Ramsey signs (OFFICIAL!), Cesc tries to quit + new defender lined up…

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It looks like Ramsey , the new Steven Gerrard is set to snub Red nose and sign for the super reds, it’s believed that Arsene worked his magic on Ramsey and his family. First team football with a great team was the lure, ManU, Football’s new team in crisis will be very pissed off to lose this kid, well done Arsene.

Other news sees the boss closing in on Philipe Mexes, I hope this one is true, I really rate this guy and France didn’t take him so a deal could be done sooner rather than later, him or Mertesacker would do me.

Other news was our young Turk Francesc Fabregas stormed into Wenger’s office the day after the Sunderland game and demanded that he signed David Villa and gave him a new and improved contract otherwise he would quit for a bigger club which included Tottenham and Hull City (as they spend more than we do). He said things have to improve.

Wenger said give me some time to think on that you cheeky young Spaniard.

Well Wenger said last week after much thought and a long chat with Peter Hill-Wood

‘Cesc, I can’t buy Villa as we’re skint, but I did get you a new and improved kit, you’ll love it’

Cesc couldn’t believe it, he said

‘No you deaf bastardo, I said quit, not kit’

Well both agreed it was the translation and Cesc was miss quoted, but as he already had his own Nike show Cesc agreed to talk the kit up as long as he could look mean in the publicity shots, thankfully the boss agreed, we think he knew all along that Cesc said contract, you see the moral of this witty and informative story is that… …Arsene knows!

Okay you all had that coming, I quite like the new kit and so do the players, but tellingly Gallas, Almunia and Ade are in the picture which speaks volumes for who will be here come the new season.

Let’s hope the Ramsay story is true, that Philipe Mexes is coming and that Cesc really does like the kit.

Have a great day Grovers.

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  1. Abdenor

    Ibrahimovich thinks is he is Maradona , is sooooooooooooooo arogant……. has an eggo size of Russia !

  2. davoody

    Ade, Dudu, Vela, Walcott, Bender & RVP are our front line next year.

    Vela & Walcott – I think that they will play on either flank. (Hopefully Eboue will never kick another ball). I know the desire from theo is to play up front, but i think we all agree he is well placed on the right flank. Vela we don’t know a lot about. For sure Wenger says he CAN play up front. But so could Big Phil if you asked him to. From his games in Spain he seems to have played more as winger (correct me if im wrong). So i would play Vela on the other wing.

    Dudu – started to show some real class and was settling down prior to his injury. Lets be realistic, even though he is on the mend and doing well, he won’t (and shouldn’t) be rushed back.

    RVP – if he is fit and in form, he is a starter. No questions asked. But he is injury prone and we missed him badley at times last season.

    Ade & Bender – Ade gives us options up front, but is he a starter. well he is cause there was no one else at times last year. He can’t play in the same side as bender boy, period.

    Four strikers is what is needed. Not 2 + 2 wingers.

    IMO there is more than enough room for Villa.

    If Villa did play for us, can you HONESTLY say that ade would get in the team before him? IMO NO

    Can you say that Bender would? IMO NO

    Can you say that RVP would? If fit, possibly.

    Can you say that DuDu would? IMO yes.

    Dudu & Villa would be my first choice, rotating with RVP when needed. Ade would be our super sub, the OPTION from the bench. If Ade couldn’t handle that, Bender could do that job and we could get cash for Ade.

    Ok, i’m now prepared to be shot at!

  3. rico01

    I am beginning to think this is a sexist blog…..

    Some are now suggesting :

    Villa, Ade, Nik, Dudu up front – I wrote that bloody yonks ago!! About two hours!

    Yes i am bitter and twisted

    You know those of you who this is NOT directed at……..

  4. davoody


    This blog moves fast rico, i’m sorry if i overlooked your comments by accident.

    But heh you should be happy right? We obviously share the same thoughts?

    I do like to think that i am a bit more to this site than “SOME” as you suggested.

    Equally bitter & twisted.

  5. rico01

    davoody – bless ya, but as i said, you know who this is not directed at, and you truely are one of those – honest…. it does move fast and so many new bloggers, i cant sort the real from the fantasy

    thanks tho – just having a moment……. x

  6. davoody


    Guess i just bit, as yours was posted directly after mine and i had said just the thing you were having a moment about… lol

    Did you see Cesc’s goal earlier, i felt all proud, like he was my son. lol… how ridiculas.

  7. Pedro


    Sorry guys, if you put a link in, wordpress eats your comments sometimes!

    I saw the site the other day… it really made me laugh.

    The more people have a go at us, the more people come over and take a look… the more popular we become. I think that is the 5th site in a week to have a go at us…

    He is actually raising our profile without knowing it… fool. haha!

  8. paul

    Abdenor where did that come from.I am an Arsenal fan of 40 plus years been going since 1967 i come on this and every other site i can find le grove is up there with them all.Whoever wrote that f…king chill out

  9. GunnaShabz


    i dont care, lets just grab this guy, if we get him we will win the league its that simple…..

    walcott and ramsey can develop on the wings next season

  10. davoody


    Im already sold mate.

    I just wish i knew Wengers PIN No. i’d buy him myself for the club….lol

    He would be great up front. imagine him and a fully fit again dudu…

    Pedro told me to stop dreaming earlier, but how can you not?

    Good goal by Ibro as i write….

  11. GunnaShabz

    Barcelona striker Samuel Eto’o has ruled out a move to Spurs – and hinted that Inter Milan remain an option. “Tottenham, and I hope the English fans will forgive me, are a club in mid-table and I need more,” said Eto’o.

    this made my day

  12. Pedro

    I love these Exxon mobile adverts in between the football…

    The company that paid its Chairman $400million dollars and made $36billion profit, telling us they are all about the environment… please…

  13. GunnaShabz

    phillipe mexes, orlando engelaar, samir nasri and david villa and am happy and we will win the league

  14. rico01

    Geoff – i dont think we have actually signed him yet, he has had a medical today, and both clubs have been having tea and further talks – if all this is true and he really does want to join us, no doubt it will all be confirmed tomorrow.

    However, Manure announced they had signed him and looked what happened….

    Yes its good for the future if he comes, but have to say, would much prefer

    Villa & Yaya had signed…..

  15. maqitlarge

    Wow – Lewank really went to town. I thought exam season was in full swing?
    That’ll teach you all for forming your own opinions.

  16. rico01

    Geoff – Mmme….. Maybe the site is on a go slow Geoff, getting ready for its big change…..

    Ok, its just S***e

  17. Geoff

    Maqitlarge it shows they have nothing to write about when there’s no news, it shows you how shit all these sites really are, it’s a recruiting tool for Le Grove, I honestly never ever read any of them.


  18. rico01

    Also, Dos Santos will be too busy collecting stones…… the same ones he will use to make his next step…..

  19. Pedro

    Vela… I have a feeling Dos Santos will bomb.

    Mind you, I also have a feeling we wont see any of Vela until xmas, then we’ll see him sporadically…

    Geoff, you are spot on. Everytime someone talks about Le Grove and the Grovers… people come over to check it out.

    Any publicity and all that…

    Rico, I didn’t see Manure announce they’d signed him? I read Risdale say he’d prefer Ramsey to go to the mancs. If ramsey is a manc fan, he can’t be that keen!

  20. rico01

    Pedro – i think manure announced last week on their site that they were pleaseed to announce they had agreed a fee etc with Cardiff for him – assuming he was off to them, then as we know every club joined in….

    I will ‘dis’ Santos now, I wanted him to come to us…. dont tell anyone tho,,

  21. Geoff

    No ManU announced today that we got him, as did Everton. Vela won’t play much as Wenger said he play up top, not on the wing.

    I’m off now goodnight all.

  22. Ja_Gunner

    Do we really need Nasri, with all the midfielders we have plus if Nasri signs.

    The guys like Merida, Randall and others paths might get blocked because of this.

    What do you guys think?

  23. Ja_Gunner

    Well I meant to say do we really need Ramsey. The names rhyme somewhat so maybe thats why I made a mistake.

  24. davoody


    I think we should sign him as he can play straight away.

    The guys you mention will get there chance and if they are good enough (Cesc, Clichy) they will get a run in the side.

  25. davoody

    @Ja Gunner…

    Ah now it makes more sense.

    5mil is a steal for his talent, he is only 17 and he will still have to prove himself alongside the others. Again when there ready they will get there chance as will Ramsey.

  26. david

    Rico, I read this in the Mirror.

    Manchester United have signed Cardiff teenager Aaron Ramsey for £5million.

    United’s interest was first revealed by Mirror Sport and midfielder Ramsey, 17, will spend next season on loan at his former club before moving to Old Trafford.

    Cardiff will receive £2m with the rest of the fee payable upon completion of clauses.

    Ramsey, who made his Cardiff debut at 16, is regarded as Wales’ most talented left-sided midfielder since Ryan Giggs.

    By agreeing a fee with Cardiff, United have fended off interest from Arsenal, Liverpool and Everton for the player who featured as a sub in last month’s FA Cup Final defeat by Portsmouth.

    A club statement read: “Manchester United is delighted to announce it has agreed terms with Cardiff for the transfer of Aaron Ramsey.”

  27. david

    If you mean my last post choy this is from the Sunday Mirror article from SIX days ago which makes it seem Man U had signed Ramsey but Cardiff only agreed a fee.

    Ja Gunner cesc was 16/17 was he worth 5 million?

  28. Paulinho

    Wales U21 boss Brian Flynn tells a fantastic story about Ramsey and his battle in a Euro qualifying game against France’s highly-rated Yoann Gourcuff, a Champions League regular with AC Milan.

    In the match in Grenoble, Flynn told Ramsey to “do a job” on Gourcuff defensively and to get beyond him offensively.

    “Aaron was absolutely brilliant, completely outplayed Gourcuff, who ended up being substituted,” smiles Flynn.

    “I was with the French manager afterwards and the only thing he could talk about afterwards was, ‘Who is this Aaron Ramsey?’

    “We pitched up for the return match at Ninian Park and, unbelievably, he left Gourcuff as a substitute. It was because he knew Ramsey had the better of him and he wanted to find a different way of stopping Aaron.

    “Gourcuff, remember, is a Champions League regular with Milan. That is a measure of how good Ramsey is.”

  29. GunnersUnitedFC

    Don’t know. These stories are just pissing me off. Teams like Madrid and Milan feel they can just do what they like. I think we could come out with a story saying we’ve agreed terms with Snejder and Kaka.

  30. Abdenor

    I knew it………….. the Ade speculation just won’t go away and it’s starting to really piss me off , not because i’m very desperate for him to stay but the manner in wich he & his agent are conducting themselves .

    You want to leave ? …. fine , hand in a transfer and let Arsenal do the rest !

  31. Abdenor

    On Ramsey: what those who know him best say

    Gary Lewis, who discovered Ramsey, said: “I’d love to see him play in the Premiership, hopefully with Cardiff, but he has got everything in place to become a top, top player. Personally, I see him as a Bryan Robson type. Not afraid to put a foot in, but creative as well and, of course, able to score goals.”

    Dave Jones, Cardiff City manager, said: “We have to be very, very careful, we all need to relax on the kid and be aware of his development, progression and age. He now needs to learn to put his foot on the ball and dictate the pace of the game – he is 17 years of age and he is not going to have that skill as part of his game yet. This kid will be bigger and better than a lot of those who have come through at Cardiff City, but I stress it must be done right. Aaron is quality but he must keep working hard to improve so he can fulfil his potential because it is however huge he wants it to be.”

    Chris Gunter, Wales international team-mate: “In terms of the young players I have worked with, he is the best I have seen and if he was at Spurs he would be very close to the first team. I have known him since he was nine and he has always played above his age group and not looked out of place.

    “If he does make the move to the Premier League I do not think it will be long before he is playing week in and week out, because he is the sort of player who is capable of achieving anything he wants to.”

    Gavin Rae, Cardiff team-mate: “Rambo is going to go on and be one of the best midfielders in this country,” said Rae. He has so much quality for a lad of 17. He would have been the youngest player to ever win an FA Cup if we had won it so it just shows you how mature he is as a player. He is an absolute quality player.

    “If he keeps his head down – which he does, he works hard – he will be in plenty more finals.”

    Kevin Ratcliffe, former Wales captain: “I started hearing about him 18 months ago. Everyone was raving about a young lad called Joe Allen at Swansea but then I was told to go and watch Aaron.

    “I was told he was even better and the first time that I saw him it was clear to see he was something a bit special. He just came alight straight away. He is one of those players that you just want to go and watch. He has definitely got something about him. I remember Cardiff playing Chasetown in the FA Cup.

    “OK, you may say ‘well it’s only Chasetown’ but he’s 16 years-old and ran the game. He stood out by a mile.He’d pick up possession and his first touch would take him away from danger and in to the clear. He was a joy to watch, really, and it goes without saying that I’d love to see him play for Everton.”

    Brian Flynn, the former Welsh international: “All the interest in Ramsey is no surprise to me, the one word I’d use for him is sensational and I don’t use that word lightly. He has everything – temperament, attitude, ability, work ethic – to be a top Premier League and international player for the next 15 years.

    John Hartson, former Wales and Arsenal striker: “I think he’s made a brave decision really because he’s so young but it’s probably the right decision because he’s got a great opportunity going to Arsenal, a wonderful club, working with the likes of Arsene Wenger and Pat Rice and he’ll blossom. I feel he’ll go from strength to strength.

    “He’ll be feeling a lot of nerves, a lot of excitement and anticipation. But at that age nerves don’t play a huge factor because you feel you can handle anything. He has the potential to hit all sorts of heights. I’m pleased for Aaron Ramsey because he has worked hard and now got his chance. I hope he’s not feeling the pressure too much. He’s got to go out and enjoy his football because he’s obviously a very talented lad.”

    Steve Claridge: “Sometimes young lads with big reputations don’t always come up to scratch. With Ramsey, though, that is emphatically not the case. I watched him in Cardiff’s game at Wolves two weeks ago, having tried to scout him previously only to find that he didn’t feature. It was well worth the effort and the wait. In fact, having seen him, even in a 3-0 defeat in which he played slightly out of position and was substituted after an hour, I would drive the length of the country to see him again.”

    Stuart Morgan, Harry Redknapp’s respected Welsh scout, said: “If Ramsey progresses, becomes an established full international and the team he signs for – Arsenal or whoever – goes on to win trophies, with the incentives I wouldn’t say £10m is too much money at all.”

    Steve Thompson, Cardiff City’s Scottish striker: “The quietest guy in the world announces his arrival when he’s given the ball because his ability is frightening. He’s as good as everyone says, if not better. But he gets stick for his hair. We’ve started to call him Marge Simpson, it’s a proper thatch. He’s a fully paid-up indie boy. Aaron has just bought his first car… a luminous, lime green Ford Fiesta with a black and white checkerboard roof. If he does go to the Premier League, the car, Aaron, will have to go.”

    Mr Thomas, his old PE teacher: “He was 800m champion at athletics for the whole of Wales in year 8 when he was about 13. He got 10 or 11 GCSEs and had an A* in physical education. The final two years of GCSEs, he was out of school quite frequently with football but still did ever so well. He could probably have done four A-levels no problem at all. He was very normal and popular among his peers. There was no element of him being pompous or big headed.”

  32. Ja_Gunner

    Hey guys I think we do have space for Villa. Look at this line up


    Sagna Toure/New Gallas/New Clichy


    Walcott/Nasri Cesc Rosicky/Van Persie

    //////////////Villa Ade

    With Eduardo Bendter & Vela our CC and FA cup strikers/substitutes

  33. Ja_Gunner

    Hey guys I think we do have space for Villa. Look at this line up


    Sagna………Toure/New……… Gallas/New …………Clichy


    Walcott/Nasri……………Cesc……………… Rosicky/Van Persie

    ////////////// Villa……………………………. Ade

    With Eduardo Bendter & Vela our CC and FA cup strikers/substitutes

  34. Ja_Gunner

    Hey guys I think we do have space for Villa. Look at this line up


    Sagna………Toure/New……… Gallas/New …………Clichy


    Walcott/Nasri……………Cesc……………… Rosicky/Van Persie

    ////////////// Villa……………………………. Ade

    With Eduardo Bendter & Vela our CC and FA cup strikers/substitutes


    Suppose one wanted to get in contact with arsenal or Arsene Wenger, what would be the possible way to do so? there are many fans that could help in decision making and would love their voice to be heard.Some say that the voice of the peopl is the voice of God. The fans have many ideas. One idea i have is 5-3-2
    ……….toure- – -Song
    Sagna…………………… Clichy



    No defencive Midfielder in this. Could it be effective??

  36. ethangunner

    Ethan, have you seen that LeWank site? If I was you I would give them what for, they’ve targetted you!

    I cant really see it , hes so crap he cant do a thing properly anyhow !
    Other than play Football manager himself it seems! I could read the article part
    Because the stupid faggot cunt doesnt take into account some people use other search engines other than bill gates explorer , for me , steriotypically his work of art just looks like a lump of crap on my screen !

    His jokes are retarded, his points are meaningless , his jealously is OBVIOUS ! soooo
    MAKE ME FAMOUS ! for every time they write about me … geoff or pedro it just boosts up our EGOS 🙂

    Its good to make a difference ! to show people , to think out of the box and not just blindly like fucking sheep, except mediocre players at our great club !
    And that arsenes promises or anyones elses connected to the club needs to be ACCOUNTABLE !…

    there was one big other section where i think pedro showed us a blocked blogger ..
    an AKB ! it was obviously his hidden message to le grove …

    THERE IS QUITE CLEARLY A REASON WHY THIS SITE IS HATED BY SO MANY ARSENAL FANS(more entries than any other blog on the internet !yes your very factual !) AND ARSENAL BLOGS(thats more like it jealous are we ?? which one is yours the one with only 3 entries a day ) , YOU CUNTS GIVE ARSENAL SUPPORTERS SUCH A BAD NAME, AND I HATE THAT.
    (yes we try and give cunts like you a bad name ! YOUR CORRECT ! )

    YOU TALK SUCH BULLSHIT WHEN YOU COME OUT WITH SHIT LIKE ‘PEOPLE WHO SUPPORT WHAT ARSENE WENGER BRINGS TO THE CLUB(what the fuck are you on about ? ) CANNOT THINK FOR OURSELVES (your getting warmer !) AND WE ARE KIDS ON HOLIDAY!(boiling ! ) HAHA DON’T MAKE ME FUCKING LAUGH(the truth hurts? HTML BOY ?? ). YOU HAVE IT THE WRONG WAY ROUND YOU CUNTS. THE SO CALLED AKB’S ARE THE INTELLIGENT ONES WHO ARE BRIGHT ENOUGH TO REALISE WHAT ARSENE WENGER IS DOING FOR THE CLUB(what precisely is that ? 4 years of no silverware ??? yes we SHOULD BE FUCKING PROUD !), WE CAN SEE THE BIGGER PICTURE UNLIKE YOU SMALL MINDED IMPATIENT CUNTS. (dont you love akb they say shit like they can see the bigger picture then gloss onto something else ! ) WHAT PICTURE CAN YOU SEE CUNT ?? 0-4 for the past 4 season ??? paying for hiked ticket prices ? sub-standard players like eboue etc and paying top dollar for it ?? YOUR FUCKING MENTAL ! go check yourself in !

    (there is such a thing as a loan and if wenger is such a god he will buy players who will be worth more next season ! players are assets you weak minded fool ! have you got something against becoming a FUCKING WINNER ? )
    (errr cause we’ve won nothing for 4 years ! dip-shit !we don’t need much more proof !
    in fact id liked to be proved wrong this season ! PLEASE !) WE SUPPORT ARSENE BECAUSE OF HIS TRACK RECORD (0 and 4 ! ?), JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE PLAYED FOOTBALL MANAGER ( you dont need to cunt!u just get a brain and a set of fuckin eyes !) , IT DOESN’T MEAN THAT YOU HAVE A CLUE.

    (what is a real fan ? YOU ? delusional ?? ) BECAUSE YOUR VIEWS ARE NOT WANTED ANYWHERE ELSE.
    (thats why we have more hits and entries than any other blog ! nice way to justify your stupid statements ! )


    d-i-c-k FOR SHORT . AND IM SURE IT IS !

  37. ethangunner

    Sky Sport Italia is reporting Arsenal striker Emanuel Adebayor has agreed terms with AC Milan.

    They still have some work to do though, Milan will now be making a formal request to Arsenal to start the process of grabbing Adebayor away from Emirates stadium and reports suggest Milan are willing to offer the large sum of €30m.

    Milan was impressed when Adebayor played against them in the Champions League during the season, and they have been after him ever since.

    Many times these days, the personal terms seem to be the speed bump on the transfer market, but Milan’s Adriano Galliani met with Adebayor’s agent Stephane Courbis on Tuesday night (yesterday !!!!) and it looks like that part is done.

    Adebayor has recently been critical of Arsenal saying that they were not paying the players what they deserve, or giving them what they ask for in other areas. This might be the reason a couple other players have moved on, we will see if Adebayor is next on the list.

    and another link .. same news ..


    no smoke without fire !!!
    if you believe anything a player says after TH14 declared loyalty then
    think again ! put him in the new kit photo ! he will surely be off !


    this is sky italia reporting ! not the dipshits blog above !
    (does anyone know who that cunt is ??? )

  38. Geoff

    Ethan, nice comments, that dipstick you refer to is from Vietnam! real Arsenal fan that, living in the jungle somewhere working as a potman in a tiiy bar, don’t give him the time of day, you’re right though, he is making us famous, well he would do if anyone read the cunts blog!

    I think your Ade thing is more wishful thinking, I really like Villa, you know that, but he is similar to Eduardo and he will cost double bubble now our illustrious leader didn’t buy him when he had a chance.

    If the Ade stories are true, then like Hleb, bung him in the stiffs, or sell him for the max and move on. Don’t put us through a summer of hell, yet again, Henry, Viera etc.

  39. ethangunner

    well i was fooled last time by the AC milan plugs , im more awake to the rumors now ,
    but the interesting fact is its the same mob , pushing the same story ! from before !
    Either there total fucking idiots (like the twat above !), or they believe what they say !

    Interesting that ade has supposedly spoken about his wage increase and arsenal are cunts for not spending large on him ! … But im sure the twat above also thinks arsene knows , just before ade leaves !

    do i think wenger wants to sell ade ? NO ! im sure he is stupid enough to keep him around , but does ade want more $$$$ , yes … 150% !
    will he get it from AFC ?! NO !
    well he will get 10-15 k a week ! more….. but not 80+ !

    Well the tosser from above did mention 1 thing , he said the club clearly hasn’t got the money to spend !Least we taught him something ! also the stupid cunt should realize that although he plays a lot of football manager himself , he cant write html for shite !
    Less time on FM08 and more time 101 HTML !

  40. gnarleygeorge9


    Now that you’re famous around the world, will you be doing autograph signings? I reckon that bloke at Le Wanker has smoked too much pol pot.

  41. ikon

    villa was truly awesome… but dudu can be as prolific… and villa has the same chance of getting injured as others viz dudu, Ade, Bendtner (not RVP… never)

    So i dont lnow really on what pretext we should be buying him. And I dont think we can afford him after that performance now.

    CB and CDM are the area to be muscled a bit… and i think we should leave our midfield (with hleb staying) with what we have got and have the defense strenghten then we shall talk more about any surplus additions to the mid and forward ranks.

  42. rico01

    Morning all, sorry for my rant yesterday…… This guy is being linked to us by the good old Sun Newspaper

    Torsten Frings (born November 22, 1976 in Würselen, Germany) is a German football midfielder who plays for Werder Bremen in the Bundesliga.

  43. Pedro

    We should just sign Werders whole team Rico!

    Mertesacker, Diego, Frings… anyone else I forgot?

    Been hearing great things about Ramsey, apparently he will be competing for Flamini’s vacant position… interesting…

  44. rico01

    Me too Pedro, John Hartson is backing his decsion, tho i did read this morning that Red Nose is fuming and that as you said yesterday is worrying, he may now out bid us for Nasri or even Villa if that becomes an option.

    Also stuff in papaers about Ronnie and Madrid – photos of meets etc, this could hopefully occupy their summer and they forget any transfers…. Not!!

    Is this stuff re Ade new or just papers dragging up old stuff anyone??

  45. Pedro

    Ethan, nice post!

    You are quite famous round the Arsenal Blogosphere!

    I think you broke down the Le Wank page quite well… I think he defined AKB quite well and he has done the cause no favours…

  46. gnarleygeorge9


    If I was a manure fan, thank god I’m not, I’d be savouring whats just been, coz the salad days are over for them.

  47. gnarleygeorge9

    …..the youth of the world want to now be a part of the Goooooner army. Get out ferguson you old fart, an give a young bloke a go.

  48. rico01

    gg9 – couldnt agree more, i keep thinking AW is still going to surprise us with


    + Ramsey – with those additions and the fit again Thomas
    Vela and a few reserves coming through and i will be very very happy

  49. El Tel

    Well done Ethan, I hope I never cross you fella. If Ade is sold for 25+ mill I would be as happy as you and Bendnter can take a shot alongside young Theo. Villa would be fantastic and like Rico said its strange how there are no rumours on his future. Has a deal been done. Frings would be good and someone like Luca Toni who I thought played well on his own or even Gomes who looks very strong. How about Ibrahimovic or taking the Spuds best player Berbatov. If that left us with a small profit on Ade then even better. I’m supporting the Czechs at the moment as I hate the arrogant Portuguese cunts. Hope we never sign any of them.

  50. El Tel

    That shit cunt Ronaldough just got a flick in the gob and collapsed like he was shot. Nothing from the commentators. earlier in the season Cesc took one in the boat at Everton and the pundits took great length in lambasting the great one. Cunts.

  51. El Tel

    Big Bad Raddy and all the old farts. I remember being at Highbury in the 70’s three games in a row with 55,000 crowds. Liverpool, Man City and I think Everton. I also was there when the Shammers knocked us out the cup 75 with I reckon 60,000+ there. One of my favourite games was SuperMacs hat trick against the bar codes. Fucking cold a big crowd and great atmosphere. SuperMac was a legend. Does anyone remember seeing Jimmy Rimmer go to the edge of his area and throw the ball sideways to the Oppo’s forward who tapped it in, I think it was against Villa. Never liked Rimmer after that.

  52. El Tel

    Aw says on Al Jazera tv that Nasri will sign. Why not let us fans know whats happening Mr Wenger instead of a few Arabs. He also said somewhere else Setanta I think he will not sign a CB. Maybe he has come to his senses and realised it’s a keeper we really need plus a strong DM to cover the 2 CB’s. Unless he really ahs done his business already and is just relaxing watching the boring Euro’s.

  53. El Tel

    I feel lonely am I the only one left. Has some Spud lover developed a bug that destroys only Gooners. If so why am I still here?