Arsene finished + Did Gallas or Toure hand in a transfer request?

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There are 3 ways to look at a problem as an Arsenal fan:

The AKB way: Read a quote from Arsene, regurgitate it and pretend it is your own. Or just ignore the problem and shout down anyone who try’s to offer a solution that goes against the grain.

The Grover way: Say what the problem is and suggest a solution.

The ‘If I know Arsene’ way: Try and think like Arsene and base your problem solving strategy as if you were him and you embodied all his characteristics. You might not agree with what he is hypothetically thinking, but you base your problem solving using his frugal ways.

So tonight Grovers, I am going to become Arsene Wenger and tell you how I think he is going to deal with the summer.

Right, he is no longer going to sign a defender. Fact.

This means something has happened in the last 3 weeks becuase Kolo and Gallas didn’t just figure out how to be great in the air over night. So this leads me to one of two hypothesis.

Kolo or Gallas said they were off at the end of the season. Gallas becuase he was having the captaincy removed or Kolo becuase he doesn’t like Gallas. Whatever happened, it has been resolved now becuase both are staying and Wenger isn’t buying.

My second hypothesis is that Wenger is dealing with the aerial ball threat by signing a tall centre midfielder or he is promoting Diaby (6ft 2in) to deal with the aerial threat like Paddy used to.

My guess? He is going with Diaby.

So no defenders for us, put your Mertesacker/Zapata/Richards dreams back where they belong…La La Land!.

In my ‘Wenger’ opinion we have adequate back up and we are oversubscribed in pretty much every position, even in goal. If you don’t like Almunia, deal with it becuase he is staying after he signed a new contract.

So midfield. It seems like Hleb is going no where (Is anyone else sensing the gradual back down?), if he is, we have Nasri. Ramsey has been signed and we have Rosicky, Theo, Cesc, Denilson, Gibbs, Barazite, Randall, Diaby, Berto, Eboue and Lansbury. Once again, over subscribed. Forget whether they are experienced, they have fantastic potential… if they fail, so what, it is in the name of football purity.

So no new midfielders (Nasri and Ramsey excluded).

Up front we have Ade, Eduardo, Vela, Nikki B, RvP, Bendtner and Theo (Freeman if you want to be silly!) if we need him. Once again, we are oversubscribed with what I would say is a good forward line. Eddie scores, Nikki scores, RvP scores and so does Ade. If 3 of your strikers have 30 goals in them, why do you need David Villa?

No more strikers needed.

So if I was thinking like Wenger, I’d say… no more signings… we are sorted.

If the boys step up, I am a hero, a legend and I’ll go down in history as the man who defeated 3 Billionaires on a budget.

If they don’t, I have a job for life… so what the hell!

Happy Friday Grovers, see you in the comments section!

*For those who did not understand… ‘Arsene Finished’ actually meant shopping.

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  1. ethangunner

    El Tel Says:
    June 13, 2008 at 7:26 pm


    Since doing away with MUTV/Sky I don’t get to see the foreign matches these days. Do you think Ya Ya is the right one for us, is there not a better option at Bayern Munchen for us to do a swap deal?

    Hey el tel hope you end up reading this , but i did read a bit on yaya , and they think he is a fan favorite already at Barca , i suppose thats why they wont let the cunt go !

    Thats also why i stuck up for wrighty , because what he says makes perfect sense !
    Barca will feel ‘raped’ like we do if we get yaya , so i think a swap deal is fair play ,
    Also i think arsene doesn’t really want to get rid of hleb so he master plans a way of giving hleb his chance to go to barca , but barca will reject him !
    And fuck the 8 million ! he was purchased for 10-11 mil , you would want at least that back after only having 1 great season ! 15 mil is my evaluation of him , not a penny less , because thats what it will cost MINIMUM to replace his quality !!!!!!!!

  2. El Tel

    Well done the Orange army great team and great fans. We should really look at nicking Van Basten to replace AW when he has had enough. Add DB10 too. Who is the Portuguese tosser who was slagging me off earlier. If he reckons his mob don’t fall over then he is blind from overdoing the wanking. I don’t care that the Spaniards and Italians apparently dived more than them and as for the Manc loving Daily Mirror raising that fact as the tosser put it, well who fucking believes the bollocks they write. I hope them arrogant Portuguese cunts get smashed so I don’t have to watch ChavskiUtd players falling over every time they are within a yard of the opposition. As for England you tosser, if you think that hurts me that they are not there then think again. I couldn’t give 2 wanks if Engerland Utd are not there, they area a disgrace to International Football with the kick bollock and bite attitude they use. Now prick features please do not use the Gunner 4 Lyf title in vain mate and last of all learn to fucking smell. OOps I mean spell you cunt.

  3. El Tel

    My grammer isn’t the best either and using the laptop isn’t my strong point but writing in slang and trying to sound like a gangster fucking annoys me. Wrighty had some of these guys having a pop yesterday.

    It aint good enuff fellas.

    Ethan gonna get ya and bust yer mommas ass.

    Sorry Ethan

  4. gnarleygeorge9


    How are you? Yes I got the “official news” about Ramsay, then realised that it had already been released on Le Grove earlier. And since then I’ve had to work today so I got a bit side tracked. Don’t know where Ethan Rifles got too, must have finally managed to get some shut eye.

  5. gnarleygeorge9

    Geoff/Pedro, if ya there, what time is todays post, coz I’ve got to go to a footy club night @ 6.00pm, whats that over there 6less9= 9.00am this morning.

  6. Geoff

    Hi Gnarley, I can post anytime, it’s 8 here and I was planning on posting at 9, but if you want I’ll post earlier.

  7. Big Raddy

    Oh Bum,

    I am being dragged out shopping. No chance to be #1.

    Great stuff last night. Good to see Nasri rested, and sad to see TH14 has lost pace and confidence.

    And I cannot understand the appeal of Sneidjer… sure he is a fine player, but we have someone who plays in the same position, is younger and is better.

  8. gnarleygeorge9

    Shopping????? Isn’t more like looking in a large number of shops then deciding no I can’t see anything I like.