Lescott or Richards? We would dominate next season.

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Morning all, today I’m not only feeling positive, I’m feeling bullish and almost satisfied, why you may ask? the vultures are circling, Hleb, Adebayor and now Robin Van Persie are being targeted, well…

Last season I can only remember 3 games where we were outplayed, Middlesbrough, ManU and Spurs away and all of them with much depleted squads.

The rest including the Champions league, we not only outplayed most teams, we paralysed them with a brand of football not seen in this country before, and with a very young team.

Next season this young team is older, has played together another year so know where each team mate is likely be and the kids stepping up are better and a few of them are English.

We also have more options such as Traore and Gibbs as wingers and if Nasri is coming in and Hleb stays we’ll have all the trickery any team would kill for.

Adebayor is staying and he’ll be better, Robin will stay fit and become the best front man in Europe, Eduardo will be fit and sharper than ever, then there’s Bendtner, Theo and Vela to come on, so really we don’t need another, the only thing I would see as possible there would be to swap a player with Villa, but I can’t see that happening.

Our midfield is packed now, Rosicky will be amazing next year, Diaby, Cesc, Nasri, Hleb, Gilberto, Gibbs, Randall, Wilshere, Denilson, Lansbury, Ramsey note I didn’t mention Eboue and I’ll come onto that.

Forgive me if I’ve left anyone out but get my drift, we have a lot of talent there now.

Our defence is the area that worries me, that’s where we let ourselves down, I know that I’ll get people saying we only conceded this or that, but the truth is the goals we did concede were soft and unnecessary and it’s here that I would add to the squad, and with players that could allow others to move forward into defensive midfield should we need it.

Sagna with Eboue as back up is great, not Eboue as a winger, Clichy with Gavin Hoyte as back up leaving Traore as a back up winger with Gibbs and Rosicky.

Gallas I think should be replaced as captain by Cesc and become a back up centre back/left back, Kolo should be kept as centre back but like Song gives us an option in midfield.

Senderos like Gallas is not good enough but I would keep Djourou. Bring in Lescott and/or Richards and they will do a job for us that we lack at the back, good in the air and let little past them.

Justin Hoyte I would move on, sadly because I like him, but he’s not good enough to dislodge anyone from this team.

Almunia or Fabianski are fine, not a lot to change there, maybe bring in Given to offer some competition.

So I would sign Nasri and keep Hleb, bring in Lescott and or Richards or someone of that ilk.

We’re not that far off, it’s clear Wenger won’t buy much, but I hope what he does buy we need, we have plenty in midfield, Yaya would be good but we have Diaby and don’t forget you’ve only seen him on the wing.

Villa won’t be coming unless we lose one and I can’t see the boss doing that.

Have a great Domingo Grovers.

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  1. Pedro

    Gallas has been a bit exposed at the Euro’s… at least there is no chance of Nasri’s price going up!

    What about Havard Nordveit… can he make the jump at 18?

  2. Joshwaaa

    Also, what do you guys think about Armand Traore as a back up winger? Hes great attacking, but isnt he a natural ful back? We wouldnt want him doin an eboue!

  3. mayank

    i wiil give him (Nordveit) time heis not there yet…..but we need someone in defence and if he has primiership experience it will be great

  4. André

    Good post and I agree with your views on the squad. I feel a strong centre back with good positioning ability and aerial skills is needed. What happened to the Richard Dunne rumour? First Arsenal, then Spurs and then Pompey? He might prefer to continue at City under Mark Hughes?

  5. stonroy

    I have been saying since last year that we need Lescott. He is the one, He can play the Arsenal way of football, score goals and is a rock back there. he has the steel and the talent. I am willing to let go of that rotten head that he has, almost puts Ribery to shame, (ribery, looks like a younger CHUNK from the movie The Goonies). Enough said, forget Villa, forget Robinho, we conceded more goals than anyone in the so called top four. and were second in goals scored, So, that is where we need to spend our money.

  6. Pedro

    I think Traore as a winger could work… Powerful, skilful and originally a winger. I had the same feelings about Eboue though… so take my words with a pinch of salt!

    Joe Cole… who wouldn’t take him? He is soooo underrated! Lets face it though… we’d never get him!

    Ethan is right… it is about quality, and certain defenders we all think lack quality… Arsene see’s something holy in. I don’t rate Phil at all, and I struggle to see the hype in Song.

    Lescott would be good and he is young enough to slot in. Can he play Arsene football though?

  7. se7en

    To have a truly great squad we need to keep the current group of players together, if Rosicky and RVP manage to stay fit for the majority of the season then we would have a pretty strong squad. Eboue is a good player but only as back up for Sagna, Walcott should still play as a winger and I think Bendtner will score more goals this season.

  8. Xan Nasir

    Finally someone is talking with some mind in his head !! I would like Wenger to sign Villa if ade leaves and a Centre Back Zapata , Richards , Kompany , Lescott , Mertasker etc etc anyone whom he rates more and we can be champions..I can’t get why we are under-rated ?? May be due to lack of big signings 😛

    But we all know we’re just there with ManU !!! C’Mon Gunners have paitence

  9. maqitlarge

    Love the fighting talk today. Any additions would be welcome. Especially Lescott who would be fantastic cover for GC as well as a solid CB – exactly the play Arsene was looking for a few years back and we stll need.
    Really looking forward to seeing more youngster being blooded this year. Especially more confident Walcott.
    I think our success will come down to 3 things.
    – Signing of a Q CB
    – Effectiveness of our midfield “muscle”. Will Diaby/Song/Djourou? be enough?
    – Squad depth.

    Is it August yet?

  10. Big Raddy


    But we still haven’t replaced Flam. If AW really had confidence in playing Song or Kolo further forward, he would have tried them at the end of the season. Instead he played Denilson, who didn’t seem to step up. Who knows, perhaps he can fulfill his potential. But there is still a question of his size. We need a BIG man.

    And isn’t Lescott a FB. At least that is where he plays for Everton and England

  11. Pedro

    Raddy, I am with you on the Denilson doubting front.

    He is not strong enough and plays too much like Cesc.

    I said the other day that I think Diaby is the man who is replacing Flamini… again, doubts could be raised regarding his ability to step up…?

    The one thing I don’t want to hear excuses about next year is injuries.

    Injury Prone List:


    We know that we are struggling to get half a season out of all of those… it wont be a shock and it wont be acceptable to use their absence as an excuse.

  12. mel

    Good post we certainly need to add a world class centre back but we also need to protect our back four and there is no one at AFC who can do that at the Viera/Petit/Flamini level so I would go for Yaya Toure and the no matter how good the defence is unless you have a world class goalie the defence is always going to be undermined and as much as i like Almunia he is not a world class keeper sadly Jens was.

  13. ikon

    top post pedro.

    Quaresma said he has signed for a top club.. could it be us?

    Villa was great with his goal yesterday. Man he would set the world on fire at Emirates.

  14. doublegooner

    For me the most hole to fill is a big strong tall CM as the lynchpin of the team who wins tackles & headers, who can offfer more height & protection to the defence unlike Flamini at same time freeing up Cesc.

    It is critical Wenger gets this right, can he trust Diaby or do we need Yaya or similar ??

  15. Pedro

    Morning Ikon! It was Geoff’s post today!

    Quasar would be a dream signing… but I fear he is off to Chelsea!

    I tell you what I love at the moment… Ronaldo is taking career advice off the Chelsea manager! I bet Fergie is going fucking mental!

    Is there any real transfer news today? I heard about Santa Cruz… his agent is working overtime!

  16. Tom

    I agree with most points and I too am feeling bullish about our chances next season. The squad is strong and with a few other signings will have plenty of talent and depth. However taking the captaincy off of Gallas will lead to him leaving in my opinion, and we can’t risk losing more first team players. I think one or two additions to the squad in a centre back and perhaps a centre mid (plus Samir Nasri) will be perfect, hopefully Wenger will find a solution.

    Overall its nice to read about someone who is optimistic, instead of hearing the usual shite lately about people moaning from the Nasri saga to the new fucking kit. Get over it you lot, because with the right additions we will become a huge force next season.

  17. ikon

    he he …
    ramsey first and now ronaldo… fergie will retire before start of next season in all probabilities.

    I don’t really think wenger is going for any striker… but i am very suspicious that we are at least in advanced talks with a center back.. no news about zapata, richards.. something ought to be going on.

  18. Big Raddy

    I like the look of the DM for Spain Senna. Just Wiki’d him, and unfortunately he is 31 y.o. And he is Spazilian !! (Naturalised Spanish from Brazil.)

  19. Big Raddy

    Tom we are ALREADy a huge force.

    FFS Grant got sacked because RA wants the Chavs to be respected for their football, like we are. And he got the Chavs to the CL final, and 2nd place after the @Special One’ screwed them up early season..

    As to the Winker, my money is on him staying. At least until the end of next season.

  20. rico01

    Morning Grovers

    Pedro – I think you have chosen the best way to look at our current crop, and all does not now seem doom and gloom, as long as the defence is bolstered..

    You are spot on re goals scored v’s goals conceded and if the later could be halved then we will be onto good times.
    We all lose sight of the games we were ‘outplayed’ in, instead of remembering just how many games we totally outplayed the opposition and had it have not been for the odd goal opportunity missed and a few stupid defensive errors we would have won the league 3-4 games before the end of the season, And would have been at least in the final of the CL.

    We can talk about poor decisoins by the officials, but every team gets some of them, and had we taken chances, defended better, they would not have made a difference.

    In his head, AW believes our team can win everything, I can see why he thinks that. But he needs to look at why we didnt win anything, and that is mainly due to mistakes in the defence, and make changes – not by moving people around, but by spending money on a lder, wiser defender. NOT a keeper in my opinion – Both ours are fine.

    So Pedro – from this great peice of yours,I am no longer going to wish for mega money to be spend, just a one off trip to the supermarket for AW and bag a CH

    Happy Days Grovers

  21. saaaaam

    just out of curiousity, has anybody else noticed the build up of midfielders at the local russian club?
    Lampard, ballack, Essien, and now they want deco… Surely were one of those players to not get enough playing time they would look for a move elsewhere? Obviously not Frank, as he remains the only player at Chavski that can beat Scolari in their bi-monthly pie contest.
    Maybe mr Essien would fancy a move? Could there a better replacement for Fla-money?

  22. James Bartram

    agreed about a CB, been saying that for a while. lescott would be good, but micah richards would be my prefered choice! remember AW is still looking for an EPL established player, or i should probably say “looking at”. we haven’t really gotten any info on this for a while. could one of these 2 be the one? hopefully.

    i’m loving this news about chelsea and liverpool and man utd squabling with each other. last i read was that the chavs are preparing a 40 million pound bid for torres! made me laugh a bit…

  23. Abdenor

    Morning all
    I agree we’re not far away , less injuries and a tweak here and there would take us to the next level but i still think Ade & Hleb will be gone !

    Reckon we’ll see more activities in the transfer market ( in & out ) we’re not finished there yet …………….. not by a long way !

  24. London

    A bit of sanity has returned regarding the desire of signing Villa. Yesterday it seemed that the mood was that it was Wenger’s lack of ambition that would stop any possibility of signing Villa. The reality is the opposite; Wenger would want to sign him as would any other top European clubs. Cesc’s plea for him to join us is all well and good but if Villa showed any interest in coming to London, and barring in mind that Valencia are desperate for money, Wenger is well aware that we would never be able to out bid chelsea. The annoying reality is that they can out bid anyone. So way should Wenger put himself in a position of being out bid and as a consequence be made to look less potent. The answer is that the guy is too smart to get into a bidding war that he cannot win but that shouldn’t be confused with the idea that he wouldn’t want Villa playing at the Emirates.

  25. Wrighty7

    Morning Geoff/Pedro and the Le-Grove massive!!

    Let me start by saying that someone must have put something in mine and Geoff’s drinks last night!

    We have both written POSITIVE posts, I bet people are wondering whats going on! 😉

    Great post and I totally agree with it.

    By the way, anyone got any hang over cures?

    I’m having to sqint my eyes as I write this with the most thumping headache in european history!

  26. Disturbed fan

    Raul Abiol

    These three names up there are very bright centre back. Surely better than Gallas.

  27. Dolphin Head

    Totally agree – now it’s P,G&AKB!! Let’s be positive from here until the start of the season (and hopefully beyond…)

  28. NorthFinchelyGooner

    Good Post!
    I think we have a good squad and with the addition of a quality CB we could solve allot of defensive uncertainty that was apparent last season.
    However i think we need a quality midfielder to challenge the likes of Cesc as Denilson and Diaby are not as good as him IMO.
    Also Cesc needs to be rested occasionally throughout the long season.
    Bring on YAYA!!!!!
    I actually think we need a player like him.

  29. Wrighty7

    Doesn’t work? click on the Le-Grove link for me.

    By the way Geoff and Pedro I’m not whoring my site on here like Hlebs agent whored him around Europe!


  30. Wrighty7


    I’d love us to sign Richards, and he is a Gooner! The only problem there I think is the price. He would cost an absolute fortune because he’s English.

  31. Joshwaaa

    Im not sure bout Lescott… Sure he scores goals, but hes only alright in defence for me. He was poor when he played for England aswell. However, I would love for richards to come, or Zapata or Mertesacker. The thing is, I reckon we could get these players, but Wenger insists on not buying any defenders, where I think we are most shaky.

  32. jimmyfingers

    The defense is the key, and I guess that is a twofold problem: yes the centre-backs are a bit rubbish, Toure apart. Gallas can be excellent, but also can go missing, oh and he’sa bit of twat. Not going to get started on Senderos, because that is well documented. The backups in Song/Djourou are woefully untried and so shouldn’t be relied on. Hoyte is the other option at CB but we’ve shown immense patience with this lad, pleading for him to come good but he’s never really rewarded that faith and I’m guessing the feeling is pastures new for him. The second part of the problem is midfield. What was our best ever midfield pairing? Best ever may be stretching it but in recent history I’m thinking Petit and Vieira. Fab and Denilson/Diaby/Ramsey doesn’t exactly have the same formidable ring. Still thinking if we can get rid of Hleb (does anyone actually want him?) and get Yaya in return we’ll be laughing all the way to the pub

    Nice to see Villa’s price has shot up and the Chavs are after him with their 100million peices of silver. Can’t see us getting him now, which is real shame, but still centreback first puh-lease!

  33. Wrighty7

    In all fairness Geoff you are right mate. We could afford him and to be honest it would be worth signing him for whatever amount it would cost as well.

    He could only improve us in a position that we need to improve in. That would help us win the League.

    If we won the league then it would have been worth every penny!

  34. stevie

    Totally agree with the article, its what Ive been saying for ages, we need to strengthen up at the back mainly with a centre back & replace any players that leave. Maybe get Nasri too. Or is Ramsey our new Ramsey??

  35. ethangunner

    vitamin B,C !
    so OJ … and the old marmite for you mate !
    plus 2 pain killers !!!

    or a barroca fizzy drink ! (containing vit, B,C )
    then have a Nanna nap for about 2 or 3 hours !

    hang over cured !

    OR just grab another beer !

  36. jimmyfingers

    Been over to Arsenal.com to look at the 50 greatest Arsenal players, shocked to see Sylvain Wiltord at 33, ahead of the likes of Bob Wilson, Alex James, ‘Stroller’ Graham, Frank Stapleton and the like. Sure its been voted for by a bucnh of kids but still, come on!

  37. Lew

    rosicky’s always injured, it looks like hleb’s going, so who’s going to play out wide? nasri and some other midget? and what about the cover? stop kidding yourselves, we need to buy at least 2 world class wide players, we can’t get by with purchasing a 9stone weakling who won’t reach his peak for at least another 2-5 years.

  38. Wrighty7

    Cheers Ethan,

    i’m tempted by “ANOTHER BEER” its looks handsome outside and what could be better than a beer in the sun?

    Maybe a new signing OR a trophy OR Spuds getting relegated OR….I’m gonna shut up now……..

  39. Patrick7

    As Saaaam says Essien would be a great replacement for Flamini: powerful, adaptive and a great engine but I can’t see him leaving the Chavs unless to join the ‘special one’ so Yaya will do it for me in another way plus we get rid of Hleb in the process who I don’t think many want to see again after his antics of the last few weeks?!

  40. ethangunner

    Yes wrighty something is in the water all right !
    Positive stuff ..
    Not sure why ?
    Maybe its just we can predict arsene’s actions so some of us have given up on new signings , NEW SIGNINGS that are so desperately needed currently !!

    is this straight out of the arsene KB handbook ?
    ”Next season this young team is older, has played together another year”
    can Geoff be banned from his own site 🙂 ???

    didn’t we fall for that one 2 seasons in a row ? Already ???

    And with jens-flamini-diarra-(hleb’s) experience gone and a 17 year old in
    I think its the time for concern .. Arsene acting like a pundit when he needs to buckle down and figure out some strategy to make up for our lost players !

    the 1st post of the day was a cracker too ! now i know Geoff wrote the article !

    Positive stuff, i know Le grove needs to show more of a ‘public’ ray of light, but over all its just a band aid fix for another depressing season ,thats bounded to manifest UNLESS we get some MAJOR SIGNINGS SOON !

  41. davoody

    Blimey whats happened on here today, everyone so chilled.

    I liked your post Geoff , its another way of looking at things for sure. Dare i say it almost a little AKB? Is this a test to see which frequent grovers are easily swayed? 😉

    I unfortunatly (unlike some) cannot switch off from the fact that we were around 3 players short last year, the fact that Flamoney has left and for love nor money can i see hleb staying (and if he did, would his head be in the right place).

    I belive that we DO need a flamoney replacement, Diaby can have a nod, but Mr Injury Prone will last how long, and when the squad starts getting thin with suspensions and injurys everyone will start going on about how our squad lacks depth. YaYa would be my first choice here (swap with hleb).

    Nasri is still a possibility but if we sign him, that would still only fill the whole left by Flamoney. Ok we signed Ramsey, but he is just out of nappy’s and if any of us think he will walk straight into the first team we are someone missing the fact that Walcott is only still knocking on the door.

    I do not dispute that we have a very strong first eleven. If that first eleven stayed fit for the whole season i am sure we’d win it. But they won’t, so we need to sign good squad players.

    So i am of the view that we cannot just get by on on the signing of Nasri & a potential CB.

    I want to share your optmisum, i just can’t find it within me.

  42. Geoff

    I would agree with you ethan, but some of these kids are getting better and it reminds me of the Mancs and their young team dominating the 90’s with a few old heads, with what we have in reserve we could dominate for years, but spending 20 mil on the best centerback available shouldn’t be a problem, Ferdinand cost 28 mil six years ago.

    The chavs would never sell us Essian so we shouldn’t waste time on that one.

  43. Evo in Oz

    just watching the qatar replay…..struth pedro you certainly woke up on the right side of the bed today, whats the scenario for the positive state, other than listed in the blog? I sense you and the big fella Geoff have been 50/50 on items recently (all to your allowance as member of society), yet i see a straight positive in this one!

  44. Evo in Oz

    sorry mate…i always double check to see whos name is at the end, but sometimes its not clear….anyway…i like your positive optimisim, im on that bandwagon!

  45. Evo in Oz


    check that out….i reckon glory days to our eduardo as we’ve said many days before on this blog, but i reckon a straight Aussie playing for Croatia has nothing to do with a Brazilian playing for Croatia…

    ok i havent validated anything in the story (and theres no legit quotes), but surely there needs to be common sense…maybe im blind from too much shiraz, but let me have it otherwise!

  46. BB

    did anybody watch the spain game last nite .. did you see Albiol come on for pujol when he got injured??????????
    wouldnt want Albiol at the Arse at any cost
    the boy looks distinctly average with zero footballing qualities..a bit like the old butcher type of defender……..

  47. Abdenor

    Geoff…… I can’t see us dominating like Man u did , the league is much stronger now!

    Turkey – Czech republic could go to penalties tonight if it finishes in a draw ( never happened before ), lol…….both have same points , goals scored and conceded .

  48. Geoff

    Davoody, no I promise, I just felt positive!,

    Abdenor, if we had won the league, we could have dominated, I remember when Liverpool dominated the 80’s there wasn’t the money then and we were poor relations to the rest of Europe, but they got the best Brits and that was enough.

    The only way you got good overseas players in those days were getting unknowns.

  49. rico01

    Anyone feel excited about this news!!!!!

    Arsenal are making a late play to land Plymouth Argyle prospect Aaron Spear.
    The News of the World says Toon director of football Dennis Wise has agreed terms with the Championship club for the 15-year-old.

    But the Gunners, who swooped this week for another Aaron – Cardiff midfielder Ramsey – in a £5m deal, have turned their sights to the Championship again after being alerted to Spear’s potential.

  50. Evo in Oz

    Big Rad – Kewel played in overnight World Cup qualifier for socceroos which we won!

    He’s been playing a starring role, which makes me wonder on his transferrability?

  51. rico01

    Another quality report on Tribal, Libal

    Sporting Lisbon are set to land Arsenal attacker Rui Fonte on a season-long loan.
    The 18-year-old signed a professional contract last summer and spent the season playing reserve team football. He signed from Sporting in the summer of 2006.

    If this is by chance true………… then i think good news, he needs to be tested, and i think he could be really good in the future, just needs to graft

  52. rico01

    Abdenor – they would be good signings, and a bit older, more experienced!!!

    But would Manure release them!!!????

  53. ethangunner


    can i see hleb staying (and if he did, would his head be in the right place).

    Hleb isnt staying .. or he would have come out like ade , and stated
    he loyalty to the club already ! Not been talking of 8 million transfer fees !
    Hlebs looking for a new home .. Problem is will narsi replace him ?
    and has nasri really got the experience ? He is a year younger than cesc, can he get thru the season ???

    Sorry we needed experience ! no one under 24 years old !

  54. rico01

    ethan – not only his head, but how do you us fans will be towards him, and wont be able to hack that. he has used his agent in a ruthless manner to find another club, thinking he will be hot property. Sadly for hime he has had a reality check, no other club really thinks he is worth much. Yes he is a lovely footballer to watch (this last season only) but his final pass often goes astray and he cant score.
    What ‘big club’ player is he good enough to replace….. None

    He has shot himself in the foot, either way!

  55. finestcuts

    Absolutely agree Geoff, Lescott and Richards would be safe bets, both young and very talented players who would give years of service to the shirt, Micah Richards would play with passion for us because he’s a Gunner at heart. Lescott would score us goals.
    I’d say, sell Gallas, get BOTH Richards and lescott. It’s a 10 year investment and if anyone wanted to nab them, there’s no doubt they’d pay top dollar. No doubt about their quality, get them both.

  56. ethangunner

    Don’t get me wrong nasri would be a quality signing , proven ..unlike most of arsene’s youth from the past, hes an international with good skill about him , just not sure how well he can do in the EPL in his 1st season ! or has the legs for 38 games plus C.L and all the other cups …

    Should he be relied upon im saying ?? too take over from hleb essentially ?
    I wouldnt be all high on life currently !
    I will reserve my judgment until august 15th .

  57. Big Raddy

    Ethan, Nasri has played CL, and 12 times for France. IMO that makes him experienced. Would you say the Rooney (23) is inexperienced?

  58. James Bartram

    Evo in OZ wrote: “1st in OZ?”

    tee-hee. no way mate! i totally rock at that most of the time, but considering there is only you and me, and ethan really, i guess there isn’t much competition. that said though, i have taken to checking le-grove at around 6pm every night. =D

    i still haven’t seen this kewell goal though, went to watch my bro play indoor soccer so i missed the news/any replays. that said though, i’ll look up a replay now. no ade news today so far though, always good. we may see something develop with hleb over this week. barca are pulling out a few stops to get him. must be high on guardiola’s list. hopefully if we sell him we get top dollar, and if not, he displays an uncanny willingness to shoot/setup goals over the next season. i personally think he won’t stay though.

    also, geoff and pedro talking up our young’uns has got me liking the prospects alot. i look forward to watching vela play, and barazite too. =D

  59. ethangunner


    im with ya !
    there is no way back for him now ! he has shit in his own nest so to speak !
    but you know same can be said about ade ! using his agent to drive a double your salary pay increase ! If it wasnt stupid blind love that 70% of arsenal fans have for ade id say he would cop some slack too !

  60. LEON

    i feel that we need to bring around three more players, i dont think wenger will buy centre back,i think he will be more inclined buy an experiened fullback that can play both central midfield and protect the defence against set plays,some around 6,2 very big solid exttremly phsycal and experiended. i have zapata name rolled about but wenger would pay 15 million on someone so inexperienced and then having spend more money on holding midfielder. lescott i would like but everton would want a hefty fee for him.

    wenger must play dijough and song more playing time, they need more experience and they are very talented and are for the future. but gallas cant be captain next year, we cant keep him captain out fear that he might leave, he is bad captain its that simple but an exceptional defender. i also feel we should sell hoyte, there should be compition for places and hoyte would never be picked over sanga for wright back we shout use eboue instead.

    we do need to get another winger, or play maker to risisky a bit of a rest and compitition for places and we can use truore as cover as well.

    i feel we need a first place keeper because amunia aint it, we need a world class keeper peter check or david james standerd

  61. Evo in Oz

    james – u well and truely beat me, it was more in jest as id been away for the weekend an thought id fire back in with a cheekey remark…dont forget gnarely down in Tas!

    i think its dutch, portugal or spain for the euro!

  62. ethangunner

    i think bert will leave too !
    i mean he said he Doesnt want to think of his future after having a depressing last season ! it sounds like the writings on the wall for him ! Shame because i think he was a good captain for us ! and cesc is way to young to be given the job !
    Seeing him on his show was enough to tell me he hasnt got the public confidence to hold down the job , plus i think his game would suffer for it , not improve it .. it seems another arsenal curse , the captaincy .. the second you get it you start playing like bollocks !

    Villa scored again last night what a killer ! a tough 1 all match , he is definitely a match winner ! I s’pose another reason arsene wont sign him !
    But we needed someone like him last season to turn those draws into wins!
    Its a shame arsene cant see it !

  63. El Tel

    Good un again geoff/Pedro I am always optimistic and I have always thought our players were better than the other teams, technically anyway.

    The three players neede could also include Tomas, RVP and Eduardo who should be back next year.

    The only trouble is will these same players break down again, does AW think the same things.

    We lost few matches last year even with the kids playing and got beaten up in my opinion only by the Mancs (FAC) and Spuds (LC) the Boro away match was just total bollocks.

    The rest were either poor referee decisions which wasn’t the odd incident that supposedly evens itself out, and poor defence/goalkeeping decisions.

    willy Gallas has looked piss poor for a few months now and needs a shrink probably, that apart he is a good player. Kolo for me is a good player but he switches off. If I could have a CB it would be to replace Kolo not WG.

    It’s not a secret that I rate Almunia on a par with Robinson of the Spuds, this is a problem for us that will come back and bite us on the arse. He is to old to improve and if we get to a major final I will be shitting myself.

    For me a powerful ball playing DM or a fully fit Bertie and another Great CB woud do. I also think we should get a winger in as I said this at the start of last season and nothing has changed since then,

  64. Evo in Oz

    lads ive had a blinder this arvo on the booze, so im away to my bed and ill possibly wake up 4 turkey vs czech at about 0530 for the 2nd half!

    ciao for now!

  65. El Tel

    What a load of bollocks, the Chavs are linked with everyone, because they have a new boss every player in the world has been linked.

    Do these media tossers not think that some of these players don’t want to go there no matter what. They can have any mercenary prick that needs more money, but some players see them for what they are a club with little substance.

    Have to laugh at the likes of SWP and Co. who joined them and ruined the prime time of their football life by sitting on the bench.

    Maybe we can sell them Hleb for a couple of million plus Essien or Joe Cole.

  66. Wrighty7

    Ledley King is a good player when fit and can play at the back or in defensive midfield.

    Djourou reminds me of him a bit.

    Djourou will become a very good player. I rate him.

  67. El Tel

    Diarra is trying to out do his pal Anelka I reckon. He’s off again if thespeculatin is anything to go by.

    Could this mean Johnson joinin the Arsenal.

  68. Arsenaldo

    121st? hahaha not too bEd as for me:)

    Top post Geoff-nice to see you in a good and positive mood:)))
    Agree on most of it-we just need 1 top defender and 1 top goallie-its not too much to ask for. And we will be hard to beat

  69. chet

    Finally!!! Someone talking some proper sense! People laugh at our “project”. Let them, im so so so convinced this project of Le Boss’es is going to bring the greatest succes in our already fruitful excistance !! Gooners be patient but jus watch the rewards!!!! Jus Watch!! Top man, top post!!!

  70. Pedro

    Afternoon everyone!

    Wrighty, a good cure for a hangover…. Wagamama’s… hit the spot and I feel good now!

    What’s going on? Any transfer goss?

    There was fuck all going on in the rags… just ronaldo guff.

    Who is playing today?

  71. Wrighty7

    Hi Pedro,

    Wagamamas? Whats that mate?

    The only transfer rumour I’ve seen is some 15 year old kid called Spears from Plymouth.

    Maybe a good player in 6 years!

  72. kenyagunnerHarrison

    Here is a poser for you…

    Could it be that the new chelsea manager, Scolari is advising Cristiano to go to Madrid because he feels this will ease off competion from Man U?

    What is his motivation then? Ronaldo goes…then he signs top class talent from around the world so that he can deliver Silverware at the Bridge??


  73. Geoff

    Anyone who goes to Chelsea is a greedy and stupid cunt, add up the players they have bought over the years, name them, it’s staggering!

    Then tired of them, plus 4 managers!

  74. Pedro

    Its a noodle bar Wrighty… healthy stodge.

    Spears? 15 years old? That’ll have some people salivating… not me though…

    Kenya… I think your hypothesis is spot on. Get Ronaldo out… He was the main difference last year! I’d be a bit worried about what ManU would do with £70million…

  75. El Tel

    Geoff I agree, I think the players get tired of them too apart from the thick tossers like Terry and Lumplard.

  76. Big Raddy

    Lampard, Terry, Ashley, Joe Cole, …. probably the thickest set of players ever assembled in the same team. And what unites them ?

    Yes… they are all English !!

  77. finestcuts

    We should cash in on the following players to gain better quality:

    Senderos 7-10m
    Justin Hoyte 4.5
    William Gallas 8-12 m
    Djourou 4.5m

    Purse = 24-30 million

    Lescott = 25 million
    Richards = 25 million

    Total = 50 million

    -24 million = 26 million cost

    13 million each cost, is that not worth it?

    Hoyte we don’t need.
    Song can do Djourou’s job
    Senderos for Lescott
    Richards for Gallas

  78. G4L

    I don’t know if this has been mentioned ( I couldn’t go through all 100+ comments), but I feel as if there’s no way back for Alex Hleb now. I read that Mourinho doesn’t want him at Inter and Barca have pulled out of a deal for him, and even though he’s been warming up to Gooners with some recent statements, for me he is a ‘persona non-grata’ at Arsenal FC.

    From the stuff I know about him, especially from Stuttgart fans here in Germany, he was a great guy, timid, modest and very close to the fans. The mistake he made is that he put his FOOTBALLING future in the hands of an agent like that cunt Spilevski, who not only is doing a lousy job of “cashing in” i.e. finding a top-drawer club that would pay mega bucks to him, he burnt his bridges with the Arsenal fans.. seems like the only club interested in him now is Bayern Munich and I hope AW seriously milks the biggest cash cow of German football (like marseille and fiorentina did for Ribery and Toni).

    I think AW, Arsenal board, whoever is behind the resilience and price-tagging of our players for once is doing a great job by sticking to their guns. While the sales of Henry, Vieira, Ljungberg, Pires, Campbell, etc. can be somewhat justified in terms of what these players gave to their new clubs (we could have had a few more millions from some of them), the new “Pay up or fuck off” message in the more recent cases of Hleb and Adebayor quite clear and I like that. Top that with the stealing of Ramsey in front of Manure, it’s about time AFC had some sort of say in the transfer market.

    On the topic, Micah Richards would be an amazing investment, regardless of his price. He would be a long term replacement to Gallas and a fantastic partner for Toure, He has pace, strength, power, he is very versatile, and with a bit of tactical and positional coaching from Bouldie et al. IMO he’d be awesome. Plus he’s a Gooner. Good shout.

  79. Geoff

    Finest I thought you meant that Darren Purse was worth between £24-30mil, that was scary!

    Not sure that we’d get that much for Senderos and Gallas though, I agree with you all the same.

  80. El Tel


    I saw your Almunia is ok comment on Wrighty’s site mate and although I don’t usually write on his site I had to have my say on this one. My season will be very happy if we get a keeper. Any Keeper.

  81. El Tel

    Micah Richards would be a very good signing if Willy was to play silly Billy and get the hump. We would still need a top CB though if we persevere with our Goalkeeper.

    Yes guys I know AW signed Coco on a log term contract but he would be delighted to play second fiddle again I reckon because no body else would want him.

    Funny how almost all our players are linked with other teams except the following.





  82. El Tel

    Bently is a Spud loving cunt who bad mouthed the Manager. He burnt his bridges I believe.

    That guy Johnson at Man Citeh could be on.

  83. david

    According to Brazil on talk*** radio this morning , he reckons the scousers are so skint they couldn’t afford the 5 mil for Ramsey and they will be selling Torres.

    Which would mean they won’t be buying Villa????

  84. El Tel

    If as Rico suggested yesterday we haven’t done a deal for Villa then the Chavs will take him. It’s a shame if he goes there as they will fuck him up.

  85. LEON

    i think a defensive midfielder that can protect the defence against set plays is essential,i know we have gilberto, song ,dijough,delison and diaby, but gilberto is jodo of his himself in his prime, diaby and delispon are not realy defensive midfielers and song and dijouro have no where nere the experience needed.no we need a big strong no nonense very defensive holding midfielder with a ton of experience around 24-29

    we also need a worl class keeper that has huge presence that will help the defence, he has have the ability to make spactacular saves, match winning saves and amunia is good goal keeper but not a world class keeper. wenger should pay what ever price is needed, we have world class players all over the pitch expect a keeper.

    if we can i would try to find another winger or wide player if we can get ben arther, but the important is defensive player and a keeper what do think arsenal fans

  86. El Tel

    Leon this is exactly what I said earlier pal. My order of preference would be 1. Keeper. 2. Defensive midfielder. 3. Winger. 4. Centre back.

    1. Gomes. PSV.
    2.Frings (Germany)/ De Jong ( Holland)
    3.Robben/Robinho. Real Madrid.
    4.Alex. Chavski.

  87. El Tel

    If we need a striker because Ade or RVP leave I would go for Huntellar. Would be nice to see him play in Hollands meaningless next match alongside RVP and Robben.

  88. LEON

    i dont think wenger will be going for centre back unless he get him for than 10 million ,i think frings is to old , think is around 30 ,robben and robinho would never happen in million years, wenger would be looking a young player with alot of promise,i dont know how much gomes would cost, there nothing wrong with taht list el tel but wenger would never pay more than 15 million for one player, and with his ability to spot talent i think wenger can get centre back and winger for less 20 million.

  89. rico01

    Bloody Sky report that Villa has said he would go to Chelsea or ‘Pool…………………

    Surely Not!!!!

  90. El Tel

    If your right about Wenger Leon then we must stick with what we have already and hope again next season. I believe Wenger knows he is close to either being a football genius or the sack.

    There is such a fine line between success and failure.

    The board might not sack him but the Japanese maybe taught him honourable things and falling on his sword is what he must do.

    The Carling cup is not the answer for me it has to be a minimum of the Prem or CL. The FA cup is fast becoming the equivalent to the status it is in Europe.

  91. El Tel

    Hi rico,

    They are getting worse at Sky and probably made it up. He said he likes us the other week. Did you see the Fab interview on SSN. He didn’t say Arsenal must sign him at all, he said he would be great for our club.

  92. rico01

    Yo El Tel – Mmme, why do i believ all this rubbish i read/hear on Sky – what a fool i am

    Villa to AFC!!

  93. El Tel

    Your not a fool girl, they just search for a story just like us. How many players can they field. Since their new boss arrived they are linked with everyone. Most of these players won’t want to go there unless they are skint.

  94. El Tel

    I mean I fucking hate the Mancscum but why the hell would the Portuguese tosser want to go to Chavski because Scolari is there. He is at a bigger club than the Chavs will ever be. Real Madrid however are massive compared to the Mancscum.

  95. El Tel

    Best keeper in the world. Who’s kidding who. Van Der Sar is way better than him, as for that fucking crash helmet it dont even look fashionable. He looks a right cunt.

    Cech likes the stylish Manuel the clown Almunia so much he is copying his game.

  96. david

    I doubt if Villa will go to the scousers.

    Benitez has conceded the need to raise funds with transfers, with Crouch the most lucrative asset.

    “If we had a lot of money to spend it would obviously be better,” said Benitez, whose budget is unaffected by the £33million loss revealed in the Kop Holdings Ltd accounts.

    “But if we don’t it doesn’t matter.

    “It is not about buying the most expensive players, it is about buying the right ones.

    “We have the spine of the team and we can sell some players to get the others we need.”

    Just Chelsea then..

  97. El Tel

    Amazing finish by the Turks. I like the Czechs but seeing the vastly over rated Chech fuck up is great. Chavs will need a couple more keepers too now. Ha Ha Ha.

  98. david

    You may have to ask Benitez he said it.

    Almunia is better than Reina (calm down tel)
    Ade is better than Torres (calm down Ethan)

    Apparently they are skint one of the partners cannot afford to buy the other one out and there is a buyer not DIC who want to buy at a reduced rate so they are in stalemate..

  99. david

    As Cech said about Arsenal.

    “You need to get the trophies because in the end, if you take the last three years of Arsenal, I don’t think in 10 years people will remember that between 2004 and 2008 they played brilliant football,”


  100. El Tel

    Spot on David he is a wanker. If he was as great as our media say he would be off to a bigger club.

    As for what Benitez said, he must have been taking the piss.