Latest Forbes Club Rankings revealed! Also included today, tons of speculation!

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I mentioned that one of the most respected magazines in the financial world, Forbes, wrote a four page center spread on the finances of Arsenal Football club, it also asked Usmanov and Kroenke to comment and both refused, so that added even more credibility to the story in my opinion.

A lot of toot is written about clubs and how rich they are, what defines riches, turnover (revenue) or income (profit)? here are a few facts about our finances, you make up your own mind.

During 2006/7 Arsenal match day revenue was $150 million against $82million in the last year at Highbury, that included tickets, merchandise, concessions and hospitality sales, that’s $6 million a game and $1 million a matchday more than Manchester United. Arsenal posted $77 million in operating profit, that’s earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization. Against a turnover of $329 million.

That makes us the 4th richest club in the world in profitability behind Real who made $112 million, ManU ($111) and Barcelona ($92) but ranks us 3rd in value at $1200 million, behind ManU at $1,800 and Real at $1,285.

The estimated worth of Arsenal includes our current debt, so even our value will soon rocket, once the 724 luxury apartments are released that debt should fast disappear and we’ll be in the black, current estimates, the end of season 2009.

So whichever way you look at it we have more cash available than Liverpool, both Milan’s, Juventus, Munich, Newcastle and Top4tottenham.

The only clubs that have more than that are ManU, Madrid and Barca, the Chavs and ManCity have sugar daddies so they could outspend us too, but that’s it, so we are not skint, we are in fact very, very rich.

So why are we not acting like it? Why did we spend less than anyone last season? I would love to have someone from Arsenal on here, to tell me why we seem to be a feeder club for the so called big boys, why players such as Anelka, Viera, Edu, Henry, Overmars, Petit, Flamini and now Hleb all go on to other clubs and then earn more money.

One AKB site yesterday reminded us that Wenger could speak 10 languages and Graham signed no-one, well a Tunisian beach boy can speak 10 languages so what was that point? And Ian Wright for me was one of our best ever signings and that was a George Graham buy, so to that ‘Inanimate’ blog site, good point, thanks

I didn’t read it by the way, it was brought to my attention. I wouldn’t give sites like that the time of day but that comment was sadly funny, in a Homer Simpson type of way, so I wanted to share it with you all, give you all a bank holiday laugh!

It has just come to my attention that an overseas Arsenal blog site today was wondering if sites like us could keep speculating for 92 days, well yes actually, we’re a blog site and we’re supposed to speculate, it’s obvious that writing about us is all these sites have to do this summer, we prefer to talk Arsenal, and no I didn’t read that one either, Pedro told me.

We move on swiftly, we were 2 or 3 players short this season, Wenger’s words, not mine, then we lost Diarra, Lehmann, Flamini and probably Hleb, so that must mean we’re signing 6 or 7 players, assuming that we’ll bring in Vela and Diaby with one from Randall, Lansbury, Wilshere or Denilson from the stiffs, does that mean 3 or 4 new buys?

If it does then I would go for Barry, Diego and Nasri. We urged Wenger to sign Nasri last summer and he didn’t, if he doesn’t do it by the Euro’s, his value will double, we also said that Diego would be worth a punt and given that he won’t sign Arfa and Nasri, then that would be my choice.

Though swapping Hleb for Goofy or Kaka and cash would make me respect Arsenal more, I expect we won’t though so I won’t labour the point.

All I am is an Arsenal fan trying to make other Arsenal fans happy, speculating about signing world class players and winning a few trophies is one way, watching John Terry and Nickolas Anelka take penalties is another, the latter won’t happen again for at least another year, though the former could happen tomorrow!

Here’s to mañana and have a happy holiday today Grovers.

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  1. El Tel

    Great one Jimmy.

    The Manager was blowing a fuse at the vital part of the season but no one else except him had the power to change things. He tried rotating in the run in through injuries granted but he should have just gone for broke and been more positive. To me it looked like we were uncertain wether to attack or defend. We had the Chavs on the ropes and in the last 15 minutes we dropped off and let them overpower us for the 2nd year running. He took off Diaby in that game and Diaby was our most dangerous player. Pool at home was just uncertainty wether to whip their butts in the league or save it for CL. Personally I believe the league game gave them the initiative for the CL.

  2. El Tel


    I will get done for this but Bertie for captain. It means he will be regular in the team again I know but no one else even looks like captain and that includes Fab 1

  3. jimmyfingers

    We certainly need to strengthen the defence, and this rumour has been doing the rounds for a while now. When I first heard it I dismissed it out of hand, because it is a most un-Wenger like signing, but it’s jut bizarre and persistent to be true. It will help the defense, although I’m not sure where he’ll play (and he’s also extremely young Pedro, being born the same year as me) but I hope that isn’t the end of the attention Wenger is going to pay to the defense. senderos seems to be staying, and there’s persistent talk of Song being utilised as a centre back. It doesn’t fill me with confidence

  4. jimmyfingers

    Mad blogging for a Bank Holiday Monday. If the sun had been shining we would have got about 3

    Still that would be 3 more than 1979Gooner

  5. jimmyfingers

    I think Toure is a good shout for Captain. He wasn’t as good in the second half of the season after the ANC but he’s a fully committed and honest player. Apart from that I’m not sure. If Flamini has stayed and didn’t show himself up as a proper bounder (good word, plan to use it more) I would have said him. Cesc maybe but he’s a bit too young

    I’m old school: think the captain should be either a centre back or midfield general

  6. James73

    Jimmy your 7.12pm post is spot on. Surely if Wenger approached TA he would come back in a flash? The man is Arsenal through and through and we need a bit of that back at the club.

    Do the right thing AW and make that call.

  7. Pedro

    haha, damn straight Jimmy…

    I guess the surge in popularity is why people are having pot shots? If we only had 5 comments a day, people wouldn’t care what we wrote.

    To be fair, we wouldn’t normally comment on the other sites… but I think there comes a point when you have to defend what you do. Yesterday there was a link to a Le Grove hater site, today there is a barbed comment…

    When you slag Le Grove off (Or insinuate) you are actually slagging off a hell of a lot of Arsenal supporters… and that is not on.

    Anyway… the point was made, no one dictates what we write.

  8. El Tel

    Thuram at 36 is just what we need to play Drogba and co. Drogba won’t even be in the Prem next year by the looks of things.

  9. jimmyfingers

    Pedro I read his blog today and he came out with this surreal comment about how he reckons ManU fans are feeling a bit deflated now and that winning things can be an anti-climax, which lead to him saying he won’t mind if Arsenal don’t win anything next season. That’s like anti-football or something, really weird

  10. finestcuts

    Ja, Wenger would never play 4-3-3, firstly it would completely change our style of football and secondly, it doesn’t provide the defensive balance or the manpower in midfield. With 4-4-2 you can get more possession than a 4-3-3. We have the players to play 4-3-3,

    I’m a big admirer of the old fashioned 4-3-3 system,, 3 super sharp strikers, the two wide strikers need to be very technically skilled and fast. The central midfielder needs to be very tough and have superb vision and an attack can finish with 5 players in the box but putting maximum pressure in defence, but Wenger has covertly been playing 5-3-2 with Eboue, suited perfectly to the counter attack. 4-3-3 is risky in the Premier League because there are some superb crossers in midfield which can make use of the space and do serious damage, but then again with the offensive style of play, the aim is to outscore your opponent, unlike 4-5-1 where the primary aim is to get a clean sheet. You need a rock solid defence to play 4-3-3, it could be done with Gallas and Toure but since Wenger is concerned about our defensive frailties he’ll stick with the balance greater 4-4-2 can give you, you reduce the chance of goals slightly, rely on midfield much more for goals, but you have ample support defensively with a holding midfielder.

    My Arsenal 4-3-3 from what we currently have available.


    Sagna, Toure, Gallas, Clichy
    Rosicky, Fabregas, Diaby
    Walcott, Adebayor, RVP

    I would use a proper left winger instead of Diaby if available.

    Geoff do you think Eboue will be a regular starter for use next season over Walcott
    or are you having a laugh? I hope he won’t and after this season I’d say Walcott is ready to go full time. Will Nasri be the answer? He’s as good as ours but will he slot straight in like Sagna or need to adapt physically like Eduardo? By the looks of things he’ll slot straight in, especially if he’s good enough to play for France in Euro 2008.

  11. jimmyfingers

    There noises coming from Walcott that he’s not content to be on the bench anymore,and good on him. I don’t know whether or not he’ll start ahead of Eboue but I can’t see him being picked as first choice striker.

    That said its almost inevitable that RvP will come back from the Euros crocked so maybe Theo will get his chance

    For me Theo should be starting, either wide or through the center. There are players ahead of him in the pecking order unless Le Boss stops persisting with Eboue

  12. Pedro

    Jimmy… what do you think about RVP out wide?

    We have striker overload if they are all fit… how about RvP doing what he does for the dutch?

    Theo needs minutes next year… we don’t want him doing one at xmas!

  13. chris

    the theo situation reminds me of shrek when he played for everton with moyes protecting him but what happened, he fucked off when the big boys came calling.
    this season is make or break for him there has to be something in training we are missing for him not to be as high profile as we expect and want from him.

  14. Pedro

    Chris for me it is clear what he lacks… the ability to cover Sagna.

    Wenger is worried about exposing the defence… that is why he prefers the less effective Eboue.

    Eboue may give us nothing offensively by in a team like Arsenal… goals come easier than clean sheets.

  15. stevie

    I can see why he plays Eboue there for specific games when we need to be more defensively minded but for a lot of games we are more attacking, so theo should play

  16. Pedro

    I agree… in a 4-5-1 he serves his purpose. Next season though… I believe he should give theo his chance… he worked hard this year… didn’t moan… so give him a go!

  17. rico01

    My team for next season…………………


    Bac Kolo AN Other Clichy

    Theo AN Other (Toure) Cesc Thomas

    RvP Ade

    7 Subs – Nasri, Gallas, Nik, Djouru (RB and LB cover) Barazite, Vela, Gilberto/Song

    And that leaves – Diaby, Denilson, Dudu, Senderos, Randall, Nortveit, Fabianski, Eboue!, Hoyte, Traore and Gilbert – dont think i have missed anyone …………..

  18. rico01

    david ………………………………………..woops.. fab on the bench, take out Djouru.. see, i am just a girl!!!!

  19. jimmyfingers

    Why not have RvP out wide, particularly if he’s effective out there for Holland? Good to have an interchageable attack, where players can swap positions. For me the attack is actually a confusing picture, with Vela joining. I don’t know how Wenger will harness the best from it, and we’re not even sure whether it will be bolstered over the summer. Bendtner and Ade at least are straight forward orthodox strikers, you wouldn’t ever really start the two of them and you’re not going to play them anywhere else. Vela is an unknown quantity but I would prefer him on the wing. Theo? Got to be out on the right. We’ve got the best right-back in the league behind him, make him learn the defensive duties and Eboue can get tae fuck

  20. rico01

    jimmyf – RvP is good for his country, but how will he fit in wide with us, i personally feel that he needs to be on the right up front – but obviously free to do what he and Ade decide. If Theo – who HAS to play in RM, has the new Va VA Voom – his pace will blast the oppo away, cut in, pass to RVP or Ade, and Bob is your uncle

  21. jimmyfingers

    I don’t think I really said what I wanted there, I meant I was wondering where Theo or Vela would fit in the front line, who we would partner them with. Ade and Theo? Bendtner and Theo? Vela and Theo? How many games will we get from RvP anyway? Eduardo may or may not come back from injury and remains to be seen how good he can be. I guess we’ll see what the boss does with them all, then analyse it to shit here!

  22. jimmyfingers

    Thing is, with RvP you have to have a Plan B since he’s the King of Le List, or at least Crown Prince behind Rosiscky. Eduardo was shaping up to be a pretty darn good Plan B until Taylor innocently took him out. Ade and RvP are undoubtedly our strongest central pairing but how many times did we see them play together last season? I don’t like the idea of Ade and Bendtner together so I’m looking at Vela and Theo in the secondary role, preferably a roving role from deep. Theo’s pace deployed through the center could be devastating

  23. El Tel

    Rico when you write all those names down it feels like there is no one you wouldn’t want to see out of the team. They are all good players.

  24. finestcuts

    Holland play 4-3-3, with RVP on the left of a 4-3-3, it’s a different role to a winger’s role in 4-4-2. I’m not saying RVP couldn’t make it out wide for us but he’s a striker. Wingers need to do a lot of tackling as well = RVP in the treatment room even more than playing up front. RVP is the left Centre forward in a 4-3-3, we’ll never play direct Dutch attacking football. RVP would be wasted on the wing formation in a 4-4-2, his skills are far better employed as a striker in a 4-4-2.

  25. Angry Loner

    Maybe I’ve read it wrong, maybe Im pissed. But I think Theo WILL be in ahead of Eboue next season, judging by some of AW’s comments.

    I think Having Thuram around would be effin gr8 for the other players, as would having Keown at the club too. Bouldy’s there, so why not Keown? I can’t see TA there tho, didnt he kinda burn his bridges at Arsenal?

  26. rico01

    El Tel – they are all good players, but sadly a few of them are not ruthless enough to become brilliant ones – it does sadden me

  27. Angry Loner

    Theo – Cesc – Hard bastard – Ben Arfa

    What team does that H Bastard play for again?

  28. Angry Loner


    Just something I heard a while back. Plus his no show at DB’s testimonial and comments that Adams himself said not long after he left the club.

    I hope its something of nothing, coz having him as AW’s assistant (no offenece Ricey) would be ideal. I really think having a strong opinionated assistant is just what Wenger and the club needs. Especially as it seems that now Wenger is against getting a director of football.

  29. GMR

    I still want Ben Arfa to be signed. One difference with this squad of players is a lack of pace in midfield & attack. Henry could just run past players as could Overmars, Pires wasn’t slow & neither was Reyes, even Ljungberg was no slouch in his prime. Of the current squad Hleb’s pace is ok but if you look at the likes of Flamini & Cesc they were both too slow. There is big difference when Theo comes on.

    I said the other day that & team which has skillful & extremely quick players like Theo, Nasri, Ben Arfa & Vela would have so many options. They wouldn’t all play together but you have different attributes in each one & Wenger would have the ability to change a game from the bench without losing pace.

  30. jimmyfingers

    He was a no show at the testimonial and at the last game at Highbury. I seem to remember someone walking round with a huge TA head on, wondered then if there was some issue. Would interested to know more, because I would love to have him back at the club

    AL – my brother thinks Veloso from Sporting Lisbon

  31. Angry Loner


    Im probably gonna get burned again, but I really think Ben Arfa is a distinct possibility, well, until Barca sign him!

    Jimmy, Veloso would be top, but with that £20million price tag? I can see the board wincing from here!

  32. El Tel

    I reckon our Gooner gal Rico should be the Hard bastard in midfield after her number on Graham Roberts sister. Maybe she could be AW’s assistant and show our boys how to put the foot in. Sorry Rico I am only joking mate. Is there a dirty bastard out there apart from that rat faced cunt scholes who gets away with it because they say he can’t tackle, well don’t fucking let him do it then I say. Send the carrot topped rat off.

  33. jimmyfingers

    A lot of cash but I’ve said I want a superstar. I know it won’t happen but it would ideal and really good make a massive difference to our season, like Torres or Ribery might have

  34. rico01

    El Tel – if only, but i am too old now. i have to say tho, i did enjoy it a little….

    I wish Diaby could be who we tnought he would be, he sometimes reminds me of PV then another day reminds me of Grimandi (love him tho i did!!!!!!)
    We need someone with a Snarl…. Yaya for me, every time…
    I know he is not a carrot top though…………………………..

  35. El Tel

    Jimbo, neither of these guys were Superstars in my opinion. World class potential yes, Superstars no. Goofy is a Superstar, Etoo is a Superstar, Messi is a Superstar. TH14 is a Superstar, Kaka is a Superstar, there are very few Superstars mate.

  36. El Tel

    If YaYa is like his brother he would be too nice. Gattuso is a great player but with a nasty streak. A |Souness, Smith, Bremner, Storey type.

  37. david

    I don’t go with this one superstar thing as I think it unbalances the team like Henry did we need to slowly increase the quality equally.

    Yaya is being talked about now Barca have signed another player, he seems a big player now he has played for Barca, before he was just one of Wengers for the future signings, Do we need a player from a big club just to make a statement even if they are no better than one from a smaller club in France?

  38. rico01

    David, I have watched Yaya, he is not a big name, but he is a big player, he really has quality and would fill the gap left by PV – he is good and a bit fiesty, just what we need

  39. david

    He is a super player, but he seems a big name now because I have seen him in a barca shirt,

    If we had of got him direct from monaco he would be just another signing, but if we get him off Barca he is a big name signing even though he is the same player.

    I just think sometimes we are fooled by these weird signings that wenger does and we don’t appreciate them until the “big” clubs come in for them like Real or Ac Milan. and then we haven’t been paying the wages they deserve so they leave.

  40. gnarleygeorge9

    Morning all, mmmm did i see the word cricket & winning being mentioned in the one sentence. I think its 18 wins & 1 draw out of the last 19 tests for Ricky’s boys.

    Fabgooner, i can’t get into IPL, sorry, my cricket has to have a 3 course meal during play.

  41. charybdis1966

    Still 31 minutes of today left – but I don’t understand what Rico means by Yaya not being a carrot top.

  42. Pedro

    Chary, enjoying the picture… I have no idea who it is… but it looks like the hof! haha!

    Looking forward to a new week… hopefully this week will be a week where we discuss how a new player will slot into our formation!

    Anyway… over to the night shift…

    Happy blogging guys, today has been a pleasure!

  43. charybdis1966

    “Something’s got a hold of my heart…….” ho, ho no it’s not Marc Almonds duet partner.
    It’s Dirk Benedict.

  44. gnarleygeorge9

    1966, Oh! the Sci-Fi Dirk.

    Pedro, yes consider the baton changed. We will keep an eye out for any transfers/ signings that come The Clubs way, while you all dream about the big win over the Kiwi’s.

  45. charybdis1966

    Saw another scurrilous rumour about Edu returning to the Arse. Does anyone remember him being lined up (by wenger) to be the supposed replacement for PV04 ?

    Didn’t quite work out like that and I don’t think PV04 has ever been replaced, hence why our midfiled has always been bullied since.

    Gnarley/David – yup both right. I’m a sad old git with a cult tv fixation !

  46. gnarleygeorge9

    You’re right Paulinho, he seems loves drinking and talking about vino on the Lifestyle channel now. But then again, Warnie is often on TV taling about hair hats (advanced hair, yeah! yeah!) & he’s still performing with the cherry, all be it “white cherry”.

  47. ethangunner


    Look at what the British government has done to tobacco prices in the UK over the years. And people are still buying cigarettes. Arsenal is a special “brand” (business terminology), people from all over the world buy Arsenal shirts and other merchandise instead of that of their local football club, Arsenal are a model of free market capitalism

    firstly ….
    tobacco is an addiction !
    watching AFC continually lose silverware to other clubs isnt !

    The difference is YOUR SO CALLED PUNTERS will diminish as time goes by with more of them jumping on the man U – Liverpool – Chevski band wagon of success !

    ( i include liverpool because they have another 50mil to spend this season and will get villa obviously !!!! )

    there is no doubt that i saw more arsenal shirts walking around the streets in 2003 !
    Only the die hard fans are left now.. Not many new fans coming thru the ranks !
    Not compared to a WINNING successful model of football club ..

    Its quite simple really the more fans you have the more merchandise gets sold !
    Man U had another cracker this year winning C.L and the EPL .. there fan base will
    probably rise 10 – 15 % .. they are percentages that could go to arsenal !

    So put prices up and im sure you will see the start of the regression of AFC !
    Most people are wise to the clubs runnings .. especially any fan with a brain !
    we dont win , but pay the highest premiums in the EPL !
    WHY ????

    its criminal !

  48. ethangunner

    id also like to add we spend nothing on wages now – and very little on a player !
    the way that we buy players for very little and then sell them at a profit is a prime example of a selling club mentality !
    the truth is not many players who left our youth ranks have gone on to achieve greatness .
    bentley being the only success story really and pennant mildly .. it proves the quality of players we are picking are pretty crap !.. either that or they are so far away from looking like world class it was stupid to buy them to begin with so young !

    Sorry arsene needs to focus on WONDER KIDS ! and sagna styles of buying !23-24 proven experience and shining in there category !
    not sure what he was thinking buying senderos – eboue- hoyte – johan – the list is endless ! sell all the dead wood whilst they are still worth something

    and sell ade while your at it ! replace him with villa !
    the money we will get from ade will be the robbery of the century !

  49. Goons_with_Guns

    I don’t care about anything but getting trophies.

    I want a fucking trophy in our cabinet, godfuckingdammit!!!>-(

    sickofthisfucking talk, talk TALK shit.

  50. ethangunner

    Good choice of words flamoney !!

    “Although no negotiations are ever easy, it wasn’t difficult to convince Flamini to join Milan.

    “Flamini has made a choice as his contract with Arsenal is coming to an end and we are delighted he has chosen Milan.

    “He is a very good player and he can offer a lot to the team.”

    Flamini expressed his joy at the move after finalizing terms with the Serie A outfit.

    “I am extremely happy. Thanks a million,” he said.


    its not about money was it ?
    it was about us knocking ac out of the C.L ?
    or the fact that next year you would like a break from it ??

    oh that must be it !
    money hungry tosser !

  51. fabgooner




    ———ADE VP ————-

  52. ethangunner

    sorry fab need better strikers than them 2 !
    ones injured constantly and the other one is crap !

    goals win matches !

    also will the new midfeild be able to spoon feed ade like a 18 month year old baby again ?
    or will he have to actually beat a player with skill this season to score his goals ?

    i wouldnt bank on his skill set ..

  53. Joaquin

    I concur Ethan. But I do feel someone is going to step up this next season. Theo for 15, nicky B for at least 10!

  54. Big Raddy

    If Ade gets 20 next season, he will have done well. We were too reliant on his goals. We need more end product from midfield, and from the flanks.

    But with our goal tally last season, we should have been Champs. It was the defence that let us down.

    On reflection that is not totally correct. Had we scored against Wigan, Boro, B’ham etc. ……….

  55. Pedro

    Morning all!

    Should be a good post this morning…

    How are you all today?

    If Ade gets 20 goals next season and improves his touch… would you call him world class?

    Raddy, I don’t think we would have needed to be reliant on Ade had Eduardo and RvP been fit. I think next year we will see a bigger contribution from Nikki B and Walcott.

  56. gnarleygeorge9

    Pedro, Its the night shift here, still @ work. Only thing to report is that spurs are still poxy.

  57. Big Raddy

    True Pedro, but we did rely on them last season, and despite the mitigating circumstances, we fell short. There is no guarantee that Dudu will come back and fulfill his potential. and RvP is like a thoroughbred race horse, he needs to be used sparingly as he is susceptible to injury. I don’t believe we will ever see him play a full season

    The emergence of a Bendtner and Theo will give more firepower to the team. The signing of Vela and A N Other is the way forward

  58. Joaquin

    i feel all we need is 15-20 from Ade, I guarantee we have 4 players in double digits with goals, quite possibly even 5.
    Then any of Bendtner, dudu, Rosicky(I know fat chance he stays fit), or another midfielder could do it.

  59. ethangunner

    if ade only scored 20 but had the touch of TH14 id class him as world class in a heart beat !

    Im not concerned by anything other than the way he preforms on the pitch ..
    NO offsides , sharp passing with good arsenal type vision , ive never measured ade by goals ! because last season i feel if he was the class im talking about he would have scored OVER 40 !!! easy !!!

    he was forded so many opportunities , and he only took 1/2 of them ..
    will he get service next season ????

    its a burning question , that currently i couldn’t answer , and would rather risk
    a sure fire world class performer like villa

    speaking of which did you here torres is wanted by chevski 50 mil the price tab ..

    thats the sort of shit i was talking about last night with joseph .. liverpool buy a player for 27 mil .. next year he’s worth 50 !!!!

    hows that for losing money on torres !!!

  60. ethangunner

    we lost the season during ades goal drought ..
    we looked dreadful , no one scored .. neither did he ..
    his offsides came to a head .. for every pat on the back you give him , you can take one away for not scoring for 11 games .. its wenger fault really ..
    not trying something different . like RVP – theo

    but be assured we lost over 8 points during those times big raddy mentioned
    started at birmingham .. and got worse as the weeks went on ..

    we only snapped out of it when we were 5 points behind !!!

  61. Pedro

    Have you seen the new widgets in the side bar?

    AKB comment of the week look a bit silly this morning doesn’t it?

    So Ethan… you problem with Ade is purely him as a footballer… not a striker?

    Is that why you prefer Nikki B… he is the better footballer?