What no centre back now? It’s just not good enough Arsene.

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Arsenal Fan?

I’ve been positive all week, behind the boss and expecting great things, I know we still have 2 months to go but he’s just shattered one dream and I’m really fed up. Okay so at the risk of rallying all the AKB’s let them defend this latest let down, let Wenger. Who out there thinks our defence is good enough?

We signed Ramsey from under the noses of the Mancs, we said well done Wenger, we’re are proud of you, but let’s not go overboard he’s 17 and the Spuds got Bostock and Dos Santos so we’re not alone, and he’s only a kid.

We lost Flamini and we’re told Diaby will replace him, we’re about to lose Hleb and we’re told by the players agent that we’ve signed Nasri, so we lost 2 and we got 2, one though won’t be a replacement, he’ll join the kids and we’ll see him in the Worthless cup sometime.

We are still expecting the 2 to 3 that he said we’ll sign weeks ago, not big names, but big talents, that’s okay we’ll wait, but what’s just not right is only 2 weeks ago he said we were weak at high, down the middle balls and he was going to bring someone in, who would it be? Dunne, Kompany, Meretsecker, Zapata, Thuram or Mexes? We’ve all been speculating, not because we’re FM 08, but because we’re fans and he told us he was going to, it’s not illegal to hope, to speculate or to wish, and as bloggers to discuss, but to come out and dash our hopes after he told us he was buying is just plain nasty.

We now risk going through another season not good enough at the back and too lightweight in the squad, then next season we’ll lose Cesc and I dread to think who else, not good enough, I suppose he’ll say Song can step up, how? What are you watching that’s changed in the last two weeks Mr Wenger?

Buying class players is good for the team but more importantly it’s good for the fans, but this is bollocks. I’m watching Senderos as I speak, running up and down like a talentless 16 year old that makes the school team because he’s tall and that’s what I have to look forward to next season, well that’s just great.

I said the other day that we have enough young talent coming through and we do, but we need some established players in now, we didn’t last year and we won nothing, we still need them this year, Cesc wants Villa, but we won’t get him, if we were interested we should have got him before the Euros, don’t even waste your time thinking about him.

So, we have all these kids coming through and when they’re all old enough like Flamini, they’ll leave, what a future, what goes through your mind Arsene? get your cheque book out now, before it’s too late.

How can you keep doing this to us? What is wrong with you? First we’re buying some great talent in 2 to 3 weeks and nothing, then a centre back and now nothing, Flamini has until April, then May comes and nothing, then Hleb’s going nowhere and still we hear nothing, we’re kept in the dark and fed shit, like mushrooms, way to treat your fans boss.

I’m sure you’ll let us know, at some point. I’m so, so disappointed. This stubborness is getting boring.

That’s it, that’s all I can say today. I suppose after all this complaining Le Grove will get its own TV show next!

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  1. Big Raddy

    Pedro, you astate that no-one on the site has said we do not need a defender. I have repeatedly.

    I say we need a strong, big DM and an excellent defensive coach. I believe we have the personnel at the back.

    Sorry to bang on about this, but for me it is entirely a question of organisation.

    And….. AW talks about our problems comiing from ‘the second ball after the high ball through the middle’ , and that is a DM’s responsibilty. We lost many goals because a defensive header went to the opposition and we had no-one to ‘sweep up’.

    A quality DM is an essential and Flamini just wasn’t good enough. Sign Essien.

  2. Geoff

    Raddy people keep saying sign Essian, just how do you think we’re going to do that? ask Chelsea nicely and they’ll do a nice deal, then ask Essian to drop his salary by a couple of mil?

    Gilberto was fine until Arsene fuck him over, if you think our centerbacks are okay then god help us next season.

  3. Pedro

    Raddy… I was mainly talking about the people who were posting today…

    I think he might be lining up a beast in the middle… becuase we don’t have anyone in the centre mid who can compete for the long balls at the minute…

    Mind you… Mascharano, Flamini, Makelele… all good holding midfielders… all tiny…

  4. dennisdamenace

    Chaps, all this talk of Essien, now that Scholari is now in charge of the Chavs do you think we could ever do business with them, even if we were willing to pay the price?

    Please note, that i didn’t say if we had the money, because i know we have, we just don’t wanna spend it, but that’s another story!

  5. Big Raddy

    Essien was said in jest. No way will the Chavs let him go, and if they did we would never pay the price.

    As to size a good big man is preferable to a good small man. After all who ever complains about having a few extra inches !

  6. Big Raddy

    Evo – I respect your thoughts,. Usually we are in agreement, but here I assume you are joking.

    Name me a better holding midfield player in the World, let alone the EPL

  7. dennisdamenace

    I think he’s a tremendous player, tremendous drive and will to win, although he has the forehead of a porpoise………….maybe he’s related to Dolphin Head??

  8. Hate them Ben Arthur

    This is nothing less than supporter abuse:

    We are supposed to buy the new kit(s) and pay the highest ticket prices in the world,

    yet the club loses Flamini, sells Diarra well below market value, Hleb fucks with us and all we would get for him is 8mil and no yaya??? Adebayor wants a raise or else???

    And we don´t need any defender – we had the best defense in the premier and chamions league last season, right?

  9. kenyan gooner

    am back.It would be sad news if wenger does not sign Nasri.When is this guy going to do the sighning if he was on holiday before he got to the euros ?

  10. kenny smith

    guys just read that adebayor has told hid agent to tell arsenal he wants to go to ac milan!!! im getting really pissed off with how unloyal are players are becoming!!!! sell the cunt and buy Villa!!!!! If we do that at least cesc might stick around longer than next season!

  11. Andy

    its funny i have looked at most of the comments and i cant see anyone sayin ” wenger knows what hes doing” or backing him this summer. i wish he could see this to realise exactly what he is doing to us at the moment. why is it that people want to leave us and no one has joined us ( ramsey not included he wont be a reg first teamer yet)

  12. Pedro

    Andy, Le Grove is probably the most commented on Arsenal site… if everyone here is saying similar things, it gives you a pretty good idea of what Arsenal fans as a whole are thinking.

    My season ticket holding gooner mates who don’t blog are all saying the same thing…

    What is Wenger up to? Are we being taken for a ride again?

    I am writing a piece tomorrow… I wonder what I should write about?

  13. Evo in Oz

    Andy – i think everyone is waiting to see what happens before they say they know he knows what he is doing….he cant have been our manager for the last 10 years and not know what he is doing surely?

  14. ethangunner


    DDM, I don’t mind people saying we don’t need a defender, but let’s face it… no one on this forum has said that all summer.

    Errr .. i think ive been saying it for 2 days before this all started !
    remember i said song signed a new long term contract ,& teased geoff a bit 🙂 and nobitz 🙂 wants to step up ! a headline on A.COM..
    Alarm bells went off in my head anyhow !

    I did think arsene might not sign a defender .. ONLY because arsene has this eternal gift of not seeing past this 1st- 11 !
    and with toure and gallas going no where, one presumes i was sure if we did get a defender it would be of a same age as senderos but with more experience!

    END OF .

    and there lays the problem ! take senderos , we could take anyone ! but lets take him as an example, started with some promise , given no 1st team experience ( or very little the last season or 2 ) and he degrades from potential , to a liability ! We are over stocked with kids like this , and wenger will give them the chance, even if they’ve turned to crap already !! Or meaning to me he’s prepared to gamble on another season in the hope his Ego is proved correct …. 4 years and counting !!!

    Where as Man U need a striker – defender – winger , they go out and pick a 22-25 year old at the top of his game !

    Can anyone see the difference ???
    Can anyone see why i think wenger is out of touch with his surroundings !

    And i called him a cunt because he didnt hold good on his promise !
    and not signing a defender brought it home for me !!!!!!!!
    DONT PROMISE SIGNINGS if you cannot deliver ,shut the fuck up and
    say nothing , at least i would respect you more !

    half a dozen dickheads have come on and said they know wenger is signing a defender ! well where were you yesterday ??
    if you know so much !!! or the day before !!! Sorry i prefer to believe
    wenger when he says !!!

    ”have decided that defenders are no longer necessarily needed for next season.”

    “Therefore, he will not come.”

    Its in the setanta sports webpage ..

    considering they broadcast arsenal .tv !!!!!!!!!!!


    no longer necessarily needed = means they are NOT needed !

  15. Andy

    yea but in 3 years what has he done for us apart from gather dust in our trophy cabinet he said within 2 to 3 weeks we would be re assured well i aint re assured at all

  16. kenyan gooner

    looking at this from another angle; wenger exact words are

    “I have known Kompany for a long time, since he was 16,” Wenger said. “I keep following him but the story that we want him for next season is wrong.

    “I know him to be very, very good but I have decided that defenders are no longer needed for next season. Therefore, he will not come.”

    note: defenders are no longer needed.

    In this line of thot he may as well have already bought a defender and he is waiting for the euros to end before he makes it official.

  17. Arsenal Tom

    dontdont get too sucked into the ade thing… he’s made 2 maybe 3 denials in the past weeks/months that hes not going anywhere

  18. Andy

    im just pointing out the fact that we suppose to be one the best teams in europe and we havent got a trophy for so long

  19. Pedro

    Evo… we’ve gone from the invincibles to a top 4 team.

    We got rid of Freddie (fair), Campbell (Still doing it), Pires (Still doing it), PV04 (Struggling but could make a difference), Thierry (More than capable)… the list goes on.

    We haven’t replaced these players adequately.

    Imagine if we had the best of the young bunch rotating with the invincibles… we’d have a great squad.

    Wenger has had money for 2 years and he has failed to bolster… so you do have to ask if he knows what he is doing…

    When you are not succeeding, questions need to be asked – especially when you are charging through the nose and the fans/pundits/blogger/news outlets can all see what is going wrong…

  20. Andy

    thats exactly what i mean pedro but the question is who has the guts in the club boardroom to ask the questions

  21. ethangunner

    pedro mine too !

    My season ticket holding gooner mates who don’t blog are all saying the same thing…
    What is Wenger up to? Are we being taken for a ride again?

    saying things like …
    another fruitless year watching kids play kick about !?
    another year when we cant get to watch any Star signings play in arsenal
    colors ! cause we are skint !
    bring in some stars like the good old days ..
    what the fuck are they spending the money on ???
    we should of stayed at highbury !

    we are gullible naive twats , the lot of us if we think arsene’s strategy has worked recently !
    im not going to go on about ticket prices , cable tv cost etc.
    but id like to see the profits go back into the players for the fans sakes !

    DDM your right its just a big scam to build up the capitol of the company
    to make Arsenal .co a dream money making machine on paper !
    fuck the football side !

  22. Evo in Oz

    yeah im asking as well, im just waiting till the start of the season…ive already said to my other aussie mates that it will be diabolical if wenger doesnt sign the exact number and type of players he has already stipulated…as its documented and we expect what he says!

    im just not into saying ‘this season is trophies or else’…..’wenger better sign someone or else’….

    im still gonna order the new kit on the net and have it shipped over to Sydney, cause i want one and im proud to wear it! im still gonna watch all the games on Foxtel at $100 per week + $14.95 for setanta.

    i feel the pressure in my job at work, im sure he’s feeling it too…

  23. AbnetArsenal

    why we dont we make a demonstration on the front gate of the Emrates tomorrow or at the weekend. I think we should show what are our feeling is . We can make this a very good humiliation to the board . they should spend some amount of money on players ! thats it

  24. ethangunner

    andys -right !

    we aren’t just supposed to be one of the top teams in europe ,wenger thinks in the world ! ..
    he said something like we are the most consistent performer in the C.L and that tells you we are one of the best !

    one of the best thats won nothing for 4 years !
    and if you think we deserved to win fa cup you need glasses !
    Man u should have walked that in ! ill take it but in all honesty
    we have looked off the pace for 4 years now !

    How do you gauge a football team ??
    HOW ?

    fuck even the spuds have got something to brag about this season !
    even if it is just a plastic trophy ! at least it says 07/08 on the cunt !

    remember banter like this happened 4 – 5 weeks ago arsene came out and reassured the fans ! now its died down he can get back on with his original plan ! im sure he just linked us with every cunt we wanted just to make it look like he’s trying .. !

    outrageous ? maybe so ! but wenger is usually like an assassin in his dealings with transfers .. you only have too look at pedro’s widget board to see how quiet wenger has been ….

    facts are he has to many young players sitting in the wings to not give them a run ! he feels he has too !
    he wont change !
    get used to this for years to come as we are backlogged with fetus’es !

  25. Evo in Oz

    the press are a pack of dickheads…the sun reported Villa broke his finger celebrating his first goal at euro, yet the official euro site reports a scan on the finger revealed a minor injury

  26. kenyan gooner

    Abnet you are brilliant.I wish i was in england i would lead from the front line.maybe i should make a poster and send it to you guyz.I love the idea.

  27. Pedro

    The problem with other blogs over the years is that they all fall for the Arsenal.com shit hook line and sinker…

    Simply saying everything will be alright becuase Arsene is in charge is not good enough…

    We moved to compete in the transfer and wage market…

    Now we’ve moved, we can’t compete in either.

    People talk about Thierry like he was a no one before he came to us, that is a load of bollocks, he was a French international just like Paddy was a big name…

    Bobby Pires had Madrid after him, Freddie was only made ours because Wenger nipped in quicker than everyone else. Sol Campbell was a huge signing, Gio was a good player and is still proving that and Mark Overmars was a big name.

    We don’t sign big names anymore… that is why Nasri was a refreshing choice.

    The fans would be fine with us finishing 4th if we had a squad that just didn’t measure up.

    But to finish 3rd because our squad was too thin, and we all knew it was too thin is inexcusable.

    Will Wenger rectify this and buy 3 players, plus a replacement for Flamini?

    I don’t think so… we’ll rely on cheap young talent making the jump… like West Ham used to.

    That is why we are pissed.

  28. Levanja

    This is just beginning to leave me continually aggrevated. Ok Ok, hands up, Wenger knows how to spot potential, granted, and yes he has spotted some of the best players to come through in the Premiership but when push comes to shove we lose out on the crucial games.

    Start of last season we were flying but when it really mattered the “big name” players pulled through against us Chelsea – DROGBA – Liverpool – TORRES – United – EVERYONE, each game we were on time but lacked the killer edge and steel.

    Say all you want about “ADE” up front for us, he’s good but not clinical. He’s somone to feed off not rely on. Now with Villa, he came out ages ago stating he wanted to join us, so how did we react? We wait till he playes in the Euro’s and now he’s way out of our league financially not because we can’t pay it but because Wenger WON’T.

    How the hell do we stand by and watch Torres go to Liverpool? We have defensive issues, he wants YOUNG big Talent, fork out for MICAH RICHARDS, he can play full back and Centre back. Tell me the last time we had the solidity at the back and the poacher up front? Not even Henry was the clinical stiker but he created so many chances that he was bound to get a couple……..Wrighty was the last time…..we since have not had that player that can kill a game off. We are falling behind further and further whilst the other three times are buying the big players. What are we becoming? A breeding ground for young players? Teams now look to nick our best players once they have developed and Arsene seems fine to let this happen because there is plenty more where that came from in his head….but what about NOW? It’s been 3 years

    Needing a holding player, coz Flamini’s gone, Barry is available and have we tried? NO
    Players I cannot believe we have continued to keep faith and wait for is:

    Senderos: (Is it me?)

    Eboue (overrated and poor last season)

    Bendtner (What is he hoping to see?)

    Song (average)

    Strength in depth? NO -WAY, all we need is a tough uncompromising centre back, holding midfielder and a deadly striker. Recognised and ready to go. Let’s get real Mr Wenger. Let’s get now we have the future in abundance but the future is too late. We’ve waited long enough.

  29. BB

    ethan.. must say that I concord with you on the Song signing .. here we have our new central defender .. homegrown and potentially full of juice..but maybe just still a bit short from being ripe..so we dont get to taste the juice just yet .. and maybe never will

    the fact that AW hangs on to Senderos smacks of stupidity of the highest degree
    and I have it from good source that he (Senderos) is far too well paid to go and look somewhere else as otherwise, yes you know, the pay cut coz where he will end up at in terms of clubs, will not want to pay much for him.. so we are stuck with a donkey that earns good money … see our total wage bill
    we get youngsters coz we over pay them .. remember the Rafa quote..

    our current set-up deprives us from the chance of signing top class players.. and thats Wenger’s system .. he is orchestrating the whole thing .. so here is our culprit .. thats not PHW or anybody else

  30. Evo in Oz

    im out to bed fellas….catch you all saturday morning for the dutch vs france game….maybe something to talk about there?

  31. kenyan gooner

    just say the nasri story on goal.com.Its time for wenger to show that arsenal hve got balls to attract top players or we will end up like the shitty spuds.is it possible to send the boss a mail..

  32. Andy

    i think wenger should just come out and say what he is aiming for i dont want, senderos, bentner, eboue they clearly are not top class players and never will be

  33. kenyan gooner

    we have been linked with the striker Mario Balotelli.it has been said that arsenal have contacted his brother /agent. on tribal mates.have u guyz ever seen him play?is he any good?

  34. AbnetArsenal

    you know what guys ! I have this feeling about Nasti that we will not sing him. AW said last week about wages in England and France allmost the same. So for a minite every one imagin that the Nasri idia is replaced by Ramsey ! b/c Atletico Madrid is one of the spenders like we have here beside us the SPUDS

  35. ethangunner


    barry is going to liverpool !
    but i agree with you on Ade . he would be a fine signing if you were newcastle or west ham , but for arsenals class ? its just like taking the piss !!!

    villa is on the doorstep , but arsene does a shit in a bag then lights it up ,and throws it out on the door mat !

    are you insane??? or can fans pick talent better than wenger nowadays!


    bobbie was a killer for the metz ! like 1 goal every 3 games for them !
    your right he definitely wasn’t unearthed by wenger ! more like made famous by playing for ARSENAL !

  36. Andy

    abnet i think we should arrange that protest i think wenger and the board really need to know how we feel

  37. gnarleygeorge9

    evo 12.01 pm “essian is a wombat”

    as per Pocket Oxford Dictionary

    A wombat: eats roots & leaves. Does that mean that Essian likes having dinner, having a shag, then pisses off. He’s a good player, maybe thats what Ramsay likes to do and thats why AW signed him.

  38. ethangunner


    the dutch have got a cracking side !
    ruud is a legend , Th14 will be the same
    one day he will quit , but his game never suffers !
    A stupid mistake letting go of TH14 !
    wenger should of signed (because he did anyway )
    and made him stay !!!
    I don’t buy into he was obstructing the teams progress !
    more like that year they were not up to his standard !

    i still say spain 1st
    dutch 2nd
    frogs 3rd !

    (not sure about the french thou ! )
    its more a passionate vote than skill !

  39. kenyan gooner

    i second u andy.This mario ballotelli is only 17 n plays for inter.I honestly think wenger is fucking up this club.could Primorac do a better job?i hear he is the brains behind wenger

  40. Geoff

    Why don’t we concentrate on the FA Youth cup and the Carling Cup, we have so many big name youngsters now we could clean up.

  41. kenyan gooner

    one problem is that after the euros the good players will be very expensive.example is villa.last week valencia were ready to accept 17mil for him after his performance the price is now 30mil with real being the front runners.Thats so fucked up!!

  42. AbnetArsenal

    D.villa said “arsenal is the only club i would like to play for in ERL” . and then mr knows discribed his honerd but dont want him now his the hotest property in EURO2008 his price allmost trippeled what will you say now AW

  43. Andy

    i really think that for the fans this is wenger’s last season to deliver us some silverware or face a backlash. when do u think is the best time for the protest kenyan

  44. AbnetArsenal

    let me set the record right . I Abnet have no problem with AW my problem is with the bord who is eating all the money the club made and making Arsen to tal the laie

  45. kenyan gooner

    true andy.If he does not deliver silverware i think it would do us some good if he was demoted to be the reserves coach.Best time??i reckon the best time would be after ADE going(if he will) coz then the media will surely take interest n add more pressure to him.I hope we get a good backing from fellow fans

  46. gnarleygeorge9

    I’ve cracked a biggie today, with respect to work that is, so I’ll do a Beatles & say Hello/Goodbye. But before I go can I say this. I’ve watched some of those Euro games and I’ve got to say this The atmosphere is fucking boring. The crowds sound so sterile. There is something missing, and I can’t quite put my finger on it, YES! I know. Where are the Pommy fans????? Night.

  47. ethangunner

    wenger cant spot talent any more ! that gift left him when DD did !
    theo – ramsey -wiltshire all signed because everyone else was making noises about them
    and they are English .. YOUNG and affordable

    you cant deny arsene is the best one to coach you from a young age !
    hence why he could get ramsey off Man yoooo

    that and maybe a ticket too the euros for him and his parents 🙂

  48. Geoff

    Can’t blame the board Abnet, he was offered Villa, by Villa a month ago and could have got him cheap, he said no and now the price has doubled, even a fool could have seen that was a bargain but he wouldn’t.

    Even George Graham swapped Clive Allen for Kenny Sansom when both were great, but Kenny made us a better team. (someone last week told me it was Neill)

    So selling someone lesser to get someone who can help us to win stuff is a smart move.

  49. AbnetArsenal

    AW is the best cach in Europe no Doubt about that gooners .!!!! but the board is the Shittiest in the world

  50. kenyan gooner

    i think if some of u guyz were in the board we would be winning trebles all seasons.welcome to the protest dennis.guyz i love your passion!

  51. ethangunner

    Ade wants to suck in the bucks before the cunts found out !

    I cant believe wenger see’s anything in him ?!
    honestly ,a coach that prides himself on quick moving elegant football
    ,passing , crisp movements … and then you have ade,he’s is like a brick layer in ballet shoes !

    he is simply terrible to watch , odd moments of skill marred by offsides
    , the 1st touch of a rapist 🙂 ! and the goal scoring radius of the 6 yard box ! thats if he can retain possession long enough to get a shot off
    (that is on target )

    please let him go get some money to get some players 4 this season !
    FFS !

    knowing our luck ,the money for ade if we get it at all , will simply disappear into the arsenal black hole , same place diarra’s money went too,
    th14 and the rest of the transfer profits in the past few years !!!

  52. AbnetArsenal

    Imagin gooners if the all the sport midia piking this as thier top story fo the day wow wow wow we should do it we should do it FAST !!!!!!!

  53. AbnetArsenal

    If we sing Villa this year and keep Ade it will be the best striking combination of all times
    But But But we have to force the board to spend as much as possible now now

  54. BB

    ethan .. Wenger spots talent the same way he’s always done.. nothing has changed..
    he is not in the business to sign up 10 years old .. he waits for his scouts to report back to him on certain players and makes his decisions on the back of it
    Cesc/Merida are two exceptions as they were hired before signing pro contracts
    other than that, Wenger likes to sign players like TH14/Bobby and PV04..very very similar to Nasri.. in fact identical, except that he still wants to pay players like Nasri the money from 10 years ago .. and thats where his system goes tits up..
    he must be the only fool on earth not to see inflation creeping in

    what a stupid comment to make that the salary differential between UK and European clubs is disappearing .. now its the fault of the exchange rate .. bloody fucking useless

  55. kenyan gooner

    and the CNN too!!i think that would drive the point home.We have a winning tradition n no one should fuck with that.The board should know that there are season ticket holders who actually give a rats ass abou the club

  56. jeimz

    fucking hell..i swear guys being an arsenal fan must be the most fuckingstrating thing!i love asrene but hez too fucking stubborn!wat the fuck,we know senderosz an error prone fuck,how cum he cant c it!y the fuck is he giving him YET ANOTHER chance?dif bentley,pennant,sidwell n ohara(fantastic players btw)get that chance?nnoooooooooooooooooo!!!! gallas needs to have his hand amputated n hez a shitty captain,kolo luks lyk hez losing it n wat bthe fuck does our boss do?keep faith.thatz all he ever does,keep faith!wat fucking faith arsene? your so cald faithful team hasnt won shit 4 3\4 years now! and for all the akbs out there,sit back n enjoy watching eboue,senderos,hoyte,adebayor,diaby etc cuz thats wat u r anyway:shit!

  57. kenyan gooner

    i agree with u BB even the fucks from white shit lane pay their stars better.how much do they pay berbatov ehh? how much is ade paid? If The trend of letting our stars go continues i dont see cesc staying for long.and wenger cut out the excuses!!! Do any of u guyz remmember how it feels to win the prem?Its been too long mates.

  58. AbnetArsenal

    Milan are currently working on both fronts as they attempt to prize one of the two away from their club’s in England.

    Ancelotti is a big admirer of both strikers and he reveals that he would like a top class hit-man in his squad and he doesn’t mind which player comes to San Siro.

    “I want a top striker and so does the club,” Ancelotti told Sky Sport Italia.

    “Drogba? Adebayor? Either or, we have to see which one of them is ready to come to Milan.”

    The coach also admits that Chelsea were interested in landing him before they secured the services of Luis Felipe Scolari.

    “The discussion of me going there was closed straightaway, perhaps there was an interest on their part but I expressed my intention to stay at Milan.

    “As for Mourinho, he has clear ideas and he has presented himself well to Italy.”

    Reports in Italy claim that Adebayor wants out at the Emirates and Galliani is ready to begin waving his fists once again as he attempts to bring the Togolese striker to San Siro.

  59. jeimz

    think about it guys,do shitty players get a 2nd season at manure or chelshit? do these two clubs(who win things btw) rely on FAITH eeeeeeeevery season?do they sell their star players eeeevery season n buy 17 yr olds tom fill the void?oh! do they have the most expensive season ticket prices?no.but we do.n whoz fault is that if i may ask????

  60. LEON

    i dont think the arsenals defence is that bad in fact its very good, i feel we could have done one high quality defender to toure and gallas on there toes. but you look at four games that we drew is the defence was not all that bad it the fact the fact the goals dried up for use and put huge amount of presure on the defence. to be honest i have not seen dijouro or hoyte play.

    i think wenger will suring up the midfield,more attcking midfieders that can score goals and an experiened holding midfielder ,if we keep hlebit would be good . I also feel we need a world class keeper because amunia made some several mistakes that has cost use,mistaked leyman would have made.

  61. AbnetArsenal

    dont you know that Scolari is plannig to Build a Brazil national team in England by the name of Chelsea so is kaka leaves Milan it will definite to them

  62. jeimz

    typical of arsenal,all summer long our star players r linked with moves away from the club n most of the time,they go.while we r linkrd with kids from the home alone franchise

  63. Geoff

    It does make me laugh when websites say Aaron Ramsey was flown out to meet Wenger first class on a private jet.

    That’s an oxymoron.

    Tossers, you don’t get first class on private jets, they’re private jets. If it were a schedule flight to Switzerland it would have been business class, there are no first class flights to European destinations.

    So it was a private a then?

    Ignorance is bliss.

  64. kenyan gooner

    lol.I hope we dont do a barca next season mates.if we buy villa and get yaya nasri and zapata combine that with the hard working clichy and sagna then cesc and the rest.we will be unstoppable mates…..

  65. Paulinho

    Yeah, makes me laugh. These blogs really are creaming themselves over this private jet thing, like it means anything.

  66. Pedro

    Do they even know if it was a private jet?

    This is Arsenal… it was probably the front seats on Ryanair!

  67. jeimz

    keep dreaming kenyan gooner,we r left no option but to hope eboue becomes world class……damn. even just barely imagining thatz impossible

  68. BB

    FYI ManUre just signed a 15 years old from Roma .. Davide Petrucci for 250K Euros .. they will pay him 120K per season

    so its not only us .. and its gonna drive Plaitni even more loopy

    dont think its right either, but here we go

    wonder whether the press will comment on it as its not Arsenal

    maybe its big red wanking nose’s compensation trade for having lost out on Ramsey .. 🙂

  69. kenyan gooner

    guyz got get some rest.Andy,abnet and the rest in the protest squad keep the wrath alive….!! finally i love arsenal

  70. Andy

    jeimz im guessing that to sort out the defence problem we best hope that senderos becomes the new john terry lol

  71. Paulinho

    Well, if it was David Villa it would be Easyjet! Anyone over the age of 24 and established is no big deal to Wenger, but a 17 year old gets the full treatment. Wenger probably lined up a few hookers for the lad in some mountain retreat in the Alps!

  72. ethangunner

    choy Says:
    June 12, 2008 at 2:20 pm

    ethan.. is there anyone else on earth you hate more than ADEBAYOR?!! 🙂

    my X wife 🙂

  73. ethangunner


    but you look at four games that we drew is the defence was not all that bad it the fact the fact the goals dried up for use and put huge amount of presure on the defence.

    well done mate !!!!!!!!
    tell wenger and 1/2 the ade lovers that and we might be getting somewhere !
    because i see it every match !

    as they say the best defense is a good offense!

  74. rico01

    Wow – what a busy and stressful day you have all had….. Anyway I want to share my view with you…..

    As previously read, the thought of Kolo or Gallas being injured, with the current squad we have frightens the S**T out of me as we have NO suitable cover in Djourou, Senderos, Hoyte – Song is a little better, but still not good enough at the moment.

    We need a big strong CH who can out jump the opposition and get the f-in ball out o defence.

    We need a big strong CM to block the oppositions attacking play, and the pace to turn the play into attack for us

    I cannot believe that AW could be stupid enough to tell the world (AS HE DID) a while ago that our defence needs to be tightened up, and now go back on that. The only way that can be done is by adding a big talent, not by just ‘using’ another player and hope they come good – That is not a good enough attitude for a club of our magnitude.

    I truely hope AW is just playing his cards close to his chest, and not really telling it as it is – I havent got a clue anymore.

    The Nasri saga, well, if the deal aint done, we will lose him as all other clubs will pay the money.

    Villa – deep in my stomach I still have a feeling that this has been wrapped up already.

    All I ask of AW now is to show some respect to the fans, men and women who turn up week in week out, rain, shine, snow and hail to support our club. We deserve more, ok he maybe playing with the Paps, but he forgets he is playing with all of us too and it is painful.

    We dont need names AW, just tell us that you have certain positions filled and deals wrapped up, just stop F-IN with our heads….

    and some Rocky kid too

    That I am sure would make most of us just start thinking – He aint so bad… maybe!!

  75. ethangunner

    Pedro Says:
    June 12, 2008 at 2:59 pm

    Do they even know if it was a private jet?

    This is Arsenal… it was probably the front seats on Ryanair!


  76. Paulinho

    Is this Adebayor story ever going to progress from little snippets from the telegraph and goal.com, and the Mail? Those three papers seem to be in cahoots, palming it off to eachother and keeping the story in circulation.

    Even The Sun is keeping a sense of perspective about the transfer. That’s when you know things are strange, when The Sun starts to become an authority on things. Over the last few years their stock has improved. They were the ones pushing the Sagna story until it came to fruition.

    The broadsheets have lost their way. They are casting their net in order to sell papers but seem to keep pulling up the same shit; Goal.com induced of course.

  77. Pedro

    Paulinho… I think it is about hits for the broadsheets. They don’t report half the crap they report on the web in the papers…

    It’s like they are detached. The mail is terrible, they nick blog stories!

  78. choy

    just read somewhere they are yet to respond to the 31 mill asking price…

    ethan.. your dreams are coming true buddy!!!

  79. Big Raddy

    FFS. What has Ade got to do. We were on the site last week lauding his commitment to the club. He has openly stated that he is happy and will be at THOF next season.

    This is another non-story put out by witless unimaginative journo’s. Of course Ancelotti liks Ade.

    If we were AC fans, we would look at the European scoring chart and see that Ade scored 30 goals last year. Then we would be saying on the blogsites…. ‘Sign Adebayor’, he is a proven goalscorer.

    Which he is …… i.e. we do NOT need more attackers.

  80. david

    We had Gallas, Toure, Senderos, Song, Sagna, Djourou, Hoyte, Gilberto and the Norwegan kid Nords whatever his name is all capable of playing centreback.
    2 positions.
    Yet we had RVP 55 starts in 4 years, Eduardo, Ade and Bendtner perhaps Theo up front.
    Why did Wenger think we need more centrebacks and we are okay for strikers?

    We need to sell the dead wood at the back and Denilson and put the wages to a better striker/hloding midfielder.

  81. Big Raddy

    So David, as you say we have 4 established International centre forwards, with another about to take his place in the national team. Why do we need more? I accept that were one to be sold, a replacement is required but at present, that is not the case.

    AW did NOT say we needed more CB’s. He said we needed someone to deal ‘with the second ball coming from central positions’, that is a DM ‘s job. The initial (first ball)header/clearance is the CB’s role.

    That we were short in the DM role was clear, and Flamini (good as he was) was not good enough. We need another PV, but they are few and far between

  82. finestcuts

    Well argued Rico.

    Two points of my own, while we all want the easy way out and get an instant fix to our defensive problems, are our lads really so dumb that they can’t be schooled how to defend? If so maybe we should also have an IQ test as well as a fitness test before we sign players. But I think they’re teachable. Would an extra world class defender help?
    Sure….but what if we can achieve that in pre-season. Arsene needs to make a video of all the mistakes that were made, pinpoint them to the team and the defensive coaches.

    Also a defensive midfielder of a similar calibre would help, but same as above. If Wenger lied just to placate the fans concerns and said “We’ve sorted a deal out” before the paperwork has been signed, he’d look a mug. The agents use stalling tactics, and the truth is, Wenger thoughts he could tie all his deals up 2-3 weeks after the end of the season, but the market this year has got to know him and his ways, and are resisting because of the huge competition.

    We’re all not supposed to have a clue, because if we did, i’m sure another manager would too and try and gazump someone special we;ve been scouting for years. And no I don’t like it either, I thought the whole gunner mood was changing after the Ramsey signing, but the general mood is probably worse than it was before Ramsey signed.

    I’m actually worried about you guys, that it’s letting this affect you so much, and me as well, you all have important things in your lives as well, and losing focus because of some multi-millionaire who gets everything done for him and only has to worry about playing football isn’t right, they don’t support your achievements or even know anything about your lives, whats important to you, what you like etc. so please guys, have some self-worth, you’re better than some footballer who is locked away from reality and cares not one iota about the social impact they have on those who support them and their careers, if most of them had to swap shoes with you for a day, they’d be begging for theirs back before noon.

    Not all footballers are selfish bastards who can’t see the bigger picture, but why waste emotions on those who are.

  83. david

    The title of todays article is What no centre back, We have 9 centrs backs, so why would Wenger say we needed a centre back?
    We are in more need of strikers than centre backs.. if any

  84. Arsenal Tom

    i have to agree with raddy on this i think wenger meant he wanted a big CM/DM, which could be the reason for the hleb deal taking so long as he’s trying to get yaya.

    he also said he wanted a ‘creative player’ if hleb goes and nasri is his replacement that still means that a hleb/rosicky/cesc type player should be coming in…. any ideas???

  85. choy

    david.. just because we have players who can play there does not mean that we have 9 centre backs..

    we need world class centre backs.. a tall man.. fast man combination..

    song is a midfielder.. we conceded two against derby ffs…

    senderos is well..er senderos..

    djorou .. did we see him in an arsenal shirt?.. oh yes.. 5-1 spurs…

    i can only think of gallas and toure who are good center backs..!!!

    that is two david…

    if by your logic.. eboue is a right winger.. so is cesc as he can play there… eduardo is a left winger.. he can play there…

    we need a world class CB!!

  86. rico01

    Ok, for those who think we have nine players ‘who can play centre back’

    Dont you all want a real strong CH that IS a CH not just someone who ‘could’ fill in??

  87. Paulinho

    I’m afraid to saying having nine players who can play centre back and five or six who can play centre midfield is borderline AKB. It’s classic Wenger. When someone quizzes him a certain position he reels out all these names when in reality only a small percentage of those names can play there to the standard required.

    Okay, we have nine player who can play centre back. Not one of them can attack the ball. Senderos has the right idea at times but with him it is a case of good idea, bad execution.