have quite alot attacking options with, edwardo, adeboua,rvp,edwardo,vela, risisky,wilcat, and nasri we never have any real proplems scoring goals and to get villa it would cost 20 million at least and that money canbe spent on defensive site probebly a defensive midfielder and a keeper.i dont think wenger will buy a central midfielder not kompany,wenger did say that not in market for central defender but he is looking bring more quality on defensiveside. what do think arsenal fans do realy need by any more strikers

  6. gnarleygeorge9

    Geoff/Pedro & fellow grovers,

    Not many comments today. is it coz of the positive take on The Arsenal’s immediate future doesn’t inspire debate or is it that most today are out @ noodle bars for hangover treatment? As for me, well I did an Evo & took to the sauce 2 days in row ( watched The Tigers beat 22 Melbourne players & 3 umpires, CHEATS!!!)

    Thanks Evo for remembering me down here.

    Just watched Equador v Argie Bargie. That Messi is like the energizer bunny. Anyway great work again Geoff. Off to newsnow for more goss.

    P.S There is no doubt that El Tel is well and truely back.

  7. gnarleygeorge9


    Galliani admits AC Milan finding Arsenal’s Adebayor too rich
    tribalfootball.com – June 15, 2008

    AC Milan vice-president Adriano Galliani accepts they’re being priced out of a deal for Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor.
    “From Monday we will re-start our thinking about signing a striker,” he said. “We will do what is possible, but it is not easy.

    “We are hitting against economical aspects, and that is fundamental – we can’t spend exaggerated sums.”

  8. gnarleygeorge9

    Big mouth strikes again

    Petr Cech accepted the blame for the Czech Republic’s Euro 2008 exit last night after Turkey staged an outlandish late comeback to advance into the quarter-finals from Group A in Geneva last night.

    The Chelsea goalkeeper dropped a cross at the feet of the striker Nihat Kahveci as Turkey, who had trailed 2-0 with 15 minutes to go, scored twice in the final three minutes to complete an extraordinary 3-2 victory and spark wild scenes…………..etc

  9. Geoff

    I think the comments over the weekend tend to drop because there’s no football and no real news, I’ll try and stoke the fires with todays post!

  10. LEON

    adeboyar is not going anywhere ac milan are never going to 30 million. wenger set stance on hleb who ever wants him will have to pay 15 million at least or it would hve have to be cash plus player, i dont think barc or ac milan are going meet that price. if we can keep hleb that plus meet meat have nasri,we have also chontom, we will need over for risisky he is not very injury prone. but wenger need to break the bank.

    it looking less likely that barc are meet 15 million price tag and i dont think are going let of toure.

    what do think arsenal fans do you think hleb will stay

  11. LEON

    wenger has made it clear that he is keeping faith with his quad and he is not in the market for cenrel defender. however as i thought if he will be looking defensive midfieler that can hadle set plays and will sit infront of defence and will be bale cover in defence to, he is alo looking for wide player and a keeper. and if he can get dender on cheap he will get one