Screw Real Madrid – this board has balls! Was this Wenger?

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No sadly not, this was the Glazers, yes that’s right it takes two balding and rather ugly Americans to show Arsenal how to react to teams bullying us, not the usual ‘you have to respect the player’ crap we have to endure.

Ferguson says,

‘They have balls, (Ronaldo) they will sit him in the stands before they let him go’

Well said Fergie, if our mob had that attitude our players would think twice before they start issuing their demands.

That said and still no news on new signings, what is it with Arsenal? We have now come out and said we are after Nasri and he will sign after the Euros, a month away.

That is, if Chelsea, ManU, Real , Barca or Milan don’t want him first, good going boss, secret negotiations and let the player know from the off how tough we are with everything, here’s some advice…

Nasri, do you want to play for Arsenal?

What, you want to wait a month before making up your mind?

Here is how it is, you have 24 hours or we go elsewhere. We are Arsenal. Take it or leave it.

Try that Arsene, Dein would have, now every club knows our intentions and Nasri has already shown how much he wants to be an Arsenal player, so go after someone else. Barry would bite your hand off.

We have been linked with Real Mallorca’s 27-year-old Dani Guiza. Why? We have enough strikers, if we want a new one then sign Benzema, or one that wants to come like Villa, otherwise go after a new midfielder like Barry, plus a winger and a centerback.

I wonder what our club has been doing this last 3 weeks, how difficult is it to sign players? Perhaps Wenger should ask Ramos how it’s done, I know the top 2 haven’t gone shopping yet, but they hardly need to do they? We’ve lost 2, maybe three already and our leader is drinking carrot juice in a French Spa trying to sign a 20 year old that clearly doesn’t want to join us.

I’m getting fed up with saying this Grovers, but maybe today is the day eh? …yeah right!

Keep the faith, you never know, it could be a smoke screen and up pops Goofy.

I know he’s not French, but you never know!

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  1. Pedro

    Newsnow is at its quietest… not a peep…

    Championship Manager time…

    You have £60million… revamp the squad… wages are not a problem, what do you do?

  2. Geoff

    Now you’re both being very silly,

    I would buy 60 15 year olds from Brazil, keep them for 4 years and let the fuckers contracts run out, how good would that be eh? and not and English kid in sight, their way too expensive.

    You know what wankers, I can do what I like, I have a job for life! So fuck off.

  3. patthegooner

    60m then sell Hleb and Eboue for 12 and 6m respectively, now I have 78m

    Benzema 20m
    Per Mertesacker 8m
    Ben Arfa 15m
    Gerrard 30m (You did say Championship Manager)
    Thuram (Player Coach) Free
    Ramsey 5m

  4. Trinidad_Gunner

    We shouldn’t be letting Gio go to Spurs that easily …. we should offer Hleb + 5 for Yaya and Gio, get Nasri & a CB, and we’re good to go.

  5. Geoff

    Pat he would never spend more than 18 in total, that’s his MO now, he won’t change. Trinidad, spot on, you tell him, he’s not listening to us.

    Pedro, did you see ManU bought two Brazilian twins 2 years ago when there were 13.

  6. patthegooner

    I Know Geoff, it would not surprise me if we come out pretty level on transfer funds in and out again

    Was just responding to Pedros Championship Manager Question of the day at 6:12pm

  7. Big Raddy

    £60m ?


    Horseface from Real £10m The World’s best finisher. Forget Benzema, RVN is proven
    Essien £40m
    Sergio Ramos £30m OK, I might have to borrow some .

    3 Players and the EPL is ours/

  8. wrighty7

    In all seriousness I’d blow the lot on one player and one player only…….Ronaldo…then just put him in the reserves and laugh at United finishing 5th in his absence!!!

  9. Big Raddy

    And what about AFC taking a player on loan a.k.a. The Beast ?

    Gudjohnsen would be great until Dudu gets fit.

    Must be others at the end of their contracts, looking for a decent payday. FFS Larsen is still playing for Sweden

  10. Big Raddy

    Wrighty. I am old enough to be your father. And that gives me the right to carry the epithet ‘Old Fart’ !

  11. Geoff

    I would blow the lot on Goofy, or Benzema. In 3 years time it will be like Ronaldo was 3 years ago, and we’ll say, fuck me we could have bought Benzema for £25 mil.

    Torres last season as an example, now every cunt wants him.

    But we won’t.

  12. Gunner4life&beyond

    Well Pedro, Championship Manager, with £60 million? I think I’d go:

    Ferdinand – £19 million,
    Quaresma – £17 million,
    Frey/Buffon – £14 million,
    Essien – £18 million.

    Simpson + £3 million (don’t see how he’ll get to play),
    Eboue + £5 million.
    Championship Manager, wish I had it.

    What a shitty day, can’t wait for the Euros.

  13. Trinidad_Gunner

    So forget Nasri for a month, and hope its a done deal.

    We’re supposed to be signing others, surely he’s not the only one we’re after

  14. Gunner4life&beyond

    Well Pedro, Championship Manager, and £60 million? I’d say:

    Ferdinand £18 million
    Essien £19 million
    Frey/Buffon – £14 million
    Quaresma/Ribery/Silva/Ben Arfa – £17 million.

    Simpson + £3 million (don’t see how he will get to play),
    Eboue + £5 million.

    What a shitty day, can’t wait for the Euros.

  15. Joshwaaa

    We better sign someone during the Euros, most likely not from Europe 🙂

    Not sure bout the Nasri deal, it would be better if he caught a virus which would put him out of the Euros and Domenech would have to drop him from the squad. With nothing to do, asri would be forced to sign for Arsenal and live happily ever after. The End..

  16. davoody

    Evening Grovers

    Just been over to wrighty7’s blog… seems us grovers are getting a right bashing on there. Not by Wrighty 7 of course , but by a legion of AKB’s.

    I think the best quote is this. (esp the last sentence.)

    “Wrighty, you have been brainwashed by that crap site…Le Grove.

    Get the fuck off there and you may stay mentally stable. The amount of stupid crazy mental Arsenal fans on the net is staggering!

    Sign him now! Get rid of him! This is a disgrace! We have the money! I am going to kill myself!

    Fuck off idiots. Stay off newsnow and never click on a sight again unless it is”

  17. Big Raddy


    Read Wrighty’s bog and then return to Le Grove. The people over there know buttfuck (excuse the Danish !)

  18. davoody

    @Big Raddy

    I never knew how many Arsene Knows, Trust In Arsene’s fans there are. Its like a bloody epidemic.

    This seems by the far the best community for Arsenal on the web.

    I like the fact people are seeing it for what it really is and can discuss things without the inevitable reply of “shut up , Arsene Knows”

    Don’t get me wrong, i like Wrighty7’s blog, but it winds me up everytime I read his comments posted by the AKB Brigade.

    Are they Arsenal Fans or Arsene Fans?

    Wrighty7 i know you read these ( i aint digging at you, just some of your posters)

    Pedro / Geoff Keep up the good work fella’s, this is about the only place we are safe from potentially catching AKBitus.

    Does anyone know a cure?

  19. Wrighty7


    Its so hard writing a blog mate!

    Sometimes I feel I’m constantly battling to get my point across. Fair enough if people disagree, that I can deal with, but some people just won’t even try to understand my point.

    I don’t like it when people start to diss Le-Grove, and try to stop it. My blogs not there for people to cane Le-Grove, it there for debate.

    And i’m getting that on there tonight!!!!!

  20. Big Raddy

    What works so well on this site ia the care that Pedro & Geoff put into moderating the posts. We have people on here who have opinions (and a way of expressing them) that I find unacceptable. But they have the right to their opinions and as long as they are not abusive, they can say what they like. Such is considered discussion.

  21. Big Raddy

    Goodonya Wrighty. The AKB’s can say what they will, but they have no right to diss those that express a different opinion

  22. kenny smith

    i really really would like the idea of signing goofy!!!!!!!!! only problem is he’d want 150K a week and we cant pay him that. i think henry, if he is a fan like he says he is, should convince him to move to arsenal since he is unhappy at barca…… pay him 100K a week (the same as what fabregas new contract will be worth) and do a direct swap with hleb with barca. People only value goofy now at 15m id be expecting 15m at the very least for hleb so a swap might not be a bad idea. He would fit in perfectly with the way we play football and i bet he would really really enjoy playing for us!!! ok he may take a bit of a wage cut but still 100k a week wont exactly leave him in poverty and he would be really happy here i think!

    what u think?

  23. Wrighty7

    Big Raddy,

    everyone will have a difference of opinion, and its only fair that you can express it. No one has a problem if you express it in the right way. You may not agree but at least be courteous to listen to it.

    Thanks for calling my blog a bog by the way you Old fart!


  24. Big Raddy

    ring Goofy to THOF.

    Perhaps we could have a whip round like we did with the Get Eboue out of THOF !!

  25. davoody

    @kenny smith

    Signing Goofy would be fantastic. Very unlikely, but what a signing it would be.

    His shirt sales & merchandising alone would pratically pay for him.

    he may have lost a little bit of form, but i’m sure a fresh challenge would see him rise to his best again.

    Would Wenger go for him, doubt it.

    Come On Wenger Suprise us…..

  26. choy

    goofy would be great… but his current form leaves a lot to be desired!!!

    that said.. i think he would fit in to our way of play….. give him 90k.. i think he’ll be fine.. i think he’s already set for life anyway….

    what a boost it would be for the kids at the club…

    direct swap with ice cream man….

  27. Geoff

    Hey Wrighty, I just read your post, balanced and well written, but you do have a high propensity of retards blogging on there don’t you? why don’t you get a moderator, you may find more normal people will post then.

    I agree it’s hard to keep writing blogs and you’ll never please everyone, that’s why I love my Grovers, they’re all decent people. And they don’t want to get into slanging matches with 12 year old pimple faced cunts.

    I quite like it though because they talk about us more than they do about Arsenal!

    I think I summed it up mate, I really feel for you though, you’re a good bloke and you’re always welcome here, some of your ranters though aren’t.

  28. kenny smith


    if we signed him i bet ronaldo would bugger off from united. There is no way ronaldo could deal with the pressure of havin to compete with goofy who is lets face it a legend already……. someone should tell wenger that…. ronaldo would want nothin to do with it. he’d be scared and always be overshadowed by goofy!

  29. Big Raddy

    Goofy would be just brilliant for us. Sadly, the board may disagree.

    But I guess that AW’s comment about Big Name players not delivering was aimed at players like him. Shame, because he would bring such a boost of confidence to both team and fans alike.

    Plus if we are to sign Nasri, he plays in Goofy’s position.

    So…. that leaves TH14. Genius, Best Arsenal player Ever, Top Man, and Hero.

    But …… never go back to an old love. It just doesn’t work.

  30. Big Raddy

    Geoff, I will take on any 12 year old pimple faced cunt.! Cunt Baiting is one of my favourite sports

  31. Geoff

    Yeah Raddy what gives? if I went back to my first bird I’ll bet she weighs 330lb’s and is ugly! like John Hartson, Kenny Sansom and Paul Merson.

  32. choy

    well… its a way of life isn’t it… you lose someone.. miss her after a while… go back.. realize that you were right the first time and lose her again…


  33. Wrighty7

    I see Kenny Samson all the time!

    He lives near me and I’ll tell you something, he ADORES Arsenal!

    I’ve had some decent chats with him in the bookies!!!

    My old man talks about him like he’s a mate! He’s met him about 5 times! Quite sweet really.

    “I saw Kenny today…..”

    Oh nice Dad!!!

    Bessie mates the pair of them!!!


  34. Geoff

    I remeber when we swapped him for Clive Allen, I was livid, but it turned to be an awesome deal, you see George knows! ouch.

    Shows you, you need to build from the back up.

  35. Holgus

    hi, i just read the rules of engagement. In three posts attempted I don’t see where i contravened!!?? does a dissenting point of view get sidelined?

  36. Big Raddy

    So …. I guess that rules out TH14 !

    While we are in fantasy land. A midfield of Pirlo, Cesc and Essien would be nice.

    Defence of Buffon, Sagna, Ramos, Vidic, and Clichy

    Upfront Ronaldo, Horseface Messi

  37. Raif

    im back. what have i missed. lol

    Geoff the killing fest was very fun. the only annoying part was the odd game lost Bcos of Campers sitting in a dark corner waiting for to shoot you in the back.!! “Angery face”

    i noticed some people talking about Championship manger. you should play FOOTBALL MANGER its better. and more real. and the reason for that is, is Bcos players like to talk shit alot of the time. just like our lot. i also heard the new update/Version is going to have Ice Cream Meetings aswell. i cant wait

  38. kenny smith

    is there any news of a centre back then???? to be honest i dont think gallas can cut it anymore. i just watched hightlights of the 2-1 defeat to united at old trafford and the handball pen he gave away!!! i mean he actually deliberately handballs the ball right infront of everyone as plain to see!!!!! i think wenger should take captaincy from him and he will leave for sure but i dont think he can cut it…. Cesc could do a better job…. i dont think u will ever see him sit on the middle of the pitch and protest…… he just wants to get on with it and win! But i dont think that will happen he could give it to toure which would be ok and make cesc vice captain!

    would be good if we could sign a centre back…. get rid of gallas….. and sign a flamini replacement that can also play well at centre back for cover…… Yaya toure perhaps???? i dunno what he is like at centre back though but hear he is a good defensive midfielder

  39. kenny smith

    i wanna see Nordveit in action next season too! he looked a quality player in the reserves….. ok its only the reserves but when we signed him i was led to believe he was one of the hotest defensive prospects in europe….. even gavin hoyte was biggin him up to be in the first team and that would ruin his own chances of a first team place if anything so he wouldnt of said that if the guy wasnt good… i know he’s young but carling cup would be great for him plus a few games against the stoke, city’s and the likes and maybe a champions league appearance against the someone crap like slavia who we beat 7-0(thats if we get into the group stage of course) but we should do

  40. Raif

    were always linkd with sebastian frey. i dont rememeber a summer without him being linked to our club.

    i wished we went for Buffon when Juv got relegated.

    having said that maybe we did. but we was 3rd choice after inter and milan. oh well! also it was a shame we missed out on chech when he was young. all it was down to was his work permit. could u imagine if that deal went though.

  41. kenny smith

    almunia is good enough. dunno bout fabianski yet though maybe sign a keeper for competition for almunia’a place but i think almunia is a quality keeper

  42. Wrighty7

    HA HA Geoff, I’m currently house sharing with the Queen!

    Nah, I live in Sidcup, Kent.

    Proper wanky not swanky!!

    It aint too bad round here.

  43. Big Raddy

    Strange Mr Smith. I did not see it that way. I think that Gallas did not bring hand to ball , which constitutes a penalty. He was hit by a ball that came very low and fast at him. He just could not get out of the way.

    My evidence would be ‘what advantage did Gallas gain by handballing? Was there a United player in a goal scoring positon behind him?

    For me, Gallas is the ONLY choice of Captain. He will learn from the mistakes he made last year, and become a better Captain. Plus I believe that WG is a brilliant defender, one of the best in the world. To blame him for Kolo’s lapses of concentration is not reasonable. Sure,he makes mistakes. Tell me a player who doesn’t? And he scored some fine goals in important games.

    PV4 and TA were exceptional Captain’s and apart from Gallas and Senderos, we have no natural leaders.

    Here rests the Defence.

  44. Geoff

    Holgus you can disagree all you like, if you didn’t get on it was because you didn’t? however you’re on now so all’s well!

    Raif I hope you won!

  45. davoody

    Speaking of fantasy players, i read somewhere once that we turned down Rudd Gullit as a youngster saying that he would never make it in football.

    Like i said i read it somewhere (a long time ago).

    Anyone else heard about that?

    or indeed know any other nearly men.

  46. kenny smith

    he made no attempt to get his hand out of the way and he actually looks as if he is leaning into the the ball!!!! Ji sung park is standing right next to him!!!! and ronaldo is also standing right behind him!!!!!!!!! if he didnt mean to handball it then fair enough but if arsenal were 1-0 down at the emirates and it was ferdinand in the exact same position as gallas is it a penalty????? i think you’ll find it is a penalty. GALLAS IS NO LEADER!!!! take st andrews for example!!! how many other arsenal players did u see crying??????

  47. Big Raddy

    The Gullit story is true. I think it was Terry Neill !

    And I heard that Sp*rs turned down Maradonna. Some link with Ardiles who said he was going to be a world star.

  48. Raif

    Geoff – OH YEAH. i won alot more then i lost. my team Won about 8 games to 2 Lost.
    so today was a good day of gaming LOL

    davoody – as for Gullit story i havent heard any thing about that mate.

    tho i have heard somwere that the Arsenal Board want to take Mr Wenger’s DNA and clone him so he can be our Manager for Eternity

  49. kenny smith

    i absolutely hate JOSE MOURINHO and thought we got the bargain of the century when we got rid of cashley and got 5mil plus Gallas but i can see now why mourinho got rid of him!!!!! he obv saw something in gallas he didnt like and if he is as good as u say he is then why did was mourinho so quick to get rid of him???????

  50. davoody


    Cause he wanted Cashley that bad i guess.

    @ Big Raddy

    Oh Man , Maradona…lol…. that is a classic.

  51. kenny smith

    no he’s not that bad i just think he is not best choice for captain……. and i would rather have him playin than senderos as well but sign we should sign someone else… i would be happy to keep him if we could take captaincy off him but he would just cry as usual and leave the club so i think it would be inevitable he would go….. oh and do we forget the start of the season when he was shouting his mouth out about our lack of ambition????? and as soon as we are top of the league he loves being captain…. sorry but gallas is onlu a leader when it suits him……. even when he was injured he was still runnin his mouth off!

    he needs to sort his teprament

  52. Raif

    kenny smith – It wasnt Mourinho who wanted to get shot of Gallas as he wanted him to stay. as that same year they sold Huth and was left with only Terry and carvalho to play at the back. he wanted Gallas as Cover. it was that Spit Shine dome head Kenyon who pushed the deal though

  53. kenny smith


    Yeah but mourinho is not that stupid. people say he is one of the very best in the world at what he was and if he truely was then mourinho wouldnt of sold him… not for at least a big sum of cash…. i dont doubt his ability its just his attitude i think sucks

  54. kenny smith

    if mourinho didnt want him to go he could of just not sold him! surley he gets the final say after all he is the boss…. he could of just done what man utd are doing now with ronaldo

  55. davoody


    I think he had a coo in that deal.

    Cashley was valued at 25Mil at the time and that therefore means he sold Gallas to us for £20mil.

    I think that is quite a big sum of cash for a defender of his age.

    So i don’t really get your point?

  56. david

    How long did Cashley’s contract have left?
    I remember he signed an extension for an extra year, £25 mil seems a lot for a player with a short contract.
    Why the fuck Arsene played him in the euro cup final is a sign he bows down to his players when they do the dirty.

  57. Angry Loner

    He played Cuntley coz the other option was a right footed player.

    Sheeeeeeesh! I wish he hadnt played him OR Senderos, but he effin played them coz they were the best we had in both positions.

  58. kenny smith

    25 mil for a left back is just STUPIDITY!!!!! bakary sagna is the best full back in the league now and i dont think we’d even get 15 for him

  59. Big Raddy

    Sorry Kenny. I don’t usually bail out of a discussion ,but I just cannot agree with anything you write about Gallas,

    1. He is the only natural Leader at THOF.
    2. He is a passionate man. People bemoan thae lack of characters in footabll, yet slam Gallas because he is so passionate. His display at B’rum was due to him having one of HIS players carried off with a career threatening injury , and then being robbed of 2 points. I am delighted he was pissed off.
    3. He is Arsenal’s best CB.
    $. Check out his trophy cabinet, and then look at ANY other Arsenal player
    5. He left the Chavs because he wouldn’t play under that twat Moaninho.
    6. Had other factors (and I blame diabolical refs and injuries to Mozart/Dudu/RvP, Sagna etc) we would have won the EPL. Would you still be dissing him?
    7. At the time WG took the Captaincy, we were behind L’Pool and a shitload of points off MU. Check out his first season as Cpt.

    I could go on but it is late where I am, and I think I have made my point

  60. Holgus

    anyhoo, point i was trying to make was that sites like this one (and others) make bold claims that are at best, optimistic. then when no obvious progress has been made the readers get hysterical and make at times ridiculous comments that are a bit embarrassing.

    The transfer window is open for another 13 or so weeks and trophy’s are handed out in May. How about we all save the damning till then.

  61. Angry Loner

    Gallas is one of the best Cbs in the effin world for me. Am chuffed he is a Gooner and yeah, like you Rads, i was completely on his side when he got fucked off at Brum.

    I knew it was the right thing when they shit bag Richard keys was condeming him, the hairy palmed fuckwit!

  62. david

    Flamini got us past Real Madrid and Juve then Arsene dropped a then loyal player for a player who backstabbed us and had only just returned from injury.

    What is Wenger doing here biggin up a player we haven’t signed yet!!!

    No wonder the Marseille newspaper “La Provence” is today quoting Wenger as saying that Nasri has a considerable margin for further improvement:

    “At 21 years old his whole future is ahead of him and he has (quite) a margin for progressing further. He has in any case the qualities needed to assert himself at the highest level”.

  63. Pedro

    Holgus… bold claims?

    We mainly report on what is in the general media.

    Your point about the readers getting hysterical sounds like you are taking the opinion of another well known Arsenal blog and making it your own.

    People are pissed at Arsenal… not because of Le Grove… but becuase over the last 3 years, we’ve seen our team turn from invincibles to the poor man of the Premiership.

    Saying we make people hysterical is saying our readers aren’t intelligent enough to make up there own minds on a story.

    Why don’t you write a letter to the NoTW, The time, The telegraph… they all made the bold claims as well and they get paid for it.

    We don’t, we do it out of love for the club. If things are going wrong… and we don’t like it, we write it down and let other people make up their minds…

    400 comments a day says we are pretty on the pulse of what your average Arsenal fan is thinking.

  64. davoody


    Trophy’s are handed out in May.

    Pity we haven’t had any for 3 years.

    Hysterical & Embarrassing NO

    Disapointed & frustrated YES

  65. Big Raddy

    Holgus. What right have you to make comments that deride other bloggers, who are passionate about their team.? Maybe they are impatient, so what? Does it upset anyone but you? Does it damage the club?

    We all know the season starts in 13 weeks. But , if AW makes a statement saying we will have signings in 2-3 weeks, then why shouldn’t fans expect a player or two? How do we trust the scant information given to the very people that PAY AW’s wages?

    Most of the bloggers are Season ticket holders, share holders or club members who have every right to query the lack of clear direction. And no-one has the right to ridicule their opinion.

    Rant over

  66. patthegooner

    What like the same as we did last season Holgus, I think the frustration lies in how close we are to being genuine challengers again, but all we are seeing are departures not arrivals.

    The readers are a bit miffed as once again, comments have come out of the Arsenal PR wagon that have prooved to be inaccurate. Arsene initially made the bold statement not the blogs and as the 3 weeks wore on, all we could do as excited fans was to cling onto rumours and photo shoots, and to me that is part of being a football fan, the excitement of rumours of new players joining the club, yet for the last few summers that excitement has been drowned by those exiting and rumours coming to nothing. should we not believe his word?

    I dont blame this on Arsene because as fans we no very little about what happens behind the emirates doors, but something must be wrong behind the scenes. I honestly dont think that Arsene would have made that statement if he was not close to 100% confident that players would be secure before the Euros. I do however also beleive that the tie in with Season Ticket renewal is coincidence (I think there are enough on the waiting list and even if Wenger had said nothing 99% would have renewed anyway)

    I know the Transfer window is open for another 13 weeks but a lot of potential targets are now untouchable for 4 weeks and then they are on holiday and it is also pre-season. I think it is key that potential signings are given as much time as possible with the squad and I think that is why Arsene wanted his buisness done now.

  67. kenny smith

    1. Naw he’s not a leader, people dont get paid 80 grand a week to moan about their own club

    2. There not HIS players he just is supposed to lead them…. everyone in the team was pissed off and sad at B’rum but gallas display was as unproffesional as ive ever seen on a pitch…. i dont care if your pissed off your a role model for people and kids so grow up and why was no one else being that unproffesional???? Cesc is just as passionate and didnt see him kicking advertising hoardings!!!!

    3. Is he arsenals best CB? that is debatable….

    4. Gallas trophy cabinet has more torphies cause he is at least 5 years older than every player in the arsenal team and has played a shite load more games than other arsenal players

    5. What was wrong with mourinho just look at his trophy cabinet!!! he has got to be doing something right???

    6. Yes id still be dissing him cause cant keep his mouth shut when he really should and causes unrest within the club and its fans with his moaning about everything

    7. The progress we made this season isnt just down to gallas…. thats disrespectful to Cesc and the likes who have all improved since last season.

    you could easily go on all night if u want cause your makin this too easy for me lol

  68. david

    The season starts on the 16th August 10 weeks give a day not thirteen!

    Take four off for the euros that’s six weeks.

    We cannot put un tried and unfit players straight into the first team so we start off at a
    so we will have to act a bit sharpish after the euro’s.

    It takes Arsene 7 months to sign his own bloody contract what an example he his..

  69. Pedro

    Angry… we don’t even get bullshit anymore…!

    You know times are hard when sportingo are struggling!

  70. Big Raddy

    Kenny. You are entitled to your opinion. I just totally disagree with all that you write.

    Why waste both of our times debating something we will not agree about. Life is too short.

  71. Pedro

    Phil Senderos is the best centre back we have Raddy… did you not know he had a great run in the champions league a few years back?

  72. davoody


    You seem to big up moanarseiho too much!

    I think you’d secretly like him to replace Arsene… lol

  73. kenny smith

    angry loner i dont have a crack pipe and im sorry your an angry loner but this debate is now over… we have agreed to disagree lol

  74. James73

    Evening all. Shame to see you are still getting grief from the AKB’s, some things never change though!

    I am still of the opinion that at the moment the best way to be is to expect nothing much in the transfer window. I don’t know why AW made the comment about signing player’s in 2-3 weeks, he really would be better off saying nothing sometimes. I doubted his words at the time and it looks very much like nothing will happen before the euros now. I am sure we will probably sign a couple of players but it will only be replacements for those who leave.

    I was chatting to a fellow fan the other day who is a bit of an AKB and it is absolutely staggering the blind faith poeple have in AW. I am sure a lot of fans have forgotten that the aim of football is to a) beat the other team and b) win trophies at the end the season. Why are so many of our fans so happy at the moment?

    I am starting to wonder if I am in a minority about worrying about the future direction of the club. It is only discovering Le Grove that has convinced me otherwise!

    Still feeling pessimistic and frustrated with all things Arsenal.

  75. kenny smith

    dave naw i hate mourinho but i vant take his success away from him as much as i would like to!!!! i really think he is a silly man!

  76. Big Raddy

    Pedro, you know I have a soft spot for the Big Galoop !

    I just read on an Arsenal blog that AW is undoubtedly the Best All-Time Arsenal manager. ‘Now ‘if you know your history’, you will know this is patently untrue. The late, great Herbert Chapman left a legacy that will never be repeated by any manager (no, not even SAF). In his short time at THOF, he turned AFC into the biggest club in the World, and in the process Chapman inaugurated

    Numbers on shirts
    The only team to have an underground station named after them
    The only team to have THE before their name (The Arsenal)
    The first team to win 3 titles on the bounce (ok, he died before the 3rd, but it was his team.)

    And he got Huddersfield 2 titles and the FA Cup before he came to Highbury.

    Plus in 2004, he was voted The Greatest Manager of All Time by A poll run by the Times.

    Wonder how he would have dealt with Flam/Hleb ?

  77. Angry Loner

    Thats me….adios!

    Tomorrow we shall mostly be signing Nasri, ben Arfa, Akinfeev, Richards….

  78. Pedro

    Well… I guess he’d have been winning trophies Raddy…

    Wenger is only the greatest because he is here… right now.

    Wenger has nothing on Fergie really? If George Graham hadn’t of disgraced himself, he’d be right up there.

    People get Wengeritis… they are blinded by him.

    Good manager… but needs to bag another few trophies before I’d make him the best…

  79. davoody


    I mentioned AKBitis in an earlier post.

    It truley is an epidemic of mass proportions.

    No known cure apprantly.

  80. James73

    Wenger has quite a bit to do yet. Fergie lives for trophies and I think George did as well. Wenger loves winning trophies but he is more concerned with winning them the right way. He does not have a win at all costs mentality.

    Whereas most hard core fans do want to win at all costs.

  81. Big Raddy

    Pedro, I loved GG. But by the end his style of football was so damned boring. We had won trophy after trophy , but because of GG’s inflated ego, we were still playing with a midfield that was absolutely dire. Workhorses to retain possesion and look for no.8

    Wrighty saved GG and Arsenal. God8 may have become a total dick, but as a footballer he was superb. I would love to see him in this team. Even better with the DB10 and TH14, Pires team.

  82. Pedro

    haha, nice one Davoody!

    Talking of AKB’s… I have put Holgus oil into the moderation thing… He can come back when he has an opinion on something other than fans and what blogs write about.

    His blog would be great fun…

    Today nothing happened… discuss.

    Anyway… good night Grovers! It’s been a pleasure blogging with you as always!

  83. Big Raddy

    James, I firmly believe we can have the cake and eat it. Trophies and great football. We were close last season, just got fucked over by bad refereeing and injuries.

    I don’t swallow everything about AW’s management but I do trust his vision of how we should play. Some of last season’s football was the best I have ever seen. A few new signings and better defensive organisation is the tweaking we need

  84. Holgus


    er, no hysteria then? i quote “over the last 3 years, we’ve seen our team turn from invincibles to the poor man of the Premiership.” that’s a ridiculous claim, CL semi finalists and most of the season spent at the top of the league, obviously i realise that we didn’t win it but poor man of the premiership???

    bold claims… i quote the opening paragraph of your post from a few days ago “that’s it then, it’s official, Le Grove’s own steward on the inside tells us a photographer has been called in this Sunday to take a picture of Samir Nasri in an Arsenal shirt, presumably the new one, well done El Tel, let’s hope it true and we can celebrate Monday’s post with a picture of our new wonder kid.”

    this was not in the general media, they are your words.

    the opinions i express are my own and posts in response to mine are not exactly undermining my point. i stand by my belief that you actively contribute to the hysteria.

    with regards to anyone’s intelligence, don’t put words in my mouth.

    the newspapers that you list are not supporters of the club, and yes they get paid for making stuff up. So it would be unrealistic to take issue with what they print.

    …then having said that you have no part in colouring your readers’ (i include myself in that tag) opinions i quote “If things are going wrong… and we don’t like it, we write it down”

    i’m delighted that you took on the healthy debate but if you justification for what you print is “400 comments a day says we are pretty on the pulse of what your average Arsenal fan is thinking.” you’re struggling! Your tagline reads …where you can have an opinion, not get one.

  85. davoody

    Nite All

    I’m still laughing at Pedro’s comment

    “Today nothing happened…discuss”

    Too Funny…… pmsl

  86. James73

    I hope so Raddy. Your last sentence sums up what’s wrong at the moment, it just get’s frustrating waiting for the signing’s and I still worry that AW does not really want to sign anyone. I firmly believe his ideal close season woulhd have been to have kept the same squad together without any additions. His total faith in some average player’s bemuses and worries me.

    I do also worry that AW is not a great defensive coach. His coaching skills are in the offensive side of the game. We desperately need an Adams or a Keown back to help coach the defense. Surely either of them would jump at the chance to be back at Arsenal?


    another case of wengeritis there is another site now set up called ARSENAL TRUTH ,
    THAT WOULD BE ME THEN ,OH YES ,MARVELOUS the site Should be renamed
    akb’s gospels or Arsenal PRADA .
    The point made is that wengers comments about conducting our transfer dealings in 2- 3 weeks ,is all mischief from the tabloid hating arsenal hacks….
    These words actually appeared on the other prada site arsenal .com you muppet.
    Listen no doubt about it his contribiution to this club has been fanatstic, but as pointed out by pedro we have won trophies before with managers like
    chapman and graham who themselves left a huge mark in this clubs history .
    The dominance of the league in the 30’s (chapman)
    and Taking on the scousers dominace in the late 80’s and early 90’s and winning trophies(graham).
    A alot of us have said , these comments about wenger having a job for life from PHW and his other cronies are not good news for us to hear after 3 trophy less years , a job with no pressure and a massive salary ,THIS IS SOMETHING WE ALL DREAM ABOUT ….
    Remember 5 points clear in Feb with winable fixtures coming up and we blew it , That my friends was the Reality , SO MR ARSENAL TRUTH as i said if this opnion makes me a cretin then so be it.
    BY THE WAY Geoff ,Pedro , can you trace his IP address i have a feeling its probably coming from a wi fi laptop from the boardroom toilet ,
    That’S where that kind of SHIT Belongs….

  88. James73

    I am with you Simon, a 100%. So that must make me a cretin as well!

    I don’t know where some of these fans have come from, I really don’t.

  89. jimmyfingers

    Looking at Wrighty’s site, thank fuck those twats get filtered here. Some call it censorship, I call it sparing us the inanity and idiocy of Johnny-come-lately Arsenal fans. You’d think Wenger’s pulled some sort of David Koresh/Charles Manson/Scientology shit on people. Bleh….

  90. Holgus


    I am not of the belief that AW is infallible (i’ll save it for another day), i share many of your views. i’m frustrated, as a supporter we all want success, that’s the point. But i take a view; i recognise that i don’t understand the intricacies of signing a new player. When they are on int’l duty, maybe the player can’t get time to simply sign his name on the contract or is it beyond the realms of possibilty that in the light of the players recent displays the agent is playing hardball over money. i don’t know, and it frustrates me. but that’s life. However what’s more frustrating is the reactionary tubthumping re the situation of not having sgned a player yet. As i said before i’ll sit tight and hope, but i refuse to get towed along by people looking for hits via newsnow.

    sleep well

  91. Pablo

    It wasn’t us cretins that promised other Arsenal fans a few years back that every position will be filled by world class players. That hasn’t happened.

    It wasn’t us cretins that told other Arsenal fans that our top players that have already left, will remain. That didn’t happen.

    It wasn’t us cretins that promised that we would compete with all major European clubs on player transfers and that we would have no money problems once we moved to the Emirates. That hasn’t happened either.

    And it was us cretins that there would be three signings within three weeks of the end of the season. That, you guessed it, hasn’t happened either.

    What I, as a member of the most honest blog about, am saying is don’t promise what you can’t deliver. The only thing I am embarresed about is when I get in a football debate with other fans and is that I, as an Arsenal fan, have nothing to shout about. Yes we play pretty football, have a great youth set-up, we have the “Diamond Club”, great catering facilities, have the largest matchday income, have a gazillion flats around Highbury blah blah blah. All these things were supposed to add additional revenue, which it has but it appears there’s a reluctance to use it or rather use it in the right places.

    Arsenal and Arsene are in a comfort zone and both are not making enough demands on the other. Both should insist on more, if anything to raise standards and to be the best.


  92. gnarleygeorge9


    With the Moronho move to Inter, thus creating a distracting influence on Chelski players who might want to follow him there; & the unsettling of Ronaldo @ manure, some good signings by Arsenal could lift The Club into the pole position for The Title. Maybe Liverworst or One day Ramos will ultimately prove to be The Clubs main rivals.

  93. ethangunner

    well done pedro summed up the days blogging in 1 easy post

    Pedro Says:
    June 2, 2008 at 3:38 pm

    Matt, I wasn’t having a dig at you… I’ve had a few abusers on this morning telling me to chill out.
    If Wenger had said we wouldn’t sign anyone until the end of July… fine. However, he set a deadline… the deadline passed… no players.
    Why set a deadline if you can’t keep to it? Have deals fallen through or was it just a bare faced lie?
    Whatever the problem… it makes Arsenal look amateurish.
    WELL DONE MATE ! summed it up in 1 easy paragraph !
    This is the 2nd time youve done it !!!

    Matt Says:
    June 2, 2008 at 4:03 pm

    I agree with you all – that the comment Arsene made was a little silly, but did you seriously believe that we would sign 3 players by Friday?

    Come on guys……

    And the subject of players values being determined by the Euro’s – well, it can happen both ways – look at Man U when they bought Poborsky when he was virtually player of the tournament in it, and he turned out to be pretty shite.
    THE ANSWER YES we believed wenger , who else can we listen too ?
    he didnt say 3 players he said ‘some’ !!!! 2 maybe .. 1 at least !! FFS !
    he is the manager … so when he says he will make ‘some’ signings within 2 or 3 weeks
    you have to go on that as gospel ! then today we all vented , and you told me i need heart tablets … YOU AINT SEEN ME WHEN IM ANGRY ! i make the incredible hulk look like a green midget in a circus !
    Nothing silly about arsenes statement…
    he is doing it to save money ! and make his budget go further ! sign narsi for 12.5 mil not 20 mil !

    And whilst on the subject of this:-
    And the subject of players values being determined by the Euro’s – well, it can happen both ways

    IT CANT happen both ways because we ain’t interested in shite players !
    Wenger doesn’t target them!! so there is a very good probability that we will miss out on nasri ! and any other X – factor who excels in this years EURO cup !
    BUY NOW ! thats the reason arsene mentioned it im sure , our only shite players are ones that were bought too young .. The readi-made signings like sagna – rosicky- hleb- dudu – didnt let us down talent wise ! So im not with you at all on the statement above ! holds no water , WE NEED TO PURCHASE PLAYERS NOW !!!!

    and arsene has disappointed fans and more importantly missed the fuckin boat!!!

  94. gnarleygeorge9


    If Arsenal do sign quality, & in view of the goings on re: Moronho/Inter/Chelski/Ronaldo/manure. do you reckon we are in pole position for the Title? Yes or no?

  95. ethangunner


    you know what it is !
    they finally have a money making machine , snow balling in the cash !
    WHY SPEND IT ?? lets be scrooges and watch the account grow !- pay our loan off!
    sure our football team is only …OK ! but it can compete .. just…
    but arsene is brilliant , everyone loves him !! hurdle 1 overcome !
    he spends feck all money , in fact he made us money last season !
    the fans are like dawn of the dead gimps strolling thru the turn styles with there wallets open , sure the we might lose 3 or 4 smart fans with our actions , but 30 – 40 stupid ones will take there place ! (AKB)
    I remember a letter coming around to all season ticket holders/ shareholders saying that MANAGEMENT were putting the prices of tickets up , but only to uphold the rigid level of player that we are used to seeing grace the arsenal pitch , we were told to rest assured that this increase in season ticket prices was done to ensure we can have a SOLID TEAM for the future … And have quality players !!!

    Then we sold the invincible’s and replaced them with babies !
    Management has lied to us for a long while now !
    They had to tighten there belt and LET THE TEAM SUFFER to get this stadium ! FACT!
    they sold our big earning players like PV4 TH14 .. replaced them with lads who were on a 1/4 of the salary ! It was done because of this stadium , we lost our momentum on the pitch because of this stadium ! lets not loose sight of that fact !

    the current board are greedy rich tycoons – and people say they dont want s sugar daddy !
    id rather any fresh face with an abundance of cash come in and make this club great !
    Instead of this bullshit roller coaster ride our current board is taking us on !
    and AKB people say , oh i love our current board ! they are just so great .. blah blah blah .. WHY ARE THEY SO FUCKING GREAT ? they have turned this club from premiership winners to top 3/4 th spots MAX .
    During this time they care nothing about the football ! there only concern is paying off the debt , so they can sell up there shares in a few years at a high premium ~

    FUCK EM !

  96. ethangunner


    i would of said yes if we lost no one this season !
    if arsene held good on his little BS public lies speech, KEEP THE TEAM TOGETHER.
    i feel we had a great chance .. if we got 3-4 top quality additions!

    remember back to the start of last season when arsene put team togetherness and understanding as the sole reason we did so well at the start.
    Well i think we all saw our team played better than chevski or man U initially due to that point ! I think this season with the heart ripped out of the midfield i wouldnt want to comment .
    Also if chevski and man U dont loose too many players they well be off to a flyer ALSO, you can bet one of them will be !!..

    chevski will loose a few players, but have the cash not to worry !also im sure ronaldo wont go anywhere !
    give him 2 or 3 games in the stands he will be back on the pitch !
    the glaziers gave him the options ! both entailed staying at the club ! option 1 play
    option 2 see out your contract in the stands !

    But if i was a betting man ! id say man U gets off to a flyer !!! sir alex doesnt want it that close again !!! and will play every game like a final ! they will try and create a buffer that cannot be caught up too before december ! Chevski wont be far off the pace , they never are .
    But might have manager/ player problems initially which will be enough to make them 2nd again at best . Liverpool have a 50 million transfer kitty this season , im sure they will secure david villa , and 1 or 2 other serious signings .. making them a contender for 2nd place , villa – torres ! fucking scary shite that will be ! it wouldn’t matter how poor your defense is , but liverpool’s isnt anyhow !

    I can only see one winner , Man U . liverpool are dark horses . Chevski also !
    us , no im sorry i think at best we might get a milky bar cup !
    C.C – F.A at best ..

    We need about 70 million spent ! before we can call ourselves on a level playing field
    I dont care what bullshit arsene feeds us ! 2 of our best players are leaving , our goalie
    is not world class , our strikers are a joke ! toure -clichy -cesc – theo – sagna are all id really keep !
    maybe RVP and rosicky if they can prove their fitness ! but they are liability’s currently
    vela ? who knows ..
    but past that …’sell the fucking lot’, and get some real players to fill the gaps !
    then we might win something ! we have won FUCK ALL for 4 years now .
    It corresponds to the invincible’s all being sold off to fund the stadium !
    it isnt just a co-incidence .

    the club realizes this or arsene wouldnt come out and say we are signing some new players with such urgency !
    the scary part about it is , obviously no one wants to join !!!
    a fear ive had for a long time ! no one rates us anymore !???

  97. Lew

    So does anyone have any actual transfer news? I know it obviously won’t happen but if we bought Robinho then that’d make my summer. We have the money to buy him and we can afford to waste big wages on Rosicky, Van Persie and Gallas, all who have underperformed and been injured for large periods of time, so I’m sure we could afford to pay Robinho’s wages but no doubt Wenger will be as stubborn as usual and won’t even make an offer.

    Also why not buy Richards and move Kolo up to fill in the whole in midfield.

  98. ethangunner

    toure and gallas cant play together very well .
    hopefully they can spark a relationship again .. they did for a while
    but the way toure was talking of the captaincy last month , id say
    he and gallas dont exactly go down the pub together anymore.

    I would rather fill the gaps lew with seasoned personnel who fit the bill .
    no more arsene experiments with moving positions !eboue failed walcott is wasted on the wing .. Id rather buy barry or someone who can play the role ! straight down the line .

    can you see man U moving a player from 1 role into another role to fill a gap ?

    i thought not ..

  99. Lew

    yeah but we know he won’t buy barry, veloso, kompany or any other decent midfielder, so the next best thing is to play kolo there, in my opinion anyway. He’s a good tackler, hard worker, with tons of pace and can make surging runs forward. He’d suit midfield more than defence, just look at the end of last season, he doesn’t look comfortable there, we need true centre backs who hold their position, so many times toure or gallas were making runs forward leaving a huge gap at the back.

  100. gnarleygeorge9


    He can only buy him for one year, thems the rules, so if he gets Thuram, its only as a stop gap for, maybe, that young Scandi CB that was mentioned previously, who needs bulking up; can’t hink of his name.