You get £50k a week Hleb, it’s time to respect the fans.

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So we keep hearing about respecting the players wishes etc, etc, well they earn more in a week than most of our fans do in a year, think about that before anyone gets angry, that’s a month and they have a house, 4 months and they have the fancy villa on a golf course in Spain and another 4 and they have the big yacht in a fancy marina, and we’re supposed to respect them!

Alex Hleb last night came out and said he said nothing about leaving and he loves Arsene and Arsenal, well mate you have a funny way of showing it, for all the fans that are glued to the internet, waiting for signings and waiting and praying that their best players don’t leave, we have all been through hell in this last few weeks, not to mention the piss taking from other fans that are too stupid to support our beloved Arsenal.

When you go home at night after a hard days training Alex, does your wife cheer you and sing your name for and hour and a half? No, does she give you a £5 note, which is what I reckon we contribute to your salary every week, (based on 25 players and divided by 20 and based on my season ticket price) I think the answer is also no.

So whether you’re staying or going, spare a thought for us, show some respect. If you want to do something positive, sack your twat of an agent, he’s an arsehole.

It’s like John Terry (£150k a week) he scuffed his penalty against the Mancs, which could have won them the Cup, and then dedicated his England goal in a meaningless match against a poor team (sorry USA no offence) to the chav fans, oh gee thanks John, we so appreciate that.

Sometimes I wonder what planet these players are on.

I remember the games in the 70’s and 80’s when the players got paid the same as the workers did, had a testimonial and maybe got themselves a pub to retire to, long gone are those days, they still get their tax free testimonials though, do you? I mean do you the fans get anything tax free? NO YOU DON’T.

Mind you how many players will stay at the same club for ten years these days is another matter.

Will Hleb stay? Who knows, I think he’s a great player, but if I could I’d sell him and bring in Goofy, Robinho or Dos Santos, I would, and use the bargaining power we’ll have for whoever wants him.

The great news is that Cesc has vowed to stay, Blatter’s idea has been blasted out of the water and Djourou says he can do Flamini’s job.

It seems the Nasri deal is done and we are sniffing around Veloso, Mexes didn’t make the French team so who knows, but the really, really funny news is Flamini won’t feature in the Euros or the Champions league, so the Arsenal curse seems to be working overtime, well done that curse.

We love Arsenal, but there are times that the so called players need to get a reality check, ManU, Chelsea, Milan and Madrid can’t buy everyone, so Robin, you should watch what you say, you should be paying your salary back. We stood by you when you were charged with rape, when you got injured and now it’s time to show us some respect instead of carping on about what you don’t earn, even if you were talking about others, I know what a veiled threat is.

Today is moving day Grovers, well according to our leader it is, so sit tight and brace yourselves, today could be all about good news, we’re owed it.

Another great day yesterday, we sure do put the world to rights don’t we?

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  1. ethangunner

    me too- hlebs goodbye thanks for nothing speech , (dont worry as soon as he’s left the knifes will come out ) a la flamoney !

    el tel ..
    i wont sort you out . but a bit ironic you tell me i dont sleep when you
    are in the UK writing at 1. 30 am in the morning 🙂

    Im 6 hours ahead ! Im pretty sure unless im drawing late on a deadline you wont see
    me here past 5-6 pm your time ! (well geoff/pedros site time )

    my son woke me up at 6.50 this morning ! ade staying was the 1st thing i read this morning !(thanks again UNITED !)
    you know how that makes me feel after having a nightmare with eboue face in it !

    its good timing living in thailand a new blog starts at 4 pm .. i get to start it, and end it.
    i just go missing somewhere in between 🙂

    so george you from Australia ????????
    yes i lived there for 20 years … emigrated with my parents .
    i was a too and from (pom) also ….

    please dont tell me you watch the pants pullling afl rubbish ?!

  2. ethangunner

    Well done Ade, at least this guy is telling us quickly that he is going nowhere.

    yes shame that ..
    Oh well TH14 also said the same thing prior to leaving at the last transfer season opening last year

  3. Trinidad_Gunner

    Anyway, going to dream of Huntelaar, Van Der Vaart, Robinho, Lucio (and Nasri) being presented wearing Arsenal shirts

  4. ethangunner


    yes then you’ll wake up and realize arsene has 1 day left to make all these signings he promised us 🙂

  5. ethangunner

    this is better than reading the morning funnies
    especially the last line

    The striker, 24, is set to snub a £25million move to AC Milan, another boost after Cesc Fabregas revealed in SunSport yesterday he is staying.

    Flamini has quit for Milan and Hleb has been told he can leave the Gunners.

    But 30-goal Adebayor said: “I came to Arsenal with a mission to succeed.

    “I’ve assured the gaffer Arsene Wenger I’ll stay because I believe in the team and I want to assure the fans my concentration is here.


    ok maybe not the last one but it would be pretty trendy to see !

  6. ethangunner

    didnt he call arsene a gaffer last month ???
    this bit of sun news is just a fuckin rehash !

    BUSTED ! not sure why you stated this piece of news ‘United’ as new …this
    was part of the statement he released just after his agent said he was leaving if he didnt get 80 k a week !

    watching this cunt next year will be like bobbing for apples !

    but rest assured people who want to see a real striker next season !
    this is just some re- hashed rubbish ! not a new story !
    25 m for ade !!


  7. ethangunner

    this is a classic by hleb

    “I have a contract at Arsenal until 2010 and now only think of the game against Germany,” Hleb told “I have also read [that I have said I want to leave], but I do not know who has written it. That is nonsense.

    but I do not know who has written it??

    FUCKIN HELL ! i think a journalist wrote it because your agent SAID IT !

  8. Geoff

    Ethan, you have to give him credit though, unlike Flamini and Hleb, maybe today they’ll be some movement, we need to make some signings before next week and the Euros.

  9. gnarleygeorge9

    Hey Geoff, speaking of movement, i had a bit to much movement this morning. I put too many chillies in my Thai curry last night. Errrrrrrr!!!!

  10. gnarleygeorge9

    Yeah, had the day off looking after my daughter(school hols here), so i’m going to get me a Captain Morgan now & wait for the post. Surely there will be some news.

  11. ethangunner


    i felt a bit the same when i heard ade was staying !
    geoff its like me asking you to given eboue some credit 🙂

    or song even 🙂

    you know everyone has there favorite positions on the football field
    and i have to say i love a good striker ! TH14 -DB10 – even van nestleroy ..
    also RVP had glimpses of stardom … THEO !….

    then along gangles ade !
    Im NOT a person who doesn’t really care as long as the job gets done ,
    its gotta be like james bond to me ! all class !
    If our striker hasnt got the skill , finesse , teamwork i dont want to see him on the pitch

    even eboue has more football skills than ade , ade is more like a thug in a dark ally !
    the way he plays his football !

    also im wouldnt give credit to him with all the african king BS he’s been on about !!
    who is he trying to kid ? is he after some world aid humanitarian peace prize ?

    on 80 k a week ?

  12. Gunner07

    Hi, as I said last night. I’m really impressed about Bendtner, he might be our answer for sustained success, he’s consistent for his country in international level, and has scored crucial goals for us when called. Personally, I’d play him over Ade.

    In order of talent/skill:


  13. Geoff

    I still remember the Tottenham goal, awesome but with Eboue and Song I have no memories.

    I like your thug analogy, but surely that’s just what we need, Bendtners the same.

  14. GMR

    I took a day away from all the speculation yesterday in the hope I’d wake this morning to see Arsenal had signed 2 or 3 players. No chance.

    We still haven’t even signed Nasri & considering Arsenal went out their way to say he hadn’t signed makes me think the deal is a long way from being done. Maybe Hleb is in two minds about whether to go so Wenger doesn’t want to sign Nasri until he decides.

    Seriously though as I’ve said about 30 times now Domenech wouldn’t let Nasri leave the training camp to join Arsenal as he hates Wenger, the Euro’s kick off on the 7th June & France will be in intensive training as of monday next week, they kick off on the 9th. If it doesn’t happen by later today then I reckon the deal is dead or won’t happen until after the Euro’s.

  15. gnarleygeorge9

    I’d like two thugs @ the back, who use controlled aggression. In a nut shell, could they clone Adams & Keown by next season. I like that photo of Keown abusing van Nistleroy after he missed that penalty. What a still life shot that is.

  16. Geoff

    The fact that Domenech doesn’t like Wenger makes Wenger’s timing to sign him even worse doesn’t it, he new that Nasri was going???

    This deal should’ve been wrapped up weeks ago to coincide with the end of their season, and regardless of whether we keep Hleb, we should be after Dos Santos though, don’t let those yiddo cunts get another one for fucks sake!

  17. Geoff

    Gunner07 you were in moderation for some reason! read my post today it’s along the same lines as your well thought out comment!

  18. ethangunner

    well with nasri we have the left winger we’ve always wanted , and move hleb over with cesc
    .. ok we dont have a DM … but just get our back 4 solid .. and become more attacking ..

    suits me !

    but what am i on about hleb!! is going to leave ! he had that tone about him in the interview.
    id like to thank wenger , id only play for arsenal if i played in the UK again !

    meaning im off because i dont like the UK !
    i doubt very much if hleb will stay ..
    for some reason he wanted to goto inter ..
    he was quiet whilst they were nutting that option out !
    maybe real isnt offering him that much more !

    who knows .. but that would be the only reason he would stay !
    and fuck me if he does stay 1st thing is sign on that dotted line cunt for another 3 years , til your 30 then we can oust your ass when its too old !

  19. ethangunner

    maybe inters deal looked very good because they were talking about buying his contract out and passing the savings on to HLEB !

    WITH NO FAT BONUS because they will have to pay 15 mil for him !

  20. dennisdamenace

    Morning Grovers.

    No news then, now why am i not surprised?

    Yet another classic Wengerism a la ‘Super Super Player’………….

  21. Gunner07

    Geoff, waiting for that new post!!

    btw I learn Laudrup rates Bendtner highly too, then surely the kid is very special.

  22. Geoff

    I sent it to Pedro who formats it Gunner07 it goes on at 9am, I think most of you will like it, my only worry is giving Ethan a coronary!

  23. charybdis1966

    According to one of this mornings rags Dunne is about to sign for the Spudz – I know that will please quite a few people here ss the majority seem to think Richards is who we need.

    Dunne-Woodgate in defence – I can see the Spudz bleating on about how much they do for the national side, as per usual.

  24. GMR

    Dunne’s Irish, that hardly helps the England team. If Woodgate stays fit though it should be a pretty good defensive partnership.

    Clearly Ramos isn’t having any say in the signings again, there is no way he’d sign the likes of Hutton & Dunne!!