Flamini being replaced by a 17 year old, how embarrasing!

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According to the Mirror, Rambo, AKA young Aaron Ramsey will be thrown straight into the first team, how does that make you feel Mr Greedy? Replaced by a kid, lobbed out of the Euros and playing left back for your new club in the Inter Toto cup, you will be the greatest ever example of the Arsenal curse, you ungrateful mercenary.

Following on from the great news that we have signed the midfield version of Theo and that Arsenalslow.com still have said zippo even though the official Manc and Everton sites have, we can start the pre season knowing we have at least won something this year, the signature of a very promising player, if he can be the Gerrard they all say he can, he’ll be money well spent, I think he looks like a chunky Michael Owen, I hope his fitness record won’t be though!

Come to manyoo, come to manyoo, come to manyoooo Alf Ramsey!

In fact Aaron himself has told the world he has chosen Arsenal on gut feeling, so well done Arsene for supplying that gut feeling, if only Old Rednose had got off his arse to see the kid instead of sending ‘Deliverance’ pin up boy Neville to see him, that must have made Rambo a bit nervous, alone at the trailer Park with a Neville brother, no wonder we got him!

The Ade rumours persist as do the Hleb one’s, I don’t think there’s anything in either of them but if there is can Arsene come out and say? As it’s getting a bit boring and if I have to go all the way to September 1st, I think I’ll lose the will to live.

I hope we sign a centre back soon, I don’t think we’ll be signing Villa as he is too similar to Dudu, but his price would have doubled by now anyway so it’s irrelevant, we should have had him when he said he wanted to come regardless, you can never have too many goalscorers in my book.

Spain looked menacing last night and along with Holland I hope to see them through and the French out so we can at least sign Nasri and have something else to get excited about.

Don’t believe the Frings stories, he’s way too old and I can’t believe Rambo will go straight in, I think Wenger must have said squad, not team. So still a defensive midfielder to come and a centre back, maybe Thuram will come as player defensive coach until Nordtveit is ready, YaYa in for Hleb plus cash and Nasri to fill Hleb’s old role.

I can’t say I’ll be unhappy with that, can you?

Not a lot of news today Grovers so expect to see other sites talking about us, have a great Wednesday, maybe something will happen today, eh?

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  1. Paulinho

    The Ramsey transfer had fed his addiction and Wenger can’t go cold turkey again, that is why he is reneging on his transfer targets. Now he’s back on the ‘stuff’ expect a whole host of teenagers to join Ramsey.

  2. davoody

    What was it Scolari said when he turned down the england job? All the more reasons to HATE the chavs i guess.

  3. finestcuts

    Chelsea want to play like Brazil eh? Will Scolar itry the 4-2-2-2 in the the Premier League i wonder. the problem with Scolari not being able to do the England job was…he was still under contract for Portugal and told the FA that they’d have to wait until after the World Cup. But they got itchy fingers, wanted to prove that they’re the boss and hired McClaren.
    But be prepared for some clashes with the management….it may alll be sweet and they’ll roll out the red carpet for him, but once he’s got his first draw he’ll start getting the cold shoulder treatment, and Roman might try and test him out and tell him to play Shevchenko to see what he does.

  4. Big Raddy

    Turkey just scored. Sometimes there is no justice in football. They have been cheating all through the match.

  5. Big Raddy

    My thoughts are that Abramovich wants to take time away from the Chavs. Maybe he is bored with his toy. So, he gets a man who will take no shit and will run the club in his way. Looking forward to the fallout with Kenyon !

  6. davoody

    I have to admit, i didn’t think it would be him. It figures that they signed botswinga (or whatver he is called), prob on the nod from phil the chav.

    Wonder if he will have a clear out?

  7. Paulinho

    Phil Scolari is an overrated manager anyway. It’s all been judged on international football, which is never a reliable gauge of someone’s abilities. Lawrie Sanchez anyone?

    A geriatric could have led that Brazil team to world cup glory and he hasn’t done anything with Portugal that marks him out. Lost to Greece twice, and were lucky to get past England in the quarters of 06.

    Average manager. Chelsea are no longer a rival for the title and he will be sacked in about a year and a half. Good news.

  8. Confidentgoner

    Ade brings something to the team that some Gunners close their eyes to. Terry said that the attacker he dreads the most is Ade. Ferdinand concurs. Is he the finished article , no. He has some little irritating misses and stays off too often. These failings are not uncommon with strikers otherwise they will be scoring a basket full of goals per season.

    We can add villa without getting rd of Ade and this is the reason., RVP & Rosicky will both be less than one fit player for next season. bendtner and Theo are still mastering their art. Vela has no prem experience. So who’s left? Rosicky. Fine but can you guarantee me he’ll be ready before January – Psychologically, physically etc? That is why you buy an insurance and what better one than to buy Villa?

    This does not remove the fact that we need two CBs, and a Hleb replacement. Toure/Diaby and Song can share DM roles.

  9. davoody


    So Whose left.. I think you meant DuDu not rosicky.

    I’d LOVE david villa & a new CB, but sadly i think you’ll find

    A) wenger won’t sign him (spend the money)
    B) wenger has come out today and said he isn’t signing ANY CB’s πŸ™

    He has no doubt blown his budget on Ramsey … πŸ˜‰

  10. ethangunner

    What did i say ?
    told you we wouldn’t get any more defenders !
    Geoff, song is like a new signing πŸ™‚
    johan – senderos -song – no-nuts ,hoyte . plus the back 4 .. bert…
    you know wenger has faith in senderos !
    so no chance of toure or gallas being dropped !
    they played OK the 1st 1/2 of last season ,
    thats more than ample ammo for arsene to continue down the path !
    9 defenders + bert .. anyhow i went on about this yesterday !

    So the count of hleb-jens-flamini- OUT
    fetus – IN

    typical !

    geoff you said you believe in the youth πŸ™‚
    im sure yesterday was a puff the magic dragon day POST for you !
    good to see by the comments above your back with us πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ !!!

    well said paulinho
    As I’ve said before, the best time to sit Wenger down and ask for his opinion on our faults is right after we’ve fucked up the title race, literally moments after a chelsea defeat or United defeat. Only then does the twat see the shit for what it really is.

    However, as the summer drifts on Wenger turns into dream mode
    ( puffing the magic dragon) again and starts falling back into his stupid trap of blanking out all our problems and starts to see a young Stam in Senderos and Garrincha in Eboue.

    and TH14 in ade !!!
    and ignores flamini is gone – hleb and jens !
    The idea was to make our team stronger next season ! NOT WEAKER !

    Wenger needs the chop !
    its that simple !!
    there ive said it !!!

  11. ethangunner

    RANT TIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fuck it makes you sick doesnt it !
    we got 75 million to spend ..
    then its more like 40 !
    oh no its more like 25 !!!

    No actually its more like 5 mil really !!!!!
    then we are skint buying a fetus !
    No more signings the budget is blown paying for the fetus’es flights to europe !

    (if you think we got cash for diarra then we really havent spent FA so far ??!)

    flamini – diarra-hleb-JENS !!! all on good wages ! ALL GONE !
    (well reasonable wages + jens! )

    4 out !!! 1 in !
    and we needed 2 or 3 signings from last season !!!

    we need 5 – 6 players of quality !
    wenger is using our 38 game season as a breeding ground for fetus’es and STILL doing it 3 years later !
    just as well WE are not in a transitional period !!!!!!!!!
    (that passed some time ago πŸ™‚ , now we are officially in the shit !)

    Then you get some Vietnamese kid shooting us down for the way things are RAN !
    and that we voice our opinion on it !!!!!!!!

    should put the cunt in a boat with wenger and sail them off to an uncharted island and leave the cunts there !!!
    ( put them on the LOST island ! & let the black smoke kill the cunts πŸ™‚ !!! )

    PLEASE !!!!!
    get scolari before the chev’s get him !
    fuck it , get sven πŸ™‚
    or steve mc loser !
    get avram grant even ! ANYONE !…
    Anyone who knows there the cheque book is hidden ! that is !!!

    Im sick of arsene’s lies
    im sick of other average clubs signing decent players
    im sick of paying too much to see shite players like ade , eboue,song ,senderos
    im sick of signing fetus’es !
    im sick of waiting 4 years for an EPL title when our club is supposedly the most profitable in Britain !
    and ill be sick of waiting 4 more years to win anything with this sort Management at the club!

    Wengers trying to fool the fans ! keep it competitive enough to get C.L and fuck the fans over for their cash ! , they’ve been doing it for years now !
    Its time we take the arsenal blinkers off and see this shit for what it really is !
    a business 1st !!! and a football club distant 2nd !!!!!!!!!

    We have to try and beat a team like Man U – Chevski – Liverpoo with villa !
    the spuds and there passion to get quality players ( officially hats off too them ! )
    there doing something we cant do ! BUY QUALITY !

    fuck it .. ive always said it and our board of directors are tight fisted cunts !
    they are the money men ! not wenger ! im sure im just venting at wenger
    because he is the obvious choice ! ITs PHW and all those penny pinching cunts on the board , who don’t need krankies money or signed a lock down clause to ensure they pay off the club debt fully before they can turn around and sell it for maximum profits !

  12. gnarleygeorge9


    I’ve got a confession to make. I read the post after I commented. It was just so tempting to get to say “George has done it”.

  13. ethangunner

    yes so has BBC . (so its official ! )
    no surprise really either he was going to the chev’s or Man shitty
    but my point is we need a manger with some balls not a pussy !

    Did you read the latest gg9 ?

    we aren’t going to sign a defender !
    Wenger stated goal scoring wasn’t the issue , we need to concentrate on the defensive
    areas ! ??? So does that mean he is just going to stare really hard atr our defensive players ? because i thought it mean’t for sure we would sign them …

    i did a stock take yesterday and counted 10 defenders !
    and knowing arsene i thought he would come out and say this !
    no surprise really 4 me , but its pretty disheartening when you get the cunt come out
    at the end of the season and say he will make 2 or 3 class signings he is sure will make people happy .. then flamini leaves – hlebs packing and jens decides he isn’t happy as back up ! (more like didnt like the money offered as backup ! ) .. diarra left mid season .. 4 gone ! (who had reasonable wages !)

    and the spuds have signed 2 !

    we signed another youngster .. typical EXPERIENCED SIGNINGS !!!

    not sure where all the profits go ?
    got 13-14 million for the league and diarra’s 6 mil !
    a budget of 25 million !????????????
    and we aren’t getting anyone else other than nasri and maybe an old german DM who is 31 ( the same age as bert !)

    what is the cunt thinking ?????????

    do we think man U and chevski wont buy players ?
    i wouldnt blame them if they dont , they dont really need any !
    but im sure they will !

  14. GunnaShabz

    “I have known Kompany for a long time, since he was 16,” explained the Gunners chief to Sportwereld.

    “I keep following him but the story that we want him for next season is wrong.

    “I know him to be very, very good but I have decided that defenders are no longer necessarily needed for next season.

    “Therefore, he will not come.”

    if this is true, we are in the shits, he will either sign no one or sign lillian thuram thats it

  15. Big Raddy

    AW made it clear that we had problems with the ball coming through the middle. He identified this as a DEFENSIVE problem !

    So … unless he is telling Porkies we MUST be signing a DM. probably Ya Ya.

    The Kompany story is an old one…. I would like to see the original source, not the rehash we saw yesterday.

    And Thuram would make sense as he is at the end of his career and will be looking to get into coaching.

    Add in Nasri. A NEW GK (Given would be great – Buffon, better). An improved Song, Walcott, Denilson A fit RvP, Dudu ,and Mozart, and we are good to go.

  16. dennisdamenace

    I’m soooooooo fucking depressed it’s untrue, the weather outside is shite, and once again the spin coming outta Arsenal and AW is also shite……….like i said at the start of the ‘summer’ i will reserve judgement on AW policies until the 31st of August, but if we go into the next season with just Nasri and yet anorther 17 year old, especially after losing Falmini and probably Hleb, then AW and those cunts on the board had better be prepared to take some serious fucking flack…………

  17. ethangunner

    your not going to get it raddy ..
    the powers at be have fucking spoken !
    we aint signing a defender ..

    when you think about it arsene has made his choices years ago signing these lads !
    its like some fucked up arsene gene pool !
    they are going to come through and next season is just another fucking testing ground !
    sometimes i wished wenger just fucked off !
    its like Frankensteins monster year after year !