What no centre back now? It’s just not good enough Arsene.

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Arsenal Fan?

I’ve been positive all week, behind the boss and expecting great things, I know we still have 2 months to go but he’s just shattered one dream and I’m really fed up. Okay so at the risk of rallying all the AKB’s let them defend this latest let down, let Wenger. Who out there thinks our defence is good enough?

We signed Ramsey from under the noses of the Mancs, we said well done Wenger, we’re are proud of you, but let’s not go overboard he’s 17 and the Spuds got Bostock and Dos Santos so we’re not alone, and he’s only a kid.

We lost Flamini and we’re told Diaby will replace him, we’re about to lose Hleb and we’re told by the players agent that we’ve signed Nasri, so we lost 2 and we got 2, one though won’t be a replacement, he’ll join the kids and we’ll see him in the Worthless cup sometime.

We are still expecting the 2 to 3 that he said we’ll sign weeks ago, not big names, but big talents, that’s okay we’ll wait, but what’s just not right is only 2 weeks ago he said we were weak at high, down the middle balls and he was going to bring someone in, who would it be? Dunne, Kompany, Meretsecker, Zapata, Thuram or Mexes? We’ve all been speculating, not because we’re FM 08, but because we’re fans and he told us he was going to, it’s not illegal to hope, to speculate or to wish, and as bloggers to discuss, but to come out and dash our hopes after he told us he was buying is just plain nasty.

We now risk going through another season not good enough at the back and too lightweight in the squad, then next season we’ll lose Cesc and I dread to think who else, not good enough, I suppose he’ll say Song can step up, how? What are you watching that’s changed in the last two weeks Mr Wenger?

Buying class players is good for the team but more importantly it’s good for the fans, but this is bollocks. I’m watching Senderos as I speak, running up and down like a talentless 16 year old that makes the school team because he’s tall and that’s what I have to look forward to next season, well that’s just great.

I said the other day that we have enough young talent coming through and we do, but we need some established players in now, we didn’t last year and we won nothing, we still need them this year, Cesc wants Villa, but we won’t get him, if we were interested we should have got him before the Euros, don’t even waste your time thinking about him.

So, we have all these kids coming through and when they’re all old enough like Flamini, they’ll leave, what a future, what goes through your mind Arsene? get your cheque book out now, before it’s too late.

How can you keep doing this to us? What is wrong with you? First we’re buying some great talent in 2 to 3 weeks and nothing, then a centre back and now nothing, Flamini has until April, then May comes and nothing, then Hleb’s going nowhere and still we hear nothing, we’re kept in the dark and fed shit, like mushrooms, way to treat your fans boss.

I’m sure you’ll let us know, at some point. I’m so, so disappointed. This stubborness is getting boring.

That’s it, that’s all I can say today. I suppose after all this complaining Le Grove will get its own TV show next!

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  1. finestcuts

    Fabregas could probably play centre back if needed, but I think the whole point is, a CB who plys his trade almost exclusively if not exclusively as a CB.

  2. david

    My point is choy if they cannot or don’t play out them and put the money towards better players.
    Wenger is not going to sign the jolly green giant centre back when he has that many players who can play the position.
    When sagna was signed it was stated he can play centre back too, according to Wenger Song is a centre back, Gilberto and Hoyte have played there.

  3. choy

    and david that is the reason why we will never win anything…

    hoyte as CB.. yeah ask berbatov how easy it was!!

    that earnshaw scored when song was CB… and his stupid dance…!!!


  4. rico01

    Choy – spot on, the so called cover in that position are NOT good enough….

    No doubt though AW will push Bac into the middle and Eboue at RB…

  5. finestcuts

    “No doubt though AW will push Bac into the middle and Eboue at RB…”

    What has lead you to that conclusion Rico?

  6. rico01

    Just – when Bac was brought to the club, i seem to recall AW said he could play in the middle or on the right

    But I may be wrong finestcuts

  7. Geoff

    Thing is if the chavs,, mancs need a centerback, they buy one, when was the last time they brought through a youth player, and don’t say Terry that was 10 years ago before they had money.

    Fuck me even the spuds bought Woodgate and we could have had him and won the league!

  8. Arsenal Tom


    its not about who could play there… i could if u give me a kit!! we should have 3 top quality CB’s at our club minimum.

    i dont give a fuck if one isnt happy cos hes not playing, its his job to prove hes better than whoever is and get his place, competition will make every player better. if they cant handle it like diarra couldnt then they can fuck off…

  9. choy

    finest… when he can put eboue on the wing he is capable of doing anything…

    thats the same spot… christiano ronaldo plays in!!!!!


  10. finestcuts

    Interesting, I thought it may have been a flippant remark, just checking….
    Song’s position has been changed, so has Walcotts, so has Eboue’s, but Sagna has performed so well a RB, it would be a big surprise. Eboue kept going forward which was why he tried him as a defensive right winger. He preferd to play Kolo there instead of Eboue, so I’d once again be very surprised if he reverted to using him instead of Sagna there on a regular basis.

  11. Big Raddy

    Finest… “plies his trade”…. Superb. Straight out of the Big Ron handbook. Next it will be “at the back stick” !

  12. Arsenaldo

    Ur right Choy : thats one of the biggest problems in our squad -playing people out of position. I guess even Ade could play as CB but its not right is it(or maybe ….hm)
    AW likes players and buys them because they have talent and are cheap, regardless if we need them .
    5-10 years ago AW was buying only strikers ,then making them wingers, the last years he is buying only CM making them wingers or defenders. WTF???
    Maybe soon hell start getting defenders and making them strikers-mess

  13. Mark C

    Lets come back to the point, we will play with 2 CB’s.

    If we have a squad with 2 great CB’s i.e. Toure and Gallas, 2 OK CB’s Djourou and Song, cover, Senderos and Gilberto, youth Bartley and the Norwegian fella.

    We probably have enough cover.

    1 more would be great, but would have to be better than what we have already, including Gallas and Toure.

    I would like us to sign a CB and a DM, however they have to be like Sagna, unheard of, good value, and can make an impact in the first team straight away.

  14. david

    Let me try to clarify what I am trying to write.

    Wenger (not me ) obviously thinks he has enough cover at centre back because he employs all the players listed who can play there.

    He has less cover for strikers and he said we are not in the market for a striker (villa)
    So it it is doubtfull that Wenger has ever been looking for a centre back. in the first place..

  15. rico01

    finest – please dont get me wrong, i would be horrified if he did move Bac, he is the best we have had since the mighty LD

    I am with you ATom – 3 CH’s a minimum, and fight for your place. For both Gallas and Kolo it is easy as no-one is challenging them. Get a bit of a fight going for the position and we will probably see a great improvement in both…

    F Me, how can a girl see this and F-In AW cant…………. Arrrrrrrrgh

  16. rico01

    Sorry – Mertesacker!!!! (or something similar, the German No 21!!)

    Gosh he can head the ball quite a few yards too……

  17. rico01

    Mark – I do and think he is already signed

    Also – I have a niggling though that Ade will go, which will piss me off……..

    No you are all wrong – its because i have two lovely pictures of him and Cesc in our home, and they would have to be replaced!!

  18. rico01

    Ok – i have just proved i am a GIRL!!

    I was looking at the wrong defender!!

    Both the CH for Germany are doing Ok, shall we go and buy them both!!

  19. Pedro

    I think that just proves you are blind Rico! haha!

    I have suspicion Ade could be off… for £32million, I’ll make his packed lunch for the flight!

  20. rico01

    Pedro, you bad man, but deserved……….

    I think you could be right about Ade – do you need a hand doing the sandwiches??

  21. Pedro

    Fuck it… for £32million Arsenal can go out and buy him some Tesco’s finest sandwiches.

    I woudn’t be upset… we could get Villa or Benzema for that cash.

    The only thing that would annoy me would be the fact that once again we are flogging our best players and getting lesser ones back in.

    In my eyes, flog Flamini, buy his equivalent elsewhere… the same goes for Hleb.

  22. david

    I think Wenger is a gambler who trusts the size of his squad and last year it went wrong like ar5ena1 and the Man U games and falling out of the title race.

    There is too big a gulf between the first team and the rest of the squad because he was fooled by how far we got in the previous years Carling cup.
    We will only get replacements for Hleb and Flamini (taller replacement) and if any one else goes.

    We will play well in the Emirates cup and he won’t bother to strengthen.
    That’s what I think will happen and not what I want to happen

  23. Arsenal Tom

    even if we do sell ade for 32 mil, whos to say wenger will go spend it all… he didnt when henry left he spent 8 on eduardo when everyone thought we’d get eto’o r tevez etc… if we sell ade i dont think he’ll sign ebnzema or villa, but some unknown in true wneger style

  24. Big Raddy

    No Finest. There is only one Big Ron.

    That big fella at the back for Germany looks a bit shaky.( Can’t remember his name… Ask Rico). Certainly no better than we have already.

    And Krankjar (?) Sure hope the old rumour that he’s coming to THOF aren’t true.

  25. BB

    Modric is a good player.. he will be a real asset for the cunts up north
    and I dont want any of Germany’s CB .. they are all shiit

  26. El Tel

    Big Raddy I agree as usual with you. In fact the whole German defence looked poor and that goes for Frings as well.

  27. El Tel

    Modric was ok to average compared to Sneider, Van Der Vart and the Spanish midfield. The James Bond look a like who scored the goals looked like a poor mans David Villa. Kranky isn’t good enough for us either.

  28. El Tel

    That Gomes guy looked awful in both the games so I hope it works the other way and his value decreases just in case we get him.

  29. Trinidad_Gunner

    I’ve been talking up Van Der Vaart on here for some time, but some think he’s too slow for us.
    We may regret it if he signs for Chelsea this summer, cause most likely he is leaving HSV.

    Sneijder would’ve been great for us, but the time to sign him was when he was at Ajax. He’s only 24, but he’s been playing for Ajax and on the radar for 6 years now.

  30. Trinidad_Gunner

    His younger brother Rodney Sneijder is at Ajax youth and plays for Holland U-17 … Arsene should keep one of his many eyes on him

  31. Trinidad_Gunner

    Wesley Sneijder has revealed he stopped kid brother Rodney from joining Real Madrid.
    Rodney has impressed with Ajax’s youth team this season and Real were keen to sign him for next term.

    But Real star Sneijder revealed: “Real Madrid wanted him and Rodney was very happy about that. But when I heard, I stopped the discussions. I am not in favour of juniors increasingly going to top clubs.

    “I’ve told him that he first must make a break through at Ajax.”

  32. MeM

    Its basically a fan that has a bit more sense than fantasy. I still love this site but I take it as more comedic than serious. It can get a bit looney.

  33. Pedro

    That’s how you are supposed to take it!

    We’re not a news site… we are a fans eye view of Arsenal.

  34. MeM

    Thats how I do take it Pedro.

    But I have to say that there are some lunatics on the interweb these days. Not just on this site but all of the crap sites like tribal, sportingo and caught offside. I mean, you can call it the “fans eye” but it is only the view of the ‘needy’ fan, not the so-called ‘sensible’ fan.

  35. MeM

    I am a hybrid, I want signings but not right now and I trust Wenger but I can also see his faults. Its better to be on the fence as a football fan I guess.

  36. Pedro

    MeM… you need to tune into my post tomorrow… it is about what you just said. I think you’ll like it.

    I would like to think Le Grove sums up the feelings of a majority of the fans.

    We’re not always right, but how can you ever be 100% bang on when you are debating opinion?

    That’s the fun of it…

  37. rico01

    Big Raddy, i am back and your comment made me chuckle…..

    At first I thought the German defense looked good, but once Croatia settled, they looked really poor and we dont need any of them.
    Thought Krankjar was not bad but really no-one shone so Arsene, keep looking!!

    Thought the short arse that is heading to the rough side of London was average…

    Jens – well he was sheer class, now who was it that said he is miles better than our very own Almunia….. Thankfully, not me!!

  38. Pedro

    Big Al is a great keeper, he made the least mistakes last year… I can’t remember any real shockers?

    Not bad for his first season.

  39. MeM

    But you need to be realistic at times. To all of the ‘sensible’ fans some of your posters are like a pack of wild animals. I know we all get a bit crazy at this time but there is some serious delusion on this site. As I say, I really enjoy the transfer period and like the fact that we are linked to every player going but I can understand what is false and what is true.

    Some people need to chill. When Nasri signes and Ramsey is confirmed we will all be a bit happier but there will still be a few who cannot accept that a club can go four years without a trophy.

  40. El Tel

    Le Grove is a great site for many reasons. We can debate what other Gooners are thinking, it is very funny a bit like reading the Gooner fanzine. Its rare that you get an imposter on here because the guys doing all the work sniffs them out quickly. Theres nostalgia especially when the Big Raddy is on. There is news but its more rumour until the news has been confirmed. And Its very Arsenal. We argue we fight but we are Arsenal. Would any of us tell a Spud that Senderos is a donkey? No i doubt we would but to each other we tell it as it is. We are International with many from Aus, USA Africa and Trinidad ect. We don’t all love AW but we do respect him. And lastly, lets sign Given. WE NEED A KEEPER.

  41. rico01

    Please could I ask that if this site upsets, offends or generally displeases you – please stop reading it an return to Tribal, Spotingo or any other worthwhile site!!??

  42. El Tel


    I said Jens was better than Coco but I never said he was class. The Germans could have been smashed tonight though if it wasn’t for the mad one. And he is better than Almunia.

  43. André

    MeM, good posts.

    4 years without a trophy is very little in football. What about Liverpool? Ok, they’ve won some cups and the CL, but not the league for 18 years. Still they keep the faith. Arsenal went trophyless in the period 1953-1970. That is a long time.

    Wenger has got his faults, as anyone else on this planet. But it is strange to read posts were he’s called a cunt and stupid. He’s a regarded person in the world of football. It’s a bit strange that his own fans turns against him. I can see the frustration about the way he works and tries to build a team. I think it’s nice to see someone try to build a team, and still be able to show green numbers in the account books.

    If Wenger had not signed for Arsenal back in 1996, no one would have showed this kind of anger today. He turned Arsenal into a big club and has won 7 trophies in 11 years. Not to bad, is it? Yes I defend him and will give him more time to prove he is able to take Arsenal further. I think it’s a proof of Wengers ability when there is a lot of fans screaming for signings and slag him for not winning somethin often enough. He has done very well for the club, and in that way created higher expectations from the fans. Still I think it’s important to remember that Arsenal has not always been a big club and that trophyless periods still will occur.

    Am I an AKB now? Not to be rude, but I thought it was the point of this blog that you could have your own opinions (and to be fair, you can), but I find it strange that you’re branded an AKB or whatever if you do not agree with the majority of the posters here.

  44. El Tel


    We are more frustrated about going 4 years without a trophy because we can all see that we are better than the Mancscum and the Chavs but we always fall short. Our Manager teases us like no other. Why should it all be so sterile and we only talk about the things that we read from Arsenal hating Journo’s. Would’nt it be boring if we only spoke about the actual and not the fiction. This site is sometimes like a Football Manager game but like Rico said earlier, if you don’t like it don’t read it and certainly don’t slag it off. We are true Arsenal fans on this site and thats a fact.

  45. rico01

    But I love Coco – just wish he could not be blonde…..

    Serious now – I think now the mad one has gone, Fab and Almunia will have a healthy fight for the No1 spot and because of it, both will improve I hope,

    Hey Guys maybe that what Arsene thinks

    He knows you know!!????!!!!!?????

  46. El Tel


    You have made your point and well played to you. But you know little about Arsenal if you think we were a little club before Mr Wenger came along. Look at your history before you make your point. Salford United were unheard of in the 30’s and the Pool were a third rate club. We have been a massive club since the days of Herbert Chapman. Four years is not good enough for the Chavs and the Mancscum so why should it be for us. The Chavs were about the 5th best team in London until about 10 years ago. Pre Red nose the Mancscum were living off the 60’s team. We are the Super club of English football who have underachieved. In most decades we have won the League and in 80+ years have played in the top tier. If yo u want a big club go support Real Madrid or something or go to the theatre of screams and watch them.

  47. rico01

    Anyone watching the live friendly between Gretna and Queen of the North –

    It is dreadful……

    Bet AW signs one of these players but not a Polish keeper…..

  48. El Tel


    Coco thinks he is Canizares and I believe he has been hypnotised to believe this. Unfortunately he is a Spanish table server. If Shay Given is signed I would be happy. We still wouldn’t have the best Keeper but at least one who will save the odd shot.

  49. rico01

    El Tel – you know the facts, you know the staure of the club and its sucess both past and present – and yes, the last four seasons have been poor and we fans want that to change NOW!

    We can see that just a couple of big players can make our squad complete, and its because coming second or worse is only failing. And we are all winners.

    Like I say, you know the truth El Tel – let those who dont, waste their time, not yours me ol mate

  50. rico01

    El Tel, now I thought that you thought he was on the South Coast somewhere being shouted at and slapped by Basil!!

  51. El Tel

    Got to go. Late for work. I will browse the sites in about an hour or so from the Office. It would be interesting to see if Andre as checked the History of our great club. We even had a film made about our club. 1st on Radio. 1st on TV. HC invented the shirt numbers ect ect. Where was AW then?

  52. choy

    we are the second highest earners of PL money this year after man utd…

    do we not deserve great players??

    do the players not deserve world class wages??

  53. david

    Almunia has been at arsenal 4 years hasn’t moaned and wanted to leave, he has waited and been totally proffesional and loyal to Arsenal.

    The number 1 keeper makes 2 serious fuck ups Almunia is the clown but the no1 who slates Wenger won’t train won’t even do a pre match warm up is the hero.

    Sorry I don’t get it.

  54. rico01

    david – almunia does not need replacing imho – he will get better now that the mad one has gone. he and fab will have better work ethics and both improve together

  55. André

    David. No, Eboue has not impressed at right wing. I can see the point Wenger played him there to get ballance. But Eboue is not the right player. I feel he’s a decent backup at rb, his natural position. Parlour played at rw to provide ballance as well, but better than Eboue. I miss a player like Parlour. I feel that Wenger at times is to loyal towards certain players. Senderos might be an example. After the great run i the Champions League he was placed on the bench again. That has happened several times. And the loyalty towards Eboue at rw this season has been over the top.

    El Tel. I am fully aware of Arsenals history and that Herbert Chapman turned Arsenal into a big club. For Chelsea a FA Cup and a league cup was good enough before the russian. In a sensible world Grant would still be the manager there. I am happy that Arsenal do not have owners like that. I do think it’s only an Arsenalfan who could say that we are bigger than Manchester United and Liverpool. Look at the fanbase arround the world. It’s a part of history how the club atracted fans as well. I do agree that Arsenal has underperformed several times during it’s lifetime, but I can’t say we have underachieved very much the last 10 years.

    Please don’t tell me to go watch another club (if I understood your last sentence right). I care as much about Arsenal as you do.

  56. davoody

    Evening Grovers… Ive had like the longest day and this is my first post.!!

    Ive had a quick scout through the last few posts.

    MeM are you for real??? How did you get under the AKB radar? You should share your secret, you’ll make millions of followers, heh you could even be the new Wenger. MeMKB. Only playing with you, but please don’t say we are delusinal or even imply it, i am a sensbile fan not needy as you suggest,


    I for one CANNOT except that our club can go four years without a trophy, we are ARSENAL FFS.

    And if Wenger doesn’t sign the players and win the Summer and we end up with nothing next year, i will be leading a campaign for him to resign.

    How many other TOP clubs still have there manager/coach after 2 trophyless years, let alone FOUR.

    Rant over – Anything else happened today worth being ‘needy’ about?

  57. finestcuts

    rico01 Says:
    June 12, 2008 at 8:56 pm

    Anyone watching the live friendly between Gretna and Queen of the North –

    It is dreadful……

    Bet AW signs one of these players but not a Polish keeper…..

    LOL, it’s dross, but I’m obliged to watch it….I love Arsenal.

  58. choy

    david… they showed more live matches of arsenal as opposed to chelsea…

    well who wants to watch chelsea and their football!!!

  59. david

    rico There may be better keepers who can play for arsenal but for a man to be “happy” as a number 2 and has stayed loyal to our club dosen’t deserve to be slated.

    Go back to that f***ing shambles when we won the League at WHL Wenger should have sacked Lehmann there and then what a embarasment..

  60. davoody

    Blimey Can’t belive Croatia beat Germany.

    Austria just been given a PEN…lol

    Do you know what i can’t even be bothered. I’ll leave it to EL Tel.

  61. finestcuts

    They deserved the draw, well done to Austria, Poland stopped playing at the end, I was ready for a loss so it’s not so bad.

  62. alex

    i was quite annoyed when Germany lost today. i think Low should have put either Kuranyi on for Klose or moved Podolski up as striker earlier.

    but atleast i can look forward to France and the Netherlands. Does anything think France is going to be able to score enough in the Euro?

  63. davoody


    I think France will have there work cut out now after the draw with Romania.

    The Holland game will be tough, a potential classic.

    Only good side about France going out early is perhaps Nasri might be signed quicker.

  64. david

    Sorry rico I know you are.

    I was just saying no matter if he is or isn’t good enough for Arsenal he has always helped the cause
    If Wenger thinks he is good enough it’s not Almunia’s fault, if he gets dropped he gets his head down and waits for his next chance in the first team I don’t see that makes him a clown.

  65. rico01

    I just have a feeling he may prove a lot of people wrong next year, because he will have a training partner in Fab – also, if we get the defence sorted he wont be so nervous.
    I think he deserves a season and without mad jens making slating comments….

    Thats me done guys – have a safe night

    Look forward to tomorrows blog

  66. ethangunner


    The 31-year-old has played the last seven seasons with The Gunners, but the growing frustration of becoming isolated from the action has disillusioned him.

    Gilberto is currently in his homeland, preparing for vital 2010 World Cup qualifiers, and he claims he will think about his future once his international duty is over.

    “It has been a very complicated season, disappointing as well,” Gilberto told Futnet.

    “People do think that I’m looking for a new challenge, but now is not the moment to speak about it.

    “We have to forget about it in order to be focused on the national team.

  67. ethangunner

    could this be the reason we are getting s many English wiz kids lately ??

    The club view the proposal of Fifa president Sepp Blatter, which would limit the number of foreign players in a team to five, as a potential “disaster”, given the continental composition of Wenger’s squad.

  68. Gidster

    Bit late for a comment, but anyway…..

    Y’all going on about needing a centre back. We conceded 31 goals last season, the 3rd best return of Wenger’s tenure at the club. In 1999/2000, Utd’s treble year, we let in 17… but didnt win anything…

    But if there is 1 position in at the back we need new blood then its goalkeeper. Here’s a list:

    Utd: VDS
    Chelsea: Cech
    Pool: Reina
    Everton: Howard
    Villa: Carson (on loan) or Sorensen
    Blackburn: Freidal
    Pompey: DJ
    City: Hart
    Hammers; Green
    Spurs: Robinson
    Toon: Given
    Boro: Schwarzer
    Wigan: kirkland
    sunderland: Gordon
    Bolton: Jussi
    Fulham: Keller
    Reading: hahnemann
    Brum; Taylor
    Derby: That drunk Carroll

    thats last years Prem goalies. I would put Almunia in the bottom 5 without any argument, and if you really want to debate it, I would put him in the bottom 3. I would take any goalkeeper from the top down to Keller, except for Fatty Robinson. Im not saying that they’re all brilliant goalkeepers either… but they are better than Manuel.

    Almunia is obviously a really decent bloke. He is a back-up goalie though, has been his whole career, at far smaller clubs than Arsenal. Easily our weak link.

    A top class goalie has a presence which transmits confidence onto the back 4. If the back 4 aren’t worried about whats behind them then they play better. When Jens was at his peak for us, he came for every corner so our lack of height didnt matter. The centre backs KNEW he was gonna come for the corners too. Jens, at his peak, is probably 2nd on that list behind Cech.

    And Jens was in our squad last year. You wanna know why we lost the league…?

  69. ethangunner

    yes Gidster , totally agreed !

    i think the reason alumina was not that exposed initially was toure+ gallas’s good form
    in the 1st half of the season . once toure came back a bit jaded alumina’s errors started appearing, i also concur that alumina amongst those names listed above is at at least in the bottom 5 if not the bottom 2 !

    I think he did a reasonable job in some games , but i think a club of arsenals stature
    should be aiming far higher ! Tell that to wenger however ,he is happy just trying to keep the team afloat For C.L aspirations only !

    I remember reading a statement by Hillwood years ago , he said you have to love arsene wenger he never goes over budget and often gives us a return each year on the transfer market ‘he is a dream manager .
    ( we wouldn’t want to repeat that now !! )

    when the club says he can spend what he wants , he cant but he’s already been pre conditioned to know the limits of the club !

    and to me recently it has showed how limited his recourses are !

    we are waiting on selling a player before we can get nasri , im almost convinced of it !
    the club probably told nasri to wait until we have sold hleb !!!

  70. El Tel

    Thanks Gidster talking sense my man and cheers Ethan too. Because our keeper is a good bloke we should persevere with him, what a fucking joke. We are Arsenal not fucking Spuds. Poor old Wrighty is getting slagged off on his site too for telling it how he thinks and Le Grove is taking a pasting. Wrighty mate Bar the cunts if they get out of order. They are imposters mate. How can any true Arsenal fans slag off The Mad German after he was part of the invincibles. I personally think Jens best days are gone but to slag him off for wanting to be No. 1 is bollocks. He must be exploding inside knowing that an average Joe is taking his spot every week letting in goal after goal and still staying in the team. AW showed him no respect and he could have left in January but he knew we needed him and loved the club. He was crying at the last match for the Arsenal because he loves what he achieved here. We go 4 years without a trophy but should accept this because we play great football. Our keeper is good cos he is anice bloke. Fucking hell it seems to me like we are transforming into Spuds. Throughout my life I have heard these morons trying to win an argument by saying you are boring and we play nice football. Yes I love the way we play and would hate to see that change but we have to win things too. For those of you that would wait 5 or more years to win a Carling fucking cup, don’t slag off the guys who want to be winners. We are ARSENAL not Spudspur or Moscowsea.

  71. El Tel

    Geoff/Pedro and guys it’s a shame some of the comments written at night can’t be read by the majority of regulars. The comments get juicier. Andre if you get to read this I know you support the Arsenal as much as I do but please don’t call us a little club. There are very few bigger in the world and some with a very short History achieved by one or at most two Managers. We have been up the top for 80+ years not the days of the Premiership and when writing about Arsen Wenger please spare a thought for George Graham who did an awesome job but was booted out by others for getting caught doing the same things as Red nose as been doing all his career. This is a reason for my bitterness towards the Northerners who all gang up on us the minute we start to look like we are building a dynasty. Politics are part of football and I don’t give a fuck what anyone says about that. Go up North and check out what its like as without football there is fuck all else. It is their lfe and the great Shankley got that right. Does anyone kick the shit out of the Mancscum or the Pool NO its ok for them to spend half the season playing at half the pace and no wonder they come good at the end of the season. We get caned by the Northerners and are hated by the London teams who are all jealous. The Chavs change their Manager because no matter what they win they are still second best to the Arsenal. The Ruski Gangster must hate this so fucking much, is he stupid or very determined as it will take more years than he has for them to overtake what we have done. Remember the Northerners will get them too, but we won’t join up with them like they do up there. They are our enemies too. Please go through all the teams players and tell me that the likes of Carrick, Lumplard, Scholes, Hargreaves, Terry, Neville, etc etc are better than ours. We can clearly see they are technically inferior, thats why AW frustrates us. He has given us fantastic players and a great style of play but he gets fucked over by the likes of Red nose and Average Grunt and Moaninho. He should go fucking bananas and let the cunts have it like it or not. they drag out the old i didn’t see it line all the time but leave the pisshead alone when we all know he likes to say I hope the referee is strong before the games begin. If the great British public can drop the racist towards the French attitude and see what AW brings to the Prem the whole country will improve. All we have to look forward too year after year is kick bollock and bite. Last of all reduce the Prem by 2 more clubs and fuck em if they fall by the wayside. as long as we take care of the Boltons, Blackburns and Birminghams of this world we will never win anything Internationally. Its Quality not quantity that counts. Lets hope the Spuds do improve next season as long as we imrove too it would benefit us more than them.

  72. gnarleygeorge9

    My god, I just read Wrighty7’s blog. Wrighty, why do you bother mate with all the baboons you get. I thought it was a fair point you were making. But, hey, what would I know, everyone hates us here @ Le Grove.

  73. ethangunner

    its just nazi AKB bloggers gg9!

    you really have to ask them if any of them really have a brain of there own ?
    are they happy wenger came out and said we will get some signings under our belt in 2/3 weeks ? then nothing !
    are they happy that wenger is saying our defense is a problem and then later back tracks and says .. oh we dont need any defenders after all ?
    And as much as ramsey is another potential wiz kid , surely his signing when measured up against dos santos or modric is a bit tame in stature compared to other clubs striving for success !
    Our season just gone was better than the one b4 , but not a gleaming success !if fans realize we lack the quality surely the AKB squad must start thinking , is there anything we can do better ?
    Because winning trophies breeds success ! Its a feeling than none of us has experienced for a while now !

    I personally have had it up to here with wengers empty promises !
    dont say anything if you cant walk the walk !
    and wenger definitely can talk the talk !

    missing out on villa ! tight ass bidding thats seen us miss out on zapata also , and possibly nasri due to stinginess , made possible by stupid wage restrictions and age policies !
    Whilst we have rules in place of this nature we will never attract the stars of the game ,
    and wont play like them either !

    Im sure cesc isnt on a wage that arsene deems fitting for a young lad his age ,
    they can break the rules for him and TH14 .. well to get 10 other players like cesc we have to SHOW THEM THE MONEY !

    its that simple ..

    wenger just wants to tick along getting the proceeds of C.L football
    its his only priority , staying in the top 4 !
    no aspirations to win silverware , the league or even the c.c !


  74. gnarleygeorge9

    If The Arsenal can have an injury free season like Manure last season, I reckon that number 14 Title, is a coming. There is no doubt in my mind that the initial loss of RVP11, then the loss of TR7, folowed by EDS9 was unrecoverable from, especially when manure played with virtually a full compliment of players all season. The fact that The Club only failed by 4 points, plus goal difference is testimony to the spirit that exists within the playing group. Yes, sure, MF16 & LEAD13 wanted out, but no squad will ever be static. And LEAD13 hasn’t gone yet.

    Someone said that Beckham was a stooly for Red nose, & I agree. Why would you make your training ground as secure as a refugee camp, then let that manure prick in. I’m sure he scouted for red nose, and then what made me pissed when the wheels fell off was Wenger’s whinging. I have the utmost respect for AW, but he should have just shut & taken it, like the supporters have to, not to mention the away fans who I take my hat off to for enduring the manure, chelski losses. I don’t care about Carling Cup.

    TR7, what a player; can score, can assist, & I bet he gets his fair share of shielas. So there, he is our potential Robert Pires, and if he can put in a full season, they(the cups) are going to be heading to Emirates. The top up signings will be the icing on the cake.

    All you lucky fans with seats and or/away fans. Start now. Savour the next 10-11 months coz you will be the ones that can tell your grand kids about the season 08/09. BRING IT ON!!!

    Hope i didn’t wake anyone?

  75. gnarleygeorge9

    …..and as for people who aren’t sure about Le Grove, or who hate Le Grove, etc. etc. I’m sorry, you’re getting me mixed up with someone who gives a shit!!!

  76. Geoff

    Nice one boys! we are a bit like Arsenal are in the press, everyone hates us, siege mentality!

    If they don’t like what we say, don’t read the blog, simple really.

    Another great day in the comments section, let’s hope France go out tonight and we can finalise Nasri.

  77. May7heaven

    This is football’s silly season, when journalists have nothing much to write about, so they make up stories. With Arsenal, it’s really fantasy football gone mad & we want to believe everything we read – Like we want to believe we’ll win the lottery when we buy a ticket – even though the odds are 14,500,000:1.

    That said, if there’s any truth in the numbers & rumours going around, AW’s job should be fairly simple.
    1 If Shay Given is really on offer at £3.5M that’s obviously a no brainer & we should already have seen his photo on Arsenal.com.
    2 If AC Milan are really willing to pay us £30M for Ade – we should bite their hand off for it.
    3 Likewise is Barca want to give us Yaya plus £5M for Hleb
    4 If we could then really get Villa for £17M that would mean AW would have 2 class additions to his squad
    & an extra £18M on top of his current transfer budget to further strengthen the squad.

    This football managing lark isn’t really that tough is it? Lest we forget – we haven’t really won anything since DB10 left & our period of success fits better with his tenure than with AW’s. When we bought Dennis he was among the best players in the world (if not the best) – Bringing in Villa & Yaya could go someway to finally rectifying that situation.

  78. ethangunner


    yes include metersacker and you have a team !
    i agree with it all !

    especially the sell ade part 🙂