Hleb, respect the fans. You owe them.

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So Hleb’s agent has been flirting outrageously with Real Madrid. If this was a real life situation and your wife was doing this, you’d pack her bags for her.

Apparently he can pick up wages of £100k a week in Madrid, a number that would send Arsene Wenger spinning… not to mention a majority of the Arsenal fans.

However, reading around the comment sections of Le Grove and some other sites it seems there is a resignation to the fact that footballers need to maximise their earnings and it is ok if Hleb wants to disappear off to Madrid.

We need to respect his wishes.

To that, I say bollocks.

Hleb is wildly richer than a majority of Arsenal fans. He earns, at the moment, about £17k more than the average person earns in a year… a week.

Arsenal are rumoured to be offering him an extra £20k on top of that… that’s £37k more than the average person earns in a year, he would now earn a week.

Pretty grotesque right? Do you know who pays for Hlebs monstrous salary?


Every time you subscribe to sky, renew your season ticket, buy a shirt, buy a product you saw on Setanta or buy a £4 beer at Arsenal… you contribute.

So, seen as it is you the supporter who is paying for his luxury lifestyle, is it not fair to expect a little loyalty? After all, we have received very little return on our investment over 3 years. Would he have still been getting games at Chelsea, Madrid or Milan if he’d played like he did in his early days? No way… he’d be on the scrap heap along with players like Saviola, Gilardino and Pizzaro.

Why do so many Arsenal fans respect the financial wishes of a footballer who earned his millions doing something he was genetically gifted to do…?

If they have so much respect for Hlebs wishes, why can’t they respect a fan who has worked hard enough to be able to purchase a club level ticket… or shell out on a box?

I have more respect for a person who has worked their bollocks off to achieve their wealth than for some spoilt footballer who has been lucky enough to be born with a talent for a game we all adore.

So excuse me for not respecting Hlebs wishes. You got rich off the back of clubs fleecing the fans… how long the fans will tolerate this is anyone’s guess. At some point, the bubble will burst, and I can’t wait.

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  1. ethangunner

    As nasri’s agent the little F’er has spoken out about the arsenal contact , im sure the deal is close too sealed ! … but this raises issues of ben arfa ?! nasri’s soon previous club wishes to buy ben arfa to replace nasri .. and with Hleb leaving ( like i said all along ) dont we need 2 midfield replacements ?

    i thought nasri / benarfa for flamini/Hleb as a done deal replacement .

    lets just hope we get our signings on top !
    that will be the next sucker punch hurdle !

    lets pray Real offer big bucks for Hleb ..

    this also proves that no deal is usually done in total secrecy .
    Rumors are worth listening too, the substance is sometimes questionable
    however , i think we all can see arsenes footprints over the past week or 2 …

    lets just hope we secure nasri / benarfa for flamini/Hleb , then all is not lost .

  2. gnarleygeorge9

    ……& Villa, & a couple of big well organised CB’s who put the fear of God into any opposition.

  3. ethangunner


    why precisely is ade so talented that he needs to be kept ?
    please enlighten me to his vast skill set .. ?
    is it because he scored 30 goals ?
    someone had to score them ! he was the only striker fit all season ..
    you class someone on being always fit and having the opportunities
    that wengers handed him , even through a 11 game scoring drought .
    as being talented ????

    paulinho is right bendtner will surpass him at some stage soon , nikb has far more class and skill on the ball than ade , and is in the same mould ..
    we dont need 2 ! No team needs 2 tall rock ape style strikers in there squad as a plan B !
    either niky b will go or ade !!

    my bet is the latter .. ( cross fingers / toes etc ! )

  4. alex


    he missed chances but even with the 11 game goaless run he still had 30 goals, and was able to score against the shit teams which is something we couldnt do last year.

    maybe he will improve, and maybe he wont. one thing for sure is that if he really is using barca to get an improved conctract then we will see nikki b upfront way more then him.

    hopefully vela impresses while eduardo is out.. because if he doesnt score or show us he is a threat in front of goal before that, he will most likely switch from striker to a winger.

    i really hope nasri signs though. with hleb gone we are really gonna lack that flair and nasri would be able to replace that.

    i would rather see him come then benarfa, but thats mostly because i havnt seen ben arfa play.

    van persie, for a while, has been one of my favorite players. he always looked like those kind of strikers that could make a goal from behind the middle of field.

    but as for 30 goals a season? lets say he is actually fit for a good amount.. im starting to wonder if he is persistant enough to tap in the easy goals. thats why i think him and ade are good. van persie makes it and if he fails i think ade is capable of being there to hit it in.

    lets hope its a productive weekend gunners.

  5. ethangunner


    not really sure if ade can get as many easy tap in’s as this season ,i will be the 1st to say losing flamini and hleb is a big blow to our creative energy , its not so important to judge them as individuals but if you collectively brand them with cesc they were unstoppable this season .
    would ade be as successful if not spoon fed by what obviously is the best midfield setup in the world – OR WAS ! as judged by most teams in the world who were after them .. (as did i ) !
    whether nasri and or ben arfa are better time will tell , but my saying is if its not broken dont fix it ! thats my biggest fear , that we spend more time fine tuning this team in the scale of YEARS !
    only to sell our engine at the 1st sign of a buyer…

    it was our success story this season ! our midfield ! now its gone and we must rebuild !
    maybe it will be better , time will tell , but its a gray area i didnt want to come across !
    we needed to fine tune this team further .. not rebuild it again from scratch ..

    will cesc hang about ? im sure if he isn’t feeling as cohesive with his midfield as he was this season he will be off next season !

    problem is we need INSTANT replacements ! no building up again for 3 years ..

  6. ethangunner

    big raddy

    sagna and dudu’s rumors was released and talked about prior to signing.. sagna was an obvious one . french defender of the year .. and yes he was well known and if people followed ligue 1 they would have know him well …
    in fact they talked about him for over a month being linked to us , the heat went off the topic and arsene got his signature later in the month ..
    But we all passed it off as not knowing for sure .. 100%
    We know the signs now of an arsene chasing signatures now.. the 2 below were definitely approached ,the ben arfa and nasri signings are happening in the same vain currently!

    I wouldnt put ben arfas or nasri’s signings off as pure bollocks!!! both agents have ratted out that arsenal fc are interested so it holds more water than david villa or babel the season before .. there are hear-say rumors .. id class nasri and ben arfa as close to deal done .. however im not so sure about ben arfa anymore ..
    Id say negotiations broke down and we went for nasri instead …
    If i was a betting man i would say the above was odds ON !

    Id also say ribery will be EURO cup player of the year !
    and id also say arsene is still bitter about not securing the lad !
    scar and all !

  7. terry

    the sun says we have signed a year old from Ghana for 1.5 millon Torric Jibril will have trails next week